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In The name of Allah

The most merciful and the most Beneficent

Who guide me and help me at every step and every moment to
complete this report.

Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Internship Report of
4, Khursheed Alam State Shekhupura Road Gujranwala

Submitted To
The Department of Business Administration
University of Gujrat

Masters of Business Administration

Faculty of Management and Sciences

University of Gujrat, City Campus


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry















Executive Summary:

Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

The report which is written by me includes 4 basic Parts. 1st Part describe the
introduction of my internship, 2nd Part explain purpose and function of S.K
Fans (which is highlight in function and operation of S.K Fans). 3rd Part
defines the history and background of the industry. 4th part has information
about the success of the industry.

In the report I describe the PEST Analysis and SWOT Analysis. The industry
grows day by day and makes better position in the eyes of the customers.
S.K Fans play a vital role in development of society and improve technology
to provide better products and services to the customers.

Sharif Khursheed industry is one of the best market leader in Pakistan. This
industry growing with passage of time and in near future it become a very
good image in market. Now that time it includes in top 20 fan industries in
Pakistan and near in future the Industry has been awarded with ISO 9001-

2000 Certification due to its better progress of quality.. Introduction

denotes the purpose of my internship and after it I describe the structure
and products of the industry.


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

First of all am thanks to almighty Allah who gives me the great courage to
complete this internship report with efficiently and honestly.

Second am thankful to the manager and staff members of the S.K fans who
favors me and guide me at every stage and provide all the information which
I need and valuable for me and necessary for my report. The staff members
of the S.K Fans are very competent and the environment of this industry is
very comfortable for employees and for staff members.

3rd I am particularly indebted to my parents and my family members for

inspiring me to do this work and for the providence of the resources due to
all of them I reached at this position and work upon this report.

Table of Contents
Title Page

Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Executive Summary

Section No.01:


Introduction of report
Background of study
Primary Data
Secondary Data



Section No.02:

Introduction of S.K Fans

Nature of the Organization
S.K Fans in Pakistan
Products of S.K Fans
Hierarchy of the Organization



Distributors of S.K Fans


Section No.03:

History of S.K Fans





Become a Dealer


Socially Responsible

Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry




Mission Statement


Vision Statement




Hierarchy of S.K Fans


Current Staff
Work Load
Salary Structure
Communication System
Hiring System
Future Planning


Analysis of S.K Fans


SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis


Section No.04:

My internship part in industry

Introduction of Branch
Detail of Supervisor
Weekly Timetable
Sale and Sale Return

Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry



Purchase and Purchase Return

Payroll Calculation
Bank Reconciliation
Store Department
Production Department
Cash Process
Account Receivables
Account Payables


Section No.05:





Section No.01
1.1: Introduction:

Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

It is a necessary part of my MBA (Finance) to fulfill the requirements of

the university to complete the internship duration 6 weeks with an
organization. The internship is for the purpose of getting the practical
knowledge and discipline of the industry.
This internship report is about the S.K Fans (Pvt) Ltd. It is established in

1987 before 25 years. S.K Fans start its proper working as a good industry
before 10 years. At the start up it is offer only spare parts of the fans and
now make all the parts and all variety of fans. Now S.K Fans expands its
network in whole country.

1.2: Background of Study:

The basic aim of the internship report is the requirement of the MBA
(Finance) degree that led me to experience as a professional exposure to S.K
Fans as an internee.

1.3: Purpose:
The main purpose of the internship is to collect all the relevant
information about S.K Fans that is necessary to complete my internship
report. Information regarding observe, Analyze, Differentiate, Compare with
other competitors.

To work in a practical environment with an organization

To improve my communication skills
Gain practical knowledge
Learn, see and solve the problems
Deal with different peoples

1.4: Scope:
As an internee in S.K Fans the main focus of my research was upon the
basic process like Sale, Purchase, Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, Cash and

Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Credit, Account Receivables and Account Payables etc and management of

the industry. Some other different departments are also covered in this

1.5: Objective:
The basic purpose of my internship is to fulfill the requirements of the
University for getting the degree of MBA (Finance). For this purpose each
student is responsible to submit their reports minimum 6 weeks duration of
work in an industry under the supervision of any experiences person
authorized by the company or industry.
The secondary purpose of my internship is to know the basic terms and
situations and gained practical knowledge about these situations and applied
your knowledge practically. As well as examine the marketing tools of the
organizations and identify its opportunities and problems and also suggest
corrective measures. As an internee in S.K fans I achieved the following
objectives during my internship and about organization.

