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Issue 32

from the

hope this latest edition of Larbert Link finds you all well. Its
a few months since we published our last one and, as you
would expect, there have been many developments, events
and successes since that time.

We were all absolutely thrilled to win the School Sport Award

at the Scottish Sports Awards back in December. This is the
second time in three years that our work in this area has been
nationally recognised and it is an absolute testament to the
hard work of everyone involved, it really is quite impressive.
We have also been one of the first secondary schools in
Scotland to be presented with the new GOLD School Sport
Award from sportscotland which was presented to us by Jamie
Hepburn MSP (Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and
Mental Health) and Louise Martin CBE (Chair of sportscotland
Board) and were aiming to be the first Cluster in Scotland to
also have all of the primary schools afforded the same status
watch this space!
Im delighted to let you know that construction work is well
under way on our highly anticipated Larbert Legacy Cycle
Project. This has been the result of many months of hard work
and planning and the 280k investment will really pay
dividends not only for our young people but the wider
community and all of the families within it. It will be one of
the first of its type in Scotland with 3 different genres of
cycling including a skills area, pump track and mountain bike
trails. Well be using it through the day within our curriculum
and after school but at other times it will be available for
community use accommodating cyclists of all abilities, from 4year olds to 84-year olds!
As you will know we work tirelessly to support various charities
and this session weve introduced Foodbank Fridays on the last

April 2015

Friday of each month. Weve been asking

pupils, if they can, to donate a tin or
packet of food for Falkirk Foodbank.
Weve been overwhelmed by the response
and I would like to thank you for your
support with this initiative. I know its
developing a real sense of social
responsibility with some of our young
people, which is great to see.
Its with a real heavy heart that I announce that Ann Buchan,
Depute Rector has confirmed her retirement on 30 April. Ann
has been pivotal in all that has taken place at the school over
the last 10 years and has been the pioneer of many initiatives
and events that have had a major impact on our pupils. For
those of you that know Mrs Buchan well, the place just wont
be the same without her energy, spirit and effervescent
personality! I would like to thank her for the outstanding
contribution she has made to the school and for her support, I
am sure you will join me in wishing her a very long, happy and
healthy retirement.
There is much to come over the coming months. Looking
ahead slightly, Im delighted to confirm that our Celebration of
Achievement & Prizegiving Ceremonies are planned for 8th and
9th June and the Guest Speakers will be Kaye Adams (Scottish
broadcaster and television presenter) and Louise Martin CBE
(who was essentially responsible for bringing the
Commonwealth Games to Scotland) and around the same time
preparations are already underway for our Dance Showcase
(extended to two nights this year!) and our schools version of
the show Avenue Q. We need your support at these events!
At the time of writing our Curriculum Reviews are under way,
weve got some exciting developments planned to address the
Scottish Government report Developing Scotlands Young
Workforce (well let you know about these shortly), were
finalising plans for our new School of Media and School of
Languages and all teachers are working really hard with our
young people to ensure they are fully prepared for the
forthcoming SQA exams. Dont forget, once again, were
running an Easter School for all pupils who have SQA exams
coming up (details on the website).
Thats all for now, keep in touch with us especially via Twitter
(@LarbertHigh) and our website (
Best Wishes
Jon Reid, Rector.

The Revolution Will Be Published

We at the Larbert Link are very proud of all that the school has achieved over the past few years, from sporting
excellence and new challenges to our own achievement of being named the best Scottish school newsletter of the year.
All of these awards, though, could not be possible without a strong team of people with a will to make things fall into
place. For this reason we feel it is important to acknowledge all of our contributors, from all stages of the school.
This term has seen some additions to our team. Alongside our long-time writers, photographers and aspiring
professional journalists, there are some new faces in our ranks; Ryan Traynor and Kendall Brown (S6) and Amy Simmons
(S2). If there are any readers, pupils or teachers who would like to make a contribution to the Link they can see Mr
Dunne or Jordan Allan (S6), whether they would like to write, take pictures or help to edit the newsletter theres a
job for everyone. These are exciting times in the life of our school, with amazing opportunities on the horizon, so why
not be at the forefront of it all?

