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by itsakyo

*inspired by taengstagram*
Originally written for TaeNy's 1527th page celebration on SSF,
this double-shot turned into an on-going.
Authors Note:
Appearances deceive. Be careful what you perceive. ~ me

Through this story, I wanted to portray how people often perceive things through their own eyes
and pass judgments a little too quickly on others. When this happens, friction occurs and
unhappiness results in some cases. As with the title, A Shot of You talks about how one single shot
of a person does not paint a complete picture of him/her. There is always more than meets the eye.
Thank you to my dear friends who have read this story on SSF / BySone / AFF. Without all of your
support, this story would not have been completed as quickly. Your comments and display of
support is a great source of motivation to me and I thank you for being so generous with your love.
Thank you to my dear friends who have helped as betas for this story as well. There are a great many
of you, BS writers. Much love. Love love love.

A Shot of You
The studio was not at all like what Taeyeon had expected. Shed seen a fair share of studios in Seoul
and shed thought shed seen them all. Until now.
Instead of bare walls and an industrial, minimalist setting, this studio looked as though it could be
lived in. Other than the usual enormous white screen backdrop, the other parts of the studio were
painted a warm pastel pink and yellow, creating a sense of warmth in the place. There were also
large prints of pictures of dogs and various other animals that lined the walls of the spacious studio.
And while most of the studios shed gone to had equipment lying all over the place and wires
running everywhere, this place had none of the mess. A camera had been set up in front of the
backdrop and a couple of lighting apparatus stood around the photo-shoot area but that was it.
Things were in their place. It was a neat place.
Yet, what was probably the most eye-catching of all was the enormous moon-roof that was above
them. The studio was located at the top floor of a nine-storey building and it looked as though there
had been an attic once. The present owner must have done a fair bit of remodeling to open up the
space within, creating the high ceiling and that impressive moon-roof.
What was most unusual about the presence of a moon-roof in a studio for photography was this:
lighting control. Taeyeon had been in enough photo-shoots to know that photographers often
obsessed over lighting conditions and most photographers would want to have complete control
over lighting if they could. Hence, to see a moon-roofa glass window in the ceilingin a studio was
something of an abnormalcy.
What kind of a photographer would relinquish their control over something as unpredictable as the
weather, she thought. The photographer would have to be either incredibly talented or incredibly
crazy. Or both.
Oppa, wheres the photographer? Wheres the crew? Taeyeon wasnt used to the state of peace
and quiet in the studio. Most of the time, there would be people bustling all over the place, tending
to this, that, and her. She was here for a photo-shoot because of her recent engagement as the
ambassador of her countrys Say No to Drugs campaign. She was chosen because of her popularity
as a singer and also the young and wholesome image that she projected.
The younger people would be strongly influenced by her, she was told by the agency running the
campaign. Being an ambassador for such a cause would reflect well on her image as a wholesome
singer, she was told by her own artiste management agency. And so here she was with her manager,
Hyungdon, standing in a cosy-looking and unusually quiet studio.
Not that she minded it much. She wasnt particularly fond of photo-shoots but she didnt dislike
them either. It was simply a case of having her picture taken everywhere she went for the past six
years that had her wishing that she didnt have to smile for the camera as often as she did.

This place isnt locked so they must be in here somewhere, replied Hyungdon.
Hi! Im Tiffany!
Taeyeon spun around, looking for the source of the chirpy, uplifting voice that broke the silence. A
door was opened and a beautiful young woman was walking towards her and her manager.
Im sorry to keep you waiting. I heard you coming in but I was developing pictures in the dark room
and I had to get that done.
Developing pictures in the dark room? Do people even do that anymore? Taeyeon smiled and said,
Its quite alright, we didnt have to wait long.
Tiffany cleared her throat and turned around. Lets get started then, she said as she walked to the
camera on a tripod that stood in front of the backdrop.
Taeyeon-ah, Ill leave you here with Tiffany-ssi. I need to pick something up from the office.
Okay, oppa. Ill see you later. Taeyeon waved goodbye to her manager and walked to the photoshoot backdrop.
Her eyelashes fluttered just once and like a single drop of water falling into a still lake, it caused
ripples in her once calm heart.
Calm down, Tiff. Theres no need to lose your mind over Kim Taeyeon. Yes, her eyes are beautiful but
so are all the eyes of the puppies youve taken pictures of!
She tried to refocus on the subject at hand but her right hand was trembling slightly as she gripped
the camera. She just wasnt used to taking pictures of people, she thought. That must be the reason
for the jitters. That must be it.
Was it?
Puppies didnt look at the camera with such intensity. Cats had piercing eyes but none had the
smoldering ones that this Kim Taeyeon seemed to express so effortlessly. She should never have
agreed to help Sooyoung out. Sooyoung would have been way more adept at handling this photoshoot than she was. She was crumbling, slowly but surely, under the enigmatic charm of Kim
Taeyeon, South Koreas most popular singer to date. Could she even make it out of this photo-shoot
with her senses intact, she wondered.
Is something wrong?

Tiffany froze and her finger cramped as it rested lightly on the shutter release. Kim Taeyeon was
talking to her! Dear Lord. Please. Help. Me. She took a deep breath as she straightened her back and
smiled shakily at her subject.
Well done, Tiff. A one-word answer for your beautiful subject. She is going to be so impressed by you.
Dont hold back on anything. If Im doing something wrong, please tell me.
No, youre not doing anything wrong at all. Youre fine. Youre just so fine.
So fine?! What am I saying exactly?
Tiffany inhaled deeply and bent forward to place her right eye level with the viewfinder. She put her
right hand back on the camera as her left hand held on to the tripod head. It was alright. She could
do it. All she had to do was to think of Kim Taeyeon as a puppy. Just another puppy. Just another
Her subject had gotten off the floor and was walking towards her. Feeling perturbed, Tiffany stood
upright and took a step back.
Would you like to take a break? her subject asked, a trace of concern evident in her voice.
No, no, no. That wo-wont be necessary. Lets con-continue.
Youre stuttering. Her subject took another step towards her.
Tiffany took another step back immediately. Her subject was so close to her that she could smell her
fragrance and it only served to make her heart thump even faster which unsettled her further.
Her subject frowned. Whats wrong? Why are you avoiding me?
Av-avoiding you?
Youre backing away from me.
Tiffany stopped herself from moving immediately. No, Im not.
You are.
Im not. Im standing still.
You were backing away a moment ago.

You have no proof of that whatsoever! Tiffany almost yelled. She was losing her mind, slowly but
surely, and the worst part was, she didnt even know why.
Suddenly, her subject smirked. Youre attracted to me.
Somehow, the smirk put her off. She had never liked smug people.
Im not attracted to you. Lets get on with the photo-shoot. Tiffany put on a determined look and
walked back to her camera.
Her subject shrugged nonchalantly and turned around. I wasnt the one who had trouble pressing
the shutter release.
Tiffany bristled. She was tempted to bark a retort but she held her tongue. She wouldnt rise to the
bait. Animal or no animal, a picture was a picture. She was a photographer nonetheless. She would
take a stunning picture of Kim Taeyeon and that would be the end of the story.
Tilt your head a little to the left. Look like youre challenging someone, Tiffany instructed as she
adjusted her camera. Gosh, her subject was oozing so much charisma that she began to feel a little
flustered again. No. She thinks you cant even take a decent picture, Tiff. You gotta show her that you
Just a hint of a smirk, Taeyeon. Focus on that box. Stand akimbo. Yes. Perfect.
Tiffany pressed the shutter release several times as she barked more instructions and soon, it was
over. She straightened her back with a sigh of relief. Her subjects eyes were definitely a danger zone.
On the few occasions when she caught her subject staring straight at the camera, her heart had
skipped and almost stoppedit was that intense.
Thank you, Kim Taeyeon. Were done here.
Thank you, Tiffany. But my manager isnt back yet. I have to wait here for him.
Suit yourself.
Tiffany was inexplicably annoyed. She couldnt wait to get rid of her subject. Those piercing brown
orbs could send streaks of electric shocks down her spine and she was disturbed by the way her
feelings could be manipulated so easily by them. It was best that she didnt see her subject again.
Tiffany ignored her subject who was waiting for her manager by the door and sat down in front of
her computer and began looking through all the pictures that she had just taken. Admittedly, it
wasnt that difficult to take a good picture of a subject like Kim Taeyeon. Beautiful puppy eyes, a

cute little nose, luscious lips and a perfectly egg-shaped face to frame it all together. Kim Taeyeon
would look good at almost any angle, or perspective.
Click. Click. Tiffanys index finger clicked and clicked as she browsed through the pictures but it came
to a halt at one particular picture. She had snapped a shot of her subject staring right at the camera
with a sidelong glance and a subtle smirk. Wow.
Someone seems to like this picture.
Tiffany jumped in her skin and turned to face the owner of the teasing voice.
I like every single picture that I take.
Kim Taeyeons eyebrows raised a fraction of an inch. You sure its not me that youre so taken with?
Youre assuming too much.
Im sorry, did I offend you somehow?
Did she just apologize to me? Tiffany was surprised and appeased all at once. No, of course not. You
did not offend me.
Silence ensued and Tiffany resumed her browsing. She sincerely hoped that Kim Taeyeons manager
would hurry up and get here soon. She was getting more and more nervous with her subject
standing right behind her. And the worst part was she didnt know why.
Dont you have assistants working for you? Kim Taeyeon asked suddenly.
Tiffany jumped in her skin yet again and frowned at the woman behind her. No, I dont.
Why not? Dont you need help with lighting and stuff?
Dont you think youre asking too many questions to a person that youve only just met today?
Why are you so unfriendly?
Me? Unfriendly? Tiffany nearly snorted. Im not unfriendly.
Then why wont you answer my questions? And why did you act all weird and stuff during the
Its none of your business. Tiffany turned red and turned away to face her computer screen again.

Actually, Im kind of glad that Sooyoung caught the flu and couldnt do the shoot today, Kim
Taeyeon continued to say.
Tiffany spun around, her eyes blazing, ready to tell the singer off for saying something as mean as
that when the woman continued, If it werent for her, I wouldnt get to meet you.
Meet me? Meeting me is a good thing? After the way I treated her? Kim Taeyeon is weird. Do you
like this picture? she asked, changing the topic abruptly.
And youve decided to talk to me now? Kim Taeyeons teasing voice was back.
Im asking you a proper question and this is how you answer me.
Alright, alright. I do like this picture. In fact, I like many of the pictures that you took. Thats why Im
glad that Sooyoung made it possible for me to meet you.
Really? Why? Tiffany was pleasantly surprised to hear that.
Kim Taeyeon leaned over her shoulder to point at the screen and Tiffany couldnt help but stiffen at
the proximity between them.
See that look in my eyes? I like how you instructed me. I like how you gave me direction. I like the
way you took that picture. You make me look socool.
Tiffany nearly snorted again. I make you look cool? You dont even need to try to look cool.
What? Was it something I said? Kim Taeyeon was looking at her strangely, their faces dangerously
close to each other.
Tiffany got out of her seat hastily, putting a little distance between the enigmatically charming singer
and herself. Again, she couldnt explain why she got so flustered. Neither could she explain her
See? Youre doing it again. What did I do wrong?
Its not you was all Tiffany could manage to say evenly.
Its not me?
Its me.
Its you?
Actuallymaybe its you.

Now youre confusing me.

Taeyeon-ah! Sorry, I got held up in traffic! A male voice resounded through the room.
Tiffany heaved a sigh of relief as Kim Taeyeons manager walked towards them, looking apologetic.
Its alright, oppa. Tiffany was keeping me entertained.
Tiffany was tempted to shoot the grinning woman a withering look but the manager had already
begun to thank her.
Thank you for your help, Tiffany-ssi.
Its my pleasure, Hyungdon-ssi.
I hope to see you again, Tiffany.
Youre welcome back at my studio anytime, Kim Taeyeon-ssi. Not.
Tiffany saw them to the door and waved a cheerful goodbye. Boy, was she glad that Kim Taeyeon
had finally left. Would she meet her again? She hoped not.
Do you always leave your door unlocked like that? a husky voice whispered in her right ear.
Tiffany yelped in shock and jumped out from her chair, sending it rolling backwards. She whipped
around only to see the girl whom she had hoped not to meet again.
Kim Taeyeon-ssi! What are you doing here?
Taeyeon shrugged nonchalantly. Call me Taeyeon.
Tiffany noted that Taeyeon had not answered her question and persisted. Why are you here?
Taeyeon was wearing a smirk and Tiffany did not like it one bit. It made Taeyeon look obnoxiously
cocky and she disliked people who thought the world of themselves. Such people usually had little
regard for others.
You know what? I dont think I want to know. And you should leave. Tiffany turned back to her
computer and resumed browsing through the photographs she had taken the day before.
Why are you so unfriendly to me?
Im not.

I only just got here and youre chasing me out already. You should be sitting me down on a couch
and serving me a drink and some biscuits or something if youre friendly.
Tiffany nearly snortedTaeyeons words were so presumptuous.
I havent called security to report a trespasser yet. Id say Im friendly enough.
A trespasser? Im a trespasser? Why am I a trespasser?
You have intruded on my private property without my permission. That makes you a trespasser.
But youre the one who arranged this meeting.
M-Me? Tiffany blinked and spluttered. I did? She checked the calendar in her phone hurriedly.
There it said in plain bold letters: 8PM Meet KTY. She grinned sheepishly. Taeyeon was right. She had
forgotten all about the arranged meeting. Butbut where is Hyungdon-ssi? Why is he not with you?
Ohhe left something at the office and had to go back to get it.
Tiffany frowned. Why was Taeyeons manager always forgetting things? She ought to get a better
one who doesnt forget this and that.
So are we ever going to get this meeting started or what?
Tiffany snapped back to attention. Of course we are!
She must have spoken a little too loudly because Taeyeon took a step back and said, Woah, lady. I
know youre enthusiastic and all but keep it down, will ya?
Tiffany turned pink immediately. Im not that loud!
Taeyeon threw back her head and laughed while Tiffany felt more and more irritated.
Why didnt you tell me that you were here for the meeting from the start? You could have just told
me. Tiffany huffed in exasperation.
Taeyeon simply grinned. It wouldnt be as fun otherwise.
Tiffany glared at Taeyeon as fiercely as she could. She hoped that Taeyeon would get her message
but it didnt seem to be working because the girl was still grinning away like a Cheshire cat.
Anyway, Ive done a mockup of the poster for you and I thought you might want to have a look at it

Tiffany took the poster out from its tube and rolled it out on the table for Taeyeon to take a look.
What do you think?
Taeyeon took one look at the poster before asking, Why did you pick this particular picture?
You look cool in it. Theres this attitude, this air that says youre too cool for drugs. I thought it sent
that message pretty well.
Soyou think Im cool huh.
What? No. No, no, no. That was not a personal opinion. It was a professional, objective opinion.
Taeyeon turned towards Tiffany and leaned to the side, her arm propping her against the table.
What about your personal opinion of me? She flashed a lopsided smile.
Tiffany blinked slowly. She couldnt understand why Taeyeon was saying all this. Couldnt they just
talk about the poster and be done with it?
She cleared her throat and said, Thats not important. Whats important is th
No, this is important, Taeyeon interjected. What do you think of me?
Tiffany shifted on her feet uncomfortably. I think youre hot. Your eyes are adorable like puppies.
Your cheeks are made to be pinched. Your pert little nose is so cute. Your lips
I havent given you much thought, to be honest, she answered after a pause.
I see.
Tiffany cleared her throat again. So. This poster. I hope you like it. And if you do, Ill submit it.
Taeyeon took one more glance at the poster and nodded. I like it. Youre right. The picture youve
chosen really brings out the message. Its a good choice.
With a smile on her face, Tiffany rolled up the poster and put it back in its tube. Were done then.
Taeyeon sighed, as though resigned to some kind of fate that Tiffany wasnt aware of and began
digging in her pockets and then her bag. A short while later, she looked up and asked, Could I
borrow your phone?
Whatever for?
I need to call my manager to tell him Im done but I left my phone in the car.

Isnt he probably on his way already? Hes just picking something up from your company, isnt he?
He should be here soon. You can save a phone call.
Now it was Taeyeons turn to clear her throat. What was it with their clogged up throats today. Gosh.
Erhes not going to come if I dont call him.
Tiffany blinked a few times before finding her voice to say, Why is that?
IerI sort of Taeyeon coughed awkwardly, told him to stay away.
Tiffanys eyes grew wider and she began to blush. Did Taeyeon send her manager away so that she
could be alone with me? She blinked rapidly. No. Of course not. What are you even thinking? She
probably didnt want her manager to have to wait. Right?
Alright. Ill be honest with you. I wanted to be alone with you. Tiffany froze. Taeyeon seemed to be
able to read her thoughts. Was her expression that telling? And if Im reading the vibes correctly, Id
say you want the same thing too, despite what youve been telling me. There was a trace of
amusement in Taeyeons voice now.
Tiffanys mouth opened and closed like a goldfish. Her mind was thrown off balance and lost its
ability to string the jumbled words in her mind into a coherent sentence.
Would you like to go out with me some time?
Upon hearing that, Tiffanys heart raced so fast that it would have claimed the finish in any F1 Grand
Prix race. Just as she was trying to collect her scattered wits, a flash went off in her face and she
What was that?
Taeyeon grinned. Relax. Im just taking a shot of you. Then you can give me your number and I can
save it in my phone and I can call you or text you, whichever you prefer.
Thats assuming Im actually going to give you my number. Besides, you can call the studio to get
me. Why should I give you my personal number?
Taeyeon pouted and looked like the cutest dog in the world, causing Tiffanys breath to catch in her
Contrary to what you seem to be thinking of me, I dont do this often. I dont try to get the number
of every single photographer who takes pictures of me. In fact, it is usually the other way around
the photographers are the ones who are eager to give me their number. But youre different. Youre

not like the rest. And I want to get your number so that I can call you out of office hours. I want to
call you at night to find out how your day went. I want to text you simple messages like Have you
eaten? Do you want to have dinner with me? and have you reply with Yes, I would love to. and
wed go out and have a nice time together.
Tiffany blinked. Taeyeon sounded sincere as she said that. Yet, the things that she said assumed a lot
too. Deciding that Taeyeon was perhaps, not as cocky as she appeared to be, Tiffany stood akimbo, a
little smile teasing the corners of her lips as she said, Someones pretty sure of herself, huh. What
makes you so sure that Id love to have dinner with you?
Im aware of my charms and the effect I have on people. Im also aware that were both attracted
to each other. So if youd just lower your guard and give us a chance, we could be really good
friendsor more.
Taeyeon looked at her with nothing but sincerity swimming in those chestnut brown orbs of hers
and her heart melted a little.
Your personal number please? Taeyeon handed her phone over and grinned wider than ever when
Tiffany finally took it and began tapping the screen rapidly.
There. Tiffany finished and handed it back. Then she realized that something was amiss. Didnt
you say that you left yourphone she trailed off as she began to figure the whole thing out. Much
to her chagrin, Taeyeon kept on smiling lopsidedly as she said, You lied about your phone!
Taeyeon chuckled. I was going to call my phone with yours so that Id get your number but you had
to make it that much harder for me.
Youyou Tiffany spluttered.
Taeyeon simply winked at her and made a call. Oppa? Im ready to go. Oh, youre downstairs
already? Great. Ill be there in a sec.
Tiffany watched blankly as Taeyeon put her phone away and smiled at her.
Ill call you.
I may not answer. Tiffany made one last attempt to salvage what was left of her pride.
Oh, you will, Taeyeon laughed and waved goodbye, disappearing from her studio for what would
not be the last time, she was sure.

Shot #2
Taeyeon grinned to herself as she eased into the car that was waiting for her.
Howd the meeting go? asked Hyungdon.
It went fine.
A corner of her lip curled up at the memory of what Tiffany had said during the photo shoot. Youre
just so fine. She thought shed heard it wrong at first. But the more she thought about it, the more
she was convinced that Tiffany had said those exact words. And based on what transpired just
moments ago, she was sure that Tiffany still thought that way about her.
Tiffany was intriguing. She wasnt kidding when she said Tiffany was different from the rest. There
were so many things about Tiffany that pricked her curiosity. For one, there was the studio. She
wanted to know why there was a moon-roof in the studio. But she didnt have to fret now for she
had Tiffanys number. Tiffanys personal number. Heh. Never mind the blood, sweat and tears it had
taken to get it.
Without much thought, she fished her phone out of her bag. A few taps later, she found herself
staring at Tiffanys number. 010-2789-0801. 010-2789-0801. It was etched in her memory now.
Shed never been that good at memorizing numbers but this was one number that she wanted to
remember. And call. Often. Or text. Darn it. Shed forgotten to ask which mode of communication
Tiffany preferred.
Taeyeon! Hyungdons voice boomed throughout the interior of the car and she snapped back to
What? What is it? Why are you yelling in the car?
Im yelling because you werent answering me. What are you looking at thats so interesting
Me? Nothing. Just some phone numbers, thats all. What did you want to ask?
Not ask. Tell. Young-hu called to say that hes sick and wont be able to do the recording tomorrow.
Oh no, is he alright? He must be very sick or he wouldnt cancel.
Hes down with the fever.
That sucks. I should send him a get well message.
Yeah, do that. Itll cheer him up immediately.

Oppa! Taeyeon was irritated by Hyungdons snicker. She didnt need Hyungdon to remind her of
Young-hus interest in her. It was plain enough to see every single time she had a recording session
with him. The lingering looks, the willingness to extend recording hours beyond what they had paid
for, all these little things didnt go past unseen by her but she wasnt interested. The good thing was
Young-hu didnt display it overtly. That meant she could feign ignorance of his interest in her.
She did like him as a friend and a mentor, however. There was no denying his immense talent and
mastery of his art. She had learnt a great deal about singing and music from him. She enjoyed
discussing the finer points of music with him. As a friend. As a student. Nothing more.
So she typed a friendly message to wish him well: Heard that youre down with fever. Do take care.
Have a speedy recovery!
She sent it. And in less than a minute, she received a reply: Thanks, Taeyeon-ah. Im so sorry for
cancelling. Ill get better fast and see you soon.
Suddenly, it occurred to her that she would have some free time tomorrow if Young-hu couldnt
make it. And she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it. Wahaha! Yes, this is great! She felt a
little guilty about feeling happy about Young-hus misfortune but it didnt stop her from smiling
Switches. Off. Wires. Coiled. Camera. Boxed. Pictures. Developed. Floor. Swept. Garbage. Emptied.
Mmm. It seemed like everything was done. She finished her mug of hot chocolate and washed it
before putting it away. Then, she headed to the bathroom to carry out her usual pre-bedtime
routine of dental and facial hygiene.
At last, she slipped under the covers of her sofa bed and wriggled around, settling herself into a
comfortable position. The moon-roof up above revealed the stars to her and she looked at the sky
for a moment before closing her eyes. As soon as she did that, however, the image of Kim Taeyeon
came to mind. Her eyes sprang open and she sighed. Kim Taeyeon. Why had she given that woman
her number? She sighed again. It was too late for regrets, she supposed.
Kim Taeyeon wasnt the kind of person she wanted to be in contact with. Kim Taeyeon was cocky,
overconfident and a little obnoxious, in her opinion. Kim Taeyeon. Her voice was certainly very nice,
however. Very sensual. There was something about her voice. Just like there was something about
her eyes. She wondered how Sooyoung could look into the camera and not be affected by those
beautiful eyes. She sighed again. Puppies are so much easier to take pictures of.
Of all the singers out there, it had to be Kim Taeyeon. She had to go and give Kim Taeyeon her
number. She wished she hadnt done so, but it was too late for regrets, she knew.

Taeyeon lay in her bed, tinkering with her phone. She browsed pictures of cute puppies in Instagram
and smiled at how cute they were. Then, she tapped on her own profile to look at her pictures.
Recently, she had posted a picture of herself enjoying a glass of wine with her good friend Sooyoung
and tons of comments were being posted by the minute. Yes. She had a huge following. No less than
half a million followers. That was the extent of her popularity. Yet, she had to pull out every trick in
the book just to get a phone number from Tiffany.
She toyed with the idea of texting the photographer a message. Something simple like Goodnight,
sweet dreams. Would that be too much? Was it too soon?
You know what? Im just gonna wing it. Yeah. A girls gotta take a few chances in her life.
With bated breath, she typed a short message: Hi. Im Taeyeon. This is my number. Do you prefer
me to call or text you?
She sent it and exhaled in a rush. Wow. That was some adrenaline rush. And it was most unusual for
her to be this nervous about sending a text message. What was this effect that Tiffany had on her?
Why did she want her number so badly? Why, why, why. There were too many questions and she
didnt have the answers. Not now anyway.
Minutes passed but she had yet to receive a reply from Tiffany. Had the girl gone to sleep already?
Or was she ignoring the message?
She decided to send just one more.
Guess youve gone to bed. Youre not ignoring me right? Goodnight Tiffany. : ) and have sweet
dreams of me.
She chuckled as she sent it. Tiffany might not like it very much but she couldnt resist.
The next morning, Tiffany woke up with the sun shining on her face. Her moon-roof gave her the
advantage of not needing an alarm clock to wake her up but that wasnt why she installed one. The
real reason was something she didnt want to dwell on at this time of the day, however. No. She had
to get going if she was to be ready for her next photo shoot.
She was in the middle of setting up her equipment when Taeyeon appeared in her studio. Not that
she could be sure that it was the cocky singer from the way she looked. No. Certainly not with

eyebrows that disappeared into thin air about halfway through and eyes that looked ten years
younger than before. But from the first word singer uttered, she could tell immediately.
Would you like to have lunch with me?
Tiffany stood up from her squatting position and glared at the singer. Why are you here?
Why cant I be here?
Tiffany opened her mouth and closed it without saying anything. She couldnt come up with an
answer to Taeyeons question. Thats when Taeyeon smirked. And it irked her. Agitation set in
rapidly and she found herself speaking curtly. You have no reason to be here.
Taeyeon looked a little wounded but the smile never left her face. Do I need a reason to be here?
Cant I just visit a friend?
A friend? I dont think were friends yet.
You gave me your number. I gave you mine. Were friends.
You tricked me into giving you my number and I dont remember you giving me yours.
No trick would have worked if you werent willing. And I sent you a text message last night. I shant
comment on the fact that you totally ignored it but you shouldnt say that I didnt give you my
Tiffany blinked. Taeyeon sent her a text message? When was this? She hadnt had the time to look at
her phone all morning.
Its been a busy morning ever since I woke up and I havent had the chance to check my phone. I
didnt mean to ignore you. Im not that rude, you know.
Well, Im willing to forgive you if you agree to go to lunch with me.
Forgive me? What did I do wrong?
You didnt re Taeyeon was cut off mid-speech by the sound of a melodious ringtone resounding
through the studio. Whats that? she asked.
Someones at the door downstairs. Most people ring the bell before they come up, unlike you, Kim
Someones coming in?
Tiffany nodded. I have a photo shoot scheduled. Why else do you think Im setting up my camera?

Oh no. I cant be seen. Help me. Taeyeon looked around the studio; her eyes sweeping across the
room in search of something. I cant be seen by anyone.
Because I sneaked out to come here. And if my manager finds out, Im going to get into trouble. Is
there another exit that I can use?
Im afraid there isnt any other exit. That flight of stairs is the only way in and out of here.
Well, is there a room that I can hide in then?
A room?
Yes. A room. Any room.
Well, theres the dark room
Great! Is it through that door?
Tiffany panicked suddenly. The dark room was full of pictures she didnt want anyone to see!
Taeyeon, no. You cant go in th Tiffany stretched her arm to stop Taeyeon from entering but the
singer had already turned the key in the lock and opened the door.
Wow Taeyeon gasped in awe of the many pictures that hung from ropes that ran from wall to
wall but her view was cut short by the door closing in her face. Hey! Watch it! The door almost
slammed into my face!
Tiffany fumed. You cant go around my studio opening doors that are locked. Youre-Youre soARGH!
Im sorry! But I really cant be seen by random people. Im not supposed to be here.
Then you shouldnt have come!
Taeyeon looked wounded again but she didnt stop looking for a room to hide in. Please, just help
me this once, okay?
The melodious door bell sounded again and Taeyeon looked at her beseechingly. Help. Please.
Tiffanys heart melted somewhat and she couldnt be angry with Taeyeon anymore. Darn those
puppy eyes. Those beautiful puppy eyes.

You can stay in the kitchen. Here, get in. Tiffany opened another door and shoved Taeyeon in.
Then she shut the door, patted down her clothes and ran to the intercom to tell her customer that it
was alright to come straight in. She looked at the kitchen door as she walked back to the camera
that she had been setting up. Just the thought of Taeyeon opening the door of her dark room made
her blood boil and she decided there and then, that the singer was going to be stuck in the kitchen
for a very long time.

Shot #3
Everything was nice and neat. They were all in their place. A pot. A pan. A kettle. Hmm. Fridge?
Taeyeon opened it to take a look. Her eyes widened. Everything was arranged neatly but the amount
of alcohol far surpassed the amount of food supplies. Evidently, this was one girl who did not do a
lot of cooking. Next, she opened the freezer and perked up at the sight of its contents. Ooh la la! Ice
cream! She looked at the label of one tub. It said: Ben & Jerrys. Hehehe. I know a little bit more
about you now, Tiffany. Youre an alcoholic and a Ben & Jerrys lover. Cool.
Hiding in a kitchen wasnt so bad after all, it seemed. She decided to help herself to some of Tiffanys
ice cream. It was summer. It was hot. Surely that was enough justification for her actions. She
browsed the various flavours available. Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Peanut Butter Cup, Phish Food,
Chocolate Therapy. Mmm. Chocolate therapy was exactly what she needed right now.
She reached for a spoon and casually spun it around her fingers but it slipped and hit the counter
before falling onto the floor with a loud clang. She froze. Oh no. Could they hear it? She strained her
ears to listen through the kitchen door and heard a voice right outside.
Is there something in here? I think I heard a sound coming from it.
The kitchen? Nothing. Theres nothing inside, Tiffany answered louder than required to, as though
it were meant for her to hear.
But Im sure I heard a metallic sound. Like something dropping.
Oh. Er, it must be my dog then. What? Im a dog now?
Your dog?
Yeah. Its very annoying. Im not annoying! It will come and bug you when you least welcome it.
Liar! I know youre happy to see me. You just wont admit it.
Awwbut Id love to see your dog. Maybe it can become friends with mine.
Nah, your dog wouldnt like it.
Why not?
Its an ugly mutt. Hey! Im not ugly! And Im not a mutt! Urgh! Tiffany!
Taeyeon stepped away from the door, pouting. She didnt want to listen to the rest of the
conversation. Tiffany was saying all those things on purpose and there was nothing she could do
about it. Growl. Just wait. Just wait till she could get out of the kitchen. Just wait.

And soon, she came to realize that it was exactly what she was doing. Just waiting. There was little
else she could do other than wait. She had eaten her fill of ice cream, poked around the cabinets as
quietly as she could and now, she had nothing left to do.
With a sigh, she fished her phone out from her pocket and began browsing through comments
posted by her fans on Instagram. Shed recently posted a picture of one of her plushies wearing a
bra that was actually her eye mask. She chuckled softly as she recalled how shed gotten bored a
couple nights ago and put her eye mask on her plush toy for fun. It looked like an incredibly
oversized bra! She was tickled pink and ended up rolling around on her bed in laughter. And based
on the comments, she happily concluded that her fans loved it too. Thank goodness her fans had a
sense of humour. She wondered if Tiffany would think it funny. Probably not. And she pouted at the
Sometime later, she realized that she had dozed off on the kitchen table. She yawned, stretched and
checked the time. Shed been hiding in the kitchen for more than two hours now. Was Tiffanys
photo shoot still going on? She pressed her ear against the door and listened. It seemed to be too
quiet outside. Was anyone even out there? She pressed her ear a little harder. Suddenly, the door
opened and she yelped in shock as she tumbled out of the kitchen.
Tiffany shrieked as she stumbled forward awkwardly. Oh my gawd. What are you doing?
Taeyeon felt arms around her, stopping her from losing the balance that she was trying to keep. She
turned in surprise and found herself staring into a beautiful pair of brown orbs. Those brown orbs
locked gazes with hers but they looked away as soon as Taeyeon found her balance again. And as
she regained the ability to stand on her own, she found it most ironic that in the process of
recovering her balance, shed lost her composure. Her heart was beating so fast that she had to
place her palm over her heart to calm it.
Are you okay? asked Tiffany worriedly.
I am. Thanks for catching me.
Tiffany smiled and Taeyeon ended up smiling too but the moment was ruined when the
photographer cleared her throat and said, You can leave now.
Taeyeon opened her mouth to protest but Tiffany had already turned around and walked away. It
was then that something else caught her eye and had her frowning in puzzlement instead.
Something wasnt right. The studio was devoid of any equipment. It didnt look as though the photo
shoot had just ended.
The photo shoot didnt just end, did it? Taeyeon commented.
It ended a while ago, Tiffany replied as she walked to her computer table.

When did it end? Taeyeon groaned and trailed after Tiffany. Why didnt you let me out of the
kitchen a little earlier?
Tiffany didnt answer her. She watched as Tiffany pursed her lips and began browsing through a
series of pictures of a dogmost probably from the photo shoot that had just ended. Wait. No.
Correction: the photo shoot that had ended a while ago.
Another moment passed before Taeyeon ascertained that Tiffany was ignoring her and she didnt
like it. Why didnt you let me out earlier? she whined. Tiffany? Why?
Tiffany emitted an exasperated sigh and stood up to face her. Oh my gawd. You never give up do
you? I left you in there to get back at you for opening my dark room door, okay? You pissed me off,
Kim Taeyeon. And youre pissing me off right now. So please, just leave. I need to get my work done.
Taeyeon was taken aback by Tiffanys explosive reaction. She pissed Tiffany off? How? When? Why
was it such an offence to open the dark room door? What was in there? Suddenly, she felt an
inexplicable sadness that made her heart sink. Perhaps, it was best to leave for now. Sigh.
Okay. Ill leave. Im sorry, she said quietly as she turned to go. Shed almost reached the door
when she heard a chair rolling across the floor. Then, she heard Tiffanys footsteps approaching so
she stopped and turned around. Im sorry. Im leaving. I got your message, she said to the
photographer who was drawing near to her.
To her pleasant surprise, Tiffany stopped in front of her and said apologetically, Im sorry too. It
wasnt very nice of me to do and say all that. Im sorry.
Upon hearing that, the dark cloud hanging over her head evaporated at once and she saw her
chance. Ill forgive you if you agree to have lunch with me, she said quickly.
Tiffany looked a little stunned, as though she hadnt been expecting this reply. Then she frowned.
Taeyeon nodded. Lunch.
But thats emotional blackmail.
Its not! You just locked me up in the kitchen and left me in there to stew for two hours. You ought
to make up for it.
Ive already apologized for it.
Jailing me in the kitchen isnt the only horrible thing you did!
What else did I do?

You called me names!

What names. I didnt call you any names.
You said that Im an ugly mutt. Taeyeon pouted sadly. Im not ugly. Im charming, okay.
Just then, Tiffany bit her lip and Taeyeon could not tear her eyes away from the photographers lips.
So. Sexy. Oh gawd. Somebody save me from her.
Youre right, Im sorry about that too, Tiffany apologized after a slight pause.
Ill forgive you if you agree to have lunch with me.
Tiffany rolled her eyes. Fine. An apology lunch it is but I cant today.
Tomorrow then. Taeyeon could barely stop herself from grinning like a champion.
Are you sure youre a popular singer?
Of course I am. Why?
Dont popular singers have any work to do at all?
Taeyeon groaned. You know what? Youre right. I cant tomorrow. It completely slipped my mind.
Then, she paused and thought for a moment. How about the day after?
Tiffany checked her phone briefly before looking up. That should be fine.
Its a date then! chirped Taeyeon as her face split into a broad grin.
Tiffany frowned. Its not a date. Its an apology lunch.
Its just the two of us, right?
Tiffany nodded.
Taeyeon chuckled. Then its a date.
It. Is. Not. A. Date. If youre going to insist that it is, its off, snapped Tiffany.
Taeyeon put her heads up in surrender at once. Okay, okay. Its not a date. Its an apology. I get it. I
get it. Yay! Im going on a date with Tiffany! Wahahaha!

Shot #4
Ever since she met Kim Taeyeon, shes had plenty of regrets. One, she regretted helping Sooyoung to
do the photo shoot. Two, she regretted letting the singer get under her skin during the photo shoot.
Three, she regretted giving Kim Taeyeon her number. Four, she regretted agreeing to have lunch
with Kim Taeyeon.
However, it was too late for regrets. Shed helped Sooyoung to do the photo shoot and got flustered
because of Kim Taeyeon and gave the singer her number and now, she was twenty-four hours away
from having lunch with the woman.
Great. Just great. I love my life.
She wondered why she had such strong reactions towards Kim Taeyeon though. She wasnt usually
like that with people around her. She was a friendly person. She had no problems chatting with
strangers and made friends easily. So why was she like that when she was around Kim Taeyeon?
For one, she felt the stubborn need to call the singer by her full name. Kim Taeyeon. Even though
the singer had asked to be called Taeyeon. Normally, shed gladly address a new friend casually but
somehow, she wanted to maintain that measure of distance between the singer and herself.
It could be due to the singer being too cocky for her liking. She did not like cocky people. Confidence
was one thing. Arrogance was another. Kim Taeyeon was somewhere in between. It made her
unsure. It confused her. And she did not like being confused. She didnt know if the singer was truly
sincere or not. There were times when Kim Taeyeon seemed rather human, yet at other times, it
seemed as though the singer had an inflated ego the size of a hot air balloon.
Kim Taeyeon. Kim Taeyeon. This person was going to stick around for a long time whether she liked
it or not. It was too late for regrets.
Taeyeon was in the studio. Young-hu had recovered from his fever and was back in the studio with
her. Her manager had gone off for lunch. It was his second lunch actually. Her manager had a totally
insatiable appetite. Initially, it was disturbing to see just how much he could eat in a day but she was
used to it now. All in all, nothing was out of the ordinary.
Young-hu, Im going to take a short break, said the recording engineer. Taeyeon knew what that
meant. She didnt approve of it but she couldnt stop him. She did allow herself a quick scrunch of
her face, however, which Young-hu apparently saw. The music producer grinned and winked at her
and she returned the wink. It was a friendly moment. One of the many that she had shared with
Young-hu over the past few years.
Young-hu walked to Taeyeon once they were left alone. He does do a better job once hes gotten
his puff.

But his health is taking a hit.

You only live once. If smoking makes him happylets not kill his happiness.
Taeyeon sighed and Young-hu gave her a friendly pat on the back. She smiled in response but it
became strained when his hand lingered on her back.
Speaking of living only once, do you want to join me for drinks tonight?
Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders awkwardly and inched away from Young-hu immediately. Sorry, I
cant. Im meeting a couple of friends.
Aww, but how about all of us hang out together? Drinks on me. Sound good?
Taeyeon flashed a polite smile. It sounds good but its an all-girls night tonight. Maybe next time.
Young-hu looked sorely disappointed but he nodded and said, Yeah, theres always next time.
Taeyeon kept on smiling but really, she couldnt wait for the recording engineer to get back.
Yoona turned around only to be greeted by a cushion in her face. Jessica, the girl who had hit her
with the cushion dissolved into a fit of giggles and shrieked in happy panic when Yoona growled and
launched her own tickle attack on her. The two girls rolled around on the spacious sofa, a mess of
arms and legs and giggles, until Taeyeon stepped out of the kitchen with a pot of fried rice.
I should take a video of you two and put it up on YouTube. Two million hits within the first hour is
guaranteed and Ill be famous, she remarked dryly. And the reporters will get the shock of their
lives when they find out that the two top models in South Korea are a couple of silly kids.
Says the kiddiest kid of them all, Yoona countered while managing to pin the other girl down on
the couch by her arms and waist. Sica, give it up. My nickname isnt Him Yoona for nothing.
Let me go, whined the other model. Im tired and hungry after rolling around with you.
To which, Yoona replied, Im starving too. She promptly got off the model and stood up. Is it fried
rice today?
Yes, replied Taeyeon.
Oh yeah! My favourite! I love your fried rice.

You love rice. Period. The other model laughed as she picked herself off the couch and dusted
herself off.
Sica, you should eat more rice. Then maybe you can grow taller.
Yoona successfully dodged the flying kick and sat down at the table, laughing her head off. Taeyeon
was scooping out the rice onto their plates as Jessica took her seat and asked, How did your
recording go today, Taengoo-ah?
Taeyeon planted a wide smile on her face immediately. It went great. Perhaps she had smiled a
little too quickly, for Yoona, who was known for being observant and sharp, raised her eyebrow in
Did it really?
Taeyeon nodded as nonchalantly as she could. The recording took a little longer than I expected but
we finished the song so thats good.
Yoona relaxed. Youre a great singer. Dont worry too much about your vocals, unnie.
Taeyeon smiled. I wont, unnie. She then turned to Jessica and asked, Your Paris photo shoot
came out fabulous I suppose?
Jessica simply wore a toothless smile and nodded. The girl was shy when it came to her own
Its for VOGUE, right? Ill definitely ask Hyungdon oppa to buy a copy.
Unnie, one copy isnt good enough. You should buy like a hundred copies.
Taeyeon rolled her eyes and threw a pea at the tall, lanky model. Yoona, if I have to buy a hundred
then youll have to buy five hundred so Im advising you to shut up now.
Shutting up now, unnie. Shutting up now.
Later that night, Taeyeon snuggled down under her sheets feeling excited. Tomorrow was going to
be good day. Tomorrow was A Date with Tiffany day! She snickered. This just proved one thing: She
was good. But she was all too aware that her charm had not gotten completely through Tiffanys
steel armour. There was much work to be done. What mildly puzzled her was why she was so

insistent on getting through to Tiffany. Was it the challenge? Was it Tiffanys good looks? Her
mouth-watering hips and butt?
It hadnt taken her long to decide on her favourite part of Tiffany. It was definitely her hips and butt.
Very curvaceous. Very delicious. But of course, it had been that fantastic smile of hers that was most
eye-catching at first sight. That set of pearly white teeth. So even. So perfect. Those brown orbs.
Hazel brown? Chocolate brown? Well, no matter the type of brown, they were gorgeous and had the
power to suck her into the bottomless pit of infatuation.
She took her phone from its dock on her bedside table. It was her favourite thing in the whole wide
world now because it was her link to Tiffany. But the photographer had not replied to the messages
she sent two nights ago. Sigh. Tiffany was such a tough nut to crack. So different. So different from
the throngs of people who were eager to know her.
This was the first time in a long time she felt this eager to know someone. The previous person
whom shed been attracted to had been Sooyoung. Haha! Do I have a thing for photographers or
something? But her attraction to Sooyoung had turned into a comfortable friendship and she
thought no more about it.
Things were different with Tiffany though. It was fiery. It was exciting. It was challenging. She was
invigorated. Shed never felt more alive. How was she supposed to explain the way she felt?
She toyed around with her phone for an inordinate amount of time before typing a message: Keep
your doors open! Im coming for you at one tomorrow but first, see ya in my dreams tonight~! ^^
She grinned to no one in particular as she sent the message. She couldnt resist it.
Her phone buzzed so she picked it up and saw that it was a message from the singer. Urgh. Kim
Taeyeon. If youre gonna tell me what to dream again, Im so gonna ignore you tomorrow. The
message didnt exactly tell her what to dream but it was just as exasperating as the first and she had
a good mind to give the singer a piece of her mind tomorrow. But on second thought, no. Admitting
that she had read the message was going to work against her. No. Shed pretend she didnt bother
reading it. That way, she wouldnt have to address it at all.
The sun shone on her face like any other morning. Unlike other mornings, however, there was no
motivation to get out of bed at all. So she lay in bed with her eyes open, squinting in the glare of the
late morning sun. Urgh. Lunch with Kim Taeyeon. I am so not looking forward to this. She rolled
around in bed for a little longer before eventually getting up and out. She then carried out her usual
routine in the bathroom and brushed her hair thoroughly before heading to her wardrobe. What
should I wear? Mmm.

She browsed through the rack of clothes that she had, trying to pick a suitable outfit for lunch. And
as she was laying out her second outfit on her bed, she stopped herself. Why in the world was she
putting so much effort into looking good? There was no need to dress to impress. It wasnt as
though this were a date. It was just an apology lunch. Thats all it was. Yeah.
She decided that a simple pair of reddish-brown shorts and a loose creamy white top would go
nicely. Throw in a cardigan and she was good to go. And to complete the look, a pair of light brown
mid-cut lace-ups would suffice. Alright, she was ready.
A melodious tune resonated through the studio, announcing the arrival of Kim Taeyeon. Tiffany
looked up from her computer and eyed her door. She had locked it. She had locked it because the
singer had asked her to keep them open. Kim Taeyeon wasnt going to get her way this time. Or any
other time for that matter.
The singer was pouting when she opened the door and it struck her that Kim Taeyeon looked
sufficiently adorable with her lips like that. Get a grip! Its just a pout. Nothing to be flustered over.
Why is your door locked? Didnt you see my message? I asked you to keep your doors open.
I locked it to keep out perverts.
Im not a pervert!
I didnt say that you were one.
And why didnt you reply? I thought you hadnt seen my message but you apparently have.
I didnt say that I saw your message either.
Suddenly, Taeyeon flashed a knowing grin. I see. So this is the kind of game you like to play huh.
Tiffany frowned. Im not playing games.
Yes you are. And I know the game youre playing at.
Pray tell me, what game it is that Im playing.
The irritating grin remained on Taeyeons face as she replied, Youre playing hard to get.
Im not! I dont even want to be gotten.
Oh, you do.

What, like youd know me better than I know myself?

I dont know much about you but I know that youre attracted to me. Your eyes give you away.
What? What did my eyes do to give you this impression?
Taeyeon smirked. You were checking me out.
I was not!
You were totally checking me out.
Prove it.
Taeyeon laughed a little. Why are you always asking for proof? Youre so cute, Fany.
What did you just call me?
I dont remember giving you permission to shorten my name so casually.
Aww, come on. Were friends now.
Were not. Were just acquaintances.
Were about to have lunch together. That officially promotes us from acquaintances to friends.
If thats the case, Im not going, Tiffany huffed. She turned away and took a step back into her
studio but a hand quickly closed around hers and tugged. She found herself being pulled back out of
her studio and protested vehemently, Let me go!
You still owe me an apology and you promised to have lunch with me. How can you break your
promise? Taeyeons puppy eyes were at work again.
Goddammit! Stop with those puppy eyes already! Tiffany heaved a heavy sigh, resigned to her fate.
Fine. Lunch. As promised. Lets get it over and done with.

Shot #5
Lunch was at a restaurant. A trendy, popular place that served Asian-Western fusion. Celebrities
were known to frequent the place and reservations had to be made well in advance to secure a seat.
Tiffany knew all these mainly because Sooyoung had forced the information on her one fine evening
as she was trying to organize her portfolio of dog pictures.
That tall, lanky friend of hers could be quite the chatterbox at times. So it would be a case of
Sooyoung talking non-stop while Tiffany pretended to listen, nodding at regular intervals to convince
the taller woman that she was paying attention. This happened every once in a while but Tiffany
considered herself a good listener most of the time.
It was obvious that Kim Taeyeon the singer had sufficient clout as a celebrity. Not only did she
manage to get seats in a place that had reservations lined up for a couple of weeks at least, she
managed to get good seats. Good seats meaning the kind that celebrities wanting privacy would
prefer. Further back. Out of public view.
They had barely taken their seats and left alone with their menus when Kim Taeyeon managed to irk
her again.
Are you suitably impressed yet? asked the singer expectantly.
Tiffany rolled her eyes. If youre referring to the choice of restaurant for this lunch, no. If youre
referring to special privileges lavished on you, no. Im not impressed. Im not that sort of person.
Oh, come on. Surely youre at least a little bit impressed? Do you know that you have to reserve
seats as early as three weeks before to get seats here?
I know. Sooyoung told me about this place a while back.
Im the one who brought her here, Taeyeon stated smugly which irked her even more. We had a
nice candlelight dinner and its all on Instagram. You can check it out.
Im not in the least bit interested in who you have dinner with.
Taeyeon looked as though she had a comeback for what was said but the waiter chose that moment
to return. The singer held back her words but as soon as they had placed their orders and were left
alone again, she spoke.
Youre jealous that I had a candlelight dinner with Sooyoung, right?
Tiffany scoffed. Why should I be? Its really none of my business. You can do whatever you want
with Sooyoung. In fact, why dont you pester her instead of me? Go pester Sooyoung. Go.
She was surprised to find a trace of exasperation in the singers eyes when she looked fiercely at her.

Im pestering you? Is that what you really think? I can read hints pretty well and youve dropped me
a fair amount of them to be honest. I mean, I got the hint that Sooyoung wasnt interested in me and
I was fine with it. In fact, Im very happy that were such great friends now. Im not one to make a
complete nuisance of myself, Tiffany. So if you really, really think Im pestering you, Ill stop.
Y-You were actually interested in S-Sooyoung?! Tiffany spluttered.
Kim Taeyeon looked her straight in the eye and nodded. Yes, I was. But shes not a sister.
Sister? Tiffany blinked in confusion. What sister? Like a nun?
Kim Taeyeon laughed a little. No, no. Not that kind of sister.
Tiffany raised an inquisitive brow and waited for the explanation.
Sister. As inyouand meyou know. Or at least, I think you are. Arent you?
I cant have a normal conversation with you. Oh my gawd. If you arent irritating me, youre
confusing me. Cant you just?
I like you, Kim Taeyeon interjected. She then pointed at the waiter who was serving patrons a few
tables away. And Ill never like him. Get it?
Tiffany could feel the onset of a heated blush. Her cheeks were on fire. Kim Taeyeon. Kim Taeyeon.
How. What. Why. Argh! Yes. The singer had made it obvious enough. And was that a confession of
sorts that she slipped in with the explanation?
Got it. Tiffany kept her eyes lowered. She refused to make eye contact with the singer after
hearing those three words. I like you were three words she didnt want to hear from the charming
woman. Those three words planted many thoughts into her head. Thoughts that she didnt want to
think. Damnit! Kim Taeyeon.
She was saved by the arrival of the food and she avoided looking at Kim Taeyeon the entire time.
The singer seemed to sense her need for some space and surprisingly, managed to remain silent for
the entire meal. Only when she was done with eating, did the singer speak again.
Would you like dessert?
Tiffany shook her head mutely. She could hear Kim Taeyeons sigh.
Okay. Ill get the bill if you dont want to eat anything else.
Tiffanys head shot up instantly. No. I should be paying for this. Im the one apologizing.

Look. I know that I practically twisted your arm to get this chance to have lunch with you. You didnt
want this. You dont want this and youll never want this. Youve made it clear enough. Im sorry for
forcing you into this. I must have misread your vibes. This lunch has been unpleasant for you so I
wont be so ungracious as to expect you to pay for this.
Tiffany was thoroughly confused by the rapid-fire speech that Kim Taeyeon made. I didnt want this
lunch? Yes, I didnt want it. But it wasnt unpleasant to me. What in the world.
Bill, please. Kim Taeyeon had already signaled a waiter.
Tiffany looked at her. This time, it was the singer who refused to meet her eyes. Gosh, what was this
ping pong game of eye contact they were playing? Why was it so difficult to hang out with Kim
She allowed the singer to pay for the bill. It probably looked better for her in public anyway. She
followed the petite woman closely as they headed back to the valet after the bill was settled. It was
most awkward now that Kim Taeyeon wasnt talking or looking at her. And she felt a sudden pang in
her heart. What was that?
Kim Taeyeon. Tiffany tried to break the ice as they stood waiting for the valet to bring the car to
Ill send you back. Dont worry, I wont leave you here. I may be a pest but Im not mean.
Youre not a pest.
Im not? But you sure as heck treat me like one.
Well, I was going to pay for the lunch to apologize for making you feel like one but you didnt let
Kim Taeyeon turned to look at her. There was a strange contorted expression on her face. What are
you trying to say?
Tiffany looked down and fiddled with her fingers. Why were Kim Taeyeons eyes so piercing? It was
so hard to look straight into them without feeling wobbly inside. It wasnt an unpleasant lunch, she
What did you say? Kim Taeyeon had stepped closer to her to listen to what she said and she
stepped back instinctively.
It wasnt an unpleasant lunch, Tiffany said a little louder this time.
It wasnt? There was a glimmer of hope in the singers eyes and Tiffany didnt know why, but she
felt the urge to laugh. In some ways, Kim Taeyeon was very much like a kid. Her responses were

quick and rather direct which was surprising for a popular singer like her. Tiffany had expected her to
be more guarded than she was.
It wasnt.
Just then, the valet returned with the car and they moved off as soon as they settled in.
If it wasnt unpleasant, why did you avoid looking at me for the entire meal? Kim Taeyeon picked
up from where they left off.
I didnt know what to do.
Why? What did I do?
You said that you like me. I dont know how to react to that.
So, Im not a pest?
Not all the time.
Kim Taeyeon chuckled. Ill accept that graciously. Which means that you dont hate me and I didnt
disgust you.
Tiffanys eyes opened wide. Disgust? I-I-I never said that!
I know. But you refused to look at me after I told you that I like you. So I thought you were
completely put off by me.
Okay. So were back to normal now.
Kim Taeyeon laughed. When have we ever been normal.
Tiffany stared for a second before lapsing into a fit of giggles. Im glad that were on the same
wavelength for something.
The singer grinned most charmingly and laughed again. In that case, do I get to take you out for
lunch again?
Tiffany stopped giggling. Woah, Kim Taeyeon sure moved fast. Here she was, barely getting over the
ordeal of their first lunch together and the singer was already asking for another one?!

Why are you so fond of having lunch with me? Cant you find anybody else?
Didnt I already confess that I like you? We all want to lunch with people we like, right? Why would I
want to lunch with somebody I dont like?
You have way too much free time on your hands. Arent you one of the most popular singers out
there? Dont you have work to do?
Im not promoting at the moment. Im working on my next album.
Thats no excuse. Go and find more work for yourself.
Youre quite a piece of work that Ive found.
Kim Taeyeon!
Taeyeon. Call me Taeyeon.
Im driving so you shouldnt make me upset. Its very dangerous when a driver gets upset, you
Youre just so full of nonsense.
But you still like me anyway.
I dont.
You dont hate me. You dont think Im a pest. You enjoyed that lunch. Come on, are you sure you
dont like me?
Im pretty darn sure.
Youre just saying it to make me sad.
Im not.
So you dont like me but youll have lunch with me again?
I never agreed to another lunch!

What can I do to make you love me? Kim Taeyeon burst into song suddenly and all Tiffany could
do was stare. What can I do to make you care? What can I say to make you feel this? What can I do
to get you lunch?
Tiffany blinked. And blinked. Then she burst into laughter. Oh my gawd. Just howgawd! Kim
Taeyeon. Youre so incorrigible. But youre so goddamn cute too. What am I going to do with you?
You can stop singing, for starters.
Kim Taeyeon gasped. Youre the first person to ask me to stop singing. Youre definitely the love of
my life.
Tiffany was in stitches by now. And stop with those lame ass jokes please.
Kim Taeyeon pouted. Theres no fun without them. But if thats what I have to do to get you lunch,
then Ill stop. For a day.
Youve got yourself a deal, Kim Taeyeon.
Taeyeon. Call me, Taeyeon. Please?
Tiffany looked at the singer as the corners of her lips twitched and curled up into a big smile. Alright,
just once.

Shot #6
It took a while before they met up for their second lunch appointment. It turned out that Taeyeon
did have a busy schedule and most, if not all of her lunches were packed and eaten on the go.
Tiffany didnt think that a superstar like her would have to eat a bento set lunch in a moving vehicle
but that apparently was the case when the singer got busy.
Photo shoots, shows and various other engagements kept the singer busy and away from Tiffany.
Hence, she was somewhat relieved of Taeyeons presence. Somewhat. But not quite. The singer
managed to make her presence felt through digital communication. She would receive random,
sporadic messages and sometimes, pictures of the singer, all of which inevitably reminding her of
the lunch that they had and the lunch that they were going to have.
When they finally met for their second lunch, Taeyeon had been just as charming as ever. It was a lot
less awkward than their first and sufficed to say, it wasnt their last. They met again for their third,
fourth, fifth and more lunches and with each passing lunch, Tiffany became more and more
comfortable with Taeyeon.
She found that they were very different, yet similar. She liked pink, Taeyeon purple. She was fairly
outspoken, Taeyeon had her moments. And that was what surprised her mostthe quiet and
pensive side of Taeyeon. She learnt that the singer had a sketchbook of sorts and enjoyed doodling
and drawing during her free time. She learnt that there were things that the singer kept to herself to
save the people around her from worry. This part of her was obviously not open to public and it set
Tiffany thinking: why had Taeyeon behaved the way she did when they first met?
So it was during one of their lunches that Tiffany commented, You know, I cant believe that you
are the same Kim Taeyeon that I first met months ago. What possessed you to be soforward with
The singer smiled and shrugged. Its you, I guess.
I possessed you?
I dont know. I really dont. There was something about you. There was a connection. And I enjoyed
seeing how your face changed every time I irritated you with my sense of humour.
We dont have the same style of humour, agreed Tiffany. Yours is the cheap type.
What? My sense of humour is not cheap!
Tiffany threw the singer a get-real look. If laughing over a hurricane diarrhea joke isnt cheap, I
dont know what else is.
Lots of people love poo jokes! Taeyeon was indignant.

That doesnt make it any classier, Taeyeon. Cheap is cheap. Youre cheap.
And youre hanging out with me so what does that say about you.
I have a kind heart who takes pity on people who need help.
Oh, so youre taking pity on me. Is that why you sent me this picture? Tiffanys eyes widened in
horror as Taeyeon grinned childishly and flashed a picture of her with a bra covering her eyes.
Taeyeon had made her do it one day after she laughed at the singers picture of a plush toy wearing
an eye mask that looked like a bra on the toy. What possessed her to do it and even allow a picture
to be taken of it, she would never know. Taeyeon was a bad influence. A bad, bad influence.
Taeyeon! I told you to delete that picture! Delete it now!
Kim Taeyeon! Tiffany was frustrated to say the least. They were in a public place and it was terribly
difficult for her to restrain herself. Having a naturally loud voice wasnt helping things either.
No. Taeyeon was a picture of glee as she put her phone away. Im keeping that picture till the end
of time.
Please delete it.
Argh. Remind me never to let you talk me into doing stupid things anymore.
I will do nothing of that sort.
Oh shut up.
Ever since that first lunch, Taeyeons heartfelt confession did not pop up again. Tiffany was aware of
the fact that they were both content to leave it at that. They were happy with their burgeoning
friendship and neither girl was in a rush to get anywhere. But one day, something happened to
change the landscape of their relationship vastly.
It was a quiet evening when Taeyeon showed up at her studio unannounced. The woman was not in
one of her better moods. Tiffany let her in wordlessly, sensing that she needed space. Then, she
headed to the kitchen and made a cup of tea.
Green tea?

Tiffany watched as Taeyeon sipped the tea. The woman seemed to be bursting at her seams. In a
bad way. It was like one of those ominous feelings that one got while watching a horror film. But she
didnt push. She didnt intrude. She simply continued with her work while the singer continued
sipping the tea.
It wasnt until the tea was finished that Taeyeon finally spoke. Thanks.
Do you want to tell me what it is? Tiffany asked gently as she put her pictures away. She knew that
Taeyeon was not one who would share her troubles easily so she wasnt surprised when the singer
shook her head in reply. She wasnt surprised, but she wasnt happy about it either. It was terribly
frustrating to witness a friend in need keeping her barriers up. It was especially frustrating for Tiffany
because she had a strong sense of justice and when it came to her friends and loved ones, there was
nothing more she couldnt tolerate than to see them hurt. Why wont you tell me anything?
You cant help me anyway.
You cant help me. Those four words set Tiffany off. Those four words hurt. They made her feel
helpless and useless and distant. If she didnt have the power to help, whyd Taeyeon bother coming
Then leave.
What? Taeyeon looked stunned.
If I cant help you, leave.
Youre asking me to leave?
Yes. Go. Leave.
Whats wrong with you.
Whats wrong with me? Shouldnt I be the one asking you that? You turn up here all dark and
moody and drink my tea and tell me that I cant help you. I cant even
Im sorry. I didnt mean it like that. Argh. Never mind. Ill leave. Taeyeon looked like she was on the
verge of tears at the end and Tiffany couldnt bear to let her go like that.
Taeyeon. Tiffany closed the gap between them and threw her arms around the shorter woman.
Dont leave. Stay. Stay and tell me what the matter is. She could feel Taeyeons arms finding their
way around her back, squeezing her tight. Then she felt it. A single drop of something wet. Her
ceiling wasnt leaking. It was from Taeyeon. Taeyeon.

Im. Im just angry. Im so angry, Taeyeon mumbled into Tiffanys shoulder.

What is it?
Young, who?
Young-hu. My music producer.
Why are you angry with him?
Im angrier with myself than with him.
Taeyeon, I need to know the whole story. I cant make head or tail of this.
Taeyeon finally talked. And for the first time, Tiffany learnt of the dark side that Taeyeon had to
tread carefully around while at work. She learnt that Young-hu had been sending her text messages
and while they started off innocently enough, the messages gradually became less friendly and more
suggestive. The music producer had taken to sending her late night messages that said things like If
only you were here and My bed feels so empty tonight in recent weeks and it was most
disturbing for her especially when she had to do a recording with him the very next day.
Taeyeon found it hard to tolerate and it was the last straw when he called her one night while he
was drunk and asked her to sleep with him. She promptly gave him a piece of her mind and hung up
on him. However, she received a message from him the very next day saying: Is this how you treat
your mentors?
She didnt know how to react to it and she had no one else to turn to. As usual, she didnt want to
worry the people around her so she didnt tell her manager or even Jessica and Yoona. And to make
matters worse, she couldnt exactly do or say anything about it. Young-hu was very influential and
talented. Her songs needed his talent. Her company needed his influence. If she retaliated, he would
have a thousand and one ways of defending himself. She was helpless.
Hearing Taeyeons story made her heart ache. Literally. She could feel the squeeze and the strain
that came with it. But to her surprise, her first reaction wasnt to hug Taeyeon and cry with the
singer. Her first reaction was to say, Ill help you.
How can you help? Youre not even in the industry.
Precisely. Thats my point. I take pictures of animals for a living. I dont have anything to do with
him. So I dont care if I piss him off.

Taeyeons eyes were wide open in wonder as she said, Youre going to piss him off?
Tiffany grinned and nodded. Ill be his greatest rival.
Taeyeon blinked. You lost me.
No. Im right behind you. Ive got your back.
The very next day was Taeyeons recording session with Young-hu. Tiffany had asked to be allowed
into the studio so Taeyeon had asked her manager to ask Young-hu for permission. Young-hu
graciously said yes so Tiffanys plan was in place. All she had to do was to muster up the courage to
carry it out.
She put on a brave front and flashed a megawatt smile for Taeyeons benefit when she saw the
woman. Taeyeon had arranged to pick her up from her studio before heading to the much dreaded
recording session.
So, are you going to tell me why you want to be at the recording session?
Im going to play the part of your best friend.
But you are my best friend.
Tiffany was touched to hear that from Taeyeon. Am I? she jested.
Are you not?
I guess I am. Tiffany found herself strangely elated by the admission.
But what has this got to do with you coming along to the recording?
Im going to be instrumental in convincing Young-hu that youre not the one for him.

Dont worry. Leave it to me.

How can I not worry when you say it like that? Whats your plan exactly?
Youre not available to him. Im just going to make that fact obvious to him.
You cant.
Tiffany was taken aback by the sudden change of tone in Taeyeons voice. Why not?
Word will spread.
And youre afraid that it might affect your career?
Im afraid that you will be dragged into this mess and your life as you know it will be over.
Im not afraid of that.
No. Promise me that you wont do anything funny.
Taeyeon. I
Promise me. Taeyeon looked obstinate. Or youre not going in. Ill drop you right here.
Tiffany sighed. I promise.
Good. Remember, dont do anything. Just sit and watch. Your being here is already a great help to
As promised, Tiffany did not do anything out of the ordinary during the recording session. After the
initial introductions, Taeyeon showed her to a seat and entered the soundproof recording room. She
simply marvelled at the equipment, listened and enjoyed the sound of Taeyeons beautiful singing
voice and behaved like any other person would.
Young-hu behaved very professionally whilst she was there. He was, no doubt, a professional when
it came to his job. Sitting there and watching Young-hu work made it hard to believe that he was the
sender of the messages that bothered Taeyeon so much.
The recording session was a little over two hours long and Tiffany didnt budge from her seat the
entire time. Taeyeon had managed to complete the recording for one song in the two hours. It was a

slow ballad. Very moving. Very touching. She was fixated on Taeyeons facial expressions every time
the singer sang. Her eyes would close and her brows would furrow. And Tiffany found herself
admiring the sensuous jawline of Taeyeons as the singer opened her mouth wide to belt the high
notes. It was such a wonderful sight that Tiffany barely noticed that time had flown by.
When Taeyeon finally took off her headset and emerged from the room, Tiffany had been surprised
to realize that two hours had come and gone in a flash. She stood up as Taeyeon walked towards her
with a wide smile.
Were you bored? the singer asked.
Tiffany nearly scoffed. How can anyone be bored listening to you singing?
Taeyeon cocked her head and her lips slanted to one side in a cheeky smirk. I remember you once
asked me to stop singing and the reward was a lunch date.
Tiffany punched Taeyeons arm lightly. You know I didnt mean it.
Taeyeon laughed. Then, the singer turned to Young-hu and thanked him with a bow. Young-hu
merely smiled and patted her shoulder.
You sang well today. Lots of emotions running in you.
All thanks to her for being here with me. Taeyeon smiled and put her arm around Tiffanys
It looks like shes your good friend, Young-hu commented.
Im her best friend, Tiffany interjected and planted a kiss on Taeyeons cheek, much to the singers
surprise. Were closer than anything, she added.
Young-hu looked rather stunned and a little confused but he smiled and said, You girls are so cute.
To which Tiffany flashed a megawatt smile and said, Yeah, I love my friends with my life and Ill
break the kneecaps of anyone who does anything bad to them.
Youre a good friend, said Young-hu. He appeared to be unperturbed by what she said but Tiffany
was confident that her message had gotten to him.
Yes, she is. Taeyeon smiled.
They left the recording studio and headed back to Tiffanys place.

Stay for a cup of tea? Tiffany asked.

Taeyeon shook her. I was afraid you werent going to ask but I cant right now.
Since when did you start being polite and actually wait to be asked.
Since a minute ago.
Tiffany rolled her eyes at Taeyeons cheeky grin.
Are you busy tonight?
I have a photo shoot scheduled a little later but I should be done by eight.
Then Ill swing by around nine.
What for?
Best friends dont need reasons to swing by.
Youre up to something.
No, Im not.
Yes, you are.
Im not.
You totally are.
Ill see you at tonight.
And Tiffany was left wondering what was going on in Taeyeons mind as the petite singer left her

Shot #7
Taeyeon turned up at her doorstep promptly at nine that night and sailed right into her studio. She
had left it unlocked for the singer who had whined and pestered her into leaving it unlocked for her.
It made her feel special, the singer had said. It took a while but she had caved in to Taeyeons
request and by now, she was used to leaving it unlocked when she was expecting her. In return, the
singer promised not to sneak up on her. It was a fair deal.
So it was just like any other visit from Taeyeon that night. Or so she thought.
Do you have photo shoots tomorrow? asked Taeyeon, upon arrival.
So happens, no.
The day after?
The day after tomorrow?
Im not trying to be funny. Really. I need to know if you have anything important scheduled for the
next couple of days.
And why would you need to know that?
Ill tell you why if youll answer my question.
No. Ill answer your question if youll answer mine.
No fair. I asked first.
Tiffany shrugged. Fine. Nobody has to answer anything.
Taeyeon groaned. Why are you always so mean to me?
Thats another question Im not answering until you answer mine.
The singer pouted. Then, she grinned wickedly. I have a trump card in my phone. She held it up
and whistled casually as she tapped the screen. Ill just post that wonderful picture of you with the
bra eye mask on my Instagram.
Tiffany gasped. You wouldnt.

Try me.
You wont get out of this place alive if you do it.
It would be my pleasure to die in your arms.
The singer was tickled pink by their little squabble and was chuckling as Tiffany frowned. She didnt
think that Taeyeon would do what she threatened to but anything was possible when it came to the
quirky singer.
As she glared at the snickering girl, an idea popped into her head. The best way out of this mess
would be to grab the source of the incriminating evidence. Yes. She had the advantage. The physical
advantage. Taeyeon was shorter than her. Shed be able to wrestle the phone from the singer and
delete the picture to free herself from this mental torture forever. Yes. It was a good idea.
So, she lunged. But Taeyeon had surprisingly good reflexes. The shorter woman dodged and ran
away. No way. There was no turning back now. So, she gave chase. The singer had a head start but
she wasnt a quick runner. Tiffany was confident that she could run faster. Taeyeon ran out of the
studio and down the flight of stairs that led to it. Without much thought, Tiffany chased after her
and found herself standing in the car park near the singers car.
Taeyeon had an interest in fast cars, apparently. Tiffany learnt that the singer had two cars and both
were sports carsthe Mercedes and the Porsche. It was the Mercedes that Taeyeon had driven this
time. She didnt have much interest in cars nor did she particularly enjoy driving, but she had to
admit that the cars that Taeyeon owned added to her appeal.
However, that appeal was not going to stop her attempt to destroy the incriminating evidence. She
lunged one more time and was able to pin Taeyeon against the car.
Give it.
desperately tried to protect her phone from Tiffanys clutches.
What did you say? Tiffany asked in surprise, her mission to get Taeyeons phone forgotten.
I said, I wanna go on a
I heard what you said. But you cant be serious, Tiffany interrupted.
Why not?

Why not?! Do you really need me to explain it to you?!

Im totally serious. I asked for a few days off to go for a holiday. My company gave me the go
ahead, said Taeyeon.
And where are we going for our holiday?
Its in the United States.
I know its in the United States. My point is youre out of your mind!
Im not out of my mind. Im incredibly sane right now.
You must have lost your mind. You cant be serious about this!
I am. Very serious.
Youre not a high school kid, Taeyeon. And I cant just drop everything and leave. Were not even
talking Jeju. Its the freaking United States. Thats halfway around the world!
But its gonna be so much fun!
Are we best friends or what? Taeyeon cut her off most unceremoniously.
We are but
Then were going together.
You cant just drag me along like that!
Who says I cant?
Tiffany wore the most incredulous look as she pointed at herself. Yours truly.
Taeyeon hung her head suddenly. Im very tired, Fany-ah. I just need to take a break. And I need
your company.

The sudden change in Taeyeons tone struck Tiffany with the realization that the singer really wasnt
kidding around. Had the Young-hu problem taken a turn for the worse? At that thought, a chill ran
down Tiffanys spine.
Did Young-hu do something to you?
Taeyeon shook her head wearily. He didnt. And its not just him. Its everything. Please come with
me. Youre the only one I can talk to like this.
And with that, Tiffany made a split-second decision. It didnt matter that her sensibility was yelling
foul murder because in this very moment, all that mattered was Taeyeon. And Taeyeon needed her.
You know what? Call me crazy but yes, Ill go with you.
And it was Taeyeons turn to be stunned. She gaped and gasped, Youre actually agreeing to this?
Youre going to come with me?
Yes. And youd better help me pack. Before I change my mind.
Yes, madam!
The grin on Taeyeons face was irremovable as she followed Tiffany back into the studio.
Youre a horrible influence.
But you still love me.
I dont love you.
Denial queen.
Im not in denial!
Denial denial queen.
Alright. Thats it. If this is how its gonna be, stop the car. Im getting out.
Taeyeon smirked and Tiffany could feel the inertia as the car accelerated.
Youre coming with me and thats final.
Why am I beginning to regret this already?

You wont. I promise.

Your promises arent that reliable.
Oh. This one will be. Trust me.
Youve done nothing to prove that you can be trusted.
I swear on my precious vocals that you wont regret this.
Wow, youre putting that much on this huh.
Im very happy that youre coming with me.
Did you think that I wouldnt?
Taeyeon nodded.
Youre right though. If I were sane, I wouldve said no. But ever since Ive known you, I havent quite
been sane anymore.
You know what that means right?
Go figure.
Forget it. It cant be anything good coming from you. Tiffany pouted. And are we gonna buy
tickets at the airport? If there arent any tickets well forget about the whole thing right?
The singer merely snickered.
And you said you didnt think that I would agree!
Tiffany was flabbergasted when Taeyeon produced two plane ticket reservations for a flight bound
for Orlando, direct from Seoul at the check-in counter at the airport.
A girls gotta be prepared for all possibilities. I didnt think you would come with me but I sure as
heck wasnt gonna be stuck without a ticket for you if you said yes.
Tiffany could only shake her head at Taeyeon. She should have known better.

The singer had donned a simple black hat and put on very little makeup, but the check-in personnel
couldnt help but recognize her. It was evident enough in the way the womans eyes widened
significantly before regaining their original size. To her credit, she continued to do her duties
professionally and gave Taeyeon a wide smile as she handed over their boarding passes.
Have a pleasant flight.
Thank you.
And with that, they entered immigration. Taeyeon raised eyebrows and widened eyes at every step
of the way. From security checks to immigration, to the boarding gate, right up to the point where
they were seated in the plane. Shed bought business class tickets and Tiffany got to enjoy the perks
of being a friend of a popular celebrity when the cabin crew lavished their best service on them.
Do you like getting so much attention everywhere you go? Tiffany was curious to know.
There are perks. But sometimes, I wish everyone would just leave me alone.
Tiffany reached for Taeyeons hand and squeezed it. Ill leave you alone if you want your privacy.
Just let me know.
Oh, that wish doesnt apply to you. I want as much of your attention as youll give me.
Tiffany blushed. She didnt know why, but she did. She promptly let go of Taeyeons hand and busied
herself with the phone. She heard Taeyeons soft chuckle but she pretended not to hear it. The air
between them was suddenly very awkward and she didnt want to see the smug grin that she knew
would be on Taeyeons face.
In an attempt to get rid of the awkwardness she felt, she cleared her throat and said, How much
does everything cost by the way? Ill pay for my share of it.
Hell no. Youre not paying. Im not telling.
Taeyeon, Im not letting you pay for everything. It must be very expensive.
Dont worry. I can afford it. Besides, I should pay for everything because I dragged you along with
Ill find a way to repay you.
I am, however, willing to accept your payment in kind, said Taeyeon with a cheeky grin.
Payment in kind? What do you mean?

But Tiffany didnt get her answer. Taeyeon merely snickered yet again and refused to say anything
else after that.
It was a very long flight. But Taeyeon wished that it could go on forever. So that she could keep on
looking at Tiffany, who was fast asleep. She had the urge to stroke Tiffanys cheek but she kept her
hands to herself. The aircraft was a public place. There were eyes everywhere. Just then, a
stewardess approached them with a friendly smile.
Well be serving your meal now. Would you like chicken or fish?
Well have the chicken. Both of us, replied Taeyeon.
Sure. Any drinks for you?
Wine, please.
Taeyeon turned to Tiffany and shook her gently as the stewardess prepared their food trays.
Fany-ahwakey wakey, she cooed and Tiffany stirred. Our food is being served.
Oh, what are the choices we have?
Its chicken or fish so I chose chicken for you.
Tiffany smiled sweetly. Thanks.
Arent you touched that I know what you like and dont like to eat?
Tiffany rolled her eyes but it didnt stop Taeyeon from grinning anyway.
Whyd you agree to come with me? Taeyeon popped the question shortly after they were done
with their meal. Shed been itching to ask yet apprehensive about the answer that shed get which
led to her procrastination. But now was the time. She had to know.
Tiffany looked at her and blinked a few times. Then, she blushed and said, You said that Im the only
one you can talk to.
Taeyeon pursed her lips. This was going to be tricky. Youre willing to drop all of your work and
plans to accompany me because I said that?
Tiffany held her gaze and nodded.

Would you do this for all of your friends?

Tiffanys brows furrowed for a moment. Then, she shook her head. No, not all.
Would you do it for Sooyoung?
Why are you asking me all these questions?
Because I want to know.
Because you want to know? What?
Taeyeon pursed her lips again and looked at her hands on her lap. This was harder than she thought
it would be. But she wasnt going to back down from it. No, siree. Deep breath. Go.
I want to know where I stand in your heart.
Whoosh. Oh gawd. There, she said it. She felt a little light-headed and her breath grew shallow as
she waited for Tiffanys response. Only, there was none. Her gaze inched up and she sneaked a peek
at her companion only to meet Tiffanys equally sneaky peek. Shyness overcame her suddenly and
she looked away quickly as her heart thumped even faster than before.
She couldnt understand why it was so hard. Itd been easy enough to lay on the cheeky quips and
naughty insinuations but this was so much harder. Kim Taeyeon. Whats wrong with you? Have you
lost your tongue? And your guts? Whats with the shyness damnit! Just come out and pop the real
question already!
Tiffanys hesitant voice jolted her from her inner thoughts and she looked straight at her, her heart
leaping into her mouth as she waited.
Taeyeon blinked. Breath bated.
Youre someone I care about. A lot.

Define a lot, Taeyeon found herself saying and she almost kicked herself. What an unromantic
thing to say! Argh!
Tiffany adjusted in her seat and clasped her hands together. A lot is a lot, she said after a moment.
I cant define it.
Kim Taeyeon. Dont be a wuss. Ask her. Ask her now!
Is a lot enough for you to say yes if I ask you to be my girlfriend?
Tiffany gasped.
Was it a good gasp or a bad gasp? HELP.

Shot #8
Is a lot enough for you to say yes if I ask you to be my girlfriend?
Those words echoed in her mind and rendered her speechless. All she could do was gasp. That was
unexpected of Taeyeon. She definitely hadnt seen it coming. Yes, Taeyeon didnt exactly position
herself as a purely friendly figure, what with her constant suggestive quips. But other than that onetime confession during their first lunch, the singer hadnt really gone down that path again.
She didnt really think that Taeyeon would ever bring it out into the open like this. For one, Taeyeon
was a singer. An immensely popular one at that. Her Instagram account had garnered even more
followers since the last she checked. The new total was now just a little over a hundred grand under
a million! Surely such popularity would restrict the singer in some ways?
Then, there was the management company. Sooyoung, who was well-acquainted with many
celebrities, had told her once that management companies had unwritten rules for artistes and one
of them was that they werent allowed to be in relationships. She wasnt sure if this rule applied to
Taeyeon, but she had a sneaking suspicion that it did.
And then, there was her. Her own feelings. Truth be told, she was attracted to Taeyeon. Itd be an
egregious lie if she said that she didnt have any feelings for the singer. But how strong were her
feelings for Taeyeon? Were they strong enough to take this step? And if she took the step, what
would the future hold? There was something holding her back and it wasnt going to let go just yet.
She looked at Taeyeon and for a split second, had the strongest urge to laugh despite herself. The
anxious expression on the singers face was quite comical. And she thought that it was incredible just
how much the singer made her laugh over the past few months. She had come to rely quite a bit on
the singer when she had her more depressing moments. Taeyeon always had a way to make her
smile and laugh. Even in a situation like this. With Taeyeon being Taeyeon. Thats all it took.
The singer was still looking at her with a clenched jaw and unblinking anxious eyes. She wanted to
give Taeyeon an answer but she didnt know what to say.
Taeyeon she tried to start.
Please only answer me if its going to be good. Otherwise, you may ignore my question entirely,
blurted Taeyeon, her words falling over one another as she spoke in a rush. The singer was now
pursing her lips and looked rather constipated.
Taeyeon, I do care about you a lot. And you always make me happy when Im down. I love the way
we are right now. Do we want to risk it?
Taeyeon finally blinked. And blinked. And blinked. Then, she seemed to deflate. Are you trying to
reject me really nicely?

No! Tiffany clapped her hand on her mouth. She had spoken too loudly. No, she whispered.
Thats not what Im trying to do.
But youre not saying yes.
Im not saying no either.
A little spark of hope flickered in Taeyeons eyes. So what are you saying? That we be more than
friends but less than girlfriends?
No, Im just saying there will be consequences for our actions.
Youre not an ordinary person, Tiffany interrupted.
Im extremely, exceedingly aware of that, said Taeyeon dryly.
Does your company even allow this sort of thing?
Do they need to know?
Tiffany paused. So youre saying that it will be a secret. Well just pretend to be friends in front of
everyone and be girlfriends behind everybodys backs? What about Sooyoung? What will we tell
Hold on. Before we even discuss this, is your answer a yes or a no?
I feel that we should discuss this before I give my answer.
I told you, Ive thought about it. Ive been thinking about it ever since we met.
Tiffany was taken aback. She didnt think that Taeyeon had given it that much thought. Really?
Since we met? That was months ago.
Taeyeon nodded. I liked you the moment I saw you. I thought that you were way too beautiful not
to get to know and by the time I managed to get you to have lunch with me, I was quite smitten by
you, to be honest.
Tiffany blinked rapidly. This seemingly nonchalant confession from Taeyeon was boggling her mind.
Taeyeon? Smitten by her? She didnt think it possible.
Do you really think that Im like this with everyone? Do you really think that Id say the things I say
to you to everybody else? Ive dropped so many hints and implied so many times that Im interested
in bringing this further, have I not?

II wasnt entirely sure if you were being cheeky orserious. And Ive never seen how youre like
with other people. Its always just the two of us.
Fany, why would I invite anyone else to join us when it can be just the two of us? Taeyeon flashed
a look of disbelief, as though the truth had been in her face all this while and it was incredulous that
she didnt realize this earlier.
I dont know. I really dont. Im not ready, Taeyeon.
I can wait. You can think about it. I waited really long to ask you this so I suppose I could wait a little
longer for your answer.
There are so many things to consider. Ill need more than a little time.
Ill wait. And Ill be here to answer your doubts. Ask me anything.
Taeyeon was disappointed but not discouraged. She knew that she should have waited a little longer
before popping the question but sometimes, things didnt have to go according to plan, did they? If
she had waited till the end of the trip to ask as she had planned, she might have just exploded
because of her ballooning urge even before the end of the trip.
Thankfully, the rest of the flight wasnt overly awkward. She tried to lighten things up by reverting to
her cheeky, naughty self, full of nonsensical ideas and quips. It worked, somewhat, and Tiffany was
quite cheery for the rest of the flight.
They fell asleep sometime during the flight and by the time they woke up, they were due to land
within the hour and she began to feel excited. She was this close to visiting her long awaited
dreamland. Oh yeah.
She simply had to love her manager. No, not in that oppa way. But Hyungdon had really come
through for her in the short amount of time that he was given to get things set up for her. He really
was resourceful and had a glib tongue. That was one of his strengths for sure.
Within the few hours that day, he had reserved and booked flight tickets, made accommodation and
transport arrangements as well as procured the entry tickets for the amusement parks that she
wanted to visit over the next two days for her.

He was very thoughtful. He had reserved a room in the on-site hotel that was situated within the
vicinity of the amusement parks and what made him even more fantastic was the fact that the room
had only one bed. She smiled as she thought about it. That was probably the best thing that
Hyungdon had ever done for her, albeit unknowingly. He had apologized for it too, saying that it was
so late minute that it had been a miracle for him to even be able to reserve a room in that hotel. She
promptly told him that she didnt mind in the least bit.
Dont worry about it. Im totally alright with it. Thanks a whole lot, oppa, she had told him.
What she didnt tell him was how eager she was to see Tiffany in her pajamas and to see what
Tiffany looked like after showering. Yes, she didnt have extremely honourable intentions with those
wishes but she wasnt about to persecute herself over them. Hell no.
She was more worried about how she could look without Tiffany noticing and how she could prevent
Tiffany from feeling overly uncomfortable now that she had popped the question so blatantly. But
she was definitely going to look. Hell yes.
They arrived at the hotel and Taeyeons bubbliness was beginning to rub off on her. As she stood in
the hotel with Taeyeon, she couldnt help but feel a childish streak coming to life within her. Yes, she
was in a beautiful place but really, it was the woman she was with who made her feel this way. But
that lovely feeling was short-lived. It ended when she found herself staring at a single king-sized bed
as the singer bounced around the room exuberantly.
Taeyeon, theres only one bed in the room.
The singer stopped bouncing. Do you feel uncomfortable about that? I could sleep on the couch.
Oh. No, no. You cant sleep on the couch. No.
So youre telling me that I have to sleep on the bed with you?
Tiffany nodded and a grin broke out across Taeyeons face instantly. Okay!
She was flabbergasted by Taeyeons quick answer. The singer clearly hadnt planned on sleeping on
the couch at all! She didnt know whether to be amused or pissed off by Taeyeons apparent glee so
she decided to remain passive. It was the safest way out.
They made themselves comfortable and fell asleep on the bed. It had been a long flight and both of
them were tired from it. So it wasnt until a couple of hours later that they woke up and found
themselves completely jet lagged.

Im hungry, are you? asked Taeyeon.

Me too.
Theres a 24 hour room service.
I dont want to eat too much at this time of the night though.
We could share something.
A burger?
They ordered a burger set and it arrived within minutes. Taeyeon answered the door and the bellboy
brought a tray into the room and set it on the table. Taeyeon gave him a tip and he left with a smile.
Foods here, Fany-ah.
Tiffany appeared beside her in an instant and she caught a whiff of the photographers fragrance.
She inhaled deeper than usual and relished the pleasant feeling that flushed through her system.
Tiffany smelt really good. Shed be the happiest girl in the world if she could smell Tiffany all day,
every day.
They sat on the couch and began eating their half of the burger that Tiffany cut.
Do you eat late night suppers in your studio often? asked Taeyeon as she reached for a french fry.
Quite. And I have lots of snacks stocked up for my late night cravings.
Like ice cream and alcohol?
Tiffany gasped. How did you know?
Taeyeon grinned. Remember the time when I hid in your kitchen?
So it was you! Tiffany exclaimed in a huff.
What was me? Taeyeon was moderately alarmed. Tiffany sounded pissed off.
You ate one whole tub of my ice cream and didnt even have the decency to tell me!
Oh come on, you cant seriously be pissed with me over this?

You arent even remorseful about it. And to think that I gave you the benefit of the doubt and
convinced myself that I had remembered it wrongly.
Remembered what?
The number of tubs!
Taeyeons eyes widened in disbelief. You keep count of the number of tubs of ice cream you have in
your freezer?!
Whats wrong with doing that?
Why would anyone do that?
Why wouldnt anyone do that?
Nobody does that.
Sooyoung does.
Sooyoung doesnt count. Shes only this way when it comes to food. Youre not the same.
Anyway, thats not the point. The point is you stole my ice cream.
I didnt steal it. Oh my gawd. Come on.
You took it and ate it without my permission. Thats stealing. You should apologize to me for doing
Taeyeons jaw dropped. She couldnt believe that Tiffany had just accused her of stealing. It was too
severe to be accused of stealing but Tiffany didnt seem to think that. The photographer was
determined to get an apology from her for it.
Apologize right now for stealing my ice cream.
Its just ice cream.
Its not about the ice cream. Its the issue of taking something from somebody else without
permission. Thats just wrong.
I cant believe were talking about this right now. Im going to bed. Goodnight.
Dont you walk away from me, Kim Taeyeon.

Whether it was the jet lag or the general tiredness that got to her, she would never know, but she
found herself spinning around to yell, Dont use that tone on me! If I had known that youre such a
petty person Id never have asked you to come along! She then spun back around on her heels and
marched off to bed.
She got into bed and turned onto her side. With her eyes shut, she tried to go to sleep but she was
too angry and thus, unable to fall asleep. She was aware that Tiffany had not come back to bed and
concluded that the photographer must have taken to sleeping on the couch. She lay still for a few
more minutes, waiting to see if Tiffany would come back to bed but the woman didnt.
She was still angry. But she didnt want Tiffany to sleep on the couch. And suddenly the whole thing
seemed so ridiculous. She didnt want to be in a fight with Tiffany so she decided to apologize. With
a sigh, she got up and off the bed. And as she lifted her eyes, she saw Tiffany standing in the
doorway of the bedroom.
Im sorry, she said just as Tiffany said the exact same thing and she felt a warm, fuzzy buzz
spreading through her from head to toe. And as though on cue, they began moving closer to each
other with their arms opened wide. They hugged each other tightly and in that rather emotional
moment, Taeyeon knew that they would be okay.
And she was more convinced than ever, that they were meant to be together. Now, if she could just
get through the next couple of days without fighting with Tiffany again.

Shot #9
Tiffany was first to wake the next morning. Or rather, midday. Jetlag was certainly no joke. She felt
totally out of place and a little disgruntled but it was forgotten as soon as she turned and saw
Taeyeon by her side.
How did one even begin to describe how quaint the singer looked? Hair falling about all over the
place, mouth slightly parted, face half-buried in the soft pillow, limbs ungracefully spread out. Yet,
despite it all, Tiffany thought the singer looked very cuddly and she wondered fleetingly, what it
would be like to wake up in those flailed out arms.
Unconsciously, she reached for Taeyeons hair, wanting to tuck it behind the singers ear but froze
when the target moved and babbled something unintelligible. The little shock brought her back to
her senses and she blinked in surprise at herself. What in the world was she about to do? What if
Taeyeon woke up and caught her in the act? That thought had her retracting her hand immediately
and looking away. Taeyeons pull on her was distressing her. She didnt want to complicate things.
She didnt want things to change. But had she set foot on the path of no return?
Needing a distraction, she decided to use the washroom to take a bath and freshen up while
Taeyeon slept. They would be more efficient with their time that way as well. So she got off the bed
and grabbed her toiletries before entering the bathroom.
The bathroom was themed, just like the room and Tiffany took her time to look at the little details
that they incorporated into the design. She hadnt paid much attention to them the day beforeshe
was too tired. She then went about her usual routine and hopped into the bathtub to take a shower.
Finally, she adjusted the water temperature to her liking and began to bathe.
As she scrubbed herself, she thought about the little squabble they had last night. Theyd never
yelled at each other before and the fact that she blew up so quickly at Taeyeon worried her. It was a
sign. A sign of closeness. A sign that Taeyeon had become that person whom she could get angry
with and vent out on without reservation. A sign that Taeyeon had become more than a friend,
whether she liked it or not.
She sighed. What was she, an animal photographer leading a quiet and peaceful life, doing with a
person like Kim Taeyeon? She was playing with fire, wasnt she? Would she be burnt?
A sudden noise jolted her from her thoughts. Instinctively, she looked for the source, only to see a
pair of widened eyes peeping at her from behind the door.
KIM TAEYEON! Tiffany screamed and the eyes disappeared at once. She wasnt about to let the
singer get away with peeping at her so she charged out of the bathroom. KIM TAEYEON YOU
PERVERT! she hollered as she closed in on the singer.

OUT! Tiffany pushed Taeyeon to the door, opened it and kicked the singer out of the room before
shutting the door and bolting it. The singer banged on the door and shouted for her to open it but
she ignored the singer completely.
She went back into the bathroom, satisfied with the way she had handled things but her reflection in
the mirror quelled any sort of satisfaction she had instantly. O. M. G. She had forgotten to cover
herself up before chasing Taeyeon out of the room! She groaned to herself and buried her face in
her palms. What had she been thinking! No. It was clear that she hadnt been thinking when she left
the bathroom naked. Argh! Tiffany Hwang!
She dragged her hands down her face and stared at herself in the mirror. No. She wasnt going to be
embarrassed about it. She was going to take her own sweet time to bathe before letting Taeyeon
back into the room. And she was going to give the singer a piece of her mind as well. Yes. That was
the plan.
She opened the door, fully dressed this time, determined to put the singer in her place but her
determination flew out the window as soon as she saw her. She saw a small little girl, all huddled up
on the floor of the corridor, looking dolefully up at her. Sad, puppy eyes, pouty lips, knees drawn to
her chest, arms hugging her own legs. Sigh. Taeyeon. What was she to do with her? She didnt have
the heart to scold her. So, she simply jerked her head towards the room.
The singer perked up at once and got up on her feet again. She dashed back into the room and
sprinted into the bathroom and locked herself in.
Tiffany rolled her eyes. Kim Taeyeon was incorrigible! Argh!
Tiffany heard the clicking sound of the door being unlocked and rolled her eyes again. How she could
have feelings for a girl like that, shed never know.

And that was it. Tiffany found herself laughing without even knowing why. Only Taeyeon could crack
her up like that. And Sooyoung. But Taeyeon was different. Taeyeon. Kim Taeyeon. Tiffany could
only shake her head at herself. She was fighting a losing battle and she knew it.
Theyd wasted a ton of time on sleep and antics so Taeyeon dragged her straight to the theme park
without any further ado.
OH MY GAWD! Despicable Me! Take a picture of me with the poster please! Taeyeon shrieked like
a three-year-old child high on lollipops as they passed by a poster of the upcoming movie.
The singers excitement had her laughing and she could barely hold the phone still enough to take a
good picture of the singer blowing kisses at the poster. But she realized that that had only been the
tip of the iceberg because the singer was even more exhilarated when they got to the theme parks
The singer went absolutely delirious with happiness and immediately wanted a picture of her with
the ceiling high shelves full of movie merchandise. Tiffany had to admit that the minions, characters
from the movie, were incredibly cute but Taeyeon was behaving more like a little kid than a fully
grown adult.
Things didnt get any better when they got to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The singer went
completely bonkers when they stepped into Hogwarts, the school in the Harry Potter movie. And it
was then that Tiffany had an inkling of why Taeyeon needed her to come along. It wasnt because
the singer needed her to talk to. It was because she was going to be the voice of sanity and the only
person who could stop the singer from completely losing her mind and making a complete fool of
Taeyeon squealed at everything and took tons of pictures. She took pictures with everything too.
Even the drink, Butterbeer.
Ill get us a Butterbeer. Wait here. And with that, Taeyeon dashed offand back. Oh my gawd. Its
so good! Here, try it. Taeyeon pushed the other straw to her. She tried it and nodded her head. It
was good indeed. In no time at all, theyd finished the drink. Taeyeon couldnt get enough of it and
went back to get more.
They walked around with Taeyeon holding the drink and when she turned to talk to her, she burst
out laughing.