To learn about how the manager and the owners of the organization
used the information for decision making at various levels
I want to develop my personal skills and communication in the
practical situation
To understand responsibility and habit of doing work
To familiarize with business organization
To know about different departments of the organization and their
To enable myself to understand the key terms of the business and how
it carried out in the organization

1.6: Methodology:


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

The methodology referred to the collection methods of data and the tools
used how to evaluate the results of the required information. There are
basically two methods of collecting data Primary Data and Secondary Data.
The most and important source of collecting the needed information is
personal observation while working with staff and discussion with them.
a) Primary Data:
It is a method of collecting information first hand by our personal skills
like observations, Interviews, Discussion Groups etc. It is the best method of
collecting information from market or by other peoples. The researchers
used this method for gathering information for their research and
development program.
b) Secondary Data:
It is second hand method of collecting information for our purpose. It
include journals, Research papers, Articles, Books, Magazines, reports,
Previous theories etc. First you collect the information from existing
researches and then find out from it for your own research. S.K Fans used
mostly secondary data to collect information for research and to improve the
quality better and fulfill the customer requirements.

1.7: Organization:
The S.K fans (PVT) LTD established in 1987 is recognized as the industry
leader in Pakistan through its brand S.K Fans. We manufacture every kind of
fans using state of the best and art technology provides to our valued
customers with reliability, energy efficient and high performance of the
products. The S.K fans are the best in class of all the electronic fans
available in this industry. Our product lines consists of


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry


Ceiling Fans
Pedestal Fans
Bracket Fans
Exhaust Fans
Plastic Fans

Our company is dedicated to ensure customers satisfaction and therefore

all of the products are manufactured with extreme care and diligence. Our
team is encouraged to keep abreast of constant developments in the
technology field of each of our products lines, these developments are then
incorporated into our production process to guarantee the latest and finest
products for our old, new as well as for the best customers who are loyal
with our firm.

1.8: Summary:
In this portion i included that the internship is another way to understand
the business line and is very helpful to know the market knowledge of the
products and market trends. You can know how to work with a team and how
we can deal of our customers in best manners. It is our beginning stage so
that we learn as much as we can get from the industry. Internship program is
a good and best way to understand the best practical life and manners for all
the students during their study. At this stage we analyze the market
situations. Although there were some restrictions by the industry owners so
that they cannot provide us the accurate figures of their reports due to
leakage of the information.


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Section No.02
2.1: Introduction:
The foundation stone of the S.K Fans Company was laid in early 80s, by








establishment, it is successfully manufacturing technically sound, high

quality Home Appliances and Electric Fans of all sorts. Company has
experience of more than 25 years in fan spare parts manufacturing.
We are the pioneers in using powder coating, Stoving paint and Deco
paints technology in Pakistan and all products are being powder coated
hence there color neither chipped off nor fades off for years.
The manufacturing unit is equipped with the machinery;
1) Computerized automatic coil winding machine made in Japan by
2) High pressure dies casting made in Japan
3) Auto/Capstan lathe made in UK by Elliott, made in Germany by
H.Ernault, Batignolles
4) CNC die cutting made in Japan Kwagochi
5) Drilling lathe made in UK by Medding and Kerry
6) Stamping and cutting press made in Germany by Schuler/made in USA
by Chicago
7) Injection molding made in USA by Van Dorn
8) Powder coating plant made in USA by Lontech
9) CNC lathe made by Mazak in USA
The sales and marketing staff consist of well experienced, Dynamic
energetic and result oriented persons. Research and Development team is
the backbone of the company creating and innovating styles and designs to
meet the upcoming demands of the market. Now our products are acclaim
recognition for the durability, quality and designs, not only in Pakistan but


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Shareef Khursheed Industries must be awarded with ISO 9001-2000

2.2: Nature of the Organization:
The S.K Fans industry is basically based upon partnership among four
brothers. They are all together run this industry with their mutual consent.

2.3: S.K Fans in Pakistan:

S.K Fans playing a vital role in development of Pakistan and is making a
pioneer role in development of fans sector, which is the main production
sector in Pakistan. As we all know that the fans sector is major part of our
exports so that it helps to earn major parts of foreign exchange through
exports. This industry provides its services from 1987 and now that time it is
a good market leader due to its quality and prices. The S.K Fans also played
an important role in financing the countrys growing trade, which has
expanded through the years as diversification.
2.4: S.K Fans Products:
Basically S.K Fans produce all kind of variety of fan products in different
colors and designs but these are the best and popular products among all
fans products for our customers and have a good market value.



