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December 2014 | Issue 163





Winners of the F.I.T.

challenge announced

Combining ancient
tradition with modern

Tito and Gigi


Are you ready for your keys?

Sarah Grodem Pelosof

Senior Manager - Scandinavia
Qualifier of Forever2Drive

Thousands have already

qualified for a new car via our
Forever2Drive incentive.
Contact your upline TODAY and find out how
YOU can receive your keys to a new car!

Qualifiers this month
Elvira & Miguel Duran Level 2
Wei-Lih Hsu Level 1
Joan Lewis - Level 1
Edith & Pearson Morse Level 1
Nhi Huu Tran Level 1
Alex & Elvira Tunitsky Level 1



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Within the US: 480-998-8888
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Forever F.I.T.

Winners of the F.I.T.

challenge announced


Distributor Support
P: 1-888-440-ALOE
Hours: Mon-Thurs, 6 am to 8 pm
Fri, 6 am to 6 pm
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Aloe Vera of America

We take a closer look

at Forevers rigorous
manufacturing process


Social Media



10 Sapphire Managers

04 Rexs message

Tito and Gigi Apostol tell their

Forever story and achievements

Giving the Gift of Forever,

A message from CEO Rex

13 Buzzworthy

20 On the Rise

15 Oleg is Forever F.I.T.

21 Top Twenty

Buzzworthy, Find out whats

buzzing on social media.
youtube .com/aloepod


Oleg Cherepenin, Country

Manager in Russia, loses 46 lbs
in 2 and a half months with the
F.I.T. Program!


P: 480-998-8888 x4306


The contents of this publication are to be used solely for
educational purposes and should not be used as a sales
supplement, handout or publication for use in conjunction
with a sales promotion. To avoid having this information
taken out of context, you are not to copy or extract any
portions of the publication without prior written permission
from Forever Living Products International, LLC.

08 Forever Therm

Combining ancient tradition with

modern reasearch

18 Invigorate your

skin for the holidays

Seasonal gift ideas from Forever

See whos been busy achieving

their goals and rising in Forever
Business and non business
builders who are at the top this

Buying gifts for loved ones can
help put money towards a good

4 | Message from the CEO

Giving the
Gift of Forever
The holiday season signals many things a time for
togetherness, celebration, reflection and looking forward.
For us at Forever, its a time to look
back at our successes over 2014, set
our goals for 2015 and begin to put
exciting new plans into motion.
2014 has been a year of tremendous
success. We filled the O2 Arena
in London with 20,000 people, had
more Eagle Managers than ever and
helped people all over the world look
and feel better with the help of the
new Forever F.I.T. program and our
other amazing products. 2014 was
also a year for learning,
and with every
challenge we
found ways to
improve and

Forever | December 2014

The end of the year is certainly not

a time to slow down but a time
to push forward. As you all know,
the holidays are a season of giving.
Of course this refers to thoughtful,
carefully selected gifts for your
friends and family. But it also refers
to the other things that you can
give to those that you love and care
about. This could mean volunteering
your time, making donations or
sharing wonderful experiences with
those around you. For us, it also
means giving the gift of Forever.
Sharing Forever with those
that you love is not only
about helping them look
and feel better. It is
about sharing a life and
a livelihood that they
may never have dreamed
possible. It is truly the

greatest blessing in my life to see

how our wonderful products and
company have helped people all
over the world.
2014 was the best year yet at
Forever, and I sincerely believe the
best is yet to come.
From our family to yours Happy
Holidays, Merry Christmas, and
thank you for all that you do.
Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan



What does it mean to be

successful with the F.I.T. program?

For some, it can mean losing a significant amount of

weight or a few stubborn pounds. For others, it could
mean body toning and gaining muscle. Then there are
those who use their body transformations as a tool for
building a successful business.
They realize that others will see their
success and want to know more. In the
end, the most rewarding achievement is
looking better and feeling better!

