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FROM THE FOUNDER We are living in the period of digital age. I have come to notice that millions of individuals are fascinated with Special Effects and are willing to pay for an overpriced admission for a film that makes absolutely no sense. Fifty years ago, cinema was the talk of the town. Cary Grant and William Holden were idolized as America’s great actors and introduced the concept of America’s fanatic perception of inspiring performances.

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Volume 5 JUNE 2007
American Cinema has been producing financially well in distributing special effects, action, horror and comedy films. However, that leaves drama and romance comedy films left out because they cannot succeed in the American box-office system. Movies are changing dramatically and influencing negative and positive perspectives to the audience. Movies are extraordinary and we have come to enjoy the experiences of movies. Remember have fun this summer and at the movies. JAVIER SERRANO

Bend it Like Beckham (2002)
Bend It Like Beckham has all the quality fit to entertain the audience of all ethnicity. This low-budget independent film scored at the box-office with $48 million ($US). The success of the movies established opportunities for Parminder Nagra (Television's ER) and Keira Knightley (The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogies). Jess Barhma (Nagra), an Indian girl living in British society. She helps plan her sister’s Indian wedding. Jules (Knightley) invites her to play on an all girls football team (America ‘s Soccer). Jess family disapproves her playing, but Jules and her male coach Joe helps influence Jess in following her dreams to play soccer professionally.
Julianne truly

Far From Heaven* (2002)
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One of the Most beautiful films ever made. (1996). Winner of 9 Academy Awards including Picture. During World War II, a mysterious stranger (Ralph the coveted Best

Cathy has it all - a lovely home, two wonderful kids, and a handsome husband (Dennis Quaid), who is successfully climbing the corporate ladder. When Cathy realizes her life of perfection is just an illusion, she must choose between living a lie or following her heart.

Fiennes) is cared by the British allies unaware of his

dangerous past. *Nominated for 4 Academy Awards including BEST ACTRESS for Moore. Shot on location in ITALY, MOROCCO and LONDON.

Actor of the MONTH

Amadeus was the motion picture of the year in 1984, capturing the coveted Best Picture and awarding a deserving Oscar for Best Actor to Abraham. Abraham learned how to play the Piano, construct an orchestra, and direct the Sopranos for his performance as Antonio Salieri.

Pan’s Labyrinth was not nearly as complex as Narnia. Though it did deliver fairies, Fauns and unusual creatures that were both horrifying, which paralleled the World War II Fascist take over in Spain. I can tell the cultural differences between Spain and England by their ideas of how things should be. Fairy’s tale wise. As far as being visually stunning, No, because of all the shooting and killing. The Labyrinth itself is never viewed from above, so you are told what it is. It was well acted and I was never quiet sure if the Faun was for good or evil. But he seemed to want to help. You can’t help but believe that this story was Spain’s answer to The Chronicles of Narnia which are very old books, published in 1950, just after World War II! Overall, It was entertaining and delivered fantasy of a kind. Toni Washington, author of Mulatto.

F. Murray Abraham One word “Amadeus”. F. Murray Abraham was stunning and delivered a powerful performance as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s rival, Antonio Salieri. In 1781, Salieri is the court composer to Emperor Joseph II of Austria, when Mozart arrives at court, Salieri is stunned to discover that his will and passion for music is bestowed on a jokester. Salieri is mad with envy and plots to destroy Mozart by any means, perhaps even murder.

Pan’s Labyrinth Winner of 3 Academy Awards

FYI: Pan’s Labyrinth’s director Guillermo del Toro was first choice to direct The Chronicles of Narnia, but pursued to direct Pan’s Labyrinth (2006).

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