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Falling For The Devil (Part I)

Yah! You short person!

Several employees winced as they heard the familiar shout, the sheer volume of the normally pleasant
and husky voice of their boss filtering into the open space where their cubicles were housed. Even
though the door to her office was closed, the shout was jarring to their ears and they all sighed,
knowing that things were just getting started. There was never a peaceful day at the office
when that person came.
In what had become a well-practiced routine in recent months, there was a moment of rummaging
through their possessions, ear plugs of various colors emerging from the recesses of desk drawers. The
employees not sporting rainbow bits of foam or silicone in their ears simply rolled their eyes, returning
their focus to the work they had to finish before the end of the day. Accustomed as they were to what
was happening within the office of their CEOs daughter, their concentration remained intact as they
tuned it out with ease.
What did you call me, Hwang? Im short? Like youre much taller!
Im still taller than you, Kim. Now go apologize! Tiffany Hwang furiously commanded, snapping as
her words were turned against her.
With or without heels, I am taller than you. Stupid midget.
Staring hard at Kim Taeyeon, who merely crossed her arms at the irate demand, Tiffany felt her ire rise.
She was having such a good day until an hour ago. Now, her mood was on a course to be soured by the
person in front of her. The girl just had to come and ruin a perfectly nice afternoon, didnt she? It
happened at least once a week without fail. Just like stubbing her toe against the bottom of her dresser
after she crawled out of bed in the middle of the night, trying to make her way to the bathroom in the
For what? Bumping into that guy from your damn fan club? You wish, Taeyeon scoffed, the derision
she felt for Tiffanys fan club clear in her voice.
It made Tiffany want to shake her and maybe if she was lucky, it would dislocate something. An arm, a
vertebra in her neck, her jaw, or anything really. She was not going to be picky. Taeyeon was the most

infuriating person she had ever had the pleasure- wait, not pleasure- the misfortune to meet. If she
could have gone back in time to a year ago, she would have hired someone to get rid of Taeyeon when
her father had introduced her as her fianc. Since the only successful time travel stories were in books,
she ruled that option out.
Also, unfortunately for her, her father seemed to think Taeyeon walked on water and could turn it into
wine, a big fat halo floating above her head for extra effect. Tiffany was of a different opinion. Kim
Taeyeon had horns and a long forked tail to prove her true origins. She did not even have to dress up
for Halloween because her natural form was all the costume she needed. Although, when she pinned
back her hair, some well-drawn horns on that forehead of hers might make people believe it more.
Pushing a hand irritably through her chin length hair, the light chestnut strands tangling around her
fingers as she brushed them back, Tiffany let out a heavy sigh as her hand dropped back to her side.
Escaping with the sigh was some of the irritation she felt, but not all of it. She was still angry as hell at
what Taeyeon had done and planned on doing whatever was necessary in order to get an apology from
the mini-devil, her not-so-affectionate internalized nickname for Taeyeon. Glaring at Taeyeon though
narrowed eyes, Tiffany counted in her mind to ten when the other girl had the gall to cross her arms, an
expression of disinterest settling over her soft features.
Thats the only reason why she has dad fooled. Looks like a cute kid. Id even say she was insanely
pretty if she wasnt such a pain in the butt.
To Tiffany, admitting that Taeyeon was extremely attractive was akin to extracting a wisdom tooth
without an anesthetic. The pain was excruciating, but at least there were only four if one was lucky and
no more formed. Once they were all removed, then it never had to be done again. The thought could
still linger in her mind like the memory of the extraction could, but if she did not want to focus on it
then she did not have to.
Today would be the second of her extractions, the first having been when she had first met Taeyeon. If
only she had known what Taeyeon was like at that time, then maybe she would not have been so hasty
in agreeing to the engagement. Instead, she had gone off appearances, which was quite shallow of her,
but she had been too mesmerized then to have cared.
The appearance of the present Taeyeon was not much different from that of a year ago. In her skin tight
faded blue jeans, baby blue button up and pristine sneakers, Taeyeon looked every inch the college
student that she was not. Somehow, she made the simple outfit more appealing than it was and Tiffany

could not help but think that was because of how close it molded to her petite form. Taeyeon was
slender yet had enough curves to visually satisfy those only looking for such things- a fact Tiffany was
aware of from her own perusal and because she had heard some employees discussing the boss
fianc in hushed tones after one of the first times Taeyeon had come by the office. Tresses that were a
similar shade to her own flowed loosely past Taeyeons shoulders and framed her face, where her
brown eyes sat currently blank and her small mouth lay closed.
Done admiring? Focus now I mean, youve seen it all before. Frequently
You know what Im talking about. You deliberately elbowed him in the stomach and upended his
coffee in his lap, Tiffany finally replied as she removed herself from thoughts of Taeyeons
attractiveness. She noted the small smirk that lifted the corner of Taeyeons mouth before she
continued. And hes not a part of my fan club as you call them. Joon is an executive here and you
need to apologize to him.
I didnt do anything to Joon, Taeyeon said, the emphasis on the name making Tiffany want to groan
at how difficult Taeyeon was being, a common enough reaction to the other girl.
Yah! Everyone saw you. You had room to walk around him and instead you walked your elbow right
into his gut as you were passing him. As for the coffee, I would like to see how you explain the need to
reach all the way across the table for creamer when you had iced coffee.
Accidents happen. Also, I happen to like creamer in my iced coffee. Gives it a milkier taste, Taeyeon
said, her smirk having grown at Tiffanys words such that it covered her entire mouth.
Do you realize how unrealistic those being accidents sounds after what I just said? Those werent
accidents, Kim. Those things were done purposefully.
Fine. They werent accidents. Happy? Taeyeon conceded and Tiffany fairly growled at her.
No. Im not happy. I want to know why and I want you to apologize.
Im not apologizing to that jerk. And I dont have to tell you why, Taeyeon replied immediately and
Tiffany decided that she had had enough.
Covering the distance between them in two quick steps, her hands descended upon the collar of

Taeyeons shirt and she pulled her close. Taeyeons eyes showed no surprise. Tiffany had not expected
any, considering this was a usual occurrence between them. Taeyeon aggravated her, she let it get to
her, and then Taeyeon coolly did nothing in response. Tiffany could swear every which way to anyone
that Taeyeon actually liked to get her riled up. She had seen faint glimmers of amusement in those dark
eyes during similar situations, a sure sign to her that the shorter girl enjoyed making her lose her
You tried to injure him, so I think I have the right to know why.
No. You dont. Its my business and you can stay out of it, Taeyeon replied and Tiffany tightened her
hold on Taeyeons shirt, crushing the fabric in her fists.
Yah! Tell me!
Do you really think yelling at me will get me to tell you anything? Did your brain extend its vacation?
I mean, its been missing for a few weeks now, Taeyeon calmly stated, the flicker of amusement in her
eyes strong enough for Tiffany to identify it as such this time.
And once again you dont listen to me. Does your hearing need to be checked? Loud as you listen to
Ya-Kim! Tiffany yelled, having caught herself before she repeated herself.
Thats not any better. Well then I guess theres only one thing I can do to make you stop, right?
Taeyeon practically purred in a thoughtful yet husky voice that instantly set Tiffanys pulse jumping.
Tiffany suddenly found herself stumbling backward as Taeyeon began to move forward, her steps
forcing Tiffany back against the front of her desk. Her hands were still clenched around Taeyeons

collar, but her grip slackened slightly when Taeyeons arms wrapped around her and lifted her up, so
that she was sitting on the edge of the desk. Tiffany felt the black skirt she was wearing bunch up
slightly as Taeyeon pushed her back a little more, items behind her making scraping noises against the
lacquered wood as they were moved out of position.
Taeyeon nudged her legs apart to move her body in between them and loosened her hold. Tiffany
gasped lightly when Taeyeons hands moved to skim her thighs, the pads of her fingers tracing straight
lines as they traveled down to her knees. Then, leaving her legs, Taeyeon lifted her hands up to her
face, a flicker of heat in her eyes as she dug her fingers into Tiffanys short hair, thumbs resting just
behind her ears.
K-Kim, Tiffany stuttered, a lazy hmm? from Taeyeon serving as her response.
Tiffany trembled when Taeyeon pulled her head forward; the momentary second of Taeyeons warm
breath caressing her lips making her stomach tighten in anticipation. Soft lips touched hers and her eyes
slid shut. Taeyeon nibbled on her lower lip for a few seconds and then switched to her upper one, the
minute tugs and slight brushes of Taeyeons tongue against the seam of her lips beckoning Tiffany to
open her mouth. When she did, Taeyeon immediately took advantage of the access she was granted,
abandoning any further teasing to fuse their mouths firmly together.
Taeyeons kisses grew more aggressive as she took what she wanted and honestly, Tiffany loved every
second of it. Pulling Taeyeon closer until she heard the knocking sound from Taeyeons knees hitting
the front of the desk, she wrapped her legs around Taeyeons waist, locking the other girl in place. Her
hands moved from Taeyeons collar and she found the top button of Taeyeons shirt with relative ease
considering she could not see what she was doing. Fumbling with the button, she tried to slip it loose of
its hole with fingers practically shaking from the desire building within her.
Meanwhile, Taeyeon continued the assault on her mouth, leaving Tiffany with no chance to take
control. It was something Tiffany had no intention of doing anyway because she was currently trying to
get inside Taeyeons shirt. Well, that and she could feel herself growing lightheaded as she took in air
mostly through her nose-a task which was not particularly easy when Taeyeon was trying her hardest to
make sure that she became oxygen deprived. So, trying to focus on breathing and disrobing Taeyeon at
the same time, it was understandable that she was having a difficult time multitasking.

Her discontent with the situation came through as a low sound in the back of her throat, which caused
Taeyeon to pull back. Tiffany opened her eyes partially to see why she had stopped, but then her eyes
closed once more as Taeyeon began to drag her lips along her jaw. She felt Taeyeons hands leave her
hair and drop to her hips, their warmth seeping through the fabric of her skirt and further stoking the
fire threatening to consume her.
A moment later she was effortlessly dragged forward on the desks surface, Taeyeons presently
splayed out hands having slipped around to her backside to pull her closer. Tiffany wrapped her legs
tighter around Taeyeon in response, digging her heels into the back of Taeyeons jean clad legs. Then
she went back to work on blindly unbuttoning Taeyeons shirt, inhaling deeply while she had the
opportunity. Who knew when Taeyeon would next return to her mouth, her quest to steal her breath
most likely unfinished.
Taeyeons mouth moved down to her neck and hovered over her pulse point, her unlabored breaths
hitting the skin there just as Tiffany managed to slip the first button free. Feeling a rush of excitement,
Tiffany managed to get the second, third and fourth buttons undone. However, since her arms were
trapped in between their bodies and she was unable to maneuver her arms any further to reach the
lower buttons, she decided that what had been unfastened already would just have to do. Just as she
was about to push Taeyeon back and open her eyes to take in what she knew to be clear, creamy skin,
Taeyeons mouth descended and nipped at her throat.
Tiffanys mind went blank at the contact, her hands moving to grip the separated edges of Taeyeons
open shirt as she whimpered. The split-second of pain from the bite faded as Taeyeon began to suck on
the spot, pulling the flesh into her mouth repeatedly before she massaged it with light swipes of her
tongue. Tiffany moaned when Taeyeon changed locations and repeated the process on her collarbone,
which was exposed by her crme-colored off-the-shoulder blouse. After spending a considerably longer
amount of time there, hot open-mouthed kisses traveling upwards followed as Taeyeon made her way
back to her mouth, where Tiffany eagerly welcomed her return.
With her heart beating erratically and all her nerves humming with life because of the sensations
Taeyeon kept evoking, Tiffany was almost at her limit. She wanted the mini-devil terribly.
Some coherent thought began creeping back in though, as she remembered what she had been trying to
do before Taeyeon had distracted her. With her mission firmly in mind, Tiffany began moving her

hands up along the edges of Taeyeons shirt until she reached her collar. Once there, she smiled against
Taeyeons insistent lips and began to slip her hands inside the shirt she had worked so hard to open.
Taeyeon bit down hard on her bottom lip and she cried out in pain.
Opening her eyes as Taeyeons teeth released her lip and their mouths disconnected, Tiffany met
Taeyeons gaze. A mixture of the heat she had seen before she had first succumbed to Taeyeons
ministrations and satisfaction were both present in the other girls eyes, and Tiffany was not happy to
see the latter. It was far too familiar and suddenly made her angry at both Taeyeon and herself.
Especially herself
Not again. I fell for this again?
Your responses today were much quicker than last week. You went for my shirt a lot faster than
normal, Taeyeon said as her eyes drifted down to her lips and Tiffany flushed, partly from anger and
partly because the small action still made her want Taeyeon despite the fact that she had been teased
Besides being troublesome, argumentative, unpleasant, occasionally violent to people of the fan club
she claimed Tiffany had, and often infuriatingly unaffected, there was one thing above all that made
Tiffany believe Taeyeon was the devil trapped inside a diminutive girl: Taeyeon, in all her fiendish
glory, never finished what she started.
After three full months of Taeyeon stopping her before she could get further than a few popped buttons
or a slightly lifted shirt, Tiffany was extremely frustrated. Actually, frustrated did not even begin to
cover what she felt. She sympathized with the poor animals who were led around by having food
dangled in front of their faces, just out of the reach of their mouths. They were luckier than she was
though. At least in the end they were actually given the food as a reward. She, however, was left to
suffer until the next time Taeyeon decided to tempt her. And Taeyeon had been luring her for far too
The first time Taeyeon had kissed her had been in the middle of an argument about wedding plans.
Some stupid detail neither one of them could be bothered to handle aggravated them both to the point
where they began to snap at each other. The argument had somehow shifted then to what they did not
like about each other and had gone downwards from there, spiraling out of control like an abandoned,

fuel-less plane headed for the ground.

After Taeyeon told her she should just marry someone who did not have the backbone to stand up to
her, Tiffany had made the mistake of harshly telling Taeyeon that they should just call the engagement
off because she did not want to marry someone who she was not physically attracted to. She had then
gone on to list all the negative qualities she could think of, but she really should not have made that
comment. Taeyeon had taken her words quite seriously and smugly told her that lying to herself would
only land her in trouble.
Quite offended, she had opened her mouth to tell Taeyeon where she could shove it and had been
silenced before she could utter a sound. Taeyeon had jerked her close by her arms, forced her mouth
upon hers, and then proceeded to leave her breathless, quaking, and with a terrifying urge to cling to
the one who had made her that way. Tiffany had never felt so seduced in her life.
Since then Taeyeon had been steadily taunting her, letting her get a little closer to her goal once a week,
but always finding some way to distract her and stop her from reaching it. Biting her lip, her ear, and
grabbing onto her hands were the most common methods; especially biting her lip, which Taeyeon
seemed to enjoy for some reason. Tiffany could not decide if it was because pain was inflicted or if it
was because Taeyeon did not have to remove her hands from her favorite groping location. After all,
Taeyeons hands were still residing there with her fingers spread to cover as much surface area as
Shes such a tease. I hate it when she does this. Whats worse is I do keep falling for it even when I
know exactly what shes doing. But its really, really hard to resist her. As much as she can irritate
me, make me want to pull out my hair, or injure her she can also make me feel so desired. Even if to
her, it is just a way to prove me wrong
I hate you, she finally muttered, knowing that once again she was not going to get what she wanted
from Taeyeon. There was no way Taeyeon would give in when she could prolong the torture for so
much longer, the grudge holder that she was.
Taeyeon moved her head forward again at her words, making her suck in a sharp breath as she waited
to see what she would do. Tiffany suppressed the disappointment she felt when Taeyeon bypassed her
mouth and instead headed for her ear. She was not exactly pleased when she shivered involuntarily at
the throaty chuckle Taeyeon released next to it. It made her really hate that her reactions to the other

girl were so strong when Taeyeon never gave her the chance to see how she could be affected.
Oh, you hate me do you? Is that what you really feel? Or is it just because I wont let you get what
you want? Taeyeon whispered and then kissed the shell of her ear softly before pulling her head back
so that they were exchanging gazes again.
Im not answering that.
Its okay. You dont have to. I already know how my fiances mind works, Taeyeon replied with a
sly smile.
You only think you know, Tiffany said and Taeyeon nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders.
I could take the time to prove to you that I do, but fortunately for you, I have a client to meet. I figured
Id brighten your day for a bit before I went.
Youre not serious, are you? So you mean to tell me that you came to see me, tried to harm someone,
and just did that, all because you wanted to brighten my day? Tiffany questioned incredulously.
Well, the thing with your executive was not planned, but coming to bother you definitely was,
Taeyeon replied. Bothering you is my hobby, after all.
Taeyeon sighed resignedly, and then smirked as she said, And there you go again. Do you need a
repeat performance of just now? Im sure you wont like the state youd be left in if I did it, but I wont
mind it a bit. I can make it quick.
Tiffany stared at Taeyeon blankly, unsure if she was joking or being completely serious about a
reenactment. Maybe she would not like the state she would be in afterwards, but at the moment, her
mind was still hazed with lust. It did not help that Taeyeons shirt was still open or that she suddenly
became aware of how the tips of her fingers had managed to partially slip under the cottony fabric,
touching the silken skin near the base of Taeyeons neck.
Hmm Well, maybe it wouldnt hurt. I mean, if shewait, what am I thinking? Shell use this against

me. Darn mini-devil. No, I need her to go. I have work to do and I cant be thinking about how I want
to damn it. Just dont think about it, Tiffany. Why did you ever tell her you werent attracted to her
when you so clearly are?
Pervert, move, Tiffany commanded, not wanting to dwell any longer on her thoughts.
Unlocking her legs from around Taeyeons waist, she removed her hands from their position and
pressed against Taeyeons shoulders to push her away. Although Taeyeon moved without protesting,
Tiffany could tell it was no accident that Taeyeons hands slid along the sides of her legs as she backed
away a few steps. She would have glared at Taeyeon, except her eyes became transfixed on Taeyeons
hands as they lifted to button up her shirt, nimble fingers working efficiently to hide the skin Tiffany
had been so focused on reaching earlier.
Are you just going to stare or are you going to get down from there? Taeyeon asked her, bringing her
out of her momentary daze and making her slide off the desk immediately, hands going to smooth
down her skirt as she stood.
I wasnt staring. I was thinking of all the ways I could murder you with my heels next time and get
away with it.
Sure you werent staring. That would be why your eyes werent directed towards my chest. And by the
way, my partners at the firm would never let you get away with it, Taeyeon said, reminding Tiffany
that Taeyeon was not just anyone.
One of the youngest lawyers in the country at twenty-six and partner at a reputable law firm, Taeyeon
was somewhat of a prodigy because of her success rate and how quickly she had finished law school.
She was known for handling cases in the most expedient ways and often had a heavy case load. On top
of that, Taeyeon also served as the Hwangs private consultant and had done so for two years already
by the time Tiffany met her. Tiffany had not met her before their engagement simply because her father
took care of all family and business related matters requiring legal representation or advice.
Lawyers I could get away with it. Although, Id kind of miss my shoes if I got them bloodied
Id call it self-defense, Tiffany declared, ignoring the fact that Taeyeon had called her out on her
moment of transfixion.
Its not self-defense if its premeditated.

So are you saying youd prefer me to kill you now? Its after the fact, but cant I say that I felt I was
still in danger from a pervert? Tiffany asked, loving it when Taeyeon frowned at her use of the term
While you might be let off because of that, no one would believe you if you told them that about me.
I could Youre right, Tiffany mumbled as she realized that she did not have a good
counterargument for Taeyeons words. No one would believe that the innocent looking Taeyeon was
anything but.
Usually am. Now, I really have to go, but nice try at attempting to find ways to get away with
murder, Taeyeon remarked before turning around. See you soon, Hwang. Wonder how fast youll
work next time she trailed off none too subtly as she strode to the door and pulled it open.
Hey! Wait a minute Tiffany started to say, but Taeyeon was out the door before she could say
anything more.
Grumbling under her breath at Taeyeons hasty departure, Tiffany walked to her office door and peered
out. She blushed when she saw the knowing looks on a few faces and pivoted on her heel, slamming
the door behind her as she made her way back inside to her desk. Once she had thrown herself into her
chair, she crossed her arms as she stared at the spot where Taeyeon had lifted her to sit, a cup holder of
pens and a few other items located more towards the center of her desk than they had been before.
Tiffany could not help thinking that her thoughts about Taeyeon were part of a big, messy mass of
contradictions. One thing she thought sometimes opposed another, and then she was left at a loss as to
which one she actually believed in.
If she thought admitting that Taeyeon was physically appealing in a moment of irritation was like
having a wisdom tooth forcefully removed, then she would think that she had never seen anyone more
beautiful during the moments when Taeyeon was paying attention to her. If she thought Taeyeon was
being too argumentative, then she would also be admiring the fact that Taeyeon was not one of the
people always trying to placate or use her because she was the daughter of a CEO. If she thought
Taeyeon was unpleasant, then she was also thinking of how Taeyeon always made the time to visit her
father, staying for hours just to talk about whatever he wanted while making him smile. Or if she

wished that Taeyeon would think before she tried to physically harm one of the company executives,
then she was secretly awed that Taeyeon just didnt seem to care that it might get her into trouble.
So maybe it was not really fair of her to describe Taeyeon as a devil, but the one thing that still stood as
evidence was that Taeyeon knew exactly which buttons to press before intentionally leaving her behind
in a state of lingering want. If Tiffany had been thirsty, then Taeyeon was the person who gave her only
half a glass of water to sate it, withholding the rest from her parched self. She hated that Taeyeon could
do this to her, but Tiffany knew it only made her want the full glass that much more.
At this point, she could not accept anything less.

Taeyeon-ah, are you off to go see that fiance of yours again?

Taeyeon looked up from where she was hurriedly closing files and shoving them a bit haphazardly into
her desk drawers. Grinning in relief when she saw that it was Jessica, one of the law students who was
interning at the firm, she nodded and continued with what she was doing. She preferred Jessica to have
caught her being so disorganized than one of her partners, who she never let see this side of her even
though they were quite close, with all of them treating her like a daughter or younger sibling. Plus, she
had taken the slightly younger girl under her wing and developed a solid friendship with her. One that
was close enough for Jessica to know exactly why she appeared so rushed.
If you already know, then why are you asking? she asked as she pushed her desk drawers closed with
a snap, locking away her more important case files and leaving the rest on her desk for her aide to put
I just wanted to be sure. Youre only like this when two things happen. One is when youre going to
see Tiffany Hwang, and two is if her father wants you to come see him, Jessica said, coming into her
office and plopping down on one of the chairs in front of her desk.
Taeyeon blushed, knowing how right her friend was. She did always enter into a rushed state that was
atypical of her character when she was going to do either of those things. She was normally collected
and calm, but that quality seemed to fly right out the window during either of those two situations.

Admittedly, she was always in a bit more of a rush when it concerned Tiffany, but that was to be
expected. Tiffany, after all, was her fiance and the girl she had been secretly in love with for nearly
half a year.
A match made in heaven was what the papers called it when their engagement was announced a year
ago. The young and attractive prodigal lawyer getting married to the beautiful heiress of one of South
Koreas fastest growing companies was front page material, articles updating the public on their
wedding plans still appearing within the bounds of the paper and other media. People wanted to know
about them and semi-regular press releases confirmed any details that they might be curious about, like
how the wedding was in a few more months and was going to be one of the biggest events of the year if
Tiffanys father had anything to say about it.
The papers did not know everything though, because the upcoming union between Taeyeon and Tiffany
was one that was really the work of Tiffanys father not one of mutual love like everyone thought.
Taeyeon could still remember the first time she had seen Tiffany Hwang and been promptly entangled
in her web. It had been at a dinner party that one of the senate representatives had thrown to celebrate
his win. Taeyeon had only been invited because of her position in the firm as partner and the
representative had wanted to thank her for her work in handling his sons divorce. She had really just
come to see the man to thank him for his invite and had every intention of leaving afterwards, but then
she had seen her.
Tiffany had entered on the arm of some person whose identity Taeyeon had never taken the time to find
out. In a black gown that had hugged her form while still leaving much to the imagination, Tiffany had
lured her attention away from the diplomat she had been talking to and forced her to take notice of the
vision who made her way into the room. Taeyeon had probably stared for a good five minutes before
looking away, embarrassed that she had been doing exactly what a significant portion of the singles and
not-so-singles were doing. She had never felt such a need to dissect someone so thoroughly with her
eyes before.
After seeing Tiffany, she had decided to stay and had spent a majority of the night peering at her from
the corners of her eyes. Exhibiting what she knew was stalker-like behavior; she had stayed close to the
crowds Tiffany was in, heart beating fast when she heard the sweet and slightly hoarse voice speaking.
Her first glimpse of Tiffanys smile had sent her reeling. The open grin and crescent eyes had shaken
her, making her feel like the girl who had captured her attention was lethal. However, lethal or not,

