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Elevator Chains
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accuracy of hole size. 2 www. then sub-punch the pitch holes of the chain. Illinois. Hole Processing Webster Industries utilizes a wide variety of manufacturing processes in order to balance the level of quality to the application of the chain to the overall cost. This results in a minimum of five times the material to resist deformation of the hole under heavy loads. (Fig. commercial castings and vibrating conveyors. this is at least five times more surface for the pin to rest against. Compared to single-punch holes. 1) Mandrel Steel Die Matrix (Fig. In other words. in-plant laboratory and testing facilities. machine shop.000 feet of chain to serve our customer requirements. fatigue resistant. This perfect hole sizing results in the press fit or bearing surface of the sidebar at 100%. First we cut the sidebar to length. One is burnishing and the other is perfect hole sizing. Two such processes are utilized in manufacturing the pitch holes of our chains. Oregon allow for quick access to over $7 million dollars of inventory throughout North America. chain assembly area. Webster founded Webster with his “Common Sense” elevator bucket in Chicago. high tolerance. and Pride. Mississippi and Tualatin. Our three manufacturing facilities stock over 250.websterchain. This rubbing or smearing (burnishing) action of the metal fills the break out or tapered portion of the hole that was caused in the initial piercing operation. which are all primary keys to extended chain . History Since 1876 Webster Industries. 2) Webster’s burnished holes achieve 85% to 90% bearing surface. 1) The mandrel rubs the metal surface of the pitch hole with sufficient force to cause plastic flowing of the metal. (Fig. Over the past century Webster evolved from producing elevator buckets to being the world’s leading manufacturer of engineered class chains. Punch Steel Slug (Fig.Webster American Materials. Perfect hole sizing is the process used to give 100% press fit throughout the entire hole. we use the highest quality solution which drives value to our customers. Our two warehousing and assembly locations located in Meridian. Towner K. American labor and American pride. Inc has provided conveying solutions of all types to a broad range of markets with a variety of products and expertise. 2) Both processes result in a high quality. Locations Our Tiffin headquarters has over 300. This insures the exact desired press fit between the bushing and/or pin and sidebar for the entire thickness of the sidebar. punch press operations. Labor. Ohio where our corporate headquarters resides today. Lastly we final machine the pitch holes. heat treat facility. The major advantages of burnished pitch holes and perfect holes are the amount of bearing surface. and consistency of press fit. The perfect hole is critical to heavy-duty elevator application chain life. After the sub-punch the sidebars are heat treated. work hardened sidebar holes. In 1907 Webster relocated to Tiffin. Webster’s reputation for high quality products comes from the same principles it was founded on – American materials. sheet metal fabrication department. First the punch pierces the sidebar material producing a heavy tapered slug.000 square feet of manufacturing space and includes a malleable iron foundry. Burnishing is a unique cold forming process used by Webster where a graduated mandrel (punch) is used to punch the sidebar pitch holes.

Webster’s sealed joint design comprises a resilient Buna N Quad Seal housed in a hardened steel insert pressed over both ends of the bushings. Webster’s standard Sealed Joint chains are rated up to 250°F. At the same time it also helps retain the factory installed grease between the pins and bushings thus enhancing chain performance and wear life. Webster also offers high temperature seals for applications 400°F and intermittent 500°F. Turbo Series Webster’s TS chains meet or exceed our competition in hardness and case depth measurements. This series is so reliable that we back up the chain with an exclusive FOUR YEAR performance guarantee specifically designed for the cement industry. acts as a barrier keeping conveyed material and foreign particles out of the pin/bushing interface. Sealed Joint Sealed Joint chains are designed to protect the pin and bushing from harsh chemicals.Turbo Series & Sealed Joint Chains Webster Industries. Full round pins and bushings have consistent press fits for the ultimate in fatigue strength. is proud to offer the Turbo Series heavy-duty elevator chains. In-house controlled heat treat processes for balanced hardness to insure good core strength for toughness along with a high case depth for long wear properties. dry erosion and overall corrosion. positioned in between the inner and outer sidebars. Inc. Webster’s special process yields perfect holes that insure maximum interference fits. The TS chains are produced from certified sidebar quality USA manufactured materials using fine grain particles for insured steel reliability. This seal. Turbo Series and Sealed Joint chains are designed for severe duty applications. Resilient Rubber Seal Hardened Steel Seal Housing Resilient Rubber Seal Hardened Steel Seal Housing Factory Installed Grease Factory Installed Grease 800-243-9327 3 .

