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An integrated fat loss system
Mind | Nutrition | Exercise | Recovery

2012 Primal Health, LP

2012 Primal Health, LP

This manual is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical
advice and treatment from your personal physician. Readers are advised to consult
their own doctors or other qualified health professionals regarding the treatment of
medical conditions. The author shall not be held liable or responsible for any misunderstanding or misuse of the information contained in this manual or for any loss,
damage, or injury caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by any treatment, action, or application of any food or food source discussed in this manual. The
U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the statements in this book.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

2012 Primal Health, LP

Introduction ...........................................................................................................
Why this program works ...................................................................................................
Trusting the process ...........................................................................................................
How to Get Started Fast ....................................................................................................


Chapter 1 The Big Fat Lie ........................................................................................ 9

An epidemic of obesity ..................................................................................................... 9
Why are we fat? ................................................................................................................... 9
Eight big fat lies exposed ............................................................................................... 10
The forces of misinformation .......................................................................................... 12
The good news your struggle with weight gain is not your fault ........................... 13
Chapter 2 The Simple Truth.................................................................................. 17
Your bodys inner wisdom ............................................................................................. 17
So, what produces lean, strong people? ....................................................................... 18
There is a way outand we are here to lead you out ............................................ 20
Taking control of your health ...................................................................................... 20
Chapter 3 Understanding the PaleoBurn System ............................................ 21
Signal Response Pattern ............................................................................................... 21
The PaleoBurn Fat Burner System: an integrated system ..................................... 21
Chapter 4 Preparing For Success ......................................................................... 25
What are my expectations for fat loss? ..................................................................... 25
How will I track my progress? ....................................................................................... 26
Your baseline measurements .......................................................................................... 26
What to track daily ............................................................................................................. 27
Your weekly measurements .............................................................................................. 28
Integrated System .............................................................................................................. 28
Do I need help? .................................................................................................................. 29
Chapter 5 PaleoBurn Nutrition ......................................................................... 31
A week at a time ................................................................................................................. 31
High quality fuel .................................................................................................................. 31
Insulin is the master key to fat loss ............................................................................. 32
Intermittent fasting turbocharges fat loss ................................................................... 33
2012 Primal Health, LP

Regularly resetting your metabolism via scheduled cheat meals ........................ 34

Quality protein for muscle preservation and growth ........................................... 34
What should I eat? ......................................................................................................... 34
How much should I eat? .................................................................................................... 36
When should I eat my meals? ............................................................................................. 40
Do I really need supplements? ......................................................................................... 44
Chapter 6 PaleoBurn Exercise ........................................................................... 45
Absolute Beginner Workout ........................................................................................ 46
Intermediate Workout ....................................................................................................... 47
Chapter 7 PaleoBurn Recovery ......................................................................... 51
How to Sleep Like A Baby .......................................................................................... 51
Chapter 8 PaleoBurn Motivation ...................................................................
Giving yourself permission to work on yourself ...............................................
The process of setting and achieving goals .........................................................
Step One: Imagining Your Ideal Body ..................................................................
Step Two: Identifying Your Reason Why ...........................................................
Step Three: Writing down your SMART goals ..................................................
Step Four: Tracking Progress .....................................................................................
Step Five: Making Adjustments ..................................................................................
Step Six: Celebrating Your Successes .........................................................................
How to Get Others to Help You Accomplish Your Goals ..................................


Chapter 9 Putting It All TogetherOne Week in Detail ........................... 61

First things first ............................................................................................................... 61
Essential supplies ........................................................................................................... 61
Out with the old ............................................................................................................. 61
In with the new .............................................................................................................. 61
Pre-Program Checklist ........................................................................................... 61
A perfect day or two or three ................................................................................... 62
PaleoBurn Supplement Guide .............................................................................. 69
PaleoBurn Food List............................................................................................. 75

2012 Primal Health, LP

2012 Primal Health, LP

Welcome and congratulations! You have just made a very important decision that
will change the course of your life. The information contained in this program will
show you how to consistently drop fat from your body week after week, until you
have reached your ideal body. Then, by continuing to follow the principles laid out in
this program, you will be able to effortlessly maintain your ideal weight and body for
as long as you like.

Why this program works

Simply put, if you are humanthis program will work for you. The PaleoBurn Fat
Burner System operates on several core human principles that have evolved over millions of years.
If you think about it, there are definitive reasons why our species has survived this
long, and in this program we are simply tapping into the ancient wisdom within our
own bodies.
We have done all the hard thinking for you. If you do the work, the results will comeand very quickly. Your body innately wants to be lean and strong.
Have you ever seen some of the most famous Greek statues? Do you remember how
they looked so proportional, so lean and so strong? That is what the human body
naturally looks like when toned and after the fat is gone.
In fact, just like those Greek statues, under all the fat you are a beautiful work of art
just waiting to be revealed. Just as a sculptor skillfully chisels away the excess stone,
which is necessary to revealing a beautiful statue, you will discover how to easily melt
away the excess fat, revealing the true youa natural work of art.

Trusting the process

We want to say right up front that we respect you immensely for your decision to
purchase and implement this program. Changing long held beliefs requires courage
and determination. In taking the first step, just by purchasing this program, you have
proved that you are ready to make a transformation.
An enormous amount of time and energy has been spent in researching, testing, and
organizing this information in such a way that it is very easy to follow, and will work
for you no matter your genetics, or your age, or even how out of shape you feel right
What I ask of you is that you trust the process.
Getting healthy and fit takes time, but much less time than you might think.
Trust the process. It works.
2012 Primal Health, LP

How to Get Started Fast

This program is designed so that anyone can implement it on their own from the
comfort of their own home.
There are three steps that will get you started fast with this program:
1. Take out the Quick Start Guide and follow the steps as shown.
2. Start reading the Fat Loss Journal and complete the first two exercises
TODAY. This is important. This journal will be your daily companion
throughout the program and goes into detail on exactly how to implement
each day of the program, how to track your results, and how to make adjustments along the way to keep the fat burning.
3. Begin today. Truly, do not delay. Seize this opportunity to take control of
your fat loss efforts and begin implementing the PaleoBurn system so that
you can begin seeing results as fast as possible.

Remember, we are here to help you and support you the entire way through your
fat loss journey. I really mean that. If you have any questions or concerns, need help
knowing what to do next, or have a technical issue that you need help with please
just send an email to and one of our Customer Care Team
members will contact you immediately.
You may also call us Monday through Friday Central Standard Time at 1-877-3007849 and speak to one of our friendly staff.

2012 Primal Health, LP

Chapter 1
The Big Fat Lie
An epidemic of obesity
No one can deny that there is an epidemic of obesity all around us. You dont have to
go any further than your own neighborhood restaurants and fast food establishments
to see the proof.
In every corner of the world, it seems that people are getting fatter and fatter by the
year. For years, the percentage of the United States population that was clinically
obese was thought to be around 37%. Now, new reports are questioning that figure
and estimating that it may be as high as 45% of the population. The more I look
around, the more I tend to agree with the new report.
But in this age of advanced science, plentiful food, and access to cutting edge nutritional information we are still getting fatter and fatter. Why is this happening?
Thats a very good question

Why are we fat?

In purely biological terms, fat occurs when our body determines that it is in its best
interest to store energy for later use. In fact, that is what fat isstored energy that
gets deposited in our fat cells.
In a healthy state, fat storage is a necessary and perfectly normal part of our biology
as humans; up to a certain point.
However, when we get out of balance through poor food choices, lack of exercise,
emotional eating, dehydration, or even lack of sleep, our body can produce signals
that cause more and more fat to be stored.
For many people (up to 45% of the US population) this results in an almost perpetual
state of fat storage. When this happens, losing weight is almost impossible.
The reasons why we make bad food choices, waste time doing ineffective exercises,
and generally fail to lose weight even when we follow what weve been told to do, is a
little more complex.
We will delve into that topic in just a moment but first its important to confront
these Big Fat Lies full on.

2012 Primal Health, LP

Eight Big Fat Lies Exposed

Big Fat Lie #1:
If you want to lose weight, you should do long, slow cardio.
The Simple Truth is that long, slow cardio is a very inefficient way to burn fat. In addition, it leaves you exhausted, de-motivated, and does not stimulate muscle growth,
which is crucial to increasing metabolism and reshaping your body.
Big Fat Lie #2:
If you want to lose weight, you need to eat a low fat diet.
The Simple Truth is that the low fat diet recommendations that were published by
the USDA in the mid-70s have been completely debunked. It turns out that there is
not a single credible scientific study that links low fat diet as the primary determinant
of weight loss.
In fact, a diet with healthy fats is extremely important for the overall health and
proper functioning of your body. Whats even more important to realize is that a relatively high fat diet, as long as processed carbohydrates are eliminated, will actually
promote the loss of fat stores around the body.
Big Fat Lie #3:
If you want to lose weight, just eat fewer calories than you burn.
The simple truth is that weight loss is a combination of many factors, and operating
at a caloric deficit is just one of several factors that must be present. The old way of
thinking was that, predictably, to lose weight you simply consumed fewer calories
than you burned and the fat would burn off.
The true story is much more complicated than that. After all, we have all seen very
obese people who eat very few calories yet still do not lose weight. The answer to this
puzzle lies in the bodys ability to adjust its metabolism, and the role that hormones
play in your body. We will delve into this topic in more detail later.
Big Fat Lie #4:
If you want to lose weight, focus on eating diet foods, low fat foods, and health
The Simple Truth is that so-called diet, low fat and health foods you find prepackaged in the stores are nothing more than engineered foodstuff made from processed
ingredients, many of which are detrimental to fat loss. Most energy bars, sports and
energy drinks, and whole grain products are a disastrous mix of high fructose corn
syrup, additives, and chemicals that ruin your bodys internal ability to self-regulate
fat storage.
2012 Primal Health, LP


Big Fat Lie #5:

If you want to lose weight, avoid weightlifting because it bulks you up and makes
you gain weight.
The Simple truth is that exercising with weights, even body weight exercises, is one of
the smartest things you can do if you are looking to lose weight due to the increase in
metabolism and the release of several important fat burning hormones it causes.
Short exercise sessions that alternate short bursts of high effort with low effort
recovery period (usually called interval training) causes your body to respond very
differently than long, slow cardio workouts. In fact, they signal your body to release
certain fat burning hormones that accelerate fat loss.

Big Fat Lie #6:

If you want to lose belly fat, you should focus on abdominal exercises.
The simple truth is that doing abdominal exercises for the purpose of losing belly fat
is an extremely inefficient and misinformed way to lose fat. Not only is spot reduction a myth, abdominal exercises are not even close to being the most effective at
maximizing overall energy expenditure, and thereby fat loss.

Big Fat Lie #7:

More exercise equals more fat loss.
The Simple Truth is that for those people dedicated to exercise, the majority train far
too long and end up with chronic exhaustion and eventually burn out. The bottom
line is that you dont have to spend an hour and a half at the gym Monday thru Saturday to get a killer body. In fact, short high-intensity exercise three times a week is all
that is needed to trigger the proper fat burning responses.

Big Fat Lie #8:

You need a secret fat burning supplement to really lose fat.
The Simple Truth is that supplementation is a very important part of overall health.
However, there is no magic pill that causes you to burn fat. Instead, by using proper
food choices and exercise choices you can have incredible metabolic control and
drop weight fast.
So, where do all these Big Fat Lies come from?
Another very good question

2012 Primal Health, LP


The forces of misinformation

There are organizations that benefit greatly from you being fat, sick and kept in the
dark about how to finally get fit and lean.
Without trying to sound like too much of a conspiracy hound, it is wise to look at the
trail of money surrounding the following billion dollar industries; each of which rely
on a steady supply of obese customers arriving year after year.
Just consider the following
Healthcare: Surgical procedures, directly or indirectly caused by obesity, account for
a huge portion of the profits that hospitals and clinics generate every year. In addition, new surgical procedures such as Lap Band surgery and gastric bypass generate
billions of dollars per year in additional profit.
Pharmaceutical Companies: Weight loss drugs are multi-billion dollar a year producers for these companies. If they didnt have a steady supply of fat people to sell
these drugs to, their profits would shrivel.
Fitness Industry: What would happen if people knew how to lose weight and get lean
without the help of big fancy gyms?
Supplement Industry: The promise of a magic fat loss pill fuels billions of dollars in
spending each year. Some supplements are completely legitimate, but many make big
promises and play to the emotions of someone wanting a quick fix.
Food Production Industry: Make no mistake about it- the agricultural industry is no
longer run by your friendly farmer. Now its big business, and huge corporations own
most farms. The decision of what to grow is a matter of what is most profitable. Little
attention is given to what is actually healthy for us to eat. Corn, soy, and other grain
based foods are cheap to grow and have become the mainstay of our diets, but with
staggering ill effects. (More on this later.)
Retail Food Establishments: As with any business, profit is the overriding priority, and so that is what drives the decision to produce foods that use the lowest cost
ingredients and generate the most sales. Any food that can be produced cheaply, but
with biologically addictive qualities, like a salty or sugary taste, are prioritized and
promoted. And, if these foods can be labeled as low fat, diet or health foods -then
all the better.
Mass Media Outlets: Stop for a moment and think why the Big Fat Lies we covered
in the previous section sounded so familiar to you. The Simple Truth is that you have
repeatedly heard those messages over and over again through countless commercials
on TV, radio, and on the Internet.

