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Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,, rajkpandey2000@hotmail.


This is a Matrimonial Enquiry sent to you via! We both are totally stranger to each other so far
although I am humbly sending this profile including attached my Bio-Data, Recommendation Letters, Health
Report, Security Clearance, World Bank Recognization and Latest Photographs to an unknown e-mail ID for a
general enquiry and information dissemination motive!

I am not sure yet, whether the marriage is matter of chance or choice, if this is a matter of chance and luck, I am curious to
find my luck soon! I have used different approach and looking forward to see the anticipated result! Let's see what will be
the consequences in the future as unknown in life is both challenge as well as opportunity.

I am extremely sorry for bothering you! You may simply ignore and delete enclosed profile, CV and working certificates
and/or kindly forward this information among your relatives, female colleagues, lady friend circles and their parents, if
someone is also seriously interested for this and has made her mind for the same purpose! Thank you very much for your
kind cooperation in advance! The flowing section is only for the concerned one and her relevant family members, where I
have honestly described overall factual background:

Dear Friend:

Please accept warm regards! I am humbly corresponding with reference to the matrimonial enquiry for your kind rational
assessment purpose for a closed friendship at the beginning and then possible match in the near future, if we both are
made for each-other! I am a Developmental and Management Practitioner by training and profession. This year,
probably after few months, I am thinking and planning for my marriage with at least a University Graduate, but
preferred Masters Degree and Job Holder or Self-employed Girl.

If the lady is unemployed at present, she should have career-oriented mind after marriage to use her education as well as
in enhancing for balanced marital life. The main reason for setting all these minimum practical criteria is to thoroughly
empower the prospective life partner and acquire a reciprocal synergy for our lifelong personal growth and development.
For this rationale, I wish to emotionally, morally and psychologically encourage and motivate my life partner for her
professionalism, edification and overall personality development. But, what I only expect on her intrinsic persona
is: natural compassion in the heart of a well-cultured lady as well as optimistic mind since she will be the source of an
inspiration for a positive transformation in our lives.

However, reality talks lauder than dreams! At present, I represent the working class economy: we must work for our
livelihoods. Currently, I have some hundreds of books in the name of property in my own name with a four-roomed
cemented home and some pieces of land in Tarai-Sunaul Bazaar, Nawalparashi, which is an outcome of purely my
personal income! But, I was grown up and educated around Jawalakhel from the age of 10. Consequently, at any cost, we
cannot settle in Terai and must dwell in the metropolitan urban areas. Our sisters and all relatives have already established
their own homes in this valley and I/we also must construct a permanent residence in Kathmandu soon, although for at
least few years, we have to happily live in a rental flat on temporary basis especially around Lalitpur Municipality.

As far as my core profession is concerned, I am actively involving with the international developmental organizations
since 1990. When I was exactly 16 in ninety, I started a career with the UK Government's DFID/Enabling State
Programme Nepal; Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers; Himalaya Broadcasting Company (HBC)
Radio Station; United Nations Population Fund, Country Technical Services Team For South And West Asia (UNFPA,
CST For SAWA Countries); DFID/Rural Access Program (RAP); Japan International Cooperation Agency/Japan Medical
Association (JICA/JMA) funded School and Community Health Project (SCHP) and Save the Children-Norway
(previously Redd Barna, Norwegian semi-government international humanitarian organization). (Please see enclosed
resume, working certificates, recommendation letters, health report, security clearance, World Bank recognization, etc.).

Moreover, I was also temporarily implicated as a Freelancer Consultant for the UNICEF/ROSA, USAID/IFES and
USAID/NDI for two years. Lately, I was working with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)/Nepal Office
in the capacity of an AS Officer.

Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884/9841 813529, Raj K Pandey (Chhetri), Jawalakhel, Lalitpur (Page 1 of 2)
Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,,

At present, I am working with one of the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations (UN) System in Nepal, at Harihar
Bhawan, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, in the Administrative Capacity, which is a long-term permanent fixed job.

As far as my pedagogical background is concerned, I have completed Double Masters Degree i.e. Masters in Business
Studies (MBS) and MA Rural Development, both in first divisions. Moreover, at the same time, I am also pursuing third
masters degree in Public Administration (MPA) course. I have simultaneously made my mind to enroll for the MPhil
course as well to upgrade myself for PhD in a long run of our lives.

Regarding my social background, I am Single (Never Married), Chhetri, 1974 Birth, Aries, 60 kg weight, height 5'3' with
fair complexion. (Please see attached photos). I am none-alcoholic but occasional smoker, extroverted and determined
laborious person for a goal. I am only son with two married and one single sister. Our father used to be local level
politician in Triveni-Susta during his youth up to 1970, which is nostalgia for us in these days. On the other hand, he is
also an Indian retired army with the pension from India (70) and mother is housewife (67). They both live in hometown to
look after home and land and quarterly visit us for a week as well as collecting their pension from Indian embassy.

Finally, if your preference is books; if you feel comfortable to live in a rental house for few years; if you are also seriously
searching a life partner; if your inner soul considers that we both might be like minded friends and our matching will be
the perfect one; if you trust me as a gentleman by heart and curious for a matrimonial relationship, we can meet as a very
good friend at first and should try to sincerely understand each other thoroughly. When our inner chemistry, feeling,
manner and ethos are compatible and comfortable for both of us, we will spontaneously and unknowingly feel emotional
attachment, then consciously decide for our marriage as soon as possible basically after obtaining mutual consent and
approval from our family members and parents.

At a good moment, a meeting even with a stranger sometimes may bring major transformation in our lives!
Optimistically speaking, who knows future: we may be the ideal lifelong friends forever! For this purpose, you may
contact me without any hesitations at (977-01) 98510-86884/9841 813529. Then, if you feel comfort, I will invite you
along with your friends and parents for a courtesy coffee meeting at Jawalakhel for our formal introduction that will be
the best way to initiate our long lasting cordial relationship. Beside this, you can assign your reliable relatives and parents
as your representative for an initial discussion with our guardians or myself. Furthermore, alternatively, you may forward
your latest snaps and accurate information to us in making a logical family decision for the possibility of amicable
relationship which is based on a bond of trust and honesty.

By the way, being an only brother of three my most respectable and loving sisters, I can easily understand that it is
extremely difficult in approaching to an unknown person particularly for the lady. I, therefore, would like to ensure you
that: 1) Names of several referees will be provided at any time in exploring the facts about me and my family background;
2) Several rounds of parental and family members meetings will be arranged; 3) Medical health reports will be submitted;
4) Academic credentials and working certificates will be presented; 5) Your family members may independently inquiry
and research regarding my background; and 6) Sufficient time to closely recognize each-other from insight will be
allocated as choice is yours: madam!

If your parents and family members wish to meet my guardians to discuss on this issue more seriously, please let me
know so that I can give you their direct contact address for further detailed discussions. I can also arrange series of
meetings among our parents and family members to materialize our dreams into the reality. Finally, please see all the
attachments and looking forward to hear from you a very positive response soon!

With Best Regards!

Raj K Pandey Chhetri, (MBS, MA)

Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu (Nepal)
Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884 / 9841 813529,

Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884/9841 813529, Raj K Pandey (Chhetri), Jawalakhel, Lalitpur (Page 2 of 2)

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