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P. Sai
Surya Teja
BA.LLB (hons.)

. Ph. P. Satyanarayana.M. LL. Then I would like to thank Prof.D. Secondly..ACKNOWLEDGMENT First of all I thank Devineni Kishore Kumar sir for giving me the opportunity to intern in Vijayeebhava Nagarjuna Service Trust under his guidance. Then I would like to thank my friends who helped and encouraged me in successful accomplishment of this project. I thank my dad for helping me choosing the NGO and also helping me in all ways possible for the accomplishment of this project. Director for giving me the opportunity to do internship which helped me a lot knowing about how a NGO(Non-Governmental Organisation) runs. Sai Surya Teja . Y.

LLB. and the work done here is not submitted to any other university for award of any other degree. Sai Surya Teja.(1232613106) and the report submitted to GITAM School of Law is the work done for the partial fulfilment for awarding the degree of BA. SIGNATURE .DECLARATION I hereby declare that the Project work submitted herein was the original internship work done by me P.

As a member of lions club he used to go to some government schools nearby and help 2 children a year. Vijayawada. So. He got to know that there are many poor children who are willing to get educated but could not due to their financial status. . under the guidance of Devineni Kishore Kumar sir. I completed my four week internship at Vijayeebhava Nagarjuna Service Trust.INTRODUCTION During winter term break 2014. Kondapalli. In the process of selecting the children he used to know the child’s background. and some other lion’s club members started a service trust named Vijayeebhava Nagarjuna Service Trust. He is a member of Lions Club. with his wife Miss Devineni Joni Kumari. in the year 2007.

 Filtration of applications is based on a ‘test’ conducted by the trust.  It is not only the merit of the student considered but also the financial background of the students is more concerned. the trust people will educate those parents on the advantages of education and convince them. Afterwards their parents or guardian’s consent is obtained.  If the parents are not willing to send the children. .  First the interest of the student is considered while selection.  The selected 20 students will complete their 8th class to 10th class in the school established by the trust.PROCESS OF SELECTION  This trust will send 40 applications to different government schools every year and select 20 children.  The recruitment of the students will be in the class 8.

 Even though the student want to do what he chose.  If they think he/she is not able they will suggest the student and give the student counselling.  If the student is not interested in Polytechnic he/she may choose whatever he/she want to become. Many of .) with all expenses of the trust.  The students will have to stay in hostels where they were studying.  Some of the students are perusing their MBBS Degrees under this trust. Guntur etc. The hostel fees and other expenses will be covered by the trust. Thereafter in the 10th class vacation the students will be given polytechnic coaching.. the trust will provide the student good colleges at the trust’s expenditure.  The trust members will see the ability of the student and then decide whether he/she is eligible. Vijayawada.  If the student got interested in polytechnic he/she will be sent to a good polytechnic colleges (in Hyderabad.

.  They should not leave the college without prior permission. They will be taught general topics. doing polytechnic and  Some of the students got jobs in different companies like Wipro. dropped out and .  The passed out students who are doing jobs are helping the trust by giving some of their earnings. Only on Dussera.  There will be orientation classes on vacations. InfoTech etc.  Some children who could not be far away from parents or who could not adjust with the environment there.  They have vacation only thrice a year to go to their families.them were engineering. Pongal and Summer vacation they can visit their parents.  The trust will follow strict discipline.  They should not use mobile phones.  The students should follow the time table strictly. current issues and also they will get coaching on next year syllabus.

 On 14th of January(the day the trust was established)  On dussera vacation and  On summer vacation  The progress of the performance are checked. on the  Settled persons can take care of atleast one children and it is not compulsory.  There will be a meet by the members of the trust thrice a year. sugar and other tests are done to students and medical advises were given.  Every second Sunday free medical camps were conducted in the trust by Dr. Free Blood Pressure.Gopalan Sivannarayana also member of the trust. children their  The children have to introduce themselves to the members of the trust and they will .another student will be taken recommendation of members or students.

. some students will be busy that time learning car driving.. . There will be one and half hour games session where the students will play cricket.get some suggestions as to what to be their goals in future. shuttle. are encouraged by the trust. etc.  Games and other activities like learning car etc.

