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Trend Analysis: 2008

Raj K Pandey/AS Officer

 September 14, Sunday, Banke, Nepalgunj, A socket bomb was recovered from the CPN/UML office
in Napalgunj. Police said the bomb was placed some 20 meters away from the main office building of
the CPN/UML office premises.

 September 14, Sunday, Ramechhap, Manthali, The indefinite curfew at the headquarters continued as
the tensions sparked following the attack by Maoist/YCL on the CPN/UML affiliated Young Force.

 September 14, Sunday, Saptari, Five persons were killed in elephant attacks in twenty four hours.

 September 14, Sunday, Dhanusha, Janakpur, An Indian citizen has been killed due to excessive heat
in the district.

 September 15, Monday, Taplejung, A Maoist cadre died when UML and Maoist clashed at
Dhungesangu VDC.

 September 15, Monday, Rautahat, Nine year old died when a gun he was toying with went off
accidentally in Bholohiya VDC of the district.

 September 15, Monday, Siraha, Lahan, At least 12 persons, including DSP, were injured when
Maoist cadres clashed with police as cause of tension was regarding the house capture by the Maoist.

 September 15, Monday, Mahotari, The alleged involvement of five policemen in kidnapping of a
local at Sunderpur VDC lead to mounting tensions which has prompted an indefinite curfew for
couple of days.

 September 15, Monday, Rautahat, Police arrested four persons on the charge of being involved in the
murder of a local health worker.

 September 16, Tuesday, Siraha, Minister for Land Reforms and Management led a Maoist team in
retaking a private house and land in Mirchaiya VDC which had been emptied of illegal occupiers.

 September 16, Tuesday, Kathmandu, Scores of entrepreneurs and employees of night dance bars,
discos, pubs and took to the street protesting against the new regulations imposed by the GoN.
 September 16, Tuesday, Sarlahi, Three accomplices of under ground outfit of the Terai Army, who
was arrested while extorting locals, surrendered to police.

 September 16, Tuesday, Kavrepalanchowk, A local of Nala VDC was thrashed by his Maoist brother
inside the premises of district court.

 September 16, Twesday, Poaching activities in recent yeas are posing a serious threat to the long term
conservation of the endangered one-horned rhino in Nepal.

 September 16, Tuesdays, Rautahat, A daylong general strike called by the Chamber of Commerce
and Industry and Bus Entrepreneurs’ Association affected life. They organized the strike against the
killing of a local health worker.

 September 16, Tuesday, Bhaktapur, Police arrested a gang of four robbers from Manohara Bridge at
Madyapur Thimi. They were arrested while they were looting the traveler on the way.

 September 16, Tuesday, Saptari, Rajbiraj, An unidentified armed gang abducted advocate from his
residence at Rajbira Municipality.

 September 16, Tuesday, Kathmandu, Kritipur, Students lifted the lockout at he Central Department of
Sociology on the Tribhuvan University.

 September 16, Tuesday, Sunsari, Two persons have died of diarrhea and over ten taken ill of the
diseased in the district.

 September 16, Tuesday, Rolpa, Locals in many Rolpa VDCs have been hit hard due to the absence of
Secretaries. They have not returned to their respective VDCs even after the Maosit led conflict has
been already over.

 September 17, Tuesday, Khotang, The Maoist/YCL cadres went berserk, disrupting entrance for the
post of assistant health workers to be conducted by the Public Service Commission in Dhankuta.

 September 17, Wednesday Dipayal, Seventy one persons were killed and eighteen physically
disabled due to floods and landslides in far western developmental region during monsoon of year.

 September 17, Wednesday, Kalikot, Conflict victims in the district have been facing food shortage
which has created problems for them.
 September 17, Wednesday, Phidim, Some 25 Maoist/YCL cadres tarred the face of a local and
bejeweled him with shoes and took him round the village for three hours. He was mistreated for a
charge of an illegal relationship with a woman.

 September 17, Wednesday, Nawalparashi, The body of an 11 year old girl has been found in
Paklihawa VDC in a mysterious condition.

 September 17, Wednesday, Morang, A gang of unidentified looters robbed NRs. 1.7 million from a
local entrepreneur atn Gachhiya VDC.

 September 17, Wednesday, Kathmadndu, Nepali Congress and CPN/UML have denounce the Siraha
incident where Minister along with armed combatant led a drive to recapture house and land.

 September 17, Wednesday, Morang, Biratnagar, Nepal Police prevented a team of Indian Army clad
in combat dress with arms, from entering Nepali territory. Major political parties were against such
attempt by Indian Security Forces.

 September 18, Thurday, Bardiya, Police recovered a huge quantity of improvised explosive devises
from a deserted house at Asneri of Motipur VDC. Police found 42 socket bombs including pressure
cooker bombs any no one has arrested so far.

 September 18, Thurday, Kathmandu, Judges based in capital are staying away from the bench for two
hours in protest against remark of the President of NBA.

 September 18, Thurday, Makawanpur, Hetaunda, Maoist/YCL and UML/YF clashed souring
relations between two coalitions partners in the government.

 September 18, Thurdaay, Nawalparashi, Two persons were injured in a clash between a team of
timber smugglers and a patrolling team of forest officials.

 September 18, Thurday, Kaski, Pokhara, Police arrested a policeman who was accused of trafficking
a 13 year old girl.

 September 19, Friday, Bara, JTMM shot dead a Maoist cadres at Amritgunj. A group of armed
assailant shod him dead at around 9 AM.

 September 19, Friady, Sarlahi, Three activists of Terai Army surrender before police in the district.

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