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Editorial : Spain :

First of all, I would like to wish an happy new year 2010 to the young
• In this second stage of the project, we have had more interesting
meetings than ever.
participants of the « JRS » project, to their organisations, and to the
First of all, we elaborated an activity, but the visit of Jaime Noguera
animation teams. I hope this new year will bring you and your relatives
( Director of the Cinema and short films Festival in Benalmadena)
well-being, happiness and health.
encouraged us to reject this activity and start a new one. He helped us with
As you all know, along with the beginning of 2010, we start the last turn of
the elaboration; and with the help of « Ideas Storm » which we are carrying
the « JRS » project. And this newsletter will be the last but one.
through, we managed to find the idea which will be the start of our final story.
So what’s up? And what are the news of the youngsters and the local
teams??!!!! • Secondly, we received an activity from our Brazilian friends, a
Through the different sections of this newsletter, you will find out that short movie which included a story we had to continue. The only
despite the lack of information exchange, the young participants have thing left we have to do is to send it to the Greek group, which
carried through the activities and organised many local events to inform we will do very soon as we are trying to finish its publishing.
the audience and exchange with other young people about their various
productions. • During another meeting, David, a young person which was a one-year-
To all the young participants, I would like to say thousands of «bravo»: long volunteer in Nepal, visited us. He told us about his experience there as
they followed the path with courage, motivation and enthusiasm and a teacher in many schools, and ended up with a very positive making-up.
produced amazing audiovisual creations on the themes of the project.
Only one small regret: all the creative dynamics and the productions of the
• During our last meetings, we altered our final work along
with going into the story in depth. Sandra, a high level
local groups have not been as much disseminated within our network as I
technician in the audiovisual field, visited to suport and help us. She
hoped. It is out of question to say here that this is the fault of such or such
brought some new ideas and basic notions on the elaboration and
organisation. I think that we are all partly responsible of this notice, but I
the running-in of a short movie. Thanks to our meetings, we are still
am sure it is not too late.
elaborating a running-in plan, as well as a budget, material list... in order
To that aim, I will soon suggest some practical propositions in order to
correct that and encourage a wide dissemination of all the productions; to be able to start recording as soon as possible.
which will trigger debate and exchanges among all the young participants
of the project. Sorry that photos of some groups are missing, the Crasic
Italy :
did not receive any from those. • For the last phase a presentation with power point has been prepared
Looking forward to this, I wish you a great reading, to summarize the content, objectives and activities carried on with our
group locally.
Project Coordinator
A.Jemai • The implementation of the work with the youngsters has been realised
Crasic. Lyon. France especially through a great meeting with other young people at local
level during a simulation of Parliament Activity to:
Senegal : -To develop the civic educational skills
-To promote debate and discussions among youngsters and other
• The young participants visited the inhabitants, especially on Dakar’s members of the society
beaches, in order to investigate with the help of pictures which deal with
-To inform young people about their rights and duties in the society,
illegal migration.
promoting an active citizenship
• They took a lot of pictures which give an idea of the living -To include youngsters as promotion agents of the social, cultural,
conditions of those people, sometimes victims or relations of victims of this economic and civic development
phenomenon. This trip allowed them to get a better idea of the -To encourage the active participation of young people to the
objectives of the project: through simple productions ( short dissemination of the positive and human message about inter-cultural
investigations, small reporting), we are given the opportunity to these dialogue
youngsters to get involved in social life. It has been a great moment of
learning and communication for the participants and they want to re-
cord a short video in order to better formulate their concerns.

France :
• Just before Summer break, we received a video from Brazil and some
emails from Spain.
Lithuania : • The group published the second journal « Le Mermozien » which dealt
• From the 12th to the 16th of October, many Lithuanian Youth mainly with music and young people. The youngsters wrote 14 pages,
Organisations and some young Polish took part in the seminar « Who, if investigated and interviewed about this subject.
not you? » in Palanga. The aim of this camp was to raise social, personal
and cultural meaning of Lithuanian and Polish youth so that one day they
• On the 25th of November, during the whole day, the young
participants took part in the youth regional meeting. Indeed, the regional
could become great members of their community. Many activities have council of Rhône-Alpes (which is like a regional government) organised
been implemented in English (practical games, team games, discussions...) two days of youth meeting, with forums, parties, testimonies, debates
every day, all day long. The participants are looking forward to the next on the theme of youth exclusion, citizenship, youth and media, youth
camp which will be organised by Poland, so that they can see again their and international solidarity, kiosks and to finish a great concert on the
new friends! Saturday evening.
• On the 30th of October, we have been invited by the Youth The meeting took place in a very large showroom called « le Zénith » in
Entrepreneurship Center of Anykščiai to their Halloween pie party, Saint-Etienne, a city located 65 kilometres away from Lyon.
« Angels and Demons ». The participants started with ice-breaker games
before playing theatre games, team games to find out how they can work • Our group was in charge of a stand to present and inform the
together. Of course, they tried their own made pies, and those who could audience about the « JRS » project in a part of the meeting called « the
stay enjoyed a disco. universe of young people in the functioning of the world ».
On this occasion, we realised that many people were interested and
• “Young and Active 2009”: this event aimed at encouraging and asked questions about this project. During the whole day, we released a
developing the public awareness about active youth video produced by the group and which kind of constitutes our answer to
organisations, groups, volunteers and leaders which are the video sent by the Brazilian group. The young participants were very
implementing many activities in their district: after-class activities, motivated to take part to this meeting, the atmosphere was warm and
prevention activities, international and entrepreneurship projects, friendly.
summer activities, etc. which help the youth to be active community members.
• During the International Day of Volunteers, on the 11th of
December, all the most active organisations, leaders and volunteers have been
honoured and awarded. Many young people were there and they
enjoyed young music bands and dancers the whole day till the evening.
• The participating group developed and centred some PinHole pictures
they took during previous activities, so that Daniel Leite, who was taking
part in the international meeting from the 17th to the 20th of June in
Tunis, will be able to prepare a small exhibition.