In her own success through the

weight loss program, she shared
the opportunity with SIX other new

Forever recognizes that success comes

in many shapes and sizes. As a result,
we recently ran the F.I.T. Challenge
contest which consisted of four

Not only did she lose weight during the

challenge, she gained incredible muscle
definition, transformed her lifestyle and
most importantly, let that strong woman
who was always inside of her shine



ALL of the winners

demonstrated how to be
successful with the F.I.T.
Although it was difficult to choose one
overall winner, Ina Marie ignited a desire
in others to want to better their lives
by improving her own. As she put it so
eloquently in her transformation story she
submitted, When we start to do more for
ourself, we can give more to others.

Incentive | 5

Congratulations to Ina Marie, to the

individual category winners, and to all
of the F.I.T. Challengers who made the
choice to look better and feel better.
Well done everyone!

Ina Marie


Individual Winner

Overall Winner

Team Fantastic 4:

Earl Garcia
Business Builder

Yire Garcia,
Cesar Gamez, Sergio
Garcia and Maria
Elena Garcia
Team Winner

Forever | December 2014

6 | Product

Forever Therm:
Combining Ancient tradition
with modern research

Statistics show that the number of people who want to lose weight and get healthy is
increasing, however, this is not a modern goal. The idea of being healthy and fit dates
back to the ancient Greeks, Romans and even earlier.
To combat this age-old challenge,
Forever Living has combined ancient
tradition with modern research and
The result is Forever Therm, a powerful
formula to help boost your energy levels
and kick-start metabolism.
Forever Therm combines a proprietary
botanical blend with an exclusive
nutrient blend designed to maximize
all aspects of metabolism and optimize
your bodys ability to burn fat.
Proprietary Forever Therm blend
includes ingredients steeped in history
from every continent. Yet each of these
ingredients has been confirmed through
modern research to provide benefits that
support energy and metabolism, and
enhance the effects of a healthy weight
loss program.

Green Tea
Forever Therm - SKU# 463

a powerful
formula to help
boost your
energy levels
and kick-start
Forever | December 2014

Green Tea use dates back to 1766 BC in

China, and over the centuries serving tea
has even been elevated to an elaborate
ceremony in some parts of the world.
Today, scientists have discovered
that green tea contains important
antioxidants and nutrients. One of these
powerful antioxidants is EGCG, which
has been researched for its ability to
promote thermogenesis and support the
bodys ability to burn fat.

Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans (coffee beans
that have not yet been roasted) are
known all around the world, but some
of the earliest origins of coffee bean
use were in Africa. Green coffee beans

were consumed and provided a good

source of nutrients and antioxidants.
When coffee beans are roasted, they
lose some of their nutrients such as
chlorogenic acid. Modern research has
found that this antioxidant nutrient works
by exerting beneficial effects on how the
body absorbs and processes sugars in
the diet. It may also positively impact the
hunger hormones helping you feel full.

Guarana has been used since ancient
times as part of the Amazonian culture.
The Amazonian tribe of the Mauessaterres referred to the gaurana as
the elixir of long life. During periods
of fasting, they consumed it as an
anorectic to tolerate dietary restrictions.
Today, scientists have identified
numerous antioxidants and nutrients in
guarana that may explain why ancient
Amazonians believed it to be the elixir
of long life. Guaranas natural caffeine
content provides an energy boost. The
natural caffeine in guarana is balanced
with other antioxidants and nutrients
that help reduce hunger and enhance

Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry Ketones is a nutrient from red
raspberries and is the major aromatic
compound that gives raspberries their
characteristic odor and taste. Like
the other botanicals in the Forever
Therm blend, raspberries have a
history dating back to ancient Greece.
In Greek mythology, the berries were
once white, but when Zeus nursemaid,
Ida, pricked her finger on a thorn, it
stained the berries red and they have
remained so ever since. The scientific

Product | 7
name for red raspberries, Rubus idaeus,
means literally bramble bush of Ida.
Today, scientists have discovered that
raspberry ketones not only work well as
a flavoring agent, but researchers are
reviewing its potential to support weight
loss efforts.

