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Marketing Management

Subject Code: MB0046

Time (2 hrs)
1Mark * 75 = 50 Marks

1. Which of these is a feature of psychological factors?
(a) Roles and status
(b) Motivation and learning
(c) Social class
(d) Reference group

2. Which of these is a technique used in continuity marketing?
(a) Point-of-purchase display
(b) Loyalty cards
(c) Publicity
(d) Window display
3. _______________ is a company's ability to retain satisfied customers.
(a) Brand perception
(b) Competitive edge
(c) Customer loyalty
(d) Brand building

4. Marketing experts see _____________ market as a market of the new millennium.
(a) Rural
(b) Urban
(c) Kid’s
(d) Women’s
5. According to Advertising Age,________________ is twice as effective as ad banners at
generating higher levels of brand awareness.
(a) Ad button
(b) Sponsorship
(c) Interstitial
(d) E-mail

“Directing a company's efforts towards serving one or more groups of customers sharing common needs or characteristics is defined as:" (a) Market segmentation (b) Market positioning (c) Target marketing (d) Need based marketing . does the sales executive identify the need of the product by the customer and confirm it? (a) Problem solving selling (b) Stimulus response selling (c) Need satisfaction selling (d) None of the above 9. Free gifts provided with a product are a part of which element of marketing mix? (a) Product (b) Price (c) Place (d) Promotion 7. it is involved in ___________ marketing.6. If a company sells its product only in the Indian sub-continent. Which of the following is a customer-oriented approach to pricing? (a) Mark-up pricing (b) Break even pricing (c) Sealed bid pricing (d) Value-based pricing 10. (a) Category killers (b) Department stores (c) Discount stores (d) Kirana stores 11. (a) Domestic (b) Multinational (c) Multi-regional (d) Global 8. In which of the following approaches. ____________ retailers dominate one area of merchandise.

eliminate competition in international markets. Which of these is a feature of an imperfect market? (a) Large number of buyers (b) Identical products (c) Few sellers (d) Freedom of entry and exit 14. c. The first stage of the new product development is____________ (a) Product formulation (b) Idea generation (c) Commercialisation (d) Product testing . b. create and retain customers in global markets. 17. (c) Which is affected by the society. (a) Need (b) Want (c) Desire (d) Demand 16. gain market share and increase profit. Which of the following is the beginning of the market segmentation process? (a) Evaluating market segments (b) Forming market segments (c) Profile segments (d) Selecting target markets 13. Which of these is a rational buying motive? (a) Which arises from the basic needs of the consumers. The main goal of international marketing is to: a. _______________ is a felt state of deprivation of some basic satisfaction. (d) Which is driven by internal psychological processes. expand business activities abroad 15. (b) Where consumer’s decision is based on logic and justifications while taking buying decision.12. d.

A __________________ refers to a written document that specifies the required necessary actions to attain one or more marketing objectives. Brand awareness c. 'I saw that brand in the shopping center today'. __________________identifies weak areas in executing marketing activities and suggests measures to improve performance in those areas. Brand equity b. (a) First (b) Second (c) Third (d) Last 20. (a) Marketing planning (b) Marketing plan (c) Marketing strategy (d) Marketing mix . a. Establishing channel objectives is the ___________ step of channel design decision. Brand loyalty d. It is referred to as ____________________. you say that.18. (a) Elastic demand (b) Derived demand (c) Elastic supply (d) Derived supply 19. Brand association 22. (a) Sales analysis (b) Marketing cost analysis (c) Marketing audit (d) Quality Function Deployment 21. The demands for industrial products are called __________________. On seeing an advertisement.

This is a ___________motive. a. Which type of pricing is forbidden by Federal Trade Commission Act? (a) Odd pricing (b) Discount pricing (c) Geographic pricing (d) Deceptive pricing . You buy a brand of shirt because your favourite celebrity endorses it. Low sales and high promotional costs are associated with which of these PLC stages? (a) Introduction (b) Growth (c) Maturity (d) Decline 28. Rational b. (a) Brand (b) Institutional (c) National (d) Local 26. it is attempting to ______________ the consumers. The payment cycle system is a kind of _____________system (a) Internal record (b) Marketing intelligent (c) Analytical marketing (d) Marketing research 25. Emotional c._____________ advertising is more important than product advertising. If an advertisement says “It is the best product”. Social 27.23. In rural markets. (a) Inform (b) Remind (c) Persuade (d) Inform and/or persuade 24. Psychological d.