Hold still. Let me take a picture.

Taeyeon was clueless. Whats so funny?
Dont move. Let me get a picture of you with the cup.
Taeyeon held up the cup and she took a picture. Only then did she tell Taeyeon that there was a
Butterbeer moustache on her upper lip. Sensing an opportunity for a cute picture, she held on to her
phone and managed to snap a shot of Taeyeon just as her tongue stuck out to lick the moustache
away. She couldnt stop giggling after that. Taeyeon was just too adorable.
What are you giggling about? Taeyeon asked curiously.
Tiffany couldnt answer her. She was giggling too much. She allowed Taeyeon to take her phone
from her and barely a moment later, the singer joined her in her giggles.
This is going on Instagram, Taeyeon declared. My fans will love it.
But your image
Dont worry. This isnt going to ruin it.
If youre sure
Oh, Im sure.
The day went by in a flash and by nightfall, both girls were tired out from all the walking they had
done in the theme park. Evidently, being in a constantly exuberated state was energy sapping, for
Taeyeon was first to fall on the bed and fall asleep. Tiffany managed to stay up long enough to
compile the pictures they had takena habit she picked up after becoming a photographerbefore
she too, fell asleep.
They woke up in time for breakfast the next morning and Taeyeon was excited all over again. They
hit the Disney stores and all Tiffany could do was shake her head at Taeyeon as the singer lost her
mind over all the merchandise once again.
As they walked about in the store, Tiffany saw something she liked, and she turned to Taeyeon with
a bright smile. Isnt Tinkerbell pretty?
Very pretty. And shiny too.

Tiffany held it as Taeyeon raised her phone to take a picture of it. Then, they walked on, browsing
shelf after shelf of merchandise.
She was fairly amused to learn to see Taeyeon going gaga over the dolls section. The singer was
quick to grab a box from the shelf and ask for a picture to be taken with it.
Rapunzel? You like Rapunzel?
Taeyeon grinned from ear to ear, a picture of complete bliss. Rapunzels so pretty, isnt she? And
she has such long and lovely hair.
Whatever you say, Taeyeon. Whatever you say.
When they finally sat down for lunch, Tiffany was more than happy. Until Taeyeon asked, Why did
you lock the door?
This morning. You locked the door.
Kim Taeyeon. You promised not to peep again!
I wasnt going to peep!
Yeah, right.
I really wasnt. There isnt much to see anyway.
Say that again?
Taeyeon cleared her throat. I mean, youre so slim that there isnt much to see.
I really dont think thats what you meant.
I mean it! Youre so slim and slender. You have every models dream figure.
Youre sleeping on the couch tonight, Miss Kim Taeyeon.

That night, Taeyeon did not sleep on the couch. Instead, they stayed up most of the night, lying in
bed, chatting about random topics. She learnt that Tiffany had picked up photography after losing
her mother at a tender age.
Photography is a wonderful thing, said Tiffany. It has a way of bringing out the best in everyone,
everything and then preserving it.
She learnt that Tiffany had had a couple of relationships in the past, her first in high school and her
second ended just a little over a year ago. In return, she told Tiffany about her past as well. And she
was just about done with her story about her first fight in school when she realized that Tiffany had
fallen asleep. She smiled as she looked at Tiffanys smiling face. The girl was so pretty. And kind. And
caring. There was no end to the list of her virtues. But one thing bothered her. Tiffanys impending
answer. What was it going to be? Was it a yes or a no? She hoped that it would be the former.
Before they knew it, the vacation was over and it was time to go back home. Taeyeon was visibly
downcast so Tiffany gave her a warm hug to cheer her up.
Cheer up, lets end this with a smile.
Taeyeon tried to smile but her eyes were still sad, resulting in a rather comical expression. Tiffany
giggled. She couldnt help it. Taeyeon was just too cute.
Awwwe can always come back here again.
Would you come with me again one day?
Of course I would.
And that got Taeyeon smiling again.
They packed up, got to the airport, went through the procedures and finally got onto the plane.
Food was served after a smooth take off and it was shortly after the meal that Taeyeon brought up
the question again.
Fany, did you have fun on this trip?
Tiffany smiled and nodded. I had fun.
Taeyeon smiled awkwardly and cleared her throat. I know I said that I would wait. But its been
really difficult for me to wait. I dont think I can wait any longer. Is it a yes or a no? Please tell me.

Tiffany inhaled deeply. The moment of truth. Really, there was only one answer but it wasnt easy to
say it. It would change everything. And change could be for better or worse. One would never know
until it was too late. But she couldnt lie. So despite all the doubts and worries and questions she had,
she knew that her answer would still be the same. These past few days had proven that without a
She looked away quickly and twiddled her thumbs nervously. Her heart was thumping so hard that
she was sure it could be heard from the outside.
Fany, called Taeyeon, after a moment.
But she was frozen stiff and could not respond.
Fany-ah, called Taeyeon again.
This time, she looked up and locked gazes with the singer. There was a blank look on her face.
You said yes.
Tiffany smiled shyly and nodded her head. Taeyeon stared at her for a moment. And a choking
sound emerged from the depths of her throat. The singer then broke into the widest smile that
stretched right across her face. Her eyes twinkled with glee and she looked ridiculously happy.
You said yes, Taeyeon repeated. And then she began to laugh. A deep, low, manly chuckle-like
laugh. Tiffany had initially thought that her laugh didnt match the way she looked but after all this
time, shed gotten used to it and grown to love how unique it was. And it was that laugh that
Taeyeon was desperately trying to muffle with her hands clapped over her mouth.
The smile on Tiffanys face widened inexplicably. It was strangely exuberating to see just how happy
she could make someone feel with just one word. She was happy because Taeyeon was happy. It
was that simple.
For the rest of the flight, Taeyeon couldnt quite get herself together. She burst into that guttural
laugh every now and then and a rather silly grin was plastered to her face. It was as though she were
hooked up to a limitless supply of happy gas or something, Tiffany thought.
She was feeling all tingly and excited too but Taeyeon seemed to be getting double the dose of
delirium. It was cute though. She thought Taeyeon was insanely cute for being that way. And it
didnt help that they couldnt tear their eyes away from one another. They were seated sideways

with their seats fully reclined, falling into one anothers gaze as the aircraft made its way to its
However, as exhilarated as they were, tiredness began to take over them and they slowly drifted off
to sleep. But the smiles on their faces didnt fade. For down below the thick blanket that Taeyeon
had thrown over the both of them, hidden from public eye were their hands, clasped together,
fingers entwined as they slept.

Shot #10
Guess how many likes I got on that Butterbeer moustache picture?
Tiffany jumped in her skin and whirled around. Taeyeon! How many times must I tell you not jump
on me like that?!
Opps! Taeyeon flashed a sheepish grin, Im sorry. I forgot. But its only because I cant wait to
share the news with you!
Tiffany shot her a disapproving glare before turning back to her computer. Anyway, I know that
theres more than a hundred thousand likes on it so you can calm down now.
A hundred and fifty! Taeyeon laughed with glee. Your picture has so many likes! Then, she
paused. Hold on. How do you know?
Oh crap. Tiffany kicked herself mentally for letting it slip. Shed just dug a pit for herself!
Youre following me on Instagram, arent you.
Tiffany tried to ignore Taeyeon. She stood up from her chair and grabbed her bag and jacket from
the couch. Lets go. Or well be late.
Uh, uh, uh. Now youre trying to avoid the subject. Very suspicious.
I just dont want to be late for the movie, thats all.
Tiffany felt Taeyeons hand grabbing her arm and tugging at her. Darn it! Me and my big mouth!
Argh! There was no way out but to admit that she did. MaybeI did. As soon as the words left her
mouth, she found herself staring straight into Taeyeons eyes and her heart thumped that much
faster. She would probably never be able to get used to being so close to the singer. Even though
theyd held hands on a couple of dates now.
Whats your name on Instagram? Taeyeon asked.
Tiffany pursed her lips and shook her head.
Why are you shaking your head. I want to know who you are on Instagram.
Its private.
Butbut were dating now. So why cant you tell me?
Dont you have private things that you dont tell anyone else?

Taeyeon nodded her head.

Yeah, so dont ask, alright? Lets go. Were really going to be late now.
She knew that Taeyeon was probably still curious to know who she was on Instagram so she was
thankful that the singer did not pursue the matter any further. They entered the cinema when they
were sure that the lights had been turned off and managed to catch the movie just before it began.
Their arms were touching and Tiffany had the strongest urge to hold Taeyeons hand but refrained
from doing so. The singer had listed a few things to take note of and holding hands at the movies
was one of the things that wasnt advisable. Even though they had managed to get in unnoticed by
the other cinema-goers. But it was alright. She was alright with the way things had to be.
It was a nice feeling, watching a movie with Taeyeon. It was their first movie date and what else
could they watch besides the very movie that the singer had gone gaga over in Orlando. They
laughed a fair bit and those were the times when theyd lean on each other, weak from laughter and
enjoy the closeness they shared.
When it was over, they walked out of the cinema towards the car park. Taeyeon was wearing a cap,
pulled low to make her face less visible but inevitably, some people noticed who she was as they
headed to her car. Fortunately, they didnt approach her, simply following her with their eyes
instead. Some of them whipped out their phones and snapped pictures but that was all.
That wasnt always the case. Sometimes, people would approach Taeyeon to ask for an autograph or
a picture. Thats when she would try to accommodate them as far as possible and their date would
be disrupted as a result. But even then, it was alright. Tiffany was alright with it.
They walked briskly to Taeyeons car and got in. Taeyeon drove off immediately and soon, they were
back in the car park of her building. Only then, did Taeyeon hold her hand and say, Im sorry that
its gotta be this way every time we go out.
To which, Tiffany smiled and replied, Its okay. Dont feel sorry. She also squeezed Taeyeons hand
to show that she meant what she said and was glad to see the singer smile.
You havent told me if you want to visit me on the set? Im filming my new MV tomorrow at eight.
Tiffany nodded. I would love to go. But I cant stay for long. I have a photo shoot at noon.
Taeyeons happy grin made her smile. Thats okay. Ill get oppa to send you back in time for your
photo shoot.

Neither of them spoke after that and suddenly, the air between them froze. Tiffany released
Taeyeons hand awkwardly, clasped her hands on her lap and looked away quickly. This wasnt the
first time itd happened. Itd happened during their previous dates too. One moment, theyd be
talking like longtime friends and the next moment, theyd suddenly feel awkward around each other
as though they were strangers meeting for the first time.
Oh my gawd. What is this. What am I supposed to do with my hands. Is she looking at me? Should I
look? No. No. Maybe just a bit. Okay. A quick look. Oh my gawd! She knows Im looking at her! Ack!
Look away now! Help! Awkward, awkward!
She blinked rapidly as she tried to calm herself down. Her heart was beating so fast that she could
feel it thumping away in her chest. She swallowed as quietly as she could and hoped that Taeyeon
couldnt hear her. Even her breathing was unnatural. Nothing. Nothing was right. Why was it so
awkward?! Looking down at her hands definitely wasnt helping. And it was as though the car wasnt
big enough for the both of them.
Previously when this happened, one of them would eventually cough or clear their throat or try to
start a new conversation and the moment would pass but that wasnt the case this time. A moment
later, she decided to look up bravely and realized that Taeyeon was staring at her unblinkingly. It was
oddly riveting and she couldnt look away. Those eyes. Why is she staring at me like that. Stop it.
Then it hit her. Oh my gawd. Are we going to kiss? Is this it?
Tiffany couldnt breathe anymore. Not when Taeyeon looked at her with such intensity. And she
definitely had breathing problems when the singer began leaning towards her, inch by inch. Her
lungs were on the verge of bursting but she still couldnt breathe. Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd.
Taeyeon is almost touching me now! Breathe! Breathe! Dont collapse on her now. If I collapse on her
now, shell never want to kiss me again!
Her back was stiffening to a fault, fingers fiddling one another chaotically, lungs screaming for air,
heart pounding like it was trying to use up a lifetimes worth of pounds in a minute. And she
remained absolutely still, her breath bated, eyes blinking more and more rapidly as Taeyeon closed
the gap between them gradually.
Taeyeons lips were an inch from hers and she could feel a buzz all around her. She could smell her
scent and feel the warmth from her body. Her little bubble of personal space had been popped and
the perpetrator was none other than Taeyeon. But still, she didnt move. And by pure instinct, she
began to close her eyes.
It was foreign. The feeling of Taeyeons lips on hers. She could feel the singers nose against hers.
The softness of her lips. The delightful pressure. It was foreign but pleasant. It was welcomed. Then,

just like that, it was gone. No, that wasnt enough. She wanted more. She leaned forward, hoping to
catch those soft lips again but there was nothing but air. No, no.
With her eyes still closed, she reached for the singer with her hands and found her. She grabbed
fistfuls of soft cotton and pulled. Somehow, their lips crashed together again and it hurt a little but it
didnt matter. She parted her lips to take in a little more of Taeyeon and pressed them together,
applying more pressure for as long as she could before finally letting go to breathe again.
She released Taeyeons blouse and Taeyeons surprised look greeted her as she opened her eyes.
Fany Taeyeons voice trailed off and Tiffany watched as the singer raised her fingers to touch her
lips. You
It was only then that Tiffany realized what she had done and blushed. She ducked her head and bit
her lip. Out of nervousness, her tongue licked her lip and she could taste Taeyeon on it. Oh dear
mother of pink. I can taste Taeyeon on my lip!
What lipstick do you wear? she asked, in an attempt to change the subject as quickly as possible
and to stop herself from losing her cool in from of the singer.
What?! Tiffany felt the heat rising to her cheeks at the mention of the o word.
OR-GARE-ZZMMM. Multiple.
A dozen inappropriate thoughts ran through her mind in that instant. And she looked at Taeyeon,
wondering if she was trying to be cheeky but the singers expression was serious.
Youre not kidding.
Havent you heard of it? Its by NARS. I also use the Orgasm lip gloss. Some of my fans suggested
that I try using it.
Oh. Oh my gawd, what is the matter with me! Why did I think all those things...
Taeyeon raised an eyebrow. What else were you thinking of?
You were obviously thinking of something else. Taeyeon paused and blushed slightly before adding,
And youre really surprising too. Did I hallucinate about you grabbing me and kissing me again?
Tiffany was desperate to get away from Taeyeons piercing questions so she got out of the car
hurriedly and headed for the elevator. Taeyeon followed her and got into the elevator with her. She

punched the button that said nine and folded her arms. She refused to look at Taeyeon. There was
no way she could look at the singer without turning beet red again.
The doors opened and she stepped out with Taeyeon trailing after her. She headed up the flight of
stairs that led to her studio loft and tapped her password to unlock her door. She could hear the
machinery sound of her door unlocking and she opened it. All this time, the singer was absolutely
quiet and she couldnt help but wonder what she was up to now.
When she turned around to say goodbye to Taeyeon, she was surprised to see that the singer
looking bashful and shy.
Taeyeo Tiffany began but was cut off by the singers string of words.
I really like the way you kissed me I think Ill be dreaming of it tonight sweet dreams Fany and
remember to dream of our kiss too Ill see you tomorrow! gushed Taeyeon.
Then, she was gone like the wind. Shed turned a bright pink before turning around and Tiffany could
hear her running down the stairs. It was no good. She was just about to lose her mind over the
singer so she shut her door quickly and leaned against it before clapping her hands over her face to
muffle her loud squeals that erupted one after another, uncontrollably.

Shot #11
She woke up the next morning feeling flushed. Darn it Kim Taeyeon. Its all because of you. You. You
cute little pest you. Shed dreamt of their kiss during the night. Repeatedly. And she could remember
what she dreamt so vividly that it was getting her all hot and bothered. It looked like she was in need
of a cold shower to calm her nerves down. Yes. That was exactly what she needed.
With drops of water dropping down from her hair, she stepped out of the shower feeling a lot better.
Or rather, a lot calmer. She stared at herself in the mirror and thought about what she had become
ever since she met Taeyeon. Not a dull day had passed since they came back from Orlando.
The singer had taken to sending her cheesy little messages, sometimes, with a picture attached. And
she would giggle stupidly over them when she read them. Sometimes, she even replied with an
equally cheesy reply and that would trigger a whole series of cheesy exchanges. But she loved them.
They made her happy. They made her smile. They brightened up her day and filled it with colour.
Her phones light was flashing blue when she stepped out of her bathroom. It was a signal that she
had an unread message. So, she held up the towel on her hair with one hand and tapped on her
phone with the other. It was a message from Taeyeon. It said:
Good morning, Fany. Did you dream of my lips last night? Were they hot and sexy? Kekeke. I miss
your lips. Cant wait to see them again. Muah. ( 3 )
Tiffany turned pink. Were Taeyeons lips sexy? She bit her lip at the thought. Yes. Yes, they are sexy. I
hate you, Kim Taeyeon. Shaking her head at herself, she put her phone back on the coffee table and
went into the kitchen to get a drink.
She was ready when Taeyeons manager came to pick her up.
Hi Tiffany, how are you today?
Feeling good, Hyungdon oppa.
Hyungdon smiled. Good to hear. Come on, lets go.
She followed Hyungdon to the car and got on it. Then, they were on their way.
How long will the filming take today? Tiffany asked Hyungdon as he pulled out of her car park.
We have about five hours before she has to go for a meeting so were hoping that filming can wrap
up in three hours.