Nutrient Blend
In addition to its powerful botanical
blend, Forever Therm also includes
a specially formulated nutrient blend
designed to maximize all aspects of
metabolism and optimize your bodys
ability to burn fat. This nutrient blend
includes a full complement of B vitamins
and vitamin C that are critical to the
bodys ability to burn fat and provide

B vitamins
B vitamins are essential co-factors for
the bodys energy-producing pathways.
Without them, the body cannot
effectively utilize fat for energy. Vitamin
B5, thiamin, niacin and pantothenic acid
play particularly important roles in the
bodys ability to burn fat, yet these
nutrients are depleted in times
of stress. Adequate intake of
these nutrients is critical to
be able to maximize the
ability to burn fat for

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an important nutrient in
transporting fat into the muscle cell to
be used for energy. Without enough
vitamin C, the body doesnt burn fat as
efficiently. In fact, research shows that
people with low vitamin C levels burn
less fat than those with higher levels
of vitamin C, so our research team has
included 75mg of vitamin C to maximize
the bodys ability to burn fat.

Forever Therm also

includes a specially
formulated nutrient
blend designed to
maximize all aspects
of metabolism and
optimize your bodys
ability to burn fat.

Forever Therm combines ancient

tradition in the form of a unique
proprietary botanical blend with modern
nutrition through a specially formulated
nutrient blend designed to maximize all
aspects of metabolism and optimize
your bodys ability to burn fat. If you
want to trim down and feel more
energetic by naturally utilizing your
bodys own fat sources, Forever
Therm is a fantastic supplement

Forever | December 2014

8 | Product

Forever Therm: Supporting all

stages of fat-burning
Nearly everyone would like to lose some body fat and feel more energetic. When the
body needs energy, there are key steps it has to go through in order to burn fat.
Stage 1: Release fat
from storage.
When the body needs energy, critical
hormones including adrenaline
and noradrenaline (also known as
epinephrine and norepinephrine) are
produced in the adrenal glands and
stimulate the release of fat from fat cells.
B vitamins and vitamin C are critical for
the production of these hormones and
are included in the Forever Therm
nutrient blend to further enhance and
ensure adequate production of these

Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C are all required for the body
to make its own carnitine within the muscle cell itself.
Vitamin C is especially important in this process. In fact,
published studies have shown that individuals with
higher levels of vitamin C have an increased ability to
burn fat (known as fat oxidation) and that individuals
with low vitamin C status have lower fat oxidation
and higher body fat levels.
Forever Therm has included B6, niacin and
Vitamin C as part of the nutrient blend to ensure the
muscle cells are able to make carnitine transferase.

Stage 3: Burn creation of cellular

energy (ATP) from fat

Green tea and guarana have been

shown to enhance the production and
effectiveness of the bodys fat-burning
hormones, thereby helping to release fat
from storage to be used for energy.

Once inside the mitochondria, fatty acids and

carbohydrates are converted to cellular
energy (ATP) through the enzymes of the
Citric Acid Cycle, Beta-Oxidation and
Respiratory Chain.

Stage 2: Transport Transport of fat into the

muscle to be burned
for energy.

The enzymes in these cycles that

are required to break down and
convert carbohydrates and fatty
acids to energy require specific
B vitamins to act as co-factors.

Once fat has been released from storage

(fat cells), it must not only be transported
to the muscles, it must get into the
muscle and more importantly, into the
mitochondria of the muscle where it can
be used for energy.
The mitochondria are the powerhouses
of the cell and are especially important
in the muscle cells. This is where fat and
carbohydrates are broken down into
cellular energy (known as ATP). If the fat
cant get into the mitochondria, it cant
be used for energy.
Getting these fatty acids into the
mitochondria, where they can be broken
down and used for energy, requires an
enzyme known as carnitine transferase.
Forever | December 2014

Forever Therm includes

vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin
and panthothenic acid to
support these pathways
and ensure maximum
ability to burn fat within
the mitochondria.
By ensuring your body
has everything it needs
to support all stages
of fat-burning, Forever
Therm gives you maximum
results. Forever Therm
is the best natural
supplement for enhancing
your bodys ability to burn
fat and is unequaled in
helping to support a healthy
diet and exercise program.

Incentive | 9

Did you know about our North

America Recognitions blog?
Weve created a blog to recognize all of our amazing US/Canada
Distributors for their recent move-ups in the Marketing Plan,
attendance at local Success Days and any other exciting news
happening all over the continent!

If you recently sent in photos of your recognition, or if your RSD held an event in your area, you will
find all of the images here:
Make sure you share the link on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media to brag about the
impressive achievements here in North America.

Keep up the good work everyone!