Which of the following are price reductions to buyers who pay their bills promptly? (a) Quantity discounts (b) Seasonal discounts (c) Promotional allowances (d) Cash discounts . Intermediaries play an important role in matching ________. Which of the following refers to the pricing of additional features with the main products? (a) Two-part pricing (b) Optional features pricing (c) By-product pricing (d) Captive-product pricing 31. values. Which of these is the main element of the marketing mix? (a) Product (b) Price (c) Place (d) Promotion 34.29. (a) Information and promotion (b) Supply and demand (c) Product to region (d) Manufacturer to product Employees 33. (a) Education (b) Society (c) Culture (d) Economic condition 30. Which of the following is the set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand? (a) Brand marks (b) Brand equity (c) Brand image (d) Brand identity 32. and norms of the consumers. _________________ influences beliefs.

(a) Product (b) Cross-cultural (c) Quality (d) Benefits 37. term. If an advertisement says “It is the best product”.35. Such a price is known as ________________price. symbol or design (d) A name. A market leader can charge a price to maintain demand for its products. design or a combination of all of them 36. What is a brand? (a) A name or symbol (b) A name. (a) Brand perception (b) Competitive edge (c) Customer loyalty (d) Brand building 38. The most important part of international advertising is ______________ communication. (a) Inform (b) Remind (c) Persuade (d) Inform and/or persuade . (a) Initial (b) Last (c) Primary (d) Secondary 39. term or symbol (c) A name. it is attempting to ______________ the consumers. symbol. (a) Survival (b) Current profit maximisation (c) Market share (d) Product quality 40. Channel modification is the______________ decision in channel management. _______________ is a company's ability to retain satisfied customers. term.

Franchise 45. Mobile network provider service company b. Simple and functional b. __________________are short term incentives to boost sales. Joint venture b. Real estate company 44. Attitude of consumers b. a. An ad banner d. Sales promotion d. A classified ad 46. Advertising c. Designer . An animated ad c.41. Values c. Ornamental c. A billboard b. one company will custom produce parts or other materials on behalf of their client. Complex d. Fashion retailer d. What is an intermercial? a. Strategic alliance c. Contract manufacturing d. a. a. In ____________________. Cost of production 43. Which of these companies is most likely to issue a loyalty card? a. Principles regarding which of these are of universal applicability? a. Packaging of rural products should be ___________________. Physical distribution 42. Culture d. Car manufacturing company c. Marketing research b.

Optional features pricing b. Straight re-buy b. Which of these pricing methods is widely used by service companies? a. Maruti Suzuki Ritz c. it usually takes long. By-product pricing 49. Strategic d. It shows that MIS is a ____________process. 'More car per car'. Which brand has been positioned as." a. Management oriented b. Modified re-buy c.stressing fuel economy? a. consumer . national (c) National. This purchase is a ________. Tactical 48. Tata Nano d. Management directed c. Hyundai i10 b. " You regularly purchase cleaning supplies for your custodial staff. New task d. Modified straight re-buy Section-B 2 Mark * 25= 50 Marks 51. Preparation of MIS does not happen in one or two days. Two-part pricing d. Tata Indica 50. a. In___________markets goods manufactured for households are sold whereas in in _____________markets goods intended for businesses are sold. (a) Consumer. Captive-product c. industrial (b) Local.47. international (d) Industrial.

Statements 2 and 3 are true 53. structured b. a. a. Customers will leave an organisations if they are not given due attention 2. Irrational. Customers can sacrifice speed for quality but not quality for speed 3. Expense allowance. Expense allowance. a.Publicity is sometimes planned. fixed amount d. Unstructured. R is false c. Rational. expense allowance c.52. R is true b. "The element of the compensation mix for salespeople that refers to commissions or bonuses is the_____________ and the element of the compensation mix that repays salespeople for undertaking job-related selling efforts is the_______________. R is false d. A is true. variable amount 54. A is false.Publicity may lead to the creation or reinforcement of a favorable impression about the company and its products Reason (R). emotional . haphazard d. Decision making in organisational contexts is often considered to be more ______ and ______ than in consumer decision making. Variable amount. Assertion (A). Statements 1 and 3 are true d. R is false 55. Customer service can help retain customers but it can also be a major reason behind losing customers. variable amount b. Fixed amount. Confused. Statement 1 is true b. emotional c. A is true. Statement 1 and 2 are true c. Which of these statements is/are true? 1. a. A is false.

