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The Warrior the school with kind words

Voice about the coming year. So frozen with shock. This was
Cleveland Pep great was my anticipation at it? This is what everyone had
Assemblies: this point that my heart was been anticipating? This is
An Intellectual Analysis quite literally pounding in what people looked forward
By Marius Bodmin eagerness to see what would to for weeks, even months at
come next. And then… a time?
I’ll admit, for the first Screaming. Before I quite In the end, a beaming
pep assembly of freshman knew what was happening, and overcome Paul Cook
year, I was excited. the announced (a little teary-
It was hard not to be. cheerleaders had bounced eyed) that the freshman class
Fresh out of junior high and near the freshman and yelled, had won. Renewed cheers of
thrust into the intimidating “Make some noise!” elation
world of high school, I The class readily obeyed. shook the building, and the
considered the approach of Some pockets of students students filed out to their
the first assembly with began to howl “Freshman third period class.
something approaching power!” accompanying this It seems unnecessary
reverence. Boys and girls with much stamping of feet for seven minutes of each
strutted impressively up and and clapping of hands. Most class to be amputated for the
down the halls, clad in green just screamed incoherently. I sake of thirty-five minutes of
and gold Cleveland regalia, uncertainly mirrored my untamed screaming. It really
and announcements for the neighbors and uttered the is a pathetic
lowered prices of versus t- freshman war cry. Flecks of spectacle. At the risk of
shirts were aggressively read spit flew from jocks’ and sounding like a nerd, we do
in class nearly every day. preps’ mouths alike, all come to school to learn, and
Occasional shouts of “Junior united in their singular goal yet continually we take time
power!” made me tremble, to make as much incoherent out of classes to endorse
and I dared not even look at noise as humanly possible. “Cleveland Sprit.” And what
the cheerleaders who paraded Then a thought formed does this amount to? Little
through Senior hall. in my mind. Why am I here? more than the sound of over a
When the day finally This was quickly thousand competing screams
came, I walked timidly into followed by, Why is anyone shaking the gym. Perhaps the
the gymnasium with the rest here? pretense of these assemblies
of my second-period biology The assembly played is the foundation of “school
class to be greeted by a out much the same for the spirit”, but should school
veritable roar of noise as next thirty five minutes. Each spirit, especially presented in
students seated themselves in class, coaxed by the such an immature way, take
their respective class seats. A cheerleaders’ waving pom- precedence over academics?
heartwarming arrangement of poms, attempted to drown out I’m not opposed to the
the national anthem was the others. I stood nearly idea of school spirit—when
played. Paul Cook addressed attained, it can help create a
friendlier social and Technology:
academic environment. But Welcome to the first Going Too Far?
the ultimate purpose of issue of a new independent
By Marius Bodmin
school is to prepare you for press, The Warrior Voice.
the real world, something that Throughout my years at
The past fifteen years
pep assemblies do not Cleveland High School, I
have been seen the most
accomplish. An accurate have come to both love and
rapid technological
measure of the worth of pep hate the atmosphere in which
development in modern
assemblies would be to hold we learn each day. Each day
history. At one point, a
them outside of school time. becomes more and more of a
teenage boy who had a crush
Then, those who are actually circus of predictable acts. I,
on a girl would have to send
interested in the activities and many of my fellow peers
her a letter, call her, or meet
presented can come and have become dispirited by the
her face to face. These days,
enjoy them, and our class overall society of our school.
he could text her, email her,
time will remain whole and This is not to say we haven’t
instant message her, or
untouched. any school spirit; we are
contact her through one of
The United States is simply spirited in a different
the vast social networks:
one of the richest countries in kind of way.
