Immortal Love

Two immortal pieces find each other, but will they survive eternity?

By: Jane C.

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Chapter 1-5 Done on January 21, 2010 Chapter 1: The Vision Here I am once again walking alone through the woods surrounding my home. I am walking through the cool night air as I always do when I need to think. It is around midnight; I was awoken by the same vision again. This vision is the same one I have had for a few months now each time it becomes clearer. The vision consists of a strange family coming to town, I see myself with them, but they are not normal, they are not human, they are something else but I am not sure what. They are gifted as well, although I do not know what gifts they hold. I see them arriving in town. Then the vision jumps forward, I see myself standing with them as part of their family. That is where the vision ends; the strange family and myself standing happily together the surrounding are fuzzy still, as if they keep changing. I wander through my normal path for a few more minuets pondering the new information for I never saw myself as part of their family. I suddenly grew tired and returned home to get some rest, which I thought was odd, but I shrugged it off and continued home.

Chapter 2: They Have Arrived

It has been a little over a week since I had the vision, it seemed odd but I thought maybe the family decided not to come to this town. For if they have changed their decision then the future changes with it. I ponder about this as I drift off to sleep. I stand here in the woods and at first I feel fear, until I notice I am on the familiar path I walk so often when deep in thought. That’s when I hear it “Come to us Jane” it is a young woman from the strange family. I can see her now; she is a small petite girl with short blond hair her name is Eliza. “Jane come to us we will not harm you” she speaks to me again. I begin to run, I don’t know why but I trust her completely. I hear her again “Yes come on we have been waiting for you.” I run faster than ever before. I can hear other thoughts now; “She is truly amazing.” comes from a man called Carlos, “I can’t hear her strange.” from a young man named Jackson, “She seems so sweet and trusting, I think she’ll be a wonderful edition to our family, if she decides to join us. Hmm I wonder how she will react?” from a woman named Ella, “I can feel immense strength and emotion; I can’t wait to get to know her better, if she will permit of course.” from another young man named Dustin. “She’s almost here” they thought together. Suddenly I am in my bed at home, it was just a dream. I tried to go back to sleep but failed. I got dressed and headed to my familiar path to think. I have been wandering for about twenty minuets. I stopped suddenly; feeling like I had been her before, but I know I haven’t been this way for months. I realized with a start where I was it was

the place from the dream, was that dream a vision? My thought were interrupted, by her, Eliza, “Come to us Jane” and as in my dream- which I think may have been somewhat a vision- she called again “Jane come to us we will not harm you.” I did as in the dream I began to follow her voice, but slower this time. Then I heard her again “Yes Jane come to us we have been waiting for you.” My speed began to quicken, I began to hear the others thoughts as I dreamed. “She is truly amazing.” from Carlos, “I can’ hear her strange.” from Jackson, “She seems so sweet and trusting, I think she’ll be a wonderful edition to our family, if she decides to join us. Hmm I wonder how she will react?” from Ella, “I can feel immense strength and emotion; I can’t wait to get to know her better, if she will permit of course.” from Dustin, of course these were their thoughts not spoken for me. “She’s almost here.” they thought together. I was, I could sense them, and then I stopped. I realized it now, I could feel it, I was close enough, I had gained their gifts. They began to worry and thought about coming to me, but decide to wait. I took this moment to explore their new gifts; I could feel their gifts and understand them, along with their emotions. I realized that three were gifted, but I only gained the gifts from one. Because two had gifts I already possessed, telepathy for Jackson, and psychic abilities for Eliza, The ones I gained were from Dustin who had two. He possessed empathy and the ability to feel others gifts. I only took about thirty seconds then I started to walk to them, I could feel they were a mix of emotions,

and their thoughts were too jumbled to decipher. But I could see them now they stood in a clearing; I stopped for a moment before walking through the last wall of vegetation separating me from the strange, well now not so strange family.

Chapter 3: They Finally Meet Finally after months of the same vision I finally meet them. “Hello Jane” Eliza chirps. She is followed by the rest with hellos. “You probably wonder who we are, how we found you, and how we know your name, and what we want.” I feel tenseness around her and her family; she waits for me to say something. “Actually no, well at least to part of those.” She stared at me openmouthed along with the rest of them. “Can you clarify that for us please?” this time it was Carlos who spoke. “Well you see, I knew you were coming, and I know your names, and your gifts. You are Carlos, and your partner is Ella. You Eliza are physic, and your partner Jackson is telepathic but can not read my mind. Finally you Dustin, you have a rare quality you have two gifts, empathy, and you can feel gifts of others. As for you purpose yes I would like to know if that isn’t too rude. Now I am sure you probably have questions of your own. Please don’t be shy.” Again they all stood a little dumbstruck, and for a second I felt a bit of fear from them but I passed. Then Carlos spoke again” Well as you pointed out Eliza can see the future, so we came to find you when she saw you in a vision as part of our family. Well

the offer is there for you but I think we may want to get to know each other before the decision is final.” I waited a moment to make sure he was finished speaking “Yes that seems fair will you and your family accompany me to my home, where we can sit and get to know each other.” He looked to his family they smiled and nodded. “Well Jane I think we will take your offer. Please lead the way” as he gestures in the general direction of my home.

Chapter 4: Secrets Revealed We were still walking and finally reached my house. I hadn’t realized how far we were, it seemed so fast getting there but the walk back was extremely slow. Then I hear a small gasp as they see my large home. “Such a large home, dose someone else live with you?” Carlos spoke and I felt a weird emotion I couldn’t place. “No I live alone; actually you are the first people to see this house. I never bring guests here.” The feeling lessened, but they had another to replace it, strange. “You won’t have to worry about interruptions, as you may have noticed we are quite far from town.” I don’t know why I said this but it was sort of involuntary, my mouth spoke on its own. “That’s interesting, why do you live so far from town my dear?” this came from Ella, “Well I like my privacy, and the sound of nature surrounding me is intoxicating, and the wildlife is exquisite, everything from deer and elk, to bears and mountain lions but to see those you have to hike into the mountain a bit further