Deluxe Series
Fans Supreme
Fans VIP
Fans Classic multi
Fans Executive
Fans Pride
Fans Victoria
Fans Decors
Fans Cygnus
Fans Perfect
Fans Antique
Fans Marvell
Fans Serene

Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

S.K Fans Grace

S.K Fans Magnum
S.K Fans Caroma

S.K Fans Sareen:

S.K Fans Magnum:

S.K Fans Caroma:


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

S.K Fans Grace:

Features of Products:

Aesthetic Design
Energy Efficient
Long Lasting Heavy Duty Motor

2.5: Hierarchy of S.K Fans:


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

M Ishfaq

M Yousaf

M Saeed

Faisal But

M Kashif

M Amir


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

M Ejaz

M Tahir

2.6: Distributors of S.K Fans:

The distributors of S.K Fans are available in these cities.
Gujranwala (Head Office)


These are all very good distributors of the S.K Fans and take a good part in
the success of the S.K Fans. Due to these distributors this industry grows
fastly and increases its customers day by day.

Section No.03
3.1: History:
The history of the S.K Fans starts with a simple beginning in 1987, our
founder Sharif Khursheed starts manufacturing spare ports of fans in


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Gujranwala. With the passage of time the company grows day by day and
one day it is known by the name of SHARIF KHURSHEED Industry
abbreviated as S.K Fans, which is quickly known as a high quality and
uncompromising performance. The products of S.K Fans are selling in the
market due to care if its quality that is promised by our brand name. In 2002
the company started to offer lifetime Guarantee on its complete products.
This was the first time that any manufacturer in Pakistan made such a
claim on its products by the Guidance and Grace of Almighty Allah. S.K Fans
were quickly becoming the top choice of the fans products for customers.
Now that time with 25 years of satisfied customers S.K Fans is the leading
brand in the fan industry.

3.2: Commitment:
The basic aim of the S.K Fans is to achieve the highest satisfaction of the
customers. We are dedicated to provide you with the best in class solutions
for all our product categories and the peace of customers mind when dealing
with any or S.K branded products. Our technical expertise has led the
industry standards in the manufacturing setting the bar higher each year.


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

S.K Fans ensure their commitments by:

Our motors are designed for the maximum performance and consume
minimum energy

The motors save the energy 34% monthly

3.3: Become a Dealer:
Over 25 years with satisfied customers S.K Fans (PVT) LTD is the leading
fan manufacturer in Pakistan and only this one company offer Lifetime
Be a part of our family and offer your customers and get after sale services.
3.4: Socially Responsible:
At the S.K Fans we consider the corporate responsibility to be an integral
part of all our business functions from the product design to sales, our
employees are encouraged to be Ethical, Fair and Honest

We are dedicated to providing energy efficient

products, which are helpful and save the life of our countrys people. Our
good and national network of dealers, distributors and customers around our


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

nation and the world gives is a unique prospective. The S.K Fans owners
believe upon happiness over profits and such provide a safe, healthy and
ethical work environment where all employees are given a chance to grow
and are committed to the honest, fair and transparent practices.
3.5: Warranty:
S.K Fans


Life time means 18 years from the date of purchase of S.K Fans

Guarantee is valid only for S.K Fans purchasers after 01-06-2002with

bearing identification code
The guarantee of products is valid if only when the fan is stop working
due to burning out of motor, in other case only the motor will be
If the fans has stopped working due to any other of the reasons
included but not limited or bush failure, then fan is to be repaired by
our employees or service centre, Free of charge for the first time after
it the repair charges charged by customers

Guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear

Guarantee does not cover any fault, claim or damage resulting from
any accident, attempting repair mishandling, negligence on the part of
the customers

Life time Guarantee valid of the customers purchased the fan by the
authorized dealer of the S.K Fans.The claim shall be accepted if the
customers have the original guarantee card or purchase receipts given
by the authorized dealer of the S.K fans

3.6: Mission Statement:

The Mission of the S.K Fans is to


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Produce High Quality Products that Satisfy our Customers needs

3.7: Vision Statement:
We believe that our products are very unique that has been developed by
the S.K Fans and we think that no other industry or country manufactures
the ceiling and pedestal fans like us. We foresee that the products of the S.K
fans dominate the whole international market, because the S.K Fans industry
gives the facilities to our customers that all market dealers and distributors
wants that are After Sale Services, Spare parts availability in the market or
from the distributors.
3.8: Directors:
There are basically three directors but on the official website of the S.K
Fans only two directors are mentioned named mentioned as under.