Facebook or Myspace. What
the world, but it is well on its After many suppressed
a transformation.
way to becoming one of the insights, I decided it was high
At first glance, such a
stupidest. Not only do we time to hear from the other
change seems like a blessing.
have one of the shortest side of the school. Not from a
With all these new
school years in the world, but cheerleader, the student
technological methods of
our coursework is ‘busy’ body president, or any
communication, it’s
significantly less challenging of the choice journalism
practically possible to contact
than most European crew. With that in mind, the
anyone from anywhere at any
countries’. Some public Warrior Voice was created to
time. This clearly seems like
schools in Japan operate six motivate truth in our school
a positive.
days a week, and I would and unite all differences
But for teenagers, how
wager that time is not taken among students who have a
often is Myspace used for
from their education for voice and an opinion to be
convenience’s sake, and how
yelling and howling. heard.
often is it utilized as an
It doesn’t take much For denouement’s
instrument for social
thought to realize just how sake, cheers to a fresh
cowardice? Having a text-
out of place pep assemblies beginning of candor,
based conversation,
are in a school environment. incorruptibility,and rectitude!
confrontation or heart-to-
Time taken out of learning Carpe Diem,
heart is always easier than
needs to be devoted to Darcy McKnight
doing it in person. Behind a
something interesting or
computer or cell phone
worthwhile.The multicultural
screen, you are relatively
assembly certainly makes the
safe. But should it be that
cut. Pep assemblies? Well, I
way? Whatever happened to
think that question has just
meeting friends at a park and
been answered.
having a real, face-to-face
From the Editor: Communications It seems to me that
though the myriad social inflicted on innocent students be a bad idea. If this were to
networks have endeavored to who intended to get to class happen, most students would
make communication easier on time. If students had not come to class, disrupting the
and more convenient, they wanted to come to class they learning environment.
have actually stripped away would not have shown up at Tardiness should not be
much of the emotion, drama, all. Why take time to show disregarded completely but
and suspense of a real human up late, when there is the should be judged on the
interaction. It offers people option of cutting class character of a student, not on
(and teens especially) an easy entirely? Teachers should be how many seconds after the
way out, and perhaps one that happy that although late, bell has rung. Grades can
should not be provided. students still had the often be a good judge of a
The adolescent years gumption to arrive to class. student’s priorities, and
are the ones where people are I will not make should be considered when
developing most. While the excuses for students waltzing administrating a tardy. An
physical changes are the most into class thirty minutes late. ‘A’ student would not risk
obvious, the psychological There should be a clear being late as much as a ‘D’
development is just as difference between a tardy student would.
notable and relevant. This is and late arrival. I have often Those of us who are
the age where kids should be been stuck between crowds late do at least privilege our
learning real social skills, not of students, unable to sprint teachers with our presence,
cowering behind screens and down the hall to a class in even if it is after a bell. The
messaging their friends. time, or dealing with a general academic attitude of
Social networking, jammed locker when the bell the student should be
like so many other things, is rings. But, to always assume important than how many
okay in moderation but is the worst of students should seconds after the bell they
potentially damaging in not be the Cleveland way. arrived.
excess. So for God’s sake, Whether or not
close up your computer, put tardiness is really purposeful
away your cell phone, and go should be based on the
tell that girl how you feel in character of a student. It is
person. understandable to decide that
‘D Average Joe’ who slumps
Tardies: into class twenty minutes late
did not have attending class The Decline of the
Unreasonable? English Classroom
at the top of his agenda.
By Darcy McKnight
However, teachers frequently By Marius Bodmin
choose to disregard honest
I am sure every one of
excuses. In the worst English is one of the
us has had a tardy this school
circumstances, teachers abuse four fundamental pillars of
year. This event ultimately
their power. Being punished education, which are usually
leads to some form of
for any of the spontaneous seen to be on the same plane
detention, scolding, or the
turns of events that happen in of importance. Yet in my two
injustice of a tardy on your
the average student’s day is years in high school, it’s
record. It is not far fetched to
rash and unreasonable. become distressingly clear
say that at least half of the
Eliminating the tardy that English, though no less
tardy counts at Cleveland
count altogether would also important than the other three
High School have been
pillars, has become a very etc, etc. As a writer, I can is this just isn’t the case.
easy class. certainly understand that The sad reality? Most
One hears students some works of literature are of the students who don’t
complaining all the time incomparable—good or bad care still end up getting good
about the piles of chemistry in entirely different ways. grades in the class, grades
homework that they have to However, there is such a that they really don’t deserve.