Forever | December 2014

10 | Success

Distributor Highlight

Managers, yehey!

Sapphire Managers // Tito & Gigi Apostol

Sponsors // Chris & Mary Sta. Maria

Growing up in a poor country has taught us to appreciate

the simple things in life. There wasnt a lot of opportunity,
and I was always unsure of my future.
I was looking for that opportunity
to prove to myself that I could. I
remember talking with a high school
friend and sharing my DREAMS of
having my own family, house, car and
having a wife that would be a wonderful
mother to my kids.
Looking back, those dreams did not
include paying bills, traffic jams, clocking
in or out, or a boss telling me what I
could and could not do. As a young teen,
I really did not know any better.
I was fortunate to come to the US when
I was about 20 years old. After working
for a fast food joint for a few months,
I joined the US Navy to secure a good
After eight years serving as an X-Ray
Tech in the Navy, I went back to school
and became a Registered Diagnostic
Sonographer and a Registered
Cardiovascular Sonographer
(Ultrasound Technologist).
As a full time employee, I felt fortunate
to have three jobs to support the family.
What I did not realize was that I was
locked into jobs that would only allow
me to achieve my dream of FREEDOM
by retiring later on in life - probably
when its too late to enjoy. Life is full of
opportunities, and the simple things
I dreamt about while growing up in
Tacloban, Philippines, turned out to
Forever | December 2014

be the most precious GOALS I have

achieved with Forever.
I was introduced to Forever by a good
friend from back in Tacloban, Chris Sta
Maria, who had qualified for free trips
to the US. At first, I was not interested
in having a business, but my wife, Gigi,
was open to it because she handled our
My friend was patient and understood
that people are skeptical because there
are also many scrupulous businesses
out there. Many people too, become
complacent and think they have reached
their limits. I learned later on to be
patient with others in my business, for
the same reasons.

After realizing that

we could essentially
help millions of
people with these
products, I could
not sleep for a few
I became a Distributor when I learned
about the benefits of Forever Living
Products, and specifically, Forevers

Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel. After realizing

that we could essentially help millions of
people with these products, I could not
sleep for a few nights!
Gigi used to work for AT&T, attended
a Computer Programming school at
night and eventually became a Business
Systems Analyst for a big insurance
When our twin boys, Francis and
Anthony were little, our first goal was to
work hard in Forever, so that Gigi could
stay at home with them. We were able
to accomplish this in less than a year, a
great blessing for our family!
With our Forever business I faced
many challenges at first because I had
no experience in sales. Fortunately, I
learned that sales are really just one
aspect of our business.

The nature of
our business is
to help people,
and not just
go after the
I read books on Network Marketing,
and attended the International Super
Rallies. One of my best resources
has been reading and learning from
Rex Maughans letter in our monthly
As our business started to take off, I
continued to work hard and have more
FUN! I eventually realized that it was
a learning process. Rex has designed
a simple and lucrative business, but
it needs studying just like any other
The nature of our business is to help
people, and not just go after the money.
We need to help others to become good

leaders, so that they, in turn, can also

do the same by being a good example.
The beauty of the power of duplication
and multiplication was something hard
for me to comprehend at first, but now
I have learned it is the secret to having
more free time and generating wealth.
Our business is about having good
relationships and helping people. When
we learn lessons (including bloopers)
we must share them with our members,
so they can learn from them too. In life,
there are no mistakes - its all a learning
As Gigi and I aim for our next goals in
Forever, we are very proud of what weve
achieved so far. We will cherish wearing
our Sapphire pins, but of course,
Diamond pins would look nice on our
collars someday - maybe even Diamond
Eagle perhaps!
We are also proud to have achieved
Chairmans Bonus three years in a row,
become Senior Eagle Managers, Car
Bonus qualifiers for eight years and all
the other perks we have received from
Forever. We continue to set higher goals
and help our leaders do the same. When
Gigi and I started building a team in the
Bay Area a few years ago, we already
had BIG DREAMS in mind. We have

recently moved to Southern California,

not to look for greener pastures, but to
plant more seeds.
That being said, we are very proud of our
TEAM. We honor them for their resilience
and independence, and thank them for
inspiring us to become better.

