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The Nassau
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Teen burglary
the Nassau County
with Are you ready
to rumble?
Sheriff’s Office arrested
two teen burglary sus-
pects after a traffic stop
on Wednesday, January
Dispatchers received

Joseph Claxton
a burglary in progress
call at Diamond Street Wrestling event comes to Hilliard
Burglary cont. on page 4
By Lauren Jones “She’s something

Hit and run Editor

Hilliard Middle-Senior High School’s

else. I don’t get near her.
I’ll tell you that,” Marcs said of Samantha
gym was transformed into a wrestling arena For the Southern States Title, Mad Dog

Lauren Jones/The Nassau News

on Saturday night. The gym filled up with Miller beat Jonathon Wells. “Rock and Roll”
fans from all over the county of all ages. The Chris Turner was beat by Kevin Toole.
country music blared as the fans waited with Marcs says it takes a lot of time and mon-
anticipation for the fights to begin. ey to keep the events going but it’s worth
Continental Championship Wrestling it. He likes doing some promoting for the
(CCW) based in Northeast Florida put on company and says it is nice to be able
the “Stampede 2010,” showcasing their to travel throughout of the southeast,
wrestlers who competed in the main event including Geaorgia, Alabama, North
for a $10,000 prize. Carolina, South Carolina and Ten-
CCW started in Nassau County in the nessee. They mostly put on events in
By Shirley Fountain early 1990s. Their events draw on average the small towns, but he says they are
300 to 500 fans. Julian Marcs, a wrestler always a success.
A Callahan resident called police around with CCW says they are a great wrestling Marcs came to the area a year ago with
6 a.m on Friday, January 29 after a driver company. They work with many nonprofit his brother from California. He always has
lost control on Roy Booth driving through
one resident’s yard. The driver crossed Point organizations around the area and give back wanted to wrestle since he was a little kid
South Road, tore down another resident’s to the community. They work with Fern- watching it on television. Marcs and his
fence and hit a pine tree. Without any con- andina Beach Football, Hilliard Middle- brother started researching wrestling organi-
sideration for Mr. Beauregard’s property, the Senior High School Football, the police de- zations around the country and heard a lot
driver decided to leave the scene. The driver partment and with the “Say No to Drugs” of great things about CCW and knew it had
was driving a two-toned Ford F250, either campaign. a great impact on a lot of wrestlers. After out I didn’t. I owe a lot to him.
beige and blue or beige and black in color. training some in their hometown of Corona, CCW provides training on how to mini-
The damage is estimated at $1600. Chris Turner started refereeing for CCW
when it started in Nassau County and then CA, they packed everything they owned and mize pain and to go with the fall. The wres-
began wrestling a journeyed for Florida to start tling moves are all authentic and Turner says
year later. training with CCW. He and his their wrestlers are real athletes.
“I’m real brother met Chris Turner The wrestling business varies from show
proud of what and instantly knew they to show and from different levels of popular-
were supposed to be ity. But for Marcs, he says he does well and
there with CCW. it, “gets the job done.” Marcs, who is part
“Chris made me of the Marcs Brothers tag team was quite
who I am. I thought proud of winning the match on Saturday.
I knew it all when I There were around 300 fans at the “Stam-
met him. It turns pede 2010” on Saturday.

they do,”
Turner said of ABOVE: Mad Dog Miller finishes off Jonathon Wells.
CCW working with
nonprofits around the LEFT: Samantha Steele spins around and drops Riot in a match Riot lost.

Permit No. 50


The main event, the

Stampede 2010
battle royal, consisted of
about 20 wrestlers in
the ring all at once. The
winner is the last one
standing. The seven-

foot tall Khaos won

the $10,000.
Other events
included the Samantha Steele beat Riot in the women’s showdown.
competition for Blain Rage beat Shane Chung
the tag team
titles, with the
Mad Dog Miller beat Jonathon Wells for the Southern States Title
Marcs Broth- The Marcs Brothers beat Dynasty in the Tag Team title
ers and Dy- Shane Miles beat Otto Riley

nasty, with the

Marcs brothers Kevin Toole beat “Rock and Roll” Chris Turner
Yulee, FL 32041

gaining the title.

P.O. Box 837

Kaos won the battle Royal and took home the $10,000 prize
In the women’s
event, Samantha
Steele kept her ti- *Andy Phillips and Mark Falcone were referees.
tle beating Riot.
2 THE NASSAU NEWS | February 4, 2010



Crystal moved to Callahan John Fournier moved to the

when she was in third grade. area in 1973 with his parents.
She graduated from West He grew up in Fernandina and
Nassau in 2003. She likes graduated from Fernandina
living in Callahan because it’s High School. After high
small, quiet and a perfect spot school he felt called to join
to raise her son Dominik. Her Youth with a Mission, (YWAM).
Following are upcoming public son is 20 months old and the It was there that he married
center of her life. Some of his wife Kamie. They had
meetings in Nassau County.
the things she and her son gone to high school together.
enjoy doing are going to the “I liked her, but she didn’t like
park and shopping. “He loves me.” She obviously changed
chambers at the James S. Page Crystal Ott to shop, he likes Wal-Mart the John Fournier her mind.
Government Complex, 96135 Nassau best.” Crystal works at the While John was in Miami he
Callahan Fernandina Beach
Place in Yulee. They can be reached at Dollar General in Callahan and got a job at the airport there
904-491-7380.) has been working there for and was eventually transfered
about a year and a half. to Daytona and then to Jacksonville. He and Kamie have
6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 8 While she does enjoy that this is a family oriented town, four children, Abbey, the oldest, Gigi and Julie, the twins and
Crystal is often frustrated at the lack of things for her and her Graham, the youngest who is pictured with John.
9 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 10
son to do. “When I get off work I don’t want to have to drive John likes living in Fernandina because it’s a great place
an hour just to do something with my son.” Even though to raise a family and he loves the beach. All of his kids love
SCHOOL BOARD (Nassau County she does take her son to the park a lot, she does wish it was a playing basketball here. The only thing he doesn’t like are
School Board District Office building, little nicer. “This town could stand to be cleaned up a little.” the condition of the roads, especially on A1A.
1201 Atlantic Ave., Fernandina Beach,
unless otherwise noted. They can be
reached at 904-491-9900)

6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11

6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 25
Greg just moved to Hilliard Josiah moved to Yulee last
about a month and a half ago July from the panhandle area.
FERNANDINA BEACH CITY from Interlachen in Putnam He lives with his sister who
COMMISSION (Their office can be county. He moved to Hilliard moved here when she got a
reached at 904-227-7305.) to be closer to his girlfriend, job as an air traffic controler.
Sarah Holmes. Interlachen Josiah is currently enrolled
6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 16 is smaller than Hilliard, so at FSCJ where he is working
6 p.m. Tuesday, March 2 Greg has been enjoying to study engineering. He
having more to do. Greg enjoys math, which is why he
CALLAHAN TOWN COUNCIL (Their likes spending time with his thought engineering would
girlfriend, going to King’s
office can be reached at 904-879-3801.) be a good fit for him. When
Bar in Hilliard and fishing in
Greg Jones Fernandina Beach. “No one
Josiah Anderson he finishes at FSCJ he will
7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18 Yulee either go on to FSU or UNF,
Hilliard bothers you here and you depending on how attached
7 p.m. Monday, March 1 don’t have to worry about your he becomes to the area.
lines getting tangled up.” Josiah doesn’t like the beach,
HILLIARD TOWN COUNCIL (Their Greg has been most impressed with the hospitality of his so he’s still working to find things to do in the area. He loves
office can be reached at 614-876-7361, new neighbors and community. “Everyone is so polite and Thai food and often eats at Lanna Thai Cuisine in Yulee.
nice. As soon as I meet them they treat me like they have
ext. 789.) Josiah is a movie buff and enjoys making his own funny
known me for years.” movies.
7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 4 Greg was just hired to start working at the Dollar General in Josiah is currently working at the Target in Yulee and enjoys
Hilliard. the fact that it’s close to home, only a mere two blocks.
7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 18