1. 3 and 4 58. Marketing manager and accounts receivable manager of XYZ Manufacturing Company b. 2 and 3 c. 2 and 3 d.Companies use the same package design for different product lines to maintain consistency. 1. R is true d. Which of the following employees are likely to have maximum interaction with the customers? a. low mark-ups c.56. high mark-ups b. Back office executive and systems operator of a mobile network company 59. Many producers who use captive-product pricing set the price of the main product ________ and set ________ on the supplies necessary to use the product. low. Manager and bellboy of a hotel c. a. Reason (R). high. high mark-ups d. 2. low mark-ups .Package of the product promotes the corporate image. a. a. A is true. A is true. low. 1 and 2 b. R is true b. Which of these are the key elements of a diffusion process? 1 Degree of innovativeness of the product 2 The channels of communication 3 The social system 4 Time required for innovation. R is false c. Assertion (A). A is false. A is false. R is false 57. high. Bank cashier and accounts manager d.

a. A is false. a. Assertion (A). R is false c. A is true. A is false. programs and strategies for each separate function of marketing. R is false c. Consumer taste and needs b. R is true d.Macro environment is very unpredictable and highly uncertain.A market consisting of customers with diverse characteristics. Consumer awareness of energy conservation 63. A is true.A homogeneous market is segmented into heterogeneous groups. Assertion (A). R is false 61. a. A is true.Marketers should develop a unified set of objectives.60. A is true. R is true b.It will be easier to assess for the target purpose and the broad objectives. A is false. R is false . Assertion (A) . Consumer spending and purchasing power c. A is false. Reason (R). needs. Consumer mobility and ability to adopt innovation d. R is false c. R is false 62. Reason (R). R is true b. R is true d. R is true b. A is true. Which of these would be affected by economic environment? a. A is false. wants and behaviour is segmented. R is true d. A is true. A is false. Reason (R) .Variables in the macro environment are static.

A is false. Deliberate. Deliberate. A is true. Public interest. Reason (R). R is false c. Performance.Retailing and marketing are quite similar to each other. a. A is true. Which of these best describes public relations? a. Organization interest. R is false c. Two-way communication. Employee function b. Reason (R). Two-way communication. Management function 66. Behavioural segmentation can be further defined by which of the following?" 1 User status 2 Loyalty 3 Usage rate . R is true d. advertising is least susceptible to such sociological differences. Performance. Public interest. Management function d. A is false. Deliberate. R is true b. R is false 65. R is false 67. Management function c. which are related to marketing goods and/or services to final consumers for personal. A is true. A is true. Deliberate.Of the various means of promotion. family or household use. Performance. A is false. “Behavioural segmentation can be used to divide a market into groups based upon consumer knowledge. Assertion (A).International promotion will have to take into account the social customs. R is true b. Planned. a. Assertion (A). attitudes. Planned. A is false. Two-way communication. attitudes about products. Public interest.64. beliefs and other similar factors. Unplanned. Planned. One-way communication. R is true d.Retailing refers to only those activities. Performance.

Supply. 1. 2 and 4 d. Consumption. Logistics begins from sources of ________________ and ends at the point of _______________. 1. 2 and 3 b. consumption b. supply d. Yamaha and Unilever 71 . a. 3 and 4 68.4 Benefits sought a. Demand. Stakeholder sales promotion . 1. Consumer sales promotion b. consumption c. Dealer sales promotion c. Which of these is/are sub-functions of sales promotion? a. 1. Toyota and Pepsi Co c. 3 and 4 c. Coca Cola and Honda d. 2. (a) Social needs (b) Physical and social needs (c) Social and individual needs (d) Physical and individual needs 70. Consumer and dealer sales promotion d. Mercedes and Jockey b. supply 69. Demand. He likes mixing up with people. He likes to read newspapers and general knowledge books to keep abreast of the surroundings. Which of these are examples of corporate umbrella branding? a. Ravi is a complete extrovert.

