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Date: ................................



Please refer to your Application dated ......................... for the post of a Teacher in the School and the
subsequent interview/test held on....................... We wish to offer you the post on the following terms and
conditions :
1. Position

Gross Salary
(Per Month inclusive
of all allowances)

Initially, you will be on probation for a period of One Year from the date of joining. The said period of
probation can be extended for a further period solely at the discretion of the School. During or on the
expiry of the said period of probation or the extension thereof, the School shall have the right to
terminate your services without any notice or without assigning any reason.
2 . If an employee desires to be relieved during the period of probation, it will be necessary for him to give
One (1) Months notice in writing or One (1) Months gross salary in lieu thereof.
3. You will continue to be on probation till your services are confirmed in writing by the School. You shall
be informed of your confirmation within Three (3) Months of the completion of the probation period.
4. Your appointment and continuance therein will be subject to your being found medically fit. The School
shall have the right to get you medically examined or re-examined by any Registered Medical practitioner,
whose findings will be final and binding upon you.
5. After confirmation, your services can be terminated by giving Three (3) Months notice or Salary in lieu
thereof except on disciplinary grounds in which case no such notice or payment in lieu thereof shall be
6 .Even after confirmation, if you are found absent from duty for Three (3) days without obtaining prior
permission in writing of the Principal or if you proceed on leave without obtaining prior permission or
overstay the sanctioned leave for Three (3) days without first getting it sanctioned then your services are
liable to be terminated without any further reference/notice to you.

7. The payment of your salary will be subject to the statutory deductions viz. Income Tax, Provident Fund,
ESI etc. as may be applicable..
8. The annual increment cannot be claimed by you as a matter of right but will depend upon the work
performance/efficiency, standard of discipline, integrity, punctuality and regularity.
9 .Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Grant of any leave shall depend on the exigencies of the
School and shall be at the discretion of the School.Merely applying for leave will not mean sanction until
and unless the leave is formally sanctioned.
10. You will be in the full time employment of the School and shall devote your whole time to duties
assigned and shall not on your own account or otherwise directly or indirectly carry on or be concerned in
any trade or business whatsoever which is likely to interfere with the due and efficient discharge of your
School duties or to be otherwise prejudicial to the interest of the School.
11. You will not accept any job of remunerative character from any source other than School or by giving
private tuition or engage yourself in any business.
12. You will not accept or demand any subscription/donation/contribution from anyone either for yourself
or for any association of teachers/staff or students.
13. You will not canvass for any publication or any publishing house or book-seller.
14.You will not enter into any monetary transaction/s with any student or his parents/guardians and shall
not misuse your position as a teacher for your personal gains and shall not conduct yourself in such a
manner that you have to incur a debt beyond your means.
15. You shall not accept, permit any member of your family or any other person acting on your behalf to
accept any gift including free transport, boarding, lodging or any other service or any pecuniary advantage
from any student, parent/guardian or any other person who may come into your contact in the capacity of
your being a teacher in the School.
16. You shall not propagate through teaching lesson or otherwise, communal or sectarian outlook or incite
or discriminate any student on the grounds of caste, creed, language, place of origin, social or welfare
17. You shall not practice or incite any student to practice casteism, untouchability or cause/incite any
other person or cause any damage to the property of the School either movable or immovable. You will
not behave or encourage or incite any student, teacher or any other member of the staff to behave in a
disorderly manner in the premises of the School or outside in connection with any matter connected with
the School. You will not organise or attend any meeting during School hours except when you are
required or permitted by the School to do so.
18. You will not indulge or encourage any form of malpractice connected with the examination/s either in
this or in any other School.

19. You will not be negligent in checking class work or home work done by the students.
20. You will not prepare or publish or associate yourself with publishing any book/books commonly known
as Keys or assist whether directly or indirectly in their publication unless expressly permitted.
21. In case of any change in your address during the course of your employment in the School it shall be
your duty to intimate such change in writing to the Principal within one week from the date of such
change. You will intimate your address during the vacations before the commencement thereof.
22. In case any act or omission constituting misconduct alleged against you, you shall be placed under
suspension pending enquiry and will not be entitled to any salary/suspension allowance during the period
of such suspension.
23. Your services are liable to be transferred from one place to another and/or from one post to another
purely at the discretion of the School.
24. You will conform to all rules and regulations in force from time to time in the School and shall abide by
all other lawful orders/instructions/directions.
25. You will be responsible for the safe custody of the attendance register/s, books and other articles
entrusted to you.
Incase of any damage or loss, the same shall be recovered from your
salary/emoluments besides taking disciplinary action as deemed fit or proper.
26. You will be retired on attaining the age of 58 years. The School may even retire you earlier in case
you fail to perform your duties efficiently.
27.In case the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you, please sign and return a duplicate copy
of this Letter in token of your acceptance thereof.
Yours faithfully,
Authorised Signatory
I accept the offer and terms of conditions stated in the above-mentioned Letter. I have understood the
same in the language known to me.

Signature of the Employee