The Nassau News

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I was curious about the newspaper not was short with me on the phone. He didn’t dren at the primary school and that means I
Distribution / Sales: Shirley Fountain being delivered to the schools anymore, so mind if there were newspapers at the school, get two papers, but sometimes I need two of
Creative Director: Jessica Woodrum I called the superintendent, and spoke with but they were not to be handed out to each them. I wonder how other parents feel about
the secretary. She said that he felt that it was student to be taken home. this, or if they even care, or if they are aware
FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION not the students’ responsibility to “deliver” Now, from a parent’s stand point, I don’t that it has stopped.
the newspapers to their houses. Honestly, she really understand this. Yes, I have two chil- Nan in Yulee
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February 4, 2010| THE NASSAU NEWS 3

Obituaries Quality of life = rich in soul

Woodrow Gloria Ann The author, Richard Fulghum,
well known for his writing of All
holy, we have the capacity to notice
that which is beautiful and holy in

Fullwood Mullen
that I Know I Learned in Kinder- everyday life. May we open our eyes
garten says, “Soul is found in the and see the holiness around us.
quality of what I am doing. If my Clean Out Clutter. Many activi-
Woodrow Fullwood, 92, Gloria Ann Mullen, 50, of Yulee passed activities have a sense of truth and ties in our busy lives fill our time
away Saturday morning, January 30 at Bap- integrity, if they are deep in mean- and thoughts, distracting us from
of Yulee passed away Tues- ing, then they are rich in soul, and the work of our soul. Reconnecting
day morning, January 26, tist Medical Center in Fernandina Beach. so am I.” with our soul may mean getting rid
2010 at Baptist Medical Center in Fernandi- She was born May 10, 1959 in Jackson- The path to the soul is different Pastorally of some of the obstacles that come
na Beach. He was born June 4, 1917 in Su- ville and moved to Yulee in 1970. She was for each of us – what brings the Speaking between us and our awareness of
a member of the 1977 graduating class of holy aaahhhh or the mysterious ah- what is sacred. Our call is to recog-
wannee County, Florida and moved to Nas-
Fernandina Beach High School. Mrs. Mullen ha can range from music to poetry, Rev. Mary nize the divine and spiritual nature
sau County in the 1930s. He attended Five was a veteran of the U. S. Navy and served
Points Baptist Church and was a deacon at from people to places, from faith to Kendrick Moore of our being and our soul. To do
under NATO Command as well as with fun. What I have learned is that I that, we sometimes need to unlearn
Pine Grove Baptist Church. He was a veteran drug interdiction forces in the Caribbean. don’t have those moments when I rather than learn – to unlearn fear,
of World War II, serving with the U. S. Army She was a devoted wife, mother and daugh- am too busy and distracted. So go ahead – violence, greed, ego or power. When we do,
as a corporal and was involved in eight island ter and was an outstanding grandmother. take some time and create a little space for we make room for the depth of spiritual wis-
campaigns in the South Pacific. Mr. Fullwood She was proud to be a retired military vet- your soul to stretch out a bit, to wake up a dom within us. Negative thinking may be
loved and cared for his family and made sure eran. She was predeceased by two daughters, little, to speak a still small voice. one of the worst culprits, pulling us down as
they all had what they needed. Family came Christie Tate and Brenda Burch; her father, Pay Attention. Everything in the world has if through a funnel into a state of darkness
Brownie Yonn; and a brother, Walter Yonn. the fingerprints of the soul on it. There is ho- and blame. The challenge is to learn to live in
first with him. He was always concerned for liness in the sunset and nature that touches the present moment.
his brothers and sisters and their children. He Survivors include her husband of 20 years,
Larry Mullen of Yulee; three sons, Keith us easily. When we concentrate on finding Seek Your Destiny. We nourish our soul by
was a gentle man of pure heart and a giving Mullen of Jacksonville, David Tate (Angie) good, we can discover that our life becomes fulfilling our destiny, by developing the po-
spirit. His family describes him as a living of Yulee and Jonathan Tate (Karen), also more filled with gratitude. If we are rooted
witness to the scriptures. He also enjoyed the of Yulee; two daughters, Pamela Mullen of in the belief that everything God created is Rich in soul cont. on page 5
Atlanta Braves and the Florida Gators. Mr. Jacksonville and Amanda Hatton (Greg) of

Test Your Knowledge

Fullwood was predeceased by his wife, Beat- Callahan; her mother, Ester Yonn of Yulee;
rice Fullwood, who passed away in 2000 and mother in law, Helen Mullen of Fairmont, TRIVIA BY MAGGIE
by six brothers and four sisters. He is survived VA; one brother, Timothy Yonn (Angie) of
by two sons, James Quincy Harris (Judy) and Yulee; a sister, Denise Norfleet, also of Yulee; “THE TRIVIAMEISTER”
Earl R. Harris, all of Yulee; six grandchildren 10 grandchildren; many aunts, uncles, cous- 1. Which US state has “Famous 4. What is the world’s largest
and four great grandchildren. Funeral serv- ins, nieces, nephews and friends. Funeral Test your knowledge
Potatoes” on its license plates? living lizard?
services were held Wednesday, February 3, in every Wednesday at
ices were held on Friday, January 29 at the
the Stephens Chapel at Green Pine Funeral 2. How old would Elvis Presley 5. For Kids Only: Teddy bears 7 p.m. at the
River of Praise Worship Center with Pastors Home with Rev. Terry Hicks officiating. In- have been on his birthday were named after which US Crab Trab in
Pat Ennis and Larry Osburn officiating. In- terment followed in Jacksonville National downtown
anniversary in Jan 2010? President?
terment followed at Green Pine Cemetery Cemetery with Military Honors provided by Fernandina Beach.
with Military Honors. Condolence messages the U S. Navy. Condolence messages may be 3. What is the name of the trophy . Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt (One of these
may be left at left at Arrange- won at the Super Bowl? 4. Komodo Dragon 5 questions will be
Arrangements by Green Pine Funeral Home, ments by Green Pine Funeral Home, Amelia featured at the next
3. Vince Lombardi Trophy
Island, Fernandina Beach, Yulee.
ANSWERS: 1. Idaho 2. 75 trivia show.)
Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Yulee.

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Stable Milk
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Amelia Island, Online Obituaries & Condolences at

Fernandina Beach, Yulee GREEN PINE
Nassau CouNty’s oNly Full serviCe FUNERAL HOME & Cemetery 904-261-0876
4 THE NASSAU NEWS | February 4, 2010

