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October 2013

ortho organizers // corporate profile

Russ Bonafede, Ortho Organizers President

Ortho Organizers (O2) is changing the way you look at orthodontics. Orthotown Magazine talks to Céline
Cendras, Director of Marketing, about what’s happening at O2.
Give our readers a brief history of O2.
Cendras: O2 was created in 1976 by
Lindsay Brehm, a former employee of “A”
Company and the son of an orthodontist and
teacher of orthodontics. With the acquisition
of Micro Metal Products in 1981 and of San Marcos Medical
Plastics in 2001, the company has used the expertise of these
smaller niche markets to create quality product lines at competitive pricing.
Celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2006, O2 moved to
a new corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, California. The
new facility, about 65,000 square feet, provides the company
more room to incorporate additional manufacturing
machines to help keep up with the growing business from
organic growth as well as through acquisitions, including
recently acquiring Ortho Technology. As the orthodontic
imprint of Henry Schein, O2 has a strong commitment to
serving its customers.


OCTOBER 2013 //

Can you tell us a little about your management team,
your roles and your experience?
Cendras: The management team has a strong background in
the dental and orthodontic industries. Here is an overview:
• Russ Bonafede, President: O2’s president has more than
23 years of medical device experience with an emphasis in
orthodontics, implant dentistry, craniomaxillofacial surgery and laparoscopic surgery. He has served as president
of O2 since July 2009.
• Ted Dreifuss, Vice President of Sales and Marketing: He
joined Henry Schein Dental’s Specialty Products Group in
March 2012 as Vice President of Global Marketing. In July
2013 he was named Vice President of Global Sales and
Marketing and is currently responsible for all aspects of O2’s
commercial strategies and tactical planning, as well as
marketing strategy for the other specialty companies in the
group. Ted has nearly 30 years of sales, marketing and management experience in the medical and dental device sectors.

• Mark Payne, Director of Engineering: He is responsible
for the development of new product innovations and
production engineering for all legacy appliances at the
company. He has more than 21 years of experience in the
orthodontic profession, with 18 years at Ormco.
• Céline Cendras, Director of Marketing: I was appointed to
this position in July 2006. I oversee O2’s marketing activities, which includes product management, continuing
education, marketing communications, and international
marketing. My team and I are responsible for the launch
and promotions of new products, as well as maintaining
O2’s existing product portfolio.
• Robin Marks, Director International Sales: He joined
O2 in 2007. His department is responsible for sales
activities outside of the U.S. He and his team work in
concert with nearly 200 active distributors worldwide,
representing sales in more than 100 international markets. Robin has 25 years of experience in global sales and
marketing management with more than 14 years of
experience in the dental field.
• Foster Boop, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality
Assurance: He has extensive regulatory compliance and
operations management experience, spanning more than
20 years.
• Sue Fix, Director of Operations: She joined O2 in 2011.
She has nine years of dental device manufacturing and
supply chain experience.
• Alison Weber, Chief Financial Officer of the Global Dental
Specialties Group: She is responsible for leading the finance
function for this growing group, which is currently comprised of four companies (including O2).

Your mission statement indicates that O2 provides
comprehensive orthodontic solutions in a socially
responsible manner – can you elaborate on what that
means and how you’re achieving it?
Cendras: We recognize that service extends beyond the
workplace and into our communities. O2’s employees are
involved in numerous, diverse volunteer activities, including a Back-to-School event providing backpacks full of school
supplies to families in need, and the Holiday Cheer for
Children program.
When it comes to our employees, training is an integral part
of their continuing career development. For example, we provide
an intensive week-long training program, including sessions on
sales skills, product presentations and technology training, to
equip our sales force with the knowledge they need to succeed.
In addition, all new employees throughout the company are
invited to join the product training sessions. Through this program and ongoing sessions, we are dedicated to developing the
best and most productive sales force in the industry – one that is
thoroughly trained and equipped to meet our customers’ needs.