Feel Great, Do Well, Be Happy

The words health and wellbeing are always relevant at
Larbert High; however this year
these words have a rejuvenated
meaning. Most of us have seen the
MESP posters around the
corridors, as well as attending the
recent assemblies explaining the
new mental, emotional, social and
physical well-being movement that
is sweeping over Larbert High; it
will come as no shock that the
programme has been a roaring
The main differences this year lie
in the new ways that pupils can be
involved in their own
development; its no longer just an
exercise for PSD and PE classes, as
every department through-out the
school has in some way targeted
their lessons in a way relating to
MESP. For example, many English classes have focussed on the
various ways that characters have strength; both physically
and emotionally. Also, S1 pupils spent a full week focussing on
mental health and implications of their own well-being,
allowing them to analyse and understand themselves in a new
and different way.
Also, in January, the health and well-being movement took
steps to improve the well-being of pupils through-out a very
stressful period the dreaded exam time! It is as important as
ever around exams to be on top of our mental well-being, so

the new Beat the Blues initiative has been especially

important. At these assemblies, pupils were given
opportunities to learn about possible coping strategies for
stress and pressure that they may feel around exam time. We
just need to remember to stay calm and put the work in.
If anyone would like to learn more about how they can
effectively control stress or other problems, as well as
promoting their own well-being, they can contact their
guidance or HWB teachers. All discussions are judgement free,
with the objective to simply listen, understand and offer help.
Jordan Allan


Get on Your Bike!

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

(ABRSM) is an examinations board and registered charity
based in London, which provides music examinations at
schools around the world. ABRSMs employees are the best
of the best, and together have hundreds of years of expert
musical experience. No authority has higher expectations
that ABRSM.

We are delighted to report that the Tryst Community Sports

club have been working hard to develop the cycle track
project after they achieved the final 50k of their fantastic
development of the Larbert legacy Cycle Track project a few
months ago. The project has been developed with the whole
cycling community of Larbert and is the first facility
development for the Tryst as a Community Sports Hub. The
project on land adjacent to the school will have full
community access all year round and provide a fantastic
teaching and learning facility for youngsters who are just
learning; from toddlers to experienced mountain bikers. The
track will help to build confidence in novice cyclists, with the
pump track allowing riders to increase their speed. The
250,000 project covers 2 acres of ground and brings an old
unused site into a new community hub. Feel free to pop
down the development site and check out the progress of
this exciting new cycle track right on our doorstep!

Not easily intimidated, a group of Larbert High pupils

recently attempted the notoriously difficult exams and
passed with flying colours! A massive congratulations is
due to Rachel Vickerman (S4) who not only passed her
Grade 3 examination, but did so with extra merit. Bethany
Duffell (S2) and Matthew McCulloch (S3) also passed their
Grade 2 examination. This just goes to show the hard work
and dedication put in by both the pupils and the
outstanding staff that make up Larberts music

Larbert High: Scottish School of Sport

Over the last few years sport at Larbert high has been
growing and evolving. It seems like every week that the
HWB team are introducing new ideas and facilities. Sport at
Larbert High is now better than ever. If you dont believe this
you need only to look at the Scottish Sports Awards, an
event that celebrates sporting achievement, where our very
own Larbert High has been named School Sports winner. This
is an amazing achievement and consolidates the progress
that has been made by Larbert High not only in the area of
sport, but also in the general health and well-being of all the

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Kendall Brown

The Tryst Community Sports Club, in partnership with our

school, has brought a huge range of new activities and
opportunities that were not there previously available to
pupils. There is sure to be an activity for everyone and there
are many opportunities for us to take charge of our own
well-being. In the words of the Rector, Mr Reid, sport is life
changing it can change your whole perception of physical
and emotional well-being. Living a healthy lifestyle is
something very important to those at Larbert High and we
should take an opportunity to feel proud of our own and the
schools latest achievement.
Ryan Traynor

LARBERTlink - Apr 2015

Children in Need
Larbert High School has always been a great supporter of
Children in Need and 2014 has been no different. Pupils
transformed from LHS students in their uniforms into
superheroes for the day! Each pupil paid 1 to dress up and
everyone was welcome to take part in the fancy
dress competition. The Larbert
Link team are

very proud to report that

our very own editor Jordan
Allan (S6) dressed as Thor
and won the fancy dress
competition for the senior
section. Alongside the
fancy dress competition
there were various other
fundraising events taking
place around the school.
Staff vs. pupils football
match was very popular
with the end score being
3-1 to the staff team no
changes there then. Various other
events were taking place all around the school from bake
sales to basketball games. Some very dedicated pupils and
teachers showed true superhero courage and stayed in
school until 11pm watching a whole host of Marvel
superhero movies. As always, the pupils and staff of LHS
donated generously to Children in Need and the total raised
was just short of 2500. Well done everyone!
Kendall Brown .

