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Educational Technology Reviewer

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1. Which of the following statements is correct about the domains of educational technology?
A. Design is the production stage while development is the planning stage.
B. Both the design and development are the planning stage,
C. Evaluation is synonymous with implementation.
D. Utilization is the action phase.
2. Ms. Cruz was hired in a well-equipped school but she has to start preparing her instructional
materials before classes begin. Which of the following is a systematic process in preparing her
A. design – utilization – evaluation - development
B. design – development – utilization – evaluation
C. development – design – utilization – evaluation
D. development – utilization – evaluation – design
3. Ms. Briones is planning to integrate technology in her Mathematics class. Which of the
following would be her second step?
A. set the objectives
B. analyze the learners
C. utilize the materials with showmanship
D. evaluate the performance of the students
4. Which of the following should Ms. Gomez primarily consider in determining her teaching
learning objectives and use of instructional media?
A. the learner
C. the instructional? activity
B. the teacher
D. the instructional strategy
5. Which is the best reason why teachers state the objectives before using instructional
A. To be able to practice how to operate the equipment.
B. To determine which media to use best.
C. To prepare the materials beforehand.
D. To secure available materials.
6. Ms. Villegas is thinking of an educational technology that can relay information clearly to
her class. Which principle will guide her in the selection of the material?
A. interest C. cost effectiveness
B. meaningfulness
D. communication effectiveness
7. Mrs. Zinampan presented real samples of rocks when she discussed the different forms of
rocks. What principle in the selection of instructional material did she apply?
A. interest
C. cost effective
B. authenticity
D. responsiveness
8. Which of the following is a limitation of conventional technologies in teaching and learning?
A. They pose problems on storage..
B. They are less abstract and more concrete.
C. They are readily available in the environment, around school, and in the home.
D. They provide hands-on learning experiences and emphasize real-world

With the pervasiveness of technologies nowadays. III. Which of the following did she construct? A. A. versatile compact disc C. timeline C. chart D. pictures and television D. Textbooks can be easily duplicated. cartoon C. The delivery of instructions can be more interesting C. II. I and II only C. I and III only D. which of the following is not a contribution of technology to the learning process? . A. D. What could be her reason for using it? A. model 17. realia and computer 15. It supports the use of lecture and drill methods. repetition and active learning B. Textbooks contain most of the materials they need to learn in the course. II and IV only B. Which of these technologies are arranged from the most symbolic to multisensory? A. digital video. imaginative literature. visual materials. audio-visual materials and realia D. Take the place of the teacher D. information processing and active learning D. and computers 14. print. a learner-centered instruction can be promoted. Villamin’s students use cooperative learning. programmed instruction B. Soriano. Prof. visual materials. repetition & information delivery C. The quality of learning can be improved B. Textbooks quickly become updated. IV. Students work on tasks determined and controlled by the teacher. book. What can be developed among the learners through these approaches? A. print and computers C. The method of teaching and learning becomes more interactive 10. B. III and IV only 12. audio. 16. venn diagram. . It is impractical to bring real objects to the classroom so Ms. Which of the following statements support this approach to teaching? I. video. In what way can instructional aids foster learning? A. It focuses on transformation of facts. visual materials. audio visual materials. real objects.9. inquiry based and project-based learning approaches in creating their digital unit plans. Which group technologies has the highest degree of abstraction? A. print. audio-visual materials. Textbooks address the needs of diverse students. It gives emphasis on collaboration and authentic assessment. print. and visual materials B. C. The role of the teacher can be changed into a demonstrator. film. a Grade V teacher prefers to use textbooks than other instructional materials. Reinforce learning B. Mrs. Entertain students C. construction of knowledge and information exchange 13. If a teacher wants to teach her pupils the skill to organize and integrate related concepts. which of the following is the most appropriate graphic organizer to use? A. Holds students in the classroom 11. Simangan constructed a three dimensional visual instead. D. graphic B.

