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Sumedang Delicious Dish from Hundred Year Old Tionghoa Recipe

Written by Ilham Bahtera (

According to the book by Sam Setyautama about Tionghoa ethnic figures in Indonesia, a Chinese
immigrant named Ong Kino made Boen Keng tofu in 1917. Some information obtained from
another sources saying that in 1911 this kind of tofu was made only for Ong Kino personal
Still from the book by Sam Setyautama, at first this tofu was made only to please his beloved wife,
however, later revealed that this tofu also favored by the friends of its inventor. This particular tofu,
which name means boneless meat, then marketed by Ong Kino in West Java, precisely in
Sumedang. This is the origin of Boen Keng tofu which is known today as an icon of Sumedang
Back to the 1960s, this tofu has become one of the favorite consumption of the people in
Sumedang. While at that time, Ong Kino has returned to China and turned over the management
of this business to his son, Ong Boen Keng, and since, this tofu widely known as Boen Keng tofu.
Later, locals call this tofu as Bungkeng.
This business handed down to four generations. In the 4th generation, the company is no longer
has an ambition to open branch in another city. According to Suriadi, the 4th generations Boen
Keng tofu manager, water quality in other cities will be vary with water in Sumedang which will
affect the flavor.
Today, if you visit Sumedang, you will find a lot of people sell you Sumedang tofu. Altough this kind
of tofu can be found in other cities in Indonesia, but consumers prefer to buy Boen Keng tofu in its
origin city because they believe that the real Boen Keng tofu can only be found in Sumedang.
The development of Sumedang tofu was constrained by the rise of soy bean price. Many
Sumedang tofu producers forced out of business and the price of Sumedang tofu was getting
higher, making it hard to sell to consumer.
Besides the delicious taste, Boen Keng tofu has also a lot of benefits to human body. With the high
protein contained within the soy beans as the based ingredient of tofu, this kind of food is also
great for the growth, rejuvenation, regeneration of red blood cells, and human antibody. For
women, tofu can also be the best food to consume, because it is believed can enlarge your breast
With the popularity of Sumedang tofu which getting higher, many culinary entrepreneurs in West
Java tried to innovate and give a new touch to Sumedang tofu. Lot of variation of Sumedang ofu
can be found today, start from adding special flour to make this tofu crispier, to the variation of the
taste, made the new version of Sumedang tofu with spicy taste.
To make Sumedang tofu, there are a few processes you need to do; first, add salt and vinegar to
the high quality soy beans and soak it in the water for 3-5 hours. After that, wash the soy beans
clean then watering soy beans while grind it and the water result will be boiled for 15 minutes.
Boiled water will be filtered; the result of this filter will be the tofu. Put it to the mold called ancak
and after soak it to the salted water for 3-5 minutes, tofu is ready to fry.
Jika anda ingin mencoba, menikmati, dan belajar mengenai pembuatan Sumedang tofu, anda
dapat berlibur ke Sumedang dan mencicipi kuliner khas kota ini. Di pusat kota Sumedang anda
dapat berkunjung ke rumah makan Boen Keng, atau ke pusat pembuatan tahu Boen Keng di Jalan
11 April no. 53, Jawa Barat, Sumedang, Indonesia.
If you want to try, enjoy, and learn how to make Sumedang tofu, visit Sumedang for vacation and
taste the delicious signature dish of Sumedang. In the center of Sumedang city, you can visit Boen

Keng restaurant, or you can straightly go to the Boen Keng tofu factory in 11 April St. No. 53, West
Java, Sumedang, Indonesia.