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Devi Varahi Mantra:

II Aum r hr kl d jvl jvl li aya yjamn

aya sarva atrn sahara kema lbha kuru kuru dua graham h pha svh. Devi
Varahi is the feminine counterpart to Varaha, Vishnu avatar in boar form who retrieves Maya from
depths of the cosmic sea during the yugic deluge. She carries the weapons of Vishnu as well as
Siva in her Varahi aspect as shown, and has four traditional forms: mounted on a tiger (as
protectress/avenger in Durga aspect), mounted on a crow(as Shani aspect of graham, or
influence, on fortune), and in her two seated forms.
Her bijamantra, or seed syllables are aspects of Devi, according to Bhutadamara: Aum being the
primordial progenitor syllbale, Shriim called "Vishnupriya," Beloved of Pervader, who is Laxmi,
Hrim called "Mayabija," Enchanting Seed is Mahaamaya (Earth), said to be 'best'name for Devi in
Soudarya Lahari, or "Raudri" Of Rudra (Siva -- originally 'red', 'fire crackling'), also called
"Paraabija" Supreme Seed, Kliim called "Manmatha" Mind-Enthraller, who is Durga as Kali the
Redeemer (as opposed to Creamtion Grounds Kali who is "pitribhavasini" in Kriim), and Duum
which is Durga, Blaze(Empowerment), Huum which is Visuddha cakra (Realization), PhaT called
"Pralayaagnirmahaajvaalaa" or Consuming Fire of the End of Time, Agni (Activation), Svaahaa
called "Vahnijaya," Conveyor of Victory, as fire sacrifice or yagna(Manifestation).
Devi Varahi's superficial mode is to fend off enemies and protect from harms of various sorts.
Devi Varahi's tantric understanding is that the mind is the source of negativity, we are our own
enemy, and clinging to desire is what harms, producing together negative karmas. As such, Devi
Varahi's ultimate mode is to clear negative elements from the mind and remove self-obsession
and desire.
Hope you find this soothing and feel protected. Apologies in advance for all insufficiences of
performance and engineering. LokaH samastaH sukhino bhavantu. May all worlds be blessed.
All images and sound by K. Prasaad Kumarya. Recorded at 'Sassafrass Holler,' Mattampash,
All content copyrighted 2013 by Osoyah Foundation. For free permission to use images or sound
from this video in public forum, please contact 'soulfoodvisnu' on Yahoo. Public use without
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(Not to be confused with the 101-matra Devi Varahi mantra:
Aim glaum aim namo bhagavati vartali vartali varahi varahi varahamukhi varahamukhi andhe
andhini nama rundhe rundhini namah jambhe jambhini namah mohe mohini nama stambhe
stambhini namah sarvadushta pradadushtanam earvesham sarvabak chitta chakshurmukha
gatijihvastambham kuru kuru shighram rashyam kuru kuru aim glaum thah thah thah thah hum
phat svaha.)