semantic webbing 18. timeline 19.expressive style group 25. graphs. B. Agustin would like to provide hands-on experience on the expansion and contraction of matter. Provide written or verbal cues to highlight important aspects of visuals. C. Prof. D. D. Prof. cutaway model 22. Present the material one at time. just like any other materials. Which graphic organizer is used to show how a series of events interact to produce a set of results again and again? A. Interpersonal style group C. 21. Which does a pupil use when s/he sings a concept to a familiar tune in order to help himself commit the concept to memory? A. Master style group B. models C. Arcilla would like to use audiocassette tape in teaching a lesson in English. graphic C. speed and change. in teaching creative writing C. However. It allows spontaneity. With which learning style group are manipulatives MOST effective? A. pictures D. It is valuable for emphasizing the major points of the lesson. model B. realias B. Realia C. Which one is it? A. pop B. lullaby 26. Understanding style group D. jingle D. and drawings? A. Allow the students to pass the materials from one person to another. In which activity is audiocassette tape very effective in the teaching-learning process? A. diorama D. B. Absent students cannot keep up with their 20. solid model B. Ms. Web D. rap C. fishbone D. Sarah finds the chalkboard an effective instructional material up to present. 24. Self. Which instructional aid requires pupils to verbalize? A. mock up D. slides 23. it also has its limitations.B. Series of events chart C. C. Which of the following materials would be the best to use? A. in developing listening skills B. in composing poems . It can be used for displaying pictures and important clippings. Use materials that everyone can see. cycle B. Under what category will a globe as an instructional material fall? A. Which of the following is inappropriate in using printed visuals such as charts.

They can be easily updated and revised. To tap the optimum potentials of these materials. After watching the film. non-projected material 33. printed material C. informational D. silhouette B. Tamaray are expected to show a demonstrative proof of what they have learned. film C. which of the following should be avoided? A. D. projected material B. Slides D. video D. overlay 29. Which one should she make? A. transparency B. Focusing on the main idea of the lesson presented.D. slide projector 30. What type of educational technology are transparencies? A. instructional B. Which technology would be the most appropriate and convenient to use? A. Self made charts and illustrations serve as universal aid for bringing fascinating and exciting experiences in the classroom. Slides are miniature transparencies. Which one is it? A. realia D. C. 32. B. . What do you think shall she use? A. in building concepts 27. They display color in a realistic manner. Giving due consideration to lettering. Presenting materials with accurate facts. puppet D. TV C. Romalyn is going to discuss about The ADDIE Model to a big class. overhead projector D. cut-out C. Which one is used with 2D and 3D materials? A. entertainment C. “Muro Ami’. Villanueva wants to teach the students the performance of a certain skill such as dancing. Ms. entertainment and informational 31. pictures B. video 28. Marife wants to make a presentation material wherein more additional transparent sheets with information can be placed over a base transparency. Kamyl used overhead transparencies when she presented her assigned topic to class. Giving more importance to austerity over legibility. How is the technology used in thissituation? A. graphic material D. Opaque projector C. field trip 34. She is planning to use a technology by which parts of her presentation could be partly hidden to make it more exciting and interesting. television B. digital projector B. model C. Which instructional material/s is/are MOST fit in contextualized learning? A. they also have some limitations. the students of Mrs. They can be created with simple cameras and simple equipment. printed material 35. However.

digital encyclopedia B. C. Computers can be used for interactive presentations. How can she make her lesson more interesting and meaningful? A. Which of the following is known for its strength of giving immediate feedback? A. D. When is a technology considered inefficient? A. C. Show visuals with an element of suspense. 37. After listing down the advantages and disadvantages of computers. 40. They can be adapted to group or to individual use. Let the class read books about the topic. They can be combined with taped narration for greater effectiveness. Give them a collaborative work. Have the pupils write a friendly letter and send it through an email. 38. II and III 42. video C. C. Let the pupils surf a friendly letter from the Internet. story book D. Show colorful pictures to the class. D. B. When it increases the time to master the lesson. They can get out of sequence if handled individually. computer-assisted instruction . D. B. Computers can make her more efficient. Which technique would help her attain her objective? A. Computers can enhance teaching and learning. Present all the materials simultaneously to hold the learners’ interest. When it makes viewing more interesting. Yes. Let them listen to a gardener. D. Yes. 41. Which of the following should be avoided in presenting visuals? A. Have them read their EPP book. Bring actual plants to class. D. Prof. Have a viewing activity about the lesson. A. Prof. Erase any writing on the chalkboard or whiteboard when you no longer need it. Yes. 36. 39. because it can make one’s work easier. because it can perform tasks fast and accurately. B. because it can generate its own data. Delos Santos would like her students to give more accurate observations about plants in the environment. Bring them to the garden. How can he do it effectively? A. C. When it helps attain the objectives of the lesson. Aguinaldo would like to integrate technology in writing a friendly letter. C. I. I and III D. Mrs. When it enhances understanding of new lesson. Have the pupils forward a downloaded friendly letter to others via email. II. D. III. Shut off the overhead projector when explaining lengthily. Marnel prepares his school research works using computer to submit his requirements on time. However. Manantan’s lesson in EPP is about “Pagtatanim ng halaman” to her students. Prof. Muñoz decided to purchase a computer for her class. she found out that it was inefficiently used in the classroom. Mrs. B. B. Computers can be a form of entertainment. Santos used a film clip in teaching science concepts to her Grade Six class. II and III B.B. Let the pupils write a friendly letter using word processing and have it critiqued by 43. D. C. Does the computer make him productive and efficient? Why? I. C. B. I and II C. Which do you think is the last consideration in purchasing the equipment? A.

