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‫السلم عليكم و رحمة ا و بركاته‬ 2nd February 2010

Dear parents,

Congratulations! We’ve reached the end of the midyear examination week. The children
have all clearly worked very hard in preparation for these exams and I thank you all for
the support and revision at home that you’ve given them.

As we’ve finished our exams the children do not need to come to school next week and
may take a well earned rest at home. The midyear report card will be available for
collection from the school next week on Wednesday 10th February between 08:30 and

The school will re-open after the midyear vacation on Saturday 20th February 2010 at
07:00. Thank you for your support this past semester and we look forward to seeing you
all again after the vacation.

Report Cards

The midyear report card is slightly different from the previous midterm report card and
so I will provide some information on how it is calculated.

As we mentioned previously, the school year is divided into four quarters (as below).
Each quarter a mark is allocated to the children in every subject that they are taking.
The second and fourth quarters of the year have exam weeks and so the marks allocated
for those quarters are greater.

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter

October 2009 – January 2010 – February 2010 – May 2010 –
December 2009 February 2010 April 2010 June 2010

Mark Out of Mark Out Of Mark Out Of Mark Out Of

15 35 15 35

Under this system the second quarter of the year is allocated a mark out of 35 in each
subject. You won’t actually see this mark out of 35 directly on the report card as we
combine it with the mark out of 15 that was allocated in the first quarter report card. The
mark on the report will that you will see will therefore be out of 50; with the same mark
converted into a percentage alongside.
Subject Mark Breakdown

In calculating the mark for each subject for this quarter we use the following formula.
30% of the marks are based upon the midyear exam results and the other 70% is based
upon the various class factors listed in the table below.

Exam Class Work


Midyear Class Class Work
Exam Tests & (Completion and
Mark Quizzes Participation)

30% 20% 30% 10% 10%

Attendance and Conduct

We’ve been asked to submit information on attendance and conduct for the midyear
report card and so, unlike the midyear report where every student was given the default
of 100%, this report card will more accurately reflect the students’ attendance and
behaviour over this past semester.

Subject mark calculations

For each subject we were to take into consideration four factors in calculating the
subject mark. Each of these factors influences the mark that you’ll see on your son’s
report card.

Class Tests & Quizzes (20%): The average score of any class tests in a subject is used
to calculate this part. So for example, in math the children will have done 2 or so
chapter tests and the average test score will be used for this. In the case of English
where we have more skills areas (Phonics, Comprehension, High Frequency Words,
Spelling, Grammar & Handwriting) we base it upon the average score from these areas

Class work (30%): For this we ask: is the student completing his work in the
classroom? Is he actively taking part in class discussions, i.e. does he wait to be asked
or does he put his hand up and try to answer questions from his own initiative? Is he
bringing his books and writing materials to class?

Homework Regularity (10%): This is based upon our records of how often the student
completes and hands in on time homework that has been set.

Behaviour (10%) This looks at the students discipline in class and his adherence to
class rules and procedures.