Muhammad Yousaf
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Younus
The chief executive officer of the industry is

Muhammad Ishfaq
The top management of the S.K Fans industry is all brothers among them.
As well as the sons of all the directors and chief executive officer work
under the top management.

3.9: Hierarchy of S.K Fans:

Chief Executive


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry




M Yousaf

M Saeed




M Tahir

Sale M

M Amir

3.1.1: Departments:

Store Department
Sale Department
Purchase Department
Winding Department
Wiring Department
Assembly Department
Packing Department

3.1.2: Current Staff:


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

The no of employees working in the S.K Fans Industry are approximately

200 persons. These Employees include all Department employees including

account staff and other workers. The minimum salary of the employee in this
industry is 10000 Rs. The current staffs of the S.K Fans are one Manager, 2
Assistants, 3 Account officers, 1 Store manager, 1 Production manager and
remaining are all employees.
3.1.3: Work Load:
In the S.K Fans workload means that the in time to industry and out time
of the employees from industry. In other words we can say that how many
hours the labor worked in this industry every day. Here we discuss only
Sharif Khursheed Industry of Pakistan not other industries. The working hour
has much importance for the industry because if the working hours are fair
mean less like 8 to 10 hours it is very suitable for employees, Because the
employees can perform their work in these working hours easily and
effectively. The time Table of the S.K Fans is from 8 Am to 5 Pm.
If the employees want to work more the overtime facility is available for
the employees. The employees of the S.K Fans can work more than 9 hours
as they want. The employees work extra in the industries due to low income
and extra expenses due to inflation.

3.1.4: Salary Structure:



Working Hour



9-5 Pm

Assistant Manager


8-5 Pm

Account Officers


8-5 Pm


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Store Manager


8-5 Pm



8-5 Pm

3.1.5: Responsibilities:
The responsibilities of the management and the manager are to handle
all the business affairs and deal the other business matters. The manager
should be responsible for internal and external control and if there is a
problem the manager should be responsible for it
3.1.6: Communication System:
The communication system of the S.K Fans is very good and
communicative. It flows from top management to lower management. In
some organizations it flows from lower to top management. Both flows are
better but both have some disadvantage. If it is from top to lower level then
the grievances of the employees are not known by the top management
then problems arises. Sometimes the lower level of the employees is gives
very good suggestions then the management team. If there is a problem
arise first top management decide if they do not solve it then they involve
the lower level of employees to take better decisions.

3.1.7: Hiring System:

There are two ways if selecting the candidates in the S.K Fans. First they
receive the employees C.V and Check the qualification and if they consider
that he is eligible to this post then the management calls him and conducts
an interview. If he is selected then they discuss the salary if both are agree
then he can join the industry. The other way is that the industry needs an
employee immediately then the management takes him without any
interview based upon his experience and qualification.


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

3.1.8: Future Planning:

S.K Fans has a very strong and good future plan. S.K Fans expands its
business to manufacture the following products.

S.K Fans Air Conditioned

S.K Fans Washing Machine
S. K Fans Micro Wave Oven
S.K Fans Water Heater. As Well as the S.K Fans introduce a new design
of fan into the market which is as under

This fan has the maximum power, latest design, saves energy, lifetime
guarantee and less price than its competitors. It has a strong brand image
due to after launch this product in the market it attracts more customers and
earn more revenue than others because the management show only design
and the customers give orders to them. According to this forecasting it has a
great strength for the S.K Fans.
3.1.9: Summary:
During my internship in the S.K Fans of Pakistan I think that it is very best
and reliable than the competitors exist in the market. I feel very comfortable
to work here because it staffs is very good, communicative and frankly with


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

its employees. I shall work here with the supportive environment. The profit
margin of the S, K Fans is competitively low than its competitors but its sale
is more than others in Pakistan. S.K Fans build goodwill in the market and
growing day by day.

3.2.1: Analysis of S.K Fans:

1. SWOT Analysis
In this chapter I make the internal analysis of the S.K Fans which
depend upon the following attributes. This analysis shows the internal
position as well as external position of the industry.
a. Strength: Attributes of the organization that shows the core
competencies and strength of the organization
Staff members are very responsible
Strong Credit Policies and Credit facilities
S.K Fans is ISO Certified
Provide After Sale Services
Lifetime Warranty and Guarantee

b. Weakness: This is the week point of the organization that is

very harmful to achieving its objects
No strong future policies
Management not up to date
Less Market Survey
Lack of Sub offices
Award and promotion policies gives to employees are not
No Job rotation
No research and development
c. Opportunities: these are the opportunities if the company take
it then it has a very good strength in the market
Acquire the state technology that reduce its cost
Provide incentives to employees
Gives advance salary to employees
Corporate planning and learning
Make advertisement at national and international level


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

d. Threats: It shows our competitors due to them we can fail to

sell our products
Prices are increases day by day than it competitors
No imports only exports
Substitute products
High Competition
No action on complaints

3.2.2: PEST Analysis:

This analysis shows the Political, Economical, Social and Technological
factors of the Organizations. It is very necessary for every organization. If
there is any kind of change in these factors then it can create a problem for
the organization and has a very bad effect upon the business profit and sale.
a. Political:It is very necessary to the organization that before beginning
the market survey or process it must see the political position of the
country whether it is favorable for our business or not.
Associations, Unions, Parties etc
High Taxation on business
Political interference in the business matters
Hurdles by the government to expand our business
Quota of import or sale of products
b. Economical:
It is the responsibility of the organization to see the economy and
trends of the market. If the countrys economy is strong then it is
favorable for our business
Low public savings due to inflation
Low employment facilities
More bad debts
High operating cost
Minimum wages paid


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Every organization that starts its business in any country it is its

responsibility to care the public and be socially responsible. The
organization should start its business outside the living area and follow
the rules, laws and rights of the public.

Follow the countrys culture

Workforce Diversity
Follow the traditions and customs
Morally be social
Provide clean environment
Provide employment

c. Technology:
It has a good as well as bad impact on the business image. If the
industry has latest and new technology acquire then it has a good
market image and can increase its sale. If the firm has no latest and
innovative technology then it may be lost and failure in the market.
No latest technology
No I.T Training and Development
Poor Computerized system
Without technology nobody is perfect in the market. It means that if
the manufacturer has no latest and new technology then he fails to
sell his products to customers because customers demand only
quality and innovation.

Part II
Section No.04
5.1: My Internship Part:
The Industry where I have been worked has two setups.



Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

The setup in which I have been worked is S.K Fans. In it the Fans are
manufactured and sell to national and international level. My role of work in
this industry is as an Account Officer. I learn practically how to manage
accounts and dealings with customers regarding balance and returns. The
role of my job is to record Sale, Purchase and its returns, Payroll, Bank
Reconciliation Statement, Cash Process, Account Receivable and Payable,
Store and Production Department as well as learn how to make the manual
ledger which is very different as teach us in universities and colleges. This is
the most complex and very hard work in the organization to keep manual
ledger and maintain balances equal. It is the most important work in every
organization and necessary for every organization because in case of
problem in software and due to load shedding problem there must be a
hurdle in your work but if you maintain manual account it is very useful and
give help to you. You may lost the Soft data but manual always in your hand.
5.2: Introduction of Main Branch:
The S.K Fans is under the responsibility of last two brothers M Saeed and
M Younus. But we discuss here the main branch which is under the M Yousaf
and M Ishfaq

Faisal Butt



Chief Executive Officer
Assistant Manager
Assistant Manager

Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry



Account Officer
Account Officer
Account Officer
Store Manager
Production Manager

5.3: Detail of Supervisor:

I have been worked under the supervision of these Account Officers and
the Assistant mentioned name as under.

M Ejaz ( Assistant Manager prepare Manual Ledger )

M Tahir ( Account Officer of Payroll and Bank Reconciliation Statement
M Amir ( Account Officer Purchase )
M Kashif ( Account Officer Sale )
These are four very competitive and reliable and hardworking men. They are
all work with a friendly environment and with comfort. They solve the
problems arise in the industry with their mutual consent and with patience.
All the staff members have minimum 5 years experiences of working in a
dynamic organization and can work in every situation and all can handle the
every situation easily. If any problem arises once they consult with their
manager and work under his instructions.
5.4: Weekly Time Table:
The time table of my work in this industry is mentioned as given under
week by week.


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

The descriptions of these departments in which I have been worked

before two months ago are as given under with the details and their
explanations one by one.