Pantomime? Oh Yes it is!

Larberts Wonderful
Christmas Celebrations
The Senior Christmas dance at Airth Castle was an absolute sell-out. The
queue for tickets on the first day can only be described as a mob. After
only 3 days of sale the last ticket had been bought, and the hunt for the
perfect dress or tux had begun. After hearing about all the competition
you might wonder if it was worth all the fuss. The answer from those
who attended the Christmas dance was a resounding yes. The girls
turned up in their new one time use dresses and the boys came in the
suits theyll probably be using for the foreseeable future. Pupils were
then treated to a dinner and afterwards they had a chance to show off
the moves theyd learned at social dancing. Overall the dance was a
resounding success and the behaviour exemplary. Everyone there
agreed they had an absolute ball.
Mrs Buchans tannoy campaign had not fallen on deaf ears as the other
dances, those for S3 & 4 as well as the juniors, were a great success as
well. The pupils even got to choose their own buffet, as hot rolls and
snacks were dished out throughout their afternoons.
These wonderful Christmas dances certainly put everyone in the mood
for a well-deserved long and lazy Christmas break. Ryan Traynor

The pantomime was back and it was bigger

than ever, from the 25th to the 29th November.
This year, the Larbert Operatic Society
entertained us all with their rendition of Puss
in Boots. With a colourful cast that included
our very own Mr Easton as Queen Goodheart
and Jennifer Brisbane as Puss, it was sure to be
an excellent show.
And what a show it was! With a whole range of
songs from Everything is Awesome to
Timber, the night was filled with songs for
everyone to sing and dance along to. You may
have even seen some of our Captains floating
around, selling sweets and showing people to
their seats.
The pantomime was held at the Dobbie Hall by
the Larbert Operatic Society, who put on two
shows every year. They promise to be just as
good next June, with their adaption of
Footloose stay tuned for more! The casting
calls for which were held in January, and preproduction will start soon.
-Sharlie Gilchrist

St Cecilia Success
Every year at Larbert high the St Cecilia Music competition
takes place. The competition involves a huge age range of
pupils all the way from primary school to sixth year
showcasing their instrumental or vocal talents before a panel
of judges. Link reporter Ryan Traynor had an opportunity to
watch the Pupils from primary schools perform, and he was
blown away by the talent at such a young age. Particularly
impressive was winner Lewis Blackwood, who played not one
but three instruments! Daisy Campbell and Sarah Smullen

LARBERTlink - Apr 2015

also played well, coming second and third respectively. The

St Cecilia is about inspiring healthy competition, as well as
encouraging the practice of fine music in modern schools;
and in this it has definitely succeeded. The pupils performing
all had a blast, even if it was a nerve-wracking experience.
The Larbert Link would like to offer a huge congratulations
to all those who took part in the competition.
Ryan Traynor

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Putting Fun Back Into Food

Pupils in S1 & S6 at Larbert High School were treated to Putting Fun

into Food. The session, taken by Tim Elks, saw two teams of pupils
compete with each other to make a dish out of an assortment of
random healthy ingredients in front of an audience of their
classmates. After the 15 minutes pupils had an opportunity to taste
the food. After this the audience voted for the team they thought
created the best dish. The dishes looked scrumptious to Link reporter
Ryan Traynor, however his numerous requests to help out as a judge
were ignored. After the show our reporter had an opportunity to talk
to Tim, who told him a bit more about the aims of Putting Fun into
Food. Tim said that the activity shows pupils the benefits of a healthy
lifestyle as well as the importance of eating a balanced breakfast. He
said that an overall healthy diet, combined with breakfast, allows
pupils to focus in their classes and provides their body and brain with
the energy it needs to work properly throughout the day. Putting
Fun into Food showed the benefits of a healthy balanced meal in an
accessible and interesting way; Tim made healthy meals enjoyable
and certainly put the fun back into food. Ryan Traynor

