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2008 Flood Relief: GON's Decisions

Translated by: Raj K PANDEY, MBS, MA

Decision Number 1:

a) NRs. 50,000 (Fifty Thousands) will be rendered to those Nepalese displaced

people, who are currently dwelling in the temporary camps. If they voluntarily
wish to return towards their home, they will be provided total sum of an
aggregate amount at once for reconstruction and repair of the partial damages of
the house, land, crops, luggage and clothes, beds, ordinary seeds including
livestock for each family on the basis of identify card and they will be registered
in the list of District Disaster Relief Committee.

b) Except those who are mentioned in above (a) and the displaced people who are
needed to be continually dwelled in the temporary camps, in considering to the
forth coming winter, total amount NRs. 4,000 for each family will be released for
the arrangement of wooden bed, blankets, etc. Moreover, if the senior citizens
who are living single or with spouse, above then 60, they will be provided
additional NRs. 5,00. And, those women who have less than 2 years old child,
will also be provided extra NRs. 500 through District Disaster Relief Committee.

c) The monthly subsistence amount NRs. 1,000 for each family, which is being
currently distributed for the shelter dwellers, will be added extra sum of Mrs. 500
for vegetables and others purposes.

d) Those who can not return to their homes due to complete damages of their
properties, will be prepared a necessary Comprehensive Resettlement Plan
(covering local level employment activities) under the Coordination of the
Member Secretary of this committee. For this purpose, “Resettlement Plan
Preparation Committee” comprising of the Joint Secretaries representing from
MPPW, MoPH, MoA, MoE, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Land Reform,
MoWSW and MoF will be formed. The committee should submit the program
along with work-plan within 30 days of its operation.

e) The District Disaster Relief Committee, will arrange necessary measures to send
the foreigner displaced people by providing NRs. 4,500 per family.

f) For above mentioned activities, the necessary amount Mrs. 2.5 billion will be
mobilized from the government approved budget under the relief and
rehabilitation program allocated for the Ministry of Home Affairs that will be
distributed by the District Disaster Relief Committee at the local level.

Decision Number 2: Additional two ambulances for Saptari and three for Sunsari will be
procured to make the health service more reliable for the displaced people. And, two pick-up
vehicles for Saptari and three for Sunsari will be purchased for Nepal Police within 15 days to
strengthen the security arrangements under the Central Disaster Relief Fund. To ease the quick
procurement process within 15 days, a proposal will be submitted to the cabinet for an approval.
Decision Number 3: It will be requested to the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund for the
disbursement and release of NRs. 20 million for the disaster management work including Koshi.

Decision Number 4: For the efficient and effective monitoring of the relief and rehabilitation
activities in Saptakoshi area, a monitoring committee will be formed under the coordination of
Member Secretary which will comprise representatives from MPPW, MoPH, MoA and MoE.
The Ministerial level monitoring committee will monitor at least in every 10 days in Sunsari and
Saptari and should attempt to solve the problems as well as submit its suggestions with
solutions to the Chairman of this committee for the actions to be under taken by the central
level. The expenditures for committee will be beared by Central Disaster Relief Fund.

Decision Number 5: The District Disaster Relief Committee should carry on with priority for the
repair and maintenance aw well as additional arrangements as per needs for the camp drinking
water management, toilets, women bathrooms, etc.

Decision Number 6: For the distribution of food and other arrangements for Sunsari displaced
people, NRs. 10 million to be released immediately. The amount will be reimbursed by Ministry
of Finance later under the approved program.

Decision Number 7: The above mentioned decision number 1 from (a) to (d) relief and facility
will also be provided to the flood victims of Mid Western and Far Western Regions including
flood victims and displaced people of Kamala river in Dhanusha district.

Decision Number 8: For the proper management of the natural disaster, a recommendation will
be submitted to the GoN to form the Central Level Natural Disaster Rescue and Relief Board.