A is true. A is false. Variable costs. Assertion (A). A is true. 3 and 4 73. Reason (R). R is true b. 1 and 3 c. A is true. A is false. R is false . Reason (R). A is false. total costs 75. a. Assertion (A). ________ are the sum of the ________ and ________ for any given level of production. Fixed costs. Which of these are characteristics of business markets? 1 Relatively few customers 2 Direct buying 3 Geographically scattered 4 Direct demand a.Consumers are willing to pay more for a better quality branded commodity. fixed. total.72. a.Commodities cannot be branded. 2 and 3 d. variable. R is false c. fixed. variable costs c. total costs d. R is true d. variable costs b. Total costs. A is true. a.Satisfaction is determined by expectations and expectations of different individuals vary.A customer may be satisfied with poor quality. A is false. R is true b. R is true d. R is false c. 1 and 2 b. Break even costs. R is false 74.

6: Logo of Pizza Hut (Source: Pizza Hut launched its innovative Pizza Pooch menu as well as a Birthday Party package exclusively for kids in the 6 – 10 years age group. Describe the components of Macro Environment of marketing. Though. they perceive themselves to be teenagers and have the ability to choose or demand a particular brand of their own choice. (10 Marks) 4.” The largest number of Pizza Hut outlets is in Paris. It has realised the cultural differences in India and importance of religion in the consumption . Do you think the promotion by Pizza Hut is successful? Give your reasons. followed by Moscow and Hong Kong.Applied Theory Questions 10 Marks x 4 = 40 Marks Answer the following questions. Refer Unit 8 (10 marks) Read the following case study thoroughly and answer the following questions: Discussion Questions: Refer unit 12 3. Suggest one alternative promotion to Pizza Hut.Section-C . Senior marketing manager. 12. Tricon Restaurants International said. Why do you think this would be successful? (10 Marks) Promotions at Pizza Hut Fig. at this age children are under their parents’ guidance. Pizza Hut started operations in India nearly seven years ago with just a single outlet. ((Students need to answer all questions of this section) 1. Refer Unit 3 ( 10 marks) In the summer of 2000 in New Delhi. Explain the stages in the new product development process.pizzahut. “There is a specific reason to cater to this segment.

The Pizza Pooch menu.pizzahut. Moreover. “Our focus is not just on offering a great pizza but also on providing excitement and good customer service. Today it has spread in several cities and it also has a 100 per cent vegetarian restaurant in Ahmedabad. The company says that its Pizza Pooch birthday package is full of fun and excitement. Hospitality. better known as a family a regular test. Moreover. 12. takes the onus of relieving parents of the cumbersome job of clearing up the mess after the kiddies have enjoyed themselves Innovative promotional activities and a popular logo have helped Pizza Hut expanding. hoardings and print advertisements where the cartoon characters are aimed at matching varying moods of kids. Maintenance. The senior marketing manager said. Pizza Hut conducted in-house research on psychographics of Indian consumer that led to the use of cartoon characters in campaigns. The birthday party includes a well-decorated area within the Pizza Hut outlet with several gifts for the children. What is unique in the package is the nominal price of ` 125 per child that offers much more than only goodies in the main menu. The menu has been intricately designed with pictorial games. A free set of crayons is provided to keep the children occupied while their parents dine. the party is conducted by a trained host with lots of games. Fig. Besides. The campaigns created by HTA are eye-catching with cartoon characters on the mailers.7: Pizza Products (Source: www. prizes and a special gift for the birthday child. The birthday part concept is not entirely original – local fast food major Nirula’s has been doing it for years as does KFC. CHAMPS (Cleanliness. . Product quality and Speed of service) is conducted in-house. includes a wholesome delicious meal and a gift for the child. Pizza Hut. on the other hand.pattern of certain sub-cultures. Accuracy of order. The Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) also carries out regular surprise checks at different outlets to monitor the quality of service.” The manager further emphasised on the customer focused operations and intensive research done to find customer needs and satisfaction.