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Organization’s Profile

Name & Address of the Society: Child Welfare Trust, no. 52/2, Dasappa
Building, DeveGowda Layout, Audugodi, Bangalore-560 030, India.

Chief Functionary: Mrs. Mercy M. Shongvah

Legal Status: Registration under Karnataka Trust Act. Registration no. 36.

Aims & Objectives of the Trust:

The Child Welfare Trust is an organization dedicated to empowering children to reach their full
potential, one orphan at a time. We are making a significant impact on the lives of orphaned
children in India by raising the standard of living for the children in orphanages. We provide the
children under our care with healthy food, tuition, better living conditions, clothing, and medical
care. Love, affection, and hope for a bright future come from our staff, friends and well wishers.

Activities of the Trust:

Child Welfare Trust is running an Orphanage called Abraham’s Orphanage Home at Adugodi in
Bangalore. Residential care is provided to 14 children, both male and female, in the age group
of 8 to 14 years, and all the children are going to a reputed English Medium School (S.N.High
School at Adugodi in Bangalore). All the expenses of these children for education, food,
clothing, shelter, health care and other needs are met with contributions received from the
Trustees as the Child Welfare Trust doesn’t have any source of income or funding.

The Children cared for by Abraham’s Orphanage Home:

All the children cared for by Abraham’s Orphanage are children who have lost their parents in
various tragedies; children who are very talented but who had no one to support them; children
with great hopes and aspirations but who had no one to guide them. Abraham’s Orphanage
gives them all this, and much more than this: loving care from the care givers.

The Funding:
At present the Orphanage has no Donors and no Sponsors. The entire expenses are presently
met by the Trustees and their friends who are all volunteers working in some business
establishments and contributing most of their earnings to this noble cause of creating a future to
these children.

The Needs:
The Contributions we receive from our trustees and friends are not sufficient to meet the ever
growing expenses, particularly of education, food and accommodation. The average monthly
expenditure incurred by us is Rupees 25,000/- and every month we face great difficulties in
raising this amount. The Trustees have committed to contribute (out of their monthly salaries)
Rupees 12,500/- and the remaining 12,500/- we are always in shortfall which we cover through
appeals for contributions by Friends and Well-wishers.

Abraham’s Orphanage Children appeal to you to make your small but valuable contribution to
cover the shortfall in our budget so that the children are assured of their daily meals, regular
attendance to their classes, and a place to stay.

Contact us
For your precious contribution, please contact Mrs. Mercy : 9972422608 // 9980075210
Email: Please also visit: