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(Rajeev Gandhi Educational City, Sonepat, Haryana)
Department of English
Technical English
Course objectives

To provide for the acquisition of basic communication skills in English in
relation to the requirements of the students of Engineering and Technology


To facilitate the holistic, integrated development of LSRW involved in
language learning through a series of intensely practical tasks and activities


To offer professionally sustainable language content by which to address the
special needs of the target learners to the ensure that they are adequately
equipped with discoursal and grammatical competencies


To help acquire the use of language simultaneously through the electronic
media such as the Internet so as to enable the learners to deal effectively
with E-materials


To expose the learners to a wide range of lexical and grammatical skills
needed for their special professional demands.
Semester II – Paper II

Unit I
Listening & Speaking:

12 periods
Inviting, accepting and refusing an invitation
Apologizing and responding to an apology, congratulating
and responding to congratulations. Asking for, giving and
refusing permission


Reading for analytical skills, and deductive and inductive
reasoning E-materials.


Fax-messages, SMSes, emails, blogs etc

Vocabulary :

Use of Prefixes and suffixes.


telephonic and video conferencing) Asking for and giving opinions. Persuading and dissuading people Reading: Reading journal articles of scientific and technological content and discussions based on them Writing: Writing CVs. suggestions. understanding etc – Making arrangements. diet and health business and marketing etc (see Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary third editon) Grammar : Simple and complex sentences Unit IV Listening & Speaking : 12 periods Model / mock interviews (face – to – face. advice etc. responding to job advertisements – writing statements of vision. technology.Grammar : Unit II Listening & Speaking : Active and Passive voice and Degrees of comparison. etc 2 . dealing with interruption etc Reading: Extensive reading – story reading Writing: Writing letters to the editor. food and drink. 12 periods Dialogue: Describing daily routines Talking about current activities Talking about weather Talking about possessions Reading: Newspaper / magazine features reading and interactive discussions on them Writing: Writing letters. the Internet. purpose. periodicals and magazines Vocabulary : New words and phrases relating to environment. short articles for journals. showing surprise. shock amusement. goal. informal and official Vocabulary : Phrasal verbs Grammar : Prepositions Unit III Listening & Speaking : 12 periods Dialogue: Asking for time and date – sympathizing.

Using language labs. etc. emotions. wishes. uncountable noun mistakes. certainty etc. regrets. condolence. possibility. collocation mistakes. irregular plural mistakes. concern. Reading: Intensive reading of scientific and techlogical texts and orally summarizing them Writing: Writing project reports. hopes. evaluation reports. necessity. Grammar : Verbs – transitive and intransitive.Vocabulary : Making compound words and multiwords. prepositions. mistakes in the use of articles. subject-verb agreement etc) 3 . dynamic & stative. Vocabulary : Collocations and word families (see Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Third Edition) Grammar : Common mistakes in English (spelling mistakes. feasibility reports. regular and irregular. use of adjectives and adverbs – conditional sentences Unit V Listening & Speaking : 12 periods Model group discussion – Expressing likes and dislikes. irregular verb mistakes. obligation.

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