Taeyeon had still lingered around the outskirts of the crowd to keep an eye on her.
It was to her surprise when one of her clients, who happened to be Tiffanys father, had come up beside
her during one of her moments of slipping up and forgetting to not stare at Tiffany. Shocked as she had
been when he had told her that she had a good eye, she had noted then that he had said it in an
affectionate tone rather than one that might have made her tell him off for being so much older and
chasing after younger girls when he had a family. Of course, it was not as if she was any better for
looking than the group of people of varying ages surrounding Tiffany, but she had already been slowly
simmering with distaste for those that she could see had ulterior motives on their minds. She had
already determined by that time that Tiffany came from money and on top of being gorgeous, that was
an enticement not to be disregarded.
Tiffanys father must have seen her shock and maybe some of the displeasure on her face because he
had then told her that the girl she had spent the night watching was his daughter. Taeyeon had looked at
him, then back to Tiffany, and then back to him before she started apologizing. He had waved the
apology off and told her he was happy about it. It was only then that Taeyeon remembered he had been
trying to set her up with his daughter for most of their acquaintance. Each time she had brushed him
off; not wanting to involve herself with anyone since she was still trying to get her career into order.
Regret had filled her at the thought of how long she could have already known Tiffany for had she
accepted his offer to introduce her. She had then turned a winsome smile on one of the few clients that
she had a strong camaraderie with and been rewarded with a deep laugh. Tiffanys father had correctly
picked up on her wish to know more about Tiffany because he had told her to come and chat with him
soon if she was interested. Taeyeon had nodded obediently and when he had left her side, she had gone
back to watching Tiffany, thinking of how much she wanted to meet her.
It had been six months before she was introduced to Tiffany as she had been swamped with work after
that night. She had made the time to see Tiffanys father though. She had enjoyed their
conversationsstill didand he had seemed to as well. Often they had turned to talk of Tiffany and as
he told her more about how he had wanted to introduce her because he thought she would make a good
partner for his daughter, the more interested she became in seeing if she could be. So when he asked
her if she wanted to be his daughter-in-law, she had said yes.
Although they had both agreed to the engagement, both she and Tiffany had also agreed to the length of

it being a little over a year to give them time to get to know each other. Taeyeon had already been
attracted to Tiffany, so it was really not that hard for her to begin falling in love with her. It had been a
culmination of things that had done it.
The gentleness Tiffany did not really show her, but displayed in every interaction she had with her
father during the dinners they all had together. The respect and love Tiffany garnered from the
employees of her fathers company because she truly cared about their well-being, often going out of
her way to ensure that any problems they had were taken care of. The lethal smile that she directed
towards everyone, which made Taeyeon addicted to seeing it even when it was not aimed at her. And
then there was the way she could furiously argue back when they clashed and make Taeyeon want to
goad her some more just to see what reactions she could get.
Taeyeon had slowly fallen in love with Tiffany over the first six months of their engagement, but she
did not let Tiffany see that she had. She still didnt.
Honestly, she did not think it would change anything between them. They would both still argue and
get on each others nerves. Their personalities were too strong to allow either of them to give in to the
other and so they had been arguing since day one of their engagement. Even though doing so was in no
way helping her win Tiffanys heart, she couldnt seem to stop. As much as she wanted to show Tiffany
how much she cared and not argue with her for once, she always ended up doing the opposite. She
knew a large part of the reason was because she was scared that if she did not give Tiffany a reason to
have to think of her, then Tiffany would begin to look elsewhere. They might have been engaged, but
that was no guarantee that they would not seek other companionship.
She saw how Tiffany unintentionally lured people to her and she hated it when they got too close to the
other girl. There was always this feeling of walking onto an old rope bridge and not knowing when it
would snap as she watched to see if Tiffany would notice their interest and act on it. Tiffany had not
yet, but there was always the possibility that she would and that made Taeyeon act irrationally. She did
not want Tiffany to ever look at anyone but her.
Knowing very well that Tiffany could have anyone she wanted, she hoped Tiffany was distracted
enough by her to eventually want only her.
Im in love with a girl who Im pretty sure Ive made hate my gutsIm so freaking smart. Tiffany

would probably laugh at me if I told her that I was in love with her considering how tumultuous our
relationship is. As if she would ever fall for me with the way I treat herbut its too late to change
things I suppose
Yah! Why do I even bother mentioning her name around you? she heard Jessica ask in an
exasperated tone and she was brought back to the present with a thump. She had forgotten about Jessica
in the midst of her minds wanderings.
Sorry, Jessica. Forgot you were here, Taeyeon said a bit too honestly, causing Jessica to glare at her.
Everyone gets forgotten if youre thinking of Tiffany Hwang. You even smile creepily when your
mind is on her. Like right now, Jessica muttered and Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders at the
accusation. It was mostly true, so it was not like she could fully defend herself.
I do not have a creepy smile, she replied, lifting her hands to her mouth to cover said smile, which
had unconsciously appeared.
It is creepy because its part of your perverted thoughts.
You know, you and Tiffany are the only two people who would call me perverted, Taeyeon said,
shaking her head as she recalled how fond Tiffany seemed to be of calling her a pervert. Of course, she
kind of deserved it when she continually teased the other girl about what she could do to her.
She called you a pervert again? Jessica asked in the midst of laughing and Taeyeon nodded, rolling
her eyes when Jessica had not stopped laughing a full minute later.
Its not that funny.
It is when she has you pinned so well. Of course, she doesnt know that youre only byuntae for her.
By the way, hows that going? Jessica inquired as she stopped laughing, more interested in the
progress Taeyeon was making in her relationship.
Taeyeon sat back in her seat before smirking as she remembered how eager Tiffany had been the week
before, during her weekly leave Tiffany weak at the knees session. She might not be able to get
Tiffany to love her, but she was ensuring that Tiffany could never say again that she was not attracted to

her. It had seriously pissed her off when Tiffany had said that a few months back and she was doing
everything she could to show Tiffany that if nothing else, that at least was not true of their relationship.
Even if her love was one-sided, she knew the attraction was not.
Her mood had not been the best that day anyway because of something she had overheard from that
same executive Tiffany tried to get her to apologize to a week ago. Hearing him talk about how Tiffany
would never be satisfied in a relationship with her and how she would probably end up going outside of
the marriage to get the things she needed had made her furious. What was more, he begun bragging
about how he would gladly be the other party and would make sure Tiffany would leave her; after all,
Tiffany remarrying to him would increase his wealth.
Having that on her mind when Tiffany and she had argued, she could partially blame her course of
actions on a desire to make sure his premonition never came true and partially on the fact that she had
been wanting to kiss Tiffany for months. Maybe a little of it was also because of jealousy at how
familiarly he had spoken her name. She had not even gotten around to calling Tiffany by her name yet
since their arguments usually escalated into them only using surnames.
If I had told her why I elbowed him and knocked his coffee into his lap, then what would she think
about me? I thought what I did was nice of me considering I wanted to put him in the hospital when he
joined us all for coffee. I invited Tiffany and her employeesnot that jerk. I swear I wanted to lunge
across the table at him when he touched her arm like he was all buddy-buddy with her Taeyeon
thought, the smirk on her lips fading. Damn. Im getting angry just thinking about it. I cant stand it
when I hear them talk about her as if shes only a dollar amount
Kim Taeyeon, I swear that if you dont stop drifting off into your own Tiffany-filled fantasies, then
Im going to put you out of commission, Jessica threatened, causing Taeyeon to sigh.
Why are all the women in my life threatening me? Taeyeon asked thoughtfully as Jessicas cross
voice once more pulled her from her thoughts. She didnt bother correcting Jessica about what she had
been thinking about.
Tiffany threatens you because you purposefully argue with her. Also, since youve recently been
making her want you before leaving her high-and-dry, shes no doubt got it in for you. As for Yuri and
me, were always trying to keep your attention on us when we talk to you. Its frustrating when the
person youre talking to is not even listening to you, Jessica said, a quick smile appearing when she

spoke of her girlfriend despite the seriousness of her response.

That was supposed to be a rhetorical question, Jessica, Taeyeon responded with a smile that Jessica
did not return. Instead, she got a piercing glare in exchange for her attempt to lighten the mood.
I know. I still answered. Now tell me the progress youve made.
Last week she managed to get my shirt open and her hands in before I stopped her, Taeyeon revealed,
sighing as she recalled the feel of Tiffanys fingers on her bare skin. The girl was making it more
difficult for her to find the motivation to stop her as each week went by.
Wow. You let her get that far? Youre going to crack soon. I still dont know why you insist on
dragging this out. I mean, you want her and she wants you. Just get the foreplay over and done with
Jessica held up a hand, silencing her forthcoming reasoning of her behavior. Please spare me the its
keeping her interested explanation. I dont believe that she would stay engaged to you for a year and
put up with what youre doing if she didnt feel anything for you. Even if its buried too much for you
to see, physical attraction can only get you so far. ManWait, thats not right. Woman up, Taeyeon.
I dont think
Stop thinking about it. You know whatlet me come with you today. Its about time I met the girl
who has you this whipped and doesnt even know it. I wont even mind if you want to kiss or whatever
in front of me, Jessica said and stood as if the decision was already made. Jessica walked back to the
door and turned, her brow rising when Taeyeon did not move from her desk. I thought you were going
to go see her, so lets go.
Taeyeon rose slowly and grimaced as she made her way to Jessica. Youre not going to say anything,
are you?
Depends on my mood by the time we get there.

If I let her come, I can only hope she doesnt say anything. Maybe she might give me some new
perspective on Tiffany too. But she might say something Im not ready to have revealed
I wont. If youre scared I will, then we can take Yuri. Shes on her way to pick me up anyway and Im
sure she would want to meet Tiffany too, Jessica offered as a compromise then pouted. Its amazing
you havent let us meet your fiance yet. Were supposed to be your good friends.
Youre scary and Yuri is too attractive. I felt worried about you and insecure about Yuri, Taeyeon
responded deadpan, then cracked up when Jessica tried to hit her as she passed by her at the door.
Come back here. Your fiance would die if she took a liking to my Yuri. And Ill show you scary,
Jessica yelled after her as she took off down the hall.
Ill be sure to tell Yuri that you consider her your property, she tossed back over her shoulder and
sped up as Jessica started to gain on her.
She knows and shes happy about it! Yah! Slow down. Just wait until we get to the car, Kim Taeyeon.
Ill make everyones wish come true and kill you!

Your fianc is here to see you, Tiffanys secretary announced as she came into her office to drop off
the coffee she had requested.
Tiffany looked up sharply at her words, and then nodded slowly to acknowledge what she had been
told. Taking the coffee from her suddenly grinning secretary, she eyed her curiously, wondering why
she was smiling so brightly. It confused her because the only times she saw the usually staid woman
smiling was when she was let off work early, talking about her dream to finish her schooling, or
Tiffany was startled by the realization that her secretary was always smiling whenever Taeyeon
dropped by the office. For some reason, recognizing that bothered her and she was not entirely sure

Okay, so maybe she was lying a little bit about not knowing why. After the week before, she had
noticed a shift in her thoughts regarding Taeyeon. Instead of focusing on all the character aspects that
she had decided she did not like about Taeyeon, she had been thinking more about the positive sides
that she saw in the other girl. Her contradictory opinions of Taeyeon had slowly been working
themselves out, leaving behind an image of her devilish fianc that overlooked many of the flaws she
had once identified.
Tiffany did not know why her mind had chosen to create such an image now, but it had definitely left
her wondering about her and Taeyeon. Thinking of how much they argued and how much they had put
each other through for the past six months, it made her wonder why she had not just broken things off
near the beginning. Everything would have been solved if that had happened, but instead, she had stuck
it out. Each time they met, it never made her want to end the engagement no matter how their time
together ended. For someone who was used to doing exactly as she wanted and getting rid of people
she didnt like, it was a strange phenomenon.
She had always been the takes no prisoners and doesnt put up with anyones mess type of girl, so
why was she still dealing with Taeyeon?
Tiffany really could not figure out why. Whatever the reason was, it was like it was behind doors that
had been locked, bolted nine times, chained, barred further with a set of steel doors that needed an
access code, criss-crossed with lasers, and marked by a huge warning sign with a Great Mastiff sitting
nearby. It seemed too tiring to try to get past and so Tiffany had left it alone, deciding that turning her
attention to other things might be better. She had time enough to break past the barriers to her answer.
After three restless nights following Taeyeons seduction in her office, she had a feeling that focusing
on that instead was not the smartest idea she had ever had. She had always been able to sleep well the
times before, so she could only assume it was the knowledge that she had gotten further than usual that
was turning her into an insomniac. She was the kind of insomniac who didnt even bother trying to go
back to sleep.
She had taken to pacing back and forth in her apartment, picking up her keys and dropping them a
second later, picking up her phone and letting her finger hover over the number nine on her speed dial
before she set it aside, and then mumbling to herself when she could swear that she could feel phantom
kisses and hands on her. She really thought she might hate what her personal mini-devil was doing to

her, but at the same time, she couldnt help but hope that Taeyeons last words to her about seeing how
far she could get the next time werent an empty promise.
That was the reason why after taking a sip of her coffee and dismissing her secretarywho she
suddenly decided to keep an eye onshe found her stomach fluttering frantically as she waited for
Taeyeon to come in. She tried to ignore it, but holding her breath did not help and neither did rubbing
calming circles on her stomach. She was anxious and she knew it from the way her heart began
pounding rapidly when she heard Taeyeons voice thanking the secretary.
Looking down at her desk and pretending to be busy, Tiffany took a fortifying sip of her coffee before
setting it down and moving papers around on her desk. When Taeyeon did not enter as soon as she had
thought she would, she looked back up and nearly jumped at finding Taeyeon staring at her from the
doorway. Leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed, Taeyeon had managed to surprise her
with a silent entry and the first thing Tiffany noticed was that she was wearing another button up. It
made her swallow thickly and reach for her coffee again as she plotted how much she could get undone
before Taeyeon stopped her.
Why are you here? she tiredly greeted after she set her cup back down, somehow managing to make
it seem like she was not feeling even the slightest bit of anticipation because of Taeyeons presence.
I think weve discussed this before. I like to bother you. Plus, we have a date and I didnt want to miss
it, Taeyeon replied, a hint of a smile forming on her mouth as she spoke.
Crapdamn flutters wont stop now. Why am I looking forward to this when I know shes just going to
stop me? Am I a masochist or something?
Why do you have to bother me? Cant you go bother someone else? Or better yet, go find a new case
to work on, Tiffany said and looked back down at the papers on her desk. She didnt even remember
which one she had been looking at before she had been told Taeyeon was there to see her.
I dont think you would want me to bother anyone else the way I bother you. But if you really want
me to stop, then I can go find someone else to bother. Dont miss me too much, Taeyeon said slowly,
and then mock saluted before turning around and taking a step out of the office.
Tiffanys eyes widened at the implication of Taeyeons words and she pushed her chair back, ready to

go after Taeyeon and drag her back into the office. If Taeyeon went to bother someone else like she
bothered her, then that meant another person would get to be the target of Taeyeons kisses and touches.
Tiffany could barely fathom it. She had never considered that Taeyeon could be doing the same thing to
someone else if she wanted to, so the flare of irritation she felt at the thought of an unknown rival
nearly staggered her.
She had started to move around her desk when Taeyeon spun back around and eyed her with a well,
what do we have here? expression on her face. Tiffany watched as Taeyeons lips curved upwards into
a full smile, a barely-there dimple on her chin making its appearance. Tiffany had never noticed it
before. She had never noticed that Taeyeon had a really nice smile. Although, Taeyeon had never given
her much of a chance to see it before either.
Were you coming after me? Taeyeon asked in a tone that suggested she knew Tiffany had been doing
exactly that.
No, Tiffany replied stiffly, changing course and heading for the file cabinets along the wall. She
could not believe that she had just fallen for that. She should have known Taeyeon better by now.
Lying again? Now what have we been learning about lying? Taeyeon questioned, her voice dropping
to that same note that had gotten Tiffanys pulse racing the week before. Its effect was the same this
time around and Tiffany bit her lip as she kept her back to Taeyeon, not wanting her to see that she was
Opening one of the drawers on the filing cabinet randomly, she began thumbing through the tabs in a
vain attempt to control her response. A rustle of fabric behind her alerted her to the fact that Taeyeon
had moved and she waited with bated breath as the sound grew louder in her ears. By the time she
could tell that Taeyeon was behind her, due to cessation of the sound and the warm breath fanning her
neck, she was already torn between the desire for Taeyeon to make her move and the desire to turn
around and crush herself against Taeyeon first. A week had really just left her exceedingly amorous.
Sighing as she felt Taeyeons hands slide around her waist, fingers skimming the skin of her midriff as
they moved, Tiffany leaned back against Taeyeons body. The wondrous mouth that she was starting to
believe Taeyeon possessed landed on the back of her neck and Tiffany smiled when Taeyeon started
pressing light kisses there. Lowering her hands from the open drawer of the file cabinet, she covered

one of Taeyeons hands with her own and moved Taeyeons hand up under her top so that it was resting
on her abdomen. Taeyeon then began sucking on her neck and she felt like she was starting to burn in a
fire that only Taeyeon could extinguish.
Shes not even doing anything yet and Im already like this Imagining her doing this again in the
dead of the night for the past week probably didnt help things, but then again, three hellish months of
her torture may have just been too much Maybe Im finally reaching my breaking point
Ooh It looks like youre having fun, Taeyeon, a female voice full of mirth intruded into the silence
of the room just as Tiffany was about to tilt her head to give Taeyeon better access to the side of her
Taeyeon continued to suck on her neck as if she did not hear the person interrupting them and even
went so far as to slide her other hand under her shirt. Tiffany gasped and closed her eyes, wondering
who the person calling Taeyeon by name was, but was way more interested in how Taeyeon moved to
nibble at the place where her neck and shoulder intersected. When Taeyeons hands pressed against her
stomach, drawing her even closer against her body, Tiffany tried to decide whether she wanted to slide
Taeyeons hand up further or leave it where it was. Taeyeons warm palms in direct contact with her
skin felt much more amazing than only feeling them through cloth, and she knew the sensations could
only get much better.
However, before she could make up her mind, reality interrupted once more in a tone of both faint
annoyance and amusement.
Ok Fun time is over, Taeyeon. Please put your hands where I can see them and back away from the
This time Taeyeon paid heed to the voice and Tiffany was extremely close to groaning when Taeyeon
sighed against her neck before taking her lips away from the spot she had been paying so much
attention to. Feeling upset at the loss, Tiffany inwardly swore vengeance on the person behind it. The
condition she was in now was even worse than what Taeyeon usually left her in, so she was not feeling
particularly kind at the moment. Forget the half cup of water that Taeyeon normally gave her; she had
not even gotten a thimble full this time around because of the disturbance.
Damn it. Is there like some higher power against me or something? This is so unfair. I have to stay

calm though. I dont need to be thinking about the ways in which that person is going to feel my wrath.
No thoughts about the need to plot their demise Im a nice person and not a completely frustrated
person who has been like this for months because of Taeyeon. Nice thats me alright.
Sorry, Hwang. Maybe we can continue this later Taeyeon whispered next to her ear, the apology
and possibility of a continuation calming Tiffany significantly more than her own efforts.
Reluctantly allowing Taeyeon to pull away, Tiffany pushed the drawer of the file cabinet shut and
turned around. Taeyeon was already a few steps away and walking towards a smirking blonde girl,
whose eyes flitted to her briefly before focusing on Taeyeon, something that looked like affectionate
annoyance in her gaze. Seeing that, a strange feeling of uneasiness settled in Tiffanys stomach as any
remaining lust she was feeling fizzled out. Disregarding the annoyance, all she wanted to know was
who the girl looking at Taeyeon with fondness was.
Yah! Dont just barge into peoples offices, Jessica. Its rude. You already do it enough to me, so dont
do it here, Taeyeon told the girl as she stopped in front of her.
The door was open, so technically I didnt barge in. And you like it when I drop by your office, so
stop acting like you dont. I brighten up your days, the girl named Jessica responded, her smirk
growing larger as she spoke.
The level of discomfort Tiffany was feeling rose slightly at Jessicas words, leaving her wondering just
how well Jessica knew Taeyeon to be going to see her at her office all the time. Then there was the way
Jessica had said, I brighten up your days. Taeyeon had said eerily similar words just the week before
as part of the reason behind her visit. Knowing what it had entailed when Taeyeon had said it, Tiffany
felt like something was being prodded to life within her. It was something that made her want to stand
close to Taeyeon while she talked to Jessica and she was not entirely sure why she felt that way.
Her body moved before she could fully process the sudden impulse and she was at Taeyeons side in
the next instant. She stood close enough that her arm was only a few centimeters from making contact
with Taeyeons, but she did not notice. Tiffany was so focused on examining Jessica that she did not
realize their proximity and missed the way Taeyeons eyes darted to her in surprise before returning to
Jessica. All of her attention was on the interloper to her and Taeyeons party of two, who was not
paying her a bit of attention and was still looking at Taeyeon.

Believe whatever you want to, Jessica. Just dont enter someones office when you dont know them,
okay? Taeyeon said, her voice sounding resigned in a way that made Tiffany shocked at how nonargumentative she was being. Taeyeon didnt try to refute Jessicas words in the same way that she
would have hers. It was a tad bit disconcerting because she was used to a Taeyeon who always had to
have the last word.
Fine. Now introduce me, Jessica commanded, attention finally shifting to Tiffany.
The sudden assessing look that Jessica gave her made Tiffany uncomfortable and caused her to forget
her momentary shock. It was almost as if Jessica was sizing her up, but for what she had no idea.
Unconsciously, she moved closer to Taeyeon, only realizing that she had done so when their hands
brushed against each others as the space between their bodies became nonexistent. She saw the
questioning gaze Taeyeon directed towards her, but she refused to return it. She did not think she could
answer it because she was uncertain of why she was not as bothered by Jessicas scrutinizing gaze
Jessica, meet Tiffany Hwang, my fiance. Hwang, meet Jessica Jung, my
Very good friend. Nice to finally meet you, Tiffany-sshi, Jessica cut into Taeyeons introduction
smoothly as she extended a hand to Tiffany.
Oh, nice to meet you too, Tiffany said a bit absently, her mind busy processing Jessicas addition to
the introduction.
A very good friend? Like as in a best friend? Why did she say it like that though? No, it must have
been my imagination. She didnt say it any special way. Im making too much of it. Theyre just
friends she thought, reassuring herself as she ruthlessly squashed the little voice that appeared in her
head to remind her of how Taeyeon had said she could find someone else to bother.
Im sorry I interrupted you two, but we have a reservation and Taeyeon was taking too long. Would
you like to join us for dinner, Tiffany-sshi? Taeyeon hasnt eaten all day and she gets grouchy when she
hasnt been fed, Jessicas voice broke through her thoughts and Tiffany again felt the thing that had
made her come stand next to Taeyeon being nudged in a more insistent manner.
She makes me sound like a dog or something, Tiffany heard Taeyeon mutter under her breath, a
slight pause following it before she asked in a more audible voice, When did you make the

While you were busy changing in the backseat.
Jessicas response left both Taeyeon and Tiffany wide-eyed. Tiffany directed her stunned gaze toward
Taeyeon, whose mouth was gaping open in an age-old expression of pure shock. She watched as a hint
of color crept onto Taeyeons face and could not decide if it was because of embarrassment or anger. It
did not really matter to her though. All she could think of at the moment was that Taeyeon had been
changing in the backseat of a car.
Changing meant removing clothing. Removing clothing meant being partially undressed for the time it
took to put on something else. That meant in that time, Taeyeon could have been exposed briefly to the
eyes of those nearby. That meant that Jessica, or anyone else for that matter, could have gotten a look at
what was underneath usually form fitting clothes. A sight she herself had only been able to glimpse the
week before.
You were changing in a car? Tiffany queried. It was less because of a need to verify and more
because her imagination was becoming active as she tried to picture what other people might have
She was in such a rush to change out of her business suit and into something casual that I think she
may have accidentally flashed some people at the stop light, Jessica added before Taeyeon could
answer her question.
Yah! Jung Sooyeon! Taeyeon exclaimed, her color deepening such that she really could have passed
for the mini-devil Tiffany had been considering her.
What? Im telling the truth. I dont know why you couldnt just wait. But anyways, Tiffany-sshi,
would you like to come? Jessica asked, clearly dismissing Taeyeon as she brought the focus back to
her original question.
Tiffany pushed the images of a changing Taeyeon from her mind; a difficult task to do since she had
had enough fantasies recently of similar content to keep her awake at night. Once they were somewhat
repressed, she debated Jessicas offer.

If she went, then she might be able to find out who exactly Jessica was to Taeyeon. For Taeyeon to be
comfortable enough to allow Jessica to enter her office anytime, to be less argumentative towards her,
to eat with her, and to change in front of her, Tiffany wanted to know more about their relationship.
Jessica had said they were good friends, but the way very had sounded still lingered in Tiffanys
mind in spite of the reassurances she made to herself. She had a feeling that if she didnt go, then her
mind would be wholly occupied thinking about what very good friends did during dinner.
Hwang, are you going to come or not? Taeyeon asked her when she didnt answer immediately, their
hands knocking against each others as Taeyeon got her attention.
Let me tell my secretary to clear my schedule for the rest of the evening.

Falling For The Devil (Part II)

Tiffany lifted the glass to her lips, the crisp apple scent from the vibrant green cocktail it contained
filling her nose as she took a sip. The not quite sweet, but not exactly bitter taste of the mixed liquors
slid easily down her throat and she licked the apple flavored sugar that had been coating the rim of the
glass from her lips. She was starting to feel a pleasant buzz from the drinks she had consumed, but was
nowhere near her intake threshold. After all, she was only on her third martini or maybe it was her
fourth? Having knocked them back as if they were nothing more than water, she had lost count
somewhere between watching Taeyeon dancing with Jessica and forcing herself to stay seated.
Her eyes traveled back to the dance floor where Taeyeon and Jessica were amongst the other patrons of
the over congested club Jessica had talked them into coming to after dinner. She easily spotted them
within the semi-circle that had formed around them, the group of onlookers gawking at the two
stunning girls before them. When Jessica took hold of the collar of Taeyeons shirt to pull her close
before spinning around and rotating her hips slowly, the crowd seemed to become even more interested
in the pair. Tiffany, on the other hand, gripped the stem of her glass tighter and looked away after
seeing Taeyeons eyes journey downward at Jessicas action.
Ive never seen anyone break a glass before, but the hold you have on yours really makes me think
today will be the day I do.
Tiffany relaxed her grip as Yuri, another friend of Taeyeons, sat back down across from her. Yuri had
not been gone long from the table they had found upon entering the club, but for the fifth or sixth time
since Yuri had introduced herself from the front seat of the car on their way to dinner, Tiffany wondered
why it was that Taeyeon seemed to have beautiful friends she had no prior knowledge of. Admitting
that both Jessica and Yuri were attractive, she was then left to wonder just how many more friends
Taeyeon might have with looks the same caliber as theirs. Thinking about the possibilities left her
feeling more unsettled than she already was.
Is something bothering you, Tiffany-sshi? Yuri asked, smiling faintly at her before taking a sip of the
drink she had just returned from the bar with.
No, Im fine, Tiffany answered, the smile she sent Yuri in return an attempt to cover her lie.
She was not feeling fine at all.

After dinner and what she had been witness to since, she felt like she was on a frayed tightrope that was
just waiting for enough weight to be added to snap the final threads holding it together. Every event
increased the probability that it would and furthered her awareness that there was something awakening
in her that she had not felt before. Maybe the yet-to-be-defined thing within her would be named when
the final thread broke, but until then all she could do was deal with the turbulence it caused her
emotions. And she had been through a wide range of them in the time since she had decided to clear her
There was the strange bothered feeling when Taeyeon took the time to thank her secretary for emptying
her schedule and her secretary had giggled as they left the office. The mild pouting because Jessica sat
in between her and Taeyeon on their way to the restaurant. The vague feeling of irritation she had when
she and Yuri were left sitting across from the other two at the table. The surprise when Taeyeon had
happily smiled as if there was nothing wrong with the fact that Jessica was leaning against her all
throughout dinner. The frustration when the other three talked and laughed about things she had no idea
about; even though Yuri and Taeyeon did try to explain them to her. And then the faint feeling of dislike
she felt towards Jessica when the blonde kept playing with Taeyeons hair as they left the restaurant,
telling Taeyeon that she had to make herself look sexier when they went to the club.
The feeling of dislike seemed to be the predominant one, however, because she was feeling it even now
as she told Yuri that nothing was bothering her. She disliked that Jessica was dancing far too close to
Taeyeon for comfort, but truthfully, dislike was not the feeling Yuri had witnessed her taking out on her
martini glass. She had been imagining that her hand was squeezing a throat; Taeyeons throat to be
specific. Of course, anger was in no way a new emotion to her with regard to Taeyeon, but Taeyeon
seemed to be spurring it to even greater heights tonight.
First, Taeyeon had taken Jessicas earlier suggestion about her appearance. After they had entered the
club, she had been in the process of shedding her suit jacket and straightening the red halter underneath
it when she had looked up to see Taeyeon tousling her hair and undoing the top two buttons of her shirt.
Taeyeons just rolled out of bed look was not something she should have been angry about and
maybe it was a little childish, but she was mad that Taeyeon just went ahead and did it when it had
taken her nearly two months to get even one of the buttons on Taeyeons shirts undone. In her opinion,
there was something wrong when your fianc messed up her hair and undid her clothes on the advice of
a friend, but tormented you relentlessly with fantasies of her doing the same thing for you for
months. The ease with which Taeyeon had done it pissed her off.

