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The Center Cannot Hold


The crowd cheered as the ball Finn threw landed in Rick‟s arms. Wham!
Wolverines defensive tackle, Morris, decks Rick with a vicious hit as he crosses the
20 yard line. The massive african-american tumbled onto his side as they both tore
through the turf. “It's just me, loser.” Morris remarking with an icy laugh. He puts
one hand on Rick's helmet and pushes himself up. Rick moans as his face guard digs
a huge chunk in the turf. A whistle blew and the play is over. As he finally gets up,
he's got a huge piece of turf stuck in his face guard so that it obscures his face. Yet,
he still has the ball, so possession is still with the Titans. Pulling off the helmet, he
shakes and pokes out the grass, and dirt.
Finn calls the time out sign to Coach Tanaka. With an exasperated hand
wave, he signals the time out to the referees. As Finn approaches Puck he hears the
am station commentary in the background.
“And another late hit by all-star Blake Morris. His third of the game.”
“He's really putting a hurt on Sanders, Jack. I'm not sure how much more of
this abuse he can take...” Puck slaps the side of his helmet, changing the channel off
the commentary. Finn looks at him, disappointed. “What?! I got one of the geeks to
allow me to switch channels.”
“Huddle up!” Finn shouted, as Coach Tanaka, his black Motorola
headphones on, was making a sweeping, gripping gesture. Into Finn‟s ear, he heard
loudly, “15 rocket on hit”
Finn blew out a breath, as they huddled up. “Same play. Except let Morris by.
Don't anybody touch him.”
“What? Finn, wait...” Rick protested, “You saw what he did.”
“I did, and I have a solution.” Puck looked at him, amused. Out of the corner
of his eyes he saw her again. They were doing „Supergirl‟ again. The petite raven
haired one in the gold and black kept trying to draw their attention. Smokin‟ body,
wish I could see her face clearly.
“Puck, you hear me?” Finn shouted, staring
“Bull. I said let him through! On two!” Puck nods as they break the huddle.
Finn goes into a shotgun. “Red fifteen. Hut! Hut!” He shouts then does a three-step
drop from the shotgun. Puck and Rick hit out on either side of Morris, giving him a
clear shot at Finn. Morris comes hard and fast. Finn looks downfield, winds up, and
fires the ball at Morris's head. The ball goes like a bullet for fifteen feet and then
blasts Morris in the face, bouncing off his helmet. He stands dazed for a beat before
falling to the ground with a thump.
Still in play, the ball flies through the air and lands right into the massive
hands of right tackle, Okimu. “Holy shiat!” he bellows surprised, as the other team
is barreling down on his massive 300 lbs. form.
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“Haul it, Okimu!” Rick shouts back, as Okimu begins thundering down the
field with Rick leading the way. He blasts a couple would-be tacklers out of the way
as Okimu runs, hyperventilating.
“Holy shiat, holy shiat, holy shiat...” rumbles from his lips as he keeps rolling
forth, his pursuers ever closer.
Rick goes down as he calls after him. “Go on! Puke on 'em if you have to!”
Wolverines‟ players catch him at the five, but Okimu represents a lot of
weight. And he won‟t come down. He takes several guys with him before collapsing
into the end zone. Jagged breath rolls from him as he pulls himself up, still holding
the football. The referee calls a touchdown and the Titan crowd goes wild. The score:
Wolverines 21 Titans 20 with one minute left in the game.
This huddle, Finn has this pleased, proud look. “I knew you had it, Okimu!”
The thick Fijian grunts, still winded. Puck catches the Wolverines
cheerleaders, dancing and flipping. He looks back. Finn blew out another breath. He
looked to the kicker. “Can you do this?”
The kicker nodded. Puck tapped his helmet into the kickers. “If you screw
this up and we lose, you know what happens.”
Rick grunted agreement. Jeff, the cornerback, commented. “Finn, that
Wolverines cheerleader is staring at you again.”
He looked at him with a mixture of concern and delight. Puck retorted. “The
hot raven haired one?”
“Yea. The smallest one.”
He had what could only be described as a dirty look on his face. Finn looked
at him amused. “Good, let‟s show her and the rest of the Wolverines that we can
win.” And they broke. The play was set up. The kicker ran up, his foot slamming
into the ball with tremendous force. It struck the uprights and spun to the right.
Laughter and cheering rolled from the Wolverines side. And with the time pouring
off the clock, Coach Tanaka threw his headset into the turf.
“We are not who you think we are; we are golden. We are golden,” the
Wolverine cheerleaders cheered. The Cheerios were silent, almost morose. Coach
Sylvester looked at Coach Tanaka which a look that was a mix of pity and disgust.
Tanaka called his final time out with 30 seconds left.
Finn returned to the bench, and stood by the Gatorade cooler drinking cup
after cup. Puck stopped beside him, bemused. “It‟s still a good night.” Finn looked at
him like he lost his mind. “I thought you were still pissed at me.”
“I was until that cheerleader keep making eyes to you. It‟s like the squad is
hot for you. Quinn is furious and that is hilarious. So how can I be mad if you
haven‟t lost your mojo?” He pointed at her as she made another hand sign. She was
standing beside a tall buxom blond who was making the same sign. “You can see
she is checking you out from over there. I can‟t wait for the party tonight.” He took a
finger, touched his thigh and made a sizzle sound.
“Won‟t Santana care?”
“Nah, she loves threesomes.”
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Finn hid his disgust. The cheerleader kept making a sign he couldn‟t make
out. Frustrated but intrigued, he raised his hands in a shrugging motion. Assistant
Coach Johnson handed him his binoculars with a shove. “She wants to say
something. And here I thought Puck was the stud.”
“I‟m with Quinn,” he said quickly. Are you? Not more than three hours ago
you were dancing with Rachel on stage. He sighed happily as he brought the
binoculars up. The cheerleader motioned that she wanted to talk after game. He
took the binoculars down, shocked. He shook his head. Putting them up quickly, he
gazed deeply. Raven hair, petite stature, beautiful skin, and deep soulful brown
eyes stared at him. It was the one person it could not possibly be.

Two and a half hours ago, Rachel stood at the entrance to the field house,
annoyed. “For the last time, Vampirella, no! You can‟t get in. You can‟t see him.
This is my turf. You are not welcome unless you are a football player or a
cheerleader. Seeing how that will never happen, NO!” Quinn shouted.
Rachel glared at her, a loss for words. She stormed off towards the band
room. As she passed by the door, she saw it was open and Brad was inside. He was
talking to an older woman about Quinn‟s height with full red golden hair tied into
an odango. The hair looked like twin streamers flowing from her head to her waist.
She had a youthful face, yet worry lines and crow‟s feet etched obvious places.
Almond shaped, yet wide hazel eyes beheld everything before they turned straight
to her.
Rachel started to walk past, but stopped when she smiled. “I am sorry to
interrupt but I need help,” she said with a pleading look. Brad turned around,
eyebrows raised but still warm. The lady wore a kind expression that matched the
gold addias jumpsuit she wore.
“I‟m surprised to see you here, Rachel. What do you need help with?”
“I wanted to ask Finn something before the game but I can‟t get to him. The
Cheerios won‟t let me into the lockers or the field house.” The lady raised an
Brad frowned briefly. “I can get you in. Can you wait a moment while I
Rachel smiled and nodded. “Thank you, Brad.”
The lady‟s eyebrows shot up again as Rachel turned from the doorway.

Brad looked at Angela, who was wearing an intrigued but still desperate
look. “I know what you are thinking. And it is dangerous.”
She laughed; a high chipper laugh. “So tell me. Finn is the Titan‟s football
captain. Why would she know him?”
Brad looked at her for a beat, rubbed his goatee. “Because they are in Glee
club together and are dating.” That‟s not a lie. I can see it in both of them. It just
hasn‟t happened yet.
“So she a dancer….” Her mouth dropped open. “Why didn‟t you tell me!?”
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“Because I don‟t want to be on the receiving end of Sue‟s wrath. She is

