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Prema Yin


Prema Yin has been singing since she was in primary school, entertaining crowds at weddings,
private functions and having a go at age group singing competitions.

At present she is pursuing her studies but as music is her first love she is trying to juggle her time
and focus between both.

She took part in the National level singing competition organized by NTV 7, Who Will Win
Malaysian Topstar and emerged as the winner in 2004.

Wanting to gain more experience and to further improve herself, Prema Yin hit the pub scene,
performing with such well known personalities as Jerry Felix, Simon Justin, Richard Gomez,
Collin Jensen, Albert Sirimal, Ronny Felix, Vijay David and others. She also performed with
Jaclyn Victor for a national level TV show and has also performed a number of times on TV.

In 2006 she was invited to audition for the Aseana Percussion Unit and has been a member of this
very popular group for the past 3 years. Performing in various local pub scenes: Bangkok Jazz,
Groove Junction, Waikiki etc

Festivals such as Penang Jazz Festival, Sunrise Jazz Fest, Sarawak Rainforest Festival as well as
overseas(China for the Zhu Jia Jia Water Village Festival, Singapore Arts Festival).

Her major influences have been from blues rock, r&b, melancholic, soul and funk. She has been
inspired by the work of great musicians notably Aerosmith, Stevie Wonder, Sarah Maclachlan,
Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu, Shania Twain etc

She has great feel and her songs are charged with raw emotions.

Prema Yin is not only an accomplished singer but she is also one of the rare breed of singer/song
writer and has been composing her own songs since she was 14.

Her songs are created from her past experiences, random thoughts, imagination and life itself.
And now, after 5 years of her venturing into the music scene, she has finally decided to record her
own songs which she hopes to share with music lovers.

Not only that, she has had the opportunity to perform on stage with Colbie Caillat(famous for her
song, ”Bubbly”) and the great John Ford Coley.

In January 2009, she had two nominations for the Voize Independent Music Awards (VIMA) for
Best Female Vocalist (Overall) and Best Rock Vocalist, which she bagged the Bronze Award,
being the only female nominated amongst a category dominated by men. In 2010, she received
four nominations, Best Rock Vocalist, Best Female Vocalist (Overall), Most Mindblowing Video
Clip and Best Pop Song, where she received the Gold Award for “Eyo Eyo”.

Her first ever EP, which she worked with Greg Henderson was recently launched on 19th August
2009 at Mist Club, Bangsar.
The Album:
“The completion of the Album took about a year. It was a great feeling to finally do my own thing and now that it’s
finished I am very satisfied with the results. It is the outcome of all my hard work, passion and drive for this love of
mine since I was a child. Working with Greg Henderson was an eye opener for me. No words can express how this
experience has built me as a musician and as a person. And for that, I hope to continue developing this, my love for

Produced/Arranged and Mixed by Greg Henderson.

1) Eyo Eyo

Composer: Prema Yin

Lyricist: TINTA

“This song was written because I loved latin music, and what could be better than combining latin and rock
together, two of my favorite style of music? Plus, have fun doing it! ;) I must say, I am satisfied with the
outcome, and thanks to TINTA’s lovely lyrics, it gave the song the edge it needed. It has the attitude and fun
all merged in one. Something that I can definitely relate too! YEAH!”

2) Ain’t Got Tears(feat Moots!)

Composer: Prema Yin

Lyricist: Prema Yin/Moots! (Pop Shuvit)

“This song went through several changes, as I wrote it when i was 17. I wasn't sure what type of sound i
wanted for it, but i knew that i wanted it to be dance-able, in your face, fun and of course still have it's
edge.Meeting Greg was really the best move i made as he managed to bring out the essence of the song and
give it the kick it really needed.”

3) These Are The Days

Composer/Lyricist: Prema Yin

A song written for a special someone. A"Thank You" note for always being there for me, accepting me as i
am and supporting me through the tough times.

4) Bleed

Composer/Lyricist : Prema Yin

“Bleed was created when i was going through a tough time in my life. I felt overwhelming stress from every
angle and somehow or rather i just picked up the guitar, started strumming some chords and next thing i
knew, in half an hour i wrote the song(minus the lyrics of course). All i knew was that the word Bleed was
constantly running through my head when i was humming the chorus melody hence the decision for its title.”

