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My strategy for Public Administration

valkyrie724 July 2012

My strategy for Public Administration

No doubt in this exam every one of us has to read a new subject different from their
graduation one. And this is the biggest question for everyone which one to choose.
There are various issues associated with Public administration which make it most
acceptable to most of students and makes it most popular subject for civil service
Why Public Administration?
Various reasons that can be cited for choosing public administration as I can see are as It is a common mans subject.
It is also called as Extension of common sense.
Availability of coaching and study material.
Manageable syllabus.
Similarity with other subjects like political science, sociology, anthropology and also
It has certain inherent benefits as a student of public administration one gets to
identify the various shades of grey as our society doesnt exist as black and white.
From exam point there is nothing completely wrong and nothing completely right in
this subject; its more fluidic in nature.
So once decided to opt for public administration. Now stop thinking to change it. This is
the time to move on and begin the process of understanding and imbibing public
How to begin preparation?
Starting from scratchPaper-1
I would recommend start from Poli naidus book. It is good for those students who
have no prior idea about whats this subject is all about.

Then get a hold onto M. Laxmikants book. Believe me only initial 4 chapters are bit
tough. Once these are done its all simple then. This book is the Bible of PA. So read
in between lines, every word and yes every definition.
M. Bhattacharyas book is amazing and is could be dangerous to miss this book
while preparing for PA. Only issue with this book is its language which is bit tough.
Certain topics are so nicely given if understood properly one would get the essence of
PA. NPA; NPM; Weber etc.
Parsad and Parsad for thinkers. Many students do read that book but I would
suggest if you have read M Laxmikant then there is no need to go for it. Many students
have scored good marks without reading this book. Laxmikant has already given these
thinkers in a complete and yet comprehensive manner.
Certain other books that can be referred for paper-1 are Sharma Sadana; Wizards
booklet Super 50 for PA (for a quick review).
I would recommend not going for too much books otherwise one tends to confuse and
wont have anything concrete to write in examination hall.
Here I have tried to give minimal books that one must study for PA.
Remember this subject is though fluidic in nature but demands you to answer in core
and concrete manner.

Paper-2(again from scratch)

Rajni Goyal is a good book to begin with. But it is a bit old and not upto date book.
Still certain chapters can be referred from this. Kautilya is nicely given others like
mughals, british, panchayats etc.
Students can also refer to Fadia and Fadia.
Any good coaching institute notes (hand written). They good for revision purpose.
Daily newspaper (either the hindu; Indian Express) look for any administrative news
and make notes of that. In CSE-2011 a question regarding controversy of Governor
came directly from an editorial from Indian Express.
Certain issues to be looked for in newspaper like presidential election, Election
commission of India, any constitutional post changes, PM/President speech, CVC,
panchayati raj development.
Pratiyogita Darpan monthly issue publishes articles on every optional and articles
on PA must be read thoroughly.
2nd ARC is more feared because of its gigantic size. Believe me if you follow a smart

approach you can make use of it in your exam as question from this section tends to
appear directly.
One can refer it for diagrams. Further in the end of every report there is one summary
given and recommendation can be memorized from there.
Committees prepare this section as it is very important for paper 2. One can refer
to Appendix given in Laxmikants book, Phadia and phadia, any coaching institute
I would strongly recommend students not to rely completely on one coaching institute.
Do try to swim on your own.
Time management
Essentially preparing for Civil services exam is a mission mode preparation and here
mission is to cover whole syllabus and to do it at least twice before going for final
o Total chapters are 25(13+12) in syllabus to be prepared for.
o Syllabus once completed, do prepare previous year question papers and their
answers. This phase of preparation is like sharpening your skills.
o Certain solved papers are available in market (Vishals Publication) but I would ask
one to go for unsolved. Because while preparing for answers one has to go for his/her
book again and this would force one to read it again and prepare it thoroughly.
o Do prepare according to syllabus as you cant afford to read anything beyond it as it
wont be useful.
o Baring thinkers chapters every chapter takes 1day (actually 5-6 hrs) to complete. So
whole syllabus of PA can be done in 30 days once. So 60 days and PA is over.
o Make a separate sheet for diagrams as it would help one to score more marks per
question in exam. Dont forget this is a competitive exam and one has to excel relatively
over others. Prepare all diagrams of Laxmikant and 2nd ARC(e.g. Law and order
o Write in small paragraph or point (mention every point as firstly or secondly
rather than 1/2/3) format. Do write introduction and conclusion.
Joining a test series where questions are marked by teacher himself is a good option for
answer writing practice.
With this approach I believe public administration can be prepared thoroughly in time
bound manner. And always remember all is well and all will be well.

Meticulous practice and sincere efforts are key to success in this exam.
Wishing you all good luck.
DR. Shaleen