O2 not only distributes orthodontic products, but
manufactures them as well. How is this integrated
nationally? Globally?
Cendras: O2 has two main facilities where most of our manufacturing activities are conducted. Most Elastomeric lines are
now being manufactured in our Indiana facility. It is the same
facility that also manufactures some of our archwires and wax
offerings. In our California facility, we manufacture our brackets,
bands and buccal tubes, along with our intra-oral appliances, such
as Twin Force Bite Corrector Devices and the Carriere Distalizer

Left: Manufacturing
Above left: Carriere Distalizer
Above right: Twin Force Bite Corrector

Reprinted with permission of Orthotown Magazine ©2013

corporate profile // ortho organizers

Left: Andrews Appliance
Right: Patient wearing Carriere Distalizer
Far right: Patient wearing NeoCrystal
Sapphire Ceramic Bracket System

Class II Correction Appliances. Internationally, O2 and its various brands are sold through more than 200 distributors. As we
have acquired brands, we have been able to increase our number
of distributors.

How does a product start from an idea and move
to development?
Cendras: We prioritize our new product development funnel on a quarterly basis. Projects are ranked and prioritized based
on market demand, revenue potential, product life cycle, manufacturing know-how, cost, strategic relevance to our business
and company vision.
We either design a product from conception to completion
internally based on concepts validated by research and voice of
customers, or we design products collaborating with an inventor,
who often is a clinician with a great concept. For example, we are
currently completing the product development of our Carriere
SLX Bracket, the next generation of the Carriere self-ligating
bracket, in collaboration with Dr. Luis Carriere.
Our key products are evaluated by clinicians prior to them
being released for sale. This helps us ensure that products
launched meet the criteria and expectation, not only in our laboratory, but also in the hands of practitioners and their patients.

How does manufacturing your own products give you
an edge in the orthodontic market?
Cendras: We control our destiny. We prioritize based on the
demand of our customers. If another entity were to manufacture
our products, we would not be the one deciding when and what
needs to be developed.
Also, if we want to make a design change based on the input
of our customers, we can. It is our sole decision. We also have more
control of our production timeline and build-out. If we decide to
reduce the product development cycle due to a strategic reason, we
can by reallocating our resources accordingly. We also control the
production flow: when demand is high we increase the number of
production shifts, so that the lead time does not increase.

What are your most popular products?
Cendras: Our Carriere Distalizer appliance is a non-invasive

Class II device with a strong clinician following and high patient
acceptance. It is used prior to treatment when there are no other
appliances competing in the mouth. This allows Class II correction faster, decreasing overall treatment time.
Twin Force Bite Corrector Devices are also highly recognized in the industry. It corrects skeletal Class II corrections
and is not removable by the patient, thereby enhancing
patient compliance.
In 2010 O2 and Drs. Larry and Will Andrews became
partners in the development of the next Straight-Wire
Appliance: Andrews2 Appliance System. This marked the first
time Dr. Larry Andrews has shared the 20 years of research
conducted by The Andrews Foundation with a company to
manufacture the next generation of his original Straight-wire
Appliance. In addition, when the appliance is used in conjunction with the Six Elements (6E) Philosophy, it provides the
ultimate treatment outcome.
Our NeoMaestro family of brackets includes Maestro, our
metal twin premium bracket system, NeoLucent Plus
Ceramic bracket system, and NeoCrystal Sapphire Ceramic
Bracket System, developed with the vision to offer clinicians
the ultimate twin bracket system where the brackets are fully
interchangeable between aesthetic and metal versions for convenient and cost-efficient bracketing. The three bracket lines
offer uniform design features as it relates to bracket sizes,
compatible in/out, same base compound contour, bond
strength, and more. This unique family of brackets provides
clinicians optimal benefits and conveniences, while delivering
successful treatment outcomes.