already committed to destroying Glee and it just started.” Angela waves that off
with a brush of her well-manicured hand. The pink with gold starred fingertips
sparkled in the fluorescent light. “I don‟t care about that because Elida has no Show
Choir. But you did promise to pay me back.”
“I did. But you do realize what you are suggesting would guarantee…”
“Sue‟s eternal hatred. Or the fact that she might call OHSAA regulations
down on me? I have already prepared for that. She‟s dirtier that a pig in slop.”
“Ok, but Rachel‟s heavily invested in music. There is no guarantee she would
take it,” Brad replied, concerned that Angela‟s need might damage Glee.
“Relax, I thought of that too.” She smiled a wicked smile.
Brad walked to the door. He saw Rachel still standing there sort of
despondent but trying to hide it with a cheery smile. “Come in, I want to introduce
you to the lady you met earlier. Also, we will get you into the field house, promise.”
The lady stuck her hand out. “Angela Grace, Head coach of the Forest Hill
Wolverettes of Elida.”
Rachel noticed her fingernails; a broad smile appeared. “It‟s a pleasure to
meet you. I love your fingernails.”
“Thanks. You know gold stars are a metaphor for success. So I try to have one
on me always. It‟s a personal thing,” She remarked nonchalantly. Brad looked at
her and laughed silently. But Rachel lit up a bit. “When I sign my name, I put a
gold star after it, for the same reason. My gold stars are a metaphor for me being a
Angela beheld her with the delighted look. She glanced back at Brad who
shrugged. “Rachel, Brad said you are in show choir. How well can you dance?”
Relaxed and beaming, she responded, “Two years of formal dance, plus ballet,
tap, ballroom and rhythmic performance. My dad‟s even got me into gymnastics, but
I can‟t do balance beam or uneven bars.” She looked over at Brad. “You‟ve seen my
choreography when we did „Don‟t Stop Believing.‟”
Angela‟s eyes grew wide but hid it only sending a very pleased glance to Brad
who simply nodded. “It‟s your call but I believe you will be calling the fire down on
Something clicked in Rachel. “The Wolverines‟ are playing us tonight.”
“Yes. And we are cheering or well we would be but…” Angela hesitated then
decided that she needed her. And that from what it sounded like she needed them.
Brad remained silent. “I am short one girl. For us to field for points towards
regionals and nationals, we need 16. If we forfeit tonight‟s points we lose our
standing in the ranking. We are second behind the Cheerios.”
Rachel nodded, thinking. “You need me to find someone who could sub?”
Angela grinned at her. “Why aren‟t you a Cheerio, Rachel?”
Rachel blanched. “Because they all hate me. Coach Sylvester said I was a
„black hole‟ Wednesday.”
“So it‟s not even possible?”
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“No.” Quick and matter of fact. Yet there was confusion on her face as she
didn‟t quite know what Angela was asking.
“Yet you date the Quarterback of the Titans.”
Rachel looked at Brad surprised, but responded, “Technically…I—“
“He is in Glee with her and they spend time together.” Brad covered. It was
then it fell into place with a clatter.
“You want me.” But as she said it, she looked into Angela eyes for anything to
show it was a practical joke or something. Angela was serious. “I want you. You
would become a full-fledged Wolverette with all the privileges thereof. There is a
cost. You would have to go to Forest Hills for one class and you would have to
attend practice, plus games and meets. Our other person is most likely out for the
rest of the season.”
Rachel blanched again. However, Brittany and Santana walked by. Looking
in they saw her. They shot a disgusted look, with Santana flipping her off.
Angela saw that. “The best revenge would be to defeat them at regionals.
Regardless how they treat you, you and they would know that you are better than
them, because you won. That makes you are star, right?”
Rachel sighed, the emotions tearing at her. Angela saw that too and looked
with compassion. “You won‟t have to leave here if you don‟t want to. My husband
would be teaching the class. All you would have to do is take the tests. He can wave
your physical attendance if you want. All the paperwork would be done tomorrow,
and you would show up Monday for the 11‟o clock English comp class. Brad and I
will take care of everything.”
Brad nodded hesitantly. “You don‟t have to Rachel. There is no hard sell. And
I am not telling you to. But think about this. You won‟t lose Glee, nor Choir. But
you would gain a place where you wouldn‟t be slushied.” Angela looked at him,
frowned then looked at her who was thinking about it seriously.
“I want to help you but…I want more time.” She frowned, sad.

Rachel stared at Angela, her thoughts a jumble. It was a wonderful

opportunity. But it was also a major change. You would be on the same footing as
Quinn. She is right. Taking their championship away from them would hurt all of
them so much more. But the cost…I‟m not a cheerleader. You told Mr. Schuester
earlier this week that being a part of something special makes you special. Here is
the opportunity to be special; to get Finn without him losing face with his
chromosomally challenged teammates.
“I am willing to move practice to 5 pm to accommodate you and Glee,” Angela
said. “How about we say you do this tonight, and I will give you the week to decide.
If you are still hesitant next Friday, it‟s no harm no foul.”
“What matches?” Rachel asked warming up. “I know very little about
“Six games, one local meet against the Harding Bulldogs. And exhibition in
Boulder, the regionals in Chicago and the Nationals in Albuquerque a week before
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thanksgiving. I see you like „Marc by Mark Jacobs‟. Did you know they just opened a
store in Chicago?”
Rachel looked at her amused. She knew when she was being bribed. However
the temptation to stick it to Cheerios was getting too much. Then she realized it. If
they find out they would really be vicious.”
“I will do it if I can do Glee when I need to. I don‟t want to lose Mr. Schuster‟s
class, Mr. Daniel‟s or Brad‟s” Angel nodded. Brad said, “Rachel, are you in Mr.
Daniel‟s first or second hour?”
“Second.” She replied. Brad thought then looked to Angela.” Choir starts at 1
and runs to 2:30. “Mr. Schuester‟s second Spanish class starts at 12 noon. And his
first at 10 to 11.”
“I‟m in his second hour as well,” Rachel remarked. Brad relaxed. “You have
first lunch.” She nodded.
“Then you would go to Elida first until 10 and then to classes here and Glee
and then return at 4:30.” Brad suggested.
Angela frowned, shook her head. “You know. I am going to talk to Principal
Domo about this. With Becca out for the rest of the year with the torn acl, he wants
this as much as I do. I will get it waved. If you want to come to class with us you
can, but you don‟t have to. Practice is only 3 days a week. We don‟t practice on
Friday so it‟s actually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It is 4 hours. Saturday is
meet day or trip day. We can work out something. So….” Angela said hesitantly
with hope, “Will you become a Wolverette?”
“Yes.” She saw that Angela wore a Gold star necklace with her name beside
it. It was enough. I can leave if I want to. Dad Leroy always said I needed more
socializing. Won‟t he be surprised?
Angela smiled broadly. “I‟ll give Brad our schedule. You will only need to
perform tonight if Sue bitches about my amounts. So if I do some dances, can you
“Then put down that suitcase and let‟s see what you can do.”

The next thirty minutes was a whirlwind of dancing excitement,

introductions and quick training. Kaylie and Emily Balor twin co-captains adored
her. No one on their squad was basket sized, and Rachel bubbled over and did one
in the locker room on an old gym mat. “You have amazing energy,” Kaylie said, her
sandy hair in a long pony tail. “I think Coach found us a perfect fit,” Emily
Coach Grace came over to Rachel as she tugged at the black and golden
spandex and polyester shell top with a star over her bust. Superimposed on the star
was a black bear paw print. Under the star was the Wolverette stencil. The top
stopped at her midriff leaving her abs exposed. The multi-pleat skirt was gold with
black piping and came down to mid-calf.
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Rachel stood in front of the full length mirror, admiring herself. Now there is
nothing different between Quinn and I. Kaylie stood to her right. “You have such
beautiful hair.”
“Thank you very much. For all of this.”
“No, it‟s us who need to thank you. You are allowing us our chance to defeat
the Cheerios this year. Do you know what it is like to be technically superior but
still number two in regionals?”
Rachel nodded solemnly. Coach Grace handed her a sheet of cheers. “We have
four main cheers. There are several minor ones we do too but the Titans,” Kaylie,
Emily and several others giggled, “don‟t warrant them.” She read the sheet
absorbing names like Wolverine, Supergirl, Victory and „We are Golden‟.
After a minute, Coach Grace continued. “I know you have never done this
before, so relax and follow Kaylie and Emily‟s lead. If what you showed me is
anything like what you can do, you will be fine. Does the uniform fit?” She looked
“It fits fine.” Rachel smiled, enjoying the attention
“Good. Tomorrow we need to get you fitted. When you come our fitter will
take care of you.” Coach Grace looked around at everyone. “Ladies, since Rachel is
taking Becca‟s place at Regionals and Nationals we need everyone on the practice
field tomorrow at noon for a new picture. OK?”
They all agreed. Rachel just beamed. Kaylie noticed she seemed happy. “You
are not popular here are you?” Rachel frowned briefly. “That‟s what I thought. It
doesn‟t matter to us what your status here is. You are a Wolverette now. You are as
popular as we are now. Are we popular, ladies?”
“Hell yeah!” Rang up around Rachel but in the back of her mind, she thought,
that won‟t help me here.

Finn stood motionless, the binoculars hanging at his side. “How?” He snapped
out of it and gestured that he would at the games end. She immediately jumped
twice. Of course games end was in 30 regulation seconds. The Titans were out of
time outs and the Spartans had possession, so they would run down the clock.
He blew out a breath, excitement bubbling up. What would possess her to do
that? Quinn would react with an evil I don‟t want to think about. I don‟t have to
worry about Puck though. He would accept her then, that‟s how shallow he is. He
looked at Puck on the field as the game ended. Not telling him, treason was not well
Coach was cursing, so he walked over to Assistant Coach Johnson. He
handed him the binoculars back. Johnston, a tall wiry man, frowned watching
everything on the field. He looked at Finn as he took the binoculars back. “Go, have
fun. I‟ll cover. At least someone will enjoy the night.”
Finn walked to the locker room and through and then into the hall that
separated the men‟s from the women‟s. At the end of the hall was a bomb shelter
under the field its self and it had another hall that connected to the opposing team
locker rooms. It made a great rendezvous point for people who wanted to stay
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hidden for liaisons. And he knew that Santana and Puck had used it several times.
I was hoping to use it with Quinn, but it doesn‟t seem like that‟s possible. Maybe
Rachel…no I can‟t cheat on Quinn. Yet Rachel is nice and sweet and smells good all
the time.
He entered the dark hallway, flipped on the old flickering incandescent bulbs
and sprinted the distance. A quick pull open of the other door, he walked up the
stairs not sure who he would find or what would happen. The hallway was empty.
As he approached the door that led to the field, he ran into her.
She looked at him, still in his pads. “Can we practice at my place tomorrow
afternoon about 2?” She had a brave smile on. But he saw she was exhausted and
she still smelt good.
“Yes, but why this?” He asked honestly.
“Because I care enough about you that I don‟t want to do anything to harm
you. So if that means I have to be like Quinn, fine.” The earnest eyes and small
smile told him she was doing it for him. It was a bit spooky but still wonderful. He
beheld her in the black and gold cheerleading outfit with the gold star and realized
it endeared him more. Then Rachel yawned, He stepped over and caught her as she
fell into his arms again.