than we were.” This got an excited feeling from the whole family, I was happy the shared my views, at least that’s what I thought this was at the time. “Well everyone, would you like a tour, or would you like to get acquainted first?” They all ponder this for a moment. “I think if it is alright with you we will take the tour later, I would like to get to know you and you us before we get to know your home.” Carlos chuckled. Well I guess, if that’s what they want, I was hoping to let them know the normal me. Oh well here goes nothing. “Well everyone, first I don’t know why but I feel as if I can trust you, so I will let you in on my closest kept secret. Once I explain you will understand why I know so much about you. First I am human, but I am gifted, I can see the future and that’s why I knew you before we met. I am telepathic, and I can project thoughts into someone’s mind. I have what one would call super human abilities, I heal quickly, I don’t need much food, or need much sleep, and I don’t age. I absorb others gift, which is how I gained empathy and the feel for other gifts, which I gained from you son. I can also levitate objects which I gained a few years back. I know you probably want to withdraw your offer of me joining your family I understand, however I hope we may stay friends. Oh and since I didn’t see you in a house here, I will offer mine while you get settled in here, that is if you don’t mind staying with a freak.” I chuckled out the last sentence. They looked abashed, at my conclusion. When Carlos spoke he said something I didn’t expect. “Oh well my dear, the offer still

stands, and thank you for your hospitality. Also my dear you are not a freak. Before you decide your answer to becoming part of my family, you should know what we are. We are vampires, I am two-hundred years old, Ella is about onehundred and seventy-five, Dustin is one-hundred and fifty, and Eliza and Jackson are around the same as Dustin. We are not traditional vampires though, we survive on animal blood. I hope you will not shy away from us but we would understand.” So this was why they were excited about my home and the privacy, as well as the abundant animals. “Well that explains quite a bit. Of course I will join you. I must tell you though, I have met one other like yourself, although he was a traditional vamp, I forbid him from my home and town and haven’t seen him since. However let me assure you, this was because he tried to bite me in one of my nightly walks around my home, and change me. Otherwise I would have acted differently. I hope you won’t think of me badly.” They looked surprised and appalled; I thought this was because of me. However I was wrong, Carlos spoke with anger and understanding in his tone. “No of course not Jane, you did it solely to protect yourself and you town. We will not hold that against you, and if he ever returns we will stand with you. You are now part of our family” I was glad. ”Oh but wait, I don’t have to become a vampire do I?” They simply laughed. And it was Carlos again who spoke. “Of course not, silly girl, we are strongly against taking a human life, only if you truly wanted this life would we even consider it, but from what

you told us you are very like us, only you are alive, and don’t drink blood. So the answer is no.” I was extremely relived. “Well everyone, now that you know me and I you, would you like a tour?” I was answered with five dazzling smiles. They all said “Yes that would be wonderful.”

Chapter 5: The Accident I took them through my house explaining each room, and showing them the guest rooms where they could stay. We had reached the grand room, where I had a huge crystal chandelier that was currently my favorite room. I was explaining the history of it when I heard a piercing scream from Eliza, then I saw it. I had a vision of the chandelier falling where I now stood. Then I was suddenly across the room, Dustin had seen it begin to fall and pushed me out of the way. We flew out a window and landed the hillside. I heard and felt the bones crack. Suddenly I was surrounded by five worried faces. They were talking to me but I couldn’t hear them. Then I could see the blackness close in, the last thing I saw was Dustin’s face before the blackness covered me. Chapter 6-7 Done on January 27, 2010 Chapter 6: Finally awake I awoke in my room, I was tired and groggy still, my throat was dry so I began to reach for my water I kept by the bed. I took me only a moment to realize that I

couldn’t move. I was suddenly very afraid until Ella’s face appeared above me. “Oh thank goodness, you finally awake. Hello dear, do you remember who I am?” “Yes, you are Ella.” She smiled “yes dear, I’m glad to hear that. You my dear had us all very worried. Now how do you feel?” I thought for a moment, focusing now on my body. “I feel okay, just uncomfortable not being able to move.” She chuckled “Well let me fix that for you.” One by one she began to remove the braces. When she finished she gave me some water. “There you go, is that better?” “Yes, thank you Ella, can I ask why I had so many braces.” She simply smiled and said, “Oh I wasn’t entirely sure what all you broke besides your leg, arm, and collar bone. So I covered all the major bones. I didn’t want to have to rebrake anything” She said, she cringed at the thought. “Um where is everyone?” “There out hunting, they tried to wait for you to wake, but their needs grew too great. They will be back shortly, I’m sure Eliza has seen you wake.” As if on queue they all walked in. With a simple “Hi, how do you feel.” from them. “I’m fine’ umm how long was I out?” Their smiles faltered a bit. “You’ve been out for two days dear” Ella looked like she was telling me something horrible. “Two days that’s all? Huh last time I was out for almost a week.” They all stared at me opened mouthed. Dustin was the first to speak. “This has happened before? How?” “Yes, I was repairing my roof after a big storm. I slipped and fell. It wasn’t so bad except when I had to rebrake my leg.” They all cringed at the thought. “Well I’m glad that was

not the case this time my brother was driving me mad. He had me checking for you to wake every half hour.” She looked at Dustin giggled. “Hey if you had pushed her through a second story window you would be anxious too.” “Oh Dustin It wasn’t your fault, I would have been hurt worse if you hadn’t I’m fine, and grateful. Now I’m” I was cut short by a vision. “Jane what is it? Jane are you ok?” It was Dustin again. “I’m fine, just had a vision of me installing my new HD TV. I just thought about it since I now have company, and it would be a shame for them to miss the big game on it.” The boys smiled. “Well before the interruption, I was going to say I’m going for a walk. I’m feeling a bit stiff, I will see you all in a bit.”

Chapter 7: The Real Vision

I left before they said anything else. Because feeling stiff wasn’t my real reason for a walk. I needed to walk to think about the vision. I also had to do it alone, for the vision wasn’t about my TV which I did need to install, but about Victor, why was he talking to me now. I hadn’t seen him in over twenty years. Not since he tried to use me for his sadistic plans. I shook my head trying to shake the images. I was glad it worked, I didn’t want to think about the past. I was thinking about the letter I saw, I don’t know where I got it I just saw myself holding the envelope in my study, The name clearly visible, in Victors own hand “To Jane, Your old friend V.”