because the pupils might open undesirable websites. as long as it is used effectively. B. D.44. Prof. Mr. Do the materials reinforce learning effectively? B. Does the content match the curriculum? D. Natividad would like to create a presentation material for his lesson on the types of computer-assisted Instruction. It is the development. self-paced program D. simulation B. Which of the following computer-based instructional material can be used to learn new concepts? A. to allow the pupils to chat with their friends. Is it appropriate for the students? 51. A. tutorial D. CD ROM search C. Villena searches for related literature by accessing several databases in the library computer that is connected with other computers that have databases. Should Mrs. Yes. games C. Both i and iii 52. Which pair of tools provide synchronous communication? A. techniques and aids to improve human learning. productivity tool B. situating tool 46. computer-aided instruction B. ii only D. Yes. It includes hardware and software. ii. C. How is this termed? A. web-based instruction C. Informative tool D. instant messaging and chatroom 49. teleconferencing 47. Reyes allow her pupils to surf the Internet in creating a group newsletter during her English class? Why? A. Which of the following does he use? A. What should Mr. Asuncion determine first in the selection of media in teaching? . chatroom and email B. It refers to the efficiency of teachers in using computers iii. Are the materials of high technical quality? C. computer search D. Which tool should he use? A. Which of the following statements does NOT describe educational technology? i. No. No. i only C. email and bulletin board C. communicative tool C. mechanical search B. and evaluation of systems. 50. video conferencing and blogs D. De Guzman uses an online learning approach by which content provides links to information at other locations and serves as a focal point for a distance education experience. application. online search 48. because pupils may just be exchanging messages via email. Prof. Which of the following should you ask yourself in evaluating the content of an instructional material? A.Both ii and iii B. drill and practice 45.

Which principle is applied? A. Prof. responsiveness B. Balagtas used worksheets. Carry out the lesson as planned and use the materials at hand. a librarian. To encourage viewers to be more focused. C. Which is the most important reason why teachers preview materials to be used in class? A. Susan’s mother tongue is a vernacular. Which of the following materials would be the most efficient and effective material to learn a second language? A. Computer can be a good tool for individualized instruction. CD-ROM D. technique to be used B. VCD and DVD players 58. informed the students as well as the teachers that several software are available for classroom instruction and individual learning. technical 60. After Ms. B. availability of the media D. Which of the following technologies are properly classified? . source of information 61. economic C. objectives of the lesson 53. pictures and print materials C. To gain confidence in using them. Change the objectives to match with the available materials. To avoid potential problems that might occur while materials are in use. Which of the following aspects can be a deterrent for its full utilization in the classrooms? A. knowledge giver B. C. appropriateness C. Raca planned her lesson in English. Torres always makes sure that text. Ms. Teach the lesson the following day. needs of the students C. manipulatives and models in teaching math to help her students understand the lesson and love the subject. audio compact discs and radio D. To ensure appropriateness of the materials with the objectives and target audience. Computers C. simplicity C. Which is the best thing that she can do? A. variety 56. With the increasing use of educational technology inside the classroom. Television set B. D. demonstrator D. Which material is she referring to? A. facilitator C. printed materiaerials would be 59. Mrs. what roles are expected of the teacher? A. social B. animation and color do not confuse students in her presentation materials. variety D. she found out that the materials at hand do not match her objectives. breadth B. B. interactive multimedia B. 54. D. physical D.A. cost effectiveness 57. What did she bear in mind when she used these materials? A. Reyes. Modify the available materials. balance D. 55.