Rachel woke up in the backseat of Finn‟s car. “Finn?!” She gasped, scared and
“Rachel, you are awake. I was worried.” He pulled over and turned around.
Rachel looked. No uniform, no papers. Was it a dream? “Was I at the game?”
“Yeah, you were at the 50 yard line. You forgot I gave you tickets?” He
She nodded. “I remember talking to you and then…”
He sighed. “Okimu tripped and fell into you. You hit your head on the
ground. Quinn and the rest of them thought it was funny. I didn‟t so, she‟s angry
with me for carrying you to the car. For the second time. He smiled to himself.
“So the Wolverines beat us?” Rachel commented, still trying to make sense of
everything. Finn looked at her, worry splattered across his face. “No that‟s next
week. We played the Spencerville Pumas tonight.”
Rachel exhaled, relieved. Finn stared at her confused. He then smiled. “You
want to go to the Waffle house? I am hungry and it‟s late.”
“You sure you can?” She asked. “What if anyone sees?”
Finn turned back around, and started the car. “They are all at Rick‟s party.
Except Quinn who never goes and is probably praying for my soul. You didn‟t see
her face when I picked you up. It was the most angry I have ever seen her.”
Rachel sighed. “Yes. Let‟s go.” The she got out of the car. Finn looked shocked
until she opened the front passenger side door. She looked at him and grinned.
Then she saw the one euro cent hanging from his keychain. “Where did you get that
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“On Mr. Hanson‟s European History tour in June. All that work for three
days of utter boredom. It was twenty people across his two hours. The highlight was
sneaking to the „Fontana di amore' in the Piazza Borghese.”
Rachel brightened. “I went too!” She had this bright, endearing smile about
her. “I was first in second hour.”
Finn hid his smile. “6th in first”
“Did you throw a cent into the „Fontana di amore'?”
He nodded as they pulled in. “I took one out on a dare. The guys with me said
they saw some raven haired girl throw one in so they dared me to take it back out.
That‟s the one hanging on the keychain.” Rachel remembered that she threw one in
first. And that there were guys from the school there. After they left I snatched one
because that girl was telling a friend about the legend. „Whoever takes a coin from
the fountain, the person who threw that coin in will fall in love with them. Wouldn‟t
that be excellent? She thought as she exited the car. As she entered, „Dreamweaver‟
was playing on the jukebox. Neither of them thought much of it.

Monday morning came early. Rachel was excited, because it would be Mr.
Schuster‟s first day back. So she hurried up everything. That included just wearing
the Windsor Light Denim Mini Skirt with the Peach Cream Long sleeve top with
the ruched sides and flats. This way she had plenty of time to eat breakfast, say
prayers with Dad Hiram, kiss and hug both dads good day, and make it to school
with 30 minutes to spare. And she wanted to take her precious pink Mini Cooper®
like every day she had since she got her license. Only when she walked into the four
car garage, and flipped on the light, it wasn‟t there.
“Dad! Where is Mini?” She shouted, hiding her terror that it was stolen.
Leroy walked into living room and stared her trying not to shake. “Jackson the
mechanic, you asked for, picked it up.”
“Now?! I thought it would be after 5?” She responded with relief and
Leroy looked taken aback. “You expect him to work on it after business
Rachel frowned, realizing she was being irrational. “I wanted to be able to
repay Finn for his kindness.”
Leroy grinned, his eyes shining. “You mean another date.”
Rachel blushed. “We aren‟t dating. He has a girlfriend.” Who treats him and
me like dirt.
“Right.” He nodded, his face saying he didn‟t believe a word. “If you are
ready, I‟ll take you. And I‟ll have Jackson drop the Mini at the school when you are
done. Send him to the choir room or the auditorium?”
“I don‟t know. Have him find Brad Ellis, the Band Director or Mr. Schuster.”
He shook his head. “OK, let‟s go. I have a meeting to attend or else no more
„Marc Jacobs‟ for you.”
P a g e | 10

Fifteen minutes later, he dropped her off on the side road as it paralleled the
left side of the parking lot. As she got out, she saw Mr. Schuster get out of his car.
Running toward him, she dragged her pink rolling suitcase with her right hand.
“Mr. Schuester!” She shouted, hurrying to catch up.
He paused, turning back to see who called his name. “Yeah?” he said as
Rachel began walking beside him.
“I went to the library and I got some sheet music. I want to run some songs
by you that feature me heavily on lead vocal.” She grinned brightly, pleased with
“Thanks, Rachel. But I already got one picked out. It‟s uh…” he reaches into
his shoulder bag.
Finn walks up beside her as she frowned at Mr. Schuester‟s rejection. “Let me
take that.”
She speeds up to keep up with him leaving Mr. Schuester behind. “Thanks,
Finn. You‟re so chivalrous.”
“Thanks. That‟s a good thing, right?”
She smiled at him. “Yes. How was Sunday?”
“Good. We got everything done we wanted. Are you feeling better?”
“Yes. Sleep did wonders. I am so sorry.” She showed the sad face.
“It was no trouble, really.” He smiled, thinking.
And with that they walked into the main building towards their lockers. She
walked proudly beside him, her head lifted high. People paused, giving quick double
takes as they realized he was dragging Rachel‟s pink suitcase. Shock and surprise
abounded along with disgust and annoyance. As they got to their lockers, he leaned
the suitcase beside the locker below hers, which she opened as well. “How did you
get two?”
“Magic,” she remarked with a pleased smile. “I asked. And I pointed out how
important it was for a lady to be dressed correctly.”
Finn smiled and nodded. “Ok.” He went over to his own and opened it.
Rachel knelt down and opened the suitcase removing the bag inside. She then
opened the upper locker, removed the bag and sat it beside the bag from the
suitcase. That bag went into the locker while the other went into the suitcase. Then
she removed the fresh makeup bag and other toiletries as well and place them in.
Finally, she put the other used items into the suitcase, closed and locked it, and put
it into the lower locker. She then locked that locker. Just as she locked it, Quinn
came up to Finn. She glared at Rachel with venom before being a diatribe about
how he is ruining his popularity.
“We are online to be the next most popular kids in school next couple of years;
Prom King and Queen,” Quinn said frustrated. Rachel turned away from them, but
listened. And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town
I haven‟t seen it in a while, since she brought you down
You say you find I know you better than that
Hey, Whatcha doing with a girl like that, bubbled up. She recognized and
suppressed the smile listening and knowing the line was true.
P a g e | 11

“Homecoming court royalty…”

I need something to look inconspicuous. Touch ups! She grabbed out her
purple compact and used the mirror you see how Finn was reacting to the verbal
assault. Finn grabbed his Algebra 1 book and notepad out of the locker, and put it
into his backpack. He looked around, behind him, and held the expression of
someone downtrodden.
“I am NOT giving up those shiny crowns just so you can express yourself,”
Quinn emphasized, staring with her full on intense face. She wrinkled her nose and
squinted when she said „express yourself‟ to drive the point home even harder.
“Look, you are making too big a deal out of this,” he said, with an undertone
of frustration but masking it with false humor.
Putting down the compact, Rachel stared at the floor briefly.
Oh I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're about to cry
I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams
I think I know where you belong. You know it's with me.
Suddenly, Quinn‟s whole attitude changed and she smiled brightly. Shifting
the way she carried herself, she said, “Ok, let's compromise.”
Finn looked away from her, continuing to rustle with stuff in the backpack.
He returned to her suddenly happy expression, and held her gaze.
“If you quit the club, I‟ll let you touch my breasts,” she whispers while
reaching up and touching her cross necklace with a sultry smile.
Rachel‟s face changed to concern. Don‟t give in! Please Finn, don‟t give in!
“Under the shirt?” Finn asks with interest.
“Over the bra,” Quinn growled. All pretense of happy gone again.
Rachel turned away, deeply disappointed. Shoving the song from her mind,
she began to put the compact back into its pouch. The she realized, Finn hadn‟t
answered. All she could hear was silence. Please say no! I believe in you!
Finn hesitated, frowning. Thirty seconds passed, and finally, “No. No. I can‟t.
I want to do Glee."
Rachel remained perfectly poised. „Yes, I knew it!‟ She turned to listen again
still holding the compact.
“I am really happy when I perform.” He said as he finished organizing the
Opening the compact again, she shifted to see him and Quinn.
Quinn held in a frustrated sigh, letting herself glower. “People think you are
gay now, Finn. You know what that makes me?” She raised her hand, gesturing
with each word, “Your big gay beard.”
Zipping up the backpack, he slung it over his shoulder. “Look, I…I have to go
to class. Just relax. Everything is going to work out.”
Realizing he was done, Rachel put the compact into its bag this time, and
quickly finished adjusting everything, hoping Quinn would leave. Of course, after
Friday night she hates me even more. Watching him walk off, she frowned.
P a g e | 12