Two teens
arrested for
These reports are based on information supplied by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office. Anyone whose name appears in the reports can contact The Nassau
News if the case is dismissed, charges are reduced, or they are acquitted of the charges. Call 225-5100, or e-mail
burglary Please be prepared to provide documentation of the developments.
Cont. from page 1
MONDAY, JANUARY 25 Ricky Labigang, 50 of Yulee: dis- THURSDAY, JANUARY 28 FRIDAY, JANUARY 29
orderly intoxication and obstruct-
Jeffery Herrin, 29 of Yulee: driving ing justice. Debbra Tripp, 39 of New Port Justin Lambert, 29 of Hilliard: in Yulee. As detectives and deputies
with a suspended license. Richey, FL: attempted trafficking domestic battery. headed to the home, they spotted the
Karl Davis, 44 of Fernandina of controlled substance.
Gerald Morgan, 36 of Fitzgerald, Beach: battery and criminal Mark Cockran, 44 of Fernandina vehicle said to have been seen leaving
GA: driving with a suspended mischief. Glenn Long, 20 of Jacksonville: Beach: DUI. the area and stopped the driver.
license. felony battery and assault. They found a computer monitor,
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27 Waylon Wilder, 29 of Fernandina jewelry, an X-Box game system, pill
Untray Robinson, 35 of Jackson- Owen Wiggins, 25 of Fernandina Beach: driving with a suspended bottles and other items in the vehi-
ville: domestic battery. He hit his Jason Powers, 33 of Fernandina Beach: burglary to a residence and license as a habitual offender. cle. They questioned Brandon Joseph
wife while driving on S.R. 200. Beach: domestic battery. grand theft.
SATURDAY, JANUARY 27 Claxton, 18, of Yulee and a 16-year-old
William Fincher, 25 of Plantation, Phillip Warlick, 32 of Callahan: Tommy Wells, 22 of Fernandina male from Yulee.
FL: grand theft. DUI. Beach: burglary to a residence and Edwin Gaedamez, unknown, Both suspects were questioned sepa-
grand theft. failure to stop for inspection and rately after the stop. After their rights
TUESDAY, JANUARY 26 Bennett Teric Roberts, 19 of not having a driver’s license. were read to them, they agreed to talk
Fernandina Beach: possession of Teresa Bullard, 39 of Callahan: to the officers.
Terrance Baker, 30 of Fernandina marijuana, resisting an officer and contributing to the delinquency Lorenzo Perkins, 43 of Callahan:
Beach: domestic battery. carrying a concealed weapon. of a minor. aggravated battery using a deadly Both suspects broke a window to en-
weapon. ter the home and stole over $300 worth
Jason Englund, 27 of Fernandina Ervin Fouts, 42 of Yulee: battery. Linda Willard, 59 of Callahan: of property.
Beach: disorderly intoxication in writ of attachment – contempt of SUNDAY, JANUARY 31 Claxton told the officer they had
a public place while causing a Paul Thomas, 38 of Yulee: not court. just left Home Depot prior to being
disturbance. having a driver’s license. Jason Harris, 31 of Hilliard: DUI. stopped, but later confessed to the rob-
Quinton Willard, 64 of Callahan:
Jonathan Shearer, 43 of Callahan: Tasha Williams, 27 of Waycross, writ of attachment – contempt of Keith Freeman, 39 of Yulee: DUI. bery and to another burglary, on the
criminal mischief. GA: grand theft. court. same day, at a home on Burmeister
Mitchell Boyett, 48 of Callahan: Road in Yulee. Both suspects stole stole
Andre Walker, 21 of Hilliard: Gary Nelson, 48 of Hilliard: pos- Jessica Moughton, 23 of Yulee: affray and resisting an officer. jewelry, two guns, a flat-screen compu-
cocaine sale and possession. session with intent to sell cocaine false report of a crime. ter monitor, pill bottles, a Playstation,
and cocaine sell schedule II. Dallas Johnston, 40 of Yulee: DUI. three cell phones and other items. Ac-
Tommy Wells, 22 of Yulee: home Reinaldo Nunez, 29 of Jackson-
invasion robbery and battery on Timothy Higginbotham, 43 of ville: driving with a suspended Tangee Walker, 43 of Hilliard: sale cording to the arrest report, Claxton
person over 65 years of age as well Yulee: theft by deception, bringing license. and delivery of cocaine. said he was given some money and that
as violation of parole. stolen property to Florida from his co-defendant took the rest of the
Camden County, GA. Lloyd Touchton, 22 of Bryceville: Lamarr Parrish, 30 of Yulee: bur- property to his residence where they
Casey Ridenour, 19 of Woodbine, domestic battery and criminal glary of a structure with persons hid it in the woods.
GA: possession of marijuana and Carleatha Childs, 48 of Jackson- mischief. inside. Claxton faces several charges includ-
possession and use of narcotic ville: DUI with serious injury, DUI
equipment. with property damage and reck- Steven Tasker, 37 of Winter Jennifer Richert, 35 of Fernandi- ing two counts of burglary and one
less driving with serious bodily Springs, FL: sale and delivery of a na Beach: two counts of obtaining count of grand theft. He is currently
Rodney Odum, II, 23 of Fernandi- injury. controlled substance. a controlled substance by fraud held in the Nassau County Detention
na Beach: possession of marijuana and two counts of trafficking a Center on a bond of $70,008. The ju-
and possession of narcotic equip- Tracy Britt, 35 of Callahan: battery controlled substance. venile suspect is being held in the Juve-
ment. on person over 65 years of age. nile Assessment Center in Jacksonville.

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February 4, 2010| THE NASSAU NEWS 5

Teaching the next generation

about what is important
With the the 2009-2010 school year try is the freedom to have and express your

The history of cosmetology

roughly half finished, students and parents own opinion. Some may voice their opinion
pretty much know what supplies they will on what they think something means, but
need to finish out the school year on a good may not be entirely accurate. Again, that is
note. More pencils, paper, folders, or maybe why we, as parents, need to take an active
even a fresh backpack to keep our children in part in our child’s learning, and take advan- Cosmetology is the art and science of beau- dye extracted from the leaves of an ornamen-
good learning condition. tage of the resources we have to ensure the tifying the skin, nails and hair. The study tal shrub and is still used today.
When a parent thinks of school shop- information we are teaching our children is of cosmetics is a term from the Greek word Here’s a good conversation topic for the
ping, these items are usually the correct. “kosmetikos.” The term barber next party. The barber pole originates
first things to come to mind. Al- When studying these docu- derives from the latin “barba,” from an old medical procedure called
though these are very important for ments, we have an obligation to meaning the beard. Haircutting “bloodletting.” The patient would
the student to have, there are three our children and future genera- and style were practiced in the tightly hold the pole while some
other items you may want to pick tions to keep the integrity of the glacial age. Tools were shaped blood was let for medicinal purposes.
up - a copy of The Declaration of documents’ purposes and mean- from flint, oyster shells and The white towels were used to stop
Independence, The U.S. Constitu- ings. I cannot stress enough how bone. Animal sinew or strips of the bleeding and would be wrapped
tion, and The Bill of Rights. These important these three documents hide were used to tie the hair around the pole. You can tell I’m a lot
documents are just as important to have been, and are, to the con- back. of fun at a party!
our children’s learning experience tinuation of this great nation we The Egyptians were the first The first evidence of nail care comes
as rulers, notebooks, pencils, and All Politics call home. to cultivate beauty in an extrava- Beauty from over 5,000 years ago in Egypt
paper. The Declaration of Independ-
By introducing our children to Considered ence was signed by 56 different
gant style. Ancient records de-
scribe barbers serving nobility
Tips and China. The color of a person’s
nails were a sign of social rank. Kings
these American documents dur- Lamar Williams representatives from the 13 Unit- over 6,000 years ago. Egyptians Thomas Hughes and queens wore deep red while those
ing school age, they will absorb the ed States of America. The decla- applied cosmetology for personal of lesser rank wore pale colors. In Chi-
information quicker, and they will ration was unanimous. Once you grooming, religious ceremonies and burials. na, nails were either red or black.
have many resources to answer any ques- read and understand why our forefathers felt Coloring was made from berries, tree bark, Next time: more history (I am a Nerd).
tions they may have about our rights and our the need to declare our independence from insects, leaves and herbs. Eye paint was most Until then, the prettiest feature will always
country’s principles. Great Britian, you’ll understand how impor- popular and made from henna. Henna is a be your smile.
Schools have many resources, from library tant this action was. King George III caused
books to teachers and counselors, not to and allowed many terrible things to happen
discount the importance of parents sharing here before this declaration, as is stated in
in their reading and discussing these docu- The Declaration of Independence.
ments. Parents have an unbelievable amount The Constitution is the framework for
Rich in soul Cont. from page 3
of influence on their children, but so do which our country was built. It was 11 years tential that the soul within us yearns for. It’s the feeling of rightness when we find the intersection
teachers and counselors. By us parents taking after the Declaration of Independence, and between our great passion and the world’s great need. To be soulful means to go against all the
an active part in helping our children learn four years after Americans won the Revolu- pervasive, prove-yourself values of our culture and instead treasure what is unique and internal
about the history of this greatest nation on tionary War, when a small group of delegates and valuable in yourself and how you meet the world. What in your life brings you joy, where do
earth, The United States of America, and its convened in Philadelphia to create a charter you see beauty and where are you creative?
founding principles, we can make sure the for governing our nation. The United States Like life, I believe the journey into the depths of our soul is a continual cycle, somewhat like the
knowledge they are gaining is correct and not established an earlier constitution in 1781, seasons. Like spring, there is a time of opening up. Like summer, things come to great fruition.
misconstrued. the Articles of Confederation,  which was a Like fall, things can go out in a blaze of glory. And in winter, the seed is in the dark ground and
I believe most teachers and counselors result of the same motion in 1776 that led to can’t be seen. Each day and each year can find us touching any of these seasons of the soul. May
would never intentionally mislead a child, the Declaration of Independence. we live with open eyes, ears and hearts that open the door to our soul.
just as I believe the same about most politi- The Articles of Confederation proved to Rev. Mary Kendrick Moore is the pastor of New Vision Congregational Church, a new church in
cians, but it never hurts to confirm for your- have many faults, and was eventually re- Yulee affiliated with the United Church of Christ. For more information, visit www.NewVisionCon-
self what is taught or told to your child. In placed by our United States Constitution.
some cases, the teacher or counselor may This took place on Sept.17, 1787.
have been misled themselves, without know- The Bill of Rights are the first 10 amend-
One of the greatest things about our coun-
Politics cont. on page 8
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6 THE NASSAU NEWS | February 4, 2010