2012 Primal Health, LP


The good news... your struggle with weight gain is not your fault
The impact of this barrage of misinformation is overwhelming. Unless you have a
moment of clarity where you can break through this misinformation and begin to see
the truth regarding weight loss and your health, you may never escape from it.
In many ways, it really is not your fault.
Millions of dollars per year is spent to instill certain beliefs about nutrition and
exercise. In fact, over 10 billion dollars per year is spent on food advertising alone.
Do you really think someone would spend 10 billion dollars on something that didnt
Now, think about who pays for these ads, and why they might want you to believe the
Big Fat Lies.
Do you think that they want you to know the truth?
So, what can a person do? How can you break free from the barrage of misinformation and learn to take control of your own health?
When it comes to losing weight that is the ultimate question. Im so glad you asked
It all starts with knowing, and then applying, the Seven Fat Loss Keys.
The Seven Fat Loss Keys
I want to introduce you to the seven fat loss keys so that you have an overview of
each one prior to reading the rest of this book. In the chapters that follow each of
these seven keys will appear and be covered in detail.
Knowing, and then applying each of these seven keys will unlock not only the simplicity of fat loss for you, but also many other healthy benefits in your life.
Here are the seven keys:
Fat Loss Key #1: Consume High Quality Fuel
Throughout this program you will learn to select the best quality foods so that you
not only get a high amount of energy and fullness from the food you eat, but also
so that you avoid the toxins and chemicals that are in processed foods. By focusing
on high quality real food, not processed food, you will naturally start to detox your
body, cleanse your system, and have more energy from this change alone.
Fat Loss Key #2: Keep Insulin Levels Low and Constant
It is a fact that if insulin levels are high, fat will be stored in your cells. Conversely, if
insulin levels are low and constant, fat will start to burn. Insulin levels are impacted
by how quickly simple sugars are introduced into your bloodstream.
The worst offenders are processed carbs like bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, pies, syrup, etc. These foods are actually not found in nature and have to be manufactured
using processes that dramatically reduce the original nutritional value of the components and end up creating a food that quickly turns into sugar in your bloodstream.
2012 Primal Health, LP


Fat Loss Key #3: Use High Intensity Interval Training

Utilizing a specific type of exercise method called interval training dramatically
reduces the amount of time needed for exercise, and also dramatically increases the
long lasting fat burning effects of the exercise.
The great thing about this type of exercise is that it can be done at home and with
your own body weight. It will not only help you create a caloric deficit so fat loss can
occur, but it will also force your muscles to get toned and firm.
Fat Loss Key #4: Consume Enough Protein to Protect Lean Muscle Mass
It is important to remember that while fat loss is the measure by which we are going
to track your success, there is really a bigger picture. The big picture is how you look
overall. Do you look fit, lean, athletic, toned, and in proportion? The great thing
about losing fat is that you will naturally start to have a more attractive shape.
However, what you dont want to do is end up a thinner version of your current body
shape. So, in order to sculpt your body so that you get the Hollywood body shape
that we all find appealing, you MUST protect your lean muscle mass.
Your muscle is what gives you the attractive lines and curves (men too) in the right
places. So the ideal goal is to lose fat, and maintain, or even grow, some muscle. The
only way to do that is by protecting your muscles by consuming the proper amount
of protein daily, while exercising just enough to signal to your body that you really
need to keep the muscle that you already have. This makes sure that your muscles
have the building blocks they need to maintain and grow, while your fat stores are
Fat Loss Key #5: Short Intermittent Fasts
If you have never tried fasting before or have not experienced its benefits, then you
are in for a surprise. Scientifically proven to boost the good hormones that promote
fat loss, short intermittent fasts of less than 24 hours (typically around 16-18 hours)
are a powerful weapon we can use to destroy fat.
In fact, in several important studies it has been shown that no slow down in metabolism occurs if you keep your fast less than 24 hours, which we are doing. Actually, the
exact opposite occurs and a slight speeding up of the metabolism occurs!
Not only does it help create a caloric deficit, but also the way we will be teaching you
to do it is completely safe.
There are numerous health benefits that health conscious people have enjoyed for
thousands of years from short--term fasts, and since the majority of the fast is while
you are sleeping, its really more of a mental exercise than anything else.
Remember, short fasts like we will use here have been found to have no negative
effect whatsoever on your metabolism rates. In fact, during a short term fast your
metabolism actually increases!
2012 Primal Health, LP


Fat Loss Key #6: Utilizing the Proper Amount of Water to Prevent
Dehydration Effects
In general, most people silently suffer from dehydration and its effects without ever
realizing it. The body requires a large amount of fluid each day, and since your body
is made up of at least 70% water, you will see great benefits from increasing your
intake to adequate levels. Your hunger will subside, toxins can be flushed out of your
system, and even symptoms such as headaches will fade.
Water is a critical component to your health and you will learn how to consume just
the right amount and begin to be amazed at the health benefits. Without the proper
amount of water in your system your critical hormonal functions are also compromised, making it very difficult to become a fat burner with a fast metabolism.
Fat Loss Key #7: Understanding and Planning For Adequate Rest and Recovery
Hardly anyone ever talks about rest and recovery as part of fat loss, but trust me, its a
VERY important part of the puzzle.
Rest and recovery is vitally important for two major reasons:
First, as you begin to exercise according to the system in this book, you
will be pushing your muscles to grow and adapt. This process of repairing
and rebuilding muscle takes energy and rest.
The second reason rest and recovery periods are important is because of
their stress-reducing effects. The more relaxation time you build into your
day, the better chance you have to reduce stress in your life. And we know
that high stress is a contributor to weight gain. In fact, when you are highly
stressed it is very difficult to stay motivated and stick with any fat loss program. However, when you do introduce practices into your life that promote
peacefulness, contemplation, and rest and recovery, you will be creating a
very favorable environment for fat loss to occur.

Fat Loss Key #8: Motivation Strategies To Reframe Your Thinking About What Is
Possible And Keep You On Track.
Each of the seven fat loss keys listed above requires that you take some sort of action.
In fact, without taking some sort of action, nothing ever changes.
But what precedes action?
Your thoughts do.
It may sound like a very simple, almost childlike concept, but this is actually quite
profound if you grasp the significance and power of it.
Think about this: the exact place you find yourself in today is a result of thousands
upon thousands of thoughts you have had in your lifethoughts that led you to take
2012 Primal Health, LP


specific actions.
The results of these actions have determined the kind of life you have, the people you
find yourself with and even the quality of your health. Yes, even the amount of fat
you have on your body at this moment.
Every action you have taken to get you where you are today was preceded by a
thought. Some thoughts lead us to take actions that are good for us. Other thoughts
lead us to take actions that are detrimental to our health and wellbeing.
But, the good news is that just as a series of thoughts, and then actions, led you to
this place, a different series of thoughts, followed by actions, can lead you to the trim,
lean body you want.
So, how do you change your thinking so that you can change your actions?
Well, it has already started.
You are here reading and learning. You are becoming aware of how your body actually works.
This is where it begins.
The more you read and learn, then apply, the more you will begin to rewire your
thought patterns and then ultimately your action patterns.
One of the best ways to help you do this is by applying some simple yet highly effective tools that will serve to keep you motivated.
These tools, such as goal setting and spending time thinking about what you want
your new body to look like, are all important mechanisms we can use to keep our
brains focused on our ultimate goalfat loss and a lean fit body.
In the following chapters, each of these fat loss keys will be interwoven throughout
each section. These Seven Fat Loss Keys form the underlying framework for the program and they have been the biggest reason for my own fat loss success.

2012 Primal Health, LP


Chapter 2
The Simple Truth
Your body's inner wisdom
One of the most empowering things you will discover is that your body knows how
to heal its self, and it already knows how to quickly melt away all the excess fat that it
is holding on to.
The previous statement is very powerful.
Please read it again and think about what that means.
Your body knows how to heal itself, and it already knows how to quickly melt away
all the excess fat that it is holding on to.
This means that given the proper signals, our body understands and is a willing participant in our fat loss efforts.
It is not fighting against you! It is ready, able, and willing to help you lose the weight.
It is just waiting on the right inputs, or as I like to call themsignals.
As complex as we are, our bodies are also surprisingly predictable. Given a set of
signals our body reacts predictably, every single time. For instance, I know that if I
drink a root beer float I will experience a rapid rise of sugar in my blood stream and
a temporary rush of energy.
I also know that almost immediately my body will recognize this as a threat to my
health (too much sugar in your bloodstream can be dangerous) and will signal my
pancreas to release a flood of insulin to whisk away the excess blood sugar.
Shortly afterward, I will experience a dramatic drop in energy level, begin to feel
lightheaded, and want to take a nap. My ability to think clearly will be impaired and
if I took in too much sugar, I might actually have trouble staying awake.
This is just one of the predictable responses that our body will make based on the
signals we give it. There are thousands, perhaps millions of signals we send our bodies every single day in the form of the food choices we make, the activity we perform,
rest we get, and even the thoughts we think.
These choices impact what happens to us internally due to the release of the many
hormones that regulate our bodys functions. The human body has over 100 hormones, but we are just going to be focusing in on a few that are the most beneficial
for fat loss. They are:
2012 Primal Health, LP


Insulin: The primary hormone that controls whether fat will be burned in your body
as a source of energy or stored as fat in your cells. Its often called the Fat Storage hormone.
Growth Hormone: A very powerful hormone with many benefits, not the least of
which is the preservation of lean muscle tissue, which is vital to your weight loss efforts.
Cortisol: Often called the stress hormone, this hormone can sabotage your weight loss
efforts if not managed closely.
So, what kind of signals should we be sending our bodies if we want to control these
hormones and produce a lean, flat stomach and a strong muscular body?
Lets explore that question in the next section.
So, what produces lean, strong people?
If you will pay close attention and really observe the evidence, you will find that we
have examples of lean, strong people that we can learn from.
In fact, not only are there lean, strong people that we can learn from today by observing what they eat, how they exercise, and how much rest and recovery they get, but
we can also look into our distant past and learn from our hunter/gatherer ancestors
who were also lean, strong, and highly athletic.
In both cases, what we find is that people who are lean and strong and have very little
body fat do certain things, share common rituals and seem to manage their food
choices in similar ways.
The hunter/gatherers that were our predecessors had the following traits and habits:

They ate sporadically, not knowing when the next meal would be available
They ate what was in season
They ate mostly meat, some nuts, some fruit, and vegetables
They moved around and walked great distances
They sprinted occasionally to escape danger
They lifted heavy things
They used their brains very actively to find food and avoid danger
They did not consume sugar, grains, salt, or cows milk

If we look at our modern kin who have achieved a lean and strong body, along with
optimal health, you will find some similar attributes. In fact, they mimic the hunter--
gatherer lifestyle in some ways, such as:

They eat only when they are hungry, and sometimes skip meals
They lift heavy things
They move their bodies a lot and are very active people
They eat mostly meat, veggies, fruits and nuts.
They avoid sugar, grains, salt, and cows milk.
They are mentally active with regards to their health and the choices they make.

2012 Primal Health, LP


In the case of losing fat and getting strong, we can observe people that have the kind
of body and health we desire, and then document what they did to achieve those
This technique of looking at something to learn how it works, so that you can then
re-create it is called modeling, or mapping. Modeling is how we can quickly replicate
the same results that someone else has achieved. It is the fastest way to achieve any
goal and it is very powerful.
Once we create a model we have essentially created a roadmap that anyone can use.
The process works like this:
1. Identify the model (gymnasts, sprinters, wide-receivers, dancers)
2. Map their behaviors (what do they do)
3. Duplicate their behaviors in your own life
4. Produce similar results
This process works because at our core cellular level we are all pretty much the same.
Our bodies react very similarly to similar inputs.
Now, here is the important part-so pay close attention.
Each of the behaviors that you model, or mimic, is sending a specific signal to your
The following is the really powerful part of modeling when it comes to duplicating a
physical outcome such as fat loss:
Since our bodies respond predictably to the signals we send it, we can then produce
similar results if the same signals are sent.
The bottom line is that if you send the proper signals to your body, you will become
lean and strong. Guaranteed.
Thats exactly what we have done with the PaleoBurn Fat Burner System.
We have modeled people who already have killer abs, a flat stomach, and a healthy
life. Then we documented what they did, and tested it thoroughly in the school of
hard knocks.
This is the process I followed when I knew I had to drop 31lbs of pure fat from my
midsection or risk developing fullblown diabetes.
Lets break this concept down a bit further.
There are four core areas where you can send specific signals to your body.
I call these the PaleoBurn Signaling Pathways:
Signaling Pathway #1: The things you eat (Nutrition)
Signaling Pathway #2: The work you perform (Exercise)

2012 Primal Health, LP


Signaling Pathway #3: The time you rest (Recovery and Repair)
Signaling Pathway #4: The things you think (Attitudes and Beliefs)
We will leverage each of these four Signaling Pathways so that we purposefully send
the proper signals to our body in order to cause specific metabolic changes to occur.
These metabolic changes are the key to fat loss.
If this sounds overwhelming, dont worry. We will take it a step at a time and if you
need help we are here.
This program is designed to be very easy to understand and implement. If you made
it this far already, you are doing great!

There is a way out... and we are here to show you the way.
I know that sometimes the idea of losing weight can seem overwhelming. There are
lots of voices out there with their spin on what works best.
What I would like to ask you to do, once again, is to trust this system.
I hear from people who have used the PaleoBurn Fat Burner System on a daily basis
and they tell me how much better they feel just after the first week on the program!
It really does work and I know it will work for you too.
Commit to working this program for the next 90 days. This is just a fraction of your
If you truly commit to implementing this program, your life will change dramatically.

Taking control of your health

One of the many benefits of this program is that you will develop an incredible sense
of power and well being as you begin to implement the program. You will start to
realize that you are in control of a part of your life that has been controlling you for
This feels very good. I know from experience. And now I want you to experience
feeling in control of your health too, maybe for the first time.

2012 Primal Health, LP


Chapter 3
Understanding the PaleoBurn System
Signal - Response Pattern
The PaleoBurn system is built around the idea that you can manipulate your bodys
biochemistry (in a healthy way) in order to produce the specific outcomes you desire.
In our case, we want to signal your body to melt away the fat and produce a lean,
strong body.
In order to do this, it is helpful to understand one of the most basic human responses
and how we intend to leverage it to create fat loss.
The Signal - Response pattern is profound in its simplicity.
Simply put, we will use food, exercise, as well as certain thought patterns to send specific signals to your body. Obviously, these signals occur during your waking hours.
During the nighttime hours, we will allow your body to respond to these signals during its most active repair and rebuilding time periodwhile you are sleeping.
Thinking about the Signal - Response pattern is a helpful way to be more aware of
the choices you make during the day.
Just try to keep his thought in mind: Every bit of food you eat, and every exercise you
perform are each signaling your body to make specific changes to itself during its
next rest and recovery period; which happens overnight.

