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HCA Gulf Coast Division Response to Consumer Reports Health on

Infection Rates in Houston Area Hospitals

Houston, Texas, February 3, 2010—HCA Gulf Coast Division is committed to

providing patients and their families meaningful information about their care and to
make data available about the quality of the services we provide. This is why 100
percent of the HCA Gulf Coast Division Facilities voluntarily report quality data to provide
complete transparency.

HCA Gulf Coast Division is working in partnership with the Institute for Healthcare
Improvement, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other infection
prevention organizations to implement the most current recommendations to prevent
blood stream infections. Since 2008 (the date of the statistical information used by
Consumer Reports Health), HCA Gulf Coast Division has implemented and invested in the
following Quality Improvement Measures:
• All ICU staff have received specialized training in the prevention of infections.
• Many patients in the ICU are bathed with special disinfectant solution to decrease
skin bacteria that could cause infections.
• Hand sanitizers are placed throughout the facilities to encourage both visitors and
staff to utilize appropriate hand hygiene.
• Each hospital is staffed with an infection prevention specialist who monitors all
infection potentials to eliminate possible infection sources throughout the facilities.
• Physicians, Employees and Volunteers are reminded of updated information via
posters, screen savers and educational presentations.
• Houston area hospitals participated in sharing a website geared toward school
children and their families to encourage communities to learn more about infection

HCA Gulf Coast Division is committed to transparency and offering patients the
opportunity to ask questions about their care and know that they are getting the best
care possible. Each hospital closely monitors the quality of the care and services
provided by assessing care and how it is delivered. Most importantly, the doctors,
employees and volunteers at HCA Gulf Coast Division facilities listen to the opinions of
patients and families. The information and feedback gathered is used to develop lasting,
positive change in the quality of care for each patient

About HCA Gulf Coast Division

HCA Gulf Coast Division is a comprehensive network of hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, emergency
centers, cancer centers and diagnostic imaging facilities. It offers a complete continuum of specialized
health programs and services that meet the needs of Greater Houston and South Texas residents and
businesses. HCA affiliated facilities in the Gulf Coast Division include 12 hospitals, 7 ambulatory surgery
centers, 4 free standing emergency centers, 5 imaging centers, 5 cancer care programs and a Regional
Transfer Center. The Regional TransferCenter provides ground and air patient transportation to and from
any HCA Houston Affiliated Hospital and any other healthcare facilities. For more information visit our
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