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Local Election Slogans during king's direct rule in Nepal

Translated by:
Raj K Pandey, MBA, MA

Election Commission Pamphlets

Let’s protect the democracy

Let’s participate on vote casting
Let’s use own legitimate rights
by giving own precious votes.

Municipality Election is going to be held on 26 Magh 2062 under the Local

For the development of the village/city
Let’s use own legitimate rights by giving precious votes.

To participate on development
Let’s select capable candidate and
Let’s take part on local municipality election.

Money donation eradicates starvation

Blood donation eliminates illness
The vote casting eradicates nation’s worries
Do not forget to take part on local municipal election
by using own legitimate rights.

Do you know?
Local municipal election is going to be held on 26 Magh 2062
Lets select right person by using own voting rights.
Election Commission

Municipality election 2062 (Radio Song)

Election trend has come from city to city

Vote needs to be given let’s listen it carefully

Opportunity has arrived to select the ward to VDC Chairman

The day has arrived to select our person who gives development

We should not leave such opportunity think it about twice

Votes needs to be given let’s listen it carefully
Announcement: Let’s participate on the municipal election on 26 Magh 2062, and lets
use your precious vote
One of your votes may be a decisive
One vote can make a capable person winner
Not only issues of your own but it is for your kids
We should vote by observing right person.

Announcement: Municipal election is going to be held on 26 Magh 2062. Your one vote
can help to change the appearance of your municipality.

Let’s unite to select a representative

Let’s initiate to exploit the developmental source
The urban election has arrived
New trend has started
Let’s all urban dwellers be united for election
Not only sweet-talks but also let’s work now
Let’s initiate to trap the developmental source
Let’s unite to cast the vote

Announcement: Let’s select right candidate on 26 Magh 2062 through municipal election
and participate the development of municipality.

This is not a lie but it is a true

Election has arrived in your city is true
Let’s cast vote by full of confidence
It may Ward Chairman or Mayer
They win by receiving our votes
Let’s count voting day by your fingers
Let’s cast vote by an dignity and courage

Announcement: Remember that municipality election is going to be held on 25 Magh

2062 and do not do other activities rather let’s vote and ask others to vote on that day.

Folk Duet

Boy: People are whispering in place to place

It is hear and say that the election has arrived in the city

Girl: To initiate the good work

Ask all to cast the vote

Boy: Thought the election increase the development

Cast the vote by selecting the right person

Girl: All should take the nation’s burden

The people’s rights should not be loosed
Announcement: On 26 Magh municipality election is going to be held and let us cast vote
Dialog Oriented Slogan (Radio/FM)


Husband: Did you hear? 26 Magh is the day for vote casting. Are we not supposed to
go to cast the vote?

Wife: Yes, I have listened. But, it is said that this time’s election will not be
smooth, and people say that we should not go to cast the vote.

Husband: Who said that? We have to be happy that at least the time has come for
election to our country so that we should not stay by saying that there will
be no smooth election. Understood.

Wife: Some people say that they will disturb this time election.

Husband: They are only rumor. See, the government has been planning in deploying
the security personals in the entire vote casting centers. . We are also
listening through television and radio that the security situation has
improved for the election purpose so that the voters can confidently cast
the votes, is not so?

Wife: That’s true; definitely, we have been listening that the security situation
has improved now than previously. Now, we also have to go to cast the
vote. We should not keep ourselves behind to select the municipal
representative in this 26 Magh by the means of vote casting, is not so?

Husband: Now, it seems that you also have understood the truth,


Dialog Oriented Slogan (Radio/FM)

Uncle: Hello Kainla, these days everywhere people discuss about election and the
radio was also talking about the forthcoming election. Is really election
has arrived?

Kainla: Yes uncle, election has really arrived. Election Commission is going to
conduct municipality election allover the country, uncle.

Uncle: Oh! So will we get chance to vote, won’t we? And, which are the places
that election will be taken place?
Kainla: No uncle, Election Commission is going to conduce election on 26 Magh
2062 in Metropolitan city, Sub-metropolitan city, and municipalities under
the local governance. So, we municipal dwellers and those who has
registered in the voting list should go to confidently in casting the votes.
Now did you understand?

Uncle: Now, I have properly understood, Kainla. I am quite happy that now we
can cast the votes.


 Let’s take part on election for own municipal development

 There is no alternatives of election in the democracy
 It is your rights and responsibility to take part in election
 Let’s go and also take others to cast the voting
 Your ballet determines the nation’s future
 It is legitimate rights of the citizen to take part in the election
 Your one vote makes difference so let’s vote
 People may suffer if leaders are not good so think twice during election
 Let’s utilize your precious votes.


 Election is the soul of democracy. Hence, casting vote is moral responsibility

and also the nation building liability of the good citizen
 Election Code of Conduct is the measuring stick for clear, impartial and
smooth election so that let’s flow it strictly.

Poems and Songs

Consciously lamp should be lighted

We must vote to select the good representative

We should know that the election is the bass for democracy

And we must select good representative

The development is based on people’s vote

And, it takes our city and us up.

Radio/FM Dialogues

Father: Hello son, the wedding ceremony of your smallest sister is on 26 of Magh
is confirmed! Prepare all the arrangements for this.
Son: Oh father! 26 are the municipal election. We have to go to cast the vote on
that day. So, we must ask the ritual pundit to arrange another good day for
marriage purpose.
Father: Oh yes, I forgot that the 26 is the Election Day. I will go to the ritual
pundit and ask him to see another good day for marriage. We must go to
cast the vote on that day.

Announcement: Do not forget to cast the vote on 26 of Magh

Poems/ Songs

Remember Nepalese brothers

Do not forget to cast the votes

On this 26 of Magh, Wednesday

Select the candidate who does public welfare

The candidate who understands our pain and worries

And stay in the public’s door-to-door.

We should not forget the election sign of such candidate

We should not loose the chance of voting rights
We should select the honest candidate
We must search the sign of good candidate in the wallet list

Municipality election is going to be held in the kingdom of Nepal On this Magh 26, 2062.
Let’s participate in the election and select the good representatives.

Listen sisters and brothers

We must vote to the right person
Election is going to be held on 26 of Magh
In all our municipalities around the country

Let’s think by today who understand our pain

Let’s choose good person for the development of city
We should stamp on the same sign without fear
Whom we like very well.

In the kingdom of Nepal, there is going to be held a municipal election on 26 of Magh

under the local governance in one metropolitan city, four Sub-metropolitan city, fifty
three municipalities. Let’s utilize our voting rights by casting the vote at the appropriate
booth center.

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