Then to add to her mounting displeasure, Taeyeon had gone off to dance with Jessica not long after
they had arrived at their table. Jessica had pulled Taeyeon from her chair and Taeyeon had left with her,
only looking back at her once before Jessica seemed to capture her attention. For someone who was
supposed to be her fianc, it irked her that Taeyeon had not even asked her if it was okay if she and
Jessica went to dance. Technically, Tiffany knew she could not control who Taeyeon danced with, but
being asked would have been nice. Plus, she had only agreed to come to the club because Taeyeon was
going and she had wanted to dance with her, so not even being asked by the other girl only increased
her aggravation.
And finally, the thing that truly ratcheted up her anger closer to its peak and had her looking like she
was going to break her glass, was Taeyeons wandering eyes. Tiffany knew very well from experience
that Taeyeon was a pervert underneath her innocent looks, but to see her being that way with someone
else infuriated her. It made the thing behind all of her other emotions react the most violently and
almost made her give up on watching Taeyeon and Jessica dance. She really just wanted to go drag
Taeyeon away and release all her pent up frustrations on her.
Damn midget. I understand shes short, but thats no reason for her eyes to be just anywhere. Its not
like Jessicas a giant and thats the only place she can look. I meanI dont even know what I mean.
Im not even sure why it makes me want to go claw her little eyes out, let alone why Im having this
urge to go mark her as off limits somehow.
Um Tiffany-sshi? Youre trying to break your glass again. You sure youre alright? Yuri asked, her
slightly amused voice drawing Tiffany from her thoughts.
Realizing that she was trying to throttle the glassware in place of Taeyeon again, Tiffany released it and
smiled embarrassedly at Yuri. If Yuri had not believed her before, then she would certainly not believe
her now if she told her she was fine. Hoping that it would distract her from looking back to Taeyeon
and Jessica, Tiffany decided to try and strike up a conversation with Yuri since they had been sitting
mostly in silence since arriving at the club. Anything had to be better than trying to strangle her martini
glass and watching Taeyeon check out her supposed friend.
Sorry about that. I was just thinking of something, Tiffany said as she pushed her drink away to keep
it out of reach.
Something? It mustve been bad to make you so angry at your poor martini. I think the glass will be
scarred for life with the memories of how close it came to having its neck snapped, Yuri joked, her

eyes flitting to the dance floor knowingly. She set her own glass aside as she leaned back in her chair
and crossed her arms.
Tiffany laughed softly at Yuris words before replying, finding it funny how closely they mirrored the
action she had been miming both times Yuri had commented on the force of her grip. Maybe, so Ill
try not to scar it any further.
Thats good, but still doesnt really answer my question. Not that you have to, but Im willing to listen
since were waiting for those two to get done dancing, Yuri said and Tiffany was not sure if she saw a
scowl cross Yuris features or if it was a trick of light.
She pushed the thought to the back of her mind as she considered whether she should take Yuri up on
her offer. Even though she did not know Yuri well, she thought she was quite nice. Yuri had been the
one who had gotten her drinks while they waited for the other two, having only gone to get her own a
little while ago. Yuri sent out a pleasant vibe and Tiffany thought that maybe she could just talk to Yuri.
She needed to talk to someone about her emotions, which had been all over the place during the entire
Because as much as the undefined thing inside of her drove her more negative emotions, there had also
been parts of the evening that she had liked.
Like how Taeyeon had sidled up next to her after they got out of the car at the restaurant and placed her
hand on the small of her back, staying by her side as they followed Jessica and Yuri into the restaurant.
Or how Taeyeon had told the other two not to order fish if they could help it, citing Tiffanys slight fear
and revulsion of fish and her desire for Tiffany to enjoy dinner as the reasons. The way Taeyeon had
leaned across the table when she had trouble reading the name of a menu item in English, asking her to
pronounce it and then repeating it back with a cute accent before retreating to her seat, still mumbling
the word. The few minutes where Taeyeon had cut up her steak for her and stolen bites as she did so,
her eyes mischievous as she teased her about her pre-eating habit before pushing the completely cut up
steak back towards her. Or even the way Taeyeon had begun muttering when Jessica moved to sit in the
back with them again, slipping past the startled blonde so she could sit in the middle, where she had
then leaned against Tiffany all the way to the club.
Taeyeon had somehow managed to ease some of her more volatile emotions momentarily with those
small actions and each one had revealed surprising glimpses to a side of Taeyeon that she had not seen

before. A Taeyeon that seemed more caring and less like the mini-devil she had named her, was
outside of her range of experience. Yet, even recognizing those things, the more dominant emotions
refused to be harnessed and had contributed to her current mood.
Yuri-sshi, say theres this person who youre attracted to. Theyve proven to you that you are beyond a
doubt, but now youre wondering why. I mean, you know the physical aspects, but youre unsure of
why there seems to be some sort of greater allure they have that is keeping you with them and you cant
figure out what it is. They make you angry all the time and frustrated beyond belief, but you still want
to see them even when you tell yourself that you dont. They have a hold of your emotions and make
you feel a dozen different things, but you cant pin why that is. If there are all those things to consider,
then whats the reason behind them? Tiffany questioned, trying to put into words how she had been
feeling recently about Taeyeon and knowing that it came out sounding much more complicated than it
had to be. She was unsure of how to describe her feelings, so she was seeking an answer to put a name
to them.
Is it safe for me to assume that this is about Taeyeon? If so, well, I could tell you why I think Taeyeon
makes you feel the ways you described, but I think figuring out the answer yourself is more rewarding.
Plus, if I told you, then all you would do is deny it because thats what most people do when they are
told things they arent ready to hear. So, Im glad to know whats been bothering you, but I cant give
you an answer, Yuri responded after a moment, looking apologetic that she could not tell her what she
wanted to know.
You assumed right, Tiffany said, confirming that she had been speaking about Taeyeon before she
sighed as she continued. I think I knew you wouldnt answer, but I had to ask to someone.
Yuri nodded at her and they both slipped into silence; Yuri sipping at her drink while Tiffany stared at
the table. As the song pounding through the club changed, Tiffany felt her eyes being drawn from the
table back to the dance floor, but this time she did not immediately spot her fianc or Jessica. Sitting
back up from the slouched position she had acquired, she stared into the crowd, trying to see if she had
just overlooked them. A hand landed on her shoulder and she jumped, swinging her head around to see
Taeyeon staring down at her. Her eyes traveled past Taeyeon to Jessica, who simply raised a brow at
her before walking around Taeyeon to go sit next to Yuri.
Sorry. Did I scare you? Taeyeon asked, removing her hand as she moved to take the seat next to her.

No. I was just a bit surprised.

Sorry about that then, Taeyeon said before she seemed to spot their drinks on the table. Oh, you two
were drinking?
After a few songs, drinks are a nice segue into conversation. This is my first and her third, Yuri
replied as she swirled her drink slightly before putting down her glass.
Sorry Yuri. We got carried away by the music and she wouldnt let me leave, Taeyeon explained and
Tiffany saw a small frown settle on her lips as she stared across the table at Jessica, who smiled
innocently in return.
Why apologize to Yuri and why are you frowning? You had a pretty girl all over you and youre acting
as if you didnt want her to be. You wouldnt have gone with her if you didnt want to dance with her
and you definitely would not have been enjoying the view
I saw, Yuri said and this time Tiffany was sure that it was a scowl she saw on Yuris face. She just
wondered why it was there.
So you like martinis, Hwang? Taeyeon asked and Tiffany met her eyes, curious as to why she was
changing the subject, but answering the question anyway.
If the bartender is good.
Taeyeon nodded and then reached for her half finished apple martini, raising it to her nose as she
sniffed it. It smells good. Do you mind if I taste it?
If you dont mind the taste of my spit in it, then I dont care.
Tiffany heard both Yuri and Jessica snort in laughter at her response, but she paid little attention to
them as Taeyeon lowered the glass slightly. Taeyeons eyes seemed confused and Tiffany wondered if
she had picked up on her still very present anger. Even if she was trying not to display it, Tiffany was
sure some of it could have bled through to her voice since she had never been the greatest at hiding
what she was feeling. There was a part of her that wanted Taeyeon to feel her anger, but the part of her
that still did not know what was behind it, hesitated to make it visible to the other girl.

Well, I think I know the taste of whats in your mouth enough for it not to bother me, so if you dont
mind, Ill take my chances, Taeyeon said and Tiffany wanted to hit her when she smirked, the
reminder of the way Taeyeon aggressively explored her mouth making her remember how much she
could still want Taeyeon even while mad.
Go right ahead. Try not to choke, Tiffany shot back, the latter remark coming out more as a mutter.
Taeyeons gaze remained on her for a moment, but then she lifted the glass to her lips and tilted it up as
she drank what was left in the glass. She hastily set the glass back down when she started coughing and
Tiffany immediately began patting her back, looking at her hand as if it was another part of her body
while doing so.
She was supposed to be angry, right? So why in the hell was she so concerned that her words had
actually made Taeyeon choke on the drink? And instead of letting Taeyeon cough to her hearts content,
why did she scoot closer to the girl whose neck she had been imagining wringing not long ago?
You had two of those already? Taeyeon exclaimed when she had stopped coughing, looking at her
like she was insane.
Yes, two and a half. Why? Something wrong?
Its so strong, Taeyeon claimed and pushed the empty glass towards her, her manner suggesting that
she had not liked it and wished to return it to Tiffany, although returning an empty glass sort of
defeated the purpose of giving it back.
Well, it might not have been if you had sipped it instead of trying to drink it like it was a shot,
Tiffany told her, inwardly laughing at the mildly disgusted face Taeyeon made while licking her lips.
Wait Im supposed to be angry. Why am I thinking that she looks adorable and extremely kissable
while shes doing that? Her lips would taste like the apple sugar, but that wouldnt be much of a change
from her usual sweet taste crap. Why am I not mad now? Is it because she came back to the table
and is focusing on me? Why
I dont normally drink. Not recreationally or privately. Plus, it smelled like freaking apples, so how
was I supposed to know it would be that strong?

You dont drink? I didnt know that, Tiffany said, surprised by Taeyeons revelation.
She felt a bit guilty as she remembered that Taeyeon had known her dislikes and eating habits, but she
didnt know something she shouldve noticed before about Taeyeon. Taeyeon knew of her aversion to
fish eyes, which was something Tiffany was sure she had only mentioned once during one of their
dinners with her father, but she had not known something as simple as the fact that Taeyeon did not
drink. It truly made her wonder about all the things she did not know about the girl she was supposed to
be marrying and who seemed to have been more observant of things about her than she would have
Tiffany-sshi, dont be surprised if she looks out of it later. She can barely handle a glass of soju. Last
time she had some, she tried to undress herself in an elevator. Took me ten minutes of repeatedly
pulling her shirt down before she got the point that she wasnt supposed to be taking it off, Jessica
piped up and Tiffany looked over at her to find her grinning.
Determinedly ignoring the thought that Jessica had seen much more of Taeyeons body than she had,
Tiffany turned her attention to Yuri. Because of Yuris earlier expression, she wanted to see how the tan
girl would react this time and seeing her expression darken further, Tiffany was really curious as to
what was bothering her. She watched as Yuri raised her glass to her lips, paused, and then set it down
without drinking from it, folding her hands together on the table instead.
Yah! Jung Sooyeon! What is with you and revealing things no one needs to know today? Taeyeon
irritably complained, which only caused Jessicas smile to widen more.
I didnt reveal everything. Like the fact that you thought I was this girl you had recently seen and were
pining over by the time I got you to your room. Or that I had to sit with your arm wrapped around my
leg until you went to sleep mumbling Mi
Jessica, thats enough. Stop just stop. Leave it alone, alright? Yuri interrupted suddenly, standing
up and staring down at Jessica before walking off.
Yah! Go after her, Taeyeon ordered Jessica, who had frozen at Yuris outburst. Jessica immediately
rose to her feet and without even glancing at her or Taeyeon, she went after Yuri, her rush apparent as
she pushed through the crowd that Yuri disappeared into.

Wondering what was going on, Tiffany stared off in the direction the two girls had gone. She had no
idea what had just happened to make Yuri act as she had and she was even more confused as to why
Taeyeon sent Jessica after her so quickly. However, her mind did not linger on the other two girls for
long as she turned to Taeyeon, her thoughts shifting to what she had just heard.
So Do you like flashing people or something? Should I be worried for when we get married?
Tiffany asked after a few seconds of silence, trying to ease into a conversation with Taeyeon about
Jessicas story of her drunken escapade. She had questions that she could not ask Taeyeon straight out
because she did not want to sound like she was prying which was exactly what she was doing.
What? No, I dont flash people! Taeyeon denied, her cheeks coloring slightly as their eyes met.
Are you sure? It seems to me that you do. I mean, seeing as how Jessica-sshi has claimed youve done
it twice in her presence Tiffany said, biting back the surge of discomfort she felt at the thought. She
had to mention it though because she needed the conversation to go in the direction she wanted.
I dont flash people, Taeyeon repeated, the blush not receding from her face.
And I dont believe you. First, I hear about you using the backseat as a changing room and now, I hear
you try to take your clothes off in elevators when youre drunk. Maybe its not intentional, but people
have still seen you, Tiffany replied, unaware of the irritation that slipped into her voice.
I wasnt in my right state of mind. Who wouldnt act out-of-character then?
There are a lot of people who are normal drunks, like the ones who dont try and undress themselves
or mix up who theyre with while holding onto peoples legs, Tiffany fired back immediately in
response and was surprised when a smirk began to form on Taeyeons lips. While the smirk was
worrying, what was more so was how Taeyeon twisted around in her chair and leaned forward, her eyes
seeming far too knowing for Tiffanys liking.
Are you so adamant in accusing me because other people have gotten to see what you havent,
Hwang? Taeyeon asked and Tiffany scoffed at her arrogance, even though she knew that that had been
one factor in her earlier anger towards Taeyeon and now was one in her reemerging annoyance.

Stop inflating your own ego. I dont care about that.

Then what do you care about? Me touching other people? You were going to come after me in your
office, Hwang. I dare you to deny it, Taeyeon taunted and the way her smirk grew reminded Tiffany
all over again why she thought Taeyeon was a miniaturized version of the devil.
I was not. I dont care what you do. You can touch whoever you want. In fact, go touch that girl you
were pining after or something, Tiffany replied, regretting her words almost instantly.
Yah! Why did I say that? I dont want her to do thatDamn it. I completely forgot that my goal was to
find out more about the girl. How come she can make me forget what I was doing so easily?
Maybe Ill go do that.
Tiffany felt her stomach lurch as Taeyeons response filled her ears. Staring blankly at Taeyeon for a
few seconds, she had to look away from the other girls eyes when Taeyeons expression did not change
at all. A numbing pain began making its way to her chest and she needed to get away from Taeyeon.
Sliding out of her chair, she quickly mumbled about needing to go to the bathroom before escaping into
the crowd. She heard Taeyeon call her name as she moved further away, but she ignored it in her desire
to reach the bathroom as soon as possible.
Reaching the hallway where the bathroom was located, Tiffany slumped against the wall as she put her
hand over her heart, wondering why hearing Taeyeon saying what she had affected her so much. It felt
different earlier at her office when Taeyeon had talked about going to bother someone else. She felt
off kilter in the same way as she had then, but she thought maybe the feeling was stronger this time
because she knew that there was a person Taeyeon could easily go to. It had been an unknown rival for
Taeyeons attention before this, but now said rival had a name and it started with Mi.
I understood perfectly what you were trying to do, Jessica, but watching as your girlfriend cozies up to
someone else is really not easy to handle. You know how jealous I can get, but I tried to hold it in for as
long as I could because you said it was to help Taeyeon.
Girlfriend? Yuriand Jessica? Whats going on?
Pulling away from the wall, Tiffany looked down the hallway to where the voice had originated from
and hesitated only a second before moving quietly towards it. She knew she was technically

eavesdropping, but hearing the words girlfriend, help, and Taeyeon had piqued her interest. Even
though her chest still ached and she was still trying to comprehend her reaction to Taeyeons statement,
she was curious about what had happened earlier between Jessica and Yuri and what the words just now
meant. She stopped at the end of the hallway, keeping in the shadows as she peered around the corner.
The two girls were standing in the middle of the corridor with a meter of space between them. Yuri
stood with her arms crossed over her chest; her stiffened form and glowering expression suggesting
that they still had not resolved their issues. Jessica, meanwhile, had a hand extended out towards Yuri,
but let it drop back to her side when Yuri leaned away from it.
Look, I know youre angry and Im sorry for that. But Yuri, it was to help Taeyeon and you agreed to
let me do it. Its not like I went ahead and did it without letting you know in advance, Jessica said, an
undercurrent of agitation in her tone.
You didnt tell me you were going to do that much! Yuri snapped and then looked like she regretted it
when Jessica stared up at her in disbelief.
Im not sure whether its your jealousy or the little bit of alcohol youve had thats making you act like
this, but I dont like it, Yuri. You told me you understood and you wouldnt have any problems with it. I
trusted your words, but maybe it was too much to ask of you.
I didnt drink that much, Yuri responded, the frustration still evident in her voice but seeming more
controlled as she continued. And I know I told you I was fine with it, Jessica. I know. But Im allowed
to be mad that you danced the way you did with Taeyeon, arent I? Everything else I was fine with.
Leaning against Taeyeon at the restaurant or messing with her hair was fine. I didnt necessarily like it,
but I was okay with it. When you dance with her like you dance with me, however, thats where I have
a problem. I dont think that was necessary to your plan at all.
It was just another way to make Tiffany agitated, Yuri! If I wanted her to be uncomfortable and make
her think that Taeyeon and I were more than friends, I needed something that would really snag her
attention, Jessica said and took a step towards Yuri, who shook her head and stepped back. Jessica
frowned at this and took another step, glaring at Yuri as if daring her to move again.
Yuri didnt.

It worked. Tiffany looked ready to break her damn glass more than once, so you were successful, but
it doesnt mean I have to be happy that you were. You cant ask me to be, Jessica.
You know why I did it and you know you have nothing to worry about with Taeyeon, Yuri. The entire
time we were dancing, her attention wasnt even on me. I had to drag her to dance and even then, she
kept trying to sneak peeks back towards you two. Its not like my plan would work if Tiffany caught
her doing that, now would it? Jessica asked in a quieter voice and tried reaching for Yuri again. Yuri
didnt lean away this time and Jessica closed the remaining distance between them, putting her hands
on the taller girls waist.
Ive just been trying to push them along, so please dont be mad at me for wanting to make sure my
best friend gets a chance to have the same thing I have with you. You know Taeyeon, Yuri. Shes never
going to do anything without something pushing her to. Taeyeon may seem confident and strong, but in
this shes actually pretty fragile and scared. You and I both know there is more between them than shes
letting herself see. Taeyeons just not looking for it because she thinks theres nothing there, so thats
why Tiffany has to make the first move and show her that there is.
I know, Sica. I know all that. I just I just didnt like her hands being on you or her looking at you. I
wanted to kill her when her eyes wandered. If I didnt know firsthand how hard it is not to look at you,
I would have murdered her as soon as you guys got back to the table, Yuri grumbled, seeming to
loosen up enough to uncross her arms and reach for Jessica. Jessica willingly moved into the circle of
Yuris arms and laid her head against Yuris shoulder.
Thank you for not killing her. She already has enough death threats against her, Jessica replied and
Yuri nodded as Jessicas arms moved further around her waist.
Its not like I couldve anyway. All your efforts on the two oblivious ones would have been wasted if I
did. I was doing alright keeping it in, but I just had had enough when you were talking about Taeyeon
being drunk. You never told me she tried to take her clothes off in front of you, Yuri said, muttering
the last bit and causing Jessica to laugh as she lifted her head to look at Yuri.
Is that what this is really all about? Jessica asked, and Yuri shook her head in denial, making Jessica
laugh once more. I was lying about that. She really just kept playing with her shirt while I held her up.
She did, however, hold onto my leg and force me to stay until she went to sleep.

So, you were just lying to get a rise out of Tiffany?

The girl is sexually frustrated. You know what Taeyeons been doing since Tiffany told her that she
wasnt attracted to her. If you heard other people have seen more of your fianc than you have, then
what better way was there?
I forgot about that. I was too busy feeling jealous again.
You have nothing to be jealous of. You know I love you, so theres no need to feel that way, Jessica
responded softly and Yuri looked at her wordlessly for a moment before speaking.
And this is coming from the girl who wanted my secretary fired because she sent me a card and
flowers on my birthday.
Yah! I thought we said we were going to forget about that, Jessica exclaimed as she pulled back from
Yuri a bit.
Its funny though. The card and flowers were clearly from the whole office, but you insisted that she
was interested in me. Whats even funnier is shes married and you thought that, Yuri said chuckling,
which caused Jessica to frown and glare at her.
Its not funny.
It is to me since you kept threatening to maim her if she looked at me in a way you didnt like. And I
get to bring it up this once since you made me jealous.
Fine, Ill let you off this once. Just never bring it up again, Kwon Yuri, or else Jessica trailed off
Yes, maam, Yuri replied, still laughing a little as Jessica shook her head and started to move away.
Yuris arms tightened around her though and prevented her from doing so.
Yuri, we should get back to the other two.

We dont have to immediately, right? Yuri asked. I mean, youve accomplished what you wanted.
You made Tiffany jealous and its obvious she does have feelings for Taeyeon. Of course, she hasnt
figured that out and Taeyeon sure hasnt seen them, but they are there. She all but told me how she
feels. Plus, do you really want to have to face Taeyeon?
Now that you mention it, I kind of dont. If you hadnt interrupted, then I probably would have
revealed too much.
I guess its a good thing I interrupted then. Hearing that Taeyeon was infatuated with her since before
they met probably would have been too much for her to handle if she cant even realize her feelings for
Maybe. I wish Taeyeon would just tell her. From the reason why she hates all those people that hang
around Tiffany to the reason why she finds things to argue about, I wish Taeyeon would tell her.
Eventually she will, but lets stop worrying about them and worry about us instead. Since you got me
so jealous, you owe me, Yuri said, smiling at Jessica as she drew her closer to her body.
And what exactly do I owe you? Jessica asked, a knowing smirk flitting across her lips.
Oh, I dont know. Ive been deprived all evening since my girlfriend has been too busy for me. She
should know how to make it up to me, Yuri replied with a smirk of her own as she lowered head and
placed a soft kiss on Jessicas lips before pulling back slightly.
Hmm Whatever could you be talking ab Jessica started to say before she was cut off by Yuris
lips on hers once more.
By the time Tiffany heard the thud from Jessica being pressed against the wall and Yuris words of
apology being swallowed by a very audible moan, she was trembling and only five steps away from the
spot where she had just heard things that had shocked her. She made it another five before she had to
stop, her arm bent at the elbow as she pressed a hand against the wall. Head bowed as she stared
blankly at the floor she could not even identify the color of, the wall was truly the only thing keeping
her upright. If anyone saw her they might think she was drunk and coming from time spent purging
alcohol from her system instead of coming from a bout of eavesdropping.

Curiosity might not have killed the cat this time, but it sure scrambled its brain.

Damn her.
Taeyeon grit her teeth as she stalked out of the high rise building where Tiffanys office was located.
Crossing the square in front of the building and reaching the street, she hailed a taxi and was lucky
when one stopped near the curb. Evening rush hour was not usually kind to those relying on public
transport, but the fury she was exuding must have told some higher power that today was really not the
day to piss her off anymore than she was.
Jerking open the door, she slid into the backseat and slammed the door behind her, snapping out an
address as she did so. Then she threw herself back against the seat and folded her arms over her chest,
glaring ahead and barely noticing the frightened face of the driver, who immediately merged into traffic
to take her to her destination. A twinge of guilt struck her for making the driver scared, but honestly,
she was in a foul mood and nothing could really improve it. Well, nothing except getting a hold of
Tiffany Hwang and shaking her to within an inch of her life.
At first, she had not been angry, but worried. Tiffany had disappeared last night at the club and after
having called Jessica to help search for her, Taeyeon had been almost frantic as they scoured the place.
Her two friends, who had returned disheveled and concerned from wherever they had been, had tried to
calm her and told her to try calling Tiffany. She had followed their directions, hitting one on her speed
dial and only hearing the other line continually ring before it went to voicemail. After nearly two hours
of searching the club and repeated calls to Tiffanys phone, they had left, each hoping Tiffany had made
it home safely.
Because she had not known Tiffanys whereabouts, Taeyeon had not slept the night before. Instead, she
had stayed up and repeatedly called Tiffanys phone, hoping the other girl would answer and put her
worries to rest. However, Tiffany had not answered any of the twenty-seven outgoing calls that her call
log indicated had been placed during the hours she had been plagued by anxiety-induced insomnia. Of
course, the calls would not have been unnecessary had she known Tiffanys address, but she did not
know it. Even after a year, she had never been to Tiffanys apartment because she had always picked
Tiffany up at her office when they were going to have dinner together or meeting her father. So, not
wanting to worry Tiffanys father by randomly calling and asking for Tiffanys address, Taeyeon had

had to content herself with the calls.

Come lunchtime and another batch of unanswered calls, she had decided that she would visit Tiffanys
office after she left work for the day. To her surprise and mounting irritation, she had found out that
Tiffany had not been in all day and had received a curious look from Tiffanys secretary. After having
to fake a pleasant demeanor while subtly questioning the woman about Tiffanys whereabouts and
pretending that she knew all along when she found out she was at home, she was more than furious at
the girl who was supposed to be her wife in a few months. Disappearing on her and ignoring her calls
was one thing, but forcing her to lie and say she needed Tiffanys address because she planned to send
flowers to her was another. Frankly, it was embarrassing to not know where your fiance lived.
I swear when I get my hands on her Im going to crap. Ill probably just end up hugging her in relief
first and then yelling at her. How can she not know how worried her leaving like that would make me?
I know I dont show her I care in the best way, but I would hope that after a year, she knows that Im
not totally uncaring when it comes to her. She better be okay or Im going to kill her
M-miss, were here, the driver spoke up hesitantly fifteen minutes later and Taeyeon glanced at him
as her focus shifted briefly from Tiffany.
Taeyeon dug into her pocket and pulled out some folded up bills, counting out the correct amount and
adding a little extra because she still felt guilty. Passing the money to the driver and thanking him, she
climbed out of the taxi and stared up at the building where she would hopefully find Tiffany. Bypassing
the elevator once she was inside, she ran up the stairs to the third floor and was slightly out of breath as
she walked down the hall, swinging her head left and right to look at the apartment numbers. Stopping
when she found the one she was searching for, she took several deep breaths before knocking on the
Mentally preparing herself for what she was going to tell Tiffany and contemplating how she should
act, her mind was wiped blank when Tiffany opened the door. Standing with a hand on the handle and
another lifted as she stretched, Tiffanys clothing, or lack thereof, stunned Taeyeon. Her lips parted
slightly as her jaw dropped, eyes moving from slightly mussed hair to bare shoulders, down to a tank
top that had risen to reveal a smooth portion of a toned abdomen, past small boxer shorts, and onto legs
that were firm and appeared endless. Her gaze snapped back up to Tiffanys face as the other girl ended
her stretch, lowering her arm and looking at Taeyeon with a passive expression.

Are you going to come in or stare at me all day? Tiffany asked her, pulling her from her stunned
Retrieving her jaw from its position, she nodded mutely before moving past Tiffany into foyer of the
apartment. Hearing Tiffany close the door, she turned around and was about to speak, but Tiffany
brushed past her and the words died as Tiffanys arm lightly grazed her own. Following Tiffany to her
living room, which Taeyeon vaguely noted was nicely furnished, Tiffany pointed to the couch and she
obediently sat then wondered why she did. She kept her eyes on Tiffany as she left the room and
waited a bit impatiently until she returned a few moments later with two bottles of water in hand; one
of which she passed to Taeyeon before sitting down on the opposite end of the couch.
Taeyeon remained speechless as Tiffany swung her legs up onto the couch, one leg extended and
dangling off the couch near Taeyeon and the other bent at the knee. Watching as Tiffany twisted the cap
off the water and lifted the bottle to her lips, her eyes were drawn downwards by the movement of
Tiffanys throat as she swallowed. Tearing her gaze away from Tiffanys chest, she tried to look
elsewhere because she knew she would begin blushing any moment if she continued eyeing Tiffanys
body. And blushing was the last thing she should be doing right now.
I cant believe she answered the door in that! Does she normally wear so little around the house? Or
maybe she just woke up or something, but still she answered the door in that! I mean, what if it
hadnt been me or-or
Clearing her throat and placing the water Tiffany had given her on the coffee table near the couch,
Taeyeon turned so she could face Tiffany, folding her leg beneath her as she did so. Tiffany lowered the
water from her mouth and recapped it before placing it on the floor, looking back up at Taeyeon with
the same impassive expression she had greeted her with. It unsettled Taeyeon because she was used to
getting some reaction from Tiffany when they met, but as of yet, Tiffany was not showing surprise,
anger, frustration, lust, or any of the emotions she typically displayed in her presence. However, her
unease was deemed unimportant when her earlier worry and anger became tainted by jealousy, the
combined emotions swelling within her as thoughts about Tiffanys chosen attire reclaimed her mind.
Do you always answer the door with nothing on? she bit out, not even trying to keep the irritation
that she felt from her voice.
I believe I do have something on and its called clothes, Tiffany replied smoothly, her face losing

hardly any of its impassivity as her brow rose.