5) Higher Love

Composer: Prema Yin

Lyricist: Prema Yin/Rajjiv

During the Yamaha Asiabeat band competition in 2006, we(referring to my previous band "Broken View")
managed to qualify for the KL finals. However, we needed to play an original song. So, i just got down to it.
With three chords given by my then ex- guitarist for the verse, i wrote the whole song. I was really
determined to win! Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the state finals, and my current drummer's ex
band(International Groove Collective - which i ironically joined later on) did! They bagged 2nd place.
Nonetheless, still felt the love for this song, hence why it's in my first ever EP. Yeah!
The Band
He was quite active in the beginning 90's in the German underground music scene with several bands
as well as performing on a regular basis with a 40 piece Big Band playing drums and percussions.
After finding his way to Malaysia and a 10 year hiatus he joined a jamming band which compromised
of Ash Nair and former DVS Bassist Mel Yap. The jamming stopped after Ash emerged as one of
finalists for Malaysian Idol Season 2 and Mel Yap returned to his home country Canada.
Subsequently formed the International Groove Collective with Nazim on guitars and KayBee on
Bass. Joined by MC Haroon on vocals shortly after the quartet was gigging for a few months before
they decided to part ways with MC Haroon and hired Prema Yin as Vocalist. IGC was also dissolved
after another few months. After hearing Prema Yin's own compositions, he pushed forward to record
and perform the songs.
Besides this Moe also appeared as sessionist for Artists/Bands such as Pop Shuvit, Dragon Red,
Reshmonu, Ash Nair and many more.
Moe also had Cameo appearances in a local indie Movie such as "Red Street Diner" and Ash Nair's
video Clip for "Crazy".

Berklee Graduate in 2007 as classically trained Pianist is now venturing into new grounds with Prema
Yin. Rock is a new ballgame for her that she is mastering with ease and adding on the extra "nish"
touch. Sessioning for many other big artists is another proof for her abilities. Nish also has her own
Band (The Thing One) where she features regularly other great singer such as Najwa and others.

Bassist Zaim is a very well know name in the local scene for years now. Performing for almost 10
years now, the autodidact has taught himself how to play the bass. This allowed him to create his
very own and unique style. As one of the members of Curtis Blues Review they received many great
reviews in the past and present for their distinct sound that's heavily contributed by Zaim's Bass
work! Known for his unique percussive style, Zaim played alongside veteran Malaysian local greats
such as Ahmad Loqman @ Abang Lorg, Simon Justin and Jerry Felix as well as more recent faces
like Ash Nair, Faizal Tahir and Prema Yin. Zaim also made an appearance on Vince Chong's video as
bassist in "Percayalah Sayang".

The youngest of the bunch, Isaac has been actively playing music since his childhood.
Previously playing in a couple of bands in the underground scene before joining Prema Yin.
Isaac's eclectic guitar sounds and his superb skills made him stand out compared to many other young
and talented guitarist!
A true musician and artist, he claims that Music is his passion and pride.
Having entered numerous competitions with his previous Band Borange, they have bagged acclaim
and awards.
Isaac's defined sound and playing gives the Live shows the extra spice and feel!
Performing with Colbie Caillat

Some television appearances:

Ntv7 Who Will Win Malaysian Topstar(2004)
Stars of Diwali(2004)
Anugerah Seri Angkasa (2004)
Yesterday Once More (2008)
Fresh New Day (2008)
8TV Quickie(2008)
NTV7 – 1,2 Jus!(2009) – alongside Vince(AF1),Hannah Lo etc.

Some of the people she has performed/worked

1) Colbie Caillat- International Artist
2) John Ford Coley- International Artist
3) Aseana Percussion Unit- Percussion band that has performed internationally.
4) Jaclyn Victor- Malaysian Idol winner
5) Moots! (Pop Shuvit)- Well acclaimed band nationally and internationally from Malaysia
6) Greg Henderson- AIM/ARIA award winner
7) Zainal Abidin- Well acclaimed singer in Malaysia/Hit songs include “Hijau”
8) Simon Justin- Songwriter of hit song “Belaian Jiwa”
9) Jerry Felix- Malaysia’s Guiness Book of Records
10) Juwita Suwito- Malaysian Singer/One In a Million Vocal Coach
11) Ash Nair- Malaysian Singer/Malaysian Idol 2
12) Transient Vortex- Drum and Bass
13) Faizal Tahir- One In A Million/AIM winner
14) Hazami- Well acclaimed singer in Malaysia/Previously her vocal trainer/Famous hits,
“Musim Sonata Salju”
15) Luke Mason – Composer/Musical Director of FAME studios
16) Paul Morrison- Producer of WASP studios
17) Rudy – HITZ FM DJ
18) Juzliza Adlizan – Vocal teacher
19) Syafinaz Selamat – Vocal trainer
20) Samuel Dass – Malaysia’s sitar extraordinaire.
21) Farah, Akma etc – Some of the Akademi Fantasia contestants.
22) S.U.P.A – Music producers from Purple Houze Productions
Performed in the pub scene for 4 years.
Performing nationally and internationally with a percussion band called “Aseana Percussion
Performed in various corporate events (eg: MIGF, Milellia, QuestNet, V, DiGi etc)
Performed on national TV(eg: Anugerah Sri Angkasa, Stars of Diwali 2005,Yesterday Once
More, Fresh New Day)
Radio Interviews (Hitz.FM, Fly.FM, and Capital FM)
Versatile as she has played in various events/clubs/gigs- from big concerts to small intimate
Done backing vocals for well known artists internationally and nationally
Has sessioned for many well known musicians/producers.
Performed recently for one of Malaysia’s biggest festivals, Urbanscarpes 2009 on the ”X Lawn”
Stage – alongside big names.
(eg: Pop Shuvit, Yuna, Pure Vibracion etc.)
Press Clippings:
The Malay Mail
Rising ROCK DARLING launches EP
Submitted by pekwan on Wednesday, August 19th, 2009
Jonathan Fernandez
Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 01:48:00

CHARM PERSONIFIED: Prema’s stage antics boils down to her sheer lust for music
which ignites every emotion in her

She had a dream and now she's on the verge of living it. Malaysia's latest rock star, Prema
Yin, will be launching her debut EP album titled Eyo Eyo today at Mist Club in Bangsar.
No longer a stranger to the local music scene since winning the national level singing
competition Who Will Win Malaysian Topstar in 2004, Prema has worked hard and is
now relishing the thought of reaping her just rewards.

The EP will feature Eyo Eyo as the single and four other bonus tracks - Bleed, Higher
Love, There Are The Days and Ain't Got Tears (featuring Pop Shuvit's Moots).

Ever the music afficionado, Prema proves she's an all-round talent as the album will not
only be a showcase for her hard-hitting vocals but she also composed all the tracks and
was the lyrics architect for all the English songs.

"I've always wanted to record my music but I never took the initiative to actually do it
simply because I was still caught up in the creative process," said Prema.

"My boyfriend, who is also my drummer, insisted that I meet Greg Henderson to produce
my tracks. We clicked instantly. He taught me a lot of things along the way and he
pushed me to bring out my best during every recording session. Greg did an awesome
Likening her songs to pages in her diary, Prema believes every music has its own identity
and significant in its own way. And she intends to make herself heard, literally, with her
songs which most people will be able to relate to.

"Songs that I write are very personal. Songwriting to me is very healing. People who
have met me will realise that I'm a pretty reserved person, so it is a great outlet.

"However, sometimes I write songs not purely based on my own emotions, but what
others are going through.

Like just recently, I wrote a song about the troubles in our world - poverty, abuse, etc. So
yeah, songs are a great way to connect with others."

This petite lass has big ambitions, and an even bigger and impressive vocal range. With
mike in hand and band right behind, that's enough to set the tone as her own
impersonation of Beyonce's on-stage character, Shasha Fierce comes roaring out.

Basically, when the spotlight is on her, this VIMA Awards second runner-up for Best
Rock Vocalist never fails to rouse the crowd with her energetic spunk and vigorous

Some say it's due to split personality. Perhaps, but for Prema, her stage antics boils down
to her sheer lust for music which ignites every emotion in her.

"The thing is I love music in general. Being in many different bands with different types
of sounds, helped me appreciate the uniqueness of every genre. However, I always had a
soft spot for blues, rock, funk, soul. And having been inspired by many great musicians
like Aerosmith, Erykah Badu and Sarah Mclachlan has helped develop my own thing. So
this album is not really a rock album. The songs consist of the essence of all types of
genres. That is what makes it more special," she said.

Fans are in for a treat during the EP launch as Prema will be performing Eyo Eyo for the
first time. She will also be performing several other album tracks as well as some cover
songs. Also for the first time, her first Eyo Eyo music video will be premiered on a night
of entertainment. And fear not, the EP will be retailed tonight at RM19.90.
14 Oktober 2009

Prema yang romantis


"Lagu ini ditujukan kepada seseorang yang istimewa. Ia menjadi nota tanda terima kasih kerana selalu
berada di sisi saya, menerima diri ini seadanya dan menyokong tanpa henti tatkala saya berdepan
dengan kesulitan" – PREMA YIN

BAGI pendatang baru di gelanggang seni tanah air, Prema Yin, kelahiran album mini yang mengangkat
judul Eyo Eyo memperlihatkan signifikan tersendiri kepada empunya diri. Ini kerana segenap jiwanya sejak
kecil begitu dekat dengan bidang muzik.

