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Activities for Children Struggling With HyperActivity, Stress

Anxiety or Depression
The feeling of “I am not enough” , or “I am Not upto standards” is
fairly common among all ages.
Truth, is children have to understand that they are unique, and not
competing with anyone else.
As Parents and Teachers, we have a constant battle to keep the most
children’s of this generation engaged in a fruitful and fulfilling
Here are some activities in and out of school that can help calm
down the child.
First of all, any child and of any age, parents and teachers should
feed and strengthen their body and mind, with something that
inspires them and makes them feel good about themselves.
Second, Fear and anxiety are physical. Send them for boxing or a
long run,that energy flows right back into your body and restores
them to certainty.
Lets take a look at these activities that will feed and strengthen their
soul, mind and body.
1. Punching Bag
2. Standing on the head ( Shirshasana)
3. Meditation
4. Body Massage
5. Practice Silence ( Who is the quietest in the room?)
6. Chant the Mantras along with your kids
7. Pranayam - Breathing Exercises
8. Surya Namaskar (Salutations to Sun)
9. Peace Room/ Peace Corner ( With Distorting Mirrors and

anti anxiety Toys)
Wall of Love and Fear
Wall of Fame
Wall of Gratitude
Get a Hobby
Rain Dance
Rain Sports
Search : Find a place in the Map
Blindfold Games
Rock Climbing

we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation” Meditation with both open or closed eyes are good. 4. Time : Start with 10 minutes and progressively increment to 30 mins. 5. 7. Meditation “If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation. It’ll be a great lesson for your little ones. Play a background music of waterfall or seashore. I would like to emphasise both parents and family members have to be involved. For a bit older kids. Turn it into a fun game : “Who can be the quietest?” Remember it should sound like a fun game for your kids. First few times. like with 30 minutes and then increase over the period. to dedicate to silence.19. 21. run away from them. 3. he would be less distracted by his thoughts and emotions. . or block them out. you may have to monitor the child. Position : Fold your legs while in sitting position. hit hard and Let it All Out! Children should be taught that its ok to feel emotions. that child once a day can punch. Sound : Silence is bliss. Practice Silence Yes. Room : Sit in dark room. Ensure the child is comfortable. Swimming Pool Games Run Vertical Dark Den with lights Other Activities Punching Bag Get a serious professional bag. with your spine upright. Do not allow the children to fight emotions. You have start it small. and laugh it out. 22. you heard or read it right. Schedule a time in the day. 20. When counting. Ask the child to count breathing. For Best Results: 1. 6. Break the silence with words of love and acts of good intent. Play some music. Light : Keep one single red bulb. teach the kids to medicate with closed eyes. and set a fix time in the day. if he is finding it hard to focus. Place : Set a fix place to sit quietly. 2. If your child finds it uncomfortable. For lesser distractions. with no sounds and no lights. with the kids.

sheep voice. But after the massage. By closing left nasal 2. 5. It will take few trials. You can play soft sounds . Once the fun part is over. A sense of vibration should occur inside the throat. right aroma in the room. water falls. e. Lay your hands on top of your head to feel the vibration. Chant Om with long and stretch sounds of last phonetic sound “MMMM”. By closing both nasals. he/ she will see the difference. Chant Om with long and stretch sounds of first phonetic sound “A”. OM in 7-10 different tones and after each one. Pranayam . thus improving the sleep patterns and reducing the anxiety.Breathing Exercises . Ask the child make different sounds of OM. Initially.g Say OM in frog voice. if needed to. 4. For best results : Atmosphere : Dim lights. and warm massage oil. or forests sounds in the background. The sound should feel more like from the stomach. A good oil massage has proven to strengthen the dopamine levels. Try to keep the silence in the room. while mother works on the rest of the body. 6. 1. it can be a struggle to get your child to lie down peacefully. It should be a fun exercise. Speak softly. lower stress hormone levels. you could try these with the child. relax and distress your child.such as OM chants. By closing right nasal 3. dog or baby voice. Chant OM. Chant the Mantras along with your kids Kids love to sing.Body Massage Its most effective tool to rebond. ask the child to repeat. to find out what calms the child. Initially start with simple “OM” mantra. Chanting improves focus and concentration and has powerful effects on brain development. Chant Om with long and stretch sounds of second phonetic sound “UUU”. Both of the parents can perform a body massage for the child. A sense of vibration should occur inside the head. Father can do the head & foot massage.

You will only listen.A distorting mirror or funhouse mirror or A curved mirror is a mirror with a curved reflecting surface. and has much deeper relaxing effect than any other exercise. Have lesser distractions. so the child sees his / her face in the moment of anger or frustrations. try to make your child to remain in this position for at least 30 seconds & release slowly. weight. health. Its recommended to be performed on an empty stomach. Moreover. sleep. anxiety. As a beginner. Remember to start the entrance. digestions.Pranayam is a practice concerned with breath control. A pleasant way to make the child forget everything that just happened. Warm Bath A warm bath is relaxing. Standing on the head ( Shirshasana) Kids find this interesting. A periodic practice of this one single exercise will wipe of all anxiety and health issues. the very fact that most parents aren’t able to do as swiftly as their children. Thoughts leads to feelings which affect the behaviour and mood. Research has shown that practicing Pranayam can help treat anxiety and emotional distress. Let the child talk. Peace Room/ Peace Corner Create an Anti-Anxiety corner for the child. focus. Its well known as all-in-one exercise. at F1-Car speed. Just like adult. . For better results. light some candles. ⁃ Fidgeting toys ⁃ Cool Down Cubes : Let the child write his "cool down" strategy on each ice cube. ⁃ Distorting Mirror . it boosts their ego. they are very peculiar of they look and perceived. Surya Namaskar (Salutations to Sun) Best exercise to improve all aspects of the body. He can write his feelings on each cube and later share with his parents or counsellor. and be present with the child. This room should be filled with anti-anxiety toys such ⁃ Plain Mirror. add a few nice scents.