Thats not clothes! That-thats basically underwear you have on.
These are nightclothes. But if you want to see my underwear, then by all means, take a look, Tiffany
responded and fingered the bottom of her tank top. Taeyeon stared at her in disbelief for a second
before frowning, unsure of whether Tiffany was taking her seriously or jesting with her.
I dont want to see. Im more concerned that you answer your door dressed like that. Last night you
were talking about me flashing people, but what are you doing? Giving them a full view?
Well, if they get a view, then I guess they get a full one, Tiffany said as she shrugged carelessly and
Taeyeon fumed at her nonchalance, her entire countenance darkening as Tiffanys comment sunk in.
Are you telling me you dont care who sees you like that? she asked through clenched teeth and
Tiffany smirked at her. Smirked and lifted her arm to rest across her bent knee in a relaxed manner that
suggested she was not bothered in the slightest by Taeyeons questions.
I care. Its what a peephole is for, Kim. Do you really think I would open my door for just anyone?
Taeyeon froze momentarily as Tiffanys words zipped through her mind, but her anger was still not
satisfied yet and she dismissed Tiffanys comment for later perusal as she spoke again.
Even if its me, you still shouldnt open the door wearing that.
Who said I only opened the door for you? Tiffany asked and Taeyeon balled up her fists, nails biting
into her palms as she rose to her feet quickly with a rage that consumed her entire being.
Yah! Who else have you opened the door for? Joon? Did that jerk get to you like he said he would?!
What does he have to do with anything?
Ill kill him if he comes even a meter near you. I should have punched him in his face the first time he
was bragging about being able to get you. And I wish that his damn coffee had been scalding now,

Taeyeon heatedly rambled, feeling agitated and not realizing that she was revealing far more than she
would have if she were calm.
Even while agitated, she was aware that she had forgotten her original purpose in coming to see
Tiffany. Rather than making sure Tiffany was okay or questioning her as to why she left the club and
had not answered her phone, Taeyeon was yelling at her because of what she was wearing. Personally,
she liked what Tiffany had on as it made her imagine what things would be like when they lived
together. She definitely would not mind Tiffany walking around the house in what she had on now
then, but at the moment, her emotions were in too much of an uproar to acknowledge her fantasies.
The only reason why she did not storm off like a child throwing a temper tantrum was because
underneath her fury, she was still concerned. She still wanted to know why Tiffany had left the club.
She still wanted to know why all of the numerous calls she had placed had gone unanswered. She still
wanted to know why Tiffany made it so hard to track her down. And she wanted to know if maybe she
had done something and that was the reason Tiffany had done the things she had.
If this is about that jerk, Im going to hunt him down and castrate him. Lets see if he has any heirs to
his wealth then. I just Aish. Am I really letting it affect me this much? Just the thought of Joon or
anyone getting to see her this way it makes me feel so irrational and insane with jealousy. Is she
seriously telling me there are others she would answer the door to in that? Its like my deepest fears
confirmed that she can and has no problem finding someone else. I
Calm down, Kim. No need to be jealous, Tiffany said, interrupting her rampant thoughts.
Yah! Whose jealous? Taeyeon spat angrily, not willing to let Tiffany know how correct her
observation was even if it was fairly obvious.
You are, but I really dont have time to deal with it, Tiffany replied and moved to get up from the
couch. Once on her feet, she did not spare Taeyeon a second glance as she sauntered away towards a
door leading off the living room, which Taeyeon had not noticed earlier.
Yah! Where are you going? Were not done talking yet! Taeyeon shouted and Tiffany paused for a
moment as she pushed the door open.
Im going to get changed since I have plans for the evening, but you can keep talking while I do,

Tiffany calmly told her, entering the room, but not pulling the door closed completely.
What? Plans? What is this? Is she deliberately trying to piss me off?
What plans? Are you going out with somebody? Yah! Hwang, are you cheating on me? Taeyeon
shouted, an almost desperate feeling pervading her senses as she walked towards the room Tiffany had
disappeared into.
When Tiffany did not answer her, Taeyeon pushed open the door a little more, ignoring the inner voice
telling her not to invade Tiffanys privacy. Looking into the room, her eyes landed on two floor length
mirrors attached to a set of doors that she could just see from her position. They were slightly diagonal
to her and she realized that the room extended in the direction the mirror reflected because she could
see part of a bed in the twin panes of glass. Just as she was about to open the door further, her breath
caught and all conscious thought fled as Tiffany appeared.
Tiffany was holding a silvery dress against her body and frowning at the mirror. Taeyeon watched
silently as Tiffany discarded the dress behind her on the bed and felt the blood rush to her face upon
seeing that Tiffanys tank top from earlier had been shed along with her shorts. Clad in only her
lingerie, Tiffany walked out of view and Taeyeon grabbed onto the door knob to steady herself. Her
face felt like it was on fire and she was not sure how red it was, but she imagined she looked like she
had the Asian glow. Since she did not drink though, the erythematic effect on her person was due solely
to the individual responsible for it Tiffany.
She had no time to try and dispel the stirrings of desire within her before Tiffany walked back into view
with only half of a pale pink button up pulled on. With pair of black jeans folded over her arm and
heeled boots in hand, Tiffany turned and set the boots on her bed, giving Taeyeon ample time to ogle
her backside. Honestly, Taeyeon was surprised when she did not fall over right then and there, finally
seeing the location that tended to be her favorite whenever she teased Tiffany. Then Tiffany turned
back around, sitting on the edge of the bed to tug on her jeans and standing when she had to pull them
up over her hips. She fastened the button and then slipped her shirt on the rest of the way, hands lifting
to fix the collar.
You know, if you wanted a front row seat, all you had to do was ask.
Taeyeon jumped, accidentally pushing the door open even further as she was surprised by the sudden

intrusion of Tiffanys voice into the silence. It dragged her abruptly from her transfixion and made her
feel embarrassed. She had been caught and had never felt more like a peeping tom than she did at that
minute. Like the tailor Tom, struck blind for deciding to take a peek as Lady Godiva rode through the
streets with only her hair to conceal her body, Taeyeon had seen what she should not have. Unlike Tom,
however, blindness was not her concern, but Tiffanys reaction was.
Collecting herself as best she could, she started to back out of the room to let Tiffany have her privacy
once more, but her retreat was halted by Tiffanys next words.
Just come in. I didnt say you had to leave and I want your opinion anyway.
A hesitance she was not used to having around Tiffany rose within her as she rounded the door,
entering the room and stopping almost two meters away from Tiffany. Her stomach fluttered anxiously
as she stood in front of the other girl and she wondered how she could feel so nervous. Not long ago
she was feeling enraged, but now she felt like a teenager approaching their first crush. It baffled her as
to how her emotions could switch gears so quickly. And it definitely did nothing to ease her
nervousness that Tiffany was before her with her shirt gaping open.
Youre really not helping me by standing there, Tiffany impatiently huffed before moving towards
Tiffany took her hand and tugged her forward while walking backwards to the bed. Taeyeon felt her
heart begin to pound irregularly and she swallowed hard as Tiffany urged her to sit, the beds mattress
sinking under her weight as she complied. Following Tiffany with her eyes as she entered a closet that
Taeyeon could see was bursting, she fidgeted uncomfortably on the bed until Tiffany reappeared,
holding an almost sheer white top. Tiffany came to stand less than a step in front of her and held up the
blouse, her pink shirt opening even further due to the upwards movement of her arm. Taeyeon quickly
focused her gaze on the new shirt, trying to not let her eyes stray to Tiffanys exposed torso.
It was the hardest thing she had ever had to do and she pretty much failed at it as her eyes darted to
the unblemished skin not even a second later.
Which one, Kim? The pink or the white?
Arent you going out? Why should I choose what you wear when you didnt even answer my

question? Are you cheating on me, Hwang? Taeyeon asked, refusing to pick as she suddenly
remembered the reason why she had even ventured to Tiffanys room.
Damn it. Its so hard to even think straight when shes in front of me like this. Im supposed to be angry,
but instead I feel like yanking her towards me and making sure she cant go anywhere with anyone.
Crap I feel like my mind is all too willing to take a leave of absence and just go on pure instinct
and instinct wants to touch her right now.
You really are jealous, arent you? Tiffany remarked, again not answering Taeyeons question as she
tossed the white blouse onto the bed beside her boots.
Would you just answer the damn question?! First, you disappear on me at the club, and then you
ignore all my calls. On top of those two things, I had to hunt you down through your secretary. Your
secretary, Hwang, Taeyeon ranted, too worked up to notice the slight frown that graced Tiffanys face
at her mention of the secretary. Do you know how worried Ive been since last night? I didnt sleep at
all because I thought you might call me back, but now I feel as if my worry was for nothing. You seem
perfectly fine and even have plans to go out! So, the least you can do is tell me who the he
Taeyeons words were cut off by Tiffanys lips on hers as the other girl stepped forward and leaned
down. Eyes widening in surprise at Tiffanys action, Taeyeon lifted her hands to Tiffanys shoulders to
push her away, but Tiffany bit gently on her bottom lip and she forgot why she had moved her hands in
the first place. She closed her eyes as Tiffany nipped at her lower lip and warm hands cupped her face.
Several light pecks were then placed against her mouth before Tiffany pulled away, making her open
her eyes to see the other girls face only centimeters from her own.
Tiffanys eyes were dark and glittering with something indescribable that made Taeyeons pulse jump
in expectation. A slow smile began to form on Tiffanys lips and Taeyeon had no time to analyze the
reason for it because she found herself being straddled, her hands slipping off Tiffanys shoulders and
dropping to her waist as the other girl made herself comfortable on her lap. She received a face full of
Tiffany as Tiffany scooted forward and barely kept herself from falling backwards on the bed as she
became a seat for the other girl, their combined weight making the mattress dip even further.
Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around Tiffanys waist, ensuring that her fiance would not slide
backwards off her legs.
When Tiffany looped an arm around her neck and slid warm fingers beneath the neckline of her blouse,

she shivered at the contact. It was not the first time that it had happened, but it was the first time she did
not forcefully repress her response in an attempt to appear unaffected. Of course, she was not thinking
of this as she was forced to look up at Tiffany, who tilted her head back with her other hand. She
watched Tiffanys smile morph into a smirk before Tiffany lowered her head and pressed their lips
together again. Tiffany immediately sought entrance into her mouth, skipping right over any buildup by
lightly, but insistently, licking her lips. Unable to think of a single reason not to let her in, Taeyeon
parted her lips, eyes drifting shut once more as Tiffany seemed greedy to explore.
She really had not known what she had been missing by never letting Tiffany have control before.
Tiffany seemed to know just how to mark her territory because it was not long before Taeyeon felt as if
her entire mouth had been mapped and claimed. She felt dizzy and unfocused as impatient lips and
tangled tongues prevented her from breathing regularly, her chest feeling tight due to her diminished air
supply. Frankly, she could care less about breathing as she just hoped Tiffany would continue what she
was doing. Death by kissing sure sounded like the way to go to her; especially if that death was brought
on by Tiffany.
Tiffany shifted and leaned against her, the caresses Tiffanys lips imparted deepening as the fingers
beneath Taeyeons neckline were moved and became twisted in her hair. Taeyeon adjusted her arms
accordingly, the heat emanating from Tiffanys almost bare front nearly scorching her through her thin
cotton shirt. It made her tremble and she was not sure if Tiffany felt it, but she could feel Tiffany smile
against her lips as she changed the tempo of their kissing to a slower one. Tiffanys hand on her chin
turned her head slightly to the side and the connection between their lips broke, causing her to moan in
frustration as she breathed a bit shallowly.
Tiffany ignored the sound and when Taeyeon felt open-mouthed kisses being placed against the side of
her neck a moment later, she was pretty sure she mumbled incoherently. Who knows what she said, but
she was almost a hundred percent positive that she sounded like she was speaking genuine gibberish.
Probably the kind that sounded like a bunch of run-on sentences filled with half words and short
syllables. Or maybe it was the kind where the feelings of the speaker could be determined by the
quality and pitch of the senseless language. Or maybe it was both. In any case, her speaking skills were
completely tied up by what Tiffany was doing to her.
Gentle suctioning against her skin followed and she allowed her head to fall to the side as Tiffanys
hand fell away from her chin and landed near the base of her throat. She felt Tiffanys nails scrape

lightly at the skin there as her fingers folded over the neckline, gripping her shirt in the front and
tugging at it. It made her wonder briefly if maybe Tiffany was considering trying to get her out of her
shirt because if she was, then she was not sure that she would try to stop her this time. She was just not
registering anything besides the weight of Tiffany on her lap and the overload of sensory information
short-circuiting her brain, so there was a little to no chance that protests would be made on her part if
Tiffany chose that route.
However, Tiffany seemed to be perfectly content sucking on her neck and Taeyeon did not mind it. She
rather enjoyed the light grazes of Tiffanys teeth against her skin as Tiffany staked claim on her neck
just as she had on her mouth; a feat which seemed to leave no reachable area unvisited. She also
thought she might be developing a new fetish because Tiffany seemed to know which areas were the
most sensitive when she chose to pull the flesh between her lips. It was as if her mouth had a homing
device that never missed a single target. Yet, as much as she did not mind that, her bruised lips would
not mind further harassment by Tiffanys target seeking ones even more.
They must have called to Tiffany somehow because the other girl abandoned the attentions she was
paying her neck a few minutes later and returned to her lips. Taeyeon enthusiastically opened her
mouth again for Tiffany, who rewarded her by seizing control once more. As her fervor began to ascend
to greater heights, Taeyeons arms slid lower on Tiffanys waist as a need to bring her fiance even
closer formed in her mind. Unlocking her arms, Taeyeon slid her hands under Tiffanys shirt and
around her sides to her lower back, feeling the girl in her arms quiver as she did so. With the intention
of pulling Tiffany forward the same way she had a week ago in Tiffanys office, Taeyeon began to
move her hands southwards.
She hissed in pain as Tiffanys teeth clamped down on her lower lip and pulled.
Utterly bewildered by Tiffanys sudden aggressive act, Taeyeons eyes popped open, a hand instantly
coming up to touch her throbbing lip. She stared at Tiffany, who met her eyes briefly before looking
past her. Taeyeon wanted to twist around to see what Tiffany was looking at, but it would be difficult to
do so since Tiffany was still sitting astride her. Waiting for an explanation, she frowned when Tiffany
began to shift, realizing that Tiffany was preparing to get up.
Why is it that I feel a sense of dj vu?
Its half past. Damn, Im going to be late, Tiffany muttered, rising to her knees before moving back

off the bed, letting go of Taeyeon in the process. Taeyeons hands fell away as Tiffany moved just out
of arms reach.
Late? Taeyeon questioned blankly, confusion and disrupted passion fogging her mind, keeping her
from comprehending what was going on. The lingering warmth from Tiffanys body clung to her like a
second skin and she stared hungrily at the sight Tiffany made no effort to hide from her view.
Such creamy skin It really looks much too enticing and if I reach for her shirt, maybe I can tug her
forward and
Yeah. Late, Tiffany replied shortly, not explaining further and only reaching for her shoes. She bent
over and put them on quickly, holding on to Taeyeons knee as she balanced herself. Then she
straightened up and swiftly buttoned her shirt, leaving a few buttons at the top undone and Taeyeon
with slightly dilated pupils.
With her brain still not caught up to what was going on, Taeyeon looked on somewhat vacantly as
Tiffany began to flit around the room gathering things and placing them in her purse, which she then
set on the floor beside her as she went to stand in front of the mirrors. Seeing Tiffany turn and check
her appearance, Taeyeon slowly stood and took a few steps towards her. However, before she even got
a chance to ask Tiffany what she was doing, Tiffany spun around to face her and squatted to pick up her
purse. The other girl began digging around in its depths for a moment before pulling out a set of keys,
smiling as she shook them in success.
Sorry, Kim. Ive got to go. Lock up for me, will you? Tiffany casually asked, tossing the keys
towards her. Startled, Taeyeon fumbled with them before getting a good grip, looking back up to see
Tiffany already at the door.
Oh, Tiffany said, turning back to her as she seemed to forget something. And Im out of concealer,
so I hope you have some. If not, might I suggest a turtleneck tomorrow? That is, unless you dont mind
people seeing
Tiffany then waved at her and Taeyeon stood dumbfounded as the other girl gave her no chance to
respond, slipping out of the door with one last look thrown her way. By the time she snapped out of her
stupor, all Taeyeon could do was stare down at the keys in her hand, wondering what in the hell had
just happened. Turning around, her gaze fell on the clothes Tiffany had tossed on her bed and her mind

suddenly made the connection as to what Tiffany was late for. Immediately she was scowling heavily at
the thought of Tiffanys plans and feeling angry with herself for having been distracted. Her hand
tightened around Tiffanys keys hard enough for them to leave an imprint.
Truthfully, Taeyeon was even angrier that Tiffany had stopped when things were on their way to
becoming more intense and that she had left her behind with a feeling of unsatisfied lust. She felt like
she had just been given a taste of her favorite dessert and had it taken away because she did not finish
her vegetables. She was not really sure what the vegetables were in her analogy, but she knew her
dessert had definitely been pulled out of her reach by the same person who had given it to her. She kind
of felt like she had been robbed and it was a feeling that she disliked with a passion. There was not a
doubt in her mind that it was because Tiffany had just increased her desire for her tenfold and then
strolled off like she had not done a thing.
The worst part was that she had done nothing to stop her and now Tiffany was going out to do who
knows what with who knows who and that was just unacceptable.
Striding briskly towards the door a moment later as her body caught up with her thoughts, hoping that
she would be able to catch up with Tiffany and demand an explanation, she glanced into the twin
mirrors as she passed them on her way out the door. Then just like a rewinding tape, she backtracked
and paused, her expression going slack. Stepping closer to the mirror, she tilted her head to the side and
lifted her free hand to her neck. Her fingers traced several dark blotches marring her pale skin and she
flushed, realizing what Tiffanys last comment had meant. Besides leaving her feeling exceptionally
enraged, terribly jealous, overly zealous for a repeat, and now slightly mortified, Tiffany had also left
behind a physical reminder of their activities.
Like a parting gift that could not be returned or exchanged, Tiffany Hwang had marked her with a
group of hickies that she would definitely need a turtleneck to conceal.

Falling For The Devil (Part III)

Youre pregnant, arent you? Whos the father? Wait, thats not it. You have Taeyeon-ah and you two
cant because of well, you just cant. Hmm Do you need money for drugs or something? Did you
go through your account and inheritance? Aigoo. Is this going to cost me a lot, Miyoung? I cant
believe that you would use
For the last time, dad, nothing is the matter and I dont need anything. Im definitely not pregnant and
the only drug I want to buy is something for the headache Im starting to have. I dont think I could
even go through my account anytime soon and theres nothing that will cost you anything, Tiffany
explained, continuing to apply eye shadow while being questioned by her father for what felt like the
twentieth time.
Looking away from the bathroom mirror as she finished applying her makeup and glancing towards the
door, Tiffany met her fathers gaze. He was leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over
his chest, dressed in a charcoal suit with his eyes fixed on her worriedly. She wanted to shove him out
of the bathroom and force him to head to work already, but she knew he would not leave her alone until
she gave him a satisfactory answer. Honestly, his questions were getting just a bit ridiculous, but it was
not like she could tell him the true reason she had crashed at his house the night before.
If I told him what I had done, he would probably accuse me of tainting his angel or something. Id
hate to have to tell him that usually shes the one doing the tainting. Of course, he probably wouldnt
believe me. She can do no wrong in his eyes and I swear I think he would try to take her from me if he
was younger.
Miyoung-ah, you havent stayed with me since the holidays, so forgive me if Im a little curious as to
why you showed up at my door last night, her father replied and Tiffany smiled as she walked over to
I just missed you and I wanted to be in your company. As your daughter, cant I just want to come and
visit you? she asked innocently, her smile widening in an attempt to throw him off track. Of course,
being her father and knowing her methods well, he sent her a look that told her that he was not falling
for her act in the slightest.
Whats going on, Miyoung? I love having your company, but I know you prefer the comforts of your

own apartment to your old room even if it does look like a cotton candy machine exploded in there,
he said, adding the last part with a teasing smile.
Tiffany felt her resolve not to tell him crumble at his joke about her childhood obsession with anything
pink. Sighing as she looped an arm through his, she led him out of the bathroom and into her room,
guiding him toward her bed so she could grab her purse. Looking at the small twin bed that she had
almost fallen out of twice the night before, it really made her miss her queen-sized bed at her
apartment, but thoughts of it involuntarily filled her head with indecent images that made her blush
because she was thinking of them while her father stood right next to her. Fighting to keep the color
from fully taking over her cheeks, she hurriedly dragged him out of the room with her.
Dad, you mind giving me a ride to work and we can talk on the way? she managed to ask as they
made their way out of her childhood home, still trying to block strikingly clear memories and fantasies
from playing in her mind.
She was entirely unsuccessful in her endeavor as they began their overwhelming assault.
The dark chocolaty eyes that had roamed unreservedly over her form during an initial examination and
the slightly agape mouth she absolutely adored when it was not occupied arguing with her. The
powerful and dangerously magnetic allure of the jealousy and rage that had been behind a shockingly
transparent veneer. The suffusion of a vermilion across skin that had been a healthy milky tint until
calculated actions had evoked embarrassment and desire. The control that was displaced as oral
engagement stripped away any possible form of resistance by its usual claimant. The satisfying
vocalization of unintelligible sounds as mouths disengaged and an exhilarating trip was made to the
smooth column of warmth that had pulsated temptingly beneath her lips. The searing glide of warm
hands on her bare flesh as responsiveness increased. And then the unfortunate copy-cat ending to
sweltering passions that she had performed reluctantly.
Tiffany licked her suddenly dry lips as her remembrances of the evening before took up residence in
her head. The plethora of sensations, emotions, caresses, sights, and tastes that she had experienced felt
all too real to her now, as if she were experiencing them over again. It was not the first time that she
had felt this way either. Her slumber during the night had been filled with dreams in which she could
have sworn she could feel everything done to her and everything she did in return. In her dreams,
everything had seemed like a prolonged, but exquisite torture that had bypassed reality as imagination

took over. The extending of scenes she had lived was the reason why she had almost fallen off her bed
twice, so caught in the fantasies that the movements of her unconscious body mimicked the actions in
Oh. My. God. Why in the hell did I have to think of my bed?! I have to stop thinking about it. Nows so
not the time. My dad is right here! I cant be thinking about how nice it wouldve have been to push her
down like in my dream and No, no. Focus, Tiffany, focus Tiffany thought, using her fathers presence
to combat the undertakings of her mind. She was somewhat successful as the scenes were forced to the
back of her mind where she knew they would lurk until they could explode again later in full color.
Hopefully that would be much later.
Her father unhooked their arms as a chauffeured car pulled up, placing his hand on her head as she
climbed into the vehicle with him following silently behind her. He had never answered her question,
but from the way he angled his body towards her and took her hand between his to pat it, she knew he
was waiting for her to speak. One thing she knew for sure was that she was certainly not going to tell
him about what she had done the evening before. She could tell him a little of what was bothering her
and maybe get some answers to some things she was wondering about, but the bulk of the previous
evening was off limits.
There were just some things you did not reveal to your parent no matter how close you were. What she
had done with Taeyeon was one of them.
I stayed over last night because there was no place else I could go. Actually, its more like there was
no place else I wanted to go since I couldnt stay at my apartment, she began to explain, knowing her
answer was not going to satisfy him, but it was all she was able to tell him.
She could not say that she had left her stunned fianc alone after deliberately putting her in that state.
She could not tell him that she had left behind said fianc with the thoughts of her going out with
someone. Nor could she reveal how angry the girl was bound to have been when she realized what had
happened. And she would definitely not be confiding in him how it was all part of a scheme she had
contrived in the wee hours of the morning after coming home from the club the other night, stupefied
and full of raging thoughts.
And why is that?

Tiffany racked her mind for an answer to his question before finding one that could possibly create the
transition into the topic that she really wanted to talk about.
Kim and I got into another argument yesterday when she stopped by my apartment. I recklessly
stormed out before we were even done talking. I sort of um threw my keys at her before telling her
to lock up when she left, she deviated from the truth, telling herself that not all of it was a lie to make
herself feel better about the falsehood she was telling her father.
You threw your keys at her? he asked incredulously and she lowered her head as if she were
ashamed. She was unable to keep her lips from curving up a little, however, as she recalled the true
reason behind her action. It had just been another part of her scheme.
Aigoo, Miyoung-ah. When are you two going to stop calling each other by your surnames? And what
am I going to do with the two of you? Why cant you just get along with her? You seemed to like her
fine when you first met and you dont seem to argue too much when we have dinner together.
Shes on her best behavior then. The two-faced devil, Tiffany muttered under her breath, not seeing
her fathers mouth twitch in amusement because her head was still bowed.
Did you say something?
Hmm I was just saying I dont know why either, she replied as she looked back up. Her father
sighed and shook his head gently.
You two always argue and you always end up going back in for more, so Im not too worried. I cant
imagine how worried she must be though since you probably did not tell her where you were going.
You should treat my daughter-in-law better, Miyoung-ah. You dont want to lose someone as good as
her to someone else.
I dont plan on losing her to anybody But dad, you walked right into my question for you. I just want
a straightforward answer. I need to hear it I need to be sure
Whats so special about her anyway? All you ever did was introduce us and tell me that you wished
for us to be engaged because you handpicked her. Why did you choose her?