“EAVESDROP MUCH?” Quinn shouted. Rachel turned her direction, her

hand on the locker door. Quinn‟s hands were clenched as she got up into her face.
Rachel shut the locker door.
“Time for some girl talk, man hands.” Quinn stared fiercely at Rachel who
held a distrustful expression. “You can dance with him. You can sing with him but
you can never have him.”
You are jealous! The concern vanished replace with confidence. “I can
understand why you would be threatened. Finn and I have made a connection.”
Quinn closed her eyes and looked away, trying not to laugh derisively.
“But I am an honorable person. I don‟t need to steal you man, I have plenty
suitors of my own.” And it is a true statement. Most are online and watch my
YouTube® videos and chat with me on Facebook® but still they are suitors.
Walking backwards away while holding her gaze, Rachel remarked with
satisfying smugness. “Every day, Glee status is going up and yours is going down.
DEAL with it.” Just then, Puck and one of the basketball players walks up. She
turns around to go to class and they pause just long enough to throw their slushies
into her face, the light blue slush splattering across the peach top, face and into her
In the background, she could hear Quinn laugh as well as many others. And
as she struggled, she knew it was Puck. He shouted something. She wheeled
around, and marched back over to her locker. Quinn stood there, hand over her face
laughing. “Glee status going up?” Rachel ignored her, opening the locker again,
after she pulled out the bag, she slammed it. “Yes, it is,” And she wiped the slush off
her face at her, it spattering across her cheerios uniform. Puck and Jake stopped
and stared at Quinn, all amusement drained away. “You Bitch! You are so going to
pay for that!” she screamed, brushing slushie bits from her hair.
“HALT!” Mr. Daniels shouted. “Why is it we can‟t be sociable? I am gatherin‟
the usual suspects. Noah Puckerman, don‟t walk off. I saw you hit her with that
drink. You find it funny?” He asked as stared at him and Jake, in front of them.
“Well I think three weeks of detention is funny. You too, Jake Martin. And you
know what would make my day?”
“No, Mr. Daniels” Puck said contrite.
“Not wasting my time. I now have to write Ms. Berry a pass again. So, since
you wasted my time, I will waste yours. You will do your detention from 5 to 8 pm
each night under supervision of the lead janitor. You want to throw slushie; you get
to clean them up. And scrub toilets. Perhaps that will make you think about your
actions. Next one thrown, we will have a discussion with Mr. Figgins about you
doing ANY extracurricular activities.”
He walked down the hall and saw Quinn having a staring contest with
Rachel. And she looked like she wanted to choke her right then.
“Ms. Fabray unless you want a discussion between Coach Sylvester, myself
and Mr. Figgins, I suggest you go to class, now.” He stared at her, his mustache
twitching. Rachel realized then he wore the same basic clothes everyday. Quinn
glowered hate at Rachel then turned and stormed off. Rachel flicked her hands
P a g e | 13

again, shaking off the slush. Some of it splattered Quinn‟s back as she left. A loud
groan emanated from her as she marched away.
“I‟ll see you in class, Ms. Berry. Do be fast; I had planned on a quiz today.”
And he walked off with Puck and Jake who also lost all humor.

After that small vindication, the rest of the day went well. She saw Finn at
the lockers before their class together and he said, “I‟m sorry.”
“Not your fault.”
“No. But she hates you more than anyone now. You stained her top. She had
to change it before Coach Sylvester noticed; that cost her lunch.”
Rachel stifled a laugh. “I‟m so sorry.”
Finn noticed and tried not to himself. “She was furious. I‟ll see you in class.”
He pulled out a Kal-teen bar, and then unwrapped it. “Can I have one?” Rachel
asked, her stomach gurgling.
He shook his head, frowning. “No, these are protein bars. They make you get
bigger.” She frowned having avoided the cafeteria herself. “I did give one to Quinn
though; well she took it from me.” And he walked off. She walked to class with a
smile. Still he keeps her around and values popularity. What I did only made things
worse. At least there is glee.

Choir was warm and wonderful again. They had moved on from World
Harvest‟s „Lightning and Thunder‟ to Britt Nicole‟s „Walk on the water‟ but not
before Brad had a surprise for them. “Choir, I know you were expecting the full time
for practice but I was blessed and inspired by this gift given to me by a friend. So
without further introduction, give a warm McKinley welcome to Britt Nicole.”
The young brunette lady with a chestnut hair and oval face walked around
from the office with a broad smile. Rachel stretched to look at her, wondering who
she was. Brad shot a glance toward her and then cast it over on the lady who was at
least a few inches taller than Quinn. “Hello, everyone. Brad invited me to sing two
songs for you to inspire and motivate. And how could I resist him? A little about
who I am…” she said genuinely explain who she was, how she got into recording
and how she came to be standing there. It was interesting. Dad Hiram always said I
needed to be more involved in either synagogue or church.
Britt continued to explain that, “They all have a similar message of having
the courage to step out in faith and walk in what He has called you to do even when
it‟s scary. I don‟t want to be selfish anymore. I don‟t want to be safe anymore. When
He tells me to step out and talk to somebody or believe for what seems impossible, I
want to do it. And that brings me to the songs. I will sing for you „How the Lost Get
Found‟ and „Walk on the Water‟.
Brad suggested to the electric guitar player and the drummer to begin. He
himself began to clap as did several other non-playing members of the ensemble,
„Hello my friend
I remember when you were
So alive with your wide eyes
P a g e | 14

Then the light that you had in your heart was stolen
Now you say that it ain't worth stayin'
You wanna run but you're hesitatin'
I'm talkin' to me

Don't let your lights go down

Don't let your fire burn out
somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe
Why don't you rise up now?
Don't be afraid to stand out
That's how the lost get found
The lost get found

So when you get the chance

Are you gonna take it?
There's a really big world at your fingertips
And you know you have the chance to change it
There's a girl on the streets, she's cryin'
There's a man whose faith is dyin'
Love is calling you

Don't let your lights go down

Don't let your fire burn out
somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe
Why don't you rise up now?
Don't be afraid to stand out
That's how the lost get found
The lost get found

Why do we go with the flow?

Or take an easier road?
Why are we playin' it safe?
Love came to show us the way
Love is a chance we should take
I'm movin' out of the way

Don't let your lights go down

Don't let your fire burn out
somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe
(Stand out)
Don't let your lights go down
Don't let your fire burn out
(Stand out)
somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe
P a g e | 15

Why don't you rise up now?

Don't be afraid to stand out
That's how the lost get found
The lost get found

So when you get the chance

Are you gonna take it?
There's a really big world at your fingertips
And you know you have the chance to change it.‟

Brad watched Rachel while Britt sang to the choir, happy that everything
was working again. He used a favor to get her to come knowing that Will was to
dump his old disco on them. That would go badly. Hopefully, Rachel would keep this
in the back of her mind so she would be creative with the solution. He didn‟t need
her mopey. And she looked pleased. Of course, when she entered she went on about
how her new peach top was damaged. So she was wearing her emergency Ralph
Lauren® „Little Girl‟ wicket yellow cable cardigan and white blouse along with pink
blanket plaid pleat skirt. He shook his head. Her with her details.
Britt spoke again. “Thanks for the applause. The other song is „Walk on
Brad went to the piano, and began to play as the clapping and other
musicians began to play.
„You look around
It's staring back at you
Another wave of doubt
Will it pull you under
You wonder

What if I'm overtaken

What if i never make it?
What if no one's there?
Will you hear my prayer?

When you take that first step

Into the unknown
You know that he won't let you go

So what are you waiting for?

What do you have to lose?
Your insecurities try to alter you

You know you're made for more

So don't be afraid to move
Your faith is all
P a g e | 16

It takes in you
You can walk on the water too

So get out
And let your fear fall to the ground
No time to waste
Don't wait
Don't you turn around and miss out
Everything you were made for
I know you're not sure
So you play it safe
Try to run away

If you take that first step

Into the unknown
He won't let you go

So what are you waiting for?

What do you have to lose?
Your insecurities try to alter you

You know you're made for more

So don't be afraid to move
Your faith is all
It takes in you
You can walk on the water too

(step out)
Even when a storm hits
(step out)
Even when you're broken
(step out)
Even when your heart is telling you telling you to give up
(step out)
When your hope is stolen
(step out)
You can't see where you're going
You don't have to be afraid

So what are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for?

What do you have to lose?
Your insecurities try to alter you
P a g e | 17

You know you're made for more

So don't be afraid to move
Your faith is all
It takes in you
You can walk on the water, walk on the water too.‟
After the song finished, she thanked everyone for their applause again, and
politely said her goodbyes.
“She had to go but free autographed CDs of her current album are over in
that box by the file cabinet.” Brad said. He then got up and walked over to Rachel
with sheet music. “She gave these to me and I am giving them to you. What did you
“I can see why you asked her to sing. She has an amazing gift, much like
Brad smiled at Rachel. “You know the journey has just begun for Glee right?”
“Yes, but I know we will succeed. We have to. We just need more people to
join. We are good. Finn is great and I wish he was here to hear her sing.”
Brad spread his hand out. “That‟s out of my hands. I just handle the band.”
He smiled, hiding his disappointment I asked Figgins twice about Art director and
he asked me if I couldn‟t handle Glee why would he think I could handle Art
Rachel saw he was done, walked over to her chair and put the sheet music
into her folder. She noticed a set of 2 cds lying in her chair with a small card
attached. The card was tied into a ribbon that held the cd to each other. In
handwriting, the front of card said „Rachel‟ with a drawn gold star. Eyes getting big,
she opened the card. “I called to say no, instead I heard you sing. So thank you for
reminding me who I is was 5 years ago. Beyond that my lyrics say everyone I could
say but this; don‟t doubt the dream or Him. Hold on to both and the miracle will
come.” Rachel looked over to Brad who was up writing on the board about scores
when he saw her. He paused briefly, rolled out his plan flat his eyes held to her and
then continued on. But to her it was one of the best gifts yet. But how did she know
about Finn?