Create a Maze like structure on the floor. Most of the time. If you cannot take your child out for some adventure. In Response.both leads to the centre. while Labyrinth is single branching path . What upset him/her. anxiety. you could have a corner in a room. For Best Results: 1. Both are effective methods to cool down the child and increase his focus. solar system. You could choose to do a maze or a Labyrinth. children prefer not to talk about it with adults. Put Smilies and Stars for what was good pertaining to that specific situation. ⁃ Floor Maze or Labyrinth . 2. 3. and the cause of sadness or disappointment.⁃ Dim Lights ⁃ Magnetic Maze . Parent/ Teacher can write down what they were expecting out of child. ⁃ Kids projector to project stars. positive and affirmative words. moon. Wall of Love and Fear Just like a wall of fame. the child walk through the paths and routes to the center and back. sweet aroma. . Dark Den with lights Nothing like a small space of your dark. where you and he can share feelings. and enchanting lights.Its a wonderful tool for kids to trace with their fingers. ⁃ Background music for effect. Use assertive. 4. ⁃ Den that can block day light or tube lights ⁃ coloured light objects such as balls that emit mutil colour lights. Child can write down what could have the parent done better in that situation. A maze is complex branching puzzle with multiple choices of path and direction . A space he calls his own. Be Subtle. this is best way for him to escape from his fear.

you should have no rules. No video games! thats not a hobby. Hobby There is always something out there for every single one of us as escape mechanism. Take pictures of kids from streets. Introduce a hobby. without food. When it comes to this specific wall. that child be passionate about. Some find it in : • Long drive or Cycling • Running • Jigsaw Puzzles • Sudoku • Music • Dance • Drawing • Mountain biking . Let the child look through them once in a while. 4. and then write at least 1 thing every day that they feel thankful about. but an addiction. Make markings against the very thing. Paste the pictures on wall. or pictures from orphanage. Wall of Gratitude This one worked for kids in our family very well. 2. that the child is thankful about more than once. 1. 3. shelter. and will certainly work to drive up the dopamine levels. We are referring to hobbies that specially help one calm down.My Wall of Fame Dedicate a wall for your child to paint and draw. and express emotions through colours.

3 min. name of the country. Timer is provided. The first team find it in time get the points. or flag is provided. it will be the best escape mechanism from stress and strong emotions. National animal. fancy designs and times limits such 1 min. a specific city is asked to find in a large map. Benefits : • Attention to details • Memory Skills • Improve the IQ • Team work . Use an Hour Glass or Sand time ( they come in different colours. Most divide the tasks among team members while search is being done.It can put us in a near-meditative state. Its a state of mind flow. or even 30 .Kids come up with a strategy on how to perform the search in the given time. Other group or family activities : Rain Dance Rain Sports Search : Find a place in the Map With bunch of kids together. For best results: Keep the teams small 2-4 children max.• Basketball / Soccer / Cricket • Play Drums/ piano or any instrument Moreover. • Social Circle : Hobbies can lead you to a new social circle for yourself and your kids. • High level of engagement : Pastime offers the time and space to relax. • Improves Memory : According to Psychological Science studies. Hobbies provide a direct route to passion. sense of belonging and boosts self esteem. • Enhances a sense of pride and joy : Child is fully engaged in what he is doing that he will lose track of time and temporary relief from stress. Developing these moments a person feels more content with their life • Replace negative emotions : As the child develops expertise. 5 min. hint such as state name. mentally-challenging hobbies have showed significant gains in memory.

✓ Blindfolds line up : For a group of 5 to 12. Blindfolded child could Start 3 to 5metres from the drawing and can be guided by his partner. The blindfolded person has to rely upon a sighted person to lead and help the blindfolded person succeed. . Blindfold everyone in the group then ask them to line up in ⁃ Height order ⁃ Birthday order ⁃ Alphabetic order . Traditional games such as ✓ Pin the Tail on the Donkey : Either draw the outline of a donkey or paste a large picture on the wall. This is good exercise in schools and at home for developing communication with peers/ siblings.Of first name or Last Name or both. Each team member takes turns to pin a tail on the donkey while wearing a blindfold.mins timer) Blindfold Games This has been a part of team building activities for many years. Run Vertical Running up the stairs. and learn to trust each other in group or project works. and let it out and let it go. Its the best way to get the kids to sweat. but are lazy to swim. ⁃ Shoe size order Rock Climbing This is possible if you have facilities around your area to visit once a month for this activity Swimming Pool Games Most ADHD ADD or ODD kids love water. and clock the time to complete.