Selain mentafsirkan kehadiran album punya kepentingan untuk meluaskan kerjayanya yang masih baru
berputik, naskhah Eyo Eyo yang memuatkan sebanyak lima buah lagu itu turut menampilkan sebuah karya
indah dan sangat istimewa.

Lagu bertajuk These Are The Days yang mendapat sentuhan 100 peratus oleh Prema hakikatnya
didedikasikan khusus kepada insan tersayang atau lebih tepat dikatakan sebagai teman lelakinya.

Bayangkan apabila anak kelahiran Kuala Lumpur itu tanpa berselindung meluahkan isi hatinya
menyelitkan lagu tersebut ke dalam album mininya.

Memetik nukilan hati Prema dalam lagu These Are The Days, berikut serangkap luahan ikhlasnya setelah
diterjemah ke dalam bahasa Melayu.

"Lagu ini ditujukan kepada seseorang yang istimewa. Ia menjadi nota tanda terima kasih kerana selalu
berada di sisi saya, menerima diri ini seadanya dan menyokong tanpa henti tatkala saya berdepan dengan
PREMA membuat persembahan semasa pelancaran albumnya di MIST Club di Kuala Lumpur baru-baru ini.

Alahai, romantis benar ungkapan yang dizahirkan Prema atau nama berdaftarnya Prema Yin Ranee itu
terhadap individu yang kini bersarang di hatinya.

Cuma untuk menghuraikan siapakah gerangan pemuda bertuah yang menjalinkan cinta dengannya itu,
Prema mengaku tidak selesa untuk berkongsi kisah peribadinya dengan masyarakat di luar sana.

"Terus-terang, saya tidak mahu menjaja kisah cinta dengan orang lain. Cukuplah hal peribadi saya ini
diketahui oleh ahli keluarga dan kenalan terdekat saja.

"Paling penting, saya sudah beritahu bahawa diri sudah berpunya lantas tiada apa lagi yang perlu
disorokkan daripada pengetahuan para peminat.

"Walaupun sudah memiliki teman lelaki, namun saya tidak beranggapan perkara ini bakal menyekat
perjalanan karier seni saya untuk terus bersinar selepas ini.

"Cuma saya mohon agar karier yang baru hendak bermula ini tidak dilibatkan dengan cerita yang remeh-
temeh termasuk hal peribadi.

"Terus-terang, kehadiran saya dalam dunia nyanyian hanya ingin berkongsi bakat yang dimiliki dengan
khalayak sekali gus melebarkan sayap ke tahap lebih tinggi," katanya ketika ditemui pada majlis pelancaran
album mininya di The Mist, Kuala Lumpur baru-baru ini.
PREMA pernah menjuarai pertandingan Who Will Win Malaysia Topstar.

Pantas mematikan perbualan tentang perkara yang membabitkan peribadi, wanita yang sarat sikap peramah
itu mula menyelak lembaran tentang album yang menjadi kepuasan terawal untuk dirinya.

"Album Eyo Eyo ini mengambil masa selama setahun untuk disiapkan dengan sepenuhnya. Paling menarik,
ada di antara lagu yang terkandung dalam album ini dihasilkan sewaktu saya berusia 17 tahun.

"Saya mula menggubah lagu ketika berusia 14 tahun. Kini saya ada kira-kira 30 hingga 40 buah lagu dalam
simpanan yang merupakan curahan ilham sendiri.

"Selain These Are The Days, album ini turut mengandungi lima buah lagu iaitu Eyo Eyo, Ain't Got Tears
(bergandingan dengan Moots), Bleed dan Higher Love.

"Tidak dinafikan, saya cukup teruja apabila berpeluang untuk muncul dengan sebuah album mini yang
mendapat garapan sepenuhnya oleh saya sendiri.

"Saya tidak menggunakan khidmat komposer sedia ada di Malaysia kerana mahukan lagu-lagu yang saya
cipta sebelum ini dimasukkan ke dalam album mini saya terlebih dahulu.

"Wajarlah untuk saya buat keputusan ini ditambah saya menginginkan keserasian dengan muzik dan jiwa
saya sebelum mendapatkan bantuan penggubah lagu lain.

"Album dengan jalur pop rock ini diibaratkan sebagai kejayaan hasil kerja keras saya selama ini yang
begitu mencintai bidang nyanyian dan penggubahan lagu.

