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P Mohamed Ali vision to strengthen the

Education System in Oman

P Mohamed Alis vision to strengthen the Education System in Oman and

Since 1970 the Education sector in India and predominantly Oman has seen
some radical changes. With only Three Formal Schools imparting education to less
than 1000 students in Oman, the sultanates economic and social development
craved a much needed boost. With the advent of His Majesty Sultan Qabooss
governance the first university was started and the education system moved on from
lectures under trees and in mosques to better conditions, qualitatively as well as
The education system in Oman also saw a drastic change because of the Noble
contribution of P Mohamed Ali, a civil engineer who came to Oman in 1972. P
Mohamed Ali is a massively motivating personality, who laid the foundation of the
company Galfar Engineering, the largest private sector employer in the
country. Along with that P Mohamed Ali contributed to fortify the Education Sector in
Oman is immense.
The best of the secondary schools and universities today in Oman are founded by P
Mohamed Ali, also him being the chief patron for the entire development of over
10,000 students studying at his institute. P Mohamed Ali s contribution in this field












(Chandanaparambil Syed Mohammed Haji Memorial), a senior secondary

school inaugurated on 1st October 1985 by his father J. Syed Mohamed Ali Shihab

Thangal. He took over the responsibilities of C.S.M Central School after his fathers
demise and never ceased on helping more and more people get the finest of schooling
in Oman.
P Mohamed Ali continued to work on his vision of imparting the most efficient
education in Oman and India with the inauguration of Indian School, Al-Ghubra in
July 1990, in Muscat. The creative and innovative environment in all these schools
ensures a thorough training for all students that enable them to have a bright future.
P Mohamed Ali also plays the role of the Chairman of Social Advancement
Foundation of India (SAFI), an institution helping the people who are socially and
economically underprivileged to avail the best education for their advancement.
In 1996 he founded The Caledonian College of Engineering, the best engineering
college, with Sheikh Salim Said al Fannah al Haremi and Mohammed Rashid al Fannah
al Haremi. This is another huge contribution by him to the field of education. This
college has since been the best of its kind having the sole aim to impart world class
higher education in the country. He has helped in fulfilling the dreams of many by
establishing the Oman Dental College and Oman Medical College offering M.D
and B. Pharmacy degrees. These institutes provide the society with the best
campuses, excellent amenities and faculties. Bringing to the citizens the best quality
education through these institutes P Mohamed Ali has helped in building up the future
of over thousands of people. The institutes dont just make available the global level
of education, but with many scholarships and awards help in bringing out the best in
every student.