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“E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Starter Program”

As part of our Tobii Integration package, PST would like to offer some of our customers special
assistance in developing a near approximation of their initial paradigm using E-Prime and E-Prime
Extensions for Tobii.

The purpose behind the “E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Starter Program” is to provide a simple
sample paradigm which is similar to the family of experiments that you will eventually develop. The
hope is that this sample will provide an early system test, a proof of concept of your experimental
design and an example of one possible implementation. You will have access to additional E-Prime
related support via E-Prime Web Support throughout the development of this paradigm as well as after
its completion.

The offer to help you create a paradigm is somewhat open ended. Complexity and timelines
must be carefully managed. Therefore, we require you to follow the guidelines below. PST reserves the
right to accept or reject paradigms at our discretion.

1) Designate Liaison:

(a) Register for E-Prime Web Support by navigating to the following website: To register for
Support, you will need a valid email address and your E-Prime serial number.
(b) Or, if you are already registered for Support, you may navigate to the Web Support
login page:
(c) Assign a single contact person who will work with PST on your paradigm by
submitting a support request with a title of “Starter Program Inquiry.” Please also
include your name, institution, and contact information. Please take this step even
if you are the liaison
(d) Once you have completed these steps, you will have access to a number of
resources including one-on-one technical support, a knowledge base with many
frequently asked questions, and a number of sample paradigms.
(e) You will use PST Web Support to work with PST in the development of your
paradigm. This assures good record keeping and timely responses to your
questions. Instructions on how to start the process will be given to you when you
verify that the self-training is complete.

2) Training:
In order to speed the development of your paradigm we ask that your assigned liaison
has taken the following steps to become familiar with the E-Prime design environment
and the special “E-Prime Extensions for Tobii” features. This background will also allow
your lab to create and deploy subsequent paradigms more effectively. Please verify that
this self-training has occurred before proceeding to Step 3 below. We will be glad to
answer questions that arise as you walk through the materials.

Please note: if it becomes clear that the Liaison has not completed this self-training, we reserve the
right to suspend work on the project until this requirement has been fulfilled.

(a) Complete the E-Prime Getting Started Guide as it will provide a great deal of
practical information including a step-by-step 2 hour tutorial covering key concepts.
This Getting Started Guide can be found in electronic format on your E-Prime
installation CD.
(b) Skim through the topics covered in the E-Prime User’s Guide and the E-Prime
Reference Guide and become familiar with the resources that you can find there.
(c) Read the E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Manual
i. The manual can be found in electronic format on your E-Prime
Extensions for Tobii installation CD.
ii. Please complete installation and setup.
iii. IMPORTANT: Verify that you have installed and tested using the
TETFixedPositionAOI test paradigm located at
TETFixedPositionAOI. This provides a system check of your setup
and insures that you have a fully functioning paradigm installed.
3) Specify your experiment
(a) PST is offering to assist with a single “Starter Paradigm.” We require that you
specify the most generic case of the family of paradigms which you hope to use in
your research. This will allow us to create a versatile starter experiment for your
(b) The Starter Program is intended to assist with Tobii/E-Prime paradigm development.
It is not intended to assist with complex or highly specialized E-Prime programming
concepts. PST reserves the right to direct the user to other resources for further
(c) It is the case that not all paradigms are tenable and/or achievable within a
reasonable time frame. You will receive feedback on the feasibility of your
specification after it is received and reviewed by the Starter Program staff.
(d) You will be required to complete the “Starter Program Application Form” and the
“Starter Program Questionnaire” which are included with this letter. (If you have not
received the forms, please contact PST Web Support (see 1b) as it is necessary to
continue with the Starter Program process.) By filling out these documents, you will
provide our staff with a better understanding of the experiment and to help us to
determine a timeline.

4) Submit the paradigm specification to PST Web Support

5) What happens next?

(a) PST Starter Program staff will review all submitted materials. During the review
process, you will be contacted with questions or clarifications regarding your
paradigm. This is an interactive process between the Starter Program staff and
your liaison which requires timely responses to progress at a reasonable pace.

Please note: If we deem the liaison is non-responsive at any point during the Starter Program, PST
reserves the right to terminate your site’s participation in the Starter Program and cease paradigm

(b) Once the review process is complete and the paradigm is approved, you will be
formally notified of your acceptance into the Starter Program and will receive an
estimated completion date for your paradigm. All estimates and product delivery
dates are dependent upon agreed specifications. Any changes to the specifications
will result in modifications to our timeline estimates, deadlines, and delivery dates.
Please note: There is a one month minimum from the date of formal acceptance into the Starter
Program for the completion of a Starter Program paradigm.

Please note: PST may terminate your participation in the EET Starter Program if there is no contact
from your liaison or site within 6 months from receiving your formal acceptance into the Starter

(c) At this point, a team member will then begin to work with you on the
implementation of your experiment. Communication will be handled through PST
Web Support.
(d) Your paradigm will be delivered to you along with documentation (if applicable)
covering issues specific to your paradigm. You may also be directed to relevant
documentation in the E-Prime documentation set.
(e) You will be asked to test and confirm proper functioning of the paradigm (as
detailed in the specification).
(f) You will have continued access to E-Prime and Tobii support via PST Web Support.