"Sekarang album Eyo Eyo sudah siap dan berada di depan mata. Lantaran itu, sudah pasti saya berpuas hati
dengan karya permulaan ini untuk diketengahkan kepada orang ramai," ungkap Prema sambil melakar
senyuman manis.
Enggan menoleh ke belakang

Berstatuskan anak seni, kini bakat menjadi taruhan utama Prema. Itulah yang dimahukan oleh graduan
kursus Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perakaunan di Kolej Sunway, Petaling Jaya kira-kira dua tahun lalu. Ya, tidak
ada sebarang penyesalan.

"Menjadi seorang penyanyi merupakan karier pilihan kerana saya sangat meminati muzik. Malah, saya
pernah menyertai program realiti televisyen seperti Who Will Win Malaysia Topstar (2004) dan One In A
Million musim kedua (OIAM2).

"Nasib menyebelahi apabila saya diumumkan sebagai juara Who Will Win Malaysia Topstar kira-kira lima
tahun lepas tetapi saya kurang bertuah kerana gagal menjadi 12 peserta terakhir OIAM2.

"Biarpun begitu, saya tidak pernah terfikir soal menang atau kalah ketika menyertai satu-satu pertandingan

"Bagi saya, semua ini bergantung kepada rezeki dan ilmu yang diperolehi. Bahkan untuk memperbaiki
mutu vokal sendiri, saya juga berguru dengan Juliza Adlizan, Hazami dan Syafinaz Selamat.

"Mengawal lontaran suara sangat penting kepada saya apatah lagi lagu-lagu yang saya dendangkan ini
memerlukan saya bergerak dan menari mengikut irama yang dialunkan.

"Dengan ketiga-tiga guru ini, saya mempelajari banyak perkara yang berkaitan vokal. Sekarang saya sudah
benar-benar bersedia untuk aktif menyanyi," terangnya.

Kagumi kumpulan Pop Shuvit

Tidak mampu menipu diri sendiri, anak kacukan Cina dan India itu terang-terangan memberitahu dia amat
memuja dan menyanjungi kumpulan anak tempatan, Pop Shuvit.

Benar, siapa sahaja yang tidak mengenali grup hebat umpama Pop Shuvit. Bahkan ramai peminat terutama
generasi baru yang cukup menggilai kumpulan yang sudah membolos tembok kukuh negara Jepun sejak
beberapa tahun lalu. Kenyataan itu tidak mampu disangkal lagi.

ALBUM Eyo Eyo menjadi taruhan Prema untuk mencipta nama dalam industri muzik tanah air.

Lantas puteri kepada pasangan suami isteri, Kali Kavandan dan Alicia Chiw itu berkata, dia bangga apabila
berpeluang menjalankan kolaborasi dengan salah seorang anggota kumpulan tersebut, Moots.
"Sejujurnya saya meminati semua jenis muzik. Tetapi apa yang diketengahkan oleh Pop Shuvit cukup
sebati dengan jiwa saya.

"Paling membanggakan apabila saya lihat kumpulan ini bukan saja bergiat aktif di tanah air sendiri, malah
berjaya mencipta populariti di Jepun dan mempunyai pengikut tersendiri.

"Kejayaan yang dikecapi oleh kumpulan Pop Shuvit membuatkan saya turut memasang angan-angan untuk
sukses seperti mereka juga dengan meluaskan pengaruh ke luar negara.

"Sekadar mahu berkongsi berita gembira dengan orang ramai. Jika tiada aral melintang, saya akan ke
negara Jerman tidak lama lagi kerana diundang mengadakan persembahan di sana.

"Sudah pastilah besar impian saya yang mengharapkan agar undangan nyanyian di negara orang ini nanti
bakal menjadi landasan terbaik kepada diri.

"Tanpa sebarang keraguan, saya hendak membuktikan kebolehan dan bakat diri selain mengambil peluang
memperkenalkan pelbagai jalur muzik Malaysia ke persada seni antarabangsa.

"Dengan bakat nyanyian dan menggubah lagu yang saya miliki ini, saya berdoa agar mendapat tempat dan
dikenali ramai baik di dalam mahupun luar negara," ungkapnya.
Wednesday, October 14, 2009, 03.15 PM

ENTERTAINMENT: Eyo, where have you been, Prema



RADIN SRI GHAZALI talks to Prema Yin to find out if she really is the next queen of rock.

THE quest to find the next queen of rock might be over soon, what with Prema Yin around.
The young artiste took centrestage and wowed the media with her amazing vocals — a cross
between Joss Stone soul and Anastacia on Eyo Eyo — during her recent album launch.

The only question was: “Where have you been all this while, Prema Yin?” “I’ve been
around,” she laughed.

“I wanted to gain as much knowledge as possible and perfect my music,” said the 23-year-
old sister of national hockey players Logan and Keevan Raj.