Ah After being engaged to her for a year, do you really not know the reason why I believe it has to
be her? You cant think of any reasons at all as to why I would wish for your engagement and have
hope for the future of your marriage? he questioned in return and Tiffany wanted to sigh at his
response, but then he continued. I wonder if its alright to tell you, but if you havent figured things
out by now, then I think maybe I should.
He turned his head away from her and she could tell he was gathering his thoughts. She was impatient
to know just what it was that she had not figured out, but she stayed quiet as he smiled to himself and
turned back to her. His expression suggested that he was slightly anticipating telling her and that
increased her curiosity even more. His anticipation made her believe that he thought he was going to
drop a bombshell on her, but after recent events, she was not sure if anything could surprise her at this
Its because she stared at you in a way that made me believe that she could treasure you.
Tiffany nodded absently and then stopped as she realized that what he had said was not what she had
been expecting at all. Her expectations extended along the lines of the engagement being because of
traditional reasons, such as position in society, benefits to the family, and if the person was a suitable
partner. Never had she thought it was because of the way Taeyeon stared at her. Hearing his words now
though, all she could think of was when it had been that he had seen the type of stare he described.
It had to have been before the engagement since he was telling her why he had picked Taeyeon. With
this new piece of information, one of the recent discoveries she had made was further cemented into
her mind. It had been a discovery that had disrupted her world and had had her scrambling for the
answer to her feelings, which had been hidden away within its nine times barred dwelling place until
the other night. This latest detail only added another facet to the already convoluted picture she had
created of her and Taeyeons relationship since then.
She stared at me? Tiffany said, trailing off at the end in a bid to get him to explain.
Aigoo. I really dont know if I should be saying this, but I think you need to know since I feel things
are too unfair to my daughter-in-law, he responded, pausing a moment before continuing.
Yes, the way she stared at you. Honestly, I had been interested in introducing you two before I saw it,

but it was one of the things that made me even surer than I already was that you two would be a good
match. She was staring at you as if you were the only person in the room and in a way that was vastly
different than the stares youve garnered before. Hers held no ulterior motive and was based on pure
attraction to you. There was softness to her gaze while she was looking at you and it was mixed with
pure awe. And then she had this fierceness about her as she took in your admirers. She even looked
ready to snap at me when I commented on her good tastes until I told her that I was your father. I told
her then I would introduce you two, happy that you had snagged her attention without me really
needing to do anything at all. That was six months before you ever met her.
Six months? That time Jessica-sshi was talking about was six months before I ever met the mini-devil?
A year and a half ago that would have been that senate members party, wouldnt it? Thats the only
event I attended that dad was at too. How long was it until she started to feel No. Its not the time to
focus on that, Tiffany. Concentrate on hearing the rest. There has to be more than just that reason since
he said he had wanted to introduce us before then.
Shes a remarkable person. Shes intelligent, attractive, charming, funny, compassionate, kind, clever,
quick-thinking, confident, passionate, and yes, argumentative too. She can hold a conversation with
anyone and genuinely listen. Ive also seen her walk away from discussions with the other party eating
out of her hand and half in love with her after they went into the talk determined to win against her. She
actually has a career she loves and is exceedingly good at. She knows shes good too, but doesnt flaunt
it unless its in a joking way. And Miyoung-ah, when she cares about someone, its with all of her
heart, her father said softly, his description of Taeyeon keeping her quiet as she processed his words,
the last statement seeming especially poignant.
It was not long after she became my legal consultant that I began to notice those things about her and
they made me believe she would be good for you. Whats more, she has not changed in the three years I
have known her. I think every parent wants someone like her for their child. The boys and girls you
dated before cannot even be placed in the same category as her in my eyes. And after seeing the way
she looked at you, I knew I had to bring you two together. There have been times Ive been unsure if
you two would work, but neither of you has ever told me you were thinking of breaking the
engagement. If you did, I think I would never approve of anyone else and I know I would be
disappointed in you for losing her. I know she has her faults, but Ive placed her on a bit of a pedestal
and Im afraid that I just cant believe that there could ever be someone better.
I see, Tiffany said, unable to think of anything better to say.

Her father had definitely answered her question. He told her his reasons without seeming to hold
anything back as he clearly outlined his opinion of Taeyeon. Hearing the exact reasons why he had
chosen Taeyeon, a feeling of gratefulness washed over her because it was apparent to her that he had
put much consideration into making his choice. He truly wanted someone who was perfect for her and
he saw what he wanted in Taeyeon. He saw it in the short devil who, for now, knew not what lasting
effect she had wrought on Tiffany.
Losing her now would be bad for both me and dad, wouldnt it? If I hadnt heard them talking the
other night, I wonder if I would still feel the same. Would I still have reached the point Im at now?
Would I have even realized things on my own if not for the other night?
Miyoung-ah, do you understand a little better why I say that you should treat her better? Knowing
where she stands in regards to you, I felt it was a bit unfair to her for you to not know at least this
much. I think you should take a bit more notice of how she gazes at you to see if you can see what I
see. Although, in recent months, I wonder if you know that theres been a glow about you when shes
around and it doesnt seem to dim even while youre huffing about some new conflict between you
two. Its even there when she isnt around, her father interrupted her thoughts in a musing voice, as if
he was not deliberately telling her what she should do and what she had not noticed.
I glow?
Like a light bulb, her father quipped and Tiffanys burst into laughter, clapping her hands together as
her father looked on in amusement.
Was it that funny? he asked her and she shook her head up and down rapidly to indicate a yes while
she got herself under control.
Dad, that was beyond corny. You sounded so serious before and then out of nowhere you say that. Im
never going to let you forget this one, she said through her giggling.
When have you ever let me forget anything? Its the job of our children to remember every grievance
they have against us and every moment that makes them think their parent is crazy. Now get out of the
car and go to work before I write you up. CEOs daughter or not, youre not allowed to be late, he told
her and it was only then that she realized that they had arrived at her office.

Youre not coming in today?

I have a meeting with an investor and then Ill be back. Go ahead in and make sure you at least call
Taeyeon-ah to let her know youre okay. Im sure she was very worried about you last night.
Okay, dad. I will, Tiffany said.
I wasnt planning on calling her until much later, but maybe I should. She must be furious by now, but
hearing that, maybe she deserves a call at least.
Giving her father a kiss on the cheek and a brief hug in appreciation, Tiffany exited the car and walked
away. Her mind was filled with thoughts of Taeyeon as she questioned her actions the day before. The
conversation with her father made her feel as if she had done something she should not have, but a part
of her did not agree. It vehemently protested against the feeling of guilt creeping in and overtook her
mind to such a degree that her awareness of her surroundings suffered. That was why when she reached
the floor where her office was located, she was almost knocked over by someone leaving as she was
Stumbling back, two hands on her arms steadied her before she found herself being bowed to
repeatedly by messenger. After she assured him that it was alright, he took his leave and she shook her
head to clear it, inwardly scolding herself for not paying better attention. Calling out greetings as she
made her way to her office, Tiffanys noticed that her some of her colleagues smiles seemed brighter
than usual and she wondered at it. The thought was pushed aside, however, when she came upon her
humming secretary, who was arranging a large vase of vibrantly colored flowers at her desk.
Thats a beautiful arrangement. Did I miss your birthday? Tiffany asked as she approached the
woman, who spun around startled.
No, you didnt, Director Hwang, her secretary replied, lightly blushing and causing Tiffany to raise a
brow questioningly in response.
I bet Hee Jin feels like its her birthday though, a female voice cut in from behind her and Tiffany
turned to see a group of her colleagues behind her.
And why is that? Tiffany asked, wondering what the comment meant. She felt like she was missing

Your fianc really is very sweet, Director. She left here about an hour ago, bringing Hee Jin that
humongous vase of flowers when she came by to return your house keys to you. She said she couldnt
reach you and since she wanted to give the flowers to Hee Jin personally to thank her for her help
yesterday, she just dropped by on her way to work, the same woman from before continued and
Tiffanys eyes widened, as she turned to look back at her rapidly reddening secretary and then at the
The flowers are from her? Wait, what?
Our Hee Jin was blushing so badly when your fianc told her the flowers were for her and not for you.
I think she colored even more when your fianc thanked her. Ive never seen her so worked up before,
another woman spoke up and the entire group laughed at her secretarys expense.
Tiffany forced herself to smile even though she was inwardly frowning at the news. Examining the
vase of flowers that was bursting with an array of pink and lavender blooms, she wondered why
Taeyeon had felt the need to get such a large arrangement just to thank someone. A simple bouquet
wrapped in cellophane would have sufficed, but Taeyeon had decided that twenty plus flowers stuffed
into a vase was the better option. The flowers were not even that pretty and the colors looked dull to
her now that she was really looking at them. She really hoped Taeyeon never picked out flowers for
her. She was horrible at it.
She chatted with us for a while too and just now we got a message from her with details about a
restaurant she booked for everyone at lunch. According to her note, she wanted to thank everyone for
putting up with her while she waited for you. I have to say, I like her. Anyone willing to feed us just for
chatting with her is alright in my books, one of the males in the group added and Tiffanys smile
became a little more natural at knowing Taeyeon was doing something for the whole office.
That was nice of her, she said and several enthusiastic nods accompanied her statement. Ill have to
tell her you all send your thanks later. Lets get back to work though. We have to have the newest
proposal done by the end of the week.
At her words, the group dispersed while still murmuring about how thoughtful Taeyeon was. Retrieving
her phone from her purse, Tiffany decided that now would be the time to call Taeyeon as she had told
her dad she would. She was not entirely sure how the other girl would react since she had ignored the
slew of calls that had forced her to turn off the ringer on her phone last night, but it was a call that had

to be made. Especially now that Taeyeon had come by the office, an incident that was less unexpected
than the flowers Taeyeon had brought for her secretary.
Starting to move away from her secretarys desk, Tiffany looked at the flowers once more and this time
could not contain her frown. She looked away purposefully, yet was unaware of the tightened hold she
had on her phone as she walked away and entered her office. Once she had settled in her chair, she set
her phone on the desk in front of her and stared at it. For some reason, she was now beginning to feel
reluctant about calling, even though she had made up her mind to do so. Reaching for the phone again,
her hand hovered over it, but was halted in its descent by the arrival of her secretary.
Excuse me, but the messenger also instructed me to give you this, the woman said, passing her a
manila envelope that had a lump near its bottom.
Do you know what it is?
Something your fianc sent for you. Oh Um, if you dont mind, could you tell her that I wanted to
tell her thank you again for the flowers? Its the first time Ive received such a nice gift. You really are
lucky, Director. I bet she gives you flowers all the time, her secretary responded, the latter part coming
out almost as a sigh as she smiled.
I will do that. And I know I am, Tiffany said, pleasantly smiling as the envelope in her hands
suddenly emitted a slight crumpling sound.
I dont want flowers from her. I dont want flowers from her. Im not beginning to feel jealous over some
damn flowers. Im pretty sure she just deepened the crush my secretary has on her, but Im not mad.
Im not. And even if she had brought me flowers I wouldnt accept them.
After her secretary left, Tiffany slammed the envelope down on her desk and turned around in her chair
so she did not have to see it. Muttering under her breath about midgets who had never sent her flowers,
she slumped down in her chair and belligerently crossed her arms. Even though she was telling herself
that she did not want flowers from Taeyeon, she knew she was lying and she knew that she was more
jealous than she had even been the other night at the club. Her secretary had gotten flowers from
Taeyeon before she had and she wanted to tear the petals off of them, leaving behind empty stalks.
The overwhelming jealousy she was currently feeling was at the same level that it had been at when she

had intentionally marked Taeyeon yesterday. Of course, then her mind had also been clouded by lust
and she had been unable to fight the impulse to brand Taeyeon as taken in one of the most visible ways
that she could. If Taeyeon had not concealed the hickies she had left, then no one would be able to
mistake Taeyeon for an unclaimed person and that thought had left her extremely proud of herself the
night before. She knew jealousy and possessiveness were not the only reasons behind her act, however,
as she had felt it only fair that she bestow upon Taeyeon the same marks that she herself had been
covering up for months.
I hope she couldnt hide them. Maybe it would make it clear to Hee Jin that her little crush needs to
die. Kim Taeyeon is not on the market. Shes engaged to me. Aish. Its so unfair that she got flowers
and I get a freaking envelope! I didnt expect anything from her because of yesterday, but It doesnt
matter, Tiffany. Just continue what you were planning and ignore this. You will not try to damage Hee
Jins flowers and you will not be jealous. Its only flowers. Flowers that should be deprived of water
and left to wither until they crumble into nothing wait, thats not right. Think nice thoughts and just
keep telling yourself that its only flowers
Exerting careful control over the envy and resentment inspired by Taeyeons gift to her secretary,
Tiffany took a deep breath before straightening in her chair and turning back to her desk. She picked up
the envelope and quickly pried open the metal clasp, reaching into the inside and pulling out her keys,
which had been the source of the lump in the packages surface. She dropped them on her desk as she
pulled out a folded sheet of paper, eyeing it curiously.
Your keys. Have fun.
Four words. That was all that was on the piece of paper in her hands and Tiffany stared at them,
searching for meaning in the sharp strokes of black ink. She glanced down at her keys and then back at
the note, connecting the first part, but finding no connection to the second. Her feelings of only
moment ago faded as she focused on the paper, uncertainty and frustration stepping in to take their
Have fun? What is that supposed to mean? Yah! How come all I get is a four word note and a
nonsensical one at that? That dam Hmph! Calm yourself, Tiffany. Its not worth it. You shouldnt call
her names. Aish. What is with this freaking note though?! You know, after giving flowers to someone
else and this note, she doesnt deserve a call! Stupid Kim Taeyeon. She can worry about me some more
for all I care
Tiffany balled up the piece of paper and dropped it in the trash, picking up her keys and depositing

them into her purse a second later. As confused as she was about Taeyeons letter and the method used
to return her keys, she had other things to focus on and accomplish this afternoon. For lack of a better
phrase, she had a bigger fish to fry and thinking of Taeyeon would only continue to affect her mood,
which she could not let happen. Her plans the day before had been executed perfectly and now she had
one more task to complete before she went after what she wanted. With very selfish intentions, she was
not above using underhanded means to attain the outcome she desired.
After all, if the devil did it, then why couldnt she?

Sitting at a small table situated in plain view of the street outside, Tiffany spotted Yuri crossing the
street outside the upscale bistro and smirked. Twisting her straw in her drink, Tiffany lowered her head
and pretended to be deep in thought as she waited for the tan girl she had met the other night.
Considering they did not know each other well, it had been very accommodating of Yuri to shift her
schedule for a late lunch with her at such short notice. A small amount of guilt shot through her as
thoughts of why she had called the other girl out crossed her mind, but she pushed them away in the
same way she had managed to quell the urge to continue kissing Taeyeon the day before.
By thinking about all the hell she had been through because of Taeyeon and that was not even
counting todays events.
Frankly, no matter what she felt about the earlier occurrence at her office, Taeyeon was becoming less
and less like the devil to her. After the other night at the club another person qualified for Taeyeons
assigned title, but Tiffany could not call them the same in good conscience. Taeyeons nickname was
well-deserved, but now sounded far more intimate and fond than it had been when Tiffany had first
come up with it. Only one person could be her mini-devil and the person she was conspiring against
today was almost a hundred times worse than Taeyeon could ever be. Plus, there was the fact that she
surely held no affection for them.
Jessica Jung would soon know how much of a bad idea it had been to provoke someone she deemed
sexually frustrated.
The stage had already been set and Tiffany had just been waiting for the arrival of her unsuspecting co-

actress. The audience would be soon to follow and Tiffany had made sure that they would arrive in the
state she wanted them to be in. Of course, a lot of her plan involved speculation into Yuri and Jessicas
characters, but she thought she had gleaned enough from the conversation she had overheard to be
confident in her estimations. She hated that she had to bring Yuri into things when she had just been a
passive participant, but she was certain that it was only through Yuri that she could affect Jessica.
Sorry Yuri-sshi, but I promise Ill make it up to you someday. I dont think youll mind much though
considering your feelings of the other night. Take this as getting payback for the both of us
Looking up at the shout, Tiffany smiled at Yuri, who appeared apologetic as she approached the table.
Taeyeons friend did not look much different in business attire and Tiffany noticed how she drew the
attention of the bistros patrons in the same way she herself had upon her entrance. Yuri took the seat
next to her and turned towards her with an expression that radiated apology and concern. It made
Tiffany feel extremely uncomfortable knowing how she was going to use the other girl. She suppressed
the feeling though and continued to smile genially.
Im so sorry Im late. My secretary had some papers I needed to sign since I have meetings the rest of
the evening. Sorry, Yuri rambled, shrugging out of her coat and adjusting it on the back of her seat.
Its fine. Im glad you were able to make it. I know my call must have surprised you since we arent
really well, friends, Tiffany said, looking down as she started her act.
Yah! I thought we became friends the other night. I thought we bonded over you strangling your
glass, Yuri responded as if she were offended and Tiffany looked back up as she shook her head
quickly, her smile still in place.
We did. I felt very comfortable with you. I was hoping you felt like I was a friend too because there
really arent many people who I could talk about Taeyeon with.
Jessica would be a better person, but I understand why you said on the phone that you wanted to talk
to me. You didnt really get much chance to talk to her and she can be a little Taeyeon-biased since
Taeyeon is both the lawyer she admires and a friend she really loves. Taeyeon has taken care of her
well at the firm. I guess Im more neutral since I became friends with her through Jessica, Yuri said

before their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of a server, who took their orders and retreated.
So should we start talking about why you called me? I have a question for you first though. What
happened to you the other night? You had everyone really worried when you disappeared. I swore I
thought Taeyeon was going to report you missing, Yuri continued and Tiffany nodded, having heard
about Taeyeons worry from the source herself.
I know. Even though she was mad at me I could tell. It didnt help that I didnt answer her calls, but
everything was just too much. I needed to think. I needed to figure things out. So, I guess Im both
happy she was anxious and regretful. It just became another thing I could use
Thats partly what I wanted to talk to you about, Tiffany replied and turned her head slightly towards
the entrance to get a glimpse of the incoming customers as she forced herself to focus on the present.
Come on, come on. She should be here already. I know she couldnt sit back and do nothing after
hearing what she did
Oh? So what happened? Yuri asked curiously and Tiffany dragged her attention from the door to
You remember the question I asked you?
Of course. The one I said you had to find your own answer to Yuri trailed off, appearing thoughtful
as she recalled their conversation. Did you?
I figured it out. I found my answer and honestly, it scared me, Tiffany told the other girl, being
truthful despite the fact that she really did not need to talk to Yuri about her realizations.
She had decided beforehand that being as honest as possible was the best way to keep Yuri an active
participant in their conversation. It also had the benefit of assuaging any residual guilt she felt towards
Yuri for lying to her about her true intentions. She felt far more comfortable thinking that she was
manipulating the truth to her advantage than she did thinking she was being dishonest. Plus, telling
outright lies would only mean that she would have to create more lies to cover the original ones and she
had no plans to do so. At least, she did not with Yuri.
You ran, Yuri stated knowingly and leaned back in her seat, hand extended out on the table in front of

her as she idly tapped her fingers. Tiffany snuck another look towards the entrance and still did not see
the person she was searching for, so she responded while beginning to feel antsy that her staged setup
would backfire.
I ran. I ran as fast as I could away from the one who was making me feel so disoriented. I ran away
from the place where she was because I wasnt sure I could handle seeing her without sorting things for
myself. I ran because the knowledge of what I was feeling made me feel out of control and my mind to
feel like a place where only chaos resided. I had felt lost trying to figure out what it was that was
driving my emotions, but when I realized it was jealousy and that there were deeper feelings supporting
it, I panicked. I panicked and ran as fast as I could.
I thought you might run, but only because I could see that you were truly confused about your
feelings. I know a little about you and Taeyeons relationship from her and I know it wasnt
conventional. Being engaged to a stranger and clashing with them every time you meet is not exactly
the easiest way for feelings to develop, but you did. Despite the fights and struggles because of your
personalities, Taeyeon pulled you in without you knowing. Its why you couldnt recognize it, Yuri
said and Tiffany nodded silently in agreement as her mind wandered.
Id like to think I would have figured it out on my own, but when? After I was married to her? From the
beginning until now, when was the exact moment she started attaching tethers to my heart? Was it that
day our engagement was agreed upon because I was tired of dating the same type of people and I
thought it could be worth it to see her beauty every day? Or was it when she started toying with me and
making me want her more than I already secretly did? Was it when she first laid her lips on mine and
made me think I had never been kissed that way before? Its the something Im still not sure of. I still
dont know the start
Tiffany-sshi? Tiffany-sshi?
Hmm? Oh, sorry. Zoned out for a moment, Tiffany sheepishly said as Yuri pulled her from her
thoughts. She had not meant to space out and she blamed it on the fact that her mind still was not
completely settled in regards to Taeyeon.
Its fine. I know someone who looks utterly bored when she isnt paying attention and at least you
didnt look like you were about to fall asleep, Yuri replied, her smile holding a certain fondness that
made Tiffany think that the person she was talking about was Jessica. It was the kind of smile someone

had only when they were thinking of a person dear to them and she knew that was the case with the two
Anyway, if youve figured it out, then what do you plan to do about it? Are you going to approach
Taeyeon? Yuri asked.
I intend to. After a restless night, I came to some conclusions. One of them was that I dont want to
lose her. I dont think I will, but I feel like I need to assure myself that shes really not going to go
anywhere. Sometimes she makes me think this is all a game to her and its from those moments that the
fear comes. I dont want to be scared of my feelings, Yuri-sshi. I dont want to be afraid that shes
treating whats between us as a game just to prove to me that Im attracted to her. I dont want to be
afraid that shell get tired of being with me. I dont want to be afraid that these feelings Ive discovered
in myself towards her are one-sided, Tiffany explained, masking the fact that she was aware of
Taeyeons feelings because she was still unsure of the extent. Even with Jessica, Yuri, and her fathers
words, it was something that she would not be entirely sure of until she heard from the source. She had
to hear it from Taeyeon.
Do you really believe the engagement is a game to Taeyeon? Yuri questioned, the inquiry falling in
line smoothly with the direction Tiffany planned to move the conversation.
Shes asking about the engagement because she doesnt want to give away anything. She even helped
fool me the other night, but I still feel more dislike towards her girlfriend. Yuri had to restrain her
jealousy all night while Jessica pushed me deeper into my own. Strange how I can feel empathy for one
and have a desire for retribution toward the other.
I dont know. I dont know her feelings. I want to be with her. I really have made that choice for
myself, but how can I be sure she wants the same? I know why I agreed to this engagement, but I dont
know her reasons. How can I be sure of someone who all Ive ever done is fight with?
And maybe a little more but thats just because my mini-devil doesnt like being told Im not attracted
to her. I wonder what she would do if I said that now
For the same reason that you feel like youre inexplicably drawn to her, Yuri answered promptly and
leaned forward again in her seat.
Tiffany nodded absently as if she were considering Yuris words while checking the entrance again. She

had to force herself not to smile when she saw a frazzled and furious-looking blonde cross the street in
front of the bistro. Looking back towards Yuri, Tiffany contemplated her next course of action. She had
planned this part tentatively because it all depended on the moment in her and Yuris conversation that
Jessica arrived. She knew she would not have to do much, but she needed just enough to force Jessica
to come storming in.
And she had just the idea.
Yuri-sshi I understand, but what if her feelings arent the same? How am I to deal with it then? I
dont think I could enter a marriage with her knowing that. I-I dont think I could handle it if she
rejected me, Yuri-sshi. Shes someone who I know now has a thorough grip on my heart, so what would
I do? Tiffany murmured, in a low and saddened voice that sounded on the verge of tears. She could
only hope that Yuri did not know enough about her character to know that she was faking.
Ill use you this once and I wont do it again. Sorry Yuri-sshi. I just need you to react and Ill take care
of the rest.
Tiffany continued her act, lowering her head and looking as downcast as she possibly could. She knew
the only way she would be able to be convincing was to imagine the scenario was true and allow an
aura of depression to settle over her. It was difficult to imagine Taeyeon not caring for her after her
recent discoveries, but she thought she might be pulling it off. However, she knew that if the situation
were real, she would probably be more upset since the words she exchanged with Yuri were not totally
She did have a lingering fear that her and Taeyeons relationship was built on the game Taeyeon had
been playing. She could not help but fear that her own feelings were only those born of the lust that the
other girl inspired in her. She was afraid that the only thing she and Taeyeon could have between them
were their arguments and the passion-filled moments created in the last few months. Yet, after realizing
that she had been blind to what Taeyeon felt and with the knowledge that she could have so much more
with Taeyeon then what she had now, she did not fear those things as much.
To her, true fear was connected to the feeling of not wanting to lose someone whose value to her had
grown without her knowing. She wanted Taeyeon to stay in her life and she did not want to let her go.
She would not let anyone else have Taeyeon now either and was willing to claim her as many times as
necessary to show that that the other girl could not be anyone elses. Far more than she had ever

thought could be possible, her heart had become invested in their relationship. What was between them
may not have been idyllic, but it was theirs.
Aish. Stupid, stupid, stupid midget. Why do you have to infiltrate my brain even more than you did
before? Is this an unwanted side effect to having feelings for you? So frustrating I am so going to
take this out on you later. And I havent forgotten that pitiful note and those damn flowers either
Tiffany-sshi she heard Yuri say in a concerned voice and she looked back up to see the other girl
looking hesitant before an expression of resolve slipped over her features.
Yuri stood up and dragged her chair beside Tiffany, the slight scrapping noise on the floor making other
customers look up briefly before they returned to their meals. Retaking her seat, Yuri turned her body
towards Tiffany and shot her a consoling smile, taking her hand and patting it in a way that spoke of
her concern and demonstrated her caring nature. It was just like her father had done and it caused a
resurgence of guilt within Tiffany, but she could not stop now that she had come this far. She only
hoped Yuri would forgive her later.
Forcing tears to her eyes as well as any actress worth her salt, Tiffany looked at Yuri and made her
lower lip tremble. It was a trick that had been used on her father enough times when she was younger
and he had usually fallen for it. She allowed the tears to fall, but only a few because she wanted to
appear stressed and troubled instead of completely distraught. The lip trembling seemed to work on
Yuri too, who immediately lifted a hand to Tiffanys face and wiped the tears away. As soon as Yuris
hand was about to leave her face and the other girl opened her mouth to speak, Tiffany tossed a quick
glance over Yuris shoulder and saw Jessica standing frozen just inside the bistros doors, watching
Sorry Yuri. Forgive me for this.
Tiffany lurched towards Yuri and threw her arms around the startled girls neck, burying her face in the
space between Yuris neck and shoulder. She tilted her head back slightly so that she could peer at
Jessica and smiled a bit victoriously when Jessicas expression became thunderous and her eyes flashed
with rage. Jessica looked quite a bit like someone who would have had steam issuing from their ear had
life been a cartoon. She already had the wild hair to go with the image since it looked like she had ran
her hands through her hair roughly at least a few times.
Yuri was tense in her arms, but after a second she relaxed and seemed to take the action in her stride.

Tiffany found herself being surprised when Yuri released her hand and moved her arms around her
back. The other girl began patting her back with one hand while the other settled near the top of her
head. With her hair being stroked in a way she was sure was meant to soothe, Tiffany could truly say
she was not expecting this reaction from Yuri. Glancing back at Jessica she could see her eyes narrow
as she began marching towards them.
Im actually unsure of whether shes mad at me or Yuri at the moment. Crap was this a mistake?
Its okay Tiffany-ah, Yuri told her, calling her familiarly and attempting to console her in a way that
was wholly unnecessary. She was completely unaware of the danger they faced and how fast it was
closing in.
Tiffany felt Yuris arms drop instantly at the shout and she was pushed away with a speed that would
have been jarring had she not been somewhat expecting it. Instead of feeling afraid of the cutting gaze
being directed toward her, she was more amused with how fast Yuri jumped up from her seat and
turned to the clearly fuming blonde not even two steps from them. Stealing a quick look around the
restaurant to see the shocked faces of customers and spotting her and Yuris waiter retreating into the
kitchen with their food, Tiffany inwardly shook her head thinking that Jessica Jung really knew how to
make an entrance.
Yah! Kwon Yuri! What the hell are you doing with her? Jessica spat venomously, her eyes pinned
murderously to Tiffany even while she spoke to Yuri.
Sica, Tiffany-ah and I were just ta
We were having a nice date until you interrupted. Yuri-yah gives really nice hugs, Tiffany cut in,
preventing Yuri from telling the truth while standing and moving to Yuris side.
Mustering all the courage she could, she looped her arm through Yuris and leaned against her. She felt
Yuris eyes on her and inwardly apologized again to the tan girl who must have been dumbfounded.
Jessica visibly bristled, eyes moving to their now linked arms. She looked like she could readily sever
Tiffanys arm from her body, but then she raised her eyes to Tiffanys and Tiffany smiled at her.
Jessicas eyes darkened and she stepped forward, causing Yuri to disengage her arm and move to stand
in between them.