When it comes to fishing there is always more to learn

I made it a point this year to not The red would chase bait shrimp
only pay attention to fish this year up onto the rocks while the egret
but to learn more about them as would scatter them back into the
well. Having fished essentially my water. They repeated this process for
entire life I thought I had all the over an hour like a couple of profes-
bases covered. I was wrong. Even if I sionals. Several times the red would
do learn something everyday about even bump into the egret and the
fishing there will still be plenty left egret would spook and fly up which
untouched. would spook the red as
What I focused on well. They would return
this year was fish feed- to work after mere seconds
ing patterns and finding though.
signs of where they are I would have never in a
feeding at. I spent more million years believed that
time watching than ac- an egret and a fish would
tually fishing and it has not only share feeding hab-
certainly paid off. The its but work as a team to
best lesson I learned was Nassau round up bait. I soon left
actually not in a boat but Outdoors only to wander if this was
at work. Ryan Conner an isolated incident. After
I am lucky enough to thinking about the scenar-
work at a facility that is io the rest of the afternoon
located on the water and spend the I went back the next day to see if
majority of my time there working it happened again. Not only was
over grass flats and small creeks. On there one red but an entire school of
one of my glorious days at work them feeding on the bulkhead with
(wishing that I was fishing instead, some added egrets lending a helping
might I add) I saw a bird hopping hand.
along the inside of a bulkhead. The I have watched several schools of
small egret was feeding along a ten- reds feed with birds at fin on the
foot section of rocks and oysters. Af- flats while at work on numerous oc-
ter about ten minutes I took a break casions. This has caused me to pay “The red would chase bait shrimp up onto the rocks while the
and walked over to see what the bird more attention to the bird’s actions
was feeding on. while I am out on the water fishing. egret would scatter them back into the water.”
I realized after a short period that A bird is certainly easier to spot than
there was a shadow beside the bird a fish and, from my observations,
that did not look like the outline of is a great sign that a fish is lurking have to lose? If you do not find a puppy drum are one of the few fish Cross your fingers for some bet-
an egret. I slipped on my polarized nearby. huge school of red fish nibbling still being caught in numbers right ter weather and a water temperature
shades to get rid of the glare com- I am not going to guarantee a at the bird’s feet, get your cast net now along with sheepshead. The change. When it happens, the fish
ing off of the water. That’s when I bite when you see birds feeding but ready because there is most likely sheepshead are being caught on are going to feed like crazy with or
noticed the shadow was not a shad- I can assure you that the possibil- some bait cruising around. old structure with crabs, clams and without the birds.
ow at all but a red fish feeding. The ity is there. With the trout season If you can not find any red fish shrimp. This weekend will be a great Until next time enjoy all your
egret and red were actually working closed for the month and the red drop some shrimp in your favorite time to catch them with the last of outdoor activities and be safe out
together. fish barely eating at all what do you hole to pick up a few drum. The the outgoing tide in the morning. there.

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February 4, 2010| THE NASSAU NEWS 7

Real estate agent follows dream of owning own store

By Lauren Jones purse for around $70.
Editor The boutique is separated into three rooms,
each one named after her three children; Brit-
Betty Hodges always wanted to own a con- tany’s Boutique, Brianna’s Room and Tyler’s
signment boutique, but never had the moti- Room. Each have their own theme and are
vation to make it happen. But one day about unique from each other. The hallways in be-
a year ago, the inspiration came to her on a tween has a desk with coloring materials for
drive through the small towns of Georgia, kids to occupy themselves as moms shop.
where she kept seeing consignment shops in The front room has an antique decor and is
each town. all done by Hodges herself. She says she loves
Hodges is now the owner of Abigail’s Attic shopping antique stores and is always bring-
in Kingsland, GA, an upscale consignment ing in new decorations. Sometimes custom-
boutique with a personal and feminine flare. ers ask her if the decorations are for sale. She
Hodges has been in real estate for more doesn’t sell them because they are part of the
than 25 years and owns two other companies. charm that bring people in Abigail’s. The
She possess the skills to market and promote shop is adorned with sequined drapes, flow-
and the experience to start a company. She ers and antique knickknacks.
says she was driving to her mother’s house Hodges says there is something in the bou- Lauren Jones/The Nassau News
one day in Vidalia, GA. She was driving tique for everyone. You don’t have to be of a
certain class to find something you like. Betty Hodges has worked hard to start her dream consignment shop, located at 250 S. Lee St.
through all the small towns to en route to Vi-
dalia and realized they all had some sort of Hodges says she has gotten great feedback (Hwy. 17) in Kingsland, GA. but she says it doesn’t feel like work.
consignment shop. She saw that as a sign to from her customers. They have told her they
finally try and open one of her own. There are were waiting for a boutique such as her’s to
other consignment shops in Kingsland, GA, come up in Kingsland. She always tries to get Hodges says owning a consignment shop building on Highway 17. He told her she was
but not the kind she has always imagined. to know her customers; where they are from is a lot of work but is still like a hobby to her. in luck because that owner wanted to get out
She wanted a place that was homey and and how they heard about her shop. “This let’s me be creative and I’m thankful of his lease. He got the paperwork started for
inviting with affordable, name-brand, high- She plans to host different functions once for it.” her and three months later, Abigail’s Attic was
end clothing. She personally buys most of a month for customers. She wants to have a She says it fell into place perfectly when she open.
the clothing she sells and says she doesn’t put pajama party and a make over. Customers can set out to getting the place started. Once she “Somebody upstairs must have had a hand
anything on the racks that she wouldn’t per- m also sign up to be on an e-mailing list to re- had the idea after leaving her mother’s house in this. I want this to be all I do one day,”
sonally wear. Everything is very gently used.
ceive coupons periodically.
.b that weekend, she called a friend about the Hodges said.
Abigail’s Attic carries everything from Most of her customers have come from
/ je
shoes, jewelry, purses and clothing for ages 10 word-of-mouth and travel from Fernandi-
ss 2
na Beach, Folkston and St. Simon’s Island.
and up as well as men’s and boy’s clothing. ©b

She says a woman can come in and purchase Abigail’s Attic is only a 20-minute drive over
an entire outfit with shoes, accessories and a the state line from Yulee.