The PaleoBurn Fat Burner System: an integrated system

When it comes to fat loss that is healthy and sustainable, you must approach the task
with a thoughtful, integrated plan.
Since we dont live in a vacuum, it is important to realize that an action taken in one
area of our health, impacts other areas as well. For example, lets look at what will be
happening to you over the next few days as you begin this program.
You will begin by introducing higher quality food choices so that your body has the
essential building blocks to reshape itself and rid itself of toxins.
Then, as you begin exercising you will be placing new demands on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of your body.
This new level of activity will require more energy, which will create a caloric deficit.
2012 Primal Health, LP


In addition, the amount of rest and recovery time needed to repair and grow muscle
will be increased.
As your hormones begin to respond to better fuel, and more physical demands, fat
will begin to be burned off.
This will create a positive feedback loop that can be used to keep motivation levels
If you were paying close attention to the following paragraph, you may have already
identified the four integrated areas of health that make up the PaleoBurn System.
Each of these areas is covered in depth in its own chapter in this book.
Now lets look at each one at a high level.
Energy Intake (food, liquid, and a few key supplements)
For fat burning to take place we need to two things, a caloric deficit AND the proper
hormones active in our bloodstream to flip the fat burning switches. Primarily, we
will be concerned with keeping Insulin levels low so that fat burning can take place.
You will learn how to easily control Insulin levels in your bloodstream later in the
The choices of food and liquid that we put into our bodies are the major factor we
use to achieve both of these goals; caloric deficit and keeping insulin levels low.
At least 80% of your fat loss success will come from understanding the part of the
puzzle that nutrition plays.
In the PaleoBurn program we have organized this information and present it in
Chapter 5: PaleoBurn Nutrition.
The key components of this nutrition plan are:
- Keeping insulin levels low so that fat burning can occur.
- Utilizing short - term strategic fasts to dramatically ramp up fat burning
and your metabolism.
- Implementing a designated reward day to reset your metabolism. We
do this so that we confuse your body and prevent it from plateauing and
stalling your fat loss efforts.
Physical Output (Exercise)
While our nutrition controls 80% of our success, we have an opportunity to greatly
increase the speed of fat loss by leveraging the metabolic effects that physical output,
or exercise, have on our bodies.
Not only will exercise help to create a caloric deficit, but it also will send metabolic
signals to our body that dramatically increase the fat burning effect.
2012 Primal Health, LP


Physical output uses energy, and if done properly, also stresses our muscles and sends
a signal to our body to grow our muscles to meet similar challenges in the future.
This is important to preserve and grow a solid base of muscle not only for appearance reasons, but also because having healthy toned muscles is critical to the kind of
health and
vitality that we want in our lives.
In the PaleoBurn program we have organized this information and present it in
Chapter 6: PaleoBurn Exercise.
The key components of this exercise plan are:
- Short, high intensity interval training done three times per week
usually less than 15 minutes each day.
- Full body movements done with bodyweight or dumbbells to maximize the fat burning effect by leveraging your biggest muscle groups.
- Shorter, lower intensity activities built into your weekly schedule to
help keep your metabolism high.
Rest and Recovery
As we begin to tax our bodies with high intensity exercise, we are signaling that our
body needs to change. In order for change to occur, it needs the benefit of time. This
response comes mostly when you are sleeping or deeply relaxing.
If you fail to grasp the importance of rest and recovery, you will cut short your bodies
ability to repair itself and balance important fat loss hormones.
The end result will be that your fat loss efforts can be compromised.
In addition, if you do not give your body ample time to recover from the stress of
high intensity exercise, you will reach a state of exhaustion and burnout, which
makes it very difficult to stay dedicated to your new healthy lifestyle.
In the PaleoBurn program we have organized this information and present it in
Chapter 7: PaleoBurn Recovery.
The key components of this recovery plan are:
- Creating deep, restful sleep on purpose to stimulate maximum
growth hormone.
- Utilizing stress-reducing practices to limit the destructive effects
of cortisol.
Our Motivation Level
Finally, we can lock in our commitment level and will power by consciously thinking
about and creating the body we want.
This is not just an exercise in wishful thinking, but it is a way to reprogram your attitudes and beliefs about what is possible.
2012 Primal Health, LP


You have already begun this process by purchasing this program and trusting that it
holds the key to the fat loss you want to achieve.
Indeed, learning about The Big Fat Lies was your first lesson in becoming aware and
waking up to a different reality than you knew existed before.
If you understand and apply the concepts in the PaleoBurn Motivation section of
the program you will be unstoppable.
In the PaleoBurn program we have organized this information and present it in
Chapter 8: PaleoBurn Motivation.
The key components of this section are:
Identifying your powerful reason why you must lose the fat.
Using your whole brain to activate your goal achievement mechanism
Identifying and eliminating selflimiting beliefs.
Instilling attitudes and beliefs that empower you to create an unstoppable

2012 Primal Health, LP


Chapter 4
Preparing For Success
One of the most important things you can do as you begin this journey is to do some
proper planning. Losing fat is not something that will just happen for you. You need
to plan for it.
While I am providing the information and the overall plan, you need to make this
process your own by actively engaging in putting it into practice, which requires your
own personal implementation plan.
You will benefit greatly from thinking about the following topics so that you are prepared and ready for success.
What are my expectations for fat loss?
We have been bombarded via mass media time after time with the message that fat
loss is something that happens very fast, and in massive quantities.
I recently saw an advertisement touting 15lbs lost in a week!
Yes, this is possible, believe it or not. In fact, I know several marathon runners who
will lose up to 20lbs during a single race!
However, weight loss is not the same as fat loss.
It is relatively simple to force the body to shed water weight, only to gain it all back
within another week.
That is not what we are after here. We are teaching you how to specifically lose fat,
not water or muscle.
Because of this, you will best be served by looking at your progress once per week. I
recommend aiming for 1-2lbs of pure fat loss per week.
Now, you may lose more pounds on the scale in terms of water, but that weight will
fluctuate often. What Im talking about is losing 1-2lbs of actual fat each week. That
is a very significant amount of fat loss and will have a dramatic effect on how your
clothes fit and how you look to others.
Trust me.
And just think, once you dial this in, you can keep losing that amount of pure fat
week after week until you reach a level of leanness that will put you in the top 1% of
people in the world.
2012 Primal Health, LP


How will I track my progress?

This program uses a highly effective method of monitoring your progress and making
adjustments based on the idea of weekly checkpoints.
Simply put, you will track a few things daily, and then once per week do a simple
checkpoint and evaluate what happened the previous seven days.
Then you will make adjustments, plan the next week, and then work your plan for the
next seven days.
This seven-day cycle is important because it allows for daily fluctuations in water
weight and the effects of macronutrient cycling taking effect over a period of time.
In other words, we will look at your weekly totals because that is a better indicator of
what is really going on than looking at daily numbers; because it will be based on a
weekly average.
You will keep track of all this in your PaleoBurn Fat Loss Journal.
In fact, in terms of known activities that help to ensure your fat loss success, none is
quite as powerful as keeping in your PaleoBurn Fat Loss Journal.
This simple practice does not have to be time consuming or burdensome. In fact, it is
so simple I recommend it to every single person I advise.
Here are the basics:
Find the PaleoBurn Fat Loss Journal. To start the program you will complete two
simple exercises that will serve to set your fat loss goals firmly in your mind.
Then, you will use Section 2 of the Fat Loss Journal to plan the next seven days. As
you will see, each day is fully explained and there is room for you to track your progress.
Then at the end of every week you will evaluate your results by taking two simple
measurements; your scale weight and your body fat percentage. Your body fat percentage can be calculated using the online Body Fat Calculator in the members area.
Using the information provided in Appendix A of the Fat Loss Journal, you will clearly see exactly the adjustments that need to be made for the upcoming week. There are
only 9 possible outcomes that can occur, so Ive made it easy for you and listed all 9 of
them out and the exact adjustment you need to make for the upcoming week!
Then you will make those adjustments to your plan for the next week and the next
seven-day cycle begins.
Its simple, structured, and predictable.

2012 Primal Health, LP


Your baseline measurements

You will begin your journey by taking a set of baseline measurements. This is a set
of measurements that tell is exactly where you are at the beginning of the PaleoBurn
program. You will want to take a few minutes to capture these items right at the beginning of the program.
Dont skip this step!
It is highly motivating to watch your photos and measurements change for the better
while using the principles in the PaleoBurn program. You will start to experience
a feeling of control over your health that will serve to motivate you throughout the
Here are the baseline measurements that I want you to capture:
Your scale weight: This is simply the weight that your bathroom scale reports.
Your body fat percentage: Your body fat percentage tells you how much of your total
weight is made up by fat. To calculate this use the Body Fat Calculator located in
the members area. It will ask you for a few measurements such as your height, neck
circumference, and abdominal circumference. Also, for females it will ask for your
hip circumference. Thats it! With these simple measurements a very accurate body
fat percentage can be calculated.
Additionally, I highly encourage you to take Before pictures so that you can look
back later and see just how far youve come. These pictures are highly inspiring so
dont skip this step. Here are the pictures I advise taking:
Full-length photo of your front
Full-length photo of your back
Full-length photo from the side
Photo of close-up of face
Finally, if you want to get a complete picture of your health before starting this
program, you can opt to get a full blood workup with your doctor to measure the
standard markers for normal health. This is of course optional.
What to track daily
Inside of your Fat Loss Journal you will be tracking a few things on a daily basis. This
doesnt have to be anything time consuming. Just keep your fat Loss Journal close at
hand and when you eat something just jot it down.
Here are the important things to track daily:
Carb consumption (grams)
Water consumption (oz)
Workout or activity performed and result
Estimate of energy level and mood
Dont be overwhelmed by the previous list.
2012 Primal Health, LP


I am going to show you how simple it is to track this information on one sheet of
paper per day and in less than 5 minutes.
**Important Note: notice that you ARE NOT tracking your scale weight or body fat
percentage on a daily basis! Daily fluctuations will occur so measuring more than our
once per week check-in is just not necessary or really very helpful. Be sure to measure it once per week at the beginning of each week.

Your weekly measurements

Once you begin tracking the daily data, you will have the necessary data to do your
weekly checkpoint. This is a very quick and very simple look at what happened in the
previous week.
Here are the important things to track on a weekly basis:
- Your scale weight: overall measurement of your total body weight. Take this
measurement naked or with just your underwear on. Also, do this first thing in
the morning after using the restroom, and on an empty stomach.
- Your body fat percentage (if possible)

Like I mentioned earlier, this information is used to make weekly adjustments based
on the results you have gotten in the prior week. The chart and specific adjustments
are in Appendix A of the Fat Loss Journal.
In a nutshell, its a two-step feedback/response system:
1. You will simply compare what happened with what you expected to happen.
2. Then you make adjustments and plan for the following weeks activities based
on the chart in Appendix A of the Fat Loss Journal.
As simple as this might sound, it provides you with a very powerful mechanism to
insure that you are continually moving toward your fat loss goal and not away from it
or standing still.

Integrated System
The PaleoBurn Fat Burner System addresses the four major areas that matter the
most when trying to lose weight:
1. Nutrition
2. Exercise
3. Recovery
4. Your mind

2012 Primal Health, LP


Ive built the program so that each day you will know exactly what you will be

Do I need help?
One of the most powerful things you can do to ensure you reach your goal of fat loss
is to talk to a fat loss coach who can help to get you started. Also, they can help guide
you week by week through the program.
If you are committed to fat loss, but feel you need help with your planning, contact
our support team to obtain information on health coaching and a customized nutritional program.

2012 Primal Health, LP


2012 Primal Health, LP


Chapter 5
PaleoBurn Nutrition
The core of the PaleoBurn program is the PaleoBurn Nutrition plan. This is where
you will find the keys to fast and effective fat loss.
The exercise program, recovery program, and the chapter on motivation are all very
important, but the nuts and bolts of fat loss are contained in this chapter.
If you study this chapter and follow it, you will lose fat.
Lets dig in.
First, let me lay out the key components of the PaleoBurn eating plan so that you
understand the theory, then later I will show you how it all fits together into a weekly
Remember, the quality, quantity, and timing of food that we provide to our bodies
will be used to provide the proper signals to our body to turn on our fat burning

A week at a time
The PaleoBurn Nutrition plan is designed to work best when you plan and track your
progress one week at a time. A week is long enough for the fluctuations of daily life to
average out and give you a true indication of whether what you are doing is effective
or not.
At the beginning of each week you will assemble your game plan, during the week
you will play the game, and at the end of the week you will evaluate your results and
make any adjustments that are needed.
Remember, fat loss is a game of consistency and perseverance, so dont pay attention
to daily weight measurements. Your body fluctuates too much within a day, and even
day to day, for these measurements to give you any actionable data. Weekly measurements are much better at giving you the true picture.