Gah old friend, yeah he used to be before, no I refuse to think about what happened. I was glad when Eliza interrupted my thoughts. “Hi Jane, I came to ask if you wanted to go shopping tomorrow, I need to go to Seattle to get some things. So you up for it?” She was visibly bouncing, she probably knew my answer already but still. “Yeah I’d love to go, I love shopping” She smiled ear to ear. “Great I can’t wait, oh and you had some mail on you porch, I put it in your study.” I kept my smile on with a lot of effort, my mail never gets left on the porch. This must be from Victor. Chapter 8-9 Done January 30, 2010 Chapter 8: The Letter of the Past

I walked back to the house with Eliza. I was happy to listen to her buzzing away about our shopping trip. I kept me smile in place, although inside I was chaotic. I hated lying to her and the rest of the family, but I didn’t want them knowing my past, not yet. Without any notice Eliza stopped and put her hand on my arm, “Jane, I know your hiding something and it has to do with your vision, I won’t pry, and I will not think about this around Jackson. However I know how you feel and hope you trust us enough to tell the truth. We will be here for you, and if you see danger we will stand with you no matter the cost.” “Eliza, its not that I don’t trust you or the family, but I just need to know more before I have you all worrying needlessly.

I see no immediate danger so don’t worry, but I need to read the mail from the porch. I will know more then, I promise to speak to you all, but please let me find out all I can first ok? Just trust me that is all I ask and in return I will give you the entire truth.” “Ok Jane, I trust you.” We walked back to the house, Eliza picked back up the previous conversation about our shopping trip. As if the conversation about my vision hadn’t even happened. We came to the house and I immediately went to my study. I found the mail on my desk there was a letter and a parcel. I didn’t see a parcel from him so I looked at it first, it wasn’t from Victor, but it was from my family, I decided to open it after the letter. Then I picked up the envelope, it was made of expensive paper, on it the addressing line in Victors own hand, ‘To Jane, Your old friend V.’ I held in the profanities I wanted to shout at the envelope, I didn’t want to alert my family. I turned it over and opened it up slowly, I pulled out the heavy parchment, on it were a few lines, again in Victors own hand.

Dear Jane, I hope you are well, I just wanted to remind you today’s date. It has been exactly twenty-five years to the day. I didn’t want it to pass without a gift to you. Hope you like it. P.s. Do you miss her still?

Just as I finished reading a lock of light brown hair fell out tied with a piece of twine. I felt my guard crumble, the feelings I had locked up in the deepest part of my mind came rushing out of their vault. The first of which was a growl that the devil himself would cower from. “You stupid piece of shit, I will hunt you down and burn your miserable ass, and dance around the fire laughing while doing so! I will get my revenge, Missy I swear to you I will torture him for what he did! I will not stop until he is dead if it is the last thing I ever do! He will get away no longer!” I was too angry now I threw the letter across the room. I was so angry that I didn’t notice my family come in. They stood there wide eyed not saying anything, Dustin looked fearful they all did, just then I remembered his gift and used it to calm everyone including my self. “I’m sorry everyone, I really am, but I will explain this moment later. However I need to tell you my entire past. I was hoping you wouldn’t have to learn this just yet, but now I must because it may be a danger to you.” Carlos was the first to speak, “Jane, please tell us what’s going on so we can help you.” I thought for a moment, “Alright, but please lets go into the dining room, you see it is where all my family discussions were held, and if you don’t mind I wish to continue this tradition.” They looked puzzled but followed.

Chapter 9: The Full Past Revealed A/N: this chapter is a bit longer than usual, just a heads up.

Everyone was seated around the table, so I began. “Alright everyone, first off I must tell you. I was born August thirtieth nineteen-sixty, meaning I am nearly fifty years old. I lived a semi normal life, until I turned seventeen. My mother died, in what I was told at the time was a horrible animal attack. I had no other family, my father died when I was five. They were both only children. So I was left supporting myself and my little sister. Missy, she was eight at the time. I was working two jobs, just to get by. About six months after her death, I received a letter stating that I inherited my mother’s estate. I found that she had land and oil stocks from her parents. I still don’t know to this day why she never used it. However it was worth two hundred thousand dollars. I was so thrilled, I used it to build this house, and I set up a college fund for Missy and myself. I still worked but not as much as before. I spent most of my time with Missy, I watched her as if she were my daughter rather than sister. She was brilliant, and beautiful. I loved her so much, she became my pride and joy. I sent her to the best school I could find. She loved to learn and was thrilled. I spent my spare time studying architecture. Our house was finished on Missy’s tenth birth-day, we moved in a short time after. We spent the next two years living life without many worries. On my twenty-first birthday, a letter was left on my porch. It was from my mother.” At this I stood and walked to the drawer in the china cabinet and pulled out a worn envelope with the letter I

received all those years ago. “This is the very letter, allow me to show you.” I laid it in front of them and they began to read. Dearest Jane My lovely Daughter, If you are reading this I am no longer with you. If my instructions were followed, today is your twenty-first birthday. First let me say I love you with all my heart, and happy birthday. You will begin to notice changes, you are a gifted one, and you will not age. There is magic in your blood, and your younger sisters, so take care of her. I am sorry to say that this is all I can explain for it is all I know. However do not be afraid it is who you are. I wish I were there with you, but fate has made the decision against that. I love you with all my heart. I know you have received my estate by now, I have enclosed a map for you to follow. There you will find a treasure for you that is too precious to trust in any bank. I trust you and only you, there is a gift for your sister as well. I love you both more than you will ever know. With Love Your mother “Now I followed the map and found a box buried under a large hemlock, in it was a letter for my sister as well as a gold locket with a rose and single diamond, and a silver pendant of a rose with a single diamond at the center.” I took the pendent from behind my shirt, they all let a small gasp. “This is the pendent. I haven’t got

