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Philippine Cancer Control Program




Contact Person:
Franklin C. Diza, MD, MPH
Cancer is predicted to be an increasingly important cause of morbidity and mortality in the next few decades, in all
regions of the world. The challenges of tackling cancer are enormous and when combined with population ageing
-increases in cancer prevalence are inevitable, regardless of current or future actions or levels of investment.
GOAL: Reduce morbidity, mortality and disability due to common preventable cancers

To reduce the exposure of population to risk related factors primarily smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity

and harmful use of alcohol, cancer related infections, chemical and ultra violet rays exposure.

To increase the number of patient given appropriate screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


To increase the number of patient given appropriate pain relief and support care services with cancer.


International Policies and Mandates
ØWHA58.22 cancer prevention and control
ØWHA57.12 on the reproductive health strategy, including control of cervical cancer screening
ØWHA57.16 on health promotion and healthy lifestyles
ØWHA57.17 on the Global Strategy on diet, physical activity and health
ØWHA56.1 on tobacco control


International Support

In 2011, the UNFPA had donated three (3) units of cryotherapy machines for use in the treatment of pre-cancerous
lesion in the cervix. This partner also provided funds in the development of the Training Module on Cervical Cancer
Prevention and Control together with the support of Women’s Health and Safe Motherhood Project II.

Packages of Services

Free cervical cancer screening provided every year in 58 DOH Hospitals done during the month of May to screen

women ages

30-45 years of age.

3. Maintain the operation of an integrated chronic non-communicable disease registry system in all health facilities. Development of service package for cancer control program 4. Rizal Medical Center. East Avenue Medical Center. UP-PGH) funded by NCPAM · Free chemotherapy for acute lymphatic leukemia (ALL) among children with cancer funded by NCPAM Strategies · Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle ØIncrease avoidance of the risk factors ØVaccinate against human papilloma virus (HPV) and hepatitis B (HBV) ØControl occupational hazards ØReduce exposure to sunlight · Improve screening/ diagnosis and treatment · Improve rehabilitation and palliative care · Improve cancer registry FUTURE PLAN/ ACTION 1. 2. 5. effective and accessible services for the prevention and control of cancer. .· Free adjuvant chemotherapy for women diagnosed stage 1 to 3A breast cancer in 4 pilot hospitals (Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Hospital. Development of strategic framework and five year strategic plan for cancer control program OTHER SIGNIFICANT INFORMATION WORTH MENTIONING Vision: Improve quality of life for all Filipinos Mission: To provide quality. Strengthen the implementation of an Integrated Lifestyle related disease control program for the promotion of healthy lifestyle and avoid population risk exposure. Development of clinical practice guidelines for cancer control program.