On the 2nd of December 2014, a group of 6 of
Larberts most enthusiastic budding young
entrepreneurs went along to the ICAEW BASE
competition at Edinburgh University. The
competition involved the group having to transform
themselves from senior Larbert High students into
chartered accountants for the day. The group,
alongside their Business Management teacher, Mrs
Jones, had to complete a challenging case study,
picking out any problems and advising on solutions.
Then, one by one, each of the 10 groups presented
their ideas and solutions to the companys Board of
Directors, as well as answering a series of random
questions from the board. The group showed real
enthusiasm and worked well as a team, delivering a
great presentation and impressing the judges.
Although they werent victorious, the team were
happy with their overall performance and felt as
though the day had been great experience for them
to experience some real life business issues. The
group, consisting of S6 pupils; Lisa Carlow, Kendall
Brown, Sarah Boswell, Abigail Meason, Laura Santi
and Lois Nichol, felt as though the day had been a
great success!
Kendall Brown

A Memorable Visit
From the 8th to the 11th of November, 11 of our
Advanced Higher History students embarked upon an
educational trip to London. While there, they
attended the Remembrance Assembly at Westminster,
which was held on Remembrance Sunday.
The group also visited three museums over the course
of their trip, to learn about the events of World War
Two, which the Advanced Higher History students are
learning about within their course. The War Cabinet
Rooms was first on their agenda, where they learned
more about the War Cabinet and Winston Churchill,
the Prime Minister who brought Britain through the
war. Next was the Imperial War Museum, where
several artifacts from the Second World War were on
display, including tanks and a V-2 rocket. While there
they also visited the moving Holocaust Exhibit, despite
this not being included in their course. The third and
final museum was RAF Hendon, where the group
learned more about the Battle of Britain and the
Bouncing Bomb, as well as the different planes that
were in operation throughout the duration of the
With all this going on, it was a miracle that they
managed to fit in anything else, but still the trip
included a trip to the cinema; a scenic walk based
around the River Thames; and even a West End show.
The group was headed up by Mr Fraser and Mrs
Chatburn, both of the Humanities Department. Lets
hope next years trip is just as successful!
Sharlie Gilchrist

Bringing Back the Bard

The 11th November saw the return of the Shakespeare Schools Festival to the Falkirk Town Hall. For the second year in a row,
Larbert High took part in the Festival, this year with their take on A Winters Tale.
The night was filled with laughs and fights, as several different Shakespeare plays were performed by five local high schools.
Everyone who went had a great time and the performers all had a blast.
The performance was put together by Miss Buckley and Mr Gibb. After the success of last years Romeo and Juliet, they had
a lot to live up to, and they did not disappoint. Lets hope that next years performance follows the trend and is just as
successful! Sharlie Gilchrist

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LARBERTlink - Apr 2015

Keeping it Trashy
One Last Time?
As has become custom over the years, this spring brought
another - and some say the very last sold out edition of
Larbert Highs Trash Fashion Show. The glitz, glamour and
cardboard boxes were on show like never before, as this
years hosts took the audience through a journey through the
ages, as fashion idols from the 50s and 60s inspired some of
the dresses, whilst modern fashion had its day later on in the
night. The designers made sure that no fashion niche was left
unexplored, as flower-power reigned supreme alongside
John Travoltas studded leather looks.
As well as Larbert Highs own senior pupils, a select few of
very talented pupils from Carrongrange School took part in
this years show as both glamorous models and innovative
designers, to rapturous applause. These pupils have learned
skills and made friendships to last, showing
just how valuable this show has become.

for their rock-chick look,

complete with the girls own
guitars and eyeliner.
All of us at the Link would
like to say a massive thank
you to all of the designers,
make-up artists, models and
backstage hands who took us
on such a wonderful journey
through the history of trashy
fashion, with highest hopes
for a full return next year.
Jordan Allan

A special mention is absolutely necessary

for one of Larbert Highs most loved and
missed cheerful faces Mrs Clancy, formerly
of the English department. Before her
departure last year Mrs Clancy played a
vital role in the preparation, organisation
and fabulous-isation of the show, so to
have her back as a special guest judge as
part of what is perhaps the last ever
Larbert Trash Fashion show was very
Once all of the models and dresses had
been seen, Mrs Clancy took to the stage for
one last time to give out this years awards.
Of course, the best and brightest were duly
honoured and invited to show off their
dresses once more, but perhaps the most
important award, for the best use of
recycled materials, was awarded to Chloe
Balfour and Georgina Rutherford (both S5)