my sisters locket. Now let me continue my story. After I received this and had found the box containing the letter and necklaces. I talked with my sister and we decide to keep this a secret. I began to notice my powers. First cam the telepathy, then the visions, then I notice my increased strength, and speed and how I hardly grew hungry or tired. I also noticed I could sense the world around me. It was all very strange but I took comfort in my mother’s last words. I was glad that I could control them fairly well. We continued to live in peace until nineteen eighty-five. I came home one day to find the house empty. I just thought Missy was out shopping for more books, she went through books faster than you would believe, and that’s why the library is so huge. She had been talking about a new author. So again I thought nothing of it. That is until I walked outside to visit my garden. That’s when I saw a man lying out back near the fringes of the forest, he was beaten badly. I felt my heart rip I was afraid that whatever hurt him may have gotten to my Missy. As I approached him slowly his sent hit me I knew who he was, he was an old friend I had since I was eight years old. I hadn’t seen him since he left with his family the day after my fifteenth birthday. I was afraid now more than ever he was not only a friend he was my first love, his name was Victor. I ran to him I thought he might me dead, but as I neared him I heard his heart I was relived a bit at that. It seemed like I took me forever to reach him but it took mere seconds. He wasn’t as badly hurt as I thought, but still bad enough to knock him

out. I was getting ready to pick him up and carry him in to tend his wounds. When I noticed he had a note pinned to what was left of his shirt. It read ‘hello Jane, I know what you can do, and if you ever want to see Missy again you will use them for my bidding. When your ready to talk shoot the flare I left you in the sky and I will contact you with further instructions.’ I was furious, my vision took on a red tint and made everything look as if it would burst into flame. I remembered the man in front of me and quickly took him in to my house to make sure he was safe before I tracked down whoever had my Missy. I cleaned him up and checked for anything broken. I was glad because I didn’t want to give him blood unless absolutely necessary.” I was interrupted by Ella “Jane why would you give him blood?” “Oh I forgot to mention how I found that giving my blood to someone gave them my gift of rapid healing, and it may also pass my other gifts. That’s why I didn’t want to unless absolutely necessary.” “You mean to say by drinking your blood someone possesses your gifts? May I ask how you discovered this?” “Yes I can pass my gifts through blood but only if I willingly pass them, but if say I try to pass a healing gift some other may be passed as well. I found this out when Missy broke her ankle playing soccer with me. She suggested it because she had read a book that had a character like me and she thought it may be based on a true story. I was willing to try anything, because I had caused it to happen so she took a bit of my blood and her ankle was healed in minuets. However she also gained my super

speed and psychic abilities. Although her vision were a lot sketchier than mine, she show me through thought projection which she also gained from me but this happened when she broke her arm trying to put up a picture in the library. After the soccer incident I would take a vial of blood every month and put in the fridge just incase she would get hurt in my absence. One day she did but the blood didn’t work so I tried again and eventually found that if I opened my gift to my blood she would receive it. I stopped putting blood up for her and just gave when she did need it I didn’t want to risk it falling into the wrong hands, the other powers I mean. So as I was saying I didn’t want to give this man blood, even though we were close long ago I didn’t know who he had become. So took some clothes for him that I bought to donate to a shelter. And did a brief exam, I was pleased to find that he just suffered some light cuts and bruising nothing serious. I was going to write him a note when I saw him waking in about thirty second so I decided to wait so I could explain. He came to and looked too calm but I ignored it. He stared at me before he spoke with a quiet whisper. ‘Oh Jane where’s Missy? Oh god he got her didn’t he.’ So I asked the obvious follow up question ‘Yes he did, who is he Victor who did this to you and took Missy? He took a moment like he was gathering his memory and told me ‘I don’t know, I came here to visit, I was passing through and wanted to say hi. When I got here I heard Missy out back arguing with a man so I followed to see if I could help. I got back there to see her

fly at him but he caught her in mid air. She was screaming at him so fast I couldn’t understand her she was beating him as hard as she could. But he hit her in the head and she fell limp. I tried to back up so I could call the police but I stepped on a branch and he heard. Then next thing I know I’m lying on the ground with him leaning over me pining something to my shirt, he leaned down and said ‘You tell Jane that I will know if she tries anything funny’ and he knocked me out again and I woke up with you staring at me. That’s all I know.’ I didn’t know what that meant but I decide to contact him and negotiate Missy’s safe return. I shot the flare, and later that night a note was left in my porch telling me I was to give him my gifts and he would release Missy the thought crossed my mind, but I had a vision of the world falling apart. I thought it was odd I didn’t hear or sense him when he came, but thought it was a gift he had. Anyways I decide I would try saving her without that. Later that day I posted a sign saying I agreed. When a man showed up with Missy it took every ounce of strength I had not to rip his arms off Missy was unconscious over his shoulder. I allowed him into my back yard. I walked out to see Victor standing there with a smile plastered on his face. I thoughts he was happy Missy was here safe, but oh I was wrong. The man holding Missy walked up to Victor and bowed and laid her at his feet. I didn’t understand, until my guard dropped and let his thoughts in. It was him he hurt Missy and he had his man beat him to make his story play out. I should have listened in his

thought earlier, but it was too late. He looked at me and I realized he wasn’t the Victor I knew those years ago. I could see he was a monster. He spoke all the light in him disappeared. ‘Jane, you know what I want give it to me and you will live along with this pathetic excuse of a human.’ He turned Missy with his boot. I was furious and told him never. He looked sad and said ‘as you wish, her blood is on your hands.’ He pulled out a silver dagger and plunged it into her heart. I lost it and flew at him, the man at his side caught me and I felt the pain as he stuck me with a syringe and drew a vile of my blood. Then he dropped me there on the ground and disappeared. Victor leaned down and whispered in my ear, ‘this didn’t have to happen this way.’ Then he was gone, vanished in thin air there was no trail of his scent. I leaned over Missy, she was still alive, barely. She looked me in the eye and smiled one last time, she smiled while I watched her life leave her. A single tear slid down her cheek, and then she was gone. Victor had killed her, and a part of me, you see when she took my blood a one-way connection was formed, I could feel her as part of me. That was now forever gone, I felt it be replaced by Victor, the only reassurance was that he didn’t have any of my gifts. I hadn’t willingly given blood so the gift didn’t follow. So the world was safe, at the price of my sister’s life. Do you see that rose bush?” I pointed out the dining room window to a six foot tall rose bush surrounded by a white fence. “That is where she died and where she rests. When her blood reached the soil, something happened that even

