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1.1. PhD project
1.1.1. Action research (SSM )?
1.1.2. Research Question?
1.1.3. Structure for TS?
 Nowadays, innovation is become a very important part for business success
 NPD is a means for business success as well as innovation, Product Design is a signification important part within
 In NPD, fuzzy frond end stage plays a crutial role for strategic plan and innovative idea. The nature of thinking of
PD is demonstrated as a part fuzzy frand end but more empthsize creativity which is very related with innovation.
 A Design process can be seen as a Decision-making process, the decisions could be influence by several facts,
such as organization culture,

1.2. FASS course
1.2.1. Learn what is qualitative research
1.3. Research ability
1.3.1. By reading others thesis
1.3.2. By doing myown research
1.3.3. Reading related book- read chinese book will quick to grasp main point
1.4. Others
1.4.1. Need a loptop for printing, buy one? Netbook or notebook? Do i need real paper for reading? No, but need print
some thing sometimes. - put it in office- cheap & can luck- but it in UK or Taiwan??? No, waiting for ipad!

2. English
2.1. daily life
2.1.1. news
2.1.2. TV - eastender
2.1.3. movie
2.1.4. radio(there is no good sit?)
2.1.5. writing on blog or anything you interested! When you are writing you are thinking in english.
2.1.6. MSN, facebook? Wait for a month ? I don’t want people know where i am!
2.2. academic
2.2.1. Supervision
2.2.2. reading & writing (research)
2.2.3. class
 Innovation
 Language course? Too many young chinese(X)
2.3. social life
2.3.1. international cafe(X)
2.3.2. flatmate(X)
2.3.3. classmate(X)
2.3.4. office mate(X)
2.3.5. work? (it is possible to do but time consuming)
2.4. Strong Learning motivation
2.4.1. Grammar book

3. Design
3.1. design practice
3.1.1. pursuit a awards
 international or local ? – international
 ID, GD or? Make it board!
 Make you
3.1.2. tools
 computer tools will shape designer’s idea because they always need to present to some body. And the quality of
presentation depands on what tool you used. On the other hand, it is crucial that designer can produce merit
design quality for they client nowa days. So choosing a best tool for your caeer is becoming important.
 Design process:
 Design process(individual):Initial idea- sketch- (surface design)building 3D model-rander – presentation- develop
3.1.2..1. Intial idea resource
 human needs:
 creative thinking v.s. innovation thinking,
 daily life problem- problem solve : there is no problem !
 culture different
 every way you can image
 group innovative method: six hat, brandstorming....
 story,
 trendecy
 Design process(tools) :Pro-e (Rhino)-C4D- Photoshop- CorelDraw-Prezi
 Rhino or Pro-e

 Rhino – industrial design based, more free hand style, easy learn & get into situation and so on
 Pro-e - engineering based, good for conecting to MD & production, integrate MD & ID software..
 Pro-e has similar function with Rhino but Rhino still more free than it.
 I Chose

Easy Easy Easy function speed Modify Teach Partime Creativ Favorite Quality( Quality(
use downlo setup job jop(inte e 3Dmod asthteic
ad grate) el) )
Rhino 10 10 10 6 10 4 4 4 10 10 8 9
Pro-e 6 2 2 10 8 10 8 10 6 7 10 8
Alias 4 2 4 7 3 6 9 4 8 3 9 10

3.1.3. work (it is possible to do but time consuming), if it possible, restart to use pro-e is essential.

3.2. design thinking

3.2.1. blogs
 Leon’s, some designer’s,
 Create my own blog in order to have a dialog with myself
3.2.2. Needs from creative thinking: do people really need iphone? No, yes! Ansent people communicate by face to face.
Last centre, they just use phone but now they need more. Actually, people’s need more than before. Sometimes needs
just are desire! Those fascinating products make people though they need them, such as ipod. So what is needs? Or
should we take it as foundation when we do design? The most important thing to a designer is not to find what are
people need as well as desire, it is to discover his own opinions on the issue what is design, what is the limitation to a
designer, where is the designer must to engage in, why we are all following the comtepory trend, why we all like ipod?

3.2.3. What is design? What is industrial design? What is the more important criterion for a design, a product, or a decision?