Finn came into the choir room dogged. His last class was with Quinn. Her
comment about being a „beard‟ which made no sense until Rick explained it by
asking Mrs. Pevensie question about 1920‟s lavender marriages. Quinn rolled her
eyes and glared at him, especially when she referenced that the usage involving a
gay man pretending to date a woman started in the 60s. Then it was notes about
how hateful Rachel was and wronged she felt.
Rachel was standing the all abuzz quietly mouthing words off a sheet when
walked up. There were still a few minutes until Glee started. “Hey, Rachel. New
P a g e | 18

“Finn! No, its music from choir. Mr. Schuester said he had new music for us
already so I am going to trust him.” She looked at his downcast face. He was faking
a smile. “What‟s wrong? You seem so despondent.”
“Nothing. Despondent is bad, right?”
“Yes, it‟s deeply sad,” she replied looking up at him with shining eyes. He
smiled real this time. Sometimes I really wish I wasn‟t with Quinn, because you
smell great. You‟re fun and smart. And you glow. I really wish I could spend more
time with you. “Just upset at Quinn.” She nodded as they both noticed Mr.
Schuester entering.
Well, the music Mr. Schuster gotten was „Le Freak‟ by Chic. And while fun to
dance and sing it was older than everyone in there save Brad. And He wasn‟t quite
sure about that either. At least Brad shared in their discomfort in singing it. It
showed on his face as he played. Only thing that made it fun was trading glances
with Rachel. And we connect so much. It‟s just like I am drawn to her. Even when
Quinn was screaming at me, I wished…damn commitments. She was listening
though. That shows she cares, right?
And then Mercedes breaks the flow by protesting about Rachel almost
kicking her. It was funny and so not. Mercedes all indignant. Rachel poised and
confident. And Mr. Schuester annoyed that we broke the flow. The song is old, and
we wants us to do it front of the school. I can‟t do that. Quinn would be right. There
has to be a better way. Otherwise I am so dead.

“Whoa, whoa, Hell to the no!” Mercedes shouted just after Rachel‟s flat came
inches in front of her face. Brad rolled his eyes as he stopped playing, and waited
staring at her. Finn looked at her perplexed. Rachel buttoned up her cardigan as
she waited for Mercedes to finish.
“First of all, you try to bust my face again….” She said but Rachel simply
folded her arms under her bust and waited, looking away. It‟s not like I did it
deliberately. So would you give it a rest? The frustration threated to spill out, and
she knew it so she refused to look at her or give her the satisfaction. I am better
than you. I can sing better than you. I can dance better than you. And I dress better
than you.
“--and I will cut you.” Rachel frowned, furrowing her brow. Finn furrowed his
brow as well „Also, this song is terrible,” Mercedes continued. Rachel glanced over at
her, noticed she was addressing Mr. Schuester and stole a glance of Finn. He stood
there shocked and fearful.
“No, no, it‟s not the song. It‟s just that you guys need to get into it,” Mr.,
Schuster retorted, explaining. Rachel looked to him and saw even Brad wore a sour
“No. It‟s the song. It‟s really gay,” Kurt remarked. Rachel stole another glance
at Finn, watching his reactions, that he noticed Kurt‟s protest and his overall
trepidation. Shifting over to beside him, she held his gaze as Artie said, “We need
modern music, Mr. Schue.”
P a g e | 19

“I‟m sorry guys; we don‟t have time to discuss this. We are doing this song
Friday at the pep assembly.” Mr. Schuester pronounced this.
Finn‟s face went white. Rachel stared at him, compassion and concern
radiating from his eyes.
“In front of the whole school?” Tina asked, freaked.
“Exactly,” Mr. Schuester responded with delight.
“They are going to throw fruit at us and I just had a facial,” Kurt remarked,
Rachel looked at the floor worried now. Now what? Everything was going so
well. “I‟ll press charges if that happens,” she announced after hearing Kurt. But she
could see from Mr. Schuester‟s expression and body language that he didn‟t get it.
Not hiding the annoyed stared as he expressed how important the pep assembly
was, she keep her arms folded. You‟ve been in tighter spots, how do we fix this? And
why can‟t you listen! My song selection is so much better. Shoot, Britt‟s songs are
She stole another glance at Finn who was white with fear. It deepened her
bubbling frustration. I‟m not letting you drive him out of this. I WILL DO
something else.
Mr. Schuester continued, explaining what she already knew. Yes, we only
have 6. Yes, we need twelve. No, this isn‟t the way. And Finn, I promise I will fix it.‟

Images of getting paintballed again. Of Quinn with her evil happy smile
saying „I told you so.‟ Image of Puck saying the same thing. Of the entire school
laughing them off the stage ran repeatedly ran through Finn‟s mind as Mr.
Schuester continued. It all let to one thing, “I‟m dead.”

Rachel knew one thing as they left practice. “Finn!” She shouted as he
heading for the Field house locker room. “How about I return the favor you did me
Friday night?”
He looked confused. “Drive me home?”
She smiled. “No. Waffle House.”
“Ok. Practice ends at 6. Can you wait?”
“Yes. I have something I can do in the library. Meet you at the home side
He paused for a second, looked back at her, a neutral expression. “Ok. I‟ll see
you then.”

As Finn walked to the locker room, he realized he had an issue before him.
You have a girlfriend, Quinn. Yet you keep giving Rachel signals. The problem and
he knew it was that Quinn represented popularity, acceptance and being masculine.
And really he did like her, when she was nice. Sad part was she was rarely nice. It
was always hot or cold with her, mostly cold. They made out twice including the hot
tub. If it wasn‟t for the „mailman‟ he would have gotten her. Puck always lately
dropped hints about her. That was, he did, until he clammed up. You can‟t be still
P a g e | 20

pissed at me for joining Glee. And that lead to Rachel. And she was the opposite of
Quinn. She respected his space, explained stuff, talked to him and generally cared
what he thought. And this was from the sum total of four times they had been
together. It was electric every time he was around her. I can be myself with her. No
defending myself. No being talked down too. Waffle house was fun. I know she
thought I didn‟t see her watching me. Why can‟t I just able to tell Quinn, „It just
isn‟t working‟, and not have my rear handled to be.
As he walked through the doors into the locker area, he sighed. Why can‟t
this be easy? And why is Mr. Schuester an idiot. If we do „Freak out‟ my problem is
solved. It won‟t matter. I‟ll be dead socially
Puck walked over. “Let me guess, Homo explosion problems,” he said with a
“Lay off, Puck. I‟m having problems with Quinn.”
He laughed. “I heard. She‟s „dating‟ you.” He did the air quotes when he said
dating. “But lately you spend all your time with Rachel. She‟s hot but she‟s also
social suicide. So spill, what do see in her? I saw you dragging her pink case into
school this morning. And I‟m f‟ing doing bitch work for the next three weeks because
Mr. Slave owner was pissed about me slushing her.”
“Puck, that‟s not cool. It really ruins her day.” Finn said while changing. Puck
stopped, and stared at him like he had lost his mind. “Ok, I‟ll wait until Quinn is
talking to you and hit her with one. What will happen?”
“Other than her and Santana beating your ass?” Finn laughed.
“It would be worth it to see you not defend her. You want Rachel.”
Finn furrowed his brow. “No, I have a girlfriend.” Puck laughed derisively
this time. “No, Finn. You have two. And you will have to make a choice soon.”

Tuesday was different. After the school saw Puck et al forced to sweep floors
and scrub tile for throwing slushies, the assault stopped. Quinn stopped by the
locker at various times trying to either beg him to quit or browbeat him into
quitting. She continued to cast hateful glances at Rachel when she was at her locker
but at the end of the day it was a bit much.
“Quinn, I‟m not quitting. I like it. I am happy. Why don‟t you join?” Finn
asked, trying to get her to stop. She froze, shocked. Horror crept across her face.
Then fear filled her eyes. She focused on Finn who was stealing glances at Rachel.
She steeled her face but it stayed with her. “NO. Absolutely not. If you want to be in
the queer brigade, that‟s fine. But I won‟t lower myself to do it. I am better than
that. I‟m better than her!” I almost wish Puck appeared and slushied her so she
could see how it felt. He blew out a breath.
Rachel wheeled around, her intense irritation showing. That‟s right. Queer is
bad. “You‟re petrified.” Finn looked at her confused. She‟s made of stone?
Rachel‟s face softened when she caught his expression. Quinn gritted her
teeth. “I‟m Cheerios captain, and who are you?”
“An Unsigned recording artist, princess of 4chan thanks to you and Santana
and an excellent dancer. You don‟t want to because you can‟t sing. And face it; you
P a g e | 21

make everyone miserable around you. And that‟s just not fair.” She smiled smugly,
closed the locker and walked off. Quinn took off after her, and blocked her exit. Finn
stood at the locker staring, unsure. Puck walked by, amused and held up 2 fingers
on his left hand and one on his right. Santana was with him and she simply looked
disgusted with it all.
Quinn screamed. “I‟m well liked and respected. You are hated by most
everyone. It doesn‟t matter if I can sing. I CHEER! AND YOU CAN”T OUTDANCE
ME! You aren‟t a cheerleader and you never will be.” Rachel looked up at Finn,
frowned briefly and then said, “I‟ll see you in Glee.” And then strided off confident.
Quinn growled, and wheeled on Finn. “You are useless!” And then she
stormed off. Why can‟t I make the decision? He looked around at the hall now
empty, and knew. As long as he accepted that being popular was important, he was
stuck. And he knew it. He wanted what he couldn‟t have.

