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Floriculture income generation from W. Bengal are

Development and activity in district. selling lower quality
Flower production has Despite of favorable flowers in high rates.
been identified as one water, soil and climatic With lots of analysis
of major income condition and huge and survey, DRDA
generation activity in market demand, there Dhanbad in
Dhanbad district under is no commercial Chairmanship of
SGSY scheme. Gap production of flower is Deputy Commissioner
between demand and happening in Sri Ajay Kumar Singh
supply of flowers is Jharkhand state. West (IAS) has been decided
main reason for Bengal is catering the to take Floriculture as
selection of floriculture demand of flowers in one of leading Income
as one of leading Jharkhand state. Sellers Generation activity for
rural people of district. polyhouse and 2. Open SHG members
Society For Integrated Cultivation. District including male and
Development (SID) an administration started female went to
NGO has been selected this project in Horticulture Training
for implementing this Gobindpur, Tundi, Center (HTC),
floriculture Topchanchi and Talegaoun, Pune,
development project in Baliyapur block. Maharastra for
district. NGO has been Society For Integrated advance training.
authorized for doing all Development is
the related activity like implementing this
selection of project in Gobindpur
beneficiary, formation and Topchanchi Block.
of SHG, Linkage with Initially District
Bank, Skill administration
Development training, provided complete
procurement of loan constructed polyhouse
and subsidy , with irrigation system (SHG members in front of HTC
gate, Talegaun, Pune)
cultivation activity and in 2000 Sq.m of area in
marketing Gobindpur Block. HTC is known as best
arrangement. It has training center in India
also been decided that for floriculture. It was
group of SHGs will great experience for
form a registered villagers.
Producer Company
and all business will be (under construction polyhouse
done under flagship of in Gobindpur)
company. With all
This project has been
these conditions
started with 12 SHGs
(mostly woman based)
Development project
in Gobindpur. There is
has been started in
provision of skill (SHG members at class room at
District. The project HTC pune)
development training
has been divided in
of SHG members Till date total 166 SHG
two parts, 1.
under this program. 34 members from
Cultivation in
Gobindpur and invested for purchasing whole SHG members.
Topchanchi block got of rose and gerbera SHG members are
training at Gobindpur planting material and directors in this
Floriculture Center planting material company and they take
located at Gobindpur purchased from the final decisions.
by best faculties from Banglore. Cultivation Entire process of this
Birsa Agriculture practice started in project is new and
University. month of January innovative, and this
2009. Mainly two program creating
flowers Gerbera and impact upon villagers.
Dutch Rose has been Now they have started
taken for cultivation in feeling, empowered
this polyhouse. and influencing other
villagers to participate
(SHGTraining at Floriculture
in this kind of govt.
Center, Gobindpur, Dhanbad) sponsored schemes.
Villagers do their
Bank of India, leading
banking operations by
bank of district decided
themselves. Flower
to finance this project
(Bed prepration under came out in the market
and sanctioned loand
Polyhouse) for sale in the month of
of Rs. 25 Lakhs under
May and afterward it
SGSY scheme which In the month of Apr
has started changing
includes 50 % subsidy 2009 a Producer
lives of associated
from DRDA. Initially company named as
SHG members. Now
Bank gave Rs. 5.75 Gobindpur Flower
SHG members have
Lakhs. Producer Company
been started earning
Limited, under
money from this
company registration
business and also
act has been registered
started making
for doing floriculture
repayment of loans.
business. According to
Main objective of this
(Loan distribution by CM Sri Sibu Soren) our information this is
program is to provide
first Producer
Planting material average sustained
Company based upon
worth Rs. 3.75 lakhs monthly income of
Rs.4000 per SHG project and sanctioned unit in Gobindpur is
members in next 3 3 more floriculture already working
years. project for Gobindpur, successfully another
and planning to make a unit in Topchanchi and
floriculture hub in Tundi is about to start
Gobindpur and and three units are
authorized SID to take under construction in
over the floriculture Gobindpur. Another
project in Tundi block. Govt Employment
It is estimated that now Scheme NREGA is
approx 650 SHG also supporting these
members will be projects. For fulfilling
associated and water requirements for
benefited by Five units open cultivation pond
of Polyhouse and open construction under
(Flowers in Polyhouse)
field cultivation. Out NREGA is proposed.
SHG members are of which 4 polyhouse Gerbera and Roses are
convinced that this is located in Gobindpur already producing in
program will change and 1 in Topchanchi. Polyhouse. Carnation,
their life and financial And all these SHG Gladulious, Tuberose,
necessities. Till date members will also take Marigold, Erica Palm,
approx, flower of members ship of and few other flower
worth Rs. 3 Lakhs has Gobindpur Flower crops will be taken in
been sold and approx Producer Company other units. Cultivation
Rs. 2 Lakhs has been Limited and all in open field is also
distributed among business will be done about to start in 6
SHG members. All the under this Producer Acres of area. Land
SHG members are also Company only. leveling has already
having personal District Administration been started. Turnover
account and they is providing of Gobindpur Flower
receives money via infrastructure of worth Producer Company
cheque. District Rs. 1 crore 80 Ltd. Is estimate approx
administration has also thousands, as 2 Crores 80 Lakhs Rs.
recognized the success Polyhouse and in intial one and half
and impact of this irrigation system. One years including sale of
flowers from all Six it will cross over 4 start making profit of
polyhouse and open Crores. It is also at least 2.35 crores per
field ,and after 2 years estimated that Co. will annum after 2 years.

In first pic from left Deputy commissioner,Dhanbad (Sri Ajay Kumar Singh with Commissioner ( Sri
A.K.Pandey) and Madam Commissioner at polyhouse and second pic Deputy commissioner,Dhanbad (Sri
Ajay Kumar Singh at inauguration of polyhouse.

General Manager, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Mr. G.M Panda visited
floriculture center located at Gobindpur Dhanbad on 22nd January 2010. He was
accompanied by Mr. Chandan Kumar AGM, RBI, Ranchi. Mr. Panda was very
impressed with our work, he also praised our model. He was very impressed with
quality of Gerbera flower. Mr. Panda interacted with SHG members who are
involved in floriculture project. SHG members provided all the details he asked.
He was impressed that all the members are having individual saving accounts in
banks and they are getting all the money from Gobindpur Flower Producer
Company from Cheque. He also inspected quality of food products which has been
made by SHG members who were getting training upon food processing at training
center. Mr. Panda also assured that NABARD will also support this project. DRDA
Director, Dhanbad, Sri Naresh Kumar Singh, Lead District Manager from Bank of
India, Sri Sudhir Sharma, Zonal Manager of Bank of India, Sri Asim Kumar Sinha,
BDO of Gobindpur block Mrs. Smrita Kumari, Chairman of Society for Integrated
Development (SID) Sri Amit Kumar Sinha, District Project Coordinator of SID Sri
Chandrashekhar Pandey were present during visit of GM.
In first pic from left General Manager, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Mr. G.M Panda visiting poly house and
second pic press clipping of floriculture program.

Under this project we have a long term plan, which includes starting of decoration
business, retail chain, export and state of arc training center. Till now flowers are
selling in Dhanbad and Ranchi market only but we are planning to cover whole
Jharkhand state. All credits of success of this project go to District and block
administration, villagers and hardworking staffs of Society For Integrated
Development and cooperation of bank.