Read, Enjoy, Swap, Repeat

Larbert Highs first ever Library Book Swap was a roaring success
this past December, as the Library Leadership team pulled together
to provide a fantastic and enthusiastic service. Pupils from all
English classes could bring in their old or unwanted books and
exchange them for something new and exciting to read. There was
a massive selection, from Stephen Kings dark fiction to cookbooks
and auto-biographies; there genuinely was something for
everybody of any age. Some books for also available for sale if
pupils had forgotten their own, or even if they just couldnt
Due to the warm reception of this first venture, the team have
decided to make the swaps a regular occurrence, so all of Larberts
literary enthusiasts should keep their eyes peeled for the posters
and announcements in the coming weeks.
Jordan Allan

LARBERTlink - Apr 2015

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Larberts Great Green Gardeners

Recently, Larbert Hights partnership with the local
CATCA group has been going from strength to
strength. Local environmental charity Communities
Along the Carron Association (CATCA) have been
working very closely with our school over the last 3
years. They have been involved in many tremendous
successes so far, such as the fantastic garden area
behind the school building. Another huge milestone
was reached last week, as CATCA have been awarded
146,000 from the Climate Challenge Fund to deliver
two projects in the Larbert cluster. One is to develop
our school community garden as well as developing
new opportunities for green-fingered youngsters from
the surrounding primary schools to become involved in
the new activities too. This is hoped to teach all of us;
pupils, teachers and parents, about the benefits of
eating healthily as well as the benefits of other
healthy habits, such as routine exercise, as well as
reducing our communitys carbon footprint.

environmental initiatives. The stars of the day were

pupils from LHS and each of our associated primary
schools. Pictured are Jack Thomson (S6), Jason
Fullarton (S3) and Abby Gifford who cycled to and
from the event on the network of cycle paths making
up part of the Helix project.
If any members of our school community wish to help
in either of these initiatives please contact John
Martindale at the school, there are roles and jobs for
every interest!
Jordan Allan

This grant is the 500th to be awarded by the Climate

Challenge Fund across the UK and was marked by a
high profile event at the kelpies on Monday 3rd
November. Paul Wheelhouse, Scottish Government
minister for the environment, attended the event and
spoke highly of the environmental work carried out in
the Larbert cluster. Christine Bell from CATCA was
integral to the success of the application and spoke of
the exciting times that lie ahead delivering these
projects with LHS. Representatives from Sustrans and
Keep Scotland Beautiful also praised our

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LARBERTlink - Apr 2015

dy be aware,
As pupils and teachers will no doubt alrea
g Carers, as
good chance
chosen by the pupils them
or someone
that if
lives it
you know will become a
sful enough when
Looking after an elderly parent can be stres
trying to juggle

you have
an education and a social life
t the UK this
g Carers charity
is a reality, making the work that this Youn
g people, the
does very

charity will organise days out all expenses paid to help the
carers relax and feel like a normal, carefree kid for at least a
short while. But the charity cant do this alone, they need our
The charity committee, have organised many events this year
to raise money for the cause, such as Strictly Come Dancing as
well as various other class-to-class appeals. You can read more
about these events in these very pages. Keep your eyes and
ears peeled for more news about this fantastic group, or if
you cant wait join in!

Setting an Example

n classmate and
r trophy, and our ow
en us another
Another day, anothe
r Lewis Simpson
was awarded
Larbert Link regula
pride. Recently, Lewi
reason to beam with ald Junior Trophy for the Scottish
the Dr George MacD
mia and Lymphoma
omenal 2060
naged to rai
Amazingly, Lewis ma ncer. This clearly serious condition is
st ca
for the cause again
wis' dad was
familys hearts as Le
very close to Lewis
was just 12 weeks
kaemia when Lewis
diagnosed with leu
pride that Lewis
one is overfille
old. Naturally, every
help in the fight
raise awareness and
uld easily have
feels such a desire to
le condition,
against such a terrib
his family.
uences for him and
had terrible conseq
he will have just
we hear from Lewis
Likely the next time
o, as he has had the
returned from Toky
rtial arts skills with
and develop
a big year for
opportunity to train
ost 3 weeks. Its been
the Japanese for alm seems that the sky is the limit.
w it
Lewis, and right no
Jordan Allan