Yuri seems to be protecting me, but I really dont need it. I can handle Jessica-sshi maybe.
Kwon Yuri youd better move. Now, Jessica said in a tight voice that was fairly vibrating with her
Sica, dont be like this. Its really noth Yuri started and was interrupted by Jessica this time.
You were hugging her, so dont tell me its nothing! You let her- you let her in the spot thats only
supposed to be mine! Jessica shouted, her voice dying out near the end.
Its not like that, Sica. Shes worried about things with Taeyeon and I
Youre lying. Your secretary called me. She told me how you rearranged your schedule to meet up
with Hwang. She said you had set plans for lunch for the rest of the week and she was wondering if we
had decided to see other people because you looked happy heading out. She said you looked like you
did when you come to meet me
Ah! I cant forget to tell them that I told the secretary I was Taeyeon. She thinks this is just Taeyeon and
her fiance i.e. me playing a prank on these two. Thats the only reason she agreed to call
Jessica. She thinks I called to schedule a meeting with Yuri and then Taeyeon called to proceed with
our prank. Yuri doesnt know I called back after I got off the phone with her earlier, so I wouldnt
want the secretary to get in trouble Tiffany thought, making a note to absolve Yuris secretary of any
While masquerading as Taeyeon, she had told the secretary to reveal to Jessica that it was Tiffany
Hwang that Yuri was meeting with. Tiffany was sure that it would make Jessica curious as to the
reason why Yuri was meeting with her. It had been partly because Jessica knew who she was that
Tiffany had hoped Yuri meeting her would play on any insecurities Jessica might have. Tiffany might
have been Taeyeons fiance, but Jessica could not claim to know her well and people often had their
worries when the one they loved was out with someone they were only vaguely familiar with. Tiffany
had only hoped her plan would work and it seemed it had.
Tiffany moved from behind Yuri and looked at Jessica, whose face was contorted with a mixture of
anger and hurt. She was staring at Yuri accusingly and it made Tiffany feel extremely guilty because
not even the motive behind her vengeful plan could ease the feeling as it had the times before. Stepping
around Yuri, she decided to end the act. She knew Jessica was jealous and angry and that was enough

for her. She knew the blonde girl would not have come had she not been those two things. It was
written in every crease of Jessicas mouth and every glint of her dark eyes.
Jessica-sshi, Yuri is not at fault. I lied to get her here saying that I needed to talk to her. She came
because I told her I was not comfortable talking to you about Kim. Even just now, she was only
reacting to what I was telling her. And I was also behind the call you received, so please forgive the
secretary for lying to you. She thought it was Kim playing a trick on you two, Tiffany explained and
could hear Yuri sigh behind her.
Jessica glared at her and looked ready to slap her, but she refrained from doing so after glancing at Yuri.
Instead she crossed her arms and seemed absolutely glacial as she responded, her voice sounding as
brittle as a frozen pond beginning to crack as spring drew closer. It was not because she was warming
up, however, but rather because she was not ready to forgive despite any curiosity she felt. Tiffany
knew she was on ice that could give at any moment.
You set this up? Jessica asked, quickly figuring out what the situation was. Tiffany did not miss the
momentary flash of dismay and disbelief in her eyes.
I did, Tiffany replied and then turned to Yuri, bowing down in apology. Im sorry for just now, Yurisshi.
As long as you tell me why you did it its okay. And whats with this Yuri-sshi stuff? We just moved
past that. Although, Id say its better than what you and Taeyeon call each other at least. Kim and
Hwang isnt affectionate at all, Yuri said after a moment and Tiffany sighed in relief that Yuri did not
seem angry.
A loud, irritable sounding growl came from behind her and Tiffany turned back to Jessica to see the
blonde girl still spearing her with a threatening gaze. Tiffany barely repressed a snort of laughter as
Jessica pushed past her, their shoulders colliding and making Tiffany stumble as the other girl went to
Yuri. It became even more difficult not to laugh when Jessica put her hands on the sides of Yuris face
and guided Yuris mouth down to hers. In the span of time that Tiffany knew Jessica was using to
declare who Yuri belonged to, the waiter finally returned from the kitchen and set the plates on the table
before disappearing again. Tiffany eyed the kissing couple and decided she had seen enough when
Yuris hands began moving down Jessicas back, tugging on the blondes shirt.

Coughing loudly until the two pulled apart and Jessica was glaring at her again, Tiffany smirked before
moving around them and retaking her seat. Jessica forcefully dragged Yuris chair away from hers and
Tiffanys smirk grew as Yuri was pushed into the chair, Jessica taking a seat on her lap. Yuri did not
appear to mind as she wrapped her arms around Jessicas waist. It was kind of cute to Tiffany how
proprietary Jessica was being, but not unexpected since she did know about Jessicas jealousy over a
simple birthday card and flowers.
I was going to ask if you would like a chair, but it seems you already found one, she told Jessica with
undisguised mirth and Jessica stared her down.
Im not going to play games with you, Hwang. Tell me what this is about now before I decide that itd
be worth it to hit you, Jessica demanded, skipping the pleasantries that Tiffany did not expect anyway.
Shes definitely worse than the devil. I wonder how Yuri deals with her all the time so violent.
I was just doing unto you what was done unto me.
Jealousy to provoke the sexually frustrated, Tiffany said straight-faced, watching as both girls eyes
widened and mouths dropped open.
Jessicas expression was the first to clear and when it did, Tiffany caught the look of grudging respect
that shimmered briefly before fading. The blond leaned back in Yuris arms and fastened her
penetrating gaze on Tiffany; still obviously not willing to forgive her as evidenced by the scowl that
formed. Yuri, on the other hand, sat for a second with her brow furrowed until it smoothed and a smile
turned up the corners of her mouth. She looked ready to burst out laughing and Tiffany assumed that
she had realized how they had been duped.
How much did you hear? Jessica asked and Tiffany shrugged.
I dont know exactly. I heard from when Yuri was talking about her jealousy to the end.
Thats basically all of it then, Jessica muttered and then sighed. So, Im assuming thats why you

I had a lot to think about. I finally got it all sorted out and could finally put a name to what I had been
feeling. You achieved your goal too. You successfully made me jealous, Tiffany admitted and Jessica
smiled smugly for a moment before frowning.
I just remembered. How could you leave like that without telling anyone? Do you have any idea how
worried Taeyeon was about you?
The question made Tiffany laugh lightly and Jessica stared at her blankly. She knew the other girl was
wondering why she had laughed over such a serious question.
Ive been asked that a few times today and I do know. Thanks to you two, I know, Tiffany replied, the
laughter leaving her voice as she explained herself.
It was all for Taeyeon, Jessica said simply and Tiffany nodded, understanding that Jessica was talking
about her actions the other day.
You really did not have to go as far as you did though. Even the simple things had me wanting to
shove you away from her. Also she listens to you too well, Tiffany declared and frowned as she
recalled how easily Taeyeon had followed Jessicas suggestion about her appearance.
Were you angry at how she messed up her hair and opened her shirt before we went into the club?
Jessica asked and Tiffany felt wary of the knowing smirk that formed on Jessicas face. She nodded
What in the world? Why is she smirking like that? Why does she seem to be anticipating telling me
You two are really idiots, Jessica said bluntly, laughing at Tiffanys affronted look.
Even I know what that was about and it had nothing to do with Sica, Yuri piped up, her smile
growing mischievous.
Are you going to tell me? Tiffany asked and the two shook their heads no almost simultaneously.

You should think about what you were doing before she decided to make herself look sexier,
Jessica hinted and Tiffany stared at the two incredulously. They were really not going to tell her and
now she would be thinking about it for the rest of the day.
Was she ever going to get a break today from thinking of Taeyeon?
You dont seem angry about what I did, Tiffany told Jessica, trying to steer her mind away from the
thoughts she knew would plague until she figured it out. Jessica scoffed at her words, giving her a look
that said, Youre kidding, right?
The only reason your face is still intact at the moment is because Yuris presence is keeping me calm
and I know Taeyeon would be furious if I touched you, the blonde girl responded and Tiffany wanly
smiled as she realized Jessica meant every word.
I see.
I dont care if you were trying to get me back for my provocations, but when you use Yuri and touch
her you have no idea who youre dealing with. No one is allowed to touch Yuri or hold onto her
except me. The only others are her family and Taeyeon, who has been so busy being stuck on you that I
have never had any worries about her anyway. Youre extremely lucky that I wish for my friends
happiness or you might not be breathing on your own right now, Jessica explained further and Tiffany
looked at Yuri to gauge Jessicas seriousness. Yuri just nodded and mouthed, Its true.
Oh, was all Tiffany could really say. Maybe payback on Jessica was not the greatest idea. She had a
feeling that the blonde could hold a grudge just as well as, if not better, than Taeyeon could.
Sica, how about you stop scaring her? We deserved it and you cant really be mad at someone who
actually outsmarted you, Yuri cajoled and Jessica turned to look at her slightly from her position on
her lap.
She didnt outsmart me, Jessica protested in an annoyed tone and Yuri chuckled.
Yeah, she kind of did. She used what she knew against us. She made you mad and jealous over me
with a simple phone call. She achieved it far before you even showed up and then she prodded those

two feelings even more when she saw you arrive. She also picked up on the fact that Im weak to
seeing my friends crying and really did not have to do much else, Yuri said and Tiffany could tell she
had figured out exactly how everything had been planned.
Actually, I wasnt sure of how you would react, but I did guess that you were the type to be concerned
about someone who was upset. Even if you didnt know them well, I thought you would be the type.
Fine. Whatever. I dont care She just needs to know that the touching of Jessica Jungs property is
strictly prohibited, Jessica muttered and then suddenly slapped one of the arms Yuri had around her
Yah! What was that for?
Well, I cant hit her because of Taeyeon, so youre the next best thing. Plus, Im still mad at you. You
shouldnt have comforted her. Wiping tears away, holding, and stroking hair are things youre only
allowed to do for me. A simple pat on the back would have sufficed for her.
I dont know how else to comfort people. I was thinking it was you so I could make sure I was doing
it right, Yuri explained and Tiffany watched with fascination as they seemed to forget she even
Jessica turned in Yuris arms slightly so she could look at her and Tiffany was not sure what Jessicas
expression looked like, but she assumed it was less angry than her previous ones because Yuri beamed
at her girlfriend. Tiffany looked away as they kissed again and smiled unconsciously at the control they
had over each others emotions. The other night and today had shown her how strong their relationship
was and she sighed as she thought of Taeyeon.
For taunting me for so long, she deserved everything I did yesterday but I feel bad now too. She has
has had feelings for me almost this entire time. Im the Mi girl that Jessica was talking about the
other night and my father confirmed it even further. He assured me of her feelings and made me even
surer of my choice. I just needed to know my effect on her and see it for myself. Shes always takes
charge and for once, I wanted the upper hand. I got it, so can we now move past it? Can we have
something as strong as or stronger than these two?
Tiffany? she heard as Jessicas voice pulled her from her contemplations.

Everything okay?
Yes, I was just thinking about the answer to what you two wont tell me, Tiffany replied and pouted,
causing the two now looking at her to laugh.
You didnt see her staring at you? Jessica asked and Tiffany shook her head.
I dont think she would have been as angry if she had, Sica, Yuri said and Tiffany looked between the
two of them waiting for them to give her an answer since it seemed like they were willing to tell her
What were you wearing to the club? Jessica asked in a tone that made Tiffany think Jessica felt like
she was instructing a small child. Shed feel insulted if she didnt want to know what they were talking
A business suit?
Yes. Now you were in a skirt and decided to remove your jacket. What was under that? Yuri
continued and received another slap on the arm from Jessica. What was that for?
For noticing, Jessica said shortly and turned her attention back to Tiffany, ignoring the pitiful and
abused look Yuri gave her.
I was wearing a halter, Tiffany replied, paying no heed to Jessicas little display of lingering jealousy
or Yuris expression.
Okay. Now, think of why Taeyeon would be staring at you.
Because she liked what she saw? Tiffany answered after a moment, feeling slightly flustered as she
remembered the ravenous look in Taeyeons eyes as she had finished dressing in front of her the
evening before. Yuri laughed at her response while Jessica shook her head in a resigned manner.

Well, theres that. Aish. Ill just explain. As soon as Taeyeon saw you shedding your jacket, she
decided that she did not be the odd one out in the group. She kept trying to look at you while we were
dancing because she was sure you would be attracting attention. Rearranging her appearance before we
went in the club was to redirect some of the attention and also to even things up. She thought it unfair
that you could look as appealing as you did while she was stuck in the button up that she deliberately
changed into for you anyway. If she could not look away from you, then she didnt want you to look
away from her either. Her words, Hwang likes my shirts. She doesnt even have to do any work this
time, Jessica explained, finishing with a smirk that made Tiffany lightly flush.
She puts on those damn shirts for me? Thats so so evil. I guess I should expect it of my mini-devil
now, but damn shes sneaky. Me in my nightclothes and changing when she could see doesnt seem to
compare. Her plot is more diabolical since shes been intentionally prolonging the torture she
definitely deserves yesterday. And as many days as I can give her in the future.
I was wondering why she had to change in the car, Yuri added and could not contain her laughter. It
didnt even occur to me until now, but the other day she left the car with almost a third of her buttons in
the wrong holes. Were they straight by the time she got to you, Tiffany-ah?
They were fastened correctly when I interrupted them, but Taeyeons hands were nowhere in sight,
Jessica remarked casually before Tiffany could answer and Yuri made an ooh sound.
You must have been very pissed at Sica then when she came in. I know I would be if I was in the same
situation, Yuri continued teasing.
I could tell she was pissed. After all, disappearing hands always spell for fun times. The short
byuntaes must especially mean that for Tiffany. Just where were those hands, Tiffany? Jessica said to
follow up Yuris comment and Tiffany buried her face in her hands, embarrassment coloring her face a
brighter hue of red.
What the hell is this? Are they ganging up on me? And the evil blondie knows damn well she
interrupted before anything could possibly happen
Are you guys having fun? she muttered and received affirmations from both that they were.
I suppose we can call ourselves even now since weve both managed to make each other jealous
and we embarrassed you, Jessica conceded and smiled at her for the first time since she had entered

the bistro.
I wish I could embarrass you in return, but I dont think youd be bothered by the same things.
Although I must say that you two should find more comfortable walls to practice on, Tiffany said and
was rewarded with a raised brow and wicked grin from Jessica.
Who said that was practice? I mean, I just dont think two rounds can be called that.
After Jessicas pronouncement, both Tiffany and Yuri were left red as they obstinately avoided each
others eyes. Jessica seemed exceptionally pleased with herself as she moved from Yuris lap. Calling
over another waiter, she had a chair brought for her and then ordered her own meal. She also had Yuri
and Tiffanys taken to be redone and somehow charmed the waiter into not charging for it while Yuri
stared hard at the stuttering young man. Then the blonde girl sat back in her chair, grinning like a
Cheshire cat. Or maybe it was a smile that Tom would have when he finally caught Jerry.
Tiffany had to admit, she was beginning to like Taeyeons friends. Even though Jessica had not been
her favorite person the other day, Tiffany had to thank her for pushing her towards the acknowledgment
of her feelings. She really had to thank both of the girls, who began looking at each other and then
broke out into sniggers each time they glanced at her. They seemed to think they were comedians, but
she didnt mind. With her small bit of revenge finished, she could sit and enjoy their company for now.
Besides, the only task left on her agenda now was making the devil completely hers and she had time
for that. If she had her way, then Kim Taeyeon would never be able to use her demonic charms on
anyone else ever again.
So Tiffany, do you want to share with us the reason why Taeyeon refused to change out of the
turtleneck she had on today?

Falling For The Devil (Part IV Ending)

Firm strokes of anothers hands along downy skin that felt better than that of a baby. Burrowing fingers
twirling wispy chestnut strands around them until they were as trapped as a fly in a web. Whispered
utterances into a delicate ear that was prone to reddening after it was nibbled on were followed by
delighted laugher in a husky quiver-inducing tone. Playful coercion parting supple lips with the
intention of tasting the sweet flavor behind them and a ravenous appetite that could not be quelled with
just one taste. The hand of another traveling up the warm plane of a well-sculpted abdomen and resting
there until encouragement urged it elsewhere. An invitingly upturned hand being held out and its owner
leading the way backwards into a bedroom that was home to two identical mirrors
Get. Out. Of. My. Head. I dont want to see it. I dont want to think of it. Get out. Get out.
The gym reverberated with the sound of padded gloves rhythmically striking the leather encasement of
a sand-filled bag. The sound of shuffling feet and quick steps was woven into the echoes, sharp
inhalations and muttered curses slipping into the brief moments of silence. The bag swayed as white
gloves repeatedly impacted its surface; the force enough to allow for its movement, but not enough to
make it swing wildly on the chains suspending it from the ceiling In any case, the power behind the
punches was not to be taken lightly considering she weighed less than the heavy bag and moving it
should have been more difficult. What was more, she had not practiced recently, but her ability to
convey her frustrations with a ferocity that was unnerving was not hindered in the slightest by that fact.
Eyes blazing with an irrepressible bloodlust, Taeyeon extended her gloved right fist in a smooth motion
and had not even pulled her arm back fully before her other was darting forward to land a hit in the
same place. She shifted her weight and threw all of her power into her next punch as she pounded her
fist against the piece of paper she had taped to the punching bag a short while ago. The crumpled sheet
tore, but that was perfectly alright with her. In her quest to obliterate a scenario she desperately wanted
to rid her mind of, Taeyeon already had a bag full of the twisted remains of numerous papers sitting on
the floor nearby. Yet another paper joined the rest as a new one took its place.
Superimposing the face of the one her raging jealousy deemed her rival onto the almost amorphous
face she had drawn and duplicated, Taeyeon acted as if every hit was a direct blow to person she
pictured Tiffany with. Every time her gloved fist made contact with the bag, she was picturing the
arms, the head, and the torso as she made contact with them. Every time she heard the thud of her
gloves against the smooth leather, she was imagining the burst of capillaries beneath flesh that would

later discolor. And as the arrogantly smiling countenance she saw on the paper was crushed and torn,
she inwardly applauded herself for blackening eyes and could swear she heard the sound of nasal bones
Breaking Joons nose over and over again could never be boring to her.
Taeyeon derived an immense amount of pleasure from fantasizing about the damage she could inflict
on him, even though she knew it was very possible that he was not the one Tiffany had been out with
four nights ago. Since she had no way of knowing whether he was the one or not, he ended up being
the target of her hostile feelings because he was a despised known element. Just the mere thought of
Joon and Tiffany engaging in the intimate actions she envisioned made her more than willing to seek
him out and consequently get arrested for assault. She was supremely confident, however, that she
could circumvent any charges against her and pull a reversal that would leave him floundering like a
fish in open air. He, of course, was a fish that she would not be kind enough to toss back.
Damn it. Im out. I could have sworn I had thirty copies did I go through all of them? Im not done
yet! I was going to try some kickboxing next. Imagine the pain he would feel if I kneed him in the groin
a couple of dozen times Id make sure he could never walk straight again or enjoy relations with
another for the rest of his life, especially not with MY fiance. By the time I was through with him, hed
prefer death and Id gladly deliver it.
The smirk that settled on Taeyeons lips was feral, the thought of meting out even more pain stirring
something dark and primal within her. A quick glance towards the giant clock dominating one wall of
the gym, however, wiped the expression from her face. Realizing that she had been beating the hell out
of the punching bag for a little over two hours, her desire to continue began to fade as exhaustion began
setting in. She had not noticed how much time had passed, so intent had she been on cleansing her
mind of the scene it had conjured and taking out her aggression on what she had taken as a stand-in for
whoever Tiffany had gone out with.
Sweat darkened tendrils of hair stuck to the sides of Taeyeons face and the back of her neck, the
ponytail she had pulled her hair up into having been unable to contain it all during her furious attacks
on the punching bag. Her black sports bra and shorts were dampened, the cotton fabric that was almost
a second-skin holding the moisture against her overheated body. Her flushed skin held a light sheen
under the artificial light of the gym and she began to feel sticky as the sweat coating her form cooled
rapidly with the cessation of her activities. Pulling off one glove and then the other, Taeyeon quickly

unwound the handwraps that protected her hands, the semi-elastic material being rolled up as it was
Stowing away her gloves and handwraps in the small bag she normally kept them in, Taeyeon slung the
strap over her shoulder before she began cleaning up. Glowering at the ripped paper that was held up
on the punching bag by copious amounts of tape, Taeyeon tore it down and shredded it. She slipped the
remains in with the rest of the trash and deposited the entire bag in the waste receptacle on her way out
the gym doors. Jogging up three flights to her floor, she hurriedly made her way down the hall and
punched in her entry code once she reached her door. Entering her apartment, she planned on heading
straight to the shower since she was expecting company, but paused as she passed by the kitchen.
Her usually immaculate kitchen was an absolute mess.
The charred remains of what would have been her dinner sat on the stovetop, unused ingredients and
other clutter covering the counter nearby. The spatula she had been using was lying to the side, having
been placed there carelessly during an earlier moment of aggravation. The mess in the kitchen was the
result of her attempt at cooking dinner for herself, which had had ended disastrously thanks to the
influence of her friend. Sighing heavily, Taeyeon rubbed her temple as she remembered the reason why
images of Tiffany with another had invaded her mind in the first place.
Why are you avoiding her, Taeyeon? Shes been trying to reach you and I saw you ignore her call
again today. Why wont you answer? Jessicas voice echoed in the kitchen, the call on speakerphone
while Taeyeon poured the mixture for the omelet she had decided to cook for dinner into the frying pan.
She could not mess up this time or it would be her last opportunity to eat, considering she was cooking
all three of the eggs she had found in her refrigerator and she had no other groceries.
Why has Jessica been so adamant that I talk to her? I keep telling her that I just need time to think, but
her bothering me 24/7 has given me little to no chance to do so. Cant she tell by now that I dont want
to talk to her yet?
Im not avoiding her. Weve discussed this, Jessica. I just cant talk to her right now. I have a lot of
things on my mind and decisions need to be made. I counted and its less than four months until were
supposed to be married. Four months until she would be mine in the eyes of others, but not in hers,

Taeyeon replied solemnly as she picked up a spatula, a loud sigh from her friend coming across the line
while she checked the edges of the omelet to make sure it wasnt sticking to the sides of the pan.
You wouldnt understand how I feel. Yuri loves you back. You know she does and so you dont have to
worry about anyone stealing her away or not wanting you. I do. I have to worry because I dont have
such guarantees. Even if were engaged, she has no reason to stay faithful to me
There are no decisions that you can make by yourself. Youre in a relationship with Tiffany and
anything you decide affects both of you. So whatever it is that you feel the need to think about, you
need to discuss it with her. You need to talk to her, but you wont. I think its important that you do
before you decide something that youll regret. Talk to her, Taeyeon.
Whats it going to change, Jessica? The fact that I succeeded in making her want me, but thats all she
seems to want from me? The fact that she has no idea how much I wish every day for her to desire all
of me? Will it make her see that Ive been hoping all this time to be more than just someone shes
engaged to in name only? Taeyeon wearily questioned, far past being tired of thinking about
something she was certain could never happen. Thinking of someone that it seemed more and more
likely she would never have completely, Taeyeon was hopelessly exhausted.
It could change everything, but youre too much of a coward to go after what you want! Jessica
exploded and Taeyeon was taken aback by the volume of her voice. Jessica rarely raised her voice
because even her quiet tone was enough to make people listen, but for her to be so loud and for anger to
coat every word with burning fierceness, Taeyeon knew Jessica was beyond agitated with her.
You wont look and see what everyone around you can see. You wont let her see. You wont take a
chance because you fear your hearts going to be rejected if you offer it and that thought terrifies you.
For someone who youve poured so much energy into trying to make see something in you to keep
them interested, you wont do anymore because you fear that shell never accept it. Tiffany has such
tremendous power over you because you love her, but youre afraid that if you tell her your feelings,
she wont return them and shell run from you. So, youd rather live with the unfulfilling relationship
you have with her now, then to not have her at all. And thats just heartbreaking to see. To see the
person I love and admire deeply as a friend and role model like that, it hurts, Jessicas voice petered
out, her discontent and anguish over what she perceived palpable.
Taeyeon was struck silent at having her feelings stripped down and laid bare. Without much

acknowledgement from herself, beneath her false confidence and bravado had always been simple,
unadulterated fear. She wanted to deny Jessicas words, but how could she deny something that was the
truth? From the moment she had recognized her feelings for Tiffany and the second she had decided to
keep her within reach anyway that she could, she had been guided by an underlying feeling that went
deeper than being afraid that Tiffany would leave her for someone else. Every word in every argument,
every irrational display of jealousy, and every predatory and premeditated seduction had all been
underwritten by an unmistakable fear that Tiffany would never want her love.
Jessicas uncovering of the motive behind all her actions and her own realization of the reach it had left
her feeling like she had just been permanently winded.
Youve been sequestering yourself away from her and Im not going to sit by while you remain prey
to your fear. And neither will anyone else who cares for you, Jessica stated in an even tone that
brooked no room for argument and Taeyeon nodded, the words finding residence in her mind.
So is me being scared witless the reason why I wont talk to her? After being in such a rage from her
not returning home the other night and not coming into work at her regular time, is fear the reason Im
not willing to try again after attempting to put myself out there? Is it because I felt like I was incredibly
replaceable to her?
You know what I want to know? I want to know what happened to the Kim Taeyeon who refused to
see Tiffany with someone else that could never appreciate her in the manner she thought Tiffany
deserved. The one who would be going after Tiffany right now, regardless of if there was someone else
in the picture or not. The one who would be demanding an explanation from Tiffany for why she never
came home or returned her calls. The Taeyeon who bought flowers for someone for the first time in her
twenty-six years and was going to start showing Tiffany that there was more to their relationship then
just attraction, because one night of worrying who Tiffany was with was enough for her, Jessica said
and Taeyeon unconsciously clenched her fists at the last statement.
Because the person who has not talked to the girl she claims she loves for nearly four days now is not
Kim Taeyeon. All appearances say she is, but she is really a sad coward who is willing to lose the girl
shes wanted for so long. That guy you told me about at Tiffanys company, he was right. If Tiffany
marries the you right now, shes never going to be happy. Shell go find what she needs with someone

else because while youre scared to tell her your feelings, someone else isnt going to be. Maybe that
someone has already appeared to satisfy her in a way youll never be able to
Yah! Jung Sooyeon! What the hell are you saying to me right now? Taeyeon shouted, slamming the
spatula in her hand down on the counter and causing fragments of still uncooked egg to splatter on the
marble surface. Jessicas words served to remind her of an event she would rather forget and ignited a
spark of fury within her as it hit its intended targets.
Her pride and her heart.
Why? Why would she say this to me if she knows of my fear and she knows the extent of my feelings? Is
she trying to hurt me with thought of someone giving Tiffany something I cant?
You should know it wont be you she chooses if you never say a word. No one can read your mind and
forget about people saying actions speak louder than words. Words can say things a whole hell of a lot
clearer than actions can because they leave less room for interpretation, Jessica continued and sighed
for the second time. If she thinks you dont want her, then just imagine what she could be doing with
someone who isnt afraid to tell her they do
The shrill sound of the smoke detector going off cut into the angry response Taeyeon was about to
make and her head swung around for a moment before she realized what was happening. Dropping her
eyes to what was supposed to be her omelet, she saw that it was smoking around the edges and turned
off the heat quickly before moving the pan to an unheated burner. Snatching up a dishtowel, she moved
swiftly to wave the smoke away from the highly sensitive device, the alarm shutting off after what felt
like ten minutes of jumping and swinging the towel near it.
Taeyeon? What was that? Did you catch something on fire? Jessicas asked and Taeyeon growled as
she stalked back to the stove to check the damage.
This is just freaking fantastic. I guess I wont be having dinner tonight, Taeyeon said as she used the
spatula to flip the omelet over. The side that had been facing up had only been slightly burnt, but the
underside looked decidedly inedible. She wouldnt be surprised if it flaked like burnt toast did if she
moved it again.

