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Narrator: This is a story, of a frog so sly;

he could trick all his poor supper flies
and how his voice he thought to be prodigious;
was to others sore and outrageous.

This sumac tree and all abode; My song is ready Are the branches bowed?
For all who sit on it and hear; my songs of gold will surely cheer!

Crow: Oh! What a pain! He sings Worse than me! How? OH! How can that ever be?

Swan: Oh dear this creature, so gross and gruesome, i really hope those warts are’nt contagious!

Cricket: Wow I never believed it true; but mr.ugly cannot SING too! Hahaha!

Narrator: But the frog so wrapped in himself; did not spare a thought for the shouts
and yelps

Frog: Say what you want I am the best; I will never be put to rest!
My splendid voice is at its best; Gather around, lets put it to test!

(All animals run for cover just as the frog starts singing)

Frog: KooOOAHH KooASH KOOash!


Night Scene-A beatiful nightingale flies to the sumac tree.

Narrator:That night to the bog's wonder and joy;
they saw to the sumac a nightingale fly.
They all knew her as a singer,
for long ago another one had sung here.
And ofcourse they were not let down,
they'd never heard a sweeter sound!

from a real artist. I do feel you need some training. Yes . my dear. I am so deeply flattered! *** (Sometime later) At dawn. it really makes me a little melancholy! Cricket: Better! Better than that toad. your songs you sung with skill no fear. But I saw and felt you lack. Nightingale is settling to go to sleep Frog (to himself): Ah I see this stupid Ave Made a mistake grave. better than anthing out of that froggy maw! Deer: Yes OH yes! Once more we want . that praise really mattered.What a pleasure. I would Love to sing hither! But oh me oh my dear…. no feigning. ban! Frog(to nightingale): Ah pretty bird! What have we here? A singer beyond compare? Come dear bird come to my tree. yes.Nightingale: “Sings Beautifully” Deer: Oh so sweet is that hear that beautiful chant! Nightingale: *Flustered* Oh dear oh me. Oh my god! He was such a bore! Swan: Bravo! Lovely! Please once more! We want-We want an encore! That voice of yours filled me with awe. a certain knack.. . there in peace I’ll talk to Thee. a certain force.. cracks of light. I did hear. Came to my tree and stole my stage Now she’ll have to suffer my rage! But with subtle plans I can From the bog this birdie.

Nightingale: Oh skilled frog I feel so faint. in this distracting din! . You cannot expect of me . Look what glorious weather . Nightingale: Dear frog am I right to hear. Who though blessed with skill and throat. you are a singer? Oh Dear! This is a coincidence so good to be true. wasn't given a confident note. we will practice on and on. But that night the nightingale. this job so crucial for your success. Sang away in bingle bog. All the animal and birds thought about the poor bird. sustain in this harsh downpour? I for one cannot sing.(Torrential downpour. Though not to charge some fee For making a singer requires toil. do you know some famous name? I would love to train my voice. We will start with a chorale. we will sing hither.. Starting tomorrow early morn. Nightingale(shivering): Oh dear frog how can our throats. I have a wish of audience bigger! Frog: I of course may accept.Come to the top. teach me please. cold and wet the nightingale looks miserable) Frog: Ah.. Narrator: So from next day the ave and frog. I do lack in force and vigour. so my plans for you dont foil. Sing with patience sing with ardor. and I know you have a point. sang again with might and zeal and again the frog discouraged . her talent when she was finished. will you? Frog: Yes indeed I think I shall. *** Then one day. never give up never falter! Nightingale: Yes yes indeed I will ! When we end please send the bill.

That night too the bog filled with creatures. pay attention and trust . Gladly though after some rest. to succed. forgive my folly. sang in rain till she was sore. Narrator: Day and night she sang and sang Her days were filled with breathless pangs. she was again at her best. only normal tones do not suffice! What I say you must heed. . my advice you need. And dear bird high notes are nice. you must pay heed to my beckon. Or of course they would find this idiot’s shrill voice too high. I consent to follow direction. they came with families to see the feature! Frog: nightingale you really must. I really am very sorry. my advice and discretion.Frog.Frog:*With rage*Stupid bird are you in earnest? Is my suffering all just a waste? For with your brainless banter. *** Narrator: So the stupid bird once more. Owl of sandwich: What a sweet voice I hear it is soothing to the ear! Coot of monte cristo:Lovely lovely is this tune Really her voice is her boon. Frog(to himself): How poor is their taste In music they dont have a base. I really will take action. The stands were filled with famous crowds Who. who in the world will be your master? Nightingale: Mr. for her songs cheered aloud.

I will. And then the wicked evil frog Lone again in bingle bog sang from dusk until dawn his foghorn blared on and on! __END__ . Frog look hard. I will take a long passionate gasp I really hope I dont rasp. make it big and for god’s sake. Narrator: and that my friends was her end She took a breath too long too deep Conveyed her to eternal sleep For too hard! Too hard she tried Burst a vein. I think you have a hole to be barred. I feel I will cry. An then died. Sing well you fig! Nightingale: yes yes sir.Frog(to nighingale): dear oh dear just hear you cry why cant you sing? Oh! Why? Money nowdays is hard to get you owe me lots of money for the rest Nightingale: I sing all day I sing all night Still have’nt I filled you pocket light? Look hard mr.I will try Please don’t scold. Frog: I think I know what is to be done you and me have just begun! Take a deep breath.

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