High quality fuel

We begin with the simple notion that the quality of the food you eat makes a difference, not just in helping you lose fat, but also in how healthy you look and feel. The
fuel we will be providing to our bodies will come from the three major macronutrient types that you are probably already familiar with:
2012 Primal Health, LP


Protein is what is used to build the lean body mass (muscles, bone, hair, cartilage) of
your body. It also helps keep your nitrogen balance at the proper levels, which helps
prevent muscle loss while you are losing fat.
Let me start this section by saying that carbohydrates are not evil! In fact, they are
necessary for the proper function of your body. They supply critical energy to your
body and this includes sending energy to your brain!
However, all carbs are not created equal. We will be using primarily complex carbs,
or those carbs that release their energy (glucose) into your bloodstream much more
slowly. In addition, 99% of the carb intake will come from vegetables and fruits, not
processed grains, sugars, or engineered foods like high fructose corn syrup. Yuck!
One of the most common misconceptions is that eating fat will make you FAT. This
is not the case when you eat the right kind of fat, in the right combinations.
In fact, your body could not function without fat in your diet. It provides a critical
lubricating and energy-storing role inside your body that you will learn more about
In each case, you will choose the highest quality food choices within each of these
macronutrient types.
Remember, over time you will learn to improve your choices, but dont feel too much
pressure to buy organic or locally grown food right off that bat if you dont have the
time or they are not available. That can come with time.
For now, just understanding how to choose good food, and then assemble great tasting meals with the ingredients you can find in your local supermarket is all that is
needed to get started.

Insulin is the master key to fat loss

One of the most important facts I want you to remember about your body is this
simple saying:
When insulin is high, fat will rise. When insulin is low, fat will go.
Commit that to memory because that simple, biological fact is the foundation of fast
and effective fat loss.
Insulin is a powerful hormone in your body that performs several very important
functions such as moving glucose (sugar) out of your bloodstream and into your cells
for storage.
In fact, when insulin is present in high amounts, fat loss is impossible. Instead, fat
storage occurs and your fat burning switch is turned off. So, how do we send the
2012 Primal Health, LP


proper signal to our body to keep insulin levels low?

Good question
Since insulin responds to glucose (sugar) in the blood stream, then the real question
is actually How do we keep our blood sugar (glucose) low?
The answer to that question has to do with keeping our daily allocation of carbohydrates relatively low during the days on the program that are designed for maximum
fat burning.
In order for your body to enter the fat burning zone, you will want to keep your daily
allocation of carbohydrates between 50 and 100 grams.
If you creep over 100 grams of carbs in a day you will be entering the maintenance
zone and fat loss will stall or stop completely.
If you go above 150 grams of carbs in day you will begin to spike insulin levels and
begin storing fat again.
As you will see in the PaleoBurn Nutrition meal plans, you will be using a technique
called carbohydrate cycling to alternate between relatively low carbohydrate days,
and one or two higher carbohydrate days.
This will allow us to dip into a rapid fat burning zone, then occasionally come back
up to normal carbohydrate levels in order to reset our metabolism and prevent our
bodies from getting used to what we are doing and plateauing.

Intermittent fasting turbo-charges fat loss
Another key feature of the PaleoBurn Nutrition system is the strategic use of a
simple, flexible fast during the week.
In fact, the scientific evidence supporting using very short 16-18 hour fasts is overwhelmingly positive. This simple strategy is an entirely safe and highly effective way
to turbocharge your fat loss efforts. In fact, by its very nature it keeps insulin low,
stimulates growth hormone, and creates a massive caloric deficit.
This may sound harder than it is. The truth is that fasting for 16 or 18 hours is mostly
a mental exercise. I do it regularly and it has been something that took a few times
to get used to. In fact, since you will start your fast after your evening meal, the 7-8
hours of sleep you get take up the first of this very short term fast.
**The caveat here is if you struggle with any type of blood sugar disorder such as
diabetes. If that is the case, you will skip the intermittent fasting and instead replace
this day with a low carb day. Ill explain more how to do this a bit later. In my own fat
loss journey I first overcame my own Type II diabetes and only afterward did I begin
to implement a weekly fast. I recommend the same approach for you if you have any
type of blood sugar disorder.
2012 Primal Health, LP


Regularly resetting your metabolism via scheduled reward meals

During most of the days on the program you will be operating at a relatively low
level of carbohydrate intake. This is on purpose to keep insulin low so that fat can be
But we dont want to keep you there indefinitely because your body will catch on to
what we are doing and regulate your metabolism down to compensate, thereby stalling the fat burning effect.
Instead, we want to keep your body somewhat guessing what is going on. To accomplish this, you will have one day during the week when you are asked to eat a much
higher level of carbohydrates.
Some call this a cheat day, but in reality it is a strategic decision that serves a very
specific metabolic purpose. I like to call it a reward day.
We want to load your muscles fully with glycogen during this cheat day in order to
prepare your body for another week of lower carbohydrate intake. The most effective
way to reload your muscles with energy for the upcoming week is to eat more carbs
on this reward day.
In addition to this higher carb reward day, you will also have a midweek spike in
carb consumption, but not an all out reward day. This will serve to give you a burst of
extra energy midweek and help to crank up your metabolism again.

Quality protein for muscle preservation and growth

While we are primarily concerned with fat loss in this program, we are also very concerned with preserving, and even growing, the muscle you already have.
Building a solid base of muscle actually increases your metabolism due to the energy
requirements that muscle demands, even when in an inactive state.
In order to provide your muscles with adequate nutrition you will be consuming
more protein that you probably have in the past, about one gram of protein per day,
per pound of lean body mass (LBM).
By providing quality protein to your muscles, they have the building blocks (amino
acids) to grow and sustain themselves properly.
Now that you understand the basic theory behind the PaleoBurn Nutrition plan,
lets talk about how to put this plan into action.

What should I eat?

The fastest way to lose fat is by implementing a specific nutrition program designed
to turn on your fat burning signals. We will do this by improving the quality of the
fuel you put into your body, in the right amounts, and at the right times.
2012 Primal Health, LP


But what is high quality fuel for your body?

The easiest answer to that question is to think about foods that have one ingredient
and have been around for thousands of years.
For example: eggs, beef, kale, blueberries, yams, etc.
In each case, there is only one ingredientthe food itself. No processing has occurred, no chemicals added, and the food looks pretty much just like it naturally
grew out of the ground, or in the field.
The other way to think about the types of foods you will be eating is like this: if it
grows out of the ground, or if it had a parent, then its fair game.
If you follow that simple rule, then you will pretty much be choosing foods that fall
into the following four main categories:
- Nuts

- Vegetables
- Eggs

- Fruits

In addition, you will be augmenting your nutrition plan with items from the following important categories:
- Oils

- Seasonings and Spices

- Liquids

The list is actually quite large and Ive included a very comprehensive food list in the
PaleoBurn Food List included with your order.
What is missing from a list like this are foods that were created through heavy processing and refining. These are the foods you will want to avoid since they are heavily modified, high in processed carbohydrates and, thus, tend to make it impossible
to control insulin levels.
For example: bread, pasta, sugar, white potatoes, chips, and any sugary drinks.
In particular, you will want to avoid the following items while you are losing fat:

Sugar. Sugar and foods containing sugar almost immediately spike

your insulin levels making it impossible to burn fat.
Flour. Flour is made from wheat and is a simple carbohydrate that spikes
your insulin levels very quickly.
Salt. Salt, or sodium, causes your cells to hold on to water and creates
a bloated effect in your body.
Milk. During this program I will ask you to abstain from liquid milk.
Over 25% of people are lactose intolerant, which causes severe allergic
reactions in your gut that causes bloating, slows digestion, and generally
wreaks havoc with your health. Some cheese is ok if eaten in moderation.

Alcohol. The high sugar content in alcohol spikes insulin levels dramatically.

2012 Primal Health, LP


How much should I eat?

The amount of food to consume on a daily basis is perhaps the most important question to answer when it comes to weight loss because it directly impacts creating a
caloric deficit needed to burn fat.
But first, there are a few skills that I want you to keep in mind regarding eating.
Developing these skills will help you begin to get in touch with your own body and
understand what it is telling you. The result will be an increased level of awareness
and control over what you eat and drink.
After we cover these three skills, I will explain in detail how to determine exactly how
much food to eat each day to guarantee fat loss occurs.
Three Very Important Nutrition Skills:

Recognize when you are thirsty.

Staying hydrated is a crucial part of weight loss for many reasons. In fact,
thirst is often misinterpreted by the body as hunger. This causes you to eat
when you really just need to be hydrated.
Some of the common signs of dehydration are:
frequent headaches
-persistent low energy
-dry skin and chapped lips
-eyes feel sunken in
You will combat dehydration by consuming 1 liter of water per day for every
50 lbs of body weight.


Learn to recognize the feeling of hunger.

We eat for many reasons including emotional eating, eating to fit in, or eating
due to addictions to certain kinds of foods. But what we want to cultivate
is the ability to recognize when we are truly hungry versus some of these
other reasons. When you think you are hungry next time, try drinking water
or analyzing why you feel you need to eat. Many times stress, fear, or being
overwhelmed can make us feel like we want to eat. Needless to say, these
reasons for eating will sabotage your fat loss efforts. A good rule of thumb
is drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes before eating when you feel
hunger coming on.


Learn to recognize the feeling of being full.

We have been programmed to eat massive quantities of food at each meal. In
reality, we need much less on our plate and in our stomachs to feel full than
we realize.

2012 Primal Health, LP


As you begin to transition to more nutrient dense foods you will start to
become satisfied on much less volume of food than you are used to. This is
a good thing, but you need to pay attention to it to recognize it the first few
times. Cultivate the ability to know when you are full to avoid overeating.
If you learn these simple skills you will begin to master your body and your own
nutritional choices during the day. Trust me, when you begin to take control of your
nutrition it feels very good.
Now, lets talk about how to determine exactly how much food you need to consume
in a day to trigger fast and efficient fat loss.
In order for fat loss to occur, two things must happen:
1. A caloric deficit.
A caloric deficit simply means that you will consume less calories than your body
requires for that day, thereby forcing your body to get the energy it needs from
energy stored in your body rather than food just consumed.
2. Low insulin levels
Insulin levels must be kept low so that your body can access your fat stores for
energy use.
You may be thinking, Can I lose weight by just restricting calories alone?
Well, you can lose weight by reducing calories alone and not paying attention to
your insulin levels.
However, if insulin is too high during this period of caloric restriction your weight
loss will come from loss of muscle tissue primarily. This will result in weight loss,
NOT fat loss.
What you will end up with if you only restrict calories is just a smaller version of
yourself with less muscle. And at some point, your body will regulate your metabolism down to compensate for fewer calories being consumed. This can have a terrible
effect on your health and is not what we are after.
What we are teaching you how to do is to create both a caloric deficit AND a state
of low insulin so that your body can release the fat it is holding on to and burn it for
So, how much food should you eat each day?
This is the nice part of the PaleoBurn program. I am not going to make you count
calories or weigh you food.
You read that right!
In fact, the only thing Im going to ask you to track in your daily journal is total
2012 Primal Health, LP


grams of carbs. This number is easily found on most food packaging or by referencing the PaleoBurn Food List printout, or by using our Interactive Food List found in
the online members area where you can lookup over 8,000 different foods and see
the full nutrition label easily!
Just write the number of carbs for each food item you consume and total them for
the day. Thats it!
During this program I want you to learn how to listen and pay attention to what your
body is telling you.
This method of determining how much to eat, along with moving to the foods listed
in the PaleoBurn Food List, and then doing a weekly checkpoint to observe your
results works perfectly to naturally create the caloric deficit mentioned above.
Plus, you will begin to feel in tune with your body and learn to make good choices
Next, you will want to use the following guidelines to determine how much to eat
during a meal.

How Much Protein Per Meal?

Here are two ways to determine how much protein to consume.
The easy way:
Your protein choice for a given meal should be about the size of the palm of your

Aim for about 4-5 servings of protein per day

An alternative approach:
Another way to calculate your daily protein consumption during fat loss is to simply
consume gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.
For instance, a 200lb person would consume (200 * .5) grams of protein per day,
which is 100 grams.
Then as you build out your meal plan for the day, aim to evenly distribute the total
grams of protein across your meals.

How Many Carbohydrates Per Meal?

The easy way:
- Aim to keep your daily carb allowance close to 75 grams of carbs, and not
over 100 grams per day during low carb days.
2012 Primal Health, LP


- If you keep your carb servings about the size of your fist it will help you
begin to intuitively know what a proper portion size should be.
- Remember, your carb choices need to be veggies for the most part, with an
occasional piece of fruit. Certainly eat no more than one piece of fruit per day.
This is due to the fact that fruit has enough natural sugar to temporarily spike
insulin levels when trying to lose fat.

How Much Fat per Meal?

The easy way:
-Aim for your fat portion per meal to be about the size of the end of your thumb or
approximately 1 teaspoon. The fats you will be consuming are the good fats that
come from coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, avocados, etc
- You goal is for around 60% of your daily calories to come from these good fats. Remember, free range chicken and grass fed beef are also great sources of healthy fats.

How Much Water Should I Be Drinking?

As mentioned before, the effects of dehydration can mimic hunger and can also
wreak havoc on our bodys ability to regulate the proper levels of hormones in our
bodies. That makes it critical that you get enough water on a daily basis.
One clear indication that you are not getting enough water in your diet is if your
urine is bright yellow or carries a strong odor. A healthy, fully hydrated persons urine
is almost clear and the odor is hardly noticeable.
I recommend drinking your bodyweight in ounces each day. For example, if you
weigh 200 lbs, you would consume 100 ounces of water per day. If you weigh 160
lbs, you would consume 80 ounces of water per day.
This will seem like a lot at first, but within 2-3 days you will find yourself enjoying
drinking that much water, AND you will start to experience some amazing benefits
of being fully hydratedmaybe for the first time!

How to Do Basic Meal Planning

Lets begin by talking about how to plan for your food purchases:
1. First, you will put together your list of foods by looking over the PaleoBurn
Food List and selecting the items you love to eat.
I encourage you to expand your horizons a bit and try items you may have overlooked in the past. The items you select will form the foundation of your nutri 2012 Primal Health, LP


tion during the PaleoBurn program.