motion pictures. Which of the following is incorrect about the use of real objects and models? A. motion pictures 63. digital video. model 69. audio tape 62. mock-up B. There are countless things in the environment that you and your students can use to learn from such as trees. B. map D. You asked your students to illustrate what they have understood from what they have read. verbal symbols. Sell multimedia at low cost. visual symbols. still pictures. Familiarize yourself with the object or model. verbal symbols. still pictures. compact discs. realias. blocks etc. printed and verbal symbols 65. concrete ->semi-concrete-> abstract->semi-abstract B. Encourage students’ participation through questioning and having students 67. Which of the following non-projected visuals are you referring to? A. cutaway model D. books and periodicals C. Which of the following technologies provide iconic experiences? A. semi-concrete-> concrete -> abstract-> semi-abstract C. versatile compact disc. Ubiña best promote the use of multimedia in teaching Science to her coteachers? A. Which of the following technologies are arranged from the most concrete to the most abstract? A. globe C. radio. motion pictures. television. These real objects and models are really effective if they are utilized properly. Allow passing of a single object around the class. B. mock-up model B. visual symbols. pebbles. Which is a two-dimensional representation of the earth’s geographic and/or political features? A. printed material. Convince the principal to require the use of technology . diagram. How can Prof. 66. realias B. programmed instruction C. book. computers. models. A solid model C. visual symbols. imaginative literature. C. Balagtas to manipulate numerical data in the computer? . Explain the literature supporting its use. motion pictures. radio. realias. videos and computer B. verbal symbols D. globes.A. visual symbols. realias 70. Make sure that objects/models are large enough to be seen by the whole class. Demonstrate its use to them. printed visuals C. cross-sectional model 68. compact discs. D. graphics D. C. sketches D. Which of the following did he construct? A. Which software should Dr. audio and audio materials D. models B. D. still pictures C. abstract->semi-abstract-> semi-concrete-> concrete D. television B. Which is the best way to present instructional materials? A. concrete ->semi-concrete-> semi-abstract -> abstract 64. Aaron constructed a three dimensional material to simulate the circulation of blood. phonograph. film.

color and size of text . multi sensory aid C. It can be used for research activity D. B. B. perform in a presentation 74. C. It can be used for interactive presentation. Which of the following advantages of computer will be your last consideration in purchasing it? A. Which is the most common reason? A. TV is effective when learners attain the lesson object 73. C. Most visuals can be obtained at no cost. 78. 75. 72. Schools advocate the use of computers. C. 76. Which of the following is considered in terms of technical quality of a material? A. multimedia 71. desktop publishing D. which one should be first in the list? A. hear C. Which of the following will make her presentation appealing and effective? A. D.A. D. the pupils got low in the test. D. B. watch a demonstration B. audio-visual aid D. Spreadsheet C. They increase efficiency and productivity. Prof. B. Why are computers increasingly becoming pervasive in schools nowadays? A. B. Pacheco showed a segment of matter in “sine skwela” to her pupils without a followup activity. Students have access to computers in school and at home. Orencia will have a digitized presentation to pre-service teachers. It is more abstract than any other visuals. Their incompatibility to diverse needs of the learners. stereotyping C. Thus. What could be her main reason in using such an educational technology? A. B. visual aid B. Anybody can operate computers without formal training. Ms. She can easily prepare her own transparencies in advance. Silva uses projected visuals such as OHP in presenting her lesson. What does this imply? A. It can enhance the teaching and learning process. word processing B. D. The materials are readily available. Observe maximum use of animations and graphics together. There are several reasons why teachers are reluctant in using electronic media in the teaching-learning process. TV promotes mastery of the lesson. Your department would like to purchase a computer set as your project. Use as many color as possible. C. With the number of senses to be stimulated as criterion. Which activity is closest to the real thing? A. 77. The limited exposure of teachers to new equipment. C. The excessive availability of local technology in the community. view images D. D. The difficulty in integrating them in the curriculum. TV induces alienation on the part of the learners. Prof. audio aid 79. C. TV makes viewing enjoyable. Reinforce textual information with graphic organizers. It can be used for entertainment. Apply as many computer effects per slide as possible.