We are very proud of our

TEAM. We honor them
for their resilience and
independence, and thank
them for inspiring us to
become better.
We thank the Forever Living Products
Executive Staff for all the support that
they provide to us. Thank you, Rex and
Gregg, for inspiring millions of people
around the world. Thank you for creating
and for making the BEST PRODUCTS
in the world! From the bottom of our
hearts, we love Forever!
Tito and Gigi Apostol
Sapphire Managers

Forever | December 2014

Have you Liked

the North America
Facebook page yet?

Did you know that were also on

Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram?
Get into the know with Forever in North
America, and give us a Like, a Follow
or Pin it!

Social media | 13

Our social media highlights of the month!
On a crisp mid-October
morning, Forever Living
President Gregg Maughan
rose early with several
others from the Home
Office to compete in the
Mesa Sprint Triathlon.
Our official Forever F.I.T. Sponsor,
triathlete Adrian joined the Forever Team
to support the Mesa Parks & Recreation
Foundation a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit.
Forever was the Title Sponsor
Company for this event, so the Team
knew they had to perform well!

(Jingle Bells tune) ALOE

We have something exciting brewing
in the works here at the Home
Office so save those Aloe Gel
bottles now, and there will be more
details to come soon!

Fueled by ARGI+ and ProX2 Bars,

the Forever Team began the race
determined to do their very best.
They started with an 800 meter swim,
then onto a 12 mile bike ride and
finished with a 5k run. Each member of
the Forever Living team proudly crossed
the finish line closely behind some of the
areas top triathletes. You can imagine
the sense of accomplishment as each
team member gathered together to
congratulate one another after the race
and celebrate their success.
To all who participated in this event,
but especially to those who rose to the
challenge of completing this difficult
race for such a great cause well done
and congratulations!


Are you
in winning
a brand
Check out the
contest we are
running during
November and

Forever | December 2014




A simple
70-DAY regime
incorporating shakes,
supplements and
targeted exercise.





F.I.T. Success | 15

International Focus

Oleg is Forever F.I.T.!

Oleg Cherepenin, the Country Manager of Russia, lost a total of 21 kg (46 lbs) in
2.5 months after using the Forever F.I.T. Program!
We are so excited for Oleg and wanted
him to share a few of his secrets to
success on this phenomenal weight loss
program. Heres what Oleg had to say:
I considered many different ways to lose
weight in the past, but had always heard
many negative opinions from others
and their experiences with weight loss
they would say they had lost weight but
gained it right back, or that I shouldnt
lose more than a couple pounds a month.

I also knew I did not want to become a

slave of a fitness club others said You
may live five years longer, but you will
spend those years on a running belt. It
was important for me to take a step back
and look at the whole picture.
I decided to try the Forever F.I.T
program, and I finally discovered how
to successfully lose the weight on my
own! Here are a few of my secrets to

Motivation and focus are critical for success - keep a daily record of
your progress. The Clean 9 brochure includes a daily journal, but also
be sure to track your own progress with F.I.T. 1 and F.I.T. 2. I use a free
app called MyFitnessPal, but there are many apps available, or you can
simply track your progress on paper. These records are key to staying
focused and motivated.

The F.I.T. Program is composed of synergistic components - the

products, suggested foods and exercises which all work well together.
Try to stick to the plan as much as possible. For example, if you
deviate from the suggested foods, do not go too far; - you may lose the
synergistic effects of the program to help you achieve your goals.

Go to bed early. You may need to spend a few minutes on your plan for
the day in the morning, so rest well and maybe even try to get up a little
earlier. Having a bad morning often means youll have a bad day, so make
sure you are including those extra minutes in your schedule.

Do not eat at night. You are able to have a substantial dinner, so you
should not be rummaging around your refrigerator at night! You can fill
up on lots of healthy foods for your evening meal, so youll stay out of the
fridge I love this!



