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Volume 4 Number 36

Dedicated to East Clevelands Salvation

May 2015

Awww shit! This is the cheating mayors real deal 9 year other lover!


Picture he sent girlfriend shows mayor at home on Newbury

Road playing with himself instead of working at city hall
Employees and visitors to the office
of East Clevelands mayor better wash
their hands and use some sanitizer if
they touch anything.
According to what the best friend
of the woman in the picture next to Gary
Norton learned on April 22, the two of
them have been doing a lot of fucking in
the mayors office for the last 6 years of
their 9 year affair.
Regular city council meeting goers
will recognize the woman in the picture
as one who walked out with Norton
when he left council meetings early.
Her best friend learned hed leave
council meetings early to take her upstairs to fuck.
The Tattler made a commitment to
protect the name of the 35-year-old
woman in the picture. Shes got children
and we dont want to embarass her or
her family, or expose them to Nortons
But the girlfriend, Trish, knows that
Norton will recognize his other womans
curvy figure and the picture he took of
his curve to the right dick in the First
Familys bedroom from his Tango powered personal cell phone on April 22.
The dick picture is on the other side. We
didnt want to be too nasty.
Trish learned all the sordid details of
Norton and her girls 9 years together.



Gary Norton is going for the record

of doing more fucking inside the
mayors office than any mayor in East
Cleveland history. Norton and his
girlfriend(s) have left a trail of bodily
fluids all over the mayors office.
Nortons other, other woman said he
was with her and not his family on
New Years Eve 2014.

Norton wanted his woman to keep quiet

about their affair, but just like he talks to
her she had to talk to someone. Everyone has a confidante.
Nortons girlfriend told her best
friend that city business and important

Shes in love with the mayor and

jealous of his relationship with a
city employee. The mayors
9 year sweetie flipped out when
she learned hed made the city
employee his temporary secretary.

meetings were put on hold or cancelled

dozens of times so Norton and his other,
other woman could get their freak on.
She told him not to care. He was the
The two fucked dozens of times on

East Cleveland Tattler

May 2015

Mayors dick pic selfie

the mayors desk, conference table,
chairs and secretarys sofa where visitors
sit. They even fucked at night with the
blinds open overlooking Euclid Avenue
for an extra thrill.
Trish was called by Nortons girlfriend after they broke up on April 22.
She became enraged over Norton lying
to her about his relationship with a city
employee. She needed Trish to comfort
Trish was told by her friend that she
understood the mayors relationship with
his wife; but she refused to accept the
relationship hed been having with the
city employee.
She learned of the affair when the
Tattler came out about the two of them
being caught in the park because its the
same place he took her,Trish was told.
She couldnt take it anymore after Jerry
Strothers posted on 44112News that Norton left a council meeting with the city
employee and headed for the mayors
office. Thats exactly the same thing he
did with her.
Trish learned from her friend that she
and the playa maya met in East Cleveland when he thought she was a hooker.
She was actually a law school student
temporarily living in a homeless shelter.
He was East Clevelands council president and an aide to ex-Cuyahoga County
Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones.
She learned that they started off as
friends with him buying food for her; but
over a year they became close and would
hook-up for sex. He took her to Forest
Hill Park near his home and occasionally to the Holiday Inn on Lakeside in
downtown Cleveland. Trish learned
that Norton portrayed himself as being
separated when the two met during
his council presidency, and her friend
believed him until his habits didnt add
up. By then she was in love with the
charming and considerate mayor.
Theyve never had a real argument,
although he is verbally aggressive, the
friend learned.
Once he became mayor they started
fucking at city hall and other places,
including the firefighters gym.
Her friend never knew about the city
employee and the $10,000 raise she got
after stealing and cashing a second payroll check until the Tattler hit the streets.
The Hood Rats and Pussy Whipped
editions totally fucked her up, Trish


East Cleveland taxpayers now know

what their mayor is up to when hes not
at city hall. Notice the light reflecting off
the television from the bedroom window
and the 12:39 p.m. time on this April 22,
2015 picture. Mayor Gary Norton is at
home playing with his HPV infected dick
and sending porno selfies to girlfriends
instead of collecting revenue, fixing fire
trucks, ambulances, protecting children
from employees without drivers licenses,
and buying road salt. His wife and lovers
know his pink weenie and gray pubic hair,
and everyone knows he wears long fingernails. Is that a rash on the thigh near
his thumb? Nortons other woman said
she made the dwarf-sized and sexuallyconfused mayor feel like a big man.

She didnt mind being a second
woman, but a third was out of the question. So Nortons other woman tried
to break-off the relationship and he
wouldnt let go.
Trish learned that her friend has tried
to break off the relationship with Norton
3 times, but each time he stalks her
home, has threatened to kill himself or
has asked how he could prove his love.
He told her hed burn down the city
the last time, the Tattler learned. And
thats when he didnt spend money to fix
fire trucks.
Nortons other, other woman told
her friend she feels bad for Nortons

helped created a monster when she

pumped Nortons head full of Machiavelli and made him believe he was a
leader. One of her favorite sayings was
to tell him, Power is my mistress. Ive
worked too hard to her conquest for me
to let go. Nortons woman confided
that the shit went to his head.
Trish learned that her friend is terribly
afraid of Norton because hes got powerful people behind him who are willing to bend laws so that he can push the
annexation. Everything he does wrong
is covered-up because hes carrying out
their agenda.
Nortons other, other woman told
Trish hes being helped by his Kappa
frat brothers and is a low-ranking Mason. Hes bragged about having people
at the elections board wholl even rig
elections for him.
She said Norton even gave back
his city cell phone after he learned the
FBI and HUDs inspector general were
investigating him. It wasnt because
he was trying to save the city money as
he told reporters. Hes trying to avoid
having his calls intercepted. Hes learned
a lot of tricks from the drug dealers hes
been hiding city money in out-of-town
accounts under phony businesses posing
as city vendors.
Nortons using Tango thinking he can
avoid any FBI phone interceptions, and
tells his other other woman to call him
back when she calls.
Trishs friend is from and concerned
about East Cleveland, and knows Norton
has been lying to residents he calls
peasants about his reasons for wanting
to annex East Cleveland with Cleveland.
Hes in over his head and annexation
is Garys easy way out, Nortons other
woman confided in her friend.
Garys lying and telling people the
city is broke, and hes using scare tactics
to pressure voters into supporting his
plan. He thinks if he gets the annexation done hell look like a hero and will
be given a better leadership job. Hes
lied to city employees and told them
theyre jobs will be protected knowing
they wont.
Nortons other woman has a conscience and has wanted East Cleveland
to know the truth about a man theyve
been trusting. She made the mistake of
trusting him for 9 years and is upset because shes wasted time and missed love.

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