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Lesson Plan

Grammar: Common & Proper Nouns


Learning Outcomes:

Moral Values:
Teaching Materials:

Prior Knowledge/Skills

(3 mins)

Thusday / 9 April
9.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m. / 1 hour
5 Mutiara ( low )
33 / 33
“Common and Proper Nouns”
5.1.3 Common Nouns
5.1.4 Proper Nouns
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Tell the difference between common nouns and proper nouns
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Orally identify at least 5 common nouns and 5 proper nouns
2. Arrange common nouns and proper nouns according to category
3. Underline and circle the correct common and proper nouns in the
worksheet given
1. Comparing and contrasting
2. Classifying
1. Cooperation
2. Attentiveness
1. Pictures (Set Induction)
2. Manila Card with short notes
3. Flashcards (Step 1)
4. 3 envelopes containing flashcards (Practice)
5. Worksheets 1 & 2
6. Tack-it
Pupils know a number of naming words for people, places and things such
as cat, girl, boy, names of people they know
Teaching Strategy

Language Content

1. Teacher puts up some pictures:

“Look at these pictures.”

2. Pupils identify the names of the
items in the picture

“Can you tell me what they
Expected answers:
Cat, mosque, boy, girl,
Dora, Diego, apple, pen

(i) cat
(ii) girl (Dora)
(iii) boy (Diego)
(iv) mosque
(v) apple
(vi) pen

Si Comot 5. Teacher explains how common nouns are different from proper nouns. Teacher introduces the topic for the day. Noriza. The first letter must always be capitalised.Lesson Plan Grammar: Common & Proper Nouns Step 1: Presentation (15 minutes) 1. Tack-it for each group 2. cat Moral Values: Attentiveness LO1 Proper noun: names a specific person. boy. 1 manila card and some tack-it. Manila card Proper Nouns. Syahmi. Teacher pastes a piece of manila card with a short explanation of what common and proper nouns are.” (Give instructions before giving CCTS: Classifying Moral Values: . place or person e. Imran and Amirul TM: 1. place or thing.g. 2.g. Each group is given one envelope with a number of flashcards. 3 manila cards with tables 3. bananas. Pupils take turns to try and arrange flashcards according to common nouns and proper nouns Step 2: Practice ( 20 minutes) 1. Flashcards 3. girl. Syukri and Syahrizan Group 2: Aisyah Muslim. Pupils are shown examples of common and proper nouns through the use of flashcards. “Today we are going to learn TM: about Common Nouns and 1. Aisyah.” (Write title with short on board) notes on common nouns and proper nouns 2. CCTS: Comparing & contrasting Common noun: Names any thing. Melaka. 3 envelopes containing flashcards 2. Tack-it 3. pen. 4. mosque. Pupils gather in groups of four or three (three groups) “I want everyone to be in these groups: Group 1: Adina. e. “Each group will get 1 envelope. Aisyah Roslan and Suhana Group 3: Alif. pencil.

they will be given a second worksheet to work on. Pupils read the instructions together. repeating after teacher.” (Show example) LO2 4. “You must arrange all the common nouns together and the proper nouns together. LO3 . Pupils are given 12 minutes to complete the task.” 5. After the task is done. Each pupil is given a worksheet to work on. Step 3: Production (17 minutes) 1.” CCTS: Classifying 3.” TM: Worksheet 1 and 2 2. they must find the proper nouns and capitalise the first letter of the words.Lesson Plan Grammar: Common & Proper Nouns out materials) Cooperation 3. “You have 12 minutes to finish this task. Teacher and pupils check to see if the answers are correct. Here.” 6. They must find the common nouns and proper nouns in the sentences provided. “Underline the common nouns and circle the proper nouns. “I am going to give each person one worksheet. the manila cards will be pasted in front of the class for everyone to see. “When you have finished. 4.” 7. If they can finish the task quickly. The flashcards must be pasted on the manila card provided using tack-it. Pupils must arrange all the nouns provided in the envelope according to the two categories of nouns. paste your manila card on the board. “Paste the answers in the table provided in the manila card. They must underline the common nouns and circle the proper nouns.

what did you learn today?” 2.Lesson Plan Grammar: Common & Proper Nouns Closure (5 mins) 1. “Can you tell me if ___________ is a proper noun or a common noun?” Moral Values: Attentiveness . “So class. Teacher asks pupils to state what they have learnt today. Teacher gives some words and pupils must state what type of noun they are.