First Week
5.4.1: Sale Order Process:
In the first week at the start up I observe the work only and learn how to
maintain practical record keeping under the supervision of the account
officer relating to sale named is M Kashif. Here I observe three days and next
three days record kept by me practically on the computer by the supervisor.
In this process there are two ways of working.
1) Firstly check invoices of sale order which is received by the customers
and by our distributors or retailers whether the order is placed by them
or not
2) If the invoice is correct then check the goods from the store
Department that the goods are in store is according to the order
specification and quality
3) If the orders match then set terms and conditions and sent a copy of
the order to customer, one to store room and one copy to billing
department and if the goods are not available in the store then sent
order to production department


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

There are two types of billing in the S.K Fans that are

Post Billing
It include that the company receive the bill of the products after
deliver the goods and decide the charges of the freight.
Pre Billing
It include that the company receive the amount of the goods before
the delivery of goods to the customers. This offer is only for customers
not distributors or retailers.
4) After receive the acknowledgement of the order the store manager
provide the goods to the sale department along with invoices
5) Sale Department prepare a delivery Chillan to sent the goods to the
customers according to the specifications
6) After make the delivery Chillan the goods sent by a goods transport
company to customers
7) If the goods are in credit basis then one copy of its invoice sent to
credit department and adds it in ledger account
8) Mostly the transactions of the S.K Fans are on credit basis the days of
the credit less than one month

Sale Return:
Basically to types of sale return in the S.K Fans that are.

By Value Addition
In it the company return the goods in this situation that it receive
the old goods by the distributor and send them new models of the
products according to their specification

By Account
In this type of sale the industry take amount of the goods return to
the company and take back money which is paid by them before
some time. But we give some amount to the distributors and
remaining some goods take by them


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

In this process the sale department check the invoices of the sale order
and check that whether the goods sent by the industry are the same
goods return by the customers if correct then check the specifications
and quality and sent the goods to store rooms for repair and
maintenance. The sale returns goods receive by the customers are
record on zero amounts base. The repair charges are not charge to
customers first time after it the repair charges separately charged by the

Sale Order Process

Customer Order

Sale Order Department

Prepare Invoices

Customer Acknowledgement


Check Goods


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Sale Department

Prepare Delivery

Goods Sent to Customers

Second Week
5.4.2: Purchase and Purchase Return:
In this week I have been worked under the supervision of the
Muhammad Amir account officer of purchase and purchase return. Mr. Amir
trained me first relating to purchase in 2 days and work practical by me next
2 days. The remaining 3 days understand the goods sent to production by
the store. It is due to keep an eye on the stock whether available or not. And
give order to the supplier before a few days.
Purchase order process begins with the demand of the customers that
are available in the market that purchase our products. First estimates that
how much products are sold by the industry per month then according to the
demand of the customers sent order to the suppliers.
First manager check the different suppliers available in the market and
check the quality and rates of them. If the rates and quality matches with


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

the suppliers then we make a deal with them. The mode of payment decide
by the party at the time if start the dealings.
1) First the company make an order list according the customer demand
2) When the supplier send the goods to the company they first check the
order list whether we delivered the order or not, if confirmed then
check the specification of the goods according to the order
3) If the goods are matched with the order list then goods sent to the
sent to the store room and after it is on bulk purchase then sent after
to the store room
4) Before the goods sent to the store or god own the store keeper check
the list of the order like inward gate pas which is prepared by the
industry on the spot when he received the goods by the supplier
5) After verification of the inward gate pass the store keeper sent a copy
of it to the manager and one to the account department for the
maintenance of the record
6) Inward gate pass consists of the name of the vendor, specification,
purchase order reference
7) When the record kept by the account department they keep the
invoice of the goods receive in his file to avoid any dispute in future
8) The S.K Fans purchase the raw material mostly on the basis of credit
not on cash
9) The credit days of the purchase deals with each party before chosen
the supplier at the startup of the deal
The credit days of the S.K Fans are less than 30 days because
due to fluctuation in process day by day

Purchase Order Processing

Store Room Requisition

Purchase Department


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

General Ledger

Purchase Department

Store Manager Prepare (IGP)

Vouchers Check

Keep Record

Third Week
5.4.3: Payroll Calculation:
In this week I enter the working hour of the employees and daily
attendance of the employees which is record on a register by the gate
keeper. Then enter the production of the employees what they produce and
how many with department wise.
The S.K Fans maintain the process of the payroll on the computerized
system for the time saving and easily traceable records. The salary of the
employees made on three bases
First note the in and out time of the employees when they enter the industry.
Because the pay of the employees make on the daily bases which is depend
on the working hour of the employees. As more they work the salary of them
increase more and more.