2. Next, build a weekly meal plan using the ingredients you identified above
and the quantities of food you determined you need. Another great option is to
browse through the PaleoBurn Fat Burner Cookbook to see which recipes sound
great to you!
3. Next you will go shopping for your ingredients so that you have a weeks supply handy.
4. Lastly, try to prepare as much of your food in advance as possible. This saves
time in the long run, and helps to keep you on the right track because you will
have ready-made options available at all times.
I suggest doing this process at the beginning of each week so that you have exactly
the food you need on hand during the week and dont have to scramble or make
impromptu trips to the store.
In the next section, I will explain the timing of your meals and how to arrange them
for maximum fat loss.
When should I eat my meals?
The PaleoBurn program is setup to maximize your fat burning capacity. To do that
we pay attention to not only when you eat during the day, but also when you eat during the overall week and how those meals utilize either a low carb or medium carb
So the question of when you should eat your meals is really a two-part answer; your
daily eating schedule and your weekly eating schedule.
Lets look at the big picture first.
Weekly Eating Schedule
The following weeklong schedule is the same one I use when I want to go into fat
burning mode. I typically start this seven-day cycle on Sunday, but please note that
you can begin Day One on any day of the week that works for you.
Heres how it works
Day One (Sunday): Glycogen Loading Day
This day is sometimes called a reward day, but in reality the purpose of this day is to
load your muscles with glycogen and send a signal to your body that all is well. Glycogen is simply a form of glucose that gets stored in your muscles for use as energy
later on.
By filling up your muscles to the brim with glycogen once per week, you will be
priming your body to burn fat at an accelerated rate throughout the week. At this
point your body has been signaled that all is well with the world and you have plenty
of food sources on hand.
2012 Primal Health, LP


The rules for the Glycogen Loading Day (reward day) are pretty simple.
On this day you will be able to eat whatever you want, while following a few important guidelines.
Glycogen Loading Day Guidelines:
-Do not feel guilty on this day. There is a specific purpose for having a reward
day with this system, so enjoy the food you choose to eat and know that this is
part of a proven plan that works.
- Eat the foods you love on this day. If you love pasta, eat pasta. If you love ice
cream, eat some ice cream. Think of this day as your weekly reward for doing so
well the past six days.
-Follow your normal eating schedule. If you usually eat breakfast at 7am, lunch
at 12 noon, and dinner at 6pm, then follow that same schedule. Do not wake up
early to eat, or stay up late so that you can consume more food on this day.
-Do not stuff yourself or eat until you feel uncomfortable. Follow the same
guidelines for portions that we always suggest. Protein should be about the size
of your palm, carbohydrate about the size of your fist, and fat about the size of
the tip of your thumb.
Thats it! Enjoy!
Day Two (Monday): Fasting Day (Maximum Fat Burning Day)
Following up the previous days reward day will be a 16 to 18hour period where you
will eat as little as possible, and for those that want the maximum results you will abstain from food completel for a period of time. Dont worry however, we will do this
in a way that allows you to actually eat later in this day, so its not as bad as it initially
Actually, let me show you how it will work.
Note: I recommend a full 24--hour fast for those that want maximum fat burning
effects. However, I know that you may want to start with something a little less. So,
it is ok if you want to begin with a 16 or 18 hour fast. This is actually pretty easy to
accomplish since you will be sleeping at least 8-9 hours during this period anyway!
So, in the case of a relatively easy 16 hour fast, here is how it works.
Lets say the previous day (Glycogen Loading Day) your final meal is at 8pm. Then
on your Fasting Day, you will wait until 12 noon on Day Two before you consume
any food. During this day you are free to drink water, tea, coffee, or other non-calorie
drinks, just no food until you have reached the 16hour mark with your fast. If you
chose to do the 18 or 24 hour fast just adjust the times to fit your fast schedule.
The one exception to the nothing but liquids rule is a trick I use to preserve lean
muscle mass during periods of fasting.
2012 Primal Health, LP


It turns out that supplementing with 6 grams of BCAA (branched chain amino acids)
before and after your workouts will help preserve and protect your lean muscle mass
during fasting, which is highly beneficial to our goal of fat loss.
BCAAs are actually the best part of protein and I highly recommended you use them
during this program.
One of the most common questions people have regarding fasting is how to handle
the hunger cravings. I admit, the first few times you try it you will experience some
hunger pains. But trust me when I tell you thisit is almost 100% a mental trick your
body is playing on you. You are not starving. Think about it. Your body knows how
to go get fat from your body to burn for energy. However, it also knows that it would
be easier if you would just put some sugary carbs into your mouth! This is where your
ability to trust this system comes into play. If you resist these initial urgesthey will
go away. I usually drink two or even three glasses of water when I start to feel hunger
in the early part of a fast. This fills the stomach and in turn signals your body to turn
off the hunger signals. It works! Try it out.
I can also tell you from experience that if you have converted over to eating the foods
on the PaleoBurn Food List, your cravings will be greatly diminished. These foods
create a feeling of fullness that last long after you have eaten, and this helps you tremendously during your fasting day.
The first few times I fasted I found that the toughest part was the hours from 11am
until about 2pm. Then something amazing happened. I actually got a surge of energy
around 2pm as my body began tapping into my fat stores for energy.
This energy surge about half way through your fasting day is something you may or
may not experience but I found it to be very motivating and it seems to come at just
the right time.
In reality, short term fasting is 100% a mental exercise, but it will give you amazing
fat burning benefits.
Not only will you create a massive caloric deficit, but you will also raise the levels
of growth hormone in your body, improve your insulin sensitivity, increase your
resistance to stress, and improve your mental clarity! How is that for some powerful
Day Three (Tuesday): Low Carb Day
Day three you will keep your carbohydrate intake under 100 grams of carbs for the
day. Choose healthy foods from the PaleoBurn Food List and follow the portion
guidelines, and drink plenty of liquids. In terms of when to eat, I recommend eating
when you are hungry.
Day Four (Wednesday): Low Carb Day
Day four you will keep your carbohydrate intake under 100 grams of carbs for the
day. Choose healthy foods from the PaleoBurn Food List and follow the portion
2012 Primal Health, LP


guidelines, and drink plenty of liquids. In terms of when to eat, I recommend eating
when you are hungry, but after you have worked out in the morning.
Day Five (Thursday): Medium Carb Day
By day five your body will start to have caught on to the fact that carbohydrates are
being limited and could respond by slowing your metabolism. What we will do,
however, is consume slightly more carbs on this day so that your body is tricked into
thinking the low carb intake is over with. On this day your goal will be to consume
up to 150 grams of carbs. This will serve to reset your metabolism, load your muscles
with a new influx of glycogen, and get things ramped back up for a few more days of
low carb fat burning.
Day Six (Friday): Low Carb Day
Day six you will keep your carbohydrate intake under 100 grams of carbs for the day.
Choose healthy foods from the PaleoBurn Food List and follow the portion guidelines, and drink plenty of liquids. In terms of when to eat, I recommend eating when
you are hungry, but after you have worked out in the morning.
Day Seven (Saturday): Low Carb Day
Day seven you will keep your carbohydrate intake under 100 grams of carbs for the
day. Choose healthy foods from the PaleoBurn Food List and follow the portion
guidelines, and drink plenty of liquids. In terms of when to eat, I recommend eating
when you are hungry, but after you have worked out in the morning.
Daily Eating Schedule
Once you understand the weekly schedule, then the next logical question would be
how to structure your eating within each specific day.
Apart from the guidelines given in the Weekly Eating Schedule above, you are free to
schedule your daily meals around the normal times you feel hungry and would like
to eat.
The only exception to this general guideline is when it comes to eating before and
after your workouts.
Before workout: no food, just empty stomach
After workout: Consume zero or low-carb protein shake within 30 minutes. Be sure
to avoid all high sugar sports recovery drinks that are marketed as so called health
foods. These will completely sabotage any fat loss efforts due to their extremely high
carbohydrate counts.
In order to get the most out of your workouts I highly recommend working out on
an empty stomach.
If you typically workout in the morning, then I would suggest drinking water before
your workout, but no food. The reason for this is to maximize your ability to burn
fat, rather than food you just consumed prior to the workout.
2012 Primal Health, LP


It is true that if you are trying to build a lot of muscle (like a bodybuilder would) you
should eat before, during, and after workouts, but that is not what we are doing.
We are specifically trying to lose fat, and that requires us keeping our insulin levels
low so that our bodies are forced to pull the required energy from our fat cells.
If you workout during the day or evening, then I would suggest scheduling your
workout 3 hours or more after your previous meal. The reason is that you want your
insulin levels to be relatively low during any exercise. This magnifies the fat burning
effect that exercise has and will give you better results.
For the remainder of the day, simply eat when you are hungry but do not stuff yourself at any meal.
Do I really need supplements?
In a perfect world the answer would be no. In a perfect world we would get 100% of
everything we need from the organic, natural food that we consume.
However, we no longer live in a perfect world and the sad fact is that the quality of
our food supply has been greatly diminished. This has created a situation that has to
be addressed if we want optimal health and in this case, maximum fat loss.
There are just a few supplements that I feel are valuable and worth using. Here is my
shortlist of supplements that I believe actually do what they say they do and provide
a real advantage when trying to lose weight and create maximum health.
1. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)
2. Glutamine
3. Niacin
4. Vitamin C
5. Post-Workout Shake
6. Omega 3 Fish Oil
7. Vitamin D
8. ZMA
9. Multi-vitamin
These supplements are explained in detail in the PaleoBurn Supplementation Guide
you received when you purchased this product. In the Supplementation Guide I give
you the reasons why I used these supplements on a daily basis and why I so strongly
recommend you do as well if you are serious about losing fat and getting healthy fast.
Is it possible to lose a lot of fat without these supplements? Yes it is.
Does supplementation help with the process of losing fat and helping your body
recover faster? Yes it does.
As always, you decide what is right for you and how fast you want to go.

2012 Primal Health, LP


Chapter 6
PaleoBurn Exercise
Exercise can have many purposes, but we are primarily interested in fat loss. For
that reason, the exercises in this program have been chosen because they are easy
to learn, easy to execute properly and, most importantly, they trigger the proper fat
burning signals that we want to send to your body.
It is important to understand that it is not the purpose of these exercises to build you
into a bodybuilder. We are also not trying to turn you into an Olympic weight lifter.
We are only interested in three things when it comes to exercise:
1. Burning a few excess calories.
2. Triggering the release of certain fat burning hormones.
3. Signaling to our bodies to preserve and slightly grow our lean muscle.
This is remarkably easy to do with the short workouts in the PaleoBurn Exercise
Along the way you will just happen to build a solid foundation of muscle, but that is
not the primary thing we are after. Remember, underneath the layers of fat on your
body, you already have a base of muscle.
Many times, when the fat is removed people are amazed at how muscular they actually arethey just had never seen their muscles before! But just think about that for
a minute. The only way you could be moving around and walking, lifting things, and
generally living life is if you already had a decent set of muscles strong enough to
move your current body weight around!
The benefits of the PaleoBurn exercise plan are:

They can be done anywhere

Are scalable so that you can begin no matter how out of shape you are
They do not require a gym membership
They can be done with minimal equipment
They create maximum fat burning effect
They take less than 30 minutes

Note: Be sure to check with your doctor first and request a cardio stress test first before
beginning any exercise regime.
The PaleoBurn Exercise plan is organized into two sections, which depend on your
current level of fitness.
2012 Primal Health, LP


If you are very out of shape and have not done much if any physical exercise in the
past several years, then you will want to start with the Absolute Beginner Workout.
If you have some experience with exercise, or if you have a job that requires you to
move and use your muscles on a daily basis then you can start with the Intermediate
As we did with PaleoBurn Nutrition, we are also going to setup your workouts
based on a seven-day schedule.

Absolute Beginner Workout

This workout is designed to allow anyone to start moving and gain the confidence
and strength needed to move to more advanced workouts.
Day One: This is a non-workout day
Day Two:

Warm Up: March in Place (4 minutes)

3 Rounds of:
3 Get Ups!
Get Ups! are simply lying down on the ground and then getting up into a
standing position. Simple yet effective!
10 Air Punches
Air Punches is simply standing with one foot in front of the other and
then punching the air in front of you as if you were a boxer punching a
bag. Alternate right and left arms.

Day Three: This is a non--workout day, but I want you to take a 10-minute walk to
keep your muscles moving. This is a slow, leisurely walk.
Day Four:

Warm Up: March in Place (4 minutes)

3 Rounds of:
10 Wall Pushes
A Wall Push is simply walking up to a wall, keeping your feet about 2
away from the wall, then leaning into the wall with your outstretched
hands. Then you will do the same motion as if you were doing a push up,
but in this case you are pushing against the wall.
10 Air Squat
An Air Squat mimics the movement you would do if you sat in a chair,
but in this case there is no chair. You simply squat down as you would to
sit in a chair, and then stand back up. Keep your feet pointing forward,
and your back straight.