The F.I.T paks worked for me - the

rest is up to you. Dont wait any longer.
Lose the weight, and do it now!
Oleg Cherepenin
Forever | December 2014

16 | Manufacturing

AVAs Latest
Advances Part 1:
VMI Platform
The Right Tool for the Job

Jim Boggus, Manufacturing Manager at Aloe Vera of America (AVA),

is in charge of the compounding and blending of Forevers products
as well as their packaging. If Aloe Vera of America were a chocolate
factory, wed call him Willy Wonka
I love the products so much, because
I know whats in them. It makes me feel
great that I can give our products to
my family, and I am 100% confident in
their quality. I also love being the best
at something What we produce here
at AVA supports thousands of people
locally and millions around the world. Its
an amazing feeling and makes me very
proud of what I do.
Jims latest project, the installation of
a VMI platform is one of AVAs greatest
investments towards refining the
manufacturing process of our household
goods and flawless by Sonya cosmetics.
In fact, Jim says This is state of the art
equipment and technology for cosmetic
and household products. It is also the
largest, most technologically advanced
of its design, and combined capacity, in
the world. In short, he boasts we have
the Rolls Royce of mixing equipment
at AVA!
He worked with top engineering
companies to design this custom
packaging and blending equipment, an
over 5.5 million dollar improvement.
The blending technique has three types
of agitation inside of it built into the tank,
so we can induct all of our ingredients
without ever having to stand on a
ladder. Basically, were introducing raw
materials directly into the tank, so theres

Forever | December 2014

no need to recirculate the product and

have it go through a secondary process.
The process is now all in one vessel.
This is some really exciting technology,
but what does it really mean? AVA will
now be able to manufacture its products
much faster! For example, it used to
take about 24 hours to produce a bottle
of our Aloe MPD now, it will only take
about 8 hours!
Forever Living Products is willing to
make such a sizable investment because
we want to be around for the next 30,
50, even 100 years making the highest
quality, safest and most efficient
products on the market today.
Other companies have told Jim that our
blending and packaging equipment is
the greatest theyve seen in the world.
Jim proudly states, Safety, quality and
efficiency are our priorities, and the
VMI platform is the right tool for the
job. Our Distributors can be confident
that we have the highest state of the art
equipment for their products. Forever is
going to redefine the industry. Its not a
question of whether we will or not, its
simply a matter of when!
And this is just a snapshot of whats
been going on at AVA. Stay tuned for
more articles on the latest advances that
have taken place, and more reasons why
you can be sure you are distributing the
highest quality products in the global
market today.

Safety, quality and

efficiency are our
priorities, and the VMI
platform is the right
tool for the job

18 | Holiday Goodies

Invigorate your skin fo

Consider these amazing
products as gift ideas or
stocking stuffers for the
ones you love.

1 Aloe Vera Gelly - SKU# 061

4 Aloe Bath Gele - SKU# 014

3 Aloe Moisturizing Lotion - SKU# 063

6 Aloe Body Toner - SKU# 056

2 R3 Factor Skin Defence Creme - SKU# 069

Forever | December 2014

5 Aloe Body Conditioning Creme - SKU# 057

or the holidays

Now Available!
These holiday Finishing Touches are NOW AVAILABLE!
Load your favorite Forever goodies into these elegant,
limited edition, Forever Holiday Gift Bags designed
specifically to fit almost all of Forevers products. If you
wish to give a very special someone a Vital 5 or FIT pak,
simply wrap the Forever Ribbon around it and tie a large
bow at the top - done and perfect!

#10276 Holiday Ribbon

$4 each
Size: 7.5 ft (1.5 inches wide)

#10266 Small Holiday Gift Bag

$2 each
Size: 8 2/3x 3 1/4 x 8 2/3

#10267 Large Holiday Gift Bag*

$4 each
Size: 12 2/3 x 4 2/3 x 14 1/2
*Perfect for the Sonya Skin Care Collection,
Forever Aroma Spa Collection, Aloe Fleur de
Jouvence, Aloe Body Toning Kit and
2 EnARGI+ paks!
Forever | December 2014

20 | Recognitions

On The Rise

Arlene Anas & Ronald Morales Calinao
Guoguang Yan & Yu Ding

Anne Celeste Lauron & Peter Anton Lavilla Noble
Charles & Sandra Ansah
Elizabeth Fonseca
Gabriel & Sandra Catrice Affare

Maria & Rodolfo Sta. Ana

Nancy & Samuel Jutba
Ruben Layug Jr. & Geraldine Layug
Ruth Grace Guilambo & Redentor Rous