What’s happening with the courses you’ve started
offering on sleep apnea?
Cendras: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is emerging as one
of the most widespread and costly health issues in the U.S. Over
time, it has been documented that orthodontic treatment offers
more than just a beautiful smile and enhanced self-esteem, it
also improves quality of life by providing overall health benefits. \\ OCTOBER 2013


ortho organizers // corporate profile
also work closely with a close group of leading
orthodontists with whom we exchange ideas,
product concepts or product samples. Once the
“Our key products are evaluated by
product is launched we will monitor any feedback
clinicians helping us ensure our products
through a post market surveillance program. In
addition, our customer service and sales teams log
meet the criteria and expectation of
any customer feedback into a customer relationpractitioners and patients.”
ship management (CRM) system. This feedback
is then reviewed by a team on a regular basis.
Feedback can be shared by calling our sales team,
by sending an e-mail directly to usasales@orthoorOrthodontists can play a significant role in the diagnosis and or by contacting us through our website. We take
treatment options of OSA by changing the airway. The ortho- our customers’ feedback very seriously.
dontic approach is intended to provide patients with immediate
relief from OSA, as well as changes to the airway that may How can orthodontists get involved in the development
address an underlying cause.
of products?
By the overwhelming interest and course registrations, we
Cendras: Any orthodontist can get involved with the develknow that orthodontists are interested to gain knowledge in this opment of our products. We have a well-defined process that
area. By taking our course they are learning the physiology of ensures we review any ideas submitted by clinicians or inventors.
OSA and the current diagnostic and treatment options, as well Ideas are reviewed, analyzed and filtered while taking into conas a new orthodontic approach and its protocols. Orthodontists sideration market demands. Orthodontists can reach out to anycan change the structure of a growing face, which can impact the one at O2 who will then put them in touch with the correct
airway. The courses are currently taught by Drs. David Paquette people. As soon as this connection takes place, the process starts
and Lou Chmura.
down its path.

Last year O2 completed the acquisition of Ortho
Technology. What was the motivation and what are
your plans?
Cendras: Ortho Organizers’ goal is to grow within the
specialty market. While we do everything we can to grow organically (e.g., new products, clinical champion relationships,
continuing education programs, sales force expansion), when
there are quality companies that are available for a potential
business development transaction, we consider these as well. In
the case of Ortho Technology, we had a high growth orthodontic enterprise with a very well respected product portfolio. Not
only did this allow us to expand our market share position, but
a transaction of this nature produces certain synergies for both
companies that allow us to operate more efficiently on a go forward basis. The orthodontic portfolio of Henry Schein now has
a significant foot print in the orthodontic industry with O2,
Masel, ClassOne, and Ortho Technology brands. We expect to
continue our growth trajectory in orthodontics through a combination of organic and inorganic means that allow us to expand
our sales coverage, enhance our product portfolio and strengthen
our manufacturing base.

Tell us about the process of gathering, responding to
and applying customer feedback.
Cendras: We collect the “voice of customers” in various
ways. We sometimes conduct online surveys or office visits. We


OCTOBER 2013 //

What would you say has contributed the most to
O2’s success?
Cendras: We work hard to earn our customers’ business.
While we are growing and gaining market share, we are not
resting on our laurels. The orthodontic community is a small
community, where relationships matter and every customer is
important. Our employees pride themselves in trying hard to
develop successful relationships. Our teams, in the field and in
the office are dedicated to the success of the clinicians business
as well as our organization.
While we are a division of Henry Schein, a very large public company, they allow us to run our business based on our
strategic vision, trusting O2’s leadership team. Henry Schein
recognizes the power of entrepreneurial organizations, so they
provide the leadership at O2 with some degree of autonomy
while ensuring we abide by the financial, regulatory and legal
controls required of any public entity.
We also believe that it is important to develop and maintain
good relationships, not only with our customers but with our
employees, our partners and our community. We pride ourselves
on having strong integrity and high values. These values are
reflected every day in the relationships that we have.

For more information about Ortho Organizers, visit or call 800-547-2000. n

Reprinted with permission of Orthotown Magazine ©2013

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