2012 Primal Health, LP


Day Five: This is a non--workout day, but I want you to take a 10-minute walk to
keep your muscles moving. This is a slow, leisurely walk.
Day Six:

Warm Up: March In place (4 minutes)

As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes:

10 Wall Pushes
10 Air Squats
10 Air Punches

Day Seven: This is a non-workout day, but I want you to take a 10 minute walk to
keep your muscles moving. This is a slow, leisurely walk.
Here is what the Beginner Workout looks like organized by day:
Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Day 1





Day 2

Workout #1

Workout #1

Workout #1

Workout #1

Day 3





Day 4

Workout #2

Workout #2

Workout #2

Workout #2

Day 5





Day 6

Workout #3

Workout #3

Workout #3

Workout #3

Day 7





Intermediate Workout
This is where most people will begin. However, if you find these exercises too difficult then you may want to start with the Absolute Beginner Workout shown above.
The Intermediate Workout is designed to give you maximum flexibility so that you
can literally do this workout anywhere at anytime.
You dont need any special equipment to do this workout, other than your own body.
Trust me; this will be plenty of resistance as you get started. Later I will teach you
how to turn up the intensity as you gain strength and endurance.
There are seven workouts you can use in the Intermediate Workout plan.
As you can see on the Nutrition Plan there are seven days planned out for you. What
I want you to do is pick workouts shown below and use them on Day Two, Day Four,
or Day Six each week. The other days of the week are non-workout days.
2012 Primal Health, LP


Workout 1: Leg Blast

Warm Up
Three Rounds of the following:
Squats (as many as possible in 1 minute)
Stationary Lunges (15 reps per side)
Stiff-legged Deadlifts (15 reps)
Lying Hip Lifts (15 reps)
Workout 2: Upper Body Blast
Warm up
Three rounds of the following:
Straight Arm Plank (hold for 1 minute)
Arm Circles (30 seconds forward, 30 seconds reverse)
Bent-Arm To Straight Arm Plank (10 reps per arm)
Triceps Dips On Chair (15 reps)
Bent-Arm Plank Squeezing Shoulder Blades (slowly lower and squeeze)
Workout 3: Cardio Training
Warm up
Three rounds of the following:
Jogging in place for one minute
Skipping for one minute
High Knees for one minute
Jumping Jacks for one minute
Air Squats (as many as possible in 1 minute)
Workout 4: Dynamic Upper Body Workout
Warm up
Three rounds of the following:
Straight Arm Plank with Shoulder Rotation
Straight Arm Plank with Sideways Movement/Pushups
Boxing (jab and cross for 1 minute, then switch feet and repeat)
Wood Chopping (30 seconds on with each arm)
Workout 5: Dynamic Lower Body Workout
Warm up
Three rounds of the following:
Hop Squats (as many as possible in 1 minute)
Lateral Squat (as many as possible in 1 minute)
Reverse Lunges (as many as possible in 1 minute)
Lunge with Knee Thrust (as many as possible in 1 minute)
Hop Squats for Inner/Outer Thigh (as many as possible in 1 minute)
2012 Primal Health, LP


Workout 6: Core Workout

Warm up
Three rounds of the following:
Bent Arm Plank (hold for 1 minute)
Straight Arm Plank with Knee Crosses (hold for 1 minute)
Side/1-Arm Plank (30 seconds per side)
Lying Leg Raises (1 minute)
V-Sit with Twist (1 minute)

Workout 7: Isometric Workout and Stretching

Warm up
Three rounds of the following:
Hold a Squat (hold for one minute)
Hold a Lunge with Arms Up (30 seconds each side)
1 Leg, Forward Lean (hold for one minute)
Superman (hold for one minute)
Remember, each of these complete workouts has been recorded for you and are viewable inside the members area. You can workout along with them, or you can just use
them as a reference to learn the exercises.

How to Schedule Your Workouts

Here is how to schedule these workouts day by day. The following workout schedule
will get you through your first four weeks in the program. After that, simply repeat
this same plan for the following months.
Remember, rest and recover is crucial to your success so I have built in rest days into
this plan. Do not skip a rest day! These are programmed into the plan so that your
progress does not stall due to burnout or exhaustion.
Here is what a full four week schedule would look like on the Intermediate Workout
Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Day 1





Day 2

Workout #1: Leg

Workout #4: DyWorkout #7:
namic Upper Body Iso metric and

Workout #3:
Smart Cardio

Day 3




2012 Primal Health, LP



Day 4

Workout #2: Upper Body Blast

Workout #5: DyWorkout #1: Leg
namic Lower Body Blast

Workout #4:
Dynamic Upper

Day 5





Day 6

Workout #3:
Smart Cardio

Workout #6: Core

Workout #2: Upper Body Blast

Workout #5: Dynamic Lower Body

Day 7





2012 Primal Health, LP


Chapter 7
PaleoBurn Recovery
One of the most important activities that you can do to lose fat and build the body
of your dreams is actually not a physical activity at all!
It is simply to rest.
As I mentioned previously, the food choices you make and the demands you will
place on your body are all just signals we are sending to our body. Once your body
receives these signals it responds in kind. But this takes time, and one of the most
time consuming parts of the process is the recovery from intense exercise.
Your body accomplishes much of its internal repair work during your deep sleep

How to Sleep Like a Baby

We spend up to a third of our life sleeping, yet few of us really understand its purpose or how important it is to our fat loss efforts.
It turns out that sleep is far more than just a time to reenergize. In fact, very important metabolic changes are happening while you sleep that can either help or hinder
your fat loss effortsdepending on the quality of sleep that you are getting.
Here are just a few of the ways a lack of proper sleep can sabotage your fat loss efforts:
A lack of sleep will:
-Increase your appetite due to a disruption in hormone balance
-Cause your body to process glucose slower, increasing the risk of diabetes
-Raise cortisol and increase stress
-Increase mood disorders such as depression and anxiety
Just as with many things in nature, your own body has a natural rhythm to it controlled by something called your circadian rhythm. This natural rhythm roughly
follows a 24-hour cycle and is controlled by the presence or absence of light.
In order to optimize your sleep for maximum fat loss support, follow these guidelines:
Keep a consistent sleep schedule
2012 Primal Health, LP


Our bodies have adapted over the years to expect that when its dark outside we will
be sleeping, and when the sun comes upwe get up as well.

While some people have an alternative work schedule, which prevents this, the majority of us can adjust our sleep patterns to more closely match the suns setting and
Once we do this, staying in a consistent pattern of going to bed and rising at the same
time each day will greatly benefit our ability to get to sleep quickly, and rest deeply.
If you are a night owl, like I was, and you want to make an adjustment to your normal
bedtime, I would highly suggest taking it slowly.
By that I mean moving your bedtime back by 30 minutes at a time until you reach
your goal. If you move to fast, your body will resist and it will be quite difficult to
make the change.
Prepare Your Sleep Environment
One of the most effective things I did to improve the quality of my sleep was to make
some basic changes to my bedroom.
There are really three areas that you need to pay attention to when it comes to optimizing your sleeping environment; keeping it completely dark, completely quiet and
a comfortable temperature.
Since your bodys sleep rhythm is controlled by the amount of light it detects, it
makes sense that you want to keep your bedroom as dark as possible.
What most people dont realize is that even small amounts of light can be enough to
disturb your sleep.
I removed all sources of light, including my alarm clock and small nightlight in the
adjoining bathroom from view. I also made sure that the curtains on my bedroom
window completely blocked out any light coming in from outside during the night.
Next, since I live in a neighborhood and have neighbors that sometimes come and go
during the wee hours of the night, I begin using simple earplugs when I sleep. This
has been a revelation.
Not only does it immediately create silence around me, but Ive found that Im not
woken up by noises in the middle of the night. This is key, because most people
struggle with getting back to sleep after they are woken up.
Finally, I made a conscious effort to adjust my thermostat before bedtime to the
temperature that I know creates the best sleep for me. I like it a little on the cold side
when I sleep, but you should experiment with that works best for you. Most people
sleep best when the temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees.
2012 Primal Health, LP


Create a Night Time Routine

Creating a nighttime routine is a simple, yet very effective way to help your body
prepare for sleep. Not only does it help you get into a consistent pattern, but it also
serves to calm you down, relieve stress and help you ease into slumber.
Here are a few suggestions that will help:
1. Start your routine one hour before you intend to go to sleep.
2. Turn off the TV and computer so that your visual centers can begin to relax
and get a break from all the visual stimulation.
3. Try taking a warm shower to help you relax and de-stress.
4. Try playing soothing music during this relaxation time.
5. Turn your thoughts toward what you plan to accomplish the next day by
writing in a journal.
How Much Sleep Do I Need?
The research is clear that adults need between 7-9 hours of quality sleep to adequately repair and restore proper balance to their bodies. There will always be some
individuals who can live just fine on less, and also those that need more.
My best advice is to learn to pay attention to what you body is telling you. If you
consistently wake up tired and worn out, you are not getting either the quantity or
quality of sleep your body needs.
I recommend starting out by using the suggestions in this chapter and aiming for
eight solid hours of sleep. You should be waking up on your own, feeling fully rested
and ready for the day. If that is not the case, make adjustments. If you still cannot get
good sleep, it may be time to see a sleep specialist.
Its very important to get good sleep, so invest some time in figuring out what works
best for you.
Final Thoughts on Sleep
For years I was the consummate night owl. I would get home from work, spend some
time with the family, and then around 9pm I would go to work on a special project,
start reading, or do some research. Many times I would stay up until 1 or 2am.
I never really gave much thought to how much the lack of sleep was hurting my
health and even my relationships. Over the course of time, I got more and more
worn out. My stress level increased and no matter how hard I tried to get in shape it
just wasnt happening.
Now, looking back, its easy to see how badly my lack of sleep was sabotaging my
own fat loss efforts. The lack of energy was one thing, but now I realize the disastrous
impact that lack of sleep had on the hormones that were largely control fat loss.
Please dont overlook this basic, but crucial part of your fat loss efforts.
2012 Primal Health, LP


2012 Primal Health, LP


Chapter 8
PaleoBurn Motivation
Your success with the PaleoBurn program is based on a simple assumption

that you will take what you have learned and put it into action.

However, this assumption is not always true.

In fact, there are some people who get this information and do absolutely nothing
with it. Perhaps they really didnt want to lose fat, or perhaps they never discovered
their reason why. But, for some reason, the information just falls to the wayside and
they go on year after year as fat as ever.
After struggling myself for years with weight gain and a large spare tire around my
middle I am very sensitive to this. I finally broke free and was able to dramatically
change my appearance. But it was not just raw information that helped me make the
After all, academic information on how to lose fat or how to build muscle is completely useless unless it is put into action. So what was the master key to putting this
information into action so that it can deliver the body of your dreams?
Pure and simpleyou must master the art of self-motivation.
This powerful inner drive is what will push you to achieve things that the masses
And the good news isit can be learned.

Giving Yourself Permission to Work on Yourself

One very important concept that you must understand is that your ability to contribute to the world, to be a good parent, a good employee, and a valuable member of
society depends on you being the very best version of yourself possible.
This means that the time and energy you are going to put into improving your health
and getting into shape is not just a selfish exercise-not at all.
What you are doing is improving your ability to be a better person, with more energy
and much more capacity to improve the lives of those around you. What I want to
encourage you to do right now is recognize that the time and energy you are going to
spend losing fat and getting healthy is 100% OK.
Its more than okin fact it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the people you
2012 Primal Health, LP


will be interacting with in your life. Your friends, your girlfriend or spouse, your kids
will all benefit greatly from the new you that comes as a result of this program.
So, be ok with taking time for you. You are worth it, and the people around you are
worth it too.

The process of setting and achieving goals

Just as there is a process for burning fat, there is also a very effective process for setting and achieving anything you set your mind to. I use this process in my own life
and it has never failed me.
In the following sections I will walk you through this simple six-step process. I want
to encourage you to take a few minutes to complete each section as you go so that
you begin to develop the type of motivation and drive that will make you unstoppable.

Step One: Imagining Your Ideal Body

This step is about you getting a clear picture in your mind of what you want your
body to look like in its ideal state.
The key here is to find pictures of someone who has your similar height and body
type. For instance, I am built naturally a little stocky. I have big bone structure and
wide shoulders. So when I did this exercise I found photos of guys who were built
like me, but that had a lean ripped stomach already.
I knew that if I just dropped the fat I could look very similar. I then visualized their
ripped body as if it was my own.
I imagined what it would feel like to walk around with a lean, taut midsection. I
imagined myself in great detail experiencing what it would be like, what it would
feel like to have this new body.
This was a life changing routine that I still use to this day.
Once you identify what your ideal body looks like and have gathered up a few
pictures that will help you visualize exactly what you want to create, I want you to
spend just a few minutes doing the same thing I did; creating a mental picture of you
enjoying your new body.
Here is how to do it: I want you to create a mental picture of you in your favorite vacation spot enjoying your new body. Be as detailed as you can and describe what you
are doing, what the weather is like, what smells are in the air, who is with you, what
feelings come up for you.
Deeply imagine your new body in as much detail as possible.
For example, if you love the beach then imagine you walking down the beach with
2012 Primal Health, LP


your shirt off, sand oozing up between your toes, and the son shining down on your
lean, strong body. Imagine what the air feels like as it blows through your hair. What
does it sound like as the waves roll in?
This simple exercise does something very profound. It starts to put you into a state of
mind where your new body has already been obtained.
Our brains work in marvelous ways, and just by painting a very detailed picture of
what we want to achieve, and then feeling the feelings as if we had already achieved
it, we can reprogram our subconscious mind to help us reach our goals much faster.
The pictures that you have gathered up are important too.
Id like you to put them in an obvious place where you will have an opportunity to be
reminded every day.
When you do this you will be surprised by how it starts to shift your daily thoughts
and guide your behavior.
In effect, what you are doing is providing your mind with a map to followyour
ideal body map.
Step Two: Identifying Your 'Reason Why'
Once you have identified your ideal body and have that picture in your mind, I want
you to do a simple exercise.
This exercise is something I did myself and it is one of the best things I have ever
done when it comes to building up a massive amount of motivation and determination.
Here are your instructions:
1. Get a pen and a notebook
2. Allocate approximately 20 minutestrust me, the time will fly.
3. You will be answering a single question: Why is achieving my ideal body so
important to me?
4. Next, I want you to start writing. Put each reason on its own line-and keep
writing. There is no magic number you have to get to, but
5. You have to keep writing until you feel a knot in your throat. You know the
one Im talking about. The one that comes up just before you get really emotional. Yeahthat one.
What this exercise does is get to the real underlying emotional reason why you are
willing to do whatever it takes to lose the stubborn belly fat and get to your ideal
When the going gets tough and you are battling food cravings, I want you to remember your reason why and then ask yourself this question:
2012 Primal Health, LP


Is my reason why more important than this temporary challenge?