Shadrach Ambe & Prisca Che

Shahnaz Begum
Yu Ding

Mary Ann & Ricardo Alonzo

Monica Angeles
Ngo Ndjebayi Rhodes Annie Leontine
Reasmey Tuy

Ruben S. Calderon
Walter & Maria Teresa Espejo

Florencia Villanueva & Jose Hernandez

Heriosa Salvaco
Hubraji & Harrold Gounga
Jacintha & Henry Fernandes
Jane Figueroa & James Wesley Daubert
Jessica Soto
Ji Seon Hong
Jonah-Theo Cortes
Lizania Aquino Merlin & Jose Gomez
Maria Becerra
Maria Deffina Gutierrez
Maria Esquivel
Maria Martin Del Campo
Maria Ramirez
Maria Rosas & Donald Oband
Maria Soto
Maria Torres
Maria Valencia
Marlyn & Tauqeer Rashad
Martha Maroquin

Mayra Ortega
Mercy Anane
Natalia Rysakova
Oliva & Armando Delgado
Olivia & Anacleto Jurado
Ramon & Josefina Leon
Randolph Sta.Ana
Raul & Margie Quinto
Regina Hernandez
Roberto Lita & Veronica M Cuevas
Rosa Rodriguez
Rosario & Liberato Valdez
Sharif Khan
Van Tran
Yuri & Lyudmila Moskalenko

Blanca Estela Natera & Abelino Nateras
Daihirou Alhadji
Evangeline & Rodolfo Mangaoang
Marithes Pelaez & Enrique Preche Jr.

Ada Selina Jutba
Alma Marchese & Franklin Knighter
Amia & Emmanuel Zaide
Anastasia & Danny German
Andres Barreto & Minerva Ramirez
Anh Kim Ly & Co Quoc Luu
Berenice Gonzalez
Blanca Bernice Flores
Christine Kandhai
Cristian Rene Morse
Damaris Soto
Danny & Dowin Gutierrez
Diana Che
Ding Yu
Dora Rodriguez-Rosa
Elizabeth & Gabriel Gonzalez
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Fatou Jallow
Fidel Perez
Flordeliza Ryan

Forever | December 2014

Top Twenty

Recognitions | 21



This incentive is based on achieving the highest total

business and sponsoring at least one Assistant Supervisor
during the month.

This incentive is based on achieving the highest nonmanager business and sponsoring at least one Assistant
Supervisor during the month.



Daihirou Alhadji
Maria Deffina Gutierrez
Maggie Lin Mei-Chih & Bon Bon Juei-Teh Su
Rosa Curiel
Dehui Su
Marina Tkachuk & Denys Khrushch
Irene Rico
Marithes Pelaez & Enrique Preche Jr.
Jacintha & Henry Fernandes
Judith Martinez & Antonio Pura
Alma L. Deanda & Alejandro Rebolledo
Lasse Lauesgaard Andersen & Martin Rocio Rodriguez
Carmen & Rafael Castillo
Arlene Anas & Ronald Morales Calinao
Nemecia Alcaraz & Wenseslao Urieta
Ding Yu
Katie & John J.Miller
Manuel De Guia
Nancy & Samuel Jutba
Alicia Alcaraz & Lasaro Sifuentes

Katie & John J. Miller

Gabriel Briceno & Karen Farias
Boris Mezheritsky & Irina Mezheritsky
Nancy & Samuel Jutba
Earl Aaron C Garcia
Enrique & Zonia Espinosa
Oliver & Olivera Lepki
Marina Tkachuk & Denys Khrushch
Rhodora Tandang & Manuel Manimtim Banasihan
Ruben Layug Jr. & Geraldine Layug
Solomon Gonzales & Marissa Parker
Aleksandr Kopylenko & Victoria Nemirovskaya
Sergiu Fluieraru & Tatyana Fluieraru
Rowena & Solano Mercado
Marithes Pelaez & Enrique Preche Jr.
Nancy Paredes & Yerald Rivera
John Jocson & Anabelle Faciolan Manzanero
Charles & Sandra Ansah
Maria & Rodolfo Sta. Ana
Chris & Mary Graber

Forever | December 2014

22 |
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Forever | December 2014

Incentive | 23

Be prepared for
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Forever | December 2014