©by Jessi-Jess 2008 /

10357 New Kings Rd., Jax., FL 765-9714
Open Mon. - Sat 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Delivery Available 

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Figs, Nectarines, Lemons, Limes, Satsumas, Grapevines Mulch

Kumquats, Tangerines & More. $165/bag Raspberries
Some with Fruit! Strawberries
Persimmons &

Pomegranites Black Kow $399 50 lb. Bag Blackberries


©by Jessi-Jess 2008 /

ess 2008 /
©by Jessi-J

Cutting-edge rehab care

from a company you trust.
To meet our community’s specific
health care needs, Life Care Center 
of Hilliard has developed a state-of-
the-art rehabilitation program, in 
addition to the trusted skilled nursing 
care we provide. Our inpatient  904.845.3988
and outpatient rehab services are  3756 W. Third St.
Hilliard, FL 32046
personalized to help patients regain 
an active lifestyle…faster. Joint Commission accredited
8 THE NASSAU NEWS | February 4, 2010

Congratulations to Callahan Middle School FLIP FLOPS

honor roll students - Keep up the good work! CLOTHES DRIVE
6th Grade 8th Grade Garrett Gerona 7th Grade Jayla Mitchell Taylor Gore
A Honor Roll A Honor Roll Clay Gressman
Keyshawn Grim-
A-B Honor Roll Michael Mixon
Shannon Morgan
Anna Hall
Julia Hamza
Taylor Bell
Lauren Cannon
Lindsey Alexander
Justin Beall
Peyton Guerrin
Breanna Allgeyer
Thomas Allgeyer
Ashley Nieman
Alyssa Nix
Blake Harper
Justin Hendrix
Emalee Christy Nolan Carney Kevin Hemming Cody Anderson Erica Page Ernest Hermann
Anthony Conrique Sarah Colsen Rachel Hewett Noah Bagoius Samantha Page We are collecting clothes for the people of
Jacob Hodges Haiti to be delivered to the Salvation Army
Garett Delano Lindsey Coppola Bryson Hodges Kierran Balcita Destiny Pilotta Marla Hodges
Caitlin Fisher Naomi Coxwell Takoda Hutson Jessica Beall Hannah Plummer in Jacksonville on February 15. Please  e-
Nancy Hodges mail Jonathan Hogue at  flipflops4haiti@
Hubert Fountain Trevor Crosby Todd Johnson Briana Bell Cole Poppell Shelby Holden
Jenna Gainey Amanda Evans Kacie Kelly Meranda Berke Brean Powell for information on dropping
Kenneth Hudson off or having your donation picked up.  We
Dylan Hickox Nathan Evans Katelyn Kicklighter Cheyenne Black David Reed Courtney Jarvis
Lauren Hoggarth Zachariah Hixon Casey Knowles Whitney Boyd Cody Reynolds are asking for shorts, shirt sleeve shirts and
James Johns-White flip-flops. Please offer clean clothes in good
Drew Hood Kaitlyn Lee Brehna Mangold Kara Braddock Remington Rhoden Colleen Kennedy
Wesley Hutcheson Ashley Manning Amber May Michael Broward Cleon Rhymes condition. It is hot and humid in Haiti, and
Caleb Langrell while any donation is appreciated, it seems
Ronald Kaneer Haley Mayr Khalil McDaniel Jacob Burgett Kevin Riddle Brooklyne Lindsey
Trenton Lanning Katy McGrath Dakota McDonald to make sence to send clothes they can wear!
Cody Burroughs Jason Schramm Cody Lockwood The Nassau News office will serve as a
Autumn Lawhon Dillon Pesata Chelsea McFall Myrina Chapman Veronica Smith Macee Lucero
Jared Lewin Hannah Rowe Hannah McGrath drop off location, 463247 St. Rd. 200 in
Zachary Chapman Victoria Smith Arin Marshall Yulee in the Nassau Plaza.
Sarah Mann Quinton Sammons James McGuire Charity Crews Jared Stubbins
Matthew Martin Kyra Temple Tyshawna Melton Heather Martin
Chasity Crews Trenton Thompson Schuyler Mathews
Anika Riddle Legacy Terrell Bleu Mills Arin Crossway Jeromy Tomlinson
Thomas Shumate Richard Underhill Brandon Mitchell Ashley May
Sarah Davis Blake Turpin
Cassie Thompson Jeremy Wesch Adam Murphy Devin McCann
Katilynn Deen Alexandra Wate Dawn Moore
Samantha Waters Caleb Wood Zackary Perret Allyson Elliot Taylor Webb
Jennie Powers Jordan Moyers
Sarah Evans Hailey Windsor
7th Grade 6th Grade Taylor Scott Myranda Francis Josh Young
Terrence Noel Cont. from page 5
A Honor Roll A-B Honor Roll Tiffany Smith Shelbie Nowlin
Megan Gehling Brittany Oldenburg
Anna Spiezio Taylor Griffis 8th Grade ments to the U.S. Constitution. They were
Jenna Blyler Lawrence Albert Kaleigh Suciu Ashley Ponce ratified Dec. 15, 1791. The Bill of Rights re-
Joseph Hall A-B Honor Roll
John Blyler Joshua Allen Haley Summerlin Brandon Harris Garielle Purvis stricts the federal government and its ability
Erin Cooper Taylor Allen Jerry Tackel Kevin Hillaman Elisha Andrews Isabelle Rodriguez to limit certain fundamental rights and pro-
Christopher Cuthrell Darrell Andrews Megan Thompson Ashly Isaacs Taryn Bell Victor Roman cedural matters. As an example, the 9th and
Taylor Daughtry Oriana Arends Hollie Urch Ashton Jaques Brandi Bennett Shelby Sares 10th Amendments make it clear that the
Crystal Kish Halie Bell Tyler Vail Allan Jeebo Joseph Bennett Jacob Savage purpose of our Constitution is to protect
Forrest McClellan Lisa Boyd Samantha Ward Kyla Johnson Aaron Berry Erin Saylor our rights that stem not from the govern-
Nolan McIntosh Barret Burnett Amy Weinstock Toniette Lee Brittani Bishop Kylie Shell ment, but from the people themselves, and
Erin Robertson Gerrit Campbell Danielle Weiscopf Joshua Levasseur Devon Bishop Antonio Simmons the powers of our national government are
Jolene Stubbins Devin Cox Krystal Woods Taylor Mahon Justin Bowie Ashley Suggs limited to only the powers delegated to it by
Matthew Turner Marissa Devereaux Brianna Young Zachary McCue Emily Brannen Mica Sumner our Constitution on behalf of the people.
Hunter Whitty Seth Devereaux Bobby Zelk Mallory McNeese Darby Brooks Colby Sweat So, as you can see, these three American
Katelyn Wildes Emmanuel Escobar Blake Merritt Ryan Bustion Miles Thagard documents quite possibly could be THE
Joshua Gaus Brandi Cunliffe Ashley Thomas most important educational tools we pro-
Robert Delano Joshua Thompson vide to our children. America is the great-
Hunter Drew Jessica Warner est country on the face of the planet, and
Conner Edwards Shelby Wolff we need to do everything we can to ensure
Tyler Faulkner Haley Wright its continuation for our children and future
Dillan Gilliard Reagan Wright generations.
Lamar Williams lives in Nassau County.

Pain & stiffness • School Physicals
from an auto • Sport Physicals

accident? • Auto Accidents/ delivered

We can help! Workers Comp
Callahan ChiropraCtiC/aCupunCture CliniC
(Subway Shopping Center • Callahan, Florida) your
Dr. Daniel R. Weaver 904-879-2209 ONLY
Making healthy choices never looked or
felt so good!
a year
Lose Weight This The Nassau
The Nassau News
New Year Mention
ad for a
Fill out this form and mail it to P.O. Box 837 Yulee, FL 32041.

(904) 261-4318
FREE GIFT! Name ___________________________________________
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Address ___________________________________________
961687 Gateway Blvd. • Suite 101-J • Amelia Island, FL 32034 ___________________________________________
Phone # ___________________________________________

Metal Roofing New Construction & Re-Roofing. Free

Payment Type

 Credit Card  Check

Please make your
check for $30.00 to
The Nassau News.

