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CWP-5162-2015 (O&M)


Mr. Ranjan Lakhanpal, Advocate

petitioner in person.
Mr. Rahul Rathore, Advocate
for respondent No.1.
Mr. C.M. Munjal, Advocate
for respondent No.2.
Mr. Mansur Ali, Advocate and
Mr. H.S. Deol, Advocate
for respondent No.3.
Mr. Vivek Singla, Advocate
for the applicants in CM Nos.4639-40 of 2015.
Mr. Bhavnik Mehta, Advocate
for the applicant in CM No.4761 of 2015.
Mr. Anurag Goyal, Advocate
for applicants in CM Nos.4945-46 of 2015.
In pursuance to and in compliance with the order passed by this

Court on 09.04.2015, an affidavit has been filed on behalf of respondent

No.3 in Court today, copy of which has been handed over to the petitioner.
On considering the submissions, which have been made by the
applicants/parties and/or their counsel and keeping in view the earlier
detailed order dated 09.04.2015 passed in this case, it is not disputed that as
per the provisions contained in the Constitution and the Rules/Regulations
governing the respondent No.3, there is no power of waiver with regard to
the monthly subscription or the entrance fee.
If that be so, all members, who have been enrolled by giving
the benefit of waiver in the entrance fee as also the subscription, cannot
2015.04.22 18:24
I attest to the accuracy and
integrity of this document

CWP-5162-2015 (O&M)


have a voting right as they would not fulfil the condition of eligibility, as
has been laid down under the Rules and Regulations of respondent No.3.
In view of the above, direction is issued to the Election
Committee to delete the names of such members of the Bar from the voters
list, who have been granted waiver either in the entrance fee or the
subscription during the period 01.05.2014 to 31.03.2015. This exercise be
completed on or before 27.04.2015. The tentative voters list be displayed on
the Notice Board of the Bar Room, Ladies Bar Room, Accounts Office,
Library, official website of the Bar Association as also the Daily Cause List
on 27.04.2015 by 4:00 P.M. The objections will be accepted up to
29.04.2015 by 4:00 P.M. by the Election Committee. The final voters list be
displayed in the same manner as the tentative voters list on 30.04.2015 by
4:00 P.M. after deciding the objections, if any, received within the
stipulated period by the Election Committee. The rest of the election
programme will be finalized by the Election Committee and the elections
held as per the Constitution and Rules and Regulations of the Association. It
would be appropriate and appreciated if the elections are conducted and
held on or before 08.05.2015.
List for further consideration on 08.07.2015.
Copy of the order be given dasti to the counsel for the parties
under signatures of Bench Secretary of this Court.

April 22, 2015


2015.04.22 18:24
I attest to the accuracy and
integrity of this document