0 22.000 6. Average Average Rated Width Average Links Weight Ultimate Working Thk.1 ⁄2 K24M◗◗◗ TS856 TS956 ⁄2 ⁄2 1 1 22.000 14.0 150.000 6.875 16.0 23.Turbo Series & Sealed Joint Chain Information DIRECTION OF TRAVEL Sidebars Chain No.000 6.300 21.2 17.000 200.K3M.K44 K44 K44 K443 K443 * TS859 / TS864 chains have shot peening on the sidebar * TS956 / TS958 /TS984 chains have shot peening and lightening holes on the sidebar * For Service Factors. TS856 TS956 TS857 TS859 TS958 TS864 TS984 6.000 250.000 14.000 150. Height Between Pitch in Per Ft.000 6. Overall Width Approx.0 31.000 21. 43⁄4 45⁄8 43⁄4 35⁄8 35⁄8 13⁄4 13⁄4 17⁄8 17⁄8 21⁄2 21⁄2 71⁄2 71⁄2 43⁄4 43⁄4 T ⁄2 1 ⁄2 1 ⁄2 1 Weight Per Foot-Lbs.K3M.3 21. Turbo Series & Sealed Joint Attachments K2M◗◗◗ Chain No.000 1 2 ⁄2 1 ⁄2 ⁄2 1 ⁄2 5 ⁄8 9 ⁄16 5 ⁄8 5 ⁄8 3 31⁄4 4∇∇∇ 31⁄4 4∇∇∇ 4∇ 1 Pins Bushings To To Cotter Head or End Rivet End Dia.000 150.000 7. see page A-12 in Webster Master Catalog #400.K35M K2M.K24M. Bolt Size ∆∆ 1 22.0 ⁄2 5 21.K24M.1 ⁄8 ⁄8 5 5 K2M and K24M 4 www.875 . K J D H 3 3 3 325⁄32 37⁄32 325⁄32 313⁄16 2 ⁄32 227⁄32 227⁄32 315⁄32 227⁄32 315⁄32 31⁄2 1 1 1 11⁄4 11⁄8 11⁄4 13⁄8 13⁄4 13⁄4 13⁄4 23⁄8 2 23⁄8 21⁄2 27 Common Attachment Numbers K2M.000 250.000 20 20 20 20 20 17 17 16. TS856 TS857 TS956 A 35⁄32 313⁄16 35⁄32 B 17⁄8 15⁄8 17⁄8 C 17⁄8 21⁄2 17⁄8 D 21⁄4 23⁄4 21⁄4 E 71⁄2 71⁄4 71⁄2 F Max.000 250.000 7. Lbs. Strength Load in T F Sidebars Inches 10 Feet Lbs.K35M K2M.000 14.0 32. 3 3 3 33⁄4 3 33⁄4 33⁄4 Outside Dia.0 34.websterchain. in Lbs.5 ⁄8 1 23.