$1,000 OFF
s Credit Card Information
Name on card ______________________________________
On re-roofing of any mobile home in Hillard or Callahan Billing address ______________________________________
Card # ___________________________________________
Call 226-4225 for more info Certified Roofing Contractor
February 4, 2010| THE NASSAU NEWS 9

Congratulations to the Callahan Intermediate School

honor roll students and perfect attendance achievers
6th Grade 3rd Grade – Perfect 3rd Grade – BUG Club garth, Caitlin Hurst, Cloie Thompson, Chris- Donald Farinella, Car- Haley Porterfield, Erin
A Honor Roll Attendance Destiny Aspinwall, Ray- Haleigh Hutcheson, tian Turman, Ashley leigh Fox, Jordan Hem- Rice, Jillian Savage,
Sophia Barnes, Hunter mond Beaumont, James Brianna Ivey, Karalyn Watts, Halie Wheat, mingway, Kyle Hooks, Roger Smithey, Hanna
3rd Grade All A Baucom, Jordan Booth, Brown, Bryce Busbee, Jennings, Wyatt John- Skylar Whitty, Ethan Kimberly Kaneer, Spradling, Timberlyn
AnnaMarie Conrique, Destinee Brown, Patrick Devin Collins, Payton son, Caleb Johnson, Whitty, Yousef Yousef- Damion Koch, Reb- Terrell, Ryan Thomp-
Justin Dean, Diana De- Bunkley, AnnaMarie Cook, Chloe Crews, Angel Kaylor, Caroline zadeh. becca Kurlin, Fabiola son, Bailea Tomlinson,
Shone, Calee Edwards, Conrique, Chloe Kaylie Crosby, Justin Kennedy, Mackenzie Lauzurique, Nicholas Hailey Wills, Evalis
Katherine Gates, Jace Crews, Justin Curry, Curry, Ashtyn Dixon, Kennison, Jackson 4th Grade – Good Citi- Love, Erin McClellan, Wong-arocho, Taylor
Gressman, Bradly Kraai, Tyler Daughtry, Diana Casey Hall, Jobe Han- Lee, Wyatt Lucovsky, zenship Shawn McGee, Zach-
Alyssa Langrell, Gabe DeShone, Branden nan, Nicholas Hend- Emily McNeill, Brianna Olivia Arenburgh, Gar- ary McNeese, Camryn Woodruff, Venus Young.
Pesek, Faith Powell, Fortner, Katherine erson, Max Hilaman, McRae, Garrett Melton, rett Bell, Carley Boyd, Murray, Kathleen
Hannah Wheeler. Gates, Matthew Gaus, Jessica Hodges, Zach- Jessica Mobley, Ashley Brian Gibbs, Stephanie Myers, Shelby Ogburn, 5th Grade – Good Citi-
Jace Gressman, Jes- ary Hutchinson, Halie Moody, Autumn Perret, Hamilton, Caitlin Amelia Olive, Macken- zenship
3rd Grade – AB sica Grice, Emily Hall, Lloyd, Drew Macabitas, Hannah Raulerson, Hurst, Angel Kaylor, zie Padgett, Cody Page, Kolby Anderson, Alyssa
Gabe Albert, Autumn Casey Hall, Nicholas Staton Parkerson, Cade William Rechenmacher, Ashley Moody, Taylor Austin Painter, Cory Burris, Tyler Burroughs,
Allen, Hunter Barnes, Henderson, Triston Poppell, Dillon Powell, Elijah Regulacion, Han- Soles, Anthony Thomas, Pine, Dylan Ring, Kori Bryan Carter, Matthew
Morgan Baughan, Horn, Garrett Hursey, Haylie Ryals, Jacob nah Regulacion, Joshua Walker Wright. Sares, Jillian Savage, Cuthrell, Christian
Marie Bergeron, Jordan Mckinnlee Lanier, Luke Thornton, Devin Wil- Rowe, Taylor Ryals, Katherine Simpson, Doak, Kimberly Kelly,
Booth, Destinee Brown, Libby, Drew Macabitas, liams, Margaret Wood. Kaitlyn Scheibe, Brandi 4th Grade – BUG Club Timberlyn Terrell, Ryan Madison Taylor.
Brent Burch, Morgan India McDaniel, Gary Selby, Nicholas Singley, Skigh Conner, Da- Thompson, Savannah
Coleman, Jared Collins, Meeks, Kerrigan Miller, 4th Grade All A Maddison Sweat, Wil- kota Depontes, Dalton Williams, Hailey Wills, 5th Grade – BUG Club
Dylan Coxwell, Tyler Wanda Nettles, John Anslley Blitch, Kelli liam Tharpe, Amelia Devevo, Isaiah Foshee, Evalis Wong-Arocho, Donald Atwood, Adam
Daughtry, Amber Davis, Nobles, Rachel Page, Braddock, Branson Thompson, Kellen Dustin Lee, KeKoa Taylor Woodruff. Broughton, Allie Bum-
Michaella Dunsten, Cade Poppell, Kendra Cogan, Brittany Crosby, Tison, Brent Whitaker, Lonas, Taranda McCon-
Parker Ellis, Branden Porterfield, Faith Powell, Yousef Yousefzadeh. nell, Holden McMil- 5th Grade – Perfect garner, Alyssa Burris,
Ryan Kornegay, Lau-
Fortner, Raymanda Cooper Ricketson, ren Mahon, Vincent len, Katalin Patterson, Attendance Bryan Carter, Quinn
Fountain, Emily Hall, Adrian Rowell, Kerstyn Mastrarrigo, Anthony 4th Grade – Perfect Megan Pickett, Shan- Kolby Anderson, Kris- Coxwell, Christopher
Garrett Hursey, Lee Shahan, Edward Smith, Nguyen, Raymond Attendance non Pierce, Joseph tina Barnes, Johnathan Gaynor, Kaitilynn
Jones, Gage Ladson, Nathaniel Sutton, Jacob Pace. Brandon Adams, Logan Schub, Logan Stiles, Beck, Emma Brinson, Guinn, Joshua Havener,
Benjamin Lewin, Luke Thornton, Caleb Webb, Blaise, Chris Bond, Adrian Velasquez, Jaren Austin Browder, Marco Sara Holbrooks, Erin
Libby, India McDaniel, Cody Wilkinson, Chris- 4th Grade – AB Bradley Bowman, Dylan Yancey. Coppola, Matthew Johnson, Lexxie Jones,
Brendan Means, Ker- tian Yoder. Brandi Baker, Serina Brandies, Dawson Cuthrell, Dalton Davis, Cassie Kidd, Cody Kral,
rigan Miller, Dawson Blume, Bradley Bow- Devereaux, Zachary 5th Grade All A Christian Delassus, Charles Lebus, Jasmyn
Murphy, Jasmine Nel- 3rd Grade – Good Citi- man, Adam Boyd, Harris, Madison Hog- Shelby Crews, Haley Elizabeth Dunham, Petersen, Seth Petty,
son, Rachel Page, Bran- zenship Wyatt Clifton, Jacob garth, Emily Holmes, Hursey, Nisha Patel. Shelby Fife, Chris Erin Rice, Roger Smith-
don Plummer, Lawrence Sophia Barnes, Bryce Corliss, Morgan Cox, Travis Holton, Haleigh Fuentes, Tabitha Gray- ey, Nicole Stephan,
Pourciau, Kerry Roy, Busbee, Diana DeS- Raymond Creamer, Hutcheson, Angel Kay- 5th Grade – AB son, Joshua Havener, Austin Stewart, Theresa
Jazmine Schumacher, hone, Angel Howard, Kyler Crosby, Hannah lor, Grant King, Collin Autumn Baker, Hat- Terren Haywood, Haley Thomas, Kaleb Tiner,
Savannah Singleton, Sa- Ashlyn Kirby, Gage Cross, Erica Deditch, Layfield, Noah Linton, tie Baldwin, Kristina Hursey, Kimberly Kelly,
mantha Singley, Lukas Christopher Turner,
Ladson, Chase Mitch- Dawson Devereaux, Wyatt Lucovsky, Hope Barnes, Johnathan Beck, Montgomarie Lanier,
Smack, Edward Smith, ell, Dawson Murphy, Ireland Dodd, Sheryl McGraw, Holden Mc- Haley Bedford, Ashley Devin Lavette, Sean Bridgette VanEtten,
Nicolas Snow, Nathaniel Rachel Page, Kendra Evans, Jesse Farmer, Millen, Brianna McRae, Blume, Emma Brinson, Logan, Denver Luce, Kayla Wiggins, Venus
Sutton, Cayde Temple, Porterfield, Dalton Tay- Thomas Gelaro, Anthony Nguyen, Shelby Caldwell, Zach- Erin McClellan, Cam- Young.
Grant Veto, Bethany lor, Darrian Wright. Dante’ Grant, Steph- Raymond Pace, Alexis ary Chancey, Angelica ryn Murray, Nish Patel,
Walls, Mason Wheeler, anie Hamilton, Briar Potter, Kaitlyn Scheibe, Copher, Marco Cop- Ke’Ana Pennamon, Note: All the names in
Timothy Wiggins, Trace Higginbotham, Dakota Brandi Selby, Heather pola, Matthew Cuthrell, Jasmyn Petersen, Cory this document has been
Wingo. Hodges, Madison Hog- Shahan, Taylor Tarter, Elizabeth Dunham, Pine, Cynthia Pittman, approved for publication.

