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Personal Particulars

Name : Sachin Chhajed

Father’s Name : Rajendra Chhajed
Gender : Male
Date of Birth : 6th May 1983
Languages Known : English, Hindi, Gujarati.
Mailing Address : 14,Dharmvir Society, Behind Kidney Hospital,
Nadiad - 387001.
Phone No. : (R) (0268)2529814
(M) 09890268272

E-mail :,

Projects Undertaken

 Final Year Project on “Restricted Natural Language Conversational User Interface

System for Web-Based Applications.”
Undertaken at
AI Group,
Scope: This project is based on building advanced user interface systems by means of Natural Languages. The
project requires exclusive knowledge about conversational systems and knowledge representation techniques
used in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The project is implemented in Java. The Web Based Application over
which the NLI is built is implemented using JSP which uses MS Access as database which is accessed through
jdbc-odbc interface.

Key learnings:
 Built an approach to work in a professional environment.
 Developing effective natural language interface.

Projects undertaken at college

 “Implementing selective repeat protocol using Turbo C++”.
 “Implementing 3-D Transformations using Java”.
 “Implementing SQL Parser using lex and yacc”.
 “Implementing Water-Jug Problem using Turbo Prolog”.
 “Basic Image Processing Algorithms using VC++”.

Computer Proficiency

 Programming Languages VC++,Java,Prolog,pascal,C,C++,

UML,SQL,Shell Programming
 OS Environment Unix/Linux, Windows 95/98/2000,DOS
 Tools lex and yacc
Interest Areas

 AI, NLP, Advanced UI, DBMS, Computer Networks, Software Testing, Software Engineering,
Software QA, Software Maintenance.

Educational Background

Degree/ Examination Institute/Univ./Board Year of Passing Percentage Remarks

SSC (X) Rachana ,Ahmedabad 1998 82.4 96% in Maths-

(CBSE Board)
HSC (XII) Prerna,Ahmedabad (GSE 2000 71 --
B.E. in Computer Dharmsinh Desai 2004 70 Department Rank
Engineering Institute of 12 out of 160
Technology, Nadiad.

Father's qualification :- Mr.Rajendra Chhajed(B.Tech Electronics REC,WARANGAL).

Brother’s qualification:- Niket Chhajed(B.Tech CS IIT,KHARAGPUR).


 My team got first prize in hardware project presentation in Communique 2003 a National Level Meet of
Computer Science Students, project was “Implementing a hardwired four bit Microprocessor”.

Major Subjects in BE

 Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Networks, Data Base Systems, Object Oriented
Programming, Operating Systems, Advanced Computer Architecture, Computer Organization, Theory
of Computation, Object Oriented Software Engineering.

Co-Curricular Activities

 Attended IITB’s Techfest held in January 2004, an International Level Technical Event.
 Presented a Technical Paper titled “Quantum Computers” in
Communique 2002 and also participated in Programming Contest & Computer Quiz.
 Presented a Technical Paper titled “Internet Firewalls” in Communique 2003.
 Made a Non-Technical paper presentation on “Brain Drain” in ODESSEY,
an inter department Non-Technical Paper Presentation Competition held during cultural week.

 I play Basket Ball, TT, Volley Ball, Cricket , Chess , Carom , Skating.
 I also have interest in debates , Elocution competitions, etc.

I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.

Date: (Sachin Chhajed)