you might not believe. I’m not sure I would have if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes. When her blood reached the soil, that very rose bush grew and consumed her body. It grew to its full height in minuets, and stays in bloom and perfect condition all year round, even in deep snow, it never grow any larger or smaller. Like my mother said there is magic in our blood. Now after this I have lived as normal as I can possibly manage. I hadn’t heard from Victor since. That is until today, that letter you found on my front porch was from him. You see twenty-five years ago today on the tenth of April, that dagger in that tree over there was plunged into my sisters beating heart, taking away her life. You may wonder why it looks like death, well when the dagger was left at the base of the rose bush I picked it up, and when I did I plunged it into that tree. When I did the tree began to bleed, you can still see the bloods trail, and when it reached the roots the tree turned like that and poisonous vines grew the entire length. It was bleeding my sister blood, I could smell it. That is the story of my past now let me explain the present.

Chapter 10-11 Done February 05, 2010 Chapter 10: The Danger Passes for Now

They all looked deep in thought, Dustin was again the first to speak. “Jane, I can not speak for the rest, but if this Victor—he said his name with a poisonous toneshould ever near here again, I will stand with you and fight. If it is the last thing I do, I will help you avenge Missy.” Then Eliza Piped in serious tone and look that contrasted oddly with her, “As will I, you are now my sister.” She was followed by Jackson, “I also will stand and fight with you, my sister.” Carlos followed him, “Jane you are now my daughter and since this man has hurt you he has hurt me also. I will stand with you and I will fight with you.” Ella was the last to speak, “Jane dear I hope it will not come to this, but I will stand with you my child. You are my daughter now and your enemies are mine as well. So I shall stand and fight with you.” “Thank you everyone, but I will not risk your lives, I have already lost one sister to that monster. I don’t want to loose another or add a parent or brother to that list. Yet I am grateful for your support. Now Eliza will you go and retrieve the parcel I hadn’t had a chance to open earlier, as well as the lock of my sister’s hair please?” “Of course Jane, be back in two seconds.” She flew through the door and was back in one point five. I took the parcel and set it on the table, and took my sisters hair and placed it in the drawer along with my mother’s letter. Now I turned to see them all smiling expectantly, I opened the parcel and inside was black velvet covered box, inside of which lay a white gold pendant of a Lion with a single black diamond, and dark blue sapphire. “Oh everyone thank you I love it is

this you family symbol?” “Yes Jane all of my children wear them as do I” Carlos gestured to everyone else, as he did he held his arm out revealing a leather band with the same pendant, Ella and Eliza had a necklace with it as me only different styles and metals, and Jackson and Dustin’s were similar to Carlos’ all silver with different bands. I took the necklace and placed it around my neck it fell just above my mothers’ pendant. “Thank you so much I will wear it always. I feel bad, I haven’t got anything for you. I must go shopping and get thank you gifts” Carlos smiled and walked over and took my hand. “Jane, you have already given so much and your wearing it next to what I presume to be one of your most prized possessions is thanks enough. As well you are my daughter now and I am honored you will wear it.” “Of course I will but I will still get you a gift. Also you are off a bit, this necklace is a prized possession but it isn’t the most.-I said this as I walked over to the window to look out at my sisters eternal resting place, he followed and the family came behind him-My sister is and always will be most prized to me, although the necklace is most prized as possessions go as well as your gift is now. Nothing will ever mean more than her.” “Of course Jane, I understand.” I felt a hand on my shoulder and thought it was Carlos, but when I turned it was Dustin he was standing with his eyes on me he was smiling. I realized he was feeling my emotions, my guard fell and I saw my self in his thoughts, I was glowing as I remembered my Missy. ‘Dustin, I am sorry to break this moment however I need

to speak about some rather unpleasant things, and I know if you are focused on me too hard you will lose control. I promise I will spend some time with you so you can enjoy the feeling, however now isn’t the time.’ I didn’t say it of course I projected it. He nodded and reluctantly dropped his hand and stepped back. The family was still looking at my sisters resting place and didn’t notice our silent exchange, well everyone except Eliza, she knew but didn’t openly acknowledge it. “Alright as I said I need to explain the present, however I will need to focus for a moment and search the future. So will you all please come and sit back down, once were done her I have a date with Eliza, we are heading to Seattle for some shopping, when we return we can have some fun.” I began searching the future, I saw the NEWT stocks go up, excellent I bought some a few months back. There will be a thunder storm latter in the week. I see me spending time with Dustin, Jackson, and Eliza practicing our gifts. As well as a moving truck and five cars arriving, now I see my garage being expanded. Relived to see no more contact from Victor, the danger to my family was nonexistent for now. “Well everyone I see no immediate danger from Victor-my family flinched as I layered his name with so much hate-so there is no worry, I will know if he decides to act. Now Eliza I believe we have a date.” She stood and skipped around the table to grab my hand. “Of course, let’s get going I see we will have loads of fun.” “Alright we’ll take one of my favorite cars, since I don’t see your cars arriving for about three days. I think

you’ll like it. Jackson, and Dustin will you come have a look I know you like your cars, Carlos you and Ella are welcome too although I know you aren’t car fanatics like these three.” I smiled and pointed to the bouncing three beside me. We walked out to my garage, they hadn’t seen my cars yet, due to the tour getting cut short by my two story fall. Only three of my cars were here I had one in the shop around back, I was replacing a few things. They had no idea what the three in here were even though the garage was well lit. I kept them under covers. “Well everyone before I go I want to show you my cars, well three of them my Jetta is out back in my shop. First up my truck-I pulled the cover off revealing the Red truck underneath-this is my Ford F-150 Super Duty King Cab fully loaded.” They looked at it approvingly. “Nice choice Jane, unexpected though” Jackson said teasing. “It’s ok but I’m not a truck fan.” Eliza seemed very uninterested, she liked fast cars she had a black Porsche that I knew she missed it. Both Ella and Carlos gave an approving nod, not car enthusiasts. “I like it, actually it’s my favorite model.” Dustin said as he walked around looking at it from all angles.” “Ok now next one is my Jeep Wrangler.” I pulled the cover revealing my black jeep. “It’s wonderful I love it, you will have to let me take it off-road sometime.” Well I guess I know what Jackson likes. “Sure, just make sure you wash the mud off when you’re done.” He smiled wide. “It’s a great for off-road, but I’m more of a fast car fan” Eliza seemed even more uninterested than with the truck. “I like it, great car when