r aw ford Jewelers

Ladies Get In FREE (21 and up)

99¢ Valentine’s Day

Ladies: Drink FREE 8pm - 12am
(Wells and Drafts only)
Guys: $2 Bud Lights
8:00 p.m. - Midnight
Sale! %
Open OFF
FREE high energy line Y
dance lessons with EVERYDA Saturday,
PBR February
Miss Ashton 8-9:15 $2 16oz. 6 & 13
Owned & Operated by Ray & Andrea Smith 10-5pm


Local ID: 1/2 ENTRY Lay-A-Way Available
Battle of the Sexes Bullriding
(Nassau & Camden Counties with valid ID’s) FREE
Inspection And
$1 16 oz. PBR Cans • $3 Wells $100 prize for the Girl Winner Cleaning
$4 Call • $6 Jager Bombs $100 prize for the Guy Winner In-Store Repairs
& Appraisals
FREE beginner line dance lessons EXTRA $100 to the Girl or Guy GIA Graduate
with Miss Judy from 7-9:00 Ultimate Champion!! Gemologist Open Monday - Friday • 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

96008 Wades Place • Fernandina Beach, FL
Sadler Crossing - 1472 Sadler Rd., Fernandina
904-432-8453 Next to Starbucks • (904) 277-4910
18 to Party, 21 to Drink - Cover Age 18-20: $10 • Age 21 & Up: $5
10 THE NASSAU NEWS | February 4, 2010

GARDEN TALK: Can I cut back my roses now?

Q: Currently I have a lime tree in a shoots will be very vulnerable if and when
pot and I want to plant it outside. When temperatures drop again below freezing.
would be a good time? PB There is a very good chance we will expe-
A: I would suggest you wait until the rience some colder temperatures within the
threat of frost is over. The final date for next few weeks. If you can wait, we would
frost may be sometime between March 15 rather you wait. Removing all the dead ma-
through April 15. Of all the citrus limes terial from perennials can be done but in
are the least cold tolerant. Limes may show some cases the dead material acts as a pro-
cold leaf damage when temperatures drop tective covering for the roots. Perennials will
into the low 40s. Hard freezes, similar to return once temperatures remain consistent-
the ones we experienced in 2009, will most ly warm. Regarding pruning trees or shrubs,
likely destroy the whole tree. However, once you can remove dead branches and stems
they are established, which may take five any time. Pruning during dormant season is
to seven years; they should survive through preferred for many trees. Wait to remove the
most of our winters. It would be important frozen, damaged leaves off citrus or oleander
to protect the young trees through those until end of February or March. It was so
vulnerable early years. If the tree is small cold this year for such a long stretch of days
that I have seen
damage on holly
which would
normally show
none. However,
I will wait to
prune the hol-
ly later in the February is the month to prune roses.
spring. Pruning

azaleas in the

winter would
not be recom-
mended as you

will reduce
the number of
spring flowers.
Q: Do I
Feb 4th - Feb 16th
prune roses CALLAHAN CALLAHAN Friday and Saturday, February 12 and 13
now? NS from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
A: February Thursday, February 4 Book Signing
is the month from 1 to 4 p.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. Cara Curtin will autograph her latest book, Fernandi-
Free Tax Assistance na’s Finest Easter, at the Amelia Island Book Festival
to prune roses. The Nassau County Public Library and the Nassau at St Peter’s Episcopal Church. Come chat with the
This oleander has freeze damage. Landscape Mat- County Council on Aging will host free tax assist- author and learn more about the four books in the
ters, a program ance at the Callahan Branch Library. You must bring Wilson Mystery Series. Go to for
run by the Nas- a photo ID, your social security card and last year’s more information about this series set in Fernandina
enough, cover the whole tree when tempera- sau County Master Gardener volunteers, tax return. Call the Callahan branch library to make Beach.
tures go below forty. Be prepared to remove will be presenting a class on February 10 an appointment at 904-879-3434. Persons with dis-
abilities requiring accommodations in order to par- Tuesday, February, 16 at 6:30 p.m.
the cover when the temperature rises. It at 10 a.m. regarding rose selection, plant- ticipate in this program or activity should contact Young Professionals Council Meeting
would not be beneficial for the plant to stay ing, maintenance and pruning. By water- 904-277-7365, or Florida Relay Service at 1-800-955- The Young Professionals Council of Nassau County
in darkness for any length of time. Limes ing, fertilizing and pruning roses properly, 8771 at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance to (YPC) will be holding its monthly business meeting
and lemons set flowers and fruit throughout you will have the most beautiful and satis- request such accommodation. at the office of Jan M. McCray Flemmons, Attorney
the year as long as temperatures are warm. fying rose garden in the area. Consider at- at Law, 474421 East State Road 200 in Fernandina
They normally have different stages of fruit tending the session, which will be held at Friday, February 12 from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Beach.  All those interested in learning more about
Spaghetti Dinner YPC or becoming involved in the business of the
maturing on the tree. When a freeze occurs, James S. Page Governmental Complex. The The Alliance Women of Friendship Alliance Church group are invited to attend. The goals of YPC include
it would be best to remove any fruit. Some session is free to the public. Come see the invite the public to purchase Yummy Spaghetti Din- networking, professional development, community
people think the young fruit will mature roses being grown in the UF/IFAS Nassau ners to support our Missionary Project.  Dinners will service, and advocacy.  No RSVP necessary and any
later but it will be destroyed by the cold. I County Demonstration garden and how be available for a single - $5.00; Family Special- 5 for questions can be directed to Hillary Sherrill at 904-
would suggest novice home citrus growers easy it would be to add them to your own $20.  Includes Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and des- 277-4997.
to start with a more cold-hardy citrus such landscape. sert.  Call 879-1907. Take out or eat in. Friendship Alli-
ance Church is located at 44491 Mary Sauls Circle, off YULEE YULEE
Satsuma, Ambersweet orange or Limequat. Rebecca Jordi, UF/IFAS Nassau County Pickett Street, just south of Callahan off US. 1. 
We will be having a citrus class which will Horticultural Extension Agent, is a University Saturday, February 6 at 10 a.m.
demonstrate proper pruning on February of Florida faculty member. Extension locations FERNANDINA BEACH
FERNANDINA Registration at 8 a.m.
17 at 10 a.m. at the UF/IFAS Extension are the satellite office at the County Build- Griffin Family Benefit Ride
satellite office. No need to register and the ing in Yulee and the main Extension Office Wednesday, February 10 from 6 to 7 p.m. Join the Nassau County Sheriff ’s Office and the Yulee
class is free. in Callahan. The UF/IFAS Nassau County European American Business Club Meeting Volunteer Fire Department for a ride benefiting Matt
The European American Business Club will hold its Griffin who lost everything in a house fire on Janu-
Q: Can I cut back my perennials and Demonstration Garden is located at the James next meeting at O’Kane’s Pub and Eatery on Centre ary 23. He and his two-year-old son suffered burns.
dead shrubs now? HB S. Page Governmental Complex. Mail ques- Street in Fernandina Beach. They also ask for help The registration fee is $15 per bike and $5 for an
A: You can cut back any of your dead tions to Garden Talk, c/o Rebecca Jordi, Nas- from members in assisting with preparing meet- extra rider. Chicken dinners are also available for an
plants now if you wish, but consider what sau County Extension, 543350 US 1, Cal- ings and planning events who can meet at 5:30 p.m. extra $10. The ride starts and ends at the Volunteer
can happen if plants are pruned. Pruned lahan, FL 32011. Visit http://nassau.ifas.ufl. before the meeting. For more information, call Tim Fire Station, 85230 Miner Road in Yulee. For more
plants often send out new shoots. These new edu, or email her at Burningham at 904-654-1707. information, call Ricky Rowell at 904-753-2797 or at