0 ⁄2 5 48. 6 3⁄4 6 3⁄4 G 13⁄8 13⁄8 J 6 1⁄32 6 1⁄32 T 1 ⁄2 1 ⁄2 35⁄8 35⁄8 3 3 17⁄8 17⁄8 57⁄8 57⁄8 63⁄4 63⁄4 63⁄4 63⁄4 11⁄4 11⁄4 57⁄8 57⁄8 1 Weight Per Bolt Foot-Lbs.Turbo Series Attachments K3M✚ Chain No.6 1 ⁄8 ⁄8 5 5 K3M and K35M K44✚ (8 Holes.5 27.0 ⁄8 ⁄8 5 5 K44 and K443 800-243-9327 5 . Size 1 26. TS856 TS956 A 3 9⁄32 3 9⁄32 B 3 3 C 17⁄8 17⁄8 D 515⁄32 515⁄32 E 6 3⁄4 6 3⁄4 F Max. TS857 TS859 TS958 A 31⁄2 41⁄2 31⁄2 B 31⁄2 41⁄2 31⁄2 C 21⁄2 3 21⁄2 D 6 61⁄2 6 F E Max. G 61⁄2 7 31⁄2 71⁄4 71⁄4 23⁄4 6 5⁄8 7 31⁄2 J 11⁄4 15⁄8 11⁄4 3 3 61⁄2 61⁄2 81⁄4 81⁄4 15⁄8 15⁄8 K 11⁄4 3 ⁄4 11⁄4 T 1 ⁄2 5 ⁄8 1 ⁄2 Weight Per Bolt Foot-Lbs. no center hole in outside rows) Chain No.0 ⁄8 1 32.6 ⁄2 K35M✚ TS856 TS956 ⁄2 ⁄2 26.0 48.0 ⁄2 K443✚ (10 Holes) TS864 TS984 41⁄2 41⁄2 51⁄2 51⁄2 71⁄4 71⁄4 33⁄4 33⁄4 ⁄4 ⁄4 ⁄8 ⁄8 3 5 3 5 46. Size 1 32.5 ⁄2 1 27.

200 9. decreases rated working load requirements. Best suited for slow or moderate speed applications. The roller provides a lower operating friction which helps increase chain life.000 18. excellent wear resistance. Operation Sidebars can be furnished with additional heat treatment on request.0 150.000 12. This provides maximum toughness. Section A. SBR chains are interchangeable with other standard makes of corresponding sizes and numbers.Steel Bushed Roller Chains Steel Bushed Roller Chains Steel bushed roller (SBR) chains are used for elevator applications. They are commonly called super capacity or high load chains. Lbs. B 11⁄4 11⁄2 2 23⁄8 11⁄4 Rollers Tread Tread Common Dia. Interchangeability Sidebars are made from medium carbon steel. For Conveyor Service see Table 2.000 2 115⁄16 Overall Width Pins Bushings To To Cotter Head or End Rivet End Dia.700 25⁄8 5 1 1 ⁄8 3 ⁄2 13 ⁄3 38. Height Sidebars In Per Ft. Strength 10 Ft.900 31⁄16 5 1 ⁄8 13 ⁄3 48.000 S4251 12.000 9. Webster Master Catalog #400. K J D 15 3 7 2 ⁄32 2 ⁄16 ⁄8 1 227⁄32 221⁄32 37⁄16 31⁄8 11⁄4 17 7 3 ⁄32 3 ⁄32 11⁄2 7 21⁄2 21⁄4 ⁄8 Outside Dia. SBR chains for elevators are normally furnished in cottered construction. and a flexible inner core to deliver the ultimate chain life. Maximum chain speed depends upon size of sprockets. T U W 3 1 1 ⁄8 2 ⁄2 14. thru hardened and induction hardened. They are normally used for dual strand bucket elevators.5 85.0 253. Bushings are case hardened to provide maximum wear resistance and chain life. and reduces conveyor design requirements. 6 www.000 4 31⁄4 1 ⁄2 10 12. Width Attachment Numbers H A 1 3 2 ⁄16 G5 3 27⁄16 G5. Material Assembly Pins are alloy steel. G6 1 4 ⁄4 215⁄16 G5.000 Width Approx.000 9.000 9.000 27.0 .200 21⁄4 13 ⁄3 1 1 1 ⁄2 2 ⁄2 13 ⁄3 18. They are the appropriate selection for long life and heavy-duty service where difficult operating conditions prevail.000 9. Lbs.websterchain. Application SBR chains are used in bucket elevator applications where difficult operating conditions prevail. Average Average Rated Between Links Weight Ultimate Working Load Thk. Lbs. DIRECTION OF TRAVEL Sidebars Chain No. Average Pitch Inches S4009 S4004 S4065 S4037 9.7 81. G6 1 4 ⁄2 31⁄8 G6 13⁄4 113⁄16 G117/118 See Speed Factor Table 11 and Service Factor Table A-12 in Webster Master Catalog #400.