What? she snapped, gritting her teeth and blaming Jessica for distracting her. It was silly to be angry
at her friend, but she still could not get the other girls words out of her head. Plus, flashes of things she
had not even pictured before were starting to appear within her mind and they completely unsettled her.
Dont use that tone with me. Im just telling you the truth you need to hear, but well talk more later.
Ill be by your place in a few hours with dinner since it seems something happened to yours. You
should think about what I said though. See you then, Jessica replied and then the only sound filling the
kitchen was that of Taeyeons harsh breathing.
Damn it.
End of flashback
Thats right I hadnt even been thinking of Tiffany with anyone else to such an extent until she said
that. Then all I could see was that. My stomach hurts. My head hurts. Im tired too, but more than
anything else, my heart hurts. Everything Jessica said was the truth. I really am a coward. All I can do
is take my frustrations out on a punching bag. I should talk to Tiffany, but she hasnt called me again
since I ignored her call this morning. I guess I should try to call her, but maybe it should wait until
after Jessica gets here.
Shaking her head and sighing, Taeyeon decided to clean up the kitchen later and continued on her way
to her room. She pulled the bag holding her boxing gear off her shoulder and threw it into her closet as
she passed, not really caring where it landed. Itd be another thing to clean up later, but right now she
really just wanted and needed a shower. Once in her bathroom, she turned the knob for hot water as far
as it would go before adjusting the cold one. Shedding her clothes and stepping under the almost
scalding spray, Taeyeon pulled her hair free of its rubbery constraint as she let the water pound
relentlessly down on her head.
It was not long before the bathroom was filled with steam, the sweet fragrance of soap and shampoo
permeating the muggy air. As she slowly rinsed the lather from her body and thoroughly scrubbed her
hair free of any suds that remained, a ringing sound echoed through her apartment and reached her ears,
causing a curse to bubble past her lips as she began rushing to finish her shower. Shutting off the
downpour that had left her feeling clean and invigorated, Taeyeon then wrung her hair free of excess
water, not doing it as well as she should have in her haste. She pulled on a white terrycloth robe as she
clambered out of the shower, knotting its long belt tightly at the waist before pulling a towel off a

nearby hook as she exited the bathroom.

Jessicas so freaking impatient. She only has to press the button once Taeyeon thought as she headed
for the door, each of the six additional chimes of the doorbell a display of said aggressors impatience.
Water dripped onto the floor as she padded to the door, but once again, she pushed it to the back of her
mind with the thought that she could clean it up later. Roughly rubbing the towel in her hand against
her still soaking hair, she held her robe closed at the top with one hand, but released it when she
realized she needed a free hand to open the door. Thinking that Jessica would just have to deal with her
state of dress, she reached for the handle and pulled the door inward as she took a step back. She had
already opened her mouth to berate Jessica for ringing her doorbell so many times, but standing outside
was someone who was definitely not her blonde friend. Abruptly, she stopped rubbing her hair and
gaped openly as shock coursed through her, every nerve jumping to attention at the sight of the person
that greeted her.
Standing in front of her, white paper bags with the insignia of one of her favorite restaurants in one
hand and the other poised to press the bell again, was Tiffany.
Tiffanys eyes did not move from her as they regarded each other in silence, neither speaking for
reasons known only to them. Taeyeon felt like she had been placed under a full body bind and the one
who incanted petrificus totalus had done so without the twitch of a finger. However, the curse was
lifted when Tiffanys gaze, heavy with unnamable emotions and brimming with inquiry, migrated
south. Taeyeon looked down at herself curiously and three things occurred almost simultaneously.
One, her face flamed scarlet as she realized that she was in front of Tiffany, who was examining her
with unveiled interest, in nothing but a robe that did not close all the way at the top and that was also
quite short. Two, a bizarre combination of choked words and garbled sounds made their way past her
lips in an attempt at speaking that sounded like her air supply had been cut off. And three, she slammed
the door shut and twisted the lock, her free hand coming up to press against the metal door while her
towel-filled one dropped limply to her side.
What? Why is she? Why is she here?! I thought it was Jessica. Why her? And why does she have food
with her? What in the No, that cant be it. Jessica wouldnt do that, right? She wouldnt send her
here, right? But, it had to be Jessica. Shes the only one who knew about me not eating and I know
Hwang didnt have my address. Shed have to get it from someone What in the hell was Jessica
thinking?! Damn it, damn it! How the hell am I supposed to deal with this?!

Yah! Kim?! Tiffanys slightly muffled voice shouted from outside and was followed by several sharp
knocks against the hollow barrier that separated them.
Taeyeon was honestly at a loss as to what she should do. Knowing how loud Tiffany could be, she
could not leave the other girl out in the hall for much longer. Not to mention, her neighbors were older
and had a tendency to be crabby when disturbed. It was getting late, so she knew the possibility of such
an event occurring was high as long as Tiffany continued trying to get her to open the door. But if she
let Tiffany in, she was not sure how she should act around her.
Letting out a frustrated groan, Taeyeon decided that the target of her next boxing workout would
definitely be Jessica, the betrayal and deceit perpetrated by her ex-best frienddeserving even more of
her wrath then that of Tiffanys nighttime company, whoever that may have been.
Crap. I cant exactly open the door to her in my robe again, can I? but going to change would take
too much time. Argh. Jessica is dead the next time I see her! What can I do? Damn it. I might as well
just open the door and get this over with. I guess itd be a fair trade since I got to see her in Crap.
Think habeas corpus, generalius specialibus, obiter dictum, ratio dicidendi, actus reus, and lingerie.
No! Not that um Mens rea! Not that either, that means guilty mind! Damn it! Dont think of it,
Taeyeon. Empty your mind
Taeyeon bit her bottom lip as she struggled to not think of very inappropriate thoughts that were not
suitable at the moment. Her eyes boring into the door as if she could see right through it, Taeyeon
pictured the girl on the other side and unconsciously smiled. To be perfectly honest, her stomach was
erupting in a flurry of movement as butterflies took flight with the knowledge that there was less than a
meter was between Tiffany and herself. The frenzy within seemed to strengthen as she thought of the
way Tiffany had looked at her, the dark gaze so intense that it was as if Tiffany was seeing right
through her to the truth that she had been keeping from her for so long. Perhaps that had just been her
overactive imagination though, the talk with Jessica still lingering in the periphery of her mind.
Inhaling deeply as Tiffany shouted her name through the door and hammered on it again, Taeyeon let
her hand drop to the lock. She twisted it counterclockwise until she heard the click of it being undone
and exhaled. Her hand hovered over the handle for a moment before she finally wrapped her fingers
around the cool metal and reopened the door. Just like before, she was met with the sight of Tiffany, but
with a minor change. Tiffany was still standing there with food in hand like before, but now the
strength of her gaze was greater and Taeyeon could name the predominant emotion within effortlessly.

Hwang What a surprise. I was expecting Jessica, but I guess youll do. Come in, Taeyeon greeted
almost passively, suppressing the urge to slam the door again.
She did not think she was ready to be in Tiffanys presence yet. While she knew she had to talk to the
other girl, she was unsure of where she would start. She was completely unprepared and so she thought
maybe she should do what she did best, which was to hide everything she was feeling behind an
unaffected mask and hope like hell that Tiffany did not see through it. However, Jessicas words
reappeared in the forefront of her mind and she remembered why she had ventured to the gym.
Recalling the reasons why she had attacked the punching bag as if it were a real person, Taeyeon knew
without a doubt that something was going to change between them tonight.
Whether the outcome was the end of their relationship or the change she had been longing for she
was through with being a coward.

Ill do? What is that supposed to mean? And why is she opening the door in only a bathrobe? Andand Oh God, Tiffany. Dont watch the water. Dont do it. Just go in and yell at her. Remember why
youre here. Talk first and then let your mind wanderits moving down her neck. Damn you, Kim
Tiffany tightened her hold on the carryout bags in her hand, her fingers curling around their rolled up
tops firmly. Eyes drinking in the sight of the seemingly freshly showered girl in front of her, her
stomach tightened as she tracked a drop of water that slid down Taeyeons smooth neck as if in slow
motion. Another soon joined it and both disappeared beneath white fabric, where they either continued
their rolling trek or were reabsorbed by Taeyeons robe.
Just how in the hell was she supposed to stay annoyed at having a door slammed shut in her face when
the person who did it looked like Taeyeon?
Her eyes lingering on the warm column of flesh she had feasted on only days before, Tiffany focused
on the almost completely healed marks of her making. The swell of self-satisfaction she felt at seeing
that they were still somewhat visible lasted for a few moments until her interest was lured elsewhere.
Her gaze lowered to the loose V shape created by the overlapping edges of Taeyeons robe, the
revealed skin there more than enough to prompt an acceleration of her pulse. The reaction was
unsurprising to her by this point in time since she knew how possible it was to want Taeyeon even

when she was angry at her.

Without warning, Tiffany shoved the bags she held into Taeyeons surprised hands; the towel Taeyeon
had been drying her hair with dropping to the floor as she released it to grab the bags. Tiffany ignored
the look of indignation that flittered across Taeyeons face as she maneuvered past her into the
apartment, sliding out of her flats and taking care not to touch the girl she had not seen for days. If she
did, Tiffany was not sure if she would hit Taeyeon first, hug her, or do both. She imagined that she must
be feeling similar to how Taeyeon had felt the other day coming to her apartment and acknowledging
that, she knew she should not feel as angry as she did, but she could not seem to help it.
The past few days had been emptier than normal to her and she had known it had everything to do with
Taeyeon being absent from them. She was accustomed to not seeing Taeyeon for days after one of their
encounters, but not even hearing the other girls voice had seemed like too much now that she was
certain of how she felt. Planning to spend time with Taeyeon and hint heavily about her feelings as the
first step in making Taeyeon hers, she had been disappointed when she had not been able to get in
touch with the other girl. Because while she may have been used to not seeing Taeyeon every day, she
was not used to calling and the other girl not answering almost right away.
Frankly, Tiffany did not even want to remember the number of times she had been directed to
voicemail and had ended the call with a huff of irritation. It had left her feeling disturbed because she
knew Taeyeon was screening her calls intentionally. The phone ringing only two times and then
switching to voicemail had happened far too frequently for it not to have been a sign of Taeyeon
purposefully ignoring her calls. As much as she had wanted to go to Taeyeons office and confront her
about it, her packed schedule of recent days had prevented her from doing so.
With her division busy with a new proposal, she had been unable to reschedule her meetings, so she
had given up on seeing Taeyeon during work hours. It had not been as if she could visit her at home in
the evening either since she had not had Taeyeons address. She had been going to call Jessica to get it,
but it had been to her surprise when Jessica called her first. The call that she had received three hours
ago had never been more welcomed and fear inducing at the same time.
That demanding, violent, scary, and frigid-sounding girl. Did she really have to be so demonic when
she was telling me I needed to fix things with Kim? Telling me that today was my chance and Id better
settle things or shed kill us, why did she have to make me believe that she would? She really is going

through a lot of trouble to get us together though. She didnt have to tell me the address and command I
show up with food, but Im glad she did. If only for the fact that the door wasnt opened to her
with my fianc wearing what she is
Suddenly gnashing her teeth at the thought and recalling Taeyeons first words to her, Tiffany stalked
further into Taeyeons apartment and spun around when she reached the couch in the living room.
Taeyeon appeared from the foyer a moment later, the towel back in her hand and the food in the other.
Tiffany stared Taeyeon down as she came nearer, crossing her arms and widening her stance in an
aggressive manner as she readied herself for an argument. Taeyeon set the food on the coffee table in
front of the couch and then turned to her, resuming the task of drying her hair, her head tilted to the side
in a rather adorable manner that Tiffany resolutely took as little account of as possible.
I suppose it must be common for you to open the door in your bathrobe, seeing as how you seem so
comfortable, Kim. And yet, I believe you were saying something to me about what I opened mine in
just the other day? How hypocritical of you, Tiffany said as dispassionately as she was able, her
highly volatile emotions barely being contained.
Taeyeon once again ceased rubbing her hair dry at Tiffanys comment, detecting what she thought was
a hint of jealousy in Tiffanys voice. It made her pause because it sounded similar to the tone Tiffany
had used the other night at the club before she had disappeared. She had only wanted to tease Tiffany
about being jealous then, but now, the circumstances were different as things had happened between
them since. So, unsure of what she believed she had heard, Taeyeon went back to drying her hair and
shrugged her shoulders as she responded.
Not hypocritical, Hwang. There are just some people who I dont mind seeing me as I am. I mean, I
wouldnt open the door to just anyone wearing this, Taeyeon said, her words deliberately echoing ones
Tiffany had told her days ago.
Will you be mad to hear the same words you said to me? Will it make you jealous to think of me
opening the door in less than you had on to other people? Will it make you feel anything like I felt?
Hwang will you do something to make me secure enough to tell you how I feel? Until then, Im going
to act just how I always do with you. I wont allow you to distract me this time either
Tiffany immediately caught the similarity and clenched her fists tightly at her sides, the tremble of
anger at having her own words thrown back at her causing her to dig her nails into her palms. Still, she
tried to keep her expression neutral as she turned jerkily away from Taeyeon and moved to sit on the

couch. Reaching for the white paper bags Taeyeon had placed on the coffee table, Tiffany pulled out
the containers within and each made an audible thud as it was placed on the table. Once she was done
dropping the disposable utensils sloppily near the containers, she looked back towards Taeyeon and
moved her gaze up the robe clad form, noting for the second time since Taeyeon had answered the door
how the robe ended mid-thigh.
Im not jealous. Im not mad as hell that she just said that to me. Im not jealous of the thought of
Jessica or anyone else seeing her how she is now. Flushed skin, dripping hair, short robe, and looking
so w-clean Tiffany thought as she speedily changed the path her mind was attempting to travel. What
was wrong with her? She was supposed to be talking to Taeyeon, not ogling her like a pubescent
teenage boy whose mind needed a good cleaning with lots and lots of soap.
Good to know that you have some modesty, Tiffany finally said and watched Taeyeons eyes narrow
in disbelief.
I have plenty of modesty. Please dont mistake me for yourself, Taeyeon returned, her temper flaring
despite the fact that she was not supposed to allow Tiffany to affect her.
What did you just say? Tiffany questioned irritably, rising to her feet once more and moving to stand
in front of the slightly shorter girl.
Were you implying something about me, Kim? Stop doing that and just tell me. Dont try to mask it
behind words or actions. Tell me what you think about me, even if it might hurt me or both of us
You heard me, Hwang. I know your ears havent been damaged that much from listening to your
music at the maximum volume although sometimes I have my doubts about that, Taeyeon said and
then smirked, continuing to dry her hair as if she was not bothered in the slightest by their conversation.
Youre always saying yah too. We really need to extend your vocabulary past that word, Taeyeon
continued, feeling pleased as she noted Tiffanys growing aggravation.
To her it was a sign that she still had an effect on the other girl and she needed to know that. She had no
worries about their mutual physical attraction, but she needed to see that she could still affect Tiffanys
disposition. She needed to know that Tiffany going out the other night had not left her without a

chance. That there was still the possibility that Tiffany could choose her.
My vocabulary is just fine. It even has phrases such as go to hell, Kim mixed in there, Tiffany
retorted, Taeyeons comments breaking the weak constraints she had on her emotions.
She hated how Taeyeon could press all of her buttons without seeming to try at all. Not to mention, it
seemed that she was able to do so with far more ease than before and Tiffany attributed that to the short
fiend having her little sticky fingers all over her heart. The sneakily placed ties of Taeyeons drew her
closer even now when Taeyeon was inciting her anger. The lips still turned up in a smirk made Tiffany
want to both hit her and kiss her, but she knew from experience that she could not partake in the latter.
The likelihood of her enjoying it was certain and she was sure she would give into the temptation to
continue. If she did, then she would not accomplish half of what she had come for.
Ive heard hell is lovely this time of year. Perfectly suited for what I have on and what you had on the
other day. Perfect place for cheaters too. We should have our honeymoon there. The conditions should
still be the same around that time, Taeyeon remarked in return and saw confusion enter Tiffanys eyes.
Emotions shifted rapidly behind her fiances eyes, but then they all disappeared from Taeyeons view
as a blanket of understanding fell within Tiffanys dark orbs. A smirk to match her own settled on
Tiffanys lips and the distance between them decreased a little as Tiffany took a step toward her.
Something within her urged her to take a step back, but Taeyeon stood her ground instead, not willing
to back down. If Tiffany grabbed onto her like she had always been inclined to do during their more
heated arguments in the past, then she was ready for it.
A perfect place for cheaters? Was that thinly veiled barb aimed at me? Tiffany asked and Taeyeon
nearly growled at her playfully innocent tone. She was allowed to make infidelity sound like a joke, but
Tiffany was not. Not when she had no idea what Tiffany had truly been up to
So she really was bothered by the thought of me out with someone else Now would be the perfect
time to tell her I wasnt with anyone, but I think she deserves me messing with her more. For not
answering my calls and for those freaking flowers I accidentally gave salt water to when watering
them for Hee Jin the other day. Hmm. Maybe half a canister of salt was too much. The flowers already
looked wilted when I checked on them this morning... Tiffany mused while taking another step toward
Taeyeon. One more step would place them only a few centimeters apart, but she was not ready to be

that close to Taeyeon yet, especially with her appearance being what it was.
Shocking! She realized the target, Taeyeon responded and pulled the towel away from her head,
draping it over her shoulder before lifting her hands to push them through the still damp strands.
Well, you made it so obvious. Still jealous about me having plans the other night I see, Tiffany
pronounced airily, her own smirk growing as Taeyeons expression and actions faltered. I knew there
must have been a reason you were avoiding me. It certainly could not have been because you were
embarrassed about the hickies. I think you had too much fun receiving them to be overly bothered by
their appearance, Tiffany continued, her tone becoming almost sultry as she watched Taeyeons hands
fall from her head to her sides. The other girls cascade of loosely curled locks made her hands itch
with a desire to bury them in the hair that appeared to still be sodden.
She looks even better than before. Dad was right for multiple reasons. Shes definitely not someone Id
want to lose to anyone else. How could I have ever thought acknowledging her beauty was like the
removal of a wisdom tooth? If anything, its the anesthetic that was missing before and the extraction
just a routine one made better by its presence.
Im allowed to be jealous, arent I? And yeah, I was avoiding you, but so what? Its not like you really
care, Hwang, right?
What? Tiffany replied, feeling a bit dumbfounded by the sudden serious atmosphere brought on by
Taeyeons questions.
She just admitted to be jealous and to avoiding me and-and she thinks that I dont care. I-is she
going to tell me? Should I stop her and tell her first? Wait, wait. I should answer her first, right? I
should-I should
Its not like youre really affected by anything to do with me, right? Taeyeon asked again, deciding
that she was through waiting for Tiffany to assure her in some way that it was okay to reveal her
feelings. All she had been doing up until now was exactly what Jessica had accused her of. She had
been waiting and holding back because she was afraid.
Its now or never, Kim Taeyeon. You said you werent going to be a coward anymore, so prove
it Taeyeon thought and took a deep breath before she nervously looked back to Tiffany and continued.
To you Im just the person youre engaged to who happens to like ticking you off but I only do it
because I think you look incredibly beautiful while trying to win an argument with me. Im the person

who you yell at all the time for not-so-accidentally attempting to injure those who show interest in you,
but I do it because the need I feel to keep them away from you is as overwhelming as the jealousy I feel
when you smile sweetly at them and apologize on my behalf. Im the one who savored the taste of your
lips in the first kiss between us, but I kissed you then because Id been yearning to for months and
partly because I had heard someone say that eventually you would leave me.
Shes con-confessing to me. I didnt Im not Someone said Id leave her? I
Tiffany could barely process what was happening. She had planned on speaking to Taeyeon tonight and
divulging her feelings, but she had not thought that Taeyeon would make the first move. Even though
she had imagined this moment of receiving Taeyeons confession many times in the past week, a part of
her could hardly fathom it now that it was happening. Staring unblinkingly at the girl in front of her,
she wanted to close what little distance remained between them, but kept herself still. Despite her
already laden mind, she wanted to allow Taeyeon to finish because she wanted to capture every nuance
and lock it in her memory.
Im the person who has teased you relentlessly for months with the attraction we share, but it was all
because I decided that I had to do something to keep you interested in me, to keep you wanting me for
something. Im the person who stayed up like a fool for you two nights in a row, but that only ended
with me feeling like you could switch me out for another if you wanted to. Im the one who kept away
from you this week, but it was because I was too scared of what you might say to me. And Im also the
person who has wanted you to be mine for the longest time, but who has kept you at arms length
because I was terrified of my heart being handed back to me, Taeyeon admitted, suppressing any
residual fear that she was making a mistake and was going to come out of her revelation with her heart
no longer intact and in her possession once more.
I Tiffany started to reply, but Taeyeon quieted her with a smile that left her wanting to be even
closer to the other girl more than she already did.
It was a heart-wrenchingly hesitant and unwittingly endearing smile. Lips curved upward with a nearly
imperceptible hint of teeth, it was distinctly unlike any of the smiles Taeyeon had cast her way before.
It was not the casual, but charming, smirk that she had received countless times in their acquaintance. It
was also not the marvel that was the wide, dimpled chin smile she had not known existed until recently.
Instead, this smile was one that would only be witnessed by her, one that she was going to make certain
would never be shown to another.

In my profession, you have to be good with words and you have to be able to get people to believe
what you want them too. You have to be able to mask every expression and conceal any that could alter
the verdict. Ive gotten so good at those things that I not only used them against myself, but I used them
on you. I never allowed you to see what I truly felt nor told you, and for that, I owe you an apology. I
actually probably owe you much more, but I want to believe that Ill have tomorrow and every
tomorrow that follows to make it up to you, Taeyeon disclosed in a soft voice, knowing that every
word spewing from her mouth was part of a confession she had been formulating for nearly half a year,
but which was finally finding completion today.
Youve stayed around to listen for this long, so let me just say this last thing and then whatever your
response may be Ill live with it. Even if you tell me things I never wished to hear, Ill listen and then
move on. Im hopeful that you even being here means that I wont have to, but Im preparing myself for
any outcome. Any outcome but I only want just one.
I know I havent made things easy for you. I know we seem to argue constantly. I know I aggravate
you and can get on your nerves. I know that in the time weve known each other, we havent even come
close to knowing each other as we should. And I know that Im not perfect and probably not even your
ideal But I also know that there is no relationship that doesnt have its hurdles. I know that arguing
and annoying you can only mean that making up will be that much sweeter. I know that we dont have
to know everything about each other as long as we know the things that matter. And more than
anything else, while I may never be perfect or be able to be what you want, I know that there can never
be anyone else who can love you as much as I do, Taeyeon said, a weight lifting from her as she
successfully managed to convey to Tiffany the depth of her feelings. No longer feeling like Atlas with
the world on his shoulders, she uttered her final words.
Tiffany-ah, I love you.
Just like after a pantomimic production of zipping lips, Tiffany was beset by an ensuing spell of silence
as her lips became two interlocking chains that were sealed together by the zipper that was I love
you. Her ears became closed off from the intrusion of any other sound that could potentially dispel the
resonance of Taeyeons words within her mind. Her eyes became entirely incapable of detaching
themselves from the pools of brown saturated with unfeigned emotions that she had been too blind to
see before. And her heart constricted, its natural cadence becoming intermittent as she realized how
much Taeyeon was offering her.

Shes holding nothing back. Shes revealing this to me now so I have everything I need to make my
decision. With her declaration shes making sure I know how she feels and leaving the rest to me. She
told me she was terrified of getting her heart returned, but here she is offering it even though I can
sense how scared she still is. Shes trying to be brave, but I can see it now. I can see the fragility I
didnt know she possessed
The silence between them stretched as Tiffany tried to formulate a proper response. After a confession
like Taeyeons, she was sure that anything she said would be weak in comparison. It made her hesitant
to speak because more than anything, she wanted them to be on equal terms in this. A childish
compulsion to avenge the many days of unsatiated desires inflicted by Taeyeon had been the underlying
motive behind their interlude days ago and she had thought it had been about gaining the upper hand in
their relationship, but now she could see it for what it had truly been. It had been an attempt to level out
the playing field, but one which had quite obviously failed because Taeyeons confession easily
dismantled any progress made.
Preoccupied with contemplating how to tell the girl in front of her that she felt the same, Tiffany did
not immediately notice when Taeyeon began fidgeting beneath her gaze. It was not until Taeyeon
started shifting her weight from foot to foot that Tiffany returned from her thoughts, but before she
could say anything, Taeyeon moved her eyes away and cleared her throat. Tiffany was unable to keep
from frowning as Taeyeon seemed to avoid meeting her eyes. It felt like Taeyeon was withdrawing, but
she did not know why.
Im going to go get dressed. You can you can tell me what you think when I get back. Ill listen. If
you cant accept well, if you cant accept me then you can tell me then, Taeyeon managed to say,
her heart feeling heavy as she pushed out words she really did not want to say.
Having finally revealed everything to Tiffany, Taeyeon had expected some sort of response, but Tiffany
had not given her any indication as to how she felt. She had not thought her fiance would jump for joy
or immediately say the words back, but she had been hoping for something more than staring and
muteness. While she knew it was possible that Tiffany was simply overwhelmed by her revelation, she
could not help but feel anxious. Despite going through with admitting her feelings in an effort to be
brave, fear still gnawed at her. She was still afraid and could only stand the quiet for so long.
I finally did it. I told her. And while it feels wonderful to call her Tiffany, I know this is it. This is where

she decides if she wants to give me back my heart or if shell keep it. Please, please let her want it. Ill
give her this time though and be preparing myself while she decides the verdict. Its all I can do now
Tiffany did not respond to her and Taeyeon forced herself to smile faintly, feeling that a semblance of a
smile was better than the grimace threatening to overtake her face. Careful not to meet the eyes that she
had been unable to read after her confession, she turned and walked away. Her strides seemed to
elongate the further from Tiffany that she moved and in all respects, it seemed like she was running
away as she made her way toward her bedroom.
Paneled with both wood and frosted glass, the partially opened sliding doors of her room had not been
closed properly in her hurry to the front door. Still, they had never looked more welcoming to her than
they did now as she drew closer to them. It was behind them that she would be able to seek refuge until
it was time to face Tiffany again. Behind them she could ready herself for hearing of a beginning or
an end.
If you take one more step away from me, I swear Ill never speak to you again Taeyeon.
Taeyeons steps faltered just as she reached the doors and she turned around to find Tiffany glaring at
her, arms crossing over her chest as she came to a stop less than two meters away. The thing that
shocked Taeyeon more than hearing her name, Tiffanys threat, and even more than seeing the other girl
had followed her without her noticing, was the glassiness of Tiffanys eyes. Even though Tiffanys eyes
speared her where she stood, the glimmering moisture that extended to her lashes was disquieting.
Is she an idiot? How can she just turn tail and run after telling me she loves me? And where is all that
confidence and arrogance she always has? Does she really think I wont accept her when I should be
more afraid of her not accepting me? She really makes me want to beat her over the head with my shoe
repeatedly. Dumb mini-devil making me cry Tiffany thought, wiping away her angry tears as she
continued to glare at Taeyeon.
Youre an idiot, Kim Taeyeon, and I hate you, Tiffany proclaimed, not missing the stricken
expression that formed on Taeyeons face.
Wh Taeyeon started, but was unable to continue as her words got caught in her throat. She could
only stare at Tiffany and pray that Tiffany did not mean the words that she had just said. Because if
Tiffany had, then she was not sure if she would be able to get Tiffany to leave before she did something
silly like burst into tears in front of her.