do, or the intimidating math thing as poor writing. Anyone can write three
test the following day. One Through a combination of paragraphs, and if the only
hears all manner of gripes laziness and ignorance, this measure of that person’s
and groans about French noble ideal underwent an grade is whether or not the
presentations and Spanish unfortunate mutation, turning assignment was completed at
essays. But rarely does from open-mindedness to all, all chance of enjoying an
anyone bemoan: “Man, I sure leniency and from leniency to interesting and challenging
have a tough English laziness. class is lost. It needs to be
assignment to take care of What frustrates me realized that teenagers are
tonight.” most is that this sort of gentle inherently lazy—if they can
The fact is, writing compassion is not at all get away with doing a lazy
prowess really counts for afforded in other classrooms. job and receiving an A, they
very little in an English class. If you write on a math test most certainly will.
Sure, it might impress the that the square root of 144 is The solution to this is
teacher or otherwise earn you 8.5, you will get the problem not a simple or easy one, but
some glory, but aside from wrong. No questions, no the problem does need to be
that, good writing has excuses, no tiresome bleating addressed. It is very difficult
become largely extraneous about effort and doing your and some cases impossible to
and unnecessary. It seems best. Sometimes an answer is get someone interested in a
that most English classrooms simply incorrect. Writing subject that they firmly
grade based on ‘effort’ alone. quality can be judged, and it dislike, but they can be
If you write the required can be graded. English is just pushed to appreciate,
three paragraphs, you will get as important than Math, analyze, and above all think
the full fifteen points, Science, and History—there more. Surely it is not difficult
because you did the full are many more jobs that to see when a student put
work. The actual quality of require good writing skill time and careful thought into
your writing could be than there are that necessitate those three paragraphs, and
ingenious or sloppy and still math competence. Yet it when he or she scrawled it
the fifteen points would be seems to be everyone’s out five minutes before class.
yours. easiest class, right up there However, the problem
The disheartening with Health and Study Hall. is not merely one of
reality of the English The mistakes around philosophy—when it comes
classroom today was birthed the modern English to grading the writing quality
from a noble ideal— that classroom stem from a naïve of an essay, English teachers
everyone has their own assumption: that students are have their work cut out for
writing ‘style’, and it would self-motivated and care about them in a way that Math and
be unfair to quantify and the coursework. In an ideal Science teachers do not.
grade the quality of world, the teenagers would While the latter simply have
someone’s work, since be interested in discussing to write a check or an ‘x’
everyone is their own person, John Steinbeck, but the truth beside a correct or incorrect
answer, the grading of essays smaller class sizes, English given student body power
requires much more careful can become the thought- and rights into the hands of
and time-consuming analysis. provoking, interesting and those lacking of character and
It would be unreasonable to challenging class that it is true determination to make a
expect an English teacher to meant to be. better change for our school.
grade hundreds of essays Voting is a meaningful
with speed. So for that practice and should be taken
reason, English classes seriously. Currently we
should be made smaller: either vote for popularity or
Twenty kids to a class, at without care at all. I know at
most. This would enable the least a third of the school
running of an English couldn’t tell you who our
classroom the way it is meant student body presidents are.
to be run. This is due to our lack of
Some people will no The State of School judgment.
doubt argue that it would be Elections Most would assume
unfair to elevate English there is not a lot a student can
By Darcy McKnight
above the other equal core do to change their school, so
classes by hiring more why does it matter which
Through years of
teachers, but this is nothing candidate you choose? That
struggle, war, and
more than a necessary is where they’re wrong. I do
independence, our country
accommodation for the class not know what is more
has been a place of freedom
to function. Really, English is distressing, to see power
and democracy for all. For
one of the least expensive misused, or not used at all.
this reason, even in our
classes to run. The district Change starts with an
public school systems we are
willingly shells out money individual, and in the last
bestowed the practice of
for advanced math classes to year’s class cabinet elections
democracy. This right is
have graphing calculators there were quite a few worthy
exercised for events such as
($90 apiece) available for candidates who would have
the Rose Festival Princess
every student. They spend passionately fought to make a
Coronation, Student Body
thousands on lab equipment change in our school. These
Class Cabinet, Homecoming
and bottled solutions for changes can be small and
Royalties, and NHS cabinet.