She works so hard, this Taeyeon. I worry for her sometimes. Especially when she looks tired.
It cant be helped. I feel for her at times but we dont really have a choice. Shes at the peak of her
popularity right now. If she works her hardest, she can establish herself and lengthen her career
lifespan. She needs to be recognized as a true artiste and not just an idol if she wants to do this for
the rest of her life.
I know. Shes told me about this before. But I still feel that she should take more breaks and rest
Youre a great help though.
What do you mean?
You make her happier.
W-Why do you say that? Tiffany was attacked by a sudden flash of worry. Am I reading too much
into Hyungdon oppas words or
Shes on her phone a lot more these days. And she always seems to be in a better mood after
looking at it. So one day I asked her who in the world she was texting and she said that it was you.
Oh. But we text silly things to each other. Its probably the ridiculous things that we text that makes
her happier.
Hyungdon shrugged. I dont know if thats the reason but it doesnt really matter. She works a lot
better when shes happier so Im thankful for you. She isnt close to that many people so having a
friend in you is really good for her.
Phew. Okay. I dont think hes on to us or anything. Hes just thankful. Thank goodness. Tiffany
smiled in relief. Im glad that I can help.
They soon arrived at the filming location and Taeyeon was first to welcome her with a really happy
smile. Fany! Youre here!
Tiffany gave her a hug and had to stop herself from squealing out loud when Taeyeon put her lips by
her ear and whispered, Your lips are so sexy. Taeyeon! Argh, this girl. Calm down, Tiffany. Dont be
a victim of her naughty teasing.
Taeyeon was wearing the most roguish grin when they parted and Tiffany was glad that shed
managed to suppress her squeal. It wouldve been a tad too embarrassing otherwise. Shed already

given the singer too much hold over her for her liking. It was time to take back the reins of her heart
and mind.
She sat behind the director, watching the filming quietly. They were filming Taeyeon and a male
model in a near-kiss scene and it was rather uncomfortable for her to watch. The scene consisted of
the man catching Taeyeon as she fell on him. She had to lie right on top of him and their faces were
dangerously close to each other.
Witnessing a scene like that triggered a prickly feeling that made her uncomfortable but she couldnt
let it show. Not here. Not now. So, she put on a smile as she looked away. Look away and keep calm.
Keep calm and breathe. Just breathe.
Cut, said the director in a rather calm tone. Good take.
That was one of the things that amused Tiffany at first. Shed been under the impression that
directors always yelled but apparently, it was not the case. At least not with this particular director.
She watched on as the crew shifted equipment around to get ready for the next scene. And that was
when Taeyeon came to her.
How did I do? she asked brightly.
You did fine. But I really wanted to pull you off that guy just now.
Did you enjoy watching me film that?
Tiffanys eyes bulged at the question. Was Taeyeon in her right mind to ask that? Then, she realized
that the singer was perhaps fishing for some form of reaction from her. Yes. She was beginning to
understand the way Taeyeon operated more and more. And for some reason, realizing that pissed
her off. What was Taeyeon trying to achieve by making her feel jealous? Did she want proof of her
feelings for her? Or did she simply enjoy seeing the extent of her influence on someone? All of these
things reminded her of somebody that she once knew and she didnt like it one bit. No, she didnt.
The scene was great. Pity you didnt kiss him though.
Taeyeon looked stunned by her answer and she felt a little triumphant. Yes, let Taeyeon be shocked
by her indifferenceeven if it was just an act. Thatd teach the singer to be so cocky about it.
Kiss him? You want me to kiss him?
No. Of course, not. Why not? Thatll give your fans something to talk about.
Tiffany, please tell me youre kidding.

Im not. Why would I kid about this?

Are you sure you would be perfectly alright with me kissing him. Taeyeon cocked a skeptical
eyebrow and looked at her piercingly. The same piercing look that had greeted her the very first
time they met at that photo shoot. The look that left her feeling naked and vulnerable. As though
Taeyeon could see through every wall that shed put up between them.
I dont see why I wouldnt be.
Taeyeon didnt look pleased. Okay. Youre acting a little weird today. I hope youre not saying all
these things on purpose because Im not happy hearing it.
On purpose? What are you talking about.
Never mind. Well talk later. Its time for you to go, isnt it?
Tiffany glanced at her watch. So it was. It is.
Taeyeon shot her another piercing look before turning around. Oppa! Tiffany needs to leave now.
Hyungdon jogged towards them and smiled at her. Ill send you back.
Thanks, said Tiffany and she turned to leave but Taeyeon grabbed her arm suddenly, causing
Hyungdon to look at the singer strangely.
Ill see you later, said Taeyeon and Tiffany smiled stiffly before walking away, leaving the singer no
choice but to let go of her arm.
I hope you dont mind me asking but is everything okay between you two? asked Hyungdon as
they walked to his car.
Yup. I dont know what the heck happened but no. Nothing is okay right now.
Are you sure? Taeyeon seemed to be quite unhappy just now.
Tiffany feigned ignorance. Really? Was she? Maybe shes stressed about the filming.
Hmm. Maybe. Im not so sure about that though.
Well, if shes not feeling good about something Im sure Ill find out about it later today. She
expected nothing less than a very frank and direct Taeyeon to question her later on. If there was one
thing about Taeyeon that she knew, it was the fact that the singer was rather sensitive and could be
hurt easily when it came to people and things she cared about.

They would probably have a fight once Taeyeon came over. But she was spoiling for one. Yes, she
was. She wanted to scream at Taeyeon for playing those mind games on her. She wanted to scream
at Taeyeon for making her witness that sceneeven though it was only an act and they didnt
actually kiss.
More and more displeasure unearthed itself and soon, she was all ready to blow up. The
unhappiness welled up from within and she could barely smile at Hyungdon as she got off the car
when they finally got to her car park.
Thanks for the ride, Hyungdon oppa.
No prob, Tiffany. And please, help.
If you get to talk to Taeyeon today or tomorrow, help her to feel better, okay?
Tiffany nodded sullenly. No. Im not gonna.

Shot #12
Taeyeon never came. Neither did she receive any text messages from the singer. There was no news
of the woman but she didnt want to be the one to make the first call. And it wasnt until she had
had her late dinner and sat down after spending all day on the photo shoot that she had time to
think about the days events.
It struck her that she had perhaps, said some inappropriate things to Taeyeon in the morning.
Perhaps, the girl really hadnt intended to play any mind games with her. It could have been an
innocent question that she read too much into. And even if it had been a loaded question, what was
so wrong with it? She knew what Taeyeon was like. She knew that the singer loved to tease her. She
knew that the woman enjoy hearing sweet nothings from her.
But the likeness between Taeyeon and that person was too uncanny. She had once known a man
who was horrible to his girlfriend. And his girlfriend was none other than her sister. She had
witnessed the entire process of how the man wooed her sister. She saw how he charmed her with
sweet words and charisma that oozed out of every pore of his body. He was a mans man and every
ladys man.
And right from the start, she had seen bits of him in Taeyeon. The confidence. The charisma. The
words. The likeness was uncanny and it brought back heaps of bad memories of that man. And now,
it was like dj vu all over again.
The last thing she wanted to do was to make the same mistake her sister did. Her sister let the man
into her heart. And he wrecked it. He took her feelings for him and played her like a fiddle. He liked
to see the influence he had over her. He enjoyed flirting with other girls in front of her to make her
jealous. It was always all about him. What he wanted. What he needed. Her sister had only been his
pawn. And when he was tired of her, he dumped her. For another. Another girl who was willing to
be at his beck and call. Feeding the enormous ego that he had.
Tiffany had been relieved when he finally dumped her sister six months ago. She knew that he was
never faithful to her. But when she told her sister about itin hopes that her sister would finally
leave himshe was disappointed to learn that her sister chose to believe the mans lies about being
completely faithful. Hence, she stopped trying to convince her sister to leave him. Their relationship
had suffered because of that and she didnt want to damage it any further.
So, for all the reasons above, she hated that man with every fibre of her being. And then, there was
Taeyeon. Taeyeon with her charisma. Her confidence. Her status. Taeyeon with her constant teasing.
Making her blush. Making her heart thump that much harder. Taeyeon with her antics and naughty
text messages that had the power to make her stop whatever she was doing and just giggle over the
things the singer said.
Yes. It was true that Taeyeon wasnt exactly like that man. But she felt as though she were turning
into her sister. Vulnerable. Susceptible to hurt. Lost to rhyme and reason. And that was exactly what
she didnt want to be.

She sighed. What was she to do? She had lost her head over Taeyeon ever since she went on a
holiday with the singer but experiencing those powerful feelings of jealousy this morning had alerted
her to the fact that she was, in fact, losing her mind over Taeyeon. Was she comfortable with that?
Did she trust Taeyeon enough to give her heart to her completely?
Those were questions that she couldnt answer just yet.
Taeyeon didnt call or text her the next day either. And that was when she grew angry again.
First, you make me jealous. Then, you make me angry. Now, youre ignoring me. What the hell?!
She glared at her phone and tossed it aside. No, she had better things to do than to be bothered by
Taeyeon. She busied herself with her work, working way into the night, organizing pictures she took
during the photo shoot earlier today and compiling another set of pictures that shed been taking on
the side. Finally, when her work was done, she decided to browse a couple of sites before turning in
for the night. That was a bad decision.
She wished she hadnt clicked on the news site for as soon as she did, she saw the big and bold
headline that said:
Kim Taeyeon spotted on a cosy date with Lee Minho.
And the article basically went on to describe the date and how they were seen laughing and enjoying
themselves the night before.
Tiffany had been drinking a cup of water while browsing and she slammed the cup onto the table
top when she saw the headline. Her water sloshed about in the cup and some of it ended up on the
table but she was too distracted by the article to pay any attention to the spilt water.
Is this your idea of some sort of revenge, Kim Taeyeon? Making me watch the two of you almost kiss
isnt enough for you? Now youre making me read about the two of you on a date as well? You can
choose to ignore me and go out with him on a date? Freaking hell Kim Taeyeon! You can date him for
real then. Im done with you. So. Done.
And she was horrified to feel tears welling up in her eyes.
No! NO! Im NOT going to cry over this. THIS IS SHIT. THIS SHIT IS NOT WORTH MY TEARS.
She blinked furiously and wiped her eyes with the back of her hands. Stop it. There was no way she
was going to be weak and crumble. She wasnt like her sister. She wasnt blinded by love. And she
wasnt going to be hurt like her sister was. Taeyeon didnt have the power to hurt her that way. Yet.
But why? Why were her eyes burning? Why was her nose becoming stuffy?

Just then, her doorbell rang. And she knew who it was without having to look. Nobody else would be
here to see her at this time of the night but her. Ignore her, Tiffany. Let her stand outside and ring
that frikkin doorbell all she wants. She can go to hell for all I care.
She grabbed her cup from the table and stormed into the kitchen. She dumped the water left in the
cup and clattered the cup into the tray beside the sink angrily. Then, she stomped to her sofa bed
and pulled at it roughly to turn it into a bed. But as hard as she tried, it was difficult to ignore the
insistent doorbell. So after enduring it for about fifteen minutes, she sat up, got off her sofa bed and
went to her security system.
She pressed the button that allowed her to speak and yelled, GET LOST KIM TAEYEON! I HATE YOU!
She could see the look of shock on Taeyeons face on the security systems screen and then the look
of determination as the singer continued to ring her doorbell. It looked as though Taeyeon wasnt
going anywhere. Neither did it seem as though the singer would stop ringing the doorbell. And it
made her mad. It made her stark, raving mad.
So, with her finger on the button she bellowed, WERE DONE! YOU HEAR ME! WERE OVER! GET
The incessant doorbell finally stopped and she looked at the screen. Taeyeon looked heart-stricken
and the pain in the womans eyes shot all the way into her heart. Tiffany clutched her chest as the
most hollow, empty feeling hit her and left her feeling cold. Did Igotoofar?
Her finger inadvertently hovered over the button that would allow Taeyeon entry into the
apartment block. To press or not toDIIIIIIIher finger had made the decision for her and Taeyeon
had disappeared from the cameras view. She sighed. After all the prep talk she had given herself,
shed gone and caved in to the heartstrings-tugging look that Taeyeon wore. Was she making the
same mistake as her sister did? Or was this the right thing to do?
Taeyeon must have run all the way because barely a moment later, she heard the doorbell again.
Only this time, it was accompanied by loud knocks on her door and Taeyeons emotionally-charged
voice. Fany! Let me in! Let me in!
She opened the door quickly, not wanting her neighbours to be disturbed by Taeyeon, and the singer
came stumbling in. Fany. Now that she was finally standing in front of Tiffany, her eyes were
averted awkwardly. I suppose youve seenit?
By it do you mean the news about your cosy date with that guy? If so, then yes. Ive seen it.
Unless theres some other guy that I dont even know about.
Taeyeon looked pained and it was as though they were connected because her heart turned cold
along with the singers expression. But that in turn angered her even more. Why was she the one
hurting? Why did it seem as though she could be affected by Taeyeon so easily?

First, you make me watch the two of you film that intimate scene. Then, you disappear on me and it
turns out that you were having fun with him last night. And now, you turn up here, expecting me to
let you in just like that. What do you think I am, Taeyeon? A rag? To be used and thrown?!
Miss Hwang
Im not trying to be funny. Really. Just tell me. What do you expect me to call you?
Dont even call me!
Why wont you listen to my explanation!
I dont feel like listening to anything that you have to say right now!
Oh? Thats the only reason you have?!
Do I need any other reason!
Youre just being unreasonable!
Yes! Unreasonable! Thats me! Dont you know? They all call me Miss Unreasonable!
Fine! You know what? Im not gonna bother explaining anything! Im leaving!
YES! KISS HIM! SEE IF I CARE! If you even dare to let him touch you, were so over, KIM TAEYEON!!!


Tiffany slammed the door shut on Taeyeon as soon as the singer had stomped out of her studio.
Then, she stood still and glared at the door, seething with anger over Taeyeons words.
Youre an asshole, Kim Taeyeon. Youre a stinking asshole.

Shot #13
Taeyeon stood outside Tiffanys studio with her fists clenched so tightly that her nails were cutting
into her skin. It was supposed to hurt but she was too anger to feel any pain. Tiffany was so
unreasonable! How could she say all those things to her? She didnt even give her a chance to
explain anything.
And to think that she had driven all the way here, just to explain. To think that she had been so
worried about what Tiffany might be thinking when her manager told her about the latest headlines
in the entertainment news.
She regretted not telling Tiffany about the dinner earlier. This mess could have been avoided. But
heck it! She had the right to be angry too.
It wasnt her fault that she couldnt reject the directors invitation to join them for dinner. It wasnt
her fault that Minho was there too. It wasnt her fault that Tiffany had acted all weird and pissed her
off with the ridiculous things she said that morning. It wasnt her fault that she decided to ignore
Tiffany and let the woman wonder where she was. It wasnt her fault that the paparazzi decided to
stalk them and publish misleading pictures that made them look as though they were on a date.
None of it was any of her goddamn fault!
Enough was enough. If Tiffany was going to be like this, she saw no point in standing outside the
studio, looking like an idiot. Fine, shed leave. She had better things to do and other people to care
Tiffany wasnt sure about Taeyeon but she had trouble sleeping that night. Asshole Taeyeon, youd
better be sleepless too, she muttered grumpily to herself as she tossed and turned on her sofa bed.
Dont you dare have sweet dreams tonight.
Taeyeon sat in her kitchen and sulked. She wasnt going to get any sleep that night. Not with that
dark cloud hanging over her head like that. And it certainly didnt help that the words that Tiffany
had yelled at her were echoing over and over again in her mind.
It wasnt her fault. She was angry and she had every right to be angry. And she wanted Tiffany to
know that. So, she picked up her phone and began typing a text message. It said:
Youre the one who acted like an idiot first. Its also not my fault that Im in the papers MISS HWANG.

She sent the message and put her phone down on the counter. Sending that message actually made
her feel a little better. Maybe sending another one would get rid of that stuffy feeling in her chest a
little faster. So with that thought, she picked her phone up again. To her surprise, she received a
message just as she was about to type another angry message.
Why are you yelling at me in caps! Just what wrong did I do to deserve this?! Taeyeon felt even
angrier than before. And the more she stared at the message, the angrier she felt. She was ready to
explode. She was more than ready to give Tiffany a piece of her mind. Sending another text message
wasnt good enough for her anymore so she called the photographer.
Tiffany did not answer the call but she wasnt going to give up. So, she called again. And again. And
again. And on the sixth or seventh call, Tiffany finally answered. But she nearly went deaf.
IM NOT AN ASSHOLE! she yelled and braced herself for another blast from Tiffanys insanely loud
However, most unexpectedly, she heard a sigh. Then, Tiffany said, Taeyeon. Please. Leave. Me.
Why cant you listen to what I have to say? I only wanted to explain myself yesterday but you didnt
let me.
Just seeing you made me so mad. But I dont wanna fight like that anymore, Taeyeon. So. Please
stop calling me.
Justlisten to what I have to say, will you? Just let me explain. Please.
She could hear Tiffanys sigh again. Fine. Explain. Make it fast.
Give me a few minutes. Ill be right over.
What? What do you mea
Taeyeon ended the call before Tiffany could even finish her sentence and grabbed her car keys. This
was one chance she was going to make the most of.

Taeyeon was standing before her even before she had time to process the phone call that just
Are you ready to listen now? asked the tired-looking singer.
She took a deep breath. Listen to her. Give her a chance. Dont mess this up. Im ready. She nodded.
Taeyeon relaxed in her stance slightly and said, Fany, we werent alone.
Minho and I. Were just friends. Hes like my little brother. Hes in the same company as I am and I
would have introduced you to him yesterday but you had to leave early.
You were not alone with him? Tiffany wasnt sure if she could believe what Taeyeon said. But the
Are lies, Taeyeon interjected. The reporters cropped the pictures. Hyungdon oppa was there with
us. And so was our director.
Tiffany pursed her lips. Taeyeon is telling the truth. Shes not lying.
Fany, Im sorry. I couldnt come last night before of the invitation from the director to have dinner
and drinks together. I couldnt reject the directors invitation so I joined them but I didnt call to tell
you because I was angry with you. I told myself to ignore you for the night and enjoy myself. But
really, I couldnt really enjoy myself at all. Not with you being so obviously unhappy about something.
And when I saw the article in the news, I panicked. I knew that it wouldnt look good if you saw it so I
rushed over here to see you.
You couldve just texted me or something. But Im glad you came.
I wanted to explain it in person. I wanted to make sure that you dont misunderstand me. Thats
why I came here so late last night.
It would be a lie to say that she wasnt touched by Taeyeons words. She was beyond touched. She
was deeply moved. And she felt sorry for way she behaved earlier. Just tell her youre sorry. Tell her!
Fany, are you still angry? asked Taeyeon, uncertainly.
Oh my gosh. Stop it with those eyes already. How? How is it that your eyes always get to me so
deeply? How? Why? Tiffany looked away, focused on her fingers instead of Taeyeon and said, No,
in a much calmer voice. I accept your explanation. ImIm sorry too. She looked up and into
Taeyeons eyes to apologize sincerely. I shouldnt have yelled at you and said all those things out of

As soon as she apologized, there was a sudden magnetic pull that drew her towards Taeyeon and
the singer opened her arms to embrace her automatically. They hugged, just like they did after
squabbling during their holiday and Tiffany felt a whole lot better immediately.
Taeyeon patted her back gently. I understand. I can understand how hard it must be for you to deal
with that news article. Besidesyoure angry because you like me and youre jealous, right?
Im not jealous.
Are you sure you werent jealous at the filming location? You were saying really weird stuff to me.
And I was angry at first but later on, I sort of realized what it was.
Tiffany shook her head. It isnt just jealousy. Theressomething else.
What is it?
Tiffany shook her head again. Nothing. Its justa bad memory thats all.
What bad memory? Tell me. I deserve to know.
Tiffany looked hard at Taeyeon. She couldnt deny the singer the knowledge. Taeyeon was right. She
did deserve to know.

