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Libeth 19.02.2006 11:14

Treatment of Breast Cancer with Iodine 131

Since many years I am interested in this field, which is just starting to develope.

Until now this new treatment for breast cancer ist offered in rare situation only and I think a place to discuss this new possibility to treat the
disease could improve the situation. Libeth

Libeth 27.02.2006 09:55

This is a study on iodide uptake via the NIS Symporter system in a not very known but interesting virus based mouse model.

One can read it completely in the net and so it is a good entrance to the field. Libeth

In Germany one can buy the all-trans retinoic acid as vesanoid capsules by Roche. This capsules, which I took during my own therapy, are quite

It is not impossible that vitamis A would do the same job. But there is no experience for the use of vitamin A for this purpose.

Libeth 12.04.2006 21:06

One more work on the stimulation of radioiodine uptake by breast cancer cells:

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Elisabeth-Rieping-Archiv - Treatment of Breast Cancer with Iodine 131

Libeth 06.06.2006 19:06

On dexamethasone stimulated Iodide uptake of breast cancer cells. st_uids=16234306&query_hl=1&

Unliganded estrogen receptor-alpha activates transcription of the mammary gland Na(+)/I(-)

symporter gene. st_uids=16730657&query_hl=1&

Libeth 25.08.2006 09:52

Blocking of Iodide efflux, another possibility to improve iodide131 Therapy

Another approach to improve Therapy with Iodide131 s&list_uids=16537683&query_hl=28&
itool=pubmed_docs um

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