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Process To Establish

Connections among ECC, BI

and EP servers
created by Nilutpal Sharmah on Jun 24, 2013 7:47 AM, last modified by Nilutpal
Sharmah on Jun 24, 2013 9:10 AM
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Dear All,
I am pleased to share this document with all of my SCN mates. This document pertains to
establishing connection among ECC(ABAP based) , BI (ABAP based) and EP (JAVA based)
servers. We generally face issues in connection among these SAP server after system
refresh or NW/EHP/databse upgrade of any of these servers. In below scenario, I am
explaining to re-establish connection among ECC 6.05 , BI (NW 7.3 EHp1 SP6) & EP (NW 7.2
EHP1 SP6).
1. Log into BI system and check RSBASIDOC table though SE11.
2. Then note down the entries for SLOGSYS and RLOGSYS for required connection.

3. Then execute 'RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT_40' functional module.

4. Fill the entries based on noted details from RSBASIDOC and put 'X' under
I_FORCE_DELETE and execute.
After that you can see that the respective entry gets deleted
in RSBASIDOC table.
5. Then take screen shots of partner profile details from WE20 (entry name is same
as SLOGSYS of deleted line item of RSBASIDOC table).
6. After this, check whether the ECC system is in modifiable state or not, if not open it
through SCC4 & SE06.
7. Now execute RSA1 in BI system and create system under SOURCE SYSTEM :

8. Then check in SM59 whether the ABAP RFC (to connect to ECC) is working or not.
If it's not there then create it manually and put in below screen:-

Also check whether above mentioned users in BI as well as in ECC are having super
user rights (~ SAP_ALL)or not , if not then assign for time being.

It will lead you to ECC system where you need to log in with any of the super user.
9. Select the options as follows:-



Then it will again prompt to put super user login credential to log into ECC system.
So, please please provide as earlier.

10. Now click on REPLICATE AS WELL .

11. After this a new entry will be created under SOURCE SYSTEM to connect to
target ECC system. You can check the connection by selecting CHECK option which
comes if you right click over that entry.

12. Then check whether the partner profile got created or not . If requires , add additional
inbound/outbound parameters in WE20.

13. Now to connect Enterprise Portal with BI , create a JCO connection in EP . Log
into NWA (http://<FQDN host name of EP >: <port>/nwa) > Configuration >
infrastructure > JCo RFC Provider > Click on create .
Naming convention of program ID/JCo RFC should be "<Host name of BI
server>_PORTAL_<SID of EP>".
After filling the required entries over there , click on START button.

14. Now log into BI system and create a TCP/IP RFC (naming convention: RFC_<SID of EP>)
and give the above program ID/ JCo RFC Provider name. Do the connection testing now.

Mention gateway in RFC as per your scenario.

So, now all the dependent connections are established and all are working fine.