Rachel stared at him, unsure. The choir practice was good and fun. There was
a peace about being comfortable and not struggling. Brad always had the right
words to say. But Glee was about career and future. And when Finn walked in, she
saw he was hurt by the argument. I wish he would notice me. He didn‟t even say
anything to stop her. The frustration started to rise but she pushed it down. So she
stared, morose as Kurt and Mercedes insulted each other of fashion choices.
“How about a little Kayne?” Mr. Schuester said as he walked in with a stack
of photocopies. Brad smiled to himself. Fortunately, he had the electronic keyboard
still out from the lesson earlier in choir so, he powered it back up. Of course, he
knew and Will told them that it wouldn‟t be used in the pep assembly but at least
he heard him when he told him about what today‟s youth thought of disco. Still,
that was a train wreck waiting to happen.
Rachel ran up, and smiled as he passed them out. Walking over to her, he
said, “Communication is the foundation of any successful music group.” He looked to
Finn then stepped back to look at everyone. “If we are going to succeed we are going
to need to communicate. You said you wanted modern music, I listened.”
Artie piped up. “Mr. Schue, we would really not like to do disco at that
Rachel looked to Artie smiled and sighed. At least we are in agreement
there. Her gaze floated back to Finn. He was reading the music, pensive. It‟s ok. I
can sing anything. And I have faith in you. You can too. She shoved away the self-
doubt again, resolving in her heart to do something about Quinn‟s statement.
She smiled when Mr. Schuester‟s response violated what he just said. “Finn,
you‟re going to take the solo.”
“What?!” Finn remarked shocked. “I can‟t do the solo. I‟m still trying to learn
how to walk and sing at the same time.”
That makes no sense. Why would you say that? Disappointment and
confusion crept in. Mr. Schuester looked up with a mixture of exasperation and
amusement. Taking out his jacket he remarked confidently, “No problem, I‟ll walk
you through it.” Everyone started ooh and ooo ing at Finn who looked even more
P a g e | 22

embarrassed now. He looked over at everyone, locked eyes with Rachel for a second
before looking up at Mr. Schuester. It was then that she realized why he didn‟t want
to do the solo. And she smiled. The rest of the practice was nothing but fun. The
surprise was that Mercedes could actually sing. So she let her. And with no football
practice that day, she asked him if he wanted to grab a bite to eat.
“Quinn‟s pissed at me.”
“I‟m so sorry. It‟s she…”
“Raincheck?” He said disappointed.
“Raincheck.” Rachel responded disappointed. She had a function to go to at 8
with her dad‟s. It was an award ceremony in Columbus for the group Dad Leroy
invested in. Suddenly, Finn‟s phone rang. He answered and then responded, „yes,
Quinn. I am coming over,‟ sadly as he walked off. It was enough to make her want
to throw up.

Quinn ended the call and returned the phone to her purse. As she sat on her
bed, she regretted screaming at Rachel. Not because Rachel was an annoying,
overbearing, vicious wench with regardless of what her lying mouth said was trying
to steal Finn from her. No, she regretted screaming at Rachel because Finn would
now mope the entire time. I will have to apologize if I want him to snap out of it.
But why should I? Can‟t he see she‟s using him for her own purposes? The fear and
all the insecurities settled on her as the tears stared to flow. Nausea gripped her
stomach like it had all week. But she hid it and wiped away the tears. I just want it
back the way it was. Without her eroding my perfection. If my sister can do it, why
can‟t I?
Turning on her stereo, the Green Day song, „Boulevard of Broken Dreams‟
came on. It was appropriate so she sang with it.
„I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone

I walk this empty street

On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
and I'm the only one and I walk alone

I walk alone
I walk alone

I walk alone
I walk a...

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me

My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
P a g e | 23

Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me

'Til then I walk alone

Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Aaah-ah,

Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Ah-ah

I'm walking down the line

That divides me somewhere in my mind
On the border line
Of the edge and where I walk alone

Read between the lines

What's f****d up and everything's alright
Check my vital signs
To know I'm still alive and I walk alone

I walk alone
I walk alone

I walk alone
I walk a...

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me

My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
'Til then I walk alone

Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Aaah-ah

Ah-ah, Ah-ah

I walk alone
I walk a...

I walk this empty street

On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one and I walk a...

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me

My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
'Til then I walk alone...‟
She laid back on the bed in her yellow sun dress, stared at the ceiling. When did it
all go wrong? The day he joined Glee. Damn, Mr. Schuester and Coach Tanaka,
P a g e | 24

Damn them both. She shook her fist at the ceiling. It‟s your fault, Rachel had the
chance to meet him, and now, the wench won‟t let him go. He‟s stupid too but it was
cute. Now…” The tears ran again. It wasn‟t the shiny crowns so much as she knew
she could have picked anyone. But Finn had this lovable quality and she knew she
loved him, she just didn‟t know how to express it right. And lately, he spent all his
free time on the team or at Glee. So Rachel saw him more than she did. Santana
said she saw them out at least twice. We‟ve had four dates. She‟s been seen out with
him twice already, one at the „Waffle House®‟.
The tears stained her pillow as she wallowed in the morass of her thoughts.
How can I apologize to him when I know vicious wench is stealing him right out
from under me. How do I fix this?
In the background her mother shouted. It was an announcement that Finn
had arrived. Pulling herself up, she saw her mascara was ruined. “I‟ll be down
shortly!” she shouted as she went to her vanity. I have to fix this. But I‟m not
backing down from her. She‟s not going to get him without damage. And she smiled.
I know what I can do!

Rachel didn‟t care for Ms. Pillsbury, the guidance counselor. So when she
forgot to lock the stall door while she was feeling sorry for herself, she knew she
would hear a lecture. Amazingly, it turned into more of a pep talk. And while last
night‟s locking herself in the room, turning on sad music and crying sort of helped,
especially after he didn‟t defend her, she knew that she wanted to Finn to notice
her. And if being more like Quinn was the ticket she would. But the talk didn‟t lead
that way. Find common interests and guard your heart. Let him like you for you.
Well, I can do that. Finn and I both love music and Glee. There are so many ways to
do this.
So during the entire function, she mulled over the lists of things she could do
with Finn that involved Glee and rescued them from Pep assembly Topheth.1 It was
a formal occasion, so she wore an eye-catching emerald green Catherine Malandrino
gown, with ruffled sleeves and ruched waist. Completing the ensemble was Jimmy
Choo® black satin „luigi‟ flats which were a Christmas gift and a Chanel® clutch
purse. So as Leroy and Hiram, in Brooks Brothers® tuxedos, mingled, she stood off
to one side quietly holding her Moët & Chandon® champagne.
A tall guy with tussled blond hair the color of straw approached; a concerned
look was in his eyes. “How‟s my favorite budding artist?”
“Hi, Mark.” Rachel replied softly, distracted.
“What‟s wrong?” He asked, suddenly serious.
“Nothing,” she looked past him out into the crowd.
“That expression is not nothing. You‟re not acting like yourself. As your
agent, I‟m concerned.” He held a compassionate stare.
Embarrassment covered her face in a warm red. “I‟m trying to decide what to
do to hold Finn‟s attention. I want him to notice me. Really notice me.”

Topheth is the Hebrew version of Hell. It was a real place in the Valley of Hinnom, where the Canaanites
sacrificed children to the god Moloch by burning them alive.
P a g e | 25

“Finn? Who‟s he?” Mark commented, an eyebrow raised. But the look on her
face answered the question. “You‟re in love.” He beamed.
“Finn Hudson is captain of the Football team. We are both in Show choir
He nodded. “You will send me the information on when your meets are?” She
nodded. “Then, promotional items; you know this.”
She nodded then sighed. “What about his girlfriend,” Rachel commented
“Does he like you?” Mark glanced around, noticed the event ramping up to its
“I don‟t know. I tried,” Rachel remarked, still a bit embarrassed, and a bit
Mark stared at her. “Focus, Rachel. Do you believe that he likes you more
than her? If you two spend significant time together that can override the dates she
has with him.”
“Yes. We eat together, sing and dance. We talk. And he does chivalrous
“Then he‟s yours. Not hers. He just hasn‟t figured that out yet. Now focus.
You share a passion, do that and promote it. It isn‟t like you to mope in a corner.
That‟s not the person I know with over 500 YouTube® videos or the one while never
visiting 4chan has managed to near eclipse Boxxy. My team still hasn‟t figured out
who keeps posting your videos and pics. But they love and hate you. And that‟s
great for you. So go out and be you. Quit worrying about it.” He took the nearly full
glass from her with one hand and gently shoved her with the other,
Rachel smiled. I‟ll promote Glee tomorrow. Yes! Flyers! Now if I only knew
what to replace „Le Freak‟ with. The function was just getting to the meat of the
awards as she wandered off to find Dad Hiram. Leroy was on stage presenting.
Then there was a break for about thirty minutes before the final spate of
awards, so she spent them mingling, singing and laughing. Everything was great
fun just like last year until right near the end. A cake was being rolled out
celebrating the night‟s honoree of the year. Rachel, hungry now, stopped by, holding
a nearly empty champagne glass. When she asked the servant that she wanted a
piece, he went for the cutting knife and found it wasn‟t there. With a swift apology,
he vanished to retrieve it. Suddenly, she felt a tap on the shoulder. Turning around,
the smile froze on her face as she saw who it was; Quinn Fabray. Wearing a
strapless off-white draped gown by Edition by Georges Chakra, the silver stone
embellishments and black belt completed her look. And while she looked stunning,
happiness wasn‟t the emotion on her face. Anger was.
“Why are you here?” she spat, an intense look on her face at the intrusion in
the private life. It‟s enough you seek to torment me at school but here I won‟t
tolerate it.
“I should ask you the same thing,” Quinn retorted, a bit too loud. People
turned around to witness the spectacle forming. The person on stage up front
grabbed their attention preventing a scene by starting the final burst of awards.
P a g e | 26

