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Benefits of SHS Cellular Light Weight Concrete/Foam Concrete Blocks,

Pre–cast panels & Cast-in-situ walls

Radiation Shield Bricks & Blocks and Radiation Shield Concrete :

Choose SHS as your families’ environmentally friendly building material. The

remarkable benefits of SHS make it a building material that not only offers
cost savings,but a better quality of life now and for future generations.

SHS - Quality affordable Building products - our Motive

- Contain construction and life cycle cost

- Support House hold and neighborhood fit
- Be adaptable to house hold changes
- Be universally accessible
- Meet high aesthetic standards
- Promote energy and resource efficiency
- Ensure healthy indoor Environment.
- Support physical safety and Security.

Thermal efficiency: The millions of tiny, evenly dispersed bubbles in Cellular

Light Weight Concrete (CLC) give SHS great insulating properties.
This means a more pleasant living environment with lower heating and cooling
costs. Warm in winter, Cool in summer.

Acoustic performance: SHS has excellent acoustic properties. The non-

interconnected cellular structure provides significantly better sound absorption
than conventional concrete resulting in a quieter internal environment as well
as blocking out external noise i.e. Traffic, neighbors, industrial noise etc.
Fire resistant: SHS is one of the most effective materials for providing a
firewall. Any SHS Block wall greater than 100mm thick will
achieve the four-hour fire rating, which is the highest rating possible and is far
superior to normal brickwork or concrete. SHS Panel walls and flooring achieve
a three-hour fire rating, also far exceeding Indian building requirements.

Non-toxic: SHS products do not contain any toxic gas substances.

Lightweight: The cellular structure of SHS results in a density of only one

fifth to that of normal concrete. The low density means faster and
easier construction and less loading concerns. Land freight, which is charged
by the tonne, then is also only one fifth the price of normal concrete.

Easily worked: SHS because of its low density can be cut, shaped, drilled,
chased and nailed with ease. Allowing for flexibility in design.

Versatile: Due to the ready workability of SHS it can be cut to virtually any
shape or angle. The building systems can be used for walls, floors,
roofs, balconies, stairs, noise barriers, fences and geofills.
Rapid masonry construction: SHS is one-fifth the weight of conventional
concrete, which allows for easily maneuvered,
installed and laying of blocks and Panels.

Dimensional accuracy: SHS allows for accurate installation and enabling

economical application
of a variety of plaster finishes.

Breathable: SHS is breathable and therefore allows the diffusion of moisture

vapor, helping to moderate moisture levels within a building.
SHS walls self-regulate indoor humidity levels by automatically absorbing and
releasing moisture. This is vital for maintaining correct
relative humidity, preventing condensation and associated problems with
fungal molds. Breathable acrylic exterior coatings provide
a water resistant barrier while still allowing moisture vapor transfer.

Pest resistant: SHS does not support rodents, fungus, insects or any other

Earthquake safe: Heavy masonry structures have a tendency to tear apart

under oscillating earthquake loads.
SHS is only 20% of the weight of conventional concrete and its height to
weight ratio has ensured.

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