I really hate you for being an idiot, Taeyeon, but honestly Tiffany paused and nervously reminded
herself that if Taeyeon could confess, then she could too before continuing.
I love you a lot more.
A sharp intake of breath from Taeyeon followed her words and Tiffany blushed lightly, her glare having
disappeared totally at the start of her confession. The color flooding her cheeks was partly because she
was embarrassed to be saying I love you to someone for the first time in her life and partly because
of the recipient of those words. Taeyeon was now staring at her and despite her earlier concern that her
own confession would pale in comparison, the influx of unparalleled wonder in the other girls eyes
made her believe that Taeyeon could be perfectly content with just those words.
You lo-love m-me? Taeyeon asked, stuttering over the simple question, disbelief overlaying each
I do. I probably should have told you before you told me, but you always seem to be one step ahead of
me. You always make me feel like Im hurtling down a hill towards you before I even realize Im on a
hill to begin with. Its happened so many times that Im not sure when it started or when it started
binding me to you. I only realized recently why I felt like no matter what you did, I still wouldnt leave
you and that made me question myself. I wondered why someone as independent as I am would deal
with the arguments and your torture tactics of late. I figured it out though. I figured out why it was that
you could make me both love you and hate you, Tiffany said and began inching her way towards
Taeyeon as inconspicuously as possible. Taeyeon did not seem to notice as she seemed intent on
It has a lot to do with you being the first at a lot of things. You argued with me first. You kissed me
first. You teased me first. You invested yourself more deeply in this engagement first. Youre the first
person to show signs of wanting me for more than just my fathers wealth or out of lust. Youre the first
to know things about me that Id never imagine you would take the time to learn. Youre the first
person to have ever tried to hold onto me in ways that could have backfired on you. Youre the first
person whos ever made me feel real jealousy. Youre the first person to make me eager to see you
without me consciously realizing that I was. And now youre the first person Ive ever said I love
you to and the only one I would want to, Tiffany continued and watched Taeyeons lips twitch
upwards briefly. She wanted her to smile, but seeing the happiness settle in Taeyeons eyes was enough

for her for now.

So those hurdles you spoke of, Taeyeon, I want to jump over or knock them down with only you. As
for arguing, lets continue doing that as much as we can since Id enjoy kissing you to shut you up.
While it might take more time to know the things that matter about each other, Im more than willing to
start learning all about you from this moment on. And dont worry about being perfect or ideal because
as long as you love me more than anyone else, you already are. Youre even more so as long as you
allow me to love you more than anyone else too so can I lo
Yes, you can. You definitely can, Taeyeon interrupted, and then began blushing furiously when she
realized what she had done
Way to sound desperate, you moron. Just because she said she loved you and makes you feel like
attacking her with a hug doesnt mean you should sound needy. She already had you twisted in knots
and now she has you irrevocably wrapped around her finger but what a finger to be wrapped around
it is.
Tiffany giggled at Taeyeons enthusiastic answer to her unfinished question, but stopped upon feeling
her heartbeat accelerate as a smile slowly formed on Taeyeons face. Taeyeons rather charming chin
dimple made its appearance as the smile grew and Tiffany realized just how much closer she was to the
other girl than she had been moments ago. Three to four more steps and she would be right in front of
Taeyeon and at the moment, she could candidly admit that closing the remaining gap was all she
wanted to do. Taeyeons smile made her want to kiss her as much as her earlier smirk had and Tiffany
had no thoughts of resisting the urge this time around.
Can I kiss you, Taeyeon? Tiffany asked without really thinking, her eyes glued to Taeyeons lips.
W-what? Taeyeon responded, more startled by the fact that Tiffany asked than by the question itself.
Can I kiss you? Tiffany repeated and felt a sprout of impatience take root within her.
You ca Wait, did you disinfect your lips first? Taeyeon asked a bit waspishly as she suddenly
remembered that she might not have been the only one Tiffany had kissed recently. Tiffany might have
chosen her, but the other night could not just be forgotten.

Why would they need to be?

Four nights ago you had plans with someone. You never came home.
I was at my dads house. And the only person Ive kissed in a year is you, Tiffany shortly explained,
her impatience growing even though she knew she owed Taeyeon an answer.
Your dads? But you-I thought
After what I had done with you, how in the world would I be able to go out with someone else? And
theres one of the reasons I hate you by the way. Youve made me so damn addicted to you I nearly fell
out of bed twice just dreaming about it, Tiffany admitted and Taeyeon stared at her seemingly
stupefied by her statement.
Shes addicted to me? Whys she saying that as if its my fault? I only teased her a little Okay, so I
teased her for months. I was already addicted to her so its only fair. Maybe
You sound like an addict waiting for your next hit, Taeyeon finally said and Tiffany shrugged.
Its what you wanted to happen, so you cant have any complaints. Im alright being addicted to you
as long as you stop freaking teasing me all the time. I dont know how you held yourself back when I
could barely keep myself from pushing you down on the bed the other day.
Dont know how I Yah! Was the other day some sort of payback?! It was, wasnt it? Everything from
what you were wearing to leaving me aroused was all to get back at me, wasnt it? Taeyeon exclaimed
as the dots connected in her mind. She felt dumb for not having realized before, but then she recalled
that she had felt a sense of dj vu about the situation and had ignored it.
Damn it. No wonder it all felt so familiar. She used what I had been doing to her against me! Shes sly.
I never wouldve thought Aish.
Its not fun when its done to you, is it? Tiffany said and smirked before continuing. I had fun hearing
you babble the most. You think youd let me hear that again?
I do not babble, Taeyeon protested, knowing very well that she had done exactly that during their

You didnt answer my question, so Im going to pretend you just said yes and finally agreed to let me
kiss you, okay? Tiffany said in return and did not wait for a response as she began to move forward.
Taeyeon stumbled back toward the sliding doors behind her as Tiffany made her advance. The story of
The Three Little Pigs seemed to become a reality as she watched Tiffany bite her lower lip, her eyes
dark and desirous. If Taeyeon was playing the role of the little pigs, then Tiffany was the big bad wolf
come to blow her house down and devour her whole. The only difference in this version of the tale was
that the third little pig, who built a house of brick, did not exist because she would never be able to
build anything strong enough to keep Tiffany away. She had no wish to do so either.
Her heart pounding so hard that she thought her blood was rushing through it at hyper speed, Taeyeon
swallowed as the space between them ceased to exist. Tiffany came to a stop in front of her, so close
that Taeyeon was sure she could count every lash that framed her captivating eyes. Then Tiffany lifted a
hand and placed it on her face, the pads of her fingers leisurely moving to trace her jaw line. A tingling
sensation followed in their wake and Taeyeon leaned her head into the touch, hoping Tiffany would
Though she was slightly surprised for a moment by the gentleness, Tiffany did not allow her to enjoy
the sensation for long. Tiffanys fingers trailed suddenly down her neck and hooked onto her robe, her
other hand coming up to grip the cloth concurrently. Taeyeon barely noticed that Tiffany knocked off
her used towel in the process. Meeting Tiffanys gaze, the flash of a smile was all she saw before she
was jerked forwards and pushed back simultaneously. Her back slammed against the sliding doors and
they loudly rattled on their tracks as she gasped at the impact. Her gasp was cut short as her lips were
ferociously attacked, the wolf that was Tiffany beginning to do her damndest to consume her prey.
And prey was exactly what Taeyeon felt like as Tiffany forcefully bombarded her mouth and gained
entrance. There were no light nibbles or teasing tugs to seek access, but open-mouthed pressure to
comply that was further aided by the skillful sword masquerading as Tiffanys tongue. Tiffany only
seemed to have gotten better since the last time they had kissed, but Taeyeon wondered if it felt that
way because there was more than just passion behind her kiss now. Still, as much as she did not mind
Tiffanys assertiveness, she had no intention of losing to Tiffany or allowing her to play with her as she
had days ago. Tricking her as Tiffany had was just unacceptable and she was no longer going to hold
anything back.

Sagging against the doors purposefully as their tongues inevitably jockeyed for control, Taeyeon began
to earnestly return Tiffanys kiss and realized that neither of them was willing to give into the
proficiency of the other. So, lifting her arms from her sides, she wrapped them around Tiffanys waist
and pulled her flush against her body. Tiffany tensed briefly in surprise before relaxing in her hold. For
that one small victory, Taeyeon felt satisfied, but her satisfaction withered away when Tiffany released
her robe and slid her hands up until her arms were around her neck. Tiffany then tightened her hold and
pressed her mouth harder against hers, the seconds pause it created giving Tiffany an opportunity to
perform what Taeyeon deemed a dirty trick.
Tiffany unexpectedly changed her approach and gently sucked on her tongue.
Tiffany immediately noticed how Taeyeon quest for dominance was hindered by her action and
inwardly congratulated herself for successfully distracting the other girl. It had not been hard for her to
discern what Taeyeons goal was when Taeyeons initial shock at her kiss had turned into her actively
participating. In fact, Tiffany had been anticipating it occurring and had already had a plan in mind to
combat it. Just for now, she wanted to be the one in power and if Taeyeon did not like it, then she had
better come up with something that would make her forget all about keeping control.
Now that she had made things gentle though, she decided to continue that route and retracted her
tongue. Languidly, she pressed her lips to Taeyeons, lingering for a few seconds before repeating the
action. After a few minutes she began to nibble on Taeyeons lower lip, careful not to bite too hard. She
was enjoying herself, but just when she was about to change targets, Taeyeons lips parted beneath hers
and her lower lip started to receive the same treatment she had just been delivering. Taeyeon took it a
step further, however, and sucked on her lower lip first before nipping at it.
Tiffany was unsure of how much time passed before Taeyeon was moving back and forth between her
upper and lower lip, showering each with equal attention and increasing their sensitivity. Her arms
tightened around Taeyeons neck during a particularly forceful nibble and then Taeyeon was soothing
away the pain with her tongue, a gesture Tiffany would have called apologetic had Taeyeon not stopped
to make the spot ache again. The other girl did not even attempt to relieve the pain this time as she went
back to sucking at her upper lip. Beginning to pull her head back to scold Taeyeon, she was stopped
when Taeyeon spoke against her mouth.
If you attempt to remove your lips from mine any further, I swear Ill never kiss you again, Tiffany,

Taeyeon said, having no qualms about threatening the girl in her arms. Of course, she knew her threat
was as empty as Tiffanys earlier one to her had been, but that didnt keep Taeyeon from saying it.
As if you could really stop yourself. You want me too much, Tiffany replied and Taeyeon smiled
before firmly molding their mouths together once more.
You know me so well, Taeyeon managed to say between kisses as their fervor increased and they
became engaged in a clash for control again.
Running her hands up Tiffanys t-shirt clad back, Taeyeon curled her arms up toward Tiffanys
shoulders as she straightened against her bedroom doors. The warmth of Tiffanys body flowed through
her robe and heated her more thoroughly than any heater could. Tiffany leaned more heavily against her
and Taeyeon shifted, feeling the doors behind her move slightly. Realizing that their combined weight
against the already partially opened doors could open them further, she knew their position needed to
change unless they both wanted to end up sprawled on the floor of her room. So reluctantly she
disengaged her mouth from Tiffanys and opened her eyes. It amused her greatly to see Tiffany try to
follow her retreating lips with a pout, but she did not see the point in saying anything about it.
Why did you stop? Tiffany sulkily asked after opening her own eyes and seeing the flicker of
amusement in Taeyeons.
Unless you want me to end up with a bruised and aching back, we probably shouldnt be leaning
against the doors, Taeyeon said, removing her arms from Tiffanys back.
Will you be nicer to me if youre in pain?
Im already perfectly nice to you, Taeyeon replied primly, earning a raised brow and disbelieving
expression from Tiffany,
Sure you are. Guess that means theres no point in you getting hurt then.
Im feeling like you want me to get hurt for some reason, but anyways, Im warning you not to be
startled and to not let go of my neck. Oh, and you might want to jump or something to help me out in
about three seconds, Taeyeon remarked, a devious smile forming as she said the latter part.

What? Wh Tiffany did not get to finish her question as she let out a shriek.
Taeyeon suddenly squatted slightly and placed her hands on her bottom, lifting her upwards in a
surprisingly smooth motion. Instinctively, Tiffany wrapped her arms tighter around Taeyeons neck and
lifted her legs to wind them around Taeyeons hips. Taeyeon then moved her hands under her thighs
and hoisted her higher, jostling her a bit to position her better. She ended up with her legs almost
around Taeyeons waist and the other girl holding her up with her arms acting almost as a seat.
What the hell are you doing? Tiffany asked when she somewhat had her wits about her, their
remaining instability due to the soft breaths fanning her neck.
Carrying you. Open the doors for me please, Taeyeon replied simply, not bothering with longer
sentences because she really wanted to go and deposit Tiffany somewhere quickly. It was not that
Tiffany was heavy or anything, but she did not have the strength to be holding her all night.
I can walk you know. Whats wrong with you? Tiffany said, letting go of Taeyeons neck to push the
sliding doors open as requested.
I just want to carry you. I need practice for when I do this again in four months, so bear with me. Or I
can just drop you now if you wish?
Practice? Four months? Dont tell me this dork is practicing carrying me over the threshold Why is
my heart fluttering at that? And why does she have to show this sweet side now of all times? Dumb
mini-devil with a surprisingly romantic side
You drop me and its your death. Wait, I want you alive. Ill just break a few of your bones then,
Tiffany said, returning her arms to Taeyeons neck and securing her hold.
Uhuh. Just shut up and start kissing me again.
Tiffany had never liked taking orders from anyone before, but the fact that it was the girl she loved
issuing them and said girl was currently looking up at her with smoldering eyes, she promptly did as
she was told. She could feel Taeyeon turn and begin walking, but she focused entirely on her assigned
task. Tiffany was not sure how Taeyeon did it when her balance must have been affected by having her
head craned back and a weight around her waist, but she was safely lowered onto what she assumed

was Taeyeons bed minutes later. Sinking into the mattress, she pulled Taeyeon with her as she fell
backwards, pinning herself to the bed.
Taeyeon allowed her weight to rest on Tiffany, but eased it a bit by holding herself up with her arms.
Tiffany continued to kiss her and Taeyeon lost herself in inviting twirls of the tongue intermingled with
fervent mles between bruised lips. Tiffanys arms loosened from around her neck and while one hand
made its way into her hair, the other remained loosely curled around her shoulders. Tiffany squirmed
beneath her and Taeyeon lifted herself up higher, prying their mouths apart so that she could look down
at her fiance.
Tiffany shook her head at Taeyeons inquiring look and propped herself up on her elbows. She had only
been trying to scoot up on the bed and she had hoped she would not disrupt their kiss, but Taeyeon
seemed highly attuned to her smallest discomforts, which was a comfort in itself. Unwinding her legs
from around Taeyeons waist, she began to scoot up on the bed and Taeyeon raised herself even more at
her act. Moving until her head rested on a semi-firm pillow, she beckoned for Taeyeon to join her with
her best come-hither look and watched Taeyeon gulp before she crawled up the bed towards her.
Taeyeon returned to her former position and dipped her head toward Tiffanys once there. Without
pausing, they resumed their previous activity, but this time Tiffany wrapped her arms around her back
and pressed down, forcing her to lie fully on top of her. Not having to use her arms for support
anymore, Taeyeon slid them under Tiffany, managing to draw Tiffanys shirt up in the back. Tiffany
trembled in her arms and she dragged her lips to Tiffanys neck, administering greedy kisses there. She
sucked on the bit of flesh pulsating madly just to the right below Tiffanys chin and breathed hotly as
she planted open-mouth kisses on the exposed portion of Tiffanys collar bone.
Tiffany opened her eyes briefly as her head pushed further into the pillow and she turned her head to
the left, her back lightly arching as Taeyeon switched her focus to the other side of her neck. Sliding a
hand up Taeyeons back, she pushed her fingers into hair that still held vestiges of moisture near its
roots. She pressed Taeyeons head down and made no attempt to stop the moan that escaped when
Taeyeon murmured and swiped her tongue against her skin. Feverish with desire, Tiffany moved her
other arm from Taeyeons back and began tugging insistently at the belt holding Taeyeons robe closed.
Taeyeon must have realized what she was doing because she found herself on top of the smaller girl a
moment later.

Meeting Tiffanys astonished eyes briefly, Taeyeon smirked before sliding her hands up Tiffanys back,
causing the other girls eyes to flutter shut and a short gasp to escape as she unclasped her bra with one
hand and traced idle patterns with the other. Tiffanys mouth descended on hers hungrily then and she
closed her eyes as Tiffany began pulling more forcefully at the belt of her robe. Sliding her hands over
the smooth expanse of Tiffanys back, she pushed Tiffanys shirt up further and groaned when Tiffany
began to suck on her ear. Deciding to help Tiffany out a bit with her robe because its movement against
her bare skin was only exacerbating the sensations coursing through her, she slid her hands between
their bodies and undid the knot before returning a hand to Tiffanys back while the other moved lower
to her favored location.
Still pulling at Taeyeons robe, Tiffany squashed the shout of joy she wanted to release when Taeyeons
help allowed her to get the robe open. Having Taeyeon actually help her in her pursuit, which she had
constantly been the inhibitor of before, was thrilling, but she was too occupied kissing Taeyeons neck
to vocalize her appreciation. Pulling a section of Taeyeons robe free from its position between them,
she slipped her hand inside and felt Taeyeon quake as she moved it as far up her side as she could. It
still wasnt enough for her and so she removed both her hands from Taeyeons person, pushing herself
up to her knees and making Taeyeons hands move to settle on hips.
Taeyeon stared up at Tiffany with a passion clogged mind and hazy dilated eyes. She felt her robe being
parted and did not miss the mesmerized look on Tiffanys face as her eyes freely roamed over what she
had unveiled. Taeyeon felt as if every plane and contour of her body was being etched into Tiffanys
mind as the other girl took her time, finally meeting her eyes with that same spellbound look on her
face. Taeyeon knew her own look must have mirrored Tiffanys when the other girl slowly crossed her
arms and gripped the hem of her shirt, pulling it up over her head and tossing it to the side while
maintaining eye contact the entire time. It was beyond erotic to her.
As her eyes drifted downward, her heart palpitated uncontrollably and her breathing felt a little more
constricted than usual. Taeyeon was sure she was seconds away from a heart attack when Tiffany
popped the button on her jeans next and soon had shed every article of clothing meant to conceal her
body from view in a world where not everyone appreciated the natural form epitomized by Eve and
later glorified by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. She was sure that any artist or sculptor would agree
with her estimation that Tiffany would have been a prime model for their work. Of course, since she
never planned on letting anyone else see the sight before her now, she would just have to imagine there
would be a general consensus.

After she pushed the last lacy scrap of clothing to the floor at the foot of Taeyeons bed, Tiffany felt no
shame in baring everything to the one on the verge of becoming the last lover she ever hoped to have in
her life. She prayed for it because the thought of anyone else viewing the fallen angel before her was a
harrowing one. Struggling to keep her eyes on Taeyeons face, she ultimately failed as her gaze
wandered down once again over the figure that was fair-skinned and fit all over. Deep-seated
admiration filling her entire being, she moved her eyes back up.
Burning crimson as Taeyeons eyes reverently traversed the planes of her body, she knew her flushed
skin had nothing on the richness of the hue belonging to the sweltering inferno barely contained
between them. When Taeyeon sat up to shrug her arms free of her robe, Tiffany felt the first crack in
her control as the temperature reached a new high. As Taeyeon placed her hands hesitantly on her waist
and leaned forward to press her lips just above her navel, another crack occurred. And then when
Taeyeon looked up at her, with eyes seeking her consent to the carnal pleasure they were on the path to
partaking in, a final crack shattered her flimsy excuse for restraint and she was engulfed by the raging
conflagration that had many names.
They both fell under the thrall of its destructive power, but the destruction it committed was only that
of any remaining doubts, fears, or resistance they held.
Seeking fingers and undulating legs intertwined. Roaming hands blazed along both familiar and
unfamiliar paths. Desperate mouths relished the sweet and original tastes they had grown accustomed
to, but also savored new ones, like the tang of salt that grew stronger as time passed. Weight was
redistributed again and again as it became necessary to align the cheerful giver with the quivering
receiver. Sharp exhalations and deep, yet shallow, inhalations were interspersed with prolonged sounds
of bliss. Whispered words of awe, broken commands trailing off in breathless sighs, and unnecessary,
but entirely welcome, declarations of love impelled their recipients to give as much as they took
without hesitation. And when sated forms finally collapsed from long awaited fulfillment, basking in
the afterglow and the comfort of each others arms was the only thing on their minds.

Taeyeon reached down and tugged up the sheet lying across their legs to cover them, putting her arm
beneath the azure covering when she was done. Turned on her left side with her arm acting as a pillow
for Tiffanys head, she did have not a single complaint. She draped her returning arm back over

Tiffanys waist and pressed a light kiss against the tousled silken strands on Tiffanys head. Tiffany
snuggled further against her, tightening the arms wrapped around her torso. Soft breathing beat against
her chest steadily and Taeyeon thought Tiffany must have fallen asleep.
Gazing down at Tiffany with adoring eyes that she would no longer have to disguise, Taeyeon was
fascinated that the other girl remained unmoving in her slumber. She made a mental note to warn
Tiffany about her own unpredictable sleeping positions and felt a smile cross her lips as it truly dawned
on her that Tiffany was actually hers and loved her in return. The thought reenergized her and she
pressed another kiss on Tiffanys head in her happiness. Tiffany shifted against her and Taeyeon
decided it would be best to stop doing things that could potentially awaken her love from her much
deserved rest. Tiffany had to be worn out from everything she had done to her
A sure fire way to get her to sleep if she ever has insomnia She couldnt even say my name properly
afterwards. Not that I was any better with hers when she was doing that thing with her tong Ahem.
So, Im still a bit peeved she laughed when I stumbled over the Fs in her name. Im keeping the
shortened version that
I cant go another round right now, so please stop stroking my back like that. Im exhausted and
youre insatiable, a sleepy murmur interrupted her thoughts.
Realizing that she had started mindlessly moving her hand up and down on Tiffanys back, Taeyeon
halted it in its tracks and let it fall to the bed before sliding it beneath Tiffanys side, bringing the other
girl a little closer. Tiffany lazily tilted her head back to look at her and puckered her lips expectantly.
Taeyeon was delighted to oblige the wordless request and chastely kissed her. She did not want to
reignite their ardor when Tiffany looked so obviously drowsy. So, she pulled her head back and smiled
crookedly at the bleary eyed girl.
I wasnt the one who kept asking for more, she replied in a low sing-song voice that made Tiffany
growl lightly in response.
And Im not the one who kept egging me on with that damned husky whisper of Fany
after you decided to shorten my name, Tiffany grumbled, although she was not really irritated in the
This girl is a master of seduction It has to be one of her demonic powers. Shes too good at torture
too. Ive never had to beg for anything in my life before, but when she was I so do not need to be

thinking about how dexterous she is right now. And I seriously dont think I could go another round. I
mean, I can barely move as it is
I wouldnt have if you hadnt kept calling me TaeTae so breathlessly. How did you do it again?
Tae Tae? Taeyeon teased, mimicking the breathy way Tiffany had said her name.
Dont make me hit you. I might love you, but Im still fully capable of taking you out, Tiffany
claimed and saw amusement blossom in Taeyeons eyes.
Only if I let you.
Wrong. I choose when and where. Im not done yet with my revenge on you, but I have a long time to
make you miserable, Tiffany replied and smiled mischievously up at Taeyeon.
You mean theres more? What else did I do?
Shes seriously contemplating paying me back for every wrong she believes Ive committed, isnt she?
With her new knowledge of how to illicit responses from me, I feel kind of afraid Taeyeon thought,
recalling what Tiffany had been able to do to her simply by kissing her the other day. Now that she was
armed with intimate knowledge of her body and its weak points, Taeyeon could only imagine what
schemes the other girl could come up with to exact her revenge.
For one, the freaking flowers for my secretary and the letter you sent the other day. I was furious. If
you ever send flowers to someone else again, Ill find some way to get away with murder. Gifts for
other people are not permitted, Tiffany muttered and tightened her hold on Taeyeon possessively.
Youre mine now, so Im not letting you get away with anything. No one is allowed to kiss, touch, or do
anything with you that I can. Youre not allowed to look at anyone else but me even if it means I have
to blind you. You may be the devil to me, but Ive seen how your charms work on others. They cant
have you Aish. Your making me sound like Jessica does in regards to Yuri
Oh. Were you jealous of your own employee, Hwang? Taeyeon questioned, warmth pervading her
being at Tiffanys words and act.
I probably shouldnt tell her the flowers were originally for her or that I gave them to her secretary
because I was mad she wasnt there. I mean, I figured they should go to someone who would appreciate
them, but if I tell her that she might kill me.

Yes. I get four words and she gets a bouquet. Who wouldnt be? And dont call me Hwang unless
were arguing. Itll be more fun to shut you up when youre using that.
Four words Oh! I really wanted to write Have fun cheating or something, but I thought that would
be too harsh. I was pissed, but I didnt want to write something Id regret. Although, it still felt pretty
crappy to imagine her with someone else I dont have to worry about that now though, do I? Because
its my arms shes in right now and where Im keeping her
I love you, Tiffany-ah.
Tiffany bit her lip and then smiled. She did not know why Taeyeon decided to randomly say the words
again now, but she would never get tired of hearing them. The way they flowed past Taeyeons lips was
the best part because of Taeyeons melodious voice. Just like with every word of Taeyeons confession,
she locked every rise and fall in Taeyeons tone away in her memory for safekeeping. She might
receive plenty of opportunities to hear them later, but time would be remembered like the first.
Thats four words too. So forget about the note and focus on my words now. I might have given
flowers to someone else, but only you get to hear these words, okay? Dont be jealous anymore,
Taeyeon said softly before dropping another kiss on Tiffanys curved lips.
I love you too, Taeyeon my mini-devil, Tiffany said in return, uttering the last part so Taeyeon
couldnt hear it. The now affectionate nickname was one she did not want Taeyeon to know yet because
she wanted to keep it for herself a bit longer. She did not think it would be difficult to get Taeyeon to
see it as an endearment when she eventually told her.
Succumbing to the fatigue derived from post-coital euphoria and the incalculable contentment found in
shared warmth, both girls drifted towards sleep in the silence that followed yet another proclamation of
love. Neither of the rooms occupants were bothered by the muted glow of the rooms lights, which
Taeyeon had dimmed sometime earlier because of the surprisingly shy order she had received while
attempting to find the location of every possible mole on Tiffany. It was on the brink of sleep that a
passing notion compelled Taeyeon to speak once more, her eyes remaining sealed as she voiced her
We should name one of our kids for Jessica, Tiffa she murmured, trailing off as sleep overtook her,
her opinion on the gratitude they should feel towards Jessica left unfinished.

I might have fallen for a devil, but naming our future child after the source of an evil far greater will
never happen as long as I breathe. Another HellSica shall never come out of me and call me mommy
No way in hell, Tiffany whispered and then burrowed her head closer to Taeyeons chest, a shudder
of horror rippling through her before unconsciousness claimed her.

When they awoke the next morning, after Taeyeon returned to bed and bemoaned the waste of food left
out all night on her coffee table, Tiffany clung to her. Mumbling about the diabolical child poking her
with a forked tail and screaming mommy who had filled her nightmares, Tiffany left Taeyeon at a loss
and all the bewildered girl could do was try to console her fiance by repeatedly telling her that they
could just make Jessica a godmother. Her efforts went unappreciated though as Tiffany rolled away
from her and told her they were never having children. If Taeyeon had not understood Tiffany before,
she understood her even less when Tiffany went on to say that half of the gene pool and its
environmentally unfriendly friend were making adoption seem like a very real possibility in their
future. Unfortunately, she missed something that would have eased her confusion.
Tiffanys muttering about naming their child Lucifer for her devilish appa and fearsome godmother.