“That‟s not an answer.” Rachel said with quiet anger. Quinn looked at her,
her eyes a touch fearful.
“My father works for Lauter Inc. The people being honored,” she retorted
arrogantly. Mark appeared seemingly out of nowhere.
“Problem, ladies?” He said quietly, looking at Rachel for a response. She
glared at Quinn, her frustration evident.
Quinn looked over Mark and assumed from his tuxedo that he was beneath
her. “You need to remove this intruder. My father is receiving an award tonight.”
She smiled sharply.
Mark looked at her amused. Glancing to Rachel who remained steely intense,
he looked at the stage and the three people receiving awards. Catching Quinn‟s
impatient gaze, he asked, “And you are?”
“Russell Fabray‟s daughter, Quinn.”
“Mark Conners, Interscope Geffen. I gather you are unaware of the people
who funded this function?”
She tapped her foot. “Yes.”
Mark smiled; a dark devious smile. “I‟ll tell you. Ron Fair, Myron Lester, Jeff
Standish, Bill Weston and Leroy Berry. Mind you, Leroy‟s VC investment was the
smallest of them but it was still five figures. So I suggest that unless you want your
father publically embarrassed by your ejection, you apologize to her now.”
Looking up to the stage, she noticed her father receiving his award now. Her
face ashen, she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Turning to Rachel, she said
flatly, “I‟m sorry.”
“I accept. Thank you very much.” She turned and walked a few paces away.
Mark escorted her out of earshot. “What was that about?”
“She‟s the girlfriend. Head cheerleader at my school.”
He smiled, amused. “She‟s at the high point of her life. You are nowhere near
that. There will come a day in the near future where you will make more in one day
than she will make in a year. He is definitely yours. So let it go.”
Rachel looked back at her still by the cake. Her stomach growled. Out of the
corner of her eye she though she saw Finn but then why would he be here.
Dismissing it, she smiled deviously. “I will.”
“Good. I‟ll see you next Saturday, ok?”
Mark walked away, towards Mr. Fabray and the other two honorees to
congratulate them on their work. Walking back toward Quinn and the cake, she
noticed the server bringing the utensils. Looking around, she saw everyone was
busy congratulating the honorees. So stepping behind her, she shoved her hard
enough that she fell face first into the cake. The server have just cut off the first
piece burst out laughing. She wheeled around, fury in her red frosting covered eyes.
Blue frosting was in her hair and smeared across her face.
As she wiped frosting off onto the marble floor, Rachel stepped around her,
taking that single piece. She whispered “Sorry.” The server waved her off with a
smile. Quinn grabbed her. “This doesn‟t end.”
P a g e | 27

“It already has. Good Night, Quinn. Tell your father, congratulations.” She
shook off the frosting caked hand and vanished into the crowd.
Finn approached, catching Rachel‟s exit but not realizing it was her. He had a
befuddled look as to what happened. Setting down the sparkling cider, he grabbed a
napkin to wipe her face. She swatted him away, furious at his timing and her

Finn caught Rachel Wednesday morning as they entered school. “So why?”
“Why what?”
“The cake. She swears you did it to start a war.” He spoke in a curious tone.
Please give me a good reason for suffering through an hour of her whining about
being bullied. Like you could bully her.
Rachel stopped at her locker. “You were there?” she responded with genuine
“I was her date. She had to go, so I went. Rented tux and all.”
Rachel looked around then walked up real close. “She was rude. It was my
dad‟s function. So she slipped.” She smiled innocent. His face melted away the
concern. “I wish I had seen you.”
“Me too. You free for lunch. I have a surprise.” She bubbled, holding a coupon
in her hand.
“Yes! Quinn won‟t speak to me because when she told me, I didn‟t believe her.
The server lady said she tripped reaching for the piece. She still cut up the cake and
served it.” He grinned, inhaling her.
Jacob Ben Israel walked by, paused and snapped a pic. She frowned. Looking
at Finn smile she brightened up again.
“We will have a catered lunch so meet me at the craft room at 11 am.”
Gosh, I want to hug you now. “Ok, 11 it is.” And then he went off excited.

Rachel beamed the entire morning. Everyone watched her but stayed away.
Walking into the choir room at 10:50, she saw Brad at the desk doing paperwork.
He looked up, surprised. “Rachel, what can I do for you?”
“I‟m sorry but can you help me get into the craft room?” She asked where a
mischievous grin.
“Might I ask why?” He said then immediately thought better. “Nevermind, I
know. It‟s about Glee and Finn isn‟t it.”
“Mr. Schuester will ruin any change we have if we do disco, that‟s so not fair.
So I have a solution, flyers! And catered lunch while we are doing them. Only I need
to get into the craft room.” She stood proud and delighted. Brad rubbed his goatee,
pondering her words. “You think it will work?”
“Yes, Brad.” She stood there holding the coupon, and a folder.
“You‟ll need access to only functional copier here, won‟t you? That‟s not in the
craft room. That‟s in the Facility copy room. Coach Sylvester guards it like a hawk.”
“Yes.” The smile began to fade as she noticed it was now 10:55.
“When?” He asked, noticing her joy fade.
P a g e | 28

“Now, please.” She wore the face, worry creeping in.

“Then let‟s go.” He rose and walked out the door. She ran after him. “Thank
you so much. You are my favorite instructor, Brad. Really.”
He chuckled. “You will tell no one I did this. If you get caught, the door was
unlocked. You didn‟t know you weren‟t allowed in.”
When they arrived, it was all clear. Brad unlocked the door. He then swiftly
went in and unlocked the side door that opened into the copy room. The lights were
off and the copier humming happily. He walked over to it, its screen glowing
brightly in the darkness. A swift sequence of key pushes, and it was authorized to
Coach Tanaka, awaiting a copy. Striking pause, he knew it would wait for an hour
for him to push copy.
When he walked back into the fluorescent light, Rachel was paying the „Old
Barn Out Back‟® delivery guy for the basket of sandwiches and side items. One
table was already clear. He walked over to her and said, “Copier is ready. It will
hold for another hour. Be careful.” And he walked out, passing Finn as he came up.
“Was that Mr. Ellis, the Band director?”
“Hello, Finn. Yes, it was. Want a sandwich? I got a variety because I didn‟t
know which you liked. I got cheese ones for myself. Plus there is coleslaw, salad and
applesauce.” She tried to hide the nervousness. There are so many things that
could go wrong. Please, let it work.
As he grabbed a sandwich and a plate, she explained what she had planned
for the flier. Time swam by. Once the food was put into its storage containers, T
Time swam by as they began to cut and tape together the flier surrounded by
student paintings. The metal stools weren‟t comfortable but it didn‟t matter. Rachel,
taking the scissors, began digging in through the old magazines, looking for pics of
Cutting out a shot of Kelly Clarkson, she changed the conversation. “You
know „performing arts‟ are a wonderful expression of humanity‟s desire to express
itself. To expand its creativity and share collective wonderment with everyone. Look
at Kelly Clarkson and all she accomplished.”
“She‟s the girl from „American Idol‟ ® right?” He asked, unsure.
“Yes, she is.” She smiled, placing down the cut out of her on the flyer original.
“You know one of the amazing about being in the performing arts is that you
can parley it into so many different fields. Like Justin Timberlake; he‟s a singer but
he has a clothing line. He makes things like shirts and belts.” She focused on the
words she was cutting out.
“Who‟s Justin Timberlake?” He asked, looking at her confused.
She stopped, looked into his eyes; a mixture of endearing love and
amusement along with a touch of concern. “William Rast, N‟sync, dated Britney
Spears,” She frowned in distaste at the name, “Sang "Cry Me a River" and "Rock
Your Body”, The Superbowl Controversy. He was in a show choir in Shelby Forest,
“Ooh, him. He‟s that person.” Finn looked embarrassed.
P a g e | 29