E. William McGrath M.D. is pleased to announce:

Latoya Kuester, M.D. has joined his practice of
Obstetrics & Gynecology in their The Nassau News is GROWING!
new YULEE OFFICE at 850966 North HWY 17.
Dr. Kuester is Nassau County’s We are the largest, locally owned, county-wide
ONLY fulltime FEMALE OB/GYN. newspaper in Nassau County!
Most Insurances, Tricare, and OB Medicaid Accepted.
Yes, we cover the entire county!
Fulltime Certified Nurse Midwife is Available.
Our current circulation is over 20,500!
850966 North HWY 17.
904-321-2229 Call 904-321-BABY Just think…20,500 FREE newspapers throughout the
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Tile work
The Nassau News 20,500+
by russ Ferris Fernandina Beach News-Leader 12,200
Veteran Owned & Operated Nassau County Record 4,800

iNsTAllATioN • Free esTiMATes $100 oFF Westside Journal 12,150

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Oak Stairs
50 oFF Lamar Williams at,
• Stone • Glass Blocks
Any work under
500 sq ft.
904-225-5100, or 904-349-1405.
Callahan and Hilliard areas call
904-477-7459 10% oFF
904-879-0596 or 904-386-2403
(Fernandina Beach News-Leader, Nassau County Record, and Westside Journal circulations are
* Bathroom Remodeling* FIREFIGHTERS based on information provided by the Florida Press Association.
February 4, 2010| THE NASSAU NEWS 11

Join your neighbors at “The Anchor”
(Corner of 6th and Centre Street in
Fernandina Beach) for the 1st Annual
Family Film Festival from February 26-
28. Admission is free. The schedule is as
Advertise in the Classifieds. ONLY $5 PER 25 WORDS OR LESS!! CALL 904-386-2403
Friday @ 7 p.m. – Saving God
with Ving Rhames-Mission Impossible, ANOUNCEMENT
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Pulp Fiction. An evil drug lord, a pastor ter and sewer furnished. Inside Callahan city limits. Private
Are you old enough, must be over the patio. No Pets. 904-514-9809. Will clean Attic, Garage, or Shed at no charge for un-
with a criminal record, a young drug age 55 and SINGLE to join. JUST FRIENDS. wanted items! Call 386-2403.
dealer…action and suspense!! “gritty, Monthly events by invitation only, must register call 904- Amelia Lakes Fall Special
raw, and real” 1&2 Bed Luxury Condos Starting at $799/mo. HANDYMAN WORK WANTED! Home repair, windows,
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Gated, Waterfront Community Resort-Style doors, all roofing, decks, pressure washing, all flooring,
Pool, Tennis Courts, 24/7 Fitness Center, Vol- siding repair and all your home repair needs. 904-583-
 Saturday @ 2 p.m. – AUTOMOTIVE
AUTOMOTIVE leyball, & more! Call Jessica at 904-415-6969 9105 or 912-729-3529.
Lilies of the Field
94’ ISUZU Trooper 4X4, 150K miles, runs and looks good. JERRY LEE PRESSURE WASHING, Average one-
What do a stranded ex-GI and five $3500. 548-7755. Visit for Nassau County ’s largest
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AdverTise TodAy LUCKY 777 GAMES

Shamrock, Keno, Pot of Gold, Big
Hocus Pocus, Halloween Party and More! Screen

The Nassau
The Nassau News
Superbowl Party - February 7th TV


Giveaway on February 7th
Mon: Ladies’ Day (10 for 10) • Tues: Men’s Day (Drawings)
Shirley Fountain Wed: Senior’s Day (Drawings) Open 7 Days!

904-386-2403 • 904-879-0596 FREE MATCH PLAY EVERYDAY!

Drawings Fri. & Sat Night!
Complementary Snacks & Bev.

or email Dinner served at 6:30 p.m. Friday & Saturday Night
Located at the Ship Inn Motel on U.S. 1, Callahan. 904-879-7300

To advertise in the
Card Connection call
12 THE NASSAU NEWS | February 4, 2010


Communities in Schools
Communities In Schools is
a family affair with the Jones
family of Yulee. “In February
we are donating a portion of
our sales to Communities in
Schools (CIS) which is an or-
ganization we have benefitted
from directly. Our son James
attended CIS Dream Team
while he was in Yulee Middle
School and his grades really
improved.” remarked owner,
Jeff Jones.
Communities In Schools
of Nassau County, Inc. is the
largest no cost youth-serving
agency in Nassau County. Jeff Jones with Maureen, James and Samantha. Jeff Jones owns
CIS is dedicated to helping American Flooring and has committed to donate a portion of
children succeed in school, his proceeds to “Communities in School.
graduate and prepare for a
productive life by partner-
ing with teachers, counselors, grams, summer remediation, na Beach Middle and High
parents, volunteers and other workforce preparation, career School, Callahan Middle, and
community agencies. CIS exploration, and individual Hilliard Middle-Senior High
services help local teens over- coaching, case management School. Additional funding
come obstacles and develop and referrals. Preventive, and volunteers are needed to
the skills they need to help short-term and walk-in serv- expand services to more stu-
Callahan Intermediate School recently held it Tropicana Speech Contest and here are the
themselves. ices are provided to over dents and more schools wait-
CIS provides and coor- 2,000 additional Nassau ing for CIS services. winners and the topic of their speech.
dinates intensive services County children each year. For more information visit
to over 700 teens annually CIS Site Leaders are based or con- First Place: Shelby Crews (left) - My Grandfather The Spy
through tutoring, before and at and provide services to, stu- tact Susan Milana, 904-321- Second: Caleb Johnson (center) - I Want to be a Scientist When I Grow Up
after-school academic inten- dents at Yulee Middle School 2000, e-mail susan@cisnas- Third: Amelia Thompson (right) - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
sive and development pro- (The Dream Team), Fernandi-

Members of the Nassau County structure and poverty. juice boxes, bottled water, oatmeal Items may be dropped off during Center, 2416 Lynndale Road, Suite
Medical Society are teaming up with The greatest need right now is for and pancake mix, bags of rice or regular business hours, Monday-Fri- 210-A Fernandina Beach
the non-profit agency, Mission Har- ready-to-eat, non-perishable items. beans, flashlights and batteries, can day, at the following locations now Borland & Groover Clinic, 1340
vest America, to Reach out to Help Survivors have lost their homes and openers, bug repellent, sanitizing through February 12: South 18th Street, Fernandina Beach
Haiti in an earthquake relief drive need the basics – water, ready-to-eat wipes, diapers, children’s clothing, First Coast Pain Management, North Florida OB/GYN, 850966
running through February 12. food and clothing. The community trash bags, tents, sleeping bags, baby 960194 Gateway Boulevard, Suite North Highway US 17, Yulee
On January 12, a 7.0 magnitude is invited to drop off the following blankets, underwear (new only), 106, Fernandina Beach The donated items will be col-
earthquake struck the small island items at five area locations: pow- toiletries, first aid kits and supplies, Amelia Island Surgery Center, lected and taken to Mission Harvest
nation. Survivors of the quake and it dered milk, baby food and formula, antibiotic ointments, Tylenol, Advil, 2416 Lynndale Road, Fernandina America’s Jacksonville distribution
aftershocks are especially vulnerable canned goods including meats, fish Benadryl, cold medicine and vita- Beach warehouse, where they will be sort-
because of the country’s poor infra- and stew (pop tops are preferred), mins. Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine ed, packed and shipped to Haiti.

Bennett Chevrolet-Buick, Inc. Conquer Schoolwork

“He has made
with 5
progress with 5 months
Celebrating 25 Years of Quality Automobiles of Sylvan
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and said just this morning, 'I'm PROUD of myself!' He
for often credits Sylvan and so do I. I have already
recommended you to a friend." Vicki K., Sylvan Parent


1-877-784-9259 1/2 OFF North Jax.

2416 Dunn Ave.
Bennett Chevrolet-Buick, Inc. Sylvan Skills 904-757-2220
1974 GA Highway 40 East Assessment®
Kingsland, GA 31548 Sylvan guarantees your child's reading or math
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Offer expires 1/30/10. Not valid with any other offer. nasnews0110
Coupon must be presented at time of appointment.

*Guarantee based upon the results of the initial and follow up Sylvan Skills Assessment®. Call for complete details. Some restrictions apply.