Whatever you do, dont skip this step!
Step Three: Writing down your SMART goals
Did you skip the previous step? Stop and go back and complete it now if you did. Its
that important.
Now, once you have your ideal body image held in your mind, and you have identified your reason why you must lose the fat, its time to create a few written goals.
Why written? Because studies have proven that when you write down your goals they
are far more likely to be achieved.
In terms of what kind of goals I would suggest, I would stick with things that are easily quantifiable and measurable.
For instance, a certain % of body fat, or a certain size jeans you want to get back into.
These are both goals that are easy to verify if youve done it or not.
Here is a simple formula for creating great goals that follow the SMART method.
S - Specific
Your goals should be specific, meaning that they are honed in on one thing and not
open for misinterpretation. You can make sure your goals are specific by answering
the 6 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why, Which).
For example, the goal of feeling good is not specific because it could mean a hundred different things to different people.
A specific goal might be to I have enough energy to climb up three flights of stairs at
my apartment building by June 1st.
M- Measurable
Measurable means that there is some objective way of knowing that the goal has been
achieved or not. This typically means that you state the goal in terms of how much
or how many of something rather than in terms of a feeling or something that cannot truly be measured.
An attainable goal is something that can actually be accomplished within the bounds
of physics. I remember as a sixth grader wanting to be able to dunk a basketball. That
was clearly not an attainable goal for me in sixth grade.
The goal must mean something to you. Clearly in the case of fat loss, we know that
this goal is going to be very meaningful to you. In fact, you have already determined
your reason why in a previous section.
2012 Primal Health, LP


TTime bound
There is something magical about having a deadline. By setting a date that you will
achieve your goal, you establish a sense of urgency that will serve to motivate you
even more
When it comes to fat loss, I suggest making a few types of goals; very short term (1
week), short term (1 month), and medium term (3 months or longer).
Now, Id like you to take time to write down three SMART goals.
Very Short Term Goal: _________________________________________________
Example: I will workout three times this week without fail.
Short Term Goal: _____________________________________________________
Example: I will lose 8lbs by the end of this month.
Medium Term Goal: ___________________________________________________
Example: I will go from size 36 to size 32 jeans by the end of three months.

Step Four: Tracking Progress

We now have our ideal body image, our reason why, and you have written down
three SMART goals.
The next step in the process is to track your progress. You will do this in your PaleoBurn Fat Loss Journal. There is an age old saying that goes like this, What gets
measuredimproves; and that is exactly what tracking is all about.
We want to know where you started from, and how far youve come on a weekly
As you learned earlier in the program, you can use your weekly checkpoint to track
your fat loss goals and then make weekly adjustments so that fat keeps coming off.
This one-week increment is perfect for making consistent and steady progress toward
your goals.
Step Five: Making Adjustments
As you work your plan and track your progress you are essentially producing results.
In fact, I want you to view your weekly results simply as just that-results.
They dont make you a good person or a bad person, and they should never bring
any guilt or regret, or get you too excited and overly confident. They are just results.
However, they do provide valuable data for us to evaluate and make adjustments for
the next week.
In previous chapters we talked about how to make adjustments based on what your
weekly checkpoint says. .
Remember: the chart showing EXACTLY what adjustments need to be made is
2012 Primal Health, LP


located in Appendix A of the Fat Loss Journal. All 9 possible outcomes for your
week have been described with exactly the steps you should take each week to stay
on track!
Step Six: Celebrating Your Successes
Finally, whats the fun in achieving goals if you cant celebrate your victories?
I like to build in something called Positive Feedback Loops into all my goals so that
as Im making progress I get some positive strokes to keep me going. This might be
as simple as rewarding myself with a new pair of shoes if I reach a milestone along
the way to my overall goal, or even something as simple as telling myself I can take a
break and watch my favorite DVRd comedy show if I make it all the way through my
fast day.
Whatever it takes to setup little rewards along the way can really help keep this fun
and enjoyable.

How to Get Others to Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Everything in this chapter so far has revolved around the idea of you motivating
yourself. For some this will come naturally, but for others it can really help to have
another person help you accomplish your goals.
I recommend sharing your goals with a few very close friends and asking them to
help keep you accountable for making progress.
I would not try to get into the nitty-gritty details of this program, but I would say
something like this, I am really trying to lose some fat and it would help me greatly
if we could have a 15 minute call once per week just to help keep me accountable. If
they are open to it, then I would also share your reason why.
Once someone understands what you are trying to accomplish AND why its so important to you, they will typically be very supportive.

2012 Primal Health, LP


Chapter 9
Putting It All Together... One Week in Detail
The following sections will show you exactly how to implement the PaleoBurn
program. These sections are in order of how I recommend getting started with the
program, but you can make adjustments based on your own schedule.
For instance, dont wait to begin the eating or exercise plan just because you havent
cleaned out your kitchen yet!
Its much more important that you get started doing something, versus waiting until
everything is perfectly in place; because that day will never come!
Let nothing stop you from beginning this program today.
Having said thathere is the ideal way to implement the program.
First things first...
Task 1: identify your ideal image of your body.
Task 2: imagine you in the future with your ideal body in your
favorite vacation spot.
Task 3: discover your reason why
Essential Supplies...
Task 4: download the PaleoBurn Fat Loss Journal to keep track of your
progress and know which adjustments to make each week.
Task 5: use the online Body Fat Calculator to record your current body fat %.
Out with the old...
Task 6: go to your kitchen and remove all foods, drinks, or other items that are
not on the PaleoBurn Food List.
Task 7: take these items to your local food bank if possible.
In with the new...
Task 8: identify your favorite items on the PaleoBurn Food List
Task 9: Plan your meals for the week
Task 10: go to your local supermarket and stock up on these healthy food items
Task 11: Precook as much as possible
Pre-Program Checklist...
Task 12: take your before photo
Task 13: take your before measurements (scale weight and body fat %)
Task 14: order the recommended supplements if you choose to use them.
2012 Primal Health, LP


Once the tasks above are accomplished you are ready to go.
At this point its all about execution and just working your plan.
Its also important that you understand the way that the PaleoBurn System is organized around a seven-day period.
During this seven-day period you will:
- Begin with a weekly checkpoint
- Document your plan for the week
- Execute your plan daily
- Track your daily progress in your PaleoBurn Fat Loss Journal
- End with a weekly checkpoint where you observe results and
make adjustments

A perfect day... or two or three

Now, lets look at how a perfect day would unfold on the PaleoBurn System.
Remember, no one ever achieves complete perfection.
However, we should always strive for perfection and keep that as the bar we shoot
In the following example I am using the term Day One, Day Two, etc., to mean the
first day you work the program, the second day, etc.
This might start on a Sunday, Monday, or whatever day works best for your schedule.
If possible, I would recommend that you start on a Sunday so that your glycogenloading day (cheat day) falls on a weekend and your fasting day falls on a Monday.
That is the schedule I follow and it works very well.
Day One:
Day One of each week will fall on a Sunday if you choose the recommended schedule. Here is how Day One unfolds:
As you wake up, I want you to do the following immediately:
- Drink 1 liter of ice water
- Take your morning supplements (optional)
- Since today is the first day of the seven-day cycle, that will be a glycogen
loading day, otherwise known as a cheat day. Feel free to eat what you wish, but
do not binge, and do not eat more food than you typically would in a day.
- Review your results from the previous week. You will be weighing yourself
once per week during this program.
- Review your ideal body image and read your description of yourself on vacation a few months from now enjoying your new body.
2012 Primal Health, LP


The four pillars of the PaleoBurn System look like this on Day One:
Exercise: slow outdoor walk for 15 minutes
Nutrition: Glycogen Loading Day
Record your daily carb total in your journal
Aim for three meals and snacks as needed
Drink at least 1 liter of water for every 50lbs of body weight
Mind: Review ideal body and future vacation plans
Recover: Plan to wind down before bedtime and get 8 solid hours of sleep.
Day Two:
As you wake up each day, I want you to do the following immediately:
- Drink 1 liter of ice water
- Take your morning supplements (optional)
- Review your eating and exercise plan for the day
The four pillars of the PaleoBurn System look like this on Day Two:
Exercise: Workout 1
Nutrition: 16hour Fast Day
Drink at least 1 liter of water for every 50lbs of body weight
After your fast is over, eat some fruit and protein.
Mind: Review your Reason Why first thing in the morning.
Recover: Plan to wind down before bedtime and get 8 solid hours of sleep.
Day Three:
As you wake up each day, I want you to do the following immediately:
-Drink 1 liter of ice water
-Take your morning supplements (optional)
-Review your eating and exercise plan for the day
The four pillars of the PaleoBurn System look like this on Day Three:
Exercise: slow outdoor walk for 15 minutes
Nutrition: Low Carb Day (< 100 g carbs total)
Record you daily carb total in your journal
Aim for three meals and snacks as needed
Drink at least 1 liter of water for every 50lbs of body weight
Mind: Review ideal body and future vacation plans
Recover: Plan to wind down before bedtime and get 8 solid hours of sleep.

2012 Primal Health, LP


Day Four:
As you wake up each day, I want you to do the following immediately:
-Drink 1 liter of ice water
-Take your morning supplements (optional)
-Review your eating and exercise plan for the day
The four pillars of the PaleoBurn System look like this on Day Four:
Exercise: Workout 2
Nutrition: Low Carb Day (< 100 g carbs total)
No food until after your morning workout
Post Workout shake within 30 minutes of workout
Record you daily carb total in your journal
Aim for three meals and snacks as needed
Drink at least 1 liter of water for every 50lbs of body weight
Mind: Review ideal body and future vacation plans
Recover: Plan to wind down before bedtime and get 8 solid hours of sleep.

Day Five:
As you wake up each day, I want you to do the following immediately:
-Drink 1 liter of ice water
-Take your morning supplements (optional)
-Review your eating and exercise plan for the day
The four pillars of the PaleoBurn System look like this on Day Five:
Exercise: slow outdoor walk for 15 minutes
Nutrition: Moderate Carb Day (< 150 g carbs total)
Aim for three meals and snacks as needed
Record you daily carb total in your journal
Drink at least 1 liter of water for every 50lbs of body weight
Mind: Review ideal body and future vacation plans
Recover: Plan to wind down before bedtime and get 8 solid hours of sleep.

Day Six:
As you wake up each day, I want you to do the following immediately:
-Drink 1 liter of ice water
-Take your morning supplements (optional)
-Review your eating and exercise plan for the day
The four pillars of the PaleoBurn System look like this on Day Six:
Exercise: Workout 3
Nutrition: Low Carb Day (< 100 g carbs total)
No food until after your morning workout
2012 Primal Health, LP


Post Workout shake within 30 minutes of workout

Record you daily carb total in your journal
Aim for three meals and snacks as needed
Drink at least 1 liter of water for every 50lbs of body weight
Mind: Review ideal body and future vacation plans
Recover: Plan to wind down before bedtime and get 8 solid hours of sleep.

Day Seven:
As you wake up each day, I want you to do the following immediately:
-Drink 1 liter of ice water
-Take your morning supplements (optional)
-Review your eating and exercise plan for the day
The four pillars of the PaleoBurn System look like this on Day Seven:
Exercise: slow walk for 15 minutes
Nutrition: Low Carb Day (< 100 g carbs total)
Record you daily carb total in your journal
Aim for three meals and snacks as needed
Drink at least 1 liter of water for every 50lbs of body weight
Mind: Review ideal body and future vacation plans
Recover: Plan to wind down before bedtime and get 8 solid hours of sleep.

Weekly Checkpoint Meeting

One day per week, typically Day One, you will be conducting a meeting with yourself
to discuss your results from the prior week.
The critical data that is needed to evaluate how you did the previous week is your
scale weight and your body fat percentage. You will measure your scale weight with
any household scale. You can track your body fat % easily using our online Body Fat
Calculator inside the members area.
With these bits of information we can tell you exactly what happened to you the
previous year and make adjustments accordingly.
Here is how you determine what adjustments need to be made.
Note: in the Fat Loss Journal there is a much more in-depth discussion on how to
interpret your weekly results. But I wanted to give you a flavor for how it works here.
So, at a high level, there are nine possible outcomes that logically could have happened.

2012 Primal Health, LP


Body Fat % decreased AND Scale Weight decreased

You lost fat and preserved your muscle! Congratulations!

No adjustmentskeep up the good work!

Body Fat % decreased AND Scale Weight stayed the same

You lost fat and gained muscle. Very rare.

No adjustmentskeep up the good work!

Body Fat % decreased AND Scale Weight increased

You lost fat and gained muscle. Very rare.

No adjustmentskeep up the good wrok.

Body Fat % stayed the same AND Scale Weight stayed the same
No progress was made.
Make certain you are under 100g carbs on Low Carb days
and also consider being strict on your fasting day. If still no change, consider reducing your carb intake on Low Carb days to under 75g. Consider reducing total
calories by 20%
Body Fat % stayed the same AND Scale Weight increased
You gained muscle but didnt lose any fat.
Since the goal of this program is to lose fat you should make
sure you are keeping your carbs below 100g per day. If you are already doing
that, consider going below 75g per day.
Body Fat % stayed the same AND Scale Weight decreased
You lost muscle but did not lose fat.
Make sure you are protecting your lean muscle mass on
fasting day by using BCAA supplements. Also, make sure you are staying below
100g carbs on Low Carb day.
Body Fat % increased AND Scale Weight stayed the same
You lost muscle and gained fat.
Make sure you are working out and providing enough intensity during your workouts. Check your carb consumption and make sure you are
below 100g on Low Carb days. If you still have trouble, reduce carbs to 75g on
Low Carb days.

2012 Primal Health, LP


Body Fat % increased AND Scale Weight increased

You gained fat.
Carb control is a must. Make sure you are under 100g carbs
on Low Carb day. If you are consider reducing to 75g carbs per day. Reduce overall calories by 20%.
Body Fat % increased AND Scale Weight decreased
You gained fat and lost muscle.
Carb control is a must. Make sure you are under 100g carbs
on Low Carb day. If you are consider reducing to 75g carbs per day. Reduce
overall calories by 20%. Also, make sure you are bringing enough intensity to the

Now it's up to you...
Your next step should be to download the other material that came with the
PaleoBurn Fat Burner System and go through that material as well. The Food
List and the Supplement Guide are the two most important ones to download
and look at now.
I want to acknowledge you for the level of effort and energy you are putting
into getting rid of the fat that is holding you back. It is truly an honor to be able
to have presented this information to you and it is my sincere hope that you
will see massive success and optimal health as you implement this information.
Please drop me a note at so that I can hear how you
are doing on the program.
If you are reading the print version of this program, simply turn to the back of
this book where the Food List and Supplementation Guide is included.