chemistry. Why, then, does subtle, beginning with the
Our simple voting privileges
English get the short end of advocating of students
may be for trivial purposes,
the stick? Smaller class sizes beyond varsity sports, a
but they supply a taste of
and more teachers on the job community puzzle, study
democracy. But, I think we
is something that is necessary groups, advice groups for
all should be embarrassed to
for an English classroom to incoming freshmen, etc. The
contemplate the future of our
run just as much as options are truly limitless.
country with the examples
calculators are for math Slight changes in our school
our school has shown in
classes. The district should create a ripple among the vast
voting power. In some ways,
make accommodations—like student population we have at
it makes sense that so many
it has for other core classes. Cleveland High School.
countries use tyranny instead
With a few more rules There have only been
of popular sovereignty.
and regulations in place, as a few cases in American
With our voting
well as increased funding and history where the righteous
outcomes thus far, we have
presidential candidate was Walking Out departing students was not a
swindled out of their well- By Marius Bodmin measure that could be taken. I
deserved office, but in all could hardly blame them. A
these case it has been Yes, two years is a force of hundreds of students
obvious. It is likewise for our long to time to wait, but I feel would not have been an easy
student elections. It is this the issue still needs to be one to disperse.
same problem that plagues addressed. What happened Consistent with the
our elections at Cleveland. the day of the walkout, rumors, everyone really did
Students who choose to run exactly? How did it come to appear to be at the walkout.
for offices already know that be that hundreds of high Students from several other
popular, less capable students school students were grouped public high schools were also
will win the election. In our in downtown, corralled by present. Together, the many
student elections, which lack hundreds of police officers, loners and duos, cliques,
the media, lies, and true in the middle of a school gaggles and gangs formed a
politics of a real world day? massive force that took on a
election, we should be able to The walkout, as I’m power of its own. It was,
elect rightful candidates sure all those who were at however else it can be said,
using our best judgment. Cleveland remember, was a the energy of a wild mob.
If America’s most really big deal. The hype Chants and cheers
famous basketball player ran started several days echoed through the streets as
for president, he would not beforehand—mere rumors at over a thousand young people
win. We choose candidates first, information passed by declared their outrage for the
who would do the job best. word of mouth and forwarded War in Iraq and a veritable
So, rather than vote for ‘Ms. texts that advertised a protest army of police officers
Popularity’ for your rose against the War in Iraq moved with the crowd, on
festival princess or the class downtown. Cleveland foot, bike, motorcycle, car,
clown for vice president of teachers maintained an and even horse. I felt pretty
student body, look at the attitude of grave disapproval, cool being there. At the time,
strong candidate who planned warning that points would be I didn’t question the motives
out their speech to perfection lost, grades lowered, and of the students; I didn’t
and would really do their job. disciplinary measures taken. question the driving force
Of course, half the that kept the columns of
Write for school went anyway. It young people moving
The Warrior Voice! wasn’t difficult. For all their through the streets of
dire warnings, Cleveland downtown, chanting. I was
staff did not actually do part of it; excited,
Send articles to: anything to prevent students impassioned, quite unwilling
from leaving the campus that to examine the motives day. I passed our principal on behind the actions of the
my way out from my second- many.
period biology class, So it continued.