She started writing songs when she was 14 and is, as they say, “born to sing”.

“I have always been musically inclined, compared to my siblings who were athletic. I failed miserably in sports,” she

Having completed her degree in accountancy, she decided to pursue music, performing in various clubs in Kuala

“I auditioned for One In A Million 2 and got booted out at the auditions. They said I was not the kind of singer they
were looking for,” she said. She sang Alicia Keys’ Why Don’t You Call Me? But Prema persevered.

After two years, Prema is out with her debut EP, Eyo Eyo, a song she chose from a list of 30. “It was tough! I am very
choosy. If it doesn’t sound right, I’ll dump it and start on a new track. It is essential for me to get the hook, chorus and
bridge right,” she explained.

The five songs that met her stringent standards are Ain’t Got Tears, These Are The Days, Bleed, Higher Love and her
first Malay song, Eyo Eyo.

“I have been writing in English and I thought the time was right to compose in Malay,” she said.

This singer classifies her music as rock fused with pop, jazz and latin.

“I listened to the radio at an early age. That is the best medium to learn the basics of music. I am influenced by various
genres and they have made me the musician I am today,” she said. Eyo Eyo was produced by known music arranger
Greg Henderson. Prema also got the chance to collaborate with her idol, Moots of Pop Shuvit, through Ain’t Got Tears.

“I love Pop Shuvit. They have created a name for themselves and have taken Malaysian music internationally,” she

When it comes to her favourite local female singers, Prema, who may perform in Germany next month, said: “I love
Jaclyn Victor. She is incredible. Juwita Suwito is another exceptional singer-songwriter, and Ning Baizura is simply
phenomenal. And the list just goes on,” she laughed.
Friday September 18, 2009

Of Yin and Yang

She’s paid her dues, cutting her teeth in the club circuit. Singer-
songwriter Prema Yin is now ready for the big time with her
album Eyo Eyo.

OF course I’d like to be a rock star,” claims dainty Prema Yin, a singer-songwriter who, while
only 23, has a CV that runs from here to Timbuktu.

The winner of Ntv7’s Who Will Win series in 2004 (where she bagged RM50,000), Yin has
also played at countless music festivals (Penang Island Jazz Fest, Sunrise Jazz Fest, Sarawak
Rainforest Festival, China’s Zhu Jia Jia Water Village Festival and the Singapore Arts
Festival, among others), shows and club gigs. Add to that singing for a variety of bands,
including the nation’s most loved percussion troupe APU (Aseana Percussion Unit), Broken View, IGC (International
Groove Collective), and others.

Rising star: Prema Yin’s debut single Eyo Eyo is a clear indication that she is a star in the making.

She’s performed with local and foreign luminaries, including the likes of Jaclyn Victor, Colbie Caillat, John Ford
Coley, Jerry Felix, Simon Justin Leo, Richard Gomez, Albert Sirimal, Ronnie Felix, Vijay David and a host more.

Basically, even at her youthful age, Seremban-born Yin has been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. The one thing
that has eluded her though, is her own album. But with the release of Eyo Eyo, a single with four bonus tracks (isn’t
that an EP?), she can now check that box too.

So, is the release of this elusive album all it’s cracked up to be, then?

“While making the album, obviously my focus was on the creative process, so I didn’t really get to think about
anything else. But once the CD finally landed in my hands, I was overwhelmed with joy ... just thrilled that after all the
work I had put in over the years, the results were finally beginning to show,” enthuses the bubbly singer, saying that her
initial apprehensions were all finally laid to rest.

Yin is acutely modest about her talents, and insists that she took on numerous challenges, like grinding it out in the pub
circuit. The eventual production and release of Eyo Eyo is akin to a whale’s gestation period, and Yin is quick to admit

“This album took forever to make and some of the songs date back to my teen years. Ain’t Got Tears was written when
I was 16 ... but naturally it evolved, especially with the input of (producer) Greg Henderson.”

The songs making up Eyo Eyo, include the title track, Ain’t Got Tears (which features Moots of Pop Shuvit), These Are
The Days, Bleed and Higher Love. Eyo Eyo, the only Malay song on the album, gallops with a bouncy acoustic guitar
track that rides the Latin wave, and Yin’s sexy ad lib-ing and delivery style perhaps rightly earns this song first single

Ain’t Got Tears is a driving rocker punctuated by Moots’ rapping while the lilting melodies on These Are The Days – a
piano-driven ballad with lush string arrangements – sounds like it takes its cue from Mariah Carey. But it’s on Bleed
and Higher Love that Yin truly bares her rock fangs, and the crunchy guitar arrangements on these ones are a sonic