you go surfing.” Dustin said as he nodded to my board in the back. Carlos and Ella again nodded approval. “Alright time for me to stop playing around and show off my baby, I know you will all like this one-I laid my hand on the last cover-this is my favorite car.” I grabbed the cover and gently pulled it back revealing my orange Lamborghini LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni. They all stared open mouthed at my baby, even Carlos and Ella came forward to see it better. “That is amazing Jane, I love it. Oh is this what we are driving? Oh I totally love you.” Alice was bouncing again. “Jane, oh this one takes the cake. I’ve always wanted one but never got one. May I have a closer look?” Dustin said, “Of course just don’t scratch it.” I teased. “You know what, I think I want to drive this instead.” Jackson was practically drooling. “Jane, this is a great car very good choice” Ella smiled as she walked over to take a closer look. “I agree, this is a great model.” Carlos said as he to went in for a closer look as well. They all walked around the car looking at every detail. I grabbed my keys and opened the doors so they could see inside. “Alright everyone you are welcome to any car I have. However at the moment I will need my Lamborghini, I have a shopping date with my sister.” I turned and smiled at Eliza. “Alice you ready?” “Yep let’s go I can’t wait to see this baby in action.” She hopped into the passenger seat and pulled her door down. “Ok everyone we will see you in a bit” I waved and got in. “Oh and Dustin, could you cover my others back up please.” “Already done.” I looked at them, the covers still moving from

him placing them moments ago. I pulled my door down and started my baby up. “Oh listen to her purr.” Alice had her hand on the console and her eyes closed listening to my baby. “You ready to see what she can do?” I said with a devilish grin. I didn’t even wait for her response I gunned it and flew out of the garage and down the drive.

Chapter 11: The Shopping Trip

We hit my private five mile road, which I had gated off for this purpose. We were flying, Eliza’s laugh was pure music. I came to a sudden stop and she looked a little sad. “Jane why did you stop is something wrong?” “No, I stopped for two reasons, first I have to open my gate-I pointed to the large gate blocking the exitsecond would you like to drive, I know you can drive her faster than me because you vision won’t get blurred.” “Really-her eyes grew huge-I can drive. Oh I love you even more” I got out and walked up to the gate and put in my code, while Eliza got settled in the driver seat. I jogged back to the car and waited while the gate opened. Eliza took off on to the interstate, it was amazing. She could take my baby to the limit. The world flew past our windows. We arrived to Seattle in record time, I mean I drive vast but this was amazing. Eliza found a space on the top floor of the garage, and right in front of the entrance. “I guess being physic has its

perks.” She just laughed as we entered the mass amount of people. We spent hours going to every shop there, she bought almost as many clothes as me. Finally someone who loves shopping as much as I do, she has excellent taste too. We stopped at the food court, where I grabbed a pretzel with cream cheese. “Oh your so lucky Jane, you can enjoy food.” We were setting on the patio enjoying the sun. Apparently the whole sun is harmful to vampires is a myth. They can enjoy the sun although they sort of glow and sparkle when they do, well except for ‘vegetarians’ as they call themselves. Something about animal blood dulls the shine, no really noticeable by humans. So that means ‘vegetarian’ vampires can enjoy the sun in public. “What, you mean you can eat human food?” “Yep, it doesn’t do anything for us, but we eat small amounts in public to appear human. The one thing that sucks is all human food tastes bland.” “Oh, that must suck.” I sat there chewing my pretzel savoring the flavor, I wish I could share it with her. Wait a second, maybe I can “Eliza?” “Yes Jane” “I would like to try something.” “Ok Jane, can we do it here or do we need to leave first?” “Here will be fine, could you eat some of my pretzel please, and give me you hand.” “Alright here you go.” I took her hand and waited for her to begin eating, I focused on the flavor of it and gave it to her, I watched as she smiled and swallowed her bite. “Jane I can taste it, it is wonderful. How did you do that?” “Well, I remembered the taste and the feeling in my mouth and use my gift to give it to you.” She smiled even bigger. “Do you think you

could do it again?” “I’ll try. Here give me your hand again.” She gave me her hand and began eating again, and again I remembered the flavor and pushed it to her. “Oh that is wonderful Jane. Could we do something?” “Yes, what is it.” “Well I think maybe we might stop in the local food store and pick up some things for a dinner, and if you would you could give us the flavor.” “That’s a great Idea, but we need to go rent a truck, we kind of went overboard, we can’t fit all our stuff plus groceries in my Lamborghini. Let go, and well make it a surprise dinner, how that sound.” “Perfect, let’s get going, is one of us driving the truck or are you getting a human?” “I think we better drive, a human would take hours to get there.” “Alright, I flip a coin on who gets what.” She flipped a coin and I won, I get the Lamborghini.

Chapter 12-13 Done February 14. 2010 Chapter 12: Dinner Surprise

We got our stuff loaded, and took off I drove ahead of Eliza; I stopped and got the stuff for dinner, and still beat her home. This was perfect, now I could get everyone out of the house, including Jackson so the dinner would stay a surprise. “Jackson, Dustin could you come help me please.” Dustin came first, “Hello Jane.” Jackson was there about thirty seconds later, “Hi Jane, where’s Eliza?” “She is