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

The second is that the leave days of the employees in a month. The S.K Fans
deduct the employees salary when any of them is on leave.
Third check the production of the month as they work more they make much
money for the whole month. The S.K Fans give a target to the employees
that dont make the production below this target otherwise the salary is
deduct by the industry.
The salary system of the S.K Fans is computerized. All the employees are
enrolled in the system by the department wide because some employees are
working more than one department so due to it each employee is enrolled in
department wise. The computer system calculate all the employees salarys
automatically on the basis of their production record in the system by the
account department of the industry. The salary paid to permanent
employees on monthly basis but who are on contract basis they are paid
twice in a month. Some employees salary is fixed and some employees
salary depends on the production.
All the salary paid on the cash basis by the industry and the delivery of the
salary is the responsibility of the account department of the industry. After
the calculation of the salary the account officer check the production of the
employees himself and prepared a separate sheet on the Microsoft excel and
mentioned it the complete detail of their work. After verifying the computer
record they make salary into the envelope packets consists of their names
and amount of the salary.

Payroll Process
Account Department

Time Records (Daily Basis)


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Payroll Calculate (Production Basis)

Approval by Manager

Cash Paid

Record in General Ledger

5.4.4: Bank Reconciliation Statement:

The S.K Fans prepare their bank reconciliation statement with the bank
on the monthly basis with the account department on the behalf of the
manager. Because all the check issued or receipt by the industry are kept by
the account department and this department maintain a record on these
checks. When any one check of them is returned or dishonored the account
department informs to the manager and record it on to the computer for the
reconciliations. The account department records all the checks record in
computer on date wise and after any trouble they can easily match with
date. The assistant of the manager also keep record all the transaction
manually on the behalf of the manager because sometimes sue to load
shedding they cannot show the accounts to the customers or suppliers so


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

that due to this reason they maintain manual record. The one more benefit
of the manual record is that the computerized record destroyed by the
incorruption of the software they can easily maintain record again.
Sometimes due to error in system the computer give prints with error in
amounts so they can match with the manual accounts. The statement of the
bank is reconciled by the owners son or by the manager himself. They take
all the checks that are received or sent by the industry and go to bank. In
the bank they match their account with each other and both check their
balances on the spot if there is an mistake due to dishonor of check or unpresented checks they can clear here otherwise the bank is not responsible
for it.

Fourth Week
5.4.5: Store Department:
In the Store the work is performed by me is that to check the goods
whether it is according to the description or specification of the order or not.
One more and important thing is that first of all dont forget to check the
purchase order or sale order write by the company. It verifies that the order
is sent by the exact industry or not. Because to check that whether
somebody do not make fraud with us on the behalf of the customers or
suppliers. After the conformation of the inward gate pass unload the goods
in store and if extra goods are in store then sent to the god own.


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

5.4.6: Production Department:

In this department I have been worked as a supervisor of the
production department on the behalf of the manager. The responsibility of
the work relating to me is to see the employees whether they work or not
and check the quality of the goods whether they include the accurate and
exact material or not. I sent all the produced goods to semi finished goods
department where the employees polish the products and record on a
register manually. As well as record the raw material which is sent by the
store keeper to us? I checked the goods first whether it is our requirement or
not if it is according to the order list sent to the store by me then we used it
in the production.

Fifth Week
5.4.7: Cash Process:
There are two types of the cash processing in the S.K Fans that are
defined as under.
1).Cash Receipts:
There are three types of cash receipts in this industry given as under.

Physical Party Receive Cash:

In these steps the people that deliver goods to the industry receive
the cash himself by the manager or by the account officer or by the


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

assistant manager on the behalf of the owner. When the peoples

receive the cash they take a receipts by the industry and record a
copy of it to account department and also record in general ledger.
Receive Cheques:
First of all the industry receive the cheques by the company or by
the customers and then sent it to the bank for en-cashed of it
present in the bank then record It in the computer if not then sent
back to the company or customers.
Directly Deposited By The Customers:
In this option the customers directly deposited the amount of the
industries owner account and make a call to them that I have been
deposited this amount into your account kindly inform me after the
receipts of the amount. We can say that this is an online process
which is used at national or international level when the both
parties are at more distances, because both the parties cannot
receive the cheques.
2).Cash Payments:
In the S.K fans the date are mentioned in the computer at which date the
cash/cheque sent to the party. If the party come to take cash before the date
then industry give cash/cheque to the company and give a receipts to them
and take a copy of it himself for the record keeping in computer and manual.
If a cheque is sent through mail then one copy of it sent to mail room and
one copy of it sent to bank that if the creditors come to take for payment the
bank give the payment to that person. There are three types of payment

Physical Party Receive Cash:

In these steps the people that deliver goods to the industry paid the
cash them self by the manager or by the account officer or by the
assistant manager on the behalf of the owner. When the peoples
receive the cash they take a receipts by the industry and record a
copy of it to account department and also record in general ledger.


