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Monsters in Literature ENG-215 Essay 2
The definition of love for Janie is very complicated as she did three marriages but unable
to get the completeness in her lover. Janie defines love as a feeling of joy and pain together. She
always wanted to have partner who love her feelings, respect him and make her life happy. To
fulfill her dream she married three times. In the early two marriages the Janie believe on love
was shattered when after few days of marriage both of the previous husbands treated like typical
men of man dominating society. Janie expectations were badly shattered until unless her third
marriage with Teacake who not only love her but also return voice and life back to her. When the
hope of fulfillment of love dream rise in Janie’s mind her third husband died and the Janie unable
to taste the completeness in her love. The Janie was sadly the reason behind her third husband’s
death and this thing makes Janie sadder.
The three marriages of Janie represent the failure in her love. The Teacake who loves her
dies and that proved a change in Janie’s life. She started to love Teacake memories and decided
to live rest of life loving him. She uses to say Teacake is a sun and “he could never be dead
until she herself had finished feeling and thinking” (193). This shows that some of the

expectations of Janie’s love have been completed though her third life partner has died. Janie
learns a lot of lessons from success and failures of her life. After the two unsuccessful marriages
Janie become extra conscious in choosing the life partner. She was internally broken but do not
want to choose a partner whom she always dreamed. She was able to find her voice back and
learns the art of living after the death of teacake. Janie struggle in finding the life partner teaches
him the lesson of how to face the difficult times of life and standup again. The success of love in
the third marriage actually gives her peace and internal happiness. Janie is no longer grieving
the loss of her true love. She pulls the horizon “from around the waist of the world

2 and draped it over her shoulder” (193). In the end it is concluded that love of Janie after many failures gave her success which gave peace to her sol but her love always remain incomplete. 2000. Their Eyes Were Watching God. . Zora N. Work Cited Hurston. The definition of love bring both happiness and sorrow for the Janie but these sorrows and success leads the Janie life from a chaos of searching true love to peace of mind and soul. The journey of finding the true love though gave her sorrows but after the true love she finds a way to give peace to her soul and live rest of the life in remembering teacake. Print. After the three marriages and losing the true love now Janie is no more in the search of the love and is happy with what she has got in life. New York: HarperLuxe.