“You never know your potential unless you put yourself out there. Dad Leroy
said to me.”
Finn smelt the food and looked at the time. Lunch time was almost over. The
flyer was done too. All they had to do was photocopy them. So he rose and walked
over to the table with a smile. Why can‟t the times I am with Quinn be like this?
She is never focused on me. It‟s always let‟s pray or „you have to do this‟ or „why
can‟t you be smarter‟ or „how did you miss that‟.
“What do you want me to do with the leftovers?” He asked as she finished
putting away the craft supplies. “Keep them. I can‟t take them with me.” He
nodded, smiling. The baked beans and coleslaw were still half full, and there were
several sandwiches left. “Since Mr. Ellis let us use the copier can we give them to
She smiled at him, her eyes shining in delight. “That‟s a creative solution!
You know where is class is?”
“The band room in the field house?” He asked not sure he was right but not
sure he was wrong either.
“No. He teaches choir. He plays piano for us in Glee.” She stared at him in
loving wonder. He looked back at her with this wonder of learning something new
and cool. “He does? I never noticed. That‟s good.” He grabbed the tubs and put them
into the basket with remaining 8 sandwiches. “I‟ll be back in 10, Ok?” He said as he
She walked into the copy room and began photocopying. On the 8th copy it
chirped „Load letter‟. Sighing she looked around the room for a ream of paper. There
was none under the copier or in any of the unlocked cabinets. Taking the original,
she walked back into the craft room, closing the door while she looked around for
Coach Sylvester walked into the Copy room from the hallway, after noticing
the light on. Walking to the still warm copier, she say that it said it was out of
paper and that Coach Tanaka used it last. “Idiot is too lazy to even refill it. And
they ask why the titans haven‟t won a game in two years,” she mumbled, as she
unlocked the cabinet then refilled the copier.
Grabbing the cheer set for the upcoming Wolverines game, she activated the
copier, having it copy off 30 sheets. Then her IPhone® rang. Cursing the fact that
there was always drop out in the room she left to take the call. Finn saw Coach
Sylvester exit the Copy room as he approached the Craft room. Fortunately, her
back was to him so he opened the door swiftly and saw Rachel standing frozen
“Shh, someone‟s in the Copy room.” She whispered, holding her finger to her
lips. He walked up to her and whispered. “I saw Coach Sylvester leave. It‟s all
So she opened the door slowly. The room was empty and the copier was
waiting. 17 copies in, Coach Sylvester returned with a fresh smoothie.
“What do you think you are doing?” She bellowed, sidestepping the smoothie
P a g e | 30

“Using the copier. The door was unlocked and no one told us we couldn‟t. We
need to make copies for Glee.” Rachel smiled, masking her fear.
“You disgust me, and Mr., Hudson, I expected better from you. Principal
Figgins office, tomorrow morning 8 am. I don‟t have time to deal with this,” the „this‟
was almost sneered, “today.”
She left with the copies in hand and went to straight to choir where everyone
was happy to see her. A confused look sat on her face as everyone kept saying
thanks. Then Brad walked over to her and whispered, “Finn came in before class
started and said that you wanted me and the class to have what was left.”
She smiled at him, “Sorry, I forgot.”
He looked at her, “No, you didn‟t. He didn‟t tell you.” And the rest of the day
remained at that level of happy. Even the comments on that night‟s video of Miley
Cyrus‟s „The climb‟ were favorable. Of course there was the usual spate of „T&A or
GTFO‟ but the bulk were kind. The cheerios were drowned out by everyone else.
And even the older videos were in the 1000s. Her oldest, „Defying gravity‟ had
34,000 now.” The day was good.

For Finn though, the day ended with Quinn screaming at him on the football
field about how she was even more embarrassed. He couldn‟t do anything right and
that it cost the squad Jumping jacks. He was caught with her in the copy room. And
Coach refused to elaborate.
“ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH HER?” she screamed, red face intense in her
fury. Her fists clenched, she bored into him with her glare. “Well!?”
“No.” He said staring back. He frowned.
“So this is it. To keep her away, we have to? Fine, you can watch me shower.
Will that be enough?” she spat.
Finn‟s grew large but he kept his calm. “I…ah…no, I mean—“Words left him.
She looked at him, disappointment masking the anger and fear underneath
it. Grabbing his hand, she pulled him to the locker door entrance. Looking around,
she saw that the rest of the Cheerios were heading for their locker room. The men
were still on the field. Pulling him into the locker room she dragged him over to the
shower stalls. He tried to shake off her hand but she simply tightened it. “You want
this, so it‟s time.” Stepping into an empty stall, she threw his hand down.
“Quinn whatever you are going to do, you don‟t have to. Not like this.”
“So I‟m not good enough?” She growled. “You never once snuck me into an
empty classroom for lunch.” She removed her shoes and socks first. Then she
reached around and pulled off her Cheerleading top exposing her white
UnderArmor® tank. Unsnapping her skirt, it dropped to the dry tile, exposing her
yellow lace boy shorts. There was enough hair to give the line of camel toe through
the panties and she knew it. A look of grim determination set her face. She glanced
down at his crotch as she pulled off her UnderArmor® top revealing a yellow sports
bra. She stepped forward, stepping out of the skirt.
Finn stared at her, stunned she was stripping in front of him. “You are
beautiful, Quinn. I promise we didn‟t do anything but eat and make flyers.”
P a g e | 31

Her face twisted as tears formed. “That‟s just it. You never asked me. Not
once. It‟s like I‟m not even here when you are with her. It hurts. So I have no
choice." She reached around, and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the tile as
well. Hot tears streamed down her face as she stared at him, fear and fury and
disgust mixed. She glanced at his crotch. He was reacting to the stimuli. “Say it?”
“Say what?” He asked, desperately trying to keep his eyes locked on hers. He
found that to be a lot harder than he thought.
“She looked at him vulnerable and needy yet grim. With her thumbs, she
pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She kicked them to him. He
caught them in his hand, inhaling her scent. She smelt good, but not like Rachel. He
sighed. Looking at her standing there naked, he was suddenly uncomfortable.
She turned on the shower head, and let the hot water course over her. “Well,
get me some soap. You do have that here, right, and a towel.” She barked the order.
Finn tore himself away to get his body gel from his locker. While he was
there, Rick walked in and saw him. “Coach wants to know what happened to you.”
Finn nodded to the shower, and said, “Tell him anything. Tell him I‟m
throwing up.”
“I need that soap now!” Quinn shouted. Rick‟s head jerked in the direction of
the showers. “That‟s—“
Finn‟s face was pale. “Yes, and if you tell Puck or anyone else, I will use the
paintball gun on your balls?”
“Is she hot at least?” Rick asked. Then he noticed Finn still held her panties.
A dirty smile grew. „You go; dawg. I‟ll come up with something.”
“FINN!” she shouted.
Finn looked at him as he walked away. “Yes. But the price was too high.”

Watching her lather herself, he „remembered the mailman‟ more than once. It
was difficult trying not to embarrass her more. Yet he wished he could get in like
Puck would. He knew Puck and Santana were having sex every chance they could.
But everytime, he moved to do it, Rachel‟s face floated up. So he stood there, images
of him dancing with Rachel and that injuring mailman rolling onto his windshield
alternating. It was a challenge to keep his face neutral. When she finished, she
looked at him. “Was that enough?” She asked the same sadness and fury on her
“We are in Glee together, Quinn. Whatever you think, it‟s just friendship.”
She tore the towel from his hand, wrapping it around her. “Do you love me?”
she asked tenderly.
He held his breath, a neutral expression displayed. “I—I love you, Quinn” he
answered his face a mixture of emotions. She stared at him softly. Suddenly her
face turned hard again. “You wish Rachel was standing here.”
“No. no!” he protested swiftly. Her face softened again
“If we could do it right now, would you?”
He stared at her again, shocked. “You know the answer. They will be here
shortly so I need you to go.” He said as she bent over to grab her clothes. She stared
P a g e | 32

at him with a hard look again. “I want you to remember this.” She thumped her
towel covered bust. “Everytime, you think of her, remember I am here. Remember
me!” Then she stormed out, her hair glistening in the light, clothes in her arms. Not
more than three minutes later the team came in. When Coach Tanaka walked over
to him, as he sat on the bench, he didn‟t have to lie to the coach. The sickly
expression showed it all. After he left, Puck walked by. He held two fingers up on
one hand and one on the other. Finn glanced angrily at Rick who waved him off.
Saddest of all, he knew he was falling for Rachel and really did wish it was her
standing there saying „I love you‟ to. It was at that point he knew everything had
changed. He was a paper boat on the surface of a rushing river.

Thursday morning, someone thing interesting happened. The assembly was

moved to the next Friday not tomorrow. Tomorrow, Mr. Schuester discovered
professionals were stripping and waxing the assembly floor. They had another
week. Also Figgins told Coaches Tanaka and Sylvester that Coach Anders of the
Wolverines had to move their game to next Friday as well because an issue that he
didn‟t elaborate with. However, it was something they couldn‟t take a default on. AS
Tanaka left sort of mixed emotion Rachel and Finn walked in morose. “Be thankful,
he‟s in a good mood.”

So Rachel happily paid for the copies they made to hateful Coach Sylvester.
As they walked out of Principal Figgins office, Finn said apologized. Rachel ignored
that and remarked, “I‟d like to get the flyers up before lunch.”
Mr. Schuester, annoyed at her, stopped and turned around to address her
and Finn. “You know what, guys, I don‟t want to hear it.”
“Doing that song will kill any chance Glee club has. It‟s a terrible idea,” she
remarked with a mixture of determination and frustration.
“I have news for you, Rachel. Sometimes, you have to do things you don‟t
want to do,” Mr. Schuester said with a tone of finality.
Finn stood there silent, hanging back.
“You are doing the assembly, and you are not putting up those flyers,” he
stated, waging a finger at both of them. He turned and walked away. As he did he
shouted with upraised arms, “Everybody loves disco.”
The students beside their lockers as he walked by held a mixture of confused
glances and laughter. It was clear that no one liked disco and some had no clue
what it even was.
Finn looked out that the hallway, morose. “It‟s official. I‟m a dead man.”
Rachel looked up at him sadly. Now what? Then it stuck her. As they started
walking again, she said with a cheerful smile. “Look I know your nervous but you
are really, really talented.”
He immediately brightened. “Stop it.”
“Then maybe it will all be ok.” She remarked smiling herself, walking while
looking at him. He didn‟t look at her directly but snatched glances thinking about
P a g e | 33

dancing and singing with her. “Do you want to practice for the assembly tomorrow
after school?”

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