∆∆ 15.3 19. S1251 S4251 Weight Per Foot-Lbs. S4009 S4004 S4065 A 311⁄32 311⁄32 315⁄16 B 21⁄2 21⁄2 21⁄2 C 11⁄4 11⁄4 13⁄4 D 14 14 14 E 161⁄2 161⁄2 161⁄2 F 33⁄4 33⁄4 33⁄4 T 3 ⁄8 1 ⁄2 5 ⁄8 Weight Per Foot-Lbs. Bolt Size A B C D E F T ∆∆ 2 2 3 3 1 1 4 4 5 5 2 2 1/2 1/2 12. Bolt Size A B C D E F T ∆∆ S4004 311⁄32 23/4 3 31/2 41/4 53/4 1/2 24. Weight Per Foot-Lbs.0 1 2 3 1 4 5 2 1/2 12.0 3 ⁄2 ⁄2 1 G118 S4251 800-243-9327 ⁄4 G117 and G118 7 .Steel Bushed Roller Chain Attachments G5  Chain No.7 5 S4037 3 ⁄32 11/2 3 6 41/4 7 5 ⁄8 54.0 12.2 3/4 29 ⁄8 ⁄8 G6 G117 Chain No.2 5 S4065 315⁄16 23/4 3 31/2 41/4 7 5 ⁄8 44.0 Bolt Size 5 ⁄8 5 ⁄8 5 ⁄8 G5 G6  Chain No.7 40.

T. thru hardened and induction hardened.T. .000 Average Weight Per Ft. . than suitable for other applications where extreme abrasion and heat resistance are required. M. . 18. M. DIRECTION OF TRAVEL Abbreviations of Material and Treatment M. .000 195. . Webster Master Catalog #400. excellent wear .C. Attachments available up to 30" overall width * For Service Factors. Sidebars and wings are made from square edge bar for better scraping action and increased conveying capacity. and a flexible inner core to deliver ultimate chain life.T. . .T. . The sliding surfaces are hardface welded for additional wear resistance.H. D 11⁄8 11⁄4 11⁄4 11⁄4 Style F F F F General Dimensions Average Ultimate Strength in Lbs.C. Section A.C.C.000 205. WHX5157HF WHX6067HF WHX6121HF WHX5121HF Approx.H.T. Material Interchangeability Pins are alloy steel. Medium Carbon. WHX5157HF WHX6067HF WHX6121HF WHX5121HF Dia.050 9. For Conveyor Service see Table 2. Links in 10 Feet 20 131⁄3 131⁄3 131⁄3 Average Pitch Inches 6. Alloy Steel. Spkt.H.0 37. However. To Cotter End K 35⁄8 43⁄16 431⁄32 431⁄32 Max. . .000 9.5 28.0 37. They provide long life with very low maintenance. ALY. Plain Chain 28.000 Sidebars Material ALY. . Assembly Welded steel drag chains are normally furnished in cottered construction. . M.T.I. 21⁄2 M. .000 9.I. .H. .C. T 5 ⁄8 3 ⁄4 11⁄8 11⁄8 Height F 21⁄2 21⁄2 21⁄2 21⁄2 Material M. ALY. . .C.H.C. . ALY. . This provides maximum toughness.000 205.H. they are more Maximum chain speed depends upon size of sprockets. 21⁄2 M. . Induction Hardened Chain No. H Material 21⁄2 M.C. Welded steel drag chains are interchangeable with other standard makes of corresponding sizes and numbers.600 27.I.T.I.H. Application Operation Sidebars and barrels are medium carbon heat treated steel.I.H.C. Thk. . .H.H.H.  117.0 Pins Chain No.H. see page A-12 in Webster Master Catalog #400.600 Length of Bearing X 45⁄8 51⁄2 65⁄16 65⁄16 Barrels Outside Dia.H. Rated Working Load in Lbs. Welded steel drag chains are typically used in the cement industry in the cold or hot drag conveyors. 8 www. .WHX Drag Chains Welded steel drag chains are designed for applications where severe abrasion and/or high temperatures exist.000 27.websterchain.T.200 24. . Heat Treated ALY. Width A 21⁄2 31⁄4 31⁄4 31⁄4 To Head or Rivet End J 33⁄8 315⁄16 423⁄32 423⁄32 Common Attachment Numbers WING WING WING WING WHX5121HF runs closed end forward. 21⁄2 M. . Lbs.H.