000 x 10 = Rs.000/Pattern Member:  A pattern member has to pay Rs.Raising Funds Life Member:  Person who is interested to help the organisation for life can be a life member.000/per year for 10 years.500 x 10 = Rs.  A life member has to pay Rs.000/ There are some life members and some pattern members in the organisation.1.25. .  The other members are mostly from the Lions Club where the Chairperson is already a members.  So in total he will pay 2.00.2500/.Per Year for 10 years.  So in total he will pay 10.  There are more of NRI’s who are members in the organisation by helping the organisation. 10.

some with their scientific knowledge and inventions. get good jobs or do business. religion. rear them and see that they in turn get good education and lead a happy life? Then wait for death? Then pass away into the world of oblivion without being remembered by anyone other than our family members? Human history shows that of the millions of people who have lived and died in the world. to be remembered for ever. but offered selfless service to the poor people.Words of the Chair-person What is the meaning of human life? What are we expected to do during the journey from cradle to grave? Get good education. we realize the truth that these people didn’t live for themselves or their family alone. . give birth to children. region or language. people in need and suffering. irrespective of their caste. moved by the plight of the suffering people. get married. Some others. dedicated themselves for their service without expecting any personal benefit. If we consider the reason for their immortality. a few of them have left their names behind them. Some people served society with their political reforms.

and through them providing the same opportunity to some others.Good human beings get inspired by the good work done by others and follow their foot-steps. by encouraging them to nurture their skills and abilities and thereby making their lives meaningful. In those holidays they are given the required help in English. steps are taken to develop positive attitudes in them. After completing class X. We select some poorest of the poor students. Along with this. their +2 and Degree education (including Engineering and medicine. self confidence. we started our programme 'VIJAYEEBHAVA' sponsored by Nagarjuna Educational Service Trust. discipline and social responsibility. based on their ability) are completely taken care of. They continue their IX & X education in the same schools where they are studying. Maths and Science. But during holidays they come to Kondapalli. from Krishna and West Godavari districts without considering their caste or religion. of some merit. No money will be given to them directly but everything needed for their . of class IX. they are encouraged to reach their goals. spirit of work. With the earnest intention of being useful to at least a few lives. By instilling in them moral values.Great people’s lives show us that we should think beyond ourselves and our families to make our lives meaningful .

10th. will be provided to them.P. and if necessary hostel facilities.Ln. Degree 3 or 4 years. “Where there is a will. along with the help and support of the members of lion Districts 324 C4 and C7. I shall be able to make the project successful. A. dedication and spirit of service. there is a way”. totally 8 batches . the old students of Nagarjuna and my friends and well wishers. . At that time also. these students will come to Kondapalli during holidays. I am confident that with the co-operation and encouragement of the above people.. the way mentioned above is no doubt a great task . All their requirements including books and other will be provided . This is to help them to keep their spirit and make them grow as socially responsible citizens with sincerity. But we believe in the saying. . DEVINENI KISHORE KUMAR Nagarjuna Educational Kondapalli. Krishna Dist.9th. The responsibility of taking care of the education of these children ..They will be joined in the required colleges. Inter 2 years.

 There is no proper monitoring of the academic performance of the children residing there. . As it is require to sustain in near future.Findings and Suggestions Findings  Staff knowledge and capacities need to be enhanced for future prospects for the children to be effective.  More awareness among people will lead to more funds. Suggestions  The trust can arrange some experienced visiting staff so that the children can get the required knowledge  More volunteers should be encouraged to address the children so that the additional coaching can be given.  Individual counselling should be done so that the children can express their needs and necessary steps should be taken to resolve the problems.  Looking at the current scenario more effort should be done at the organizational level.

Conclusion From the above study we can say conclusion that the Vijayeebhava Nagarjuna Service Trust is doing a good job towards the future of economically backward children. We can also conclude that the organization requires more awareness and services regarding education in respect of the future of the children should be taken as major function so that the number of children not continuing with the Vijayeebhava Nagarjuna Service Trust will be reduced. The trust should approach other intuitions to provide such kind of facilities for the betterment of the future of the children. Surveys should be done so that the trust can understand the problems and get more number of volunteers for their additional support. .