Yin looks to her immediate surroundings and her personal experiences to be inspired to write lyrics, and she’s very
proud of the fact that Eyo Eyo apart, she wrote the whole record. “It’s much easier to write from your own experiences
because you immediately have something you can relate to.”
Contrary to popular belief, Eyo Eyo isn’t a phrase inspired by the renowned Indian expression of concern, aiyoh. The
story for Eyo Eyo is in fact, funnier than that. “As I was writing the song on the piano and singing the melody line, the
word that naturally came out was the chorus, which went Eyo Eyo. And since it kept resurfacing every time I worked
on the song, I just kept it,” giggles the younger sister of now retired national hockey players Keevan and Logan Raj,
giving away her Indian lineage.

Yin isn’t the first and certainly won’t be last either to come up with cute (if not peculiar) choruses. Ashlee Simpson
stuttered along to L.O.V.E, Crash Test Dummies went Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm and Hanson’s first single was called
MMMBop. There you go.

After a few spins of Eyo Eyo, what’s vividly apparent is an artiste on the cusp of big things to come. While her amiable
personality might suggest otherwise, on the record, Yin comes across as an artiste confident of her ability and
comfortable in her own skin.

She credits much of that confidence to renowned producer Henderson. “He enhanced the songs with his arrangement
ideas and gave them an edge. And he shared with me what’s cool and what’s not. His credentials aside, best of all, he
was so easy to work with ... he really brought out the best in me. I always felt comfortable sharing my ideas with him,”
she says, professing her growth as a songwriter under his guidance.

Yin is proud of her craft, and like every good artiste, struggles to single out a favourite song on her album. “It’s like
choosing a child,” she complains, laughing. “Actually, in total, I had about 11 songs, but I narrowed it down to these
because at the moment, I feel these are the best.” And like every good artiste striving for the best, she confesses this
opinion might change in the future, especially with the benefit of hindsight.

Her vast experience in the music industry has put her in good stead, and she’s utterly grateful for life’s many blessings.
“Experience always makes you better. I learned a lot just from watching other musicians perform at festivals and such.
It’s almost a sub-conscious thing where you pick up on things you like, and it opened up my mind to other musical
styles as well,” she says.

So it’s no surprise then that the musical fare she serves up on Eyo Eyo (a rock record, she insists) is a blend of all she’s
heard. “I like music in general. When I was younger, I listened to all kinds of things. I first started listening to R&B,
then I moved on to old school blues rock, then to a more melancholic sound,” she says, acknowledging that all
musicians go through a growing process.

When it came to her own music, though, she was determined to retain a rock vibe, with a few other styles thrown in for
good measure. “I don’t want to limit myself to just one thing,” professes the quintessential girl-next-door, who, music
apart, loves to play computer games.

The daughter of a dad who deals in logistics and a businesswoman mother, Yin is still quick to concede her first love is
rock. While Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is a long-time favourite (she loves Janie’s Got A Gun), she currently adores
German rock band Guano Apes, particularly lead singer Sandra Nasic’s vocal style.

And where does a Prema Yin record stand in today’s musical climate? “I can’t say for sure, but I hope people will be
able to accept my music for what it is and the artiste that I am. Audience members have come up to me and singled out
songs that they like, at gigs that is, and they tend to be more mature listeners.” In a nutshell, Yin hopes the album
reaches out to everyone.

She’s amiable and she’s got the talent. Add good looks and experience, and Prema Yin looks to be an artiste simply
waiting to explode.

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ARKIB : 22/10/2009

Eyo Eyo popularkan Prema di Jerman


MENJUARAI Who Will Win The Malaysian Topstar

pada 2004, laluan seni Prema Yin atau nama sebenarnya
Prema Yin Ranee bagaikan tidak disedari oleh sesiapa.

Tenggelam dan terus tenggelam di sebalik kemunculan

artis-artis baru, namun anak kelahiran Kuala Lumpur ini
tidak patah semangat untuk terus mengejar cita-cita.

Namun, meski dikata orang bak 'tenggelam di lautan

sepi', Prema sebenarnya aktif menyanyi di kelab-kelab
malam, majlis-majlis keraian, persembahan korporat
serta beberapa festival muzik.

Kini, apa yang dinantikan sudah menjelma di depan mata MESKIpun masih baru, Prema mampu berbangga kerana lagu
apabila album mini sulungnya yang memuatkan lima berbahasa Melayu nyanyiannya iaitu Eyo Eyo telah diputarkan di stesen
buah lagu telah berada di pasaran. radio N-Joy Radio di Jerman.