Shot #14
They lay side by side on her sofa bed, looking up at the stars through the moon roof. Taeyeon had
her arms folded behind her head, propping her head up a little while Tiffany had her hands clasped
and resting on her abdomen. She had just told Taeyeon all about her sisters horrible boyfriend and
silence had taken over for a while. Taeyeon was so quiet that Tiffany wasnt sure if the singer was
still awake so she peeked to check. No. She was still awake. Why isnt she talking? Whats she
thinking about? Does she think that Im more trouble than Im worth?
So basically, I remind you of that asshole. Is that why youre always going all hot and cold on me?
Or is it because you dont really like me to begin with?
Tiffany turned to look at Taeyeon and their eyes locked gazes. She looked steadily at the woman
beside her and shook her head as she said, Taeyeon, I like you. I really do. Why would you even
think that?
Taeyeon sighed. I dont know. I guessits part of being who I am.
What do you mean?
I try not to think about it but there are times when I wonder if you really like me for me. Its
common for some of us idols to end up with someone who has an ulterior motive. Thats the risk we
have to take when we find someone we like.
Tiffany felt a little offended. I dont have an ulterior motive. Im not that type of person.
Taeyeon reached for her hand and held it. Please, dont be angry. I believe that you are not that
type of person. Thats why I was interested in you in the first place. Its just that I get a little insecure
at times.
Tiffany shook her head. Taeyeon, I dont understand. What made you interested?
Its simple. You werent fawning over me. You werent nice to me. Taeyeon flashed a tiny grin.
And of course, the fact that youre so pretty and sexy and
Tiffany frowned. Kim Taeyeon! Be serious!
Taeyeons grin faded and she sighed. Do you know how many praises and compliments I receive
every day? Everybody heaps praises on me. Everybody tells me that Im cute. Im pretty. I sing well.
Im perfect. All I do is laugh or say something random and everyone goes crazy over me. But how
much of it is real? How much of it is true?
Tiffany blinked. Shed never thought that Taeyeon had actually noticed her because she didnt pile
the compliments on her.

I value the people who arent afraid to tell me what they really think of me. So when you were all
guarded and unfriendly towards me at the photo shoot, I was really intrigued. You were very
professional too. You told me exactly what to do and how to do it. The shots turned out fantastic.
And you left a lasting impression that I couldnt shake off.
Tiffany was embarrassed. She alone knew the truth about the thoughts that had gone through her
mind during that photo shoot. She had been anything but professional.
And do you know whats most ironic? Taeyeon asked.
Tiffany shook her head. No. What is?
Its ironic that Im paranoid about people liking me only because Im famous and popular yet at the
same time, I tend to use that status of mine when Im trying to win someone over.
Like how you tried to with me? Tiffany managed a little smile.
Looks like I might have laid it on too thick huh. I wasnt sure how I could get past that wall around
you so I went all out for you.
So that cockiness was all an act? Tiffany was in disbelief.
Cockiness? Not really. Part of it was probably me being overly desperate for you to be my friend
and finding it hard to get through to you.
Tiffany rolled onto her side to face the singer properly. TaeyeonI think I owe you an apology.
What for?
I shouldnt have assumed the worst of you.
Taeyeon turned onto her side as well and pulled Tiffany into her arms. Apology accepted. And I
apologize for everything I did that contributed to our horrible fight. I should never have left you
hanging last night. Im sorry.
Tiffany shook her head and hugged Taeyeon more tightly than before. Im sorry for acting so stupid.
I havent been fair to you.
She could feel Taeyeons breath on her ear then her lips. Then, their eyes met again. And something
unspoken passed between them. This time, Tiffany made the first move. She leaned forward and
locked lips with Taeyeon who responded immediately. Her lips felt a little less foreign this time but
there was still plenty more to get familiar with.
She explored freely with her lips. Taeyeons upper lip. Lower lip. The little nook just under her lower
lip. The corners of her lips. ORGASM. The most unexpected word popped into her mind as their lips

locked and released. ORGASM. Oh dear Lord. Please stop it. ORGASM. And that was it. She lapsed
into a fit of giggles, unable to kiss Taeyeon any longer. The singer looked dazed and clueless but she
was too embarrassed to explain herself.
Something funny about the kiss? asked Taeyeon, her eyes wide open in confusion.
Tiffany pursed her lips, trying to stop her giggles and shook her head. N-Nothing. Just thought of
something random, thats all.
Taeyeon looked suspicious of her but fortunately for Tiffany, she did not press further.
Youre so full of random thoughts.
My mind never rests.
You should try not to overthink.
Im sorry. Im not so easy to be with, Tiffany smiled ruefully.
Tsk. Why are you apologizing again? You dont have too. Youre worth every bit of effort I spend to
be with you.
Do I really make you happy? asked Tiffany as she suddenly remembered what Hyungdon had said
to her before. Do I make you feel better?
Taeyeon was a picture of bliss as she nodded. Yes. You make me happy.
Then, can I ask for a favour?
Sure. What is it?
Dont ever let me go. No matter what.
Taeyeon looked more emotional than ever in that instant. And it was with a great big smile that she
nodded and said, Ill never let you go. No matter what.
In return, Tiffany said, And Ill work on giving my heart to you. Completely.
Taeyeon flashed a winning smile and whispered, I think I love you, Fany.
I think I love you too, Taeyeon, whispered Tiffany.
And as soon as the last word left her lips, Taeyeon had claimed her with renewed vigor. She allowed
Taeyeon to push past her lips and met the woman halfway. They sparred passionately, nudging and
gliding over each other as they sailed into uncharted waters.

Tiffany willingly lost herself in the sea of sensations as Taeyeon ran her hands all over her back. Her
hands roamed Taeyeons back as well, feeling the nuances of the singers back, down to her lower
body curves. Their legs were a tangled mess. Their lips roved and their breaths ran shallow. And she
had no idea how long they went on like that but they eventually stopped.
Taeyeon rolled onto her back and Tiffany snuggled into the singers embrace. It felt good. It was nice.
And for a while, they simply stayed still, listening to each others breathing. Then, Taeyeon broke the
silence and said, Ive always wanted to know something.
Taeyeon pointed at the moon roof above them. Why do you have a moon roof?
To see the sky.
I dont get it. Why do you need to see the sky? Besides, does it make it harder to take pictures in
Tiffany rubbed her cheek against the smooth fabric of Taeyeons blouse and sighed. Many people
had asked her the same question before but shed always fed them with some cock and bull story
about the beauty of natural lighting in photography to satisfy their curiosity. Well, it was true to a
certain extent but it certainly wasnt the real reason for the moon roofs existence.
No one knew of the real reason. No one. Not even Sooyoung. Not even her own father whom she
barely got to see because he lived in another country. It was something that she kept to herself. And
it was a surprise to her that she was even hesitating here. If it had been anybody else, there
wouldnt have been any deliberation. But this was Taeyeon asking her. Taeyeon. Kim Taeyeon.
Puppy eyes Kim Taeyeon. Cheesy Kim Taeyeon.
And in that moment, it struck her that despite all the resistance and restraint she had cast upon
herself, she had still gone on and fallen hopelessly in love with Kim Taeyeon.

Shot #15
I miss my mom, said Tiffany, softly. There. She said it. The truth.
Im sorry? What?
I have the moon roof so that I can look at the sky whenever I think of her.
Your mom is Taeyeon trailed off, sounding unsure of what to say next so Tiffany completed the
sentence for her.
In heaven.
Tiffany felt Taeyeons arms tightening around her instantly. She welcomed it and snuggled even
closer to the singer. She was glad that Taeyeon didnt launch into a sympathetic speech. Shed had
enough of those. And she didnt want all her friends to pity her whenever they saw her moon roof.
She hadnt been sure about how Taeyeon would react but the warm bear hug was a good choice.
She liked it.
How long ago? Taeyeons quiet, gentle voice infused her with warmth.
Its been eleven years.
Taeyeons lips grazed her forehead and she smiled. She liked it too.
Thank you.
Tiffany tilted her head to look at Taeyeon. Taeyeons smile was so tender that she could feel the
tingle in her toes.
Telling me the truth.
Telling you the truth? What
It felt as though Taeyeon could read her mind when she continued to say, I know. I asked Sooyoung
about it before. You gave her a different reason.
Ah. Taeyeon knows. She knows that IYou didnt believe the reason I gave Sooyoung.
Taeyeon shook her head. I had a feeling that it was more than that. Thats all.
A strange sensation overcame Tiffany right then. In that moment, it was as though she and Taeyeon
were truly together. No games. No pushing. No pulling. They were open. Wide open. Never had she

felt this close to anyone. And as she lay there, drowning in Taeyeons endearing puppy eyes, she
decided that she had finally found someone whom she could share her dream with.
Taeyeon, she said while sitting up, come with me.
Where are we going? asked Taeyeon.
Tiffany remained silent. She simply took Taeyeons hand in hers and got off the sofa bed, pulling the
other woman along with her. After picking up her key from its bowl, she walked towards the door
that Taeyeon had once opened without her permission. Indeed, theyd come a long way since then
and now, she was ready to share its contents with her.
With the key inserted and turned, she unlocked the door to the darkroom. But before she opened it,
she turned to Taeyeon and said, Everything that Ive shared and am about to share with you tonight
must be kept a secret. Alright?
It will be our secret, Taeyeon promised.
Tiffany nodded and opened the door. She then stepped in with Taeyeon, hand in hand.
Taeyeon gasped when she turned on the red light to illuminate the room. Fany, these are beautiful.
Why are you keeping them a secret?
I wont keep them in here forever. But Im not ready to show them to anyone yet.
Except me, said Taeyeon, with a hint of pride.
I dont know why, but I feel like sharing them with you before anybody else, Tiffany confessed
Taeyeon hugged her again and they shared a chaste kiss before the singer turned to look at the
pictures again. There were many of them. Hung up on ropes that extended from wall to wall. And
they were all pictures of life. Lifes moments. A smiling baby. A laughing girl. A cheeky boy with his
tongue stuck out. An old man mulling over a game of chess.
Are you going to exhibit them one day? asked Taeyeon.
Tiffany nodded. I have plans to do one. Its my dream. I want to share how I celebrate life through
my camera lens. But until Im ready, I dont want anybody to see them.
Except me, repeated Taeyeon, her happiness evident on her face.
Tiffany couldnt resist smiling. Im going to sell them after the exhibition too. And the proceeds will
go to charity. What do you think? Is it a good idea?

Taeyeon nodded. Its a great idea. Ill give you my full support.
You dont have to.
I want to. I want to help.
Okay. If you insist.
I insist.
After Taeyeon had a good look at the pictures in her darkroom, theyd talked a little more about her
plans for the exhibition before she noted how late it was. So she ended up standing at her door with
Taeyeon who was visibly reluctant to leave.
Fany-ah, its so late. I should just sleepover.
What will people think if they see you leaving in the morning.
Who cares. Its doesnt matter.
It does.
But theres nothing wrong with a sleepover.
Knowing you, Id say therere plenty of wrongs.
Oh? Taeyeons eyes glinted with mischief right away. What kind of wrongs?
Tiffany rolled her eyes and pushed the singer out onto the corridor. Goodbye.
Taeyeon unleashed her puppy eyes and pouted and Tiffany almost caved in but she remained
steadfast in her stand. Goodbye, she repeated and shut the door.
Taeyeon. Taeyeon. Taeyeon. I want to see you again. Her resolve weakened as soon as the door was
shut. It was ludicrous but she was missing Taeyeon already. What is this sorcery...? Oh my gosh. Is it
crazy that Im missing you already? The urge to see Taeyeon again was overwhelming and before
she knew it, her resolve had completed dissipated.
Her hand reached for the door and opened it before she could stop herself and she found herself
staring into the pleasantly surprised eyes of Taeyeon.
T-Taeyeon, she uttered softly.

Taeyeon didnt need any more encouragement than that apparently, for she took a giant step back
into the studio and Tiffany found herself in her arms yet again. She was vaguely aware of her door
shutting and the security system locking the door automatically but she was mostly aware of
Taeyeons lips on hers. All over her. Engulfing her. Shamelessly. Wantonly. With utter abandon.
She was pressed up against the wall as Taeyeon ravaged her lips. Her mind was abuzz with
sensations coming in from left, right, center. Her hands were in Taeyeons, up against the wall,
fingers interlaced. And then, Taeyeon sent even more thrills down her spine when she trailed her
lips up to her earlobe and sucked it. She moaned inadvertently, her pleasure in need of a vent, and
bucked her hips when Taeyeon flicked her earlobe with her tongue.
UhuhTaeyeon she moaned again as Taeyeon took to sucking on the sensitive skin of her
Vampire rawr, mumbled Taeyeon and Tiffanys body arched instinctively when Taeyeon sank her
teeth into her skin and followed up with more sucking and licking.
Oh gosh. Taeyeon. You. You. Oh, so good. Tiffany moaned again. Taeyeon
The singer had released her hands and they were now on the waistband of her pajamas shorts,
pushing, tugging. She felt the brush of her shorts as they slid down her legs to the floor and gasped
when Taeyeon went straight for the kill.
Oh my gosh, Tiffany breathed, TaeyeonTaeyeon
With her hands freed, she began to push Taeyeon towards her bed and they stumbled awkwardly
with Taeyeon walking backwards, her hand still latched onto her mother-lode. She pushed and
pushed until Taeyeon fell backwards and landed on her sofa bed. Then, she climbed on as well and
straddled the woman.
She pulled off her pink tank bra top in one swift action and relished hearing Taeyeons strangled
choking sound. Yes, she enjoyed making Taeyeons heart pump faster too. She enjoyed having an
effect on the singer. Her hands travelled from her abdomen to her chest and cupped her breasts,
pushing them together. Then, she thumbed herself, flicking her thumbs to and fro until she showed
signs of strong arousal.
Fany Taeyeons eyes were glazed over, her jaw slacked.
Tiffany was jubilant. Taeyeon was under her spell for once. But the singer did not stare for long. She
blinked, sat up and latched onto Tiffany with her lips and tongue working overtime on the most
sensitive parts. The strangest sounds were emerging from her throat but she couldnt care less. Not
with Taeyeon doing those wonderful things to her.

She tried to help Taeyeon who was fumbling with the buttons on her blouse and tossed it behind her
as soon as she got it off. Her eyes then homed in on the simple baby blue bra that was revealed.
Above the bra was an expanse of pale skinned cleavage and it enraptured her. Taeyeons pale skin
seemed to glow under the pale moonlight that shone through the moon roof and her mind was
So hot. So sexy. Kim Taeyeon!!! She ran her index finger across the tops of Taeyeons bra, just grazing
the bare skin before pulling the cups down to latch onto them and return the favour. She circled her
tongue on the nub, enjoying the texture, the feeling of it peaking and it wasnt long before Taeyeon
was making the same kind of noises she was making before.
Tiffany toppled backwards as Taeyeon leaned forward but her tongue continued to do its magic
while her hands got busy with the button on Taeyeons denim shorts. It was tight. It was fitting and
molded well to Taeyeons bottom. She had to admit that while the girl had rather light assets up
north, her assets down south were pretty decent. As soon as the button was undone, she slipped
her hands in and was rewarded with two handfuls of soft, bouncy butt cheeks. They felt like heaven
in her hands.
But before she could get more, Taeyeon had begun moving down her body, her tongue leaving a wet
trail down the center. Light, feathery kisses set her ablaze with arousal as Taeyeon kissed and licked
her way down to her navel. The feeling of fingers rubbing her caused her hips to buck wildly but she
lost her mind completely when Taeyeon reached in and made direct contact with her little nub that
had forgotten to be shy.
Youre so wet. Youre soaking wet, Fany. Taeyeon presented a glistening finger and flashed a
wicked grin as she licked it. Sweet. Like cherries.
I want to taste you too. Tiffany got up and pushed Taeyeon down flat on the bed. She tugged and
pulled the matching baby blue panties off and tossed it aside carelessly before yanking the singers
legs wide apart. She descended upon Taeyeon, tongue ready to lick, and went straight for the honey.
Not surprisingly, Taeyeon was already dripping wet and she got a good taste of the girl as well.
Mmmyoure strawberries.
Taeyeon laughed. Must be the strawberry ice dessert that I had during lunch.
Tiffany giggled. She was very glad that she could always count on Taeyeon to play along and be silly
with her. Even in a moment like this. It made things more fun and interesting. It was refreshing. It
was invigorating. Or was it simply because she was with Taeyeon?
She focused her tongue on the protruding nub and alternated between licking and sucking it
mercilessly while a finger of hers snuck into the deep end. Entry was smooth. Taeyeon was so welllubricated that she slipped in almost without knowing. Once inside, she felt around a little bit and
giggled when Taeyeon squirmed.
Impatient much, Miss Kim?

Taeyeon groaned, Dont tease.

Nuh uh. This is my revenge.
Fany, yo
Taeyeon never got to finish her sentence and Tiffany didnt care to hear it. She had silenced the
singer by plunging yet another digit to make it two and doubling the speed of her tongues incessant
flicking. That effort sent the singer into a long, loud moan instead and it wasnt long before she had
her in the palm of her hand. Literally.
Tiffany didnt stop. She pressed on and Taeyeon went wild, bucking, threshing about on the bed as
the sensations no doubt came crashing onto shore.
OH GAWD! OH GAWD! screamed Taeyeon. F-FANYYY!!! The singer had definitely lost all sense.
Tiffany could feel Taeyeons hands in her hair, holding her head down and against her vee. The
singer was grinding against her, desperate to ride out the residual waves of pleasure to the very end.
When Taeyeon finally calmed down, she smiled ever so charmingly and Tiffany thought that she had
never looked more beautiful, with that sheen of perspiration on her skin.
You are so beautifulto me Taeyeon sang softly as Tiffany moved up to lie beside her.
Youre beautiful to me too, said Tiffany as she leaned closer to plant a kiss on Taeyeon.
The singer grabbed and held on to her head, as she deepened their kiss. Their tongues waged a war
of love against each other, sparring passionately, heatedly until Tiffany felt the sparks igniting within
her again.
Taeyeons hand was making its way down south and Tiffany shivered in delight when the singers
fingertips grazed her bare skin. Just barely. It was so ticklish! And her legs parted instinctively as
Taeyeons fingers arrived at her entrance and played around.
Are you ready to have your mind blown? asked Taeyeon in the sultriest voice that Tiffany had ever
heard. Just the sound of her voice alone could push her off the edge, she thought.
Blow my mind, Taeyeon, said Tiffany, blow it good.
You asked for it. Taeyeon flashed a salacious grin and disappeared down south immediately.
And moments later, somewhere in her hazy but satiated mind, she noted that she had been right
about Taeyeon before. There were definitely going to be plenty of wrongs with Taeyeon around.

But she was ready for it all. Because she knew that no matter how wrong it was, it would always end
up right again with Kim Taeyeon.
the end

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