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is the greatest

"Allahu Akbar.

Its a phrase that brings fear into the hearts of many Westerners.

Allahu Akbar means, God is the greatest. But others have commandeered these
words of praise for evil purposes. What a tragedy, that Gods acclaim is invoked by
those who wish to kill and destroy!

A Frontiers field worker describes how those same words caused his heart to leap
for joy. He has been studying the Word of God for several months with his friend
Hamid, a man who is discovering the great gift of Jesus resurrection. Read on and be
encouraged by the greatness of God:

God has been pursuing my good friend Hamid for some time now. I meet with him
regularly to read about the prophets in Gods word.

Last week Hamid and I opened up Isaiah 53, which prophesies about Jesus
suffering as an offering for our sin. In the middle of the chapter, we read how the
servant is put to death, even while his life is prolonged.

How is this possible, I asked Hamid. How could he truly die and yet have his days

Hamid thought for a moment. God must raise him from the dead, he responded.

Suddenly his eyes brightened. This is about Jesus! he exclaimed. Jesus is the only one
who has had that happen to him. Hamid looked at the passage again and read aloud
from verse 7:

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; like a
lamb that is led to the slaughter, and like a sheep that before its shearers is
silent, so he opened not his mouth.

Hamid turned to me, tears in his eyes, and burst into praise. Allahu Akbar! Allahu
Akbar! God is the greatest!

Hamid is so close to the Kingdom. Im watching him fall into deeper revelation of
Gods love, and it lifts my spirit in praise to God. Allahu Akbar!

Gods great love sent Jesus as a lamb led to the slaughter. Gods unfathomable
wisdom raised Him to life and prolonged His days into eternity.

Pray that God would continue to open Hamids eyes to the greatness of Gods love as

they begin reading together from the book of Matthew. May Hamid have a revelation
of Gods love that defeats death itself and raises us to life through Jesus.

**This account comes from a Long-Term worker. Names have been changed for