speaking to the school police Peaceably sung choruses of
officer and the campus Beatles classics gave way to
monitors in tones of grim chants of “One, two, three,
resignation. Apparently, four, we don’t want your
closing off the school to all f****** war.” The crowd
moved toward city hall, and If you were at the
as it did, its mood changed. It walkout solely because of
was subtle at first, hardly how you felt about the war,
noticeable, but as we then ask yourself this: What
progressed, I became aware sense did it actually make? I
that the police were pressing understand that the purpose List of Underground
closer and an edge of of a protest is to make a
meanness, of nastiness had public gesture, but the only Newspapers:
crept into the voices of the gesture we made that day was
chanters. At city hall, things one of out-of-control teenage • The Digger (1972-
began to unravel. Students rudeness. We screamed and 75)
climbed up on pillars and shouted outside City Hall— • The Living Daylights
screamed incoherently. A few as if the city of Portland was (early 1970s)
kids thought it would be cool somehow responsible for the • New Dawn
to scale the twenty-foot brick War in Iraq. We shouted, (magazine)
walls and yell from the “F*** the police!” as if they • Nexus (magazine)
second floor of city hall. were doing anything besides • The Fanatic
Seeing that things their job—keeping order and
• Ink
were getting out of hand, I safety and ensuring that
vaulted a railing and dropped things didn’t get out of hand. • Running Man
eight feet to a concrete What might have begun as a • The Black Panther
alleyway. From there, I made noble ideal underwent an • Other Scenes
my way away from the ugly metamorphosis, and (dispatched from
protesters and took the bus what was left was a group of various locations
back to Cleveland, feeling young people, mostly around the world)
very good about myself. comprised of ignorant • The Phoenix,
Now, two years later, I feel followers, screaming uncouth Boston,
differently. defiance at the wrong things. Massachusetts
Now, I look back on I am sincerely sorry to • Rat Subterranean
the walkout and recognize it have played a part in this
for what it really was: a event. Always, us teenagers
grotesque display of snarl and whine that we are • Women's
misplaced defiance, mob treated like children, not like LibeRATion
mentality, and unpersuasive, the adults that we believe we • And so many more!
immature teenage are. The events of the
obnoxiousness. I would doubt walkout proved our parents’
that more than a fifth of the and teachers’ arguments quite
students present actually eloquently. It’s that kind of
cared about the war in Iraq. behavior that shows us just
The rest were there to partake how far we have to go on the
in a group flaunting of road to adulthood.
authority, the skipping of
school, and the participation A Pleasant Moment
in something exciting and with Nancy Quick
against the rules. These are By Nancy Quick
not worthy motives.
I woke up this morning to the collar white and push paper system. The whole ‘inferiority
electric sound of my alarm from one end of the desk to based on age', the 'respect
clock yelling at me, its 6:30 another because you don't know without equality', the ‘we don't
face the only thing visible to me how to do anything else. Well, need you, but you need us', the
in the darkness. So, my clock I'll just drop into my national entire idea of the public school
wakes me up and tells me to honors society meeting and hate system just waiting for you to
head on out to my full IB myself a little as some heavily screw up. Sure, you can write a
schedule, and I do. I look at the made up teenagers try and sell paper that will make an English
perpetually incorrect clocks at sweatshirts so that you can wear major giggle with delight, but if
the school and they tell me it and feel a little superior to you can't monkey your way out
when to fall into line with my those D (or maybe 2?) students of numbers and names then you
peers in the hall and head to the who are wasting their lives. are not a student - you’re a
next sanitarium where the desks I spent six hours a failure. And, not just a failure of
tell you where to sit and the couple of days ago with the whatever useless class you just
pens tell you what to write. I same friend of mine, a double bombed, but a failure in life,
have not had an original thought drop out with a giant house and who is going to grow up to be
since the third grade when I a huge backyard. He hasn't set a an obese auto mechanic.
figured out all they wanted me foot inside a school for the past I think if I just dropped
to write was what the piece of three months at least. I would the effort, I could probably
paper wanted me to write. (And, have sold him the NHS destroy my life with ease. The
by the way, 1-6 is the new sweatshirt, laughed at the hard part is convincing myself
ABCDF system, with the little ridiculous situation, and then it’s worth it. I've ruined the best
boxes next to each number hoarded the twenty meager years of my life either way…

telling you exactly how to be a dollars. The really funny thing

good citizen) Cute. “All you do is I was considering buying a
in those places” said a friend “is sweatshirt for the double irony
learn how to learn”. And then it came with. But I digress. The
you learn and you learn until issue isn't the NHS' superiority
you learn how to bleach your complex, but really the whole

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