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BOOK II NY KHAINE KHAINE The Rules CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3. NEW ARMIES AND UNITS (CONTINUED) Host of the Eternity King HOW TO USE THIS BOOK ........- 4 Malekith, the Eternity King ‘Tyrion, Avatar of Khaine KHAINE NARRATIVE BATTLES. .. 5 Imrik, Crown Prince of Caledor Alarielle, Incarnate of Life CHAPTER 1: NEW WARHAMMER RULES. 6 Magic of the End Times 8 CHAPTER 3: NARRATIVE SCENARIOS 40 ‘Magical Lodestones. 10 The Battle of Moonspire 2 End Times Spells, Ri 12. Slaughter at Eagle Gate 44 ‘The Battle of Reaver's Mark . 46 (CHAPTER 2: NEW ARMIES AND UNITS 18 Battle of the Blighted Isle 48 The Elven Hosts. ..... seree20 The Battle of Withelan. 50 Host of the Aestyrion. 21 The Traltor's Due. ; wee 52 Host of the Phoenix King, 22 The Final Battle 54 PRODUCED BY THE GAMES WORKSHOP DESIGN STUDIO ‘Games Workshop tid, Wilow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 30S, United Kingdom Printed by C&C. In hin, 2 | Introduction