Additional apron pan styles are available. Sidebars are medium carbon steel. Sidebars and pins can be furnished with additional heat treatment on request. Pans are designed to absorb the impact of large lumps. For Conveyor Service see Table 2. Application Apron Conveyor Pans DIRECTION OF TRAVEL DIRECTION OF TRAVEL DIRECTION OF TRAVEL Style A Style B Style C The double beaded leakproof pans are recommended for fine or hot materials. repeated loading and inclined conveying with minimum spillage or breakage. Operation Apron conveyors are best suited for slow or moderate speed applications. Bushings are furnished in case hardened steel to provide maximum wear resistance and chain life. Rollers are commonly furnished in WEBLOY and provide a grease reservoir and lubrication fittings when internal greasing is required. The single beaded pans are a natural for inclined conveyors. hot materials can be easily handled. Pans are mild steel. Interchangeability Aprons are used in conveyors and feeders where the most difficult operating conditions prevail. in total custom designs and as replacements for aprons from other manufacturers.Apron Conveyor Chains & Pans Apron conveyors are engineered to handle a variety of materials ranging from hot and abrasive to dry and fine. Material Assembly Pins are thru hardened alloy steel for even more wear resistance. Because the chains are mounted underneath with independent outboard rollers. The shape of the pan allows for cleaner discharge at the head end and minimizes breakage of fragile materials. In addition to the designs shown in this catalog. The deep leakproof pan allows fine or hot materials to be carried at steeper inclines and higher capacities. cleaner discharge and more durable continuous service. Section A. Webster aprons are available with modifications to these standard designs. please refer to the Webster Master Catalog or contact customer service 800-243-9327 9 . The rollers provide lower operating friction which helps to increase chain life and reduce conveyor design requirements. Apron conveyor chains are interchangeable with other standard makes of corresponding sizes and numbers. The design of the pan holds fine or dry materials until they are discharged. Apron conveyor chains are normally furnished in cottered construction. Webster Master Catalog #400.