behind me, she has the truck, we went a bit over board with the shopping.” He chuckled, “I kind of figured that would happen.” “Anyway could you two take these bags into the kitchen please?” “Sure” “No problem” “Thanks” I walked into my living room to find Carlos and Ella. “Hello Carlos, Ella, Dustin Jackson could you come here please.” Just as they appeared my phone rang. “Hello” “Jane I wanted to say your thought will work” It was Eliza. “Thanks, hey how long till you get here?” “About another hour, this truck is really slow even when I’m going full speed. I am buying a truck and fixing it up to drive fast for next time.” She hung up at that. “Ok that was Eliza, she will be here in about an hour. Anyways I wanted ask if you all would mind leaving the house for a while. I need to set some things up and want it to be a surprise. So if you don’t mind, would you take a hike north into the mountains for a bit until I call?” Sure Jane anything you need.” Carlos rose kissed me on the forehead and left with Ella. Jackson Smiled and waved and followed them out. Dustin looked at me odd for a moment then he smiled and ran out the door after the others. Ok, after five minutes Eliza walked in. “Hey Jane, I was serious about the truck thing.” ”Time to get to work” We walked into the kitchen. Eliza watched as I made a quick dinner. Simple Pasta with red sauce, garlic bread, green beans, and cheese cake for desert. While I was waiting between the foods I set up the gifts with Eliza’s help for everyone, well except hers, I did that one solo. When everything was ready she helped me set up the table. I fixed

everyone’s plates. As I did I thought about how Eliza had told me she could eat a pretzel and taste it for about an hour after I left. So that was good then I just had to pass the gift to them, not keep in contact. “Eliza come here test the food and tell me what you think.” I touched her temple and passed the flavor of the pretzel to her, I wanted to try something. “Eat a bite of the pasta and tell me what you think.” She took a bite, her face lit up. “It’s wonderful I can taste it.” I was smiling now. “What is it Jane?” “I didn’t pass the pastas taste to you. You know what this means. I can pass the ability to taste food, and I don’t have to stay in physical contact to do so.” “That’s wonderful.” “Ok I have a few things more to do in the kitchen, and then I will call the family.” I placed the wine for the meal and some fresh fruit on the table. I went back into the kitchen and retrieved the bag I kept hidden in a secret compartment in the pantry. I took the bag to my jeep, and grabbed my phone to call the family. Carlos picked up on the first ring. “Hello” “Hello Carlos, will you all please come home I’m ready now.” “Alright be there in five.” He hung up I went to wait with Eliza. “Their on their way. So try to keep your thought a surprise ok.” “Alright.” They showed up about two minuets later. “Hello everyone please come here, I have something for you.” I touched each of their temples and passed the taste of food. “Alright now each of you, please take a bite of something on the table.” They seemed to hesitate for a moment, but I watched as each took a bite, I watched as their faces lit up. “Jane this is amazing,

but how?” “Well I found out that I can pass the ability to taste to you, Eliza told me about the food issue, and I thought maybe I could pass a memory to you, but found that I can simple pass the ability to taste food.” Carlos took another bite and closed his eyes to savor the flavor. “I thought I had lost this long ago.” “Well now you have it back, I am sorry to say that it will only last about an hour, but I can pass it again anytime. Now shall we enjoy the meal?” They all smiled as we sat to eat. The meal was quiet. After we were finished, I cleaned up and went to speak with them. It was getting dark so almost time for me to go. I found my family in the living room quietly talking, and some were even enjoying a drink. “Hello everyone, first off Jackson, Dustin I know you to like sports and video games, I won’t be able to help set up. However I have the large flat screen in the grand room and a large assortment of games, and extra controller waiting on you.” I winked at Jackson when I said extra controllers, I had had a vision of him braking a few while purchasing the games so I got a box of extras. “You can set up wherever you wish, beside besides my room, and the rest of the family’s room besides your own. Now Ella I have some things I have for you in an office upstairs, you will have to arrange it to your liking though. Carlos, I know you love history so I have set you an office up as well, I have equip it as well I can for you to do your research, you may have to add on as you see fit. Elisa you also have a gift upstairs, you have a dressing room for you there. I hope you like it. Now everyone

I have to go out for a while, I will see you soon.” I turned and went to the garage I grabbed a few bags in one of the cabinets there put them in the jeep. I hopped in and sped off. I was off to The Circle of Magic as I called it.

Chapter 13: The Circle of Magic. (A/N I am going to add Dustin’s POV to this chapter.) I sped down the highway, I finally turned of on that old dirt road. I found the trail that I had traveled so often. I reached the cave, hopped out and retrieved my bags. I stopped at the entrance and lit a torch. I walked to the back. Only about seventy feet or so, when I found the rock formation that hid the entrance to the hidden cavern. I tossed my bags gently through the squeezed by into the tunnel. I walked halve way then stoped to unset the trap, or well trapdoor. I had a large boulder that would fall and seal the tunnel from the cavern if anyone tries to enter when I’m not here. I know that humans would most likely destroy this place. I walked the remainder of the way and emerged into the cavern that was hidden deep in the mountain. I think it was carved out by water, the only remains the ten foot pool in the center, and the falls on one wall leading from the river running through the mountains. I walked to the edge of the water where I set my bags. I touched my torch to the halve foot trench circling the pool of water. It instantly lit, illuminating the whole cavern. Of course I dug it, and refill it with dry timber and oil every time

I leave. I begin to place my items that I shall need. The white satin halter dress, white rose pendant, silver dagger, and twenty five floating candles. I remove my pendants I now wear and place them on my bag, the I let my hair fall down my back. I begin undressing with my back to the entrance, and place my clothes on my bag as well, I then replace them with the whit dress, and pendant. I light and put the candles in the water, and grab the dagger to begin. I step into the charred circle and begin.