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Payment through Cheques:

First of all the industry receive the cheques by the company or by
the customers and then sent it to the bank for en-cashed of it
present in the bank then record It in the computer if not then sent
back to the company or customers.
Directly Deposited By The Customers:
In this option the customers directly deposited the amount of the
industries owner account and make a call to them that I have been
deposited this amount into your account kindly inform me after the
receipts of the amount. We can say that this is an online process
which is used at national or international level when the both
parties are at more distances, because both the parties cannot
receive the cheques.

Sixth Week
5.4.8: Account Receivable:
There are three type cases in account receivables used in the S.K Fans
that are given as under.

Cash Payment:


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

In this these cases customer makes payment direct to the receipt

department of the industry and cash receipt department make a
report or invoice and send a copy of it to the account receivable
department, General Ledger and internal control for verification.
Goods Return:
In such a case like sale return customers return goods to the
receiving department and this department send these goods
invoice to the credit department for the verification of goods and
after the confirmation of goods these are sent to store room or god
own after it the account department prepare a record of it and send
a copy to account receivable department.
Bad Debts:
In the S.K fans if the customers do not make payments on the due
date then they wrote a letter to him for requesting to make
payment immediately, if the customers do not make payment after
receiving the letter then we record it as bad debts and close the
next deal with that party, and inform the manager and owner
regarding this party.

5.4.9: Account Payable:

In this Industry first the entire department makes and collects all the
vouchers and sends a copy of them to the cash department and General
ledger department. The cash department makes the payments to all the
customers depend on cash basis at the end of the day the cash department
makes a statement of the whole day transactions and activities and send it
to the General Ledger Department.
Some of the customers demand through cheques then all the payment
make through cheques. It records in separate account of the department.
After the end of the month the bank send a bank statement to the industry


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

to match their balances and if there is any differences then correct with the

5.5: Conclusion:
After the completion of my internship in the S.K Fans Gujranwala and
after the analysis of this industry I reached on this point of view according to
my thinking based upon the experience which I got from this organization
after done my work. The duration of my work is 6 weeks but I personally
work here two months. The S.K Fans make much progress and attract more
customers with the passage of time sue to its technology and life time
warranty that other organizations are not given to its customers. It is due to
because the parts of the fans are made by the sharif khursheed industry
under the supervision of the owners and the manager. After the SWOT
analysis of the S.K Fans I think that they change their policies and
management system immediately as can ad possible. The management of
the S.K Fans is centralized and nobody listen the problems of the employees
so that they have many grievances in his mind and have many questions
that they cannot ask by the management due to low interference of the
employees in the management. They must need to change the system into
decentralized and morally be social so that the employees loyalty increase
any built a trust upon them.
A Chinese Proverb says that
Never leave the old employee due to any reason because he work with you
when you are nothing and now you are something and you leave that
employee due to low pay and some other reasons
The old employees are loyal with you but new employee cannot be loyal
because they want money only, they cannot compensate with you at any
situation or at any cost. The management of the S.K Fans leaves the


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

employee due to small mistake and if they demand to increase the pay they
stuck of the employee from the organization. The future planning of the S.K
Fans is not strong because they start more than one project at the same
time so that this is not a right planning of the industry. The pay scale of this
industry is comparatively very low than its competitors. The knowledge
which we learn in the colleges and universities is very different as compare
to practical. The accounting and tools that we read in the books and
teachers tell us are not involved in the practical life. The process of sale,
purchase and other departments are very different and now I got both the
knowledge with the help of internship program. The software which is used
by the Sharif Khursheed industry is very easy and reliable and faster than
other industries. The cost of the software is comparatively low. The staff of
the Sharif Khursheed industry is very friendly and competent as well as have
more experience and knowledge of practical working within an organization.
They can handle and solve any kind of problem arise in the work. Some
problems that arise suddenly in the organizations that have not been seen
by them they can consult with the manager. As you know that nobody is
perfect in the world and have no complete knowledge in every field of
practical life. Every person gain and gain at every situation and at any stage
of life because there is the end of life but no end of work and knowledge.

6.1: Recommendations:
According to my point of view these are some suggestions that are given as
S.K Fans change the management system from Centralized to
Increase the salary of the employees and give incentives to them
Use new technology to reduce cost and improve quality
Dont start more than one project at once time


Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry

Listen the grievances of the employees and solve their problems

Make a complaint box and make an action committee to solve the
Make better future planning
Create a Research and Development Department
Learn from the problems arises in the organization
Socially is not good and morally it is very bad

6.2: References:
Following are the references that help to me in completion of my internship

Books and articles
Brochures and catalogue
Supervisors and in charge of industry

Report on Sharif Khursheed Industry