Greece : • With the participation of the young Renan, the first part of the movie
« the place of women in the society » has been produced. The movie was
• Just a quick reminder: in order to implement the local activities of the about young pregnancy.
« JRS » project, we have cooperated with the multicultural secondary About 10 DVDs have been produced and given to the participants of
school of Menemi (Dendropotamos) and the solidarity shelter for young the other NGOs.
people in Thessaloniki. Both places implemented the project.
Then we cooperated with the theatre studio « Aitheroploo » and the • July 2009: filming of the first scene of the documentary video in the
actress Barbara Doumanidou; this way we have been able to use theatre streets of the community. All the young participants of this project took
games as a mean to achieve a group cohesion. part in this activity. The young Renan had the chance to handle the video
The group meetings occur every Monday. camera.
Editing of the images done. With the filming of a new scene and the
• Praksis (Fotini Kelektsoglou and Daphné Toutiou, social workers) participation of the young Renan Ferreira, new scenes have been edited,
coordinates the group along with the cooperation of the actress Barbara which deal with young pregnancy.
Doumanidou who leads the workshop. On a voluntary basis, she teaches 25.07: Meeting- Workshop about the journalism and the production of
us the know-how of theatre games, she provides the premises for the reporting. During this activity, Cassio – facilitator of the activities of the
group meetings. « Aitheroploo » is located in the centre of Thessaloniki. project – invited the reporter Eduardo Marques to teach the group about
We use theatre games to help the youngsters to express their the production of reporting.
thoughts about differences through theatre improvisations. All the young participants were there and they were significantly
• The games were mainly based on the concerns of interested in the subject.
youngsters such as death, war, partying, love, friendship, pain, Eduardo Marques led a real journalism class. By using the young
loss... Those games provided the participants with a creative sense. language, by creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere; a real
Creating a multicultural group was a real challenge for us. exchange of know-how. The differences between an article and a
reporting have been explained, as well as those between a journalistic
• We succeeded in keeping the group together thanks to: photo and an artistic one. He also talked about the use of Internet as a
-Our firmness; we were there for the youngsters every Monday from communication mean – websites, blogs etc.
6pm to 8pm
-Our glitch-free steadiness for the youngsters before and after each • August 2009: Meeting aiming at developing the following topic: the
group meeting Brazilian musical type; which will be a research subject for the reporting.
-The promotion of self-confidence Each Young has been given a sheet of paper, on which he had to write
-Our participation in the group as member while we kept the group three different kinds of Brazilian music, according to his preferences.
under our control Many choices have been made: Pagode, Sama, Funk, Rock, Forro... We
-Theatre games which were a communication mean within the group decided to choose the musical type in favour few people voted, so that
-The friendship and confidence which both helped the developing of the we could research on something they didn’t really know: the Forro.
group. • September 2009: Meeting to evaluate the activities developed in the
frame of the project since it started.
This meeting took place in order to get the opinion of the youngsters
on their participation and the participation of the organisation to the
project, as well as to figure out how it has changed their daily life, their
family life, etc.
Germany: Some of them declared that, before the project, they had some
• 6 girls and 14 boys are in our group, they all have a heavy history. difficulties to communicate within a group, they were not used to respect
the others when they were speaking. They also learnt how to develop a
• We implemented the JRS project on a base of 4weekly hours, the topic as a group.
main aim being the conversation and discussion with the youngsters,
specially about school and social exclusion and prevention of juvenile •Next activity: Release of the movie Morango com Limão, de Adolfo
delinquency. Sarkis, ,

• With other young people who are working on another audiovisual • Objectives: We will deal with the production of an audiovisual work,
project, a part of the JRS group produced a very good movie which and we will develop a stream of thoughts to think about the full scale of
will be edited soon. the project.
Through this short movie, it will be possible to have an idea of the stakes
• We also invited representatives of the neighbourhood of the production and to follow the evolution of the different strategies
and policemen to talk about the situation of youngsters and implemented.
juvenile delinquency, the consequences of a illegal and criminal
behaviour, and how to prevent so.
• We led many various activities with our
youngsters: creation of poster, production of short
spots/films, creative games, speech exercices, Crasic
writing of poems/songs, gardening... Centre Régional d’Actions Sociales, Interculturelles et de Communication
27 rue Dedieu 69 616 Villeurbanne - France
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