Style AC cast elevator buckets provide fast. The recessed back. free-flowing fine materials which will not discharge properly at higher speeds. Other styles of cast and fabricated steel elevator buckets are available. Welded steel buckets feature a wraparound design with much of the load in dual compartments. Super Capacity Style Continuous Style steel elevator buckets are used for handling gritty or bulky materials such as sand. coal and ore at slow speeds or light. These buckets are mounted between two strands of chain with the back of the buckets extending beyond the chain centerline. This results in greater carrying capacity. Style AC steel elevator buckets are designed primarily for handling cement and other free-flowing materials in centrifugal discharge elevators operating at higher than normal speeds. Continuous Style Cast Iron Buckets Modern methods. The flanged front forms a chute for the clean discharge from each succeeding bucket. stone. Style ACS steel elevator buckets are designed for high capacity when Style AC handling free-flowing fine materials. Vent holes in the bottom of each bucket release air trapped in filling and allow material to empty from bucket quickly and completely on discharge. These buckets feature a heavy reinforcing band that is cast along the front edge and corners to prevent distortion. lime. repetition. Steel elevator buckets are available in a variety of materials with numerous options such as hardface welding or wear lips to resist abrasion. repetition. These buckets are welded construction and made of heavy gauge steel. 10 Style AA www. and increased wear for digging. They are furnished in both malleable iron and Duramel for better wear. provides additional strength and durability.websterchain. Style ACS Steel elevator buckets are laser cut from plates and robotically welded in our fabrication department to insure quality manufacturing and a precise match with the mating chain . for chain mounting. These buckets are made in two styles: Vertical Regular and Vertical Overlapping. Style AC Style AA cast elevator buckets are used for handling heavy abrasive products.Elevator Buckets Fabricated Steel Elevator Buckets Webster's modern manufacturing methods and technical expertise insure quality. Steel elevator buckets are available for nearly any application. Super Capacity Style steel elevator buckets are designed to handle greater capacities and larger lumps than ordinary continuous style buckets. and other dry or free-flowing fine materials. and speed of production for fabricated steel buckets to the application required. and speed of production for malleable iron buckets which resist abrasive wear. technical experience. gravel. thorough discharge of cement. research and careful laboratory control of metals insure quality. pulverized. rust and corrosion.

TS864 Symbol Definition Reference ◗◗◗ Attachments will be located on the outer links if the attachment spacing is for an even number of pitches. This allows for the ease of installation or replacement without disturbing the shaft. K44. This will save the plant considerable time and money. K3M. reclaimer systems and many other specialty applications. K35M. Webster offers sprockets and traction wheels with heat treatments ranging from flame cut. Can be furnished with both inside and outside sidebars of 3" TS956 Outside sidebars 23⁄4". inner sidebars 3".Sprockets & Traction Wheels Sprockets and Traction Wheels Segmental sprockets and traction wheels are available from Webster Industries with removable segments of teeth or rims. Value Added Services Webster Industries offers replacement Original Equipment Manufacturers chains. pan conveyors. This will dramatically cut down on your man power costs by saving you time during the installation of your elevator chain and buckets. Cannot be coupled consecutively. K24M Attachments on outer sidebars only. K24M. Offset links must be used if attachment spacing is odd number of pitches. These can be special conveyor applications. G6 Weights of attachments coupled every other pitch. K35M. This will cut down on installation time and the amount of field assembly chain joints by reducing field connects by 50%. G5. inner sidebars 31⁄4". Webster can assemble elevator chains in 20 feet lengths. K3M. Can be furnished with both inside and outside sidebars of 31⁄4" TS857. Webster also offers complete bucket and chain assemblies in 10 foot sections. Can be furnished with inside sidebars and outside sidebars of 4" 800-243-9327 Reference TS859. Normally furnished right-hand and left hand. K443  Attachments which are on one side of the chain only will be on the pinhead side unless otherwise specified. Can be furnished with both inside sidebars and outside sidebars of 4" TS984 Outside sidebars 3". or other sprockets. K2M. engineer. K44. K2M. Inside sidebars 4". Webster can evaluate. flame hardened to induction hardened to handle your toughest application. design and manufacture those very expensive and long lead-time OEM chains. bearings. apron conveyors. For more information contact your Webster customer service representative. The benefit of the segmental sprocket or traction wheel allows extra space for the new installation of segments without having to split or remove the chain. Definitions of Symbols Symbol Definition ▼▼ Outer sidebars 21⁄2". Offset links must be used if attachment spacing is odd number of pitches. TS958 ▼▼▼ Outer sidebars 21⁄2". G5. K443 : 11 . Inside sidebars 4". G6.

MARKETS Cement Fertilizer Lime Tualatin. Inc.websterchain. 325 Hall Street • Tiffin. OR Tiffin. MS Coal Aggregate Grain Webster Industries. OH 44883 • 800-243-9327 • 419-447-8232 • Fax: 419-448-1618 BE0113 . OH Potash Meridian.