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Korean Culture Class #1


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playing games.INTRODUCTION 추석 (chuseok) is one of Korea's major holidays. and just generally have a good time. by eating. Korean 고향 gohyang hometown 제사 jesa ancestral rites Thanksgiving day) SAMPLE SENTENCES KOREANCLASS101. 한가위 (hangawi) is another name for 추석 (chuseok).COM KOREAN CULTURE CLASS #1 . the celebration of 추석 (chuseok) has strayed away from that of the harvest. 한가 위 (hangawi) means big middle. rice cake with sesame and glutinous rice Chuseok Soju. As time has passed. VOCABULARY Hangul R omanization English a ceremony done on the 차례 charye morning of 추석 to show respect to and remember the ancestors 송편 songpyeon 추석 chuseok 소주 soju 막걸리 makgeolli Songpeyon. drinking. Traditionally this is the holiday that celebrates a good harvest in Korea. however.CHUSEOK 2 . Korean rice wine (undistilled rice wine) Hangawi (another name for 한가위 hangawi 추석. and this is reflective of the big harvest in the middle of the fall. Chuseok. Korean distilled beverage makgeolli. and has now become a holiday in which family members gather to spend time together.

families gather and "Our family made Songpyeon all together.CHUSEOK 3 .COM KOREAN CULTURE CLASS #1 . "I went to the hometown for the ancestral ceremony. choegeuneneun ssal makgeollippun anira ttalgina "Makgeoli and Pageon are the best podo. not only rice makgeolli is popular but also fruit makgeolli made of strawberry." mansseumnida. maldeureotsseumnida. Maekju-boda soju-ga ssayo." 우리 가족은 추석에 제사를 지냅니다. you can order one with a red cap. "My family performs ancestral rites on Chuseok. "On Thanksgiving Day. kiwiro mandeun gwail makgeollido ingiga combination. "These days. 우리 가족은 모두 함께 송편을 만들었습니 다. alkool dosuga nopeun sojuga piryohal ttaeeneun ttukkeongi ppalgan sojureul jumunhamyeon 맥주보다 소주가 싸요." eat Songpyeon and pan-fried beef." 저는 명절 때마다 고향에 갑니다." 최근에는 쌀 막걸리뿐 아니라 딸기나 포도. makgeolliwa pajeoneun jal reoullinda. "Soju is cheaper than beer. "When you need Soju with a higher alcohol percentage. chuseogeneun gajokdeuri modu moyeoseo uri gajokeun modu hamkke songpyeoneul songpyeongwa gogijeoneul meokseumnida. 키위로 만든 과일 막걸리도 인기가 많습니 다. grape and kiwi." season.추석에는 가족들이 모두 모여서 송편과 고 기전을 먹습니다. uri gaogeun chuseoge jesareul jinaemnida. jeo-neun myeongjeol ttae-mada gohyang-e gamnida." doemnida." 알코올 도수가 높은 소주가 필요할 때에는 뚜껑이 빨간 소주를 주문하면 됩니다." CULTURAL INSIGHT KOREANCLASS101. 막걸리와 파전은 잘 어울린다. "I go back to my hometown every holiday 나는 제사를 지내러 고향으로 내려갔다.

Although there are lots of different dishes to prepare for this event.CHUSEOK 4 . 추석 morning. The ticket reservation for 추석 on the KTX train (the fastest train in Korea that runs at a high speed of 300km/h) usually starts from two to three months in advance. But a lot more buses run for the 추석 holiday .Cooking and eating play a major part in 추석 (chuseok). chestnut pieces and cinnamon powder. Since almost everybody gathers with their families and most of them have to travel to other cities. and people usually don't expect the stores to be open on that day. getting a ticket for the train or bus ride to hometown can be very challenging. and folding it in half to form a half-moon shape. is half-moon shaped rice cakes. Once the dough is well steamed and cooled down again to be served. rather than if one will ever be able to get a ticket. meat and fish usually go up very high before 추석. you enjoy the various dishes you had put on the table for breakfast. So the day before 추석. While all the other dishes that are made for 추석 are only prepared by mothers in most cases. 송편 is something that everyone in the family can enjoy making together. families sit down and discuss who made the prettiest 송편 pieces. it's enjoyed year round. either. everybody gets together and makes 송편 by kneading the rice dough in round shapes. The filling of 송편 is often a mixture of sesame powder. and between the rounds of bows. it is becoming simpler as time passes. which lasts for about 15-20 minutes. and the prices of fruits.COM KOREAN CULTURE CLASS #1 . red-bean powder. but nowadays. bean powder. 차례 is a ceremony in which you show respect and gratitude to your ancestors by giving three rounds of two big Korean traditional bows. Department stores and supermarkets start selling special gift packages for 추석. 잡채 (japchae) and 송편 (songpyeon) are commonly eaten during 추석 (chuseok). everyone in the family gets up early for the 차례 (charye). 갈비 (galbi). KOREANCLASS101. Those who haven't bought tickets must line up at bus terminals to buy one. it's a question of how crowded the highways will be and how long it will take. putting in filling. Most stores are closed the day of 추석. and fall back down after 추석 is over. The day right before and after 추석 are the most crowded days. 송편. you serve some liquor to your ancestors by putting the glass on the 차례 table. After 차례. and it usually takes about twice as long to go back to Seoul from other cities. and this delicious dish used to be unique to the 추석 festival in the past.