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all n Gilead Friends Good News!

2010 “You are the salt of the earth...You are the light of the world.” Matthew 5:13&14

Passion for Jesus Vessels of Hope February 2010 Volume 1 Issue 2

Ministry to the Body of Christ GFC’s Missions
Outreach to the world around us Equipping Board
More Good News... Ya Mon!
*Matthew 22:38-39, Mark 12:29 We are planning to send another
Salt and Light in 2010 Good NEWS! team to Jamaica
The Sunday morning corporate worship Did you know that Gilead
and instructional time is approximately one
this summer 2010
Friends has helped to send —if interested in applying—
and 1/2 hours (two and 1/2 for those who
participate in Sunday School!) 65 willing individuals on contact Darla Ellyson
This is a, life-sustaining, short term missions over 419-947-8496
rejuvenating increment of our week, and even the past 10 years! (14 years and up)
commanded by the Lord in many ways Some of these people have Deadline April 4 (Easter Sunday)
throughout the Bible. responded multiple times!
However, as we know, it is only one facet
of the Christian life.
Please pray for the Church, please pray daily for the
Our position as Believers in Christ is one following
that requires constant revelation that we are GFC Winter Jamaica TEAM!
Jamaica Team members
both salt and light to this world. as they depart FEBRUARY
This truth reveals our high calling February 9th
and our responsibility. Ron Ellyson Mon Tues Wed Thu1 Fri Sat Sun
Enlarging the kingdom of heaven by Loren Mast 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples Jim Card Safe Team Team Team Team Team
is our earthly quest. George Jividen Team Flight „Devos‟ „Devos‟ „Devos‟ “Devos‟ “Devos‟
— & & & & &
This glorious assignment is worth protecting! Martha Jviden prepares Prayer Prayer Prayer Prayer Prayer
Our every day devotion to God is first and to leave Arrival — — — — —
Lyle Black Tues.— time Hospice Worship
foremost. Jesus said, “This is the first and ESL ESL Free
Levi Schwartz, Jr. Pray for approx classes classes Day? and —
greatest commandment... „You shall love the peace
12:30 Orphan- Pastor‟s
Lord your God with all your heart, with all Rebecca Schwartz pm—
Construction Project— age
and rest! Seminar
your soul, and with all your mind.‟” God is Rueben Schwartz Full
safety, multiplied A catch
day all day Training
not merely some higher thought—He is real Kent Mclain of
energy, favor with the
and —
Jamaican men helping,
meeting Small
and we must interact with His heart— folks!
and divine favor with to prepare
get the job done right and for Groups
He said, “The second commandment is like it:
„You shall love your neighbor as yourself.‟” Use this daily prayer quickly! Sunday —
Praise and thanksgiving for His outlandish calendar to help you
love toward us, realigning our minds with His remember to lift our Mon Tues Wed
word, faithfully obeying its truths, praying Winter Team to the 15 16 17
without ceasing, and following His Spirit‟s Heavenly Father. Team Team Continual
“Devos‟ departs prayer for
leading— takes concerted effort as we battle These teams don’t & for strength
the temporal for better view of the eternal! go alone! Prayer home- and
It‟s not easy at all—but when we put this We go too — Safety! spiritual
into practice first—the second part of the with our Pastor‟s protection
scriptural command becomes a natural giving, our faith, Training
byproduct...our witness simply overflows! and our prayers!
Let’s Celebrate New Life Hey GFC Body, Let‟s Celebrate!
in Jesus Christ! Read the following testimony
submitted by George and Martha Jividen:
I am Jay Cartagena—22 years old. I walked
into your church on Sunday, January 17,
“I just feel like something good is going to happen!
2010 and immediately felt at peace, which is
This team has an anointing and they are all
unusual because normally I feel anxiety in
go-getters!—says George.
new places and worry about what people will
Our time spent together as the 2010 Winter
think of me. I felt as though I already knew
Jamaica Team has been rich and wonderful!
you, like I was a part of a big family. During
We leave Feb. 9 and return the 16.
Pastor Ron’s message, my heart had a
We met on Dec. 6, 11, 20, 2009 for a study on
heavy pull from God and I went forward—
spiritual warfare and for a time of getting to know
being pulled forward. He asked me if I
one another. We have also met as a team on
needed Jesus. I said, “YES! I Do!”
January 10, 17, 24, and 31, 2010.
I confessed my sins before God, and re-
During these times we have had devotions, prayer,
ceived the saving grace of Jesus. Since that
and sharing of praises, and concerns.
prayer time at the altar with many surround-
We will be doing construction work, holding a
ing me I have been a different person.
Jamaican Pastor‟s and church leadership seminar,
When I got home one of the very first things I
teaching “English as a Second Language” as a Bible
did was get rid of all my past journals. I
Study, and spending all day Sunday at Zion Friends
threw them out! 2Corinthians 5:7 says, “If
Church. There will also be many opportunities to
anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation old
minister in ways we cannot imagine!
things have passed away and behold, all
Romans 8:28 says, „And we know that all things
things have become new.”
work together for good to those who love God, to
I have started journaling words about God to
those who are called according to His purpose.‟
give Him the credit for my life. My thinking
Thank you for your prayers and
has changed—I consider what Jesus would
support of this team!”
want me to do before I do it. He’s on my
—George and Martha Jividen
mind all day long. My actions have
changed, too—I am not drinking—instead I
am going to church meetings and reading More Good News!
and journaling. This is in NO way easy!!!
But I am connecting with a young adult Hoops
group at Calvary Chapel here in Florida, and
one guy named John has been a big encour- for
agement to me—again I feel like I’ve known Him
him all my life! The phone calls and texts
from Levi Schwartz, (Jr.), Pastor Ron, my
parents, and some of the youth have been Hoops for Him has registered
so helpful to me, too. I really appreciate how
305 children for this season!
seriously you all take this stuff. This is a big
deal. I’d like to ask for your prayers for That is the most ever!!! Please pray for
strength and accountability in the days all the children, their families, the
ahead. I need a deeper connection with coaches, and the Hoops for Him staff!
Believers. Also pray for me to have a deep
hunger for the Word. Please, also, pray for
Hannah, my best friend, she needs this hope Good News update from the Financial Peace University on
in Jesus, too. Sunday nights led by Earl and Shelly Linder— “with over 40 in
I’d like to encourage others that it is never attendance...we‟re having a great time!”
too late...despite your past ties—you can be “Honor the Lord with your possessions,
saved through faith in Jesus. and with the first fruits of all your increase.”
Thanks for loving me!—Jay Proverbs 3:9