Dustin’s POV I feel the strong feeling that I was supposed to follow Jane, so I am now watching as she walks into a cave, she stops to light a torch. I stand outside near the edge to watch as she approaches a large rock and reaches behind and drops the bags she was carrying, I then watch her squeeze into what I am guessing to be a tunnel. I wait till I see and hear her footsteps and glow of the torch move farther into now what I am sure is a tunnel, before investigating the place she disappeared. I find that the cave walls overlap hiding a long tunnel, behind the large rock formation. I quietly squeeze through and watch as she is stopped undoing some sort of trap. Then she walks into an opening, I wait till I can not see her then approach the opening, I see her touching her torch to what seems to be a ditch that circles the pool of water in the center of the cavern she is in. Suddenly a ring of fire is

blazing. She then turns and did I see her glance at the entrance? No just the light, she turns and pulls out a white dress and some sort of necklace, then a silver dagger, and some candles. She removes the pendants she wore, and let her hair fall down her back. Then she turns and begins to undress, her back to me, and puts on the dress and necklace. She then lit the candles and placed them into the water, she picks up the dagger and steps into a circle of charred ground. Facing the pool she speaks. “I ask for forgiveness for failing you, and for not avenging you.” She takes the dagger and places it at the base of her throat, and then pulls it across her chest, then again forming a X. the drops the dagger point down in front of her where it sticks in the earth. I watch the line of blood travel down the front of her, I can see it as it causes a deep red line down the front of her dress, it reaches the soil, her eyes close. She jumps forward and spins to face where she stood, she rips the necklace from her throat, that I now see is a white rose, and drops it in the charred circle. I couldn’t believe what I saw, the necklace began to grow into a rose bush, on which white roses bloomed. I then watch as she raises her hands and brings a ball of flames to the roses, her eyes now opened. She puts the flame in the center and the bush is now blazing, I watch as she falls back into the water. Her eyes closed and the cuts, now healing, begin to glow white. For the first time since I stood here, I can feel her emotions, which I had to be closed to someone normally to do so, but these were strong enough to reach me so far. She was feeling so many, dread, hate,

even happiness, but the strongest was pain. I watched in utter horror as she began to convulse in her pain. I find that I can not move, even as I tried it is as if I am covered in weights. She suddenly stops, and rises up and stands in the water edge, she is glowing. Her cuts gone, the blood gone, the only evidence left the dagger and the red ground where the roses were. I feel as if there were a thousand weights lifted off me, I could now move. I see her turn and smile. “Dustin you can come out now, I know your there, I have know since you entered.” I walked out into the glow of the fire ring still burning, if I could have blushed I would have been beet red. Jane’s POV I watched as he slowly walked out, he looked as if he had committed a horrible crime. “Dustin, don’t worry, I’m not going to yell or be mad. You have just witnessed a great joy for me.” He looked at me and his face turned odd. “You call that joy, what was that, I could feel your pain from there-he pointed to where he stood moments before-which means they were strong, I can only feel emotions if I am close to someone. I can’t understand how that could be joyful for you, I saw you convulse from the pain, it killed me, I couldn’t even move.” Is voice was bordering yelling. “Well, first off I apologize for that, you see I am connected with this cave, and I didn’t want you to stop the ceremony. Second that was a ceremony of forgiveness, that was the pain leaving me, when I shed blood and burn it, it dose

hurt yes. However what I just did was a ceremony, I do it ever tenth of April. That is a way to ask forgiveness for failing Missy, and also the pain lessens, I pass my pain into my blood, when I burn the flowers. The pain I pass is pulled from my body. If I didn’t do this, I would be consumed with it, and eventually die from it. I am sorry that I didn’t tell you, but I thought you would have tried to stop it. Now I must ask for forgiveness from you. Will you forgive me?” He looked at me and smiled. “Yeah I forgive you, I can’t stay mad at you. Now are you going home or are you planning on staying a while?” He came up and took a look at my chest where I had pulled the dagger, he traced the now fading scars. “I am going to stay a while, would you like to as well?” He looked up at me, I looked into his eyes for the very first time, they were hazel. I felt something tie me to him, I could feel him, not just his emotions, but him. His face turned to one of shock. “Impossible.” He dropped his hand and took a step back. “Impossible, what’s impossible?” He looked at me. “Did you feel it, the connection?” “You mean when I looked at you?” “Yes did you?” “If it is where I feel you, and feel like I am tied to you then yes.” His shock seemed to grow. “Impossible, but it just happened” He stepped forward and grabbed both my hands and looked me in the eye. “Dustin what, please tell me, your freaking me out.” His shock turned to smile. “We have connected.” “What dose that mean?” “It means we are meant to be, you know destined soul mates.” “Soul mates? Oh wait no it is impossible, your talking about,

no it can’t be, impossible, a vampire, impossible, but it is true I feel it. I, I, I love you.” He smiled even more. “I love you to. I don’t understand, but I love you.” He leaned in and kissed me, wow, the world disappeared, all I could see, hear, feel, and sense was him. He broke the kiss and kneeled before me. “Jane I know it is fast, and I don’t have a ring, but will you marry me?” My heart stopped. “Yes!” I nearly screamed loud enough for china to hear. He stood and kissed me and lifted me and spun me around. I know it sounds odd, but I loved him, and there was no other person than him that I wanted, I would marry him, and spend the rest of my existence with him I was filled with joy. I laughed as we ended up on the ground. “We better go deliver the news, although I have a feeling they already know.” He smiled I packed my bags extinguished the fire, and we headed back to the car. Dustin’s POV I kept sneaking peeks at my fiancé, I still could not believe I had connected with her, a human, well mortal, no immortal mortal. Still I could not understand, but I really didn’t care, I loved her and that was all that mattered. We were driving home, she was simply glowing, she stiffened in her seat. “What’s wrong?” I touched her shoulder. “Nothing, but act surprised, Eliza has seen the news, the house is decked out for an engagement party. She hasn’t told anyone, she even kept if from Jackson. However I still saw, she even found that she could communicate with me, she told me not to tell you and act surprised.” She smiled

and chuckled. I turned my attention back to the road, even though we would survive a crash I didn’t want to ruin her jeep. She leaned her head against my shoulder and dozed off, or so I thought, I began to think about how I wished I could sleep sometimes. “Maybe you can.” She said. “I thought you were asleep. Wait what do you mean?” “I wasn’t sleeping just thinking, my guard dropped and I heard you, and like I said maybe, just maybe I can pass you sleep like I can with the tasting thing.” I thought for a moment. “Maybe, that would be nice, but come to think about it, I don’t know if I want to and miss you.” She leaned up and kissed me. “Well we can try, I will always be here for you when you wake.” We were pulling up the private road to the house now. Like she said the house was decked out, Eliza was always so into things like this, I must say she dose do a good job. We pulled into the garage and walked into the grand room to fine a smiling and shocked family, well al except Eliza who was beaming and already knew.

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