Berperanan sebagai 'pasport' untuknya terus

mengembangkan karier, album berjudul Eyo Eyo ini cukup istimewa buat Prema apabila kesemua lagu berkenaan
adalah ciptaannya sendiri.

Antara lagu-lagu yang dimuatkan ialah Eyo Eyo, sebuah lagu berbahasa Melayu dan empat lagi lagu berbahasa Inggeris
iaitu Ain't Got Tears (bergandingan dengan Moots), These Are The Days, Bleed dan Higher Love.

Mengakui minat terhadap bidang nyanyian sejak di bangku sekolah, membanggakan, lagu berjudul Eyo Eyo telah
diputarkan di sebuah stesen radio di Hamburg, Jerman iaitu N-Joy Radio.

Bukan cakap kosong atau mereka-reka cerita, tetapi ia adalah hakikat sebenar bahawa lagu yang menggunakan lirik
dalam bahasa Melayu itu sudah didengari oleh masyarakat di negara Eropah itu.

Menurut Prema, dia 'terbang' ke negara tersebut pada bulan lalu bersama pembantu peribadinya, Sabine Oezmen,
seorang rakyat Turki yang bermastautin di Jerman.

Prema berada di Jerman selama dua minggu dan berkesempatan menemui beberapa orang penting di stesen-stesen

"Di N-Joy Radio, saya dan Sabine telah mempromosikan lagu-lagu yang dimuatkan dalam Eyo Eyo.

"Tanpa disangka, mereka memilih lagu Melayu dan bukannya Inggeris untuk diputarkan di radio tersebut.

"Eyo Eyo bagi mereka cukup unik. Mereka mengatakan tidak pernah mendengar lagu berbahasa Melayu,'' katanya pada
sesi fotografi bersama Hits di studio Utusan, baru-baru ini.
Eyo Eyo merupakan sebuah lagu berentak Latin yang digabungkan dengan irama rock manakala liriknya dicipta oleh

Ujar Prema, N-Joy Radio merupakan stesen radio khusus untuk remaja dan respons yang diterima terhadap lagu Eyo
Eyo cukup membanggakan.

Jelasnya, kejayaan Eyo Eyo menarik perhatian warga Jerman dan ia menjadi semangat untuknya mengembangkan
sayap ke luar negara.

Impian tersebut, katanya, memang ada pada setiap artis dan dia pasti berusaha untuk ke arah itu.

"Saya masih baru dan banyak lagi yang perlu dipelajari. Buat masa ini, saya amat meminati genre muzik rock.

"Irama rock membuatkan saya lebih puas ketika beraksi di pentas. Ia amat sebati dalam jiwa saya.

"Namun, satu hari nanti saya akan berubah kepada jazz dan sebagainya,'' katanya yang juga merupakan adik kepada
bintang hoki terkenal tanah air iaitu Keevan dan Logan Raj.

Cerita tentang album

Menurut anak bongsu daripada lima beradik ini, Eyo Eyo mengikut perancangan awalnya hanya memuatkan lagu-lagu
berbahasa Inggeris sahaja.

"Selepas itu saya berfikir, apa salahnya saya rakamkan lagu berbahasa Melayu. Saya rakyat Malaysia dan patut
berbangga dengan lagu tersebut.

"Eyo Eyo baru sahaja dilancarkan September lalu dan respons pendengar sangat baik. Ia mengambil masa setahun
untuk disiapkan.

"Sebuah lagu berjudul Ain't Got Tears saya cipta sejak berusia 17 tahun lagi,'' ujarnya.

Kata Prema yang juga seorang akauntan di Mist Club, walaupun terpaksa memikirkan antara jadual kerja dan
persembahan, dia rasa bertuah kerana majikannya di Mist Club amat memahami situasinya sebagai artis.

"Saya tidak ada masalah tentang jadual. Majikan pun bagi sokongan.

"Syukur juga kerana keluarga saya banyak menyokong dan membantu apa yang saya lakukan sekarang ini,'' jelas puteri
kesayangan kepada pasangan suami isteri, Kali Kavandan dan Alicia Chiw ini.

Mengagumi Jaclyn Victor

Sementara itu, Prema ketika ditanya mengenai artis tempatan yang cukup dikagumi berkata, dia amat meminati Jaclyn

Katanya, Jaclyn yang dianggap seperti kakak mempunyai vokal yang cukup baik dan mantap.

"Saya pernah menyanyi bersamanya di atas pentas, beberapa tahun lalu.

"Vokalnya amat mengujakan. Dia adalah artis yang sangat saya kagumi dan hormati. Lagipun, Jaclyn seorang yang
baik dan peramah,'' tambahnya.
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