B. B. simulation B. realia B. Which of these will you not use? A. students’ achievement 80. tutorial C. Use appropriate pacing . It enhances students’ collaborative skills. Computers can be classified according to the roles they play namely communicative tool. utility tool B. Darken the room B. An overhead projector allows more flexibility than an opaque projector. D.B. Which of the following is an ineffective use of presentation software? A. informative tool. Which statement makes technology ineffective in student learning? A. assembly model C. Which statement is true about the opaque projector and overhead projector? A. What is the other role of computes in the options below? A. Under what classification does wooden structure fall? A. 27-inch television B. Which is the best use of computers to students like you? A. C. drill and practice . simulation D. D. D. computer with LCD projector 86. It develops higher thinking skills. They are used for watching movies. An opaque projector allows more flexibility than an overhead projector. C. application tool 87. instructional tool C. A grade II teacher wanted to show the parts of a seed by using a large. Which of the following categories of CAI will you use in your class if your objective is to increase proficiency in a newly learned skill or refresh an existing one? A. C. 85. vocabulary level D. They are used for research and collaboration. wooden seed visual aid with detachable cotyledons and tiny seed. Opaque and overhead projectors can instantaneously project 3D visuals well. Which term refers to a model which is constructed so as to emphasize a particular part or function? A. B. situating tool D. and constructive tool. solid model 82. D. You plan to use instructional materials to a big class-size. It prepares students for the workforce. cutaway model D. 84. The series of still visuals in an opaque projector are arranged in a fixed pattern but not in an overhead projector. audio recording C. They are used for playing online games. It decreases achievement in content learning. mock-up B. 81. projection device D. Instructional game 88. pictures C. They are used for chatting and surfing the net. realia 83.

It does not need any feedback. A. NET C. It is meant for a collaborative work. 91. C. It allows a student to learn at his/her own pace. Internet consists of thousands of connected computer networks around the world. How is chat used in this context? A. Enroll her in distance education 96. Which of the following is NOT an example of communicative tool? A. It also refers to online class discussions. Which term does NOT refer to Internet? A.C. because it enables the users to focus more on higher level cognitive activities D. It requires teacher’s assistance. electronic mail D. Your class adviser is planning to have an asynchronous communication with your classmates. Situating tool 95. D. Give up your study so that your mother can attend her classes. chat 90. Webquests C. 89. C. “Cyberspace” B. The following statements are true about computer conferencing. Online D. Hybrid course . chat and instant messaging C. Which is an exception? A. multimedia encyclopedia B. B. Allow interaction with the learner. Encourage her to hire a helper so that she can attend regularly to her class. It refers to live student interaction with an expert. Which instructional tool application will you introduce to your class if your objective is to help them find and use information resources available in the internet? A. because it requires activities that focus on thinking than responding C. forums or debates D. blog and video conferencing D. “Information Superhighway” 93. Informative tool D. In your computer subject. B. F. Which is a characteristic of the teaching machines of B. Your mother wanted to finish her long dreamed course but she wanted to do it at home during her free time. electronic bulletin board and email 94. D. C. you allow your class to chat as a part of your motivation before discussing them the roles of computer. It is also known as discussion forum or bulletin board. because the teacher expects the student to study more B. How could you help your mother in pursuing her dream? A. Read directly from the slides. 97. It permits two or more individuals to engage in asynchronous text-based dialogue. teleconferencing C. D. Scavenger Hunt B. Why is one-way delivery of information a misuse of communication tools? A. Skinner? A. Application tool B. Which technology tools can she use? A. Enroll her to the school where you enrolled. chat and blog B. B. Communicative tool C. because this kind of practice lessens interaction capabilities of communication tools 92.

Web Quests D. Which of the following will she choose? A. D. B. she couldn’t bring them there.D. Show pictures of the museum to the whole class. Maryjane is looking for an organized instructional program in which the teacher and learners can be physically separated. Allow learners to select different content materials. Ruscoe would like to show Rizal’s museum to the students but due to financial constraint. Provide a cooperative learning atmosphere. Go to the museum and relate all observations made. Conduct a virtual tour. Distance education 98. Prof. Computer-Based Instruction 99. C. Distance Education B. Uniform Resource Locator C. . Provide a scoring system. Which of the following should you avoid if you were asked to evaluate the effectiveness of an instructional game after using it in teaching a lesson in high school science? A. B. Present problems which are relevant to learning objectives. D. Use DVD with less resolution. What should she do to make the teachinglearning process more realistic? A. C. 100.