2012 Primal Health, LP


2012 Primal Health, LP


The PaleoBurn Supplementation Plan

As you saw in the PaleoBurn Fat Burner System there are just a few supplements
that I feel everyone should use to get the best results and improve their overall health.

It is important to realize that most of the supplements recommended are actually
replacing food. There is a an upfront cost in the beginning, but over a 30 day period
you are actually saving quite a bit of money off of your grocery bill. I know I worried
about the cost of supplements when I first got started, but then I realized two important things:
1. Supplements are not a costthey are an investment in my own health.
2. Some supplements actually save me money due to the food that they
Here are two examples of what I mean:
BCAA (branched chain amino acids)
During the Fasting Day of the program it is very important to protect your muscles
from being used as an energy source. That is what the BCAAs do. So during this day
of the program you will not have any food costs, just the BCAAswhich are much
cheaper than it would be to buy food for that day.
Post Workout Shake
As you learned, there is a metabolic window of opportunity right after you complete
your workout where your muscles are primed to absorb nutrients. The post-workout
feeding is best done with a pre-made shake that not only is convenient, but also has
been created with the proper blend of macronutrients. Again, this is a meal where
you wont have any food costs, rather just the smaller overall cost of a shake.
Remember, these supplements are food-based and are recommended because they
greatly enhance the effectiveness of this program. They are some of the most well
researched products on the market.
I have searched high and low to find companies that produce high quality supplements under the most stringent production requirements. In other words, what they
say is in the product actually is in there. Guaranteed.
To learn more about the products I recommend and to find out about a special discount, go to
2012 Primal Health, LP


PaleoBurn Recommendation #1

Get This Supplement First: BCAA

By far, the most important supplement to use in this program is Branched Chain
Amino Acids (BCAA).
BCAAs are essential to protecting your muscles during the Fasting Day of the program and preventing muscle loss.
Remember, during the Fasting Day, taking BCAAs will be replacing the food costs
you would have had that day, so this will cost you far less than it would to buy regular
food on those days, meaning you are actually saving money.
Lets define what BCAAs actually are. BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are
three essential amino acids with a special branched structure (hence the name)
leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs can make up one-third of skeletal muscle, of
which leucine appears to be the main player in most of the benefits seen from BCAA
When fasting it has been shown that supplemental BCAA consumption can help
limit lean body mass loss as well as increasing visceral fat loss. Visceral fat is the
deadly fat that accumulates around your central organs, it is metabolically active and
it can wreak havoc on your health. It is one fat that you definitely want to get rid of.
It has also been shown that when consuming BCAAs around your training results in
significantly less muscle breakdown. Adding just 12 grams of BCAAs per day was all
that was needed to achieve this effect. This can be incredibly important while dieting,
as maintaining lean mass is vital to maximizing fat loss, as well as to achieve the body
composition you began dieting for in the first place!
Recently it has also been shown that leucine is one of the key igniters of protein synthesis. It seems that leucine itself can stimulate insulin production, increase protein
synthesis, and modulate blood sugar. This may partly explain why BCAA supplementation while dieting is so effective at maintaining muscle mass, as they stimulate
the muscle building components even while in a caloric deficit.
How Much BCAA should I order?
I like planning a month at a time as this makes it easier for me to not have to think
about if I have enough supplies or running out during the middle of the month. I
would suggest the following, which is enough to cover your BCAA needs for one
If you are > 180lbs
If you are 130-180lbs
If you are <130lbs

2012 Primal Health, LP

Order 5 bottles
Order 4 bottles
Order 3 bottles


PaleoBurn Recommendation #2

Post-Workout Recovery Shake

In the beginning of my own fat loss journey I ignored the advice of a friend who told
me I could speed up my fat loss by consuming a post-workout shake. It just didnt
make sense to me at the time that eating after a workout would help me lose weight.
But, one day I decided to actually research the science behind the theory, and found
that the evidence is very solid so I added this strategy to my own routineheres
Consuming a post-workout shake makes your body burn MORE fat and calories
than it otherwise would!
There is a window of time right after your workout when your muscles are depleted
of glycogen and hungry to be refilled. It turns out that during this period of time
when your muscles are hungry, they act as a sort of glycogen sponge sucking up all
the energy (in the form of carbohydrate) that they can.
But here is the bad newsif you dont take advantage of this window of opportunity,
you will lose muscle, suffer more pain, have more fatigue and your performance will
suffer the next time you workout.

PaleoBurn Recommendation #3

Low Carb Protein Supplement

The importance of getting enough protein into your body cannot be overemphasized.
A healthy adult who is working out on this program needs at least 1 gram of protein
per pound of lean body massper day. I have found that although really like eating meat, I dont want to eat meat all day long. That is why using a low carb protein
supplement is so important and beneficial to your fat loss efforts.
By using a protein supplement you also increase your metabolism, and if the product
is manufactured correctly to preserve certain peptides, you will feel full longer during the day, which means you wont feel hungry as fast.

2012 Primal Health, LP


PaleoBurn Recommendation #4

OTC Power Supplements

This last set of supplements that I recommend are so cheap to buy and so readily
available that everyone should learn more about them and see if they can be added
to your daily routine. I call them my OTC (over the counter) Power Supplements
because you can buy them at any drug store or supermarket.
Vitamin C
When you workout regularly at a high intensity, which is what you will work up to in
this program, your immune system can become stressed. This is a natural response,
but we want to counter act that response by helping your body keep your immune
system at full strength. One way to help do this is by supplementing with Vitamin C.
Leading experts agree that Vitamin C, essential to all parts of our bodies for the
growth and repair of tissues, building collagen, maintaining bones and teeth, as well
as aiding in our immune and healing processes, can also help protect our bodies
against heart disease and high blood pressure.
Personally, I take 2g per day. Read up on Vitamin C and add it to your daily routine!
Niacin has been proven effective in increasing good cholesterol levels (HDL),
and reducing the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in your bloodstream. It can also
prove helpful for the maintaining normal blood sugar levels, improve circulation,
and promote healthy skin. Some of the most intriguing benefits of Niacin, however,
is that studies seem to indicate that it helps improve your ability to concentrate, feel
less anxious, and generally fight off the blues. During times of great personal change,
these are areas that can greatly help you.
Personally, I take Niacin everyday. It is very inexpensive and can be found at any
drug store or supermarket.
B Complex
Lastly, I highly recommend a good B Complex supplement. This is another very
cheap supplement that has very good benefits. B vitamins play an important role in
the degree of our overall health affecting our bodys metabolism, immune, digestive, and nervous systems. For optimum health, experts agree that it is important to
maintain the correct balance of B vitamins, rather than supplement a few individual

2012 Primal Health, LP



As you can see, I dont believe in spending a fortune on supplements that dont work,
or that just add more to my monthly food bill.
Instead, I think its wise to be very selective and only use supplements that are time
tested and proven to do what they say they do.
Important Final Note:
When you buy the supplements recommended here, remember that you are replacing some of the current food costs that you have right now. I save at least 20% off
my food bill each month due to my use of the supplements you just read about. This
happens because the BCAAs, protein powder, and the post-workout shakes are all
food-based supplementsmeaning that instead of having to buy food during these
mealsI use the supplements instead.
To learn more about the products I recommend and to find out about a special discount, go to

2012 Primal Health, LP


2012 Primal Health, LP


The PaleoBurn Food List

High Quality Fuel For Your New Body
By far, the most common question we get is this one:
Okso what do I eat?
The good news is that the PaleoBurn system allows you to eat a wide variety of high
quality foods that will not only help you feel full and satisfied, but will also help to
create abundant energy and lasting health.
So, without further delay, I want to introduce you to the PaleoBurn Food List. This
list is organized into the following sections:
Meat and Eggs

While you are in fat burning mode, please make sure your food choices are made
from this list. These foods have been selected for a variety of specific reasons that will
greatly aid your fat loss goals.

2012 Primal Health, LP


Meat and Eggs

Item Size Carb(g) Fat(g) Protein(g)

Eggs large egg 3 14 18
Beef 3 oz. 0 6 22
Bison 3 oz 0 2 18
Venison 3 oz 0 6 21
Chicken 3 oz 0 2 16
Turkey 3 oz 0 2 14
Salmon 3 oz 0 2 14
Halibut 3 oz 0 2 18
Orange Roughy
3 oz
Shrimp 3 oz 0 1 18
Tilapia 3 oz 0 2 15
Trout 3 oz 0 3 18
Tuna 3 oz 0 1 22


Fat(g) Protein(g)
Alfalfa Sprouts 1cup 0 0 0
Artichoke hearts
cup 9 0 3
Arugula cup 0 0 0
Asparagus cup 2 0 2
Beets cup 7 0 1
Bell Peppers cup 4 0 1
Broccoli cup 3 0 1
Brussels Sprouts
cup 3 0 2
Cabbage cup 2 0 1
Carrots cup 6 0 1
Cauliflower cup 3 0 1
Celery cup 1 0 0
Collards cup 1 0 2
Cucumber cup 2 0 0
Dandelion Greens
cup 3 0 1
Eggplant cup 4 0 1
Endive cup 1 0 0
Green Onions cup 4 0 0
Kale cup 3 0 1
Kohlrabi cup 4 0 1
Lettuce (Romaine)
cup 1 0 0
Mushrooms cup 1 0 1
Mustard Greens
cup 1 0 2
Onions cup 8 0 1
Parsley cup 2 0 1
Parsnip cup 12 0 1
Peppers (Chili) cup 7 0 2
Pumpkin 100g 7 0 2

2012 Primal Health, LP


Fat(g) Protein(g)
Purslane cup 1 0 0
Radish cup 2 0 0
Rutabaga cup 6 0 1
Seaweed cup 12 2 2
Spinach cup 1 0 0
Squash (yellow)
cup 14 0 1
Tomatillos cup 4 1 1
Tomato cup 3 0 1
Turnip Greens cup 3 0 1
Turnips cup 4 0 1
Watercress cup 0 0 0
Zucchini cup 2 0 1


Fat(g) Protein(g)
Apple cup 9 0 0
Apricot cup 9 0 1
Avocado cup 6 11 2
Banana cup 26 0 1
Blackberries cup 7 0 1
Blueberries cup 11 0 1
Boysenberries cup 9 0 1
Cantaloupe cup 8 0 1
Carambola cup 4 0 1
Honeydew Melon
cup 8 0 0
Cherimoya cup 14 0 1
Cherries cup 10 0 1
Figs 100g 19 0 1
Gooseberries cup 8 0 1
Grapefruit cup 12 0 1
Grapes cup 8 0 0
Guava cup 12 1 2
Kiwi 1 medium 24 1 2
Lemon 1 medium 4 0 0
Lime 1 medium 14 0 2
Lychee cup 16 0 1
Mango cup 14 0 0
Nectarine cup 7 0 1
Orange cup 10 0 1
Papaya cup 7 0 0
Peaches cup 8 0 1
Pears cup 13 0 0
Persimmon 100g 18 0 1
Pineapple cup 10 0 0
Plums cup 9 0 1

2012 Primal Health, LP


Fat(g) Protein(g)
Pomegranate 100g 17 0 1
Raspberries cup 7 0 1
Rhubarb cup 3 0 1
Strawberries cup 6 0 1
Tangerine cup 13 0 1
Watermelon cup 6 0 0


Fat(g) Protein(g)
Almonds 3 oz 18 42 18
Brazil Nuts cup 8 46 10
Cashews 3 oz 26 37 15
Coconut Flakes 1 tbsp 2 3 1
Hazelnuts cup 10 34 8
Macadamia cup 8 42 4
Pecans 3 oz 12 61 8
Pine nuts 3 oz 12 57 12
Pistachios cup 8 14 6
Pumpkin seeds 3 oz 15 39 21
Sunflower seeds
cup 16 34 14
Walnuts 3 oz 12 54 15


Item Size Carb(g) Fat(g)

Cardamom 1tbsp 4 0 1
Chili Powder 1tbsp 4 1 1
Cinnamon 1tbsp 5 0 0
Cocoa powder 1tbsp 3 1 1
Cumin seed 1tbsp 3 1 1
Garlic cup 22 0 4
Ginger Root 1tsp 0 0 0
Lemon Zest 1tbsp 1 0 0
Nutmeg 1tbsp 3 3 0
Oregano (dried)
1tsp ground 1 0 0
Paprika powder
1tbsp 4 1 1
Rosemary 1tbsp 2 1 0
Thyme 1tbsp ground 3 0 0
Turmeric 1tbsp ground 4 1 1


Item Size Carb(g) Fat(g)

Almond butter 2tbsp 6 18 8
Avocado Oil 1tbsp 0 14 0
Cashew butter 1tbsp 4 8 3
Coconut butter 1tbsp 4 9 1

2012 Primal Health, LP


Item Size Carb(g) Fat(g)

Coconut flakes 1tbsp 1 3 0
Coconut milk 1cup 2 5 0
Coconut oil 1tbsp 0 14 0
Olive oil 1tbsp 0 14 0


Item Size Carb(g) Fat(g)

Water 8 oz. 0 0 0
Tea 8 oz. 0 0 0
Coffee (black) 8 oz. 0 0 0

As you may have noticed, the PaleoBurn Food List includes more than enough
individual choices that you could assemble a never-ending list of meals by just
selecting a Meat choice, a Veggie choice, a Fat Choice, a Fruit for a snack, and one
of the approved Drinks.
There are literally limitless combinations.
Use your imagination and experiment to find out what you like the most!
If you have questions about the items on this list, feel free to email and we will be happy to help you!

2012 Primal Health, LP