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SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (Implementation) 7.1 SP8

Disclaimer: These sample questions are for self-evaluation purposes only and do not appear on the actual certification exams.
Answering the sample questions correctly is no guarantee that you will pass the certification exam. The certification exam
covers a much broader spectrum of topics, so do make sure you have familiarized yourself with all topics listed in the exam
competency areas before taking the certification exam.


1. Which of the following SAP Solution Manager functions use data collected by the Extractor Framework

Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.


E2E monitoring and alerting infrastructure (MAI)



Configuration and change database (CCDB)



Agent Framework



Landscape Management Database (LMDB)



Interactive reporting

c) O Install the Introscope Workstation on your client desktop.2. d) O Log on with user <SID>adm to perform the installation. b) O Grant admin rights for the installation user. Which preparation step is necessary if you want to install an SAP Solution Manager system on a Windows operating system? Please choose the correct answer. b) O Provide read/write authorization to the SAP Diagnostics Agent administrator (<sid>adm) for the Introscope Enterprise Manager installation directory. . Which of the following activities do you have to perform before you connect the Introscope Enterprise Manager to SAP Solution Manager? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. 3. d) O Install SAP Diagnostics Agents on all hosts of Introscope Enterprise Manager and connect them to SAP Solution Manager. a) O Implement the current version of the Introscope Agent (ISAgent) to SAP Solution Manager. a) O Create the installation directory. c) O Generate the SAP Solution Manager key.

b) O Analyze Computing Center Management System alerts of the solution landscape. . What do you need to do before you update the Diagnostics Agent using SAP Solution Manager? Please choose the correct answer. c) O Update the SAP Host Agent. d) O Deactivate Extractor Framework jobs. a) O Shut down the managed system. d) O Monitor the quality of the SAP Solution Manager Service Desk. 5.4. b) O Activate the Maintenance mode. c) O Display the aggregated alert information from Business Process Monitoring. a) O Check specified technical key performance indicators. Which of the following actions can you perform with the SAP Solution Manager Service Level Reporting service? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

8. c) O Develop repository objects. a) O 100 b) O 000 c) O 001 d) O 066 . a) O SM_SOLCLNT150_READ b) O SM_TSTCLNT150_READ c) O SM_SOLCLNT200_READ d) O SM_TSTCLNT200_READ 7. b) O Create additional dialog users.6. d) O Configure operation modes. To which client of the ABAP stack is the Java stack connected to via the Java Connector (JCo)? Please choose the correct answer. For which of the actions do you need a permanent SAP license? Please choose the correct answer. You have performed a standard installation of an SAP Solution Manager system with SAPinst. You have installed an SAP Solution Manager system with a temporary SAP license and you want to perform the actions below. a) O Set up the Transport Management System (TMS). Which of the following Remote Function Call (RFC) connections is valid when you connect the managed system with SAP Solution Manager via managed system configuration? Please choose the correct answer.

Solutions 1 a) Correct 2 a) Incorrect 3 a) Incorrect 4 a) Correct 5 a) Incorrect 1 b) Correct 2 b) Correct 3 b) Correct 4 b) Incorrect 5 b) Correct 1 c) Incorrect 2 c) Incorrect 3 c) Incorrect 4 c) Correct 5 c) Incorrect 1 d) Incorrect 2 d) Correct 3 d) Incorrect 4 d) Incorrect 5 d) Incorrect 1 e) Correct 6 a) Incorrect 7 a) Incorrect 8 a) Incorrect 6 b) Incorrect 7 b) Incorrect 8 b) Incorrect 6 c) Incorrect 7 c) Correct 8 c) Correct 6 d) Correct 7 d) Incorrect 8 d) Incorrect Want to learn more? Contact SAP for more information. .