The Very Top

of the Bench

By anyones standards,
the Royal Society of Ch
emistry is a
prestigious organisatio
n. In the UK, the RSC
has been at the
forefront of promotio
n of and education ab
out the
sciences for over three
decades. Recently, ho
wever, a group
of Larbert High pupils
have discovered just ho
w important
and interesting this org
RSCs Top of the Bench isation is, by taking part in the
annual inter-school com
In November a team of
four pupils; Calum Bin
Fleming, Lisa Harvey,
, Andrew
and Amy Simmons fro
m Larbert High
visited Forth Valley Co
llege for the Top of the
chemistry competition
, wh
Chemistry. The team we ich is run by the Royal Society of
re split up into pairs to
range of experiments
carry out a
After a hard fought aft
ernoon, the Link is de
lighted to
report that for the firs
t time in five years, Lar
bert High
have progressed from
their regional heat int
o the national
finals in Loughboroug
h. As well as making it
into the finals
they won a great cash
prize for the chemistr
y department,
meaning that pupils fro
m all areas of the schoo
experiment with lotion
l can
s and potions of their
our team all the best
for the next stage of the n. We wish
which you can read ab
out in these very page
s in April.
Amy Simmons

LARBERTlink - Apr 2015

Pedal to the

Amy Simmons

We all know that health and well-being plays an

important part of day-to-day life in our school,
however what many dont know is just how truly
successful we are in some of the more obscure areas
of sport.
Whilst we can all ride a bike, not everyone realises
the fun they could be having on two wheels. Mr
Townsend of PE wants to change this. Alongside Mr
Auld, he runs a fantastic mountain-biking group
which meets once a month for a full days adventure
in various areas across central Scotland. The group
have recently enjoyed spectacular success, being
named Scottish Mountain-Bike Club of the Year! This
award does not only acknowledge school clubs,
but also independently run clubs. Considering that
Scotland has no shortage of great cyclists, being
home to one of the greatest professional cycling
teams in the world, this award truly is an
outstanding achievement.
Also involved in mountain-biking excellence is
Connor Allan (S6), as he recently won a days tuition
from one of the countrys most acclaimed riding
schools; Dirtschool. This intense workout saw
Connor learning new skills he had never dreamt of
before and allowed him to experience something
entirely out of his comfort zone; perfectly inkeeping with the new Larbert Legacy ethos.
Any of our readers that are interested in learning
more about biking in Larbert can find more
information on the pupil bulletin or from Mr
Townsend in the PE department. These opportunities
arent just open to pupils, though, as the clubs are
open to anyone and everyone; from tentative
beginners to hardened experts of all ages!
Jordan Allan

page 7

Strictly Come Larbert

As always, Larberts very own Strictly Come Dancing was a

roaring, foot-tapping success. Among this years victims
were several new faces from Larbert High, including team
#Preach; Miss Perez and Mr Breach. Our ultimate winners
were Miss Simpson, in partnership with last-minute entrant
Mr MacNamara who also impressed with his fancy footwork
and questionable poses. Also impressive were Miss Tapley
and Mr Glass, with a cheery and up-beat number set to wow
the judges.

judges comprised all departments of the school, with Mr

Meikles suspicious Italian lingo and Mr Martindales low
scores and scathing remarks. Of course, what would Larberts
Strictly be without the cheesy promo-videos? These timehonoured traditions were enjoyed by the audience courtesy
of a group of senior pupils.

Amongst all of these new members of staff, the old

favourites also made an appearance. Our glamorous panel of

-Jordan Allan

This years carol concert was a great success. Pupils gathered

from all of the Larbert cluster primary schools, as well as
some of our own pupils from Larbert High, all gathered
together to take part in this festive celebration, back in
December 2014.

vocal group
harmonised perfectly
for their
performances of
Have Yourself a
Merry Little
Christmas and O
Holy Night. Later, all
of the primary schools
impressed with
performances of
songs such as When
Christmas Comes to
Town and
Somewhere Only We
Know. Finally, the whole cast gathered together for an
emotional staging of Never Forget.

Overall, Miss McGowans team production did not fail to

disappoint; roll on next years competition!

The S2 band Elective kicked it all off with a great

performance of this years massive hit Rude. Then the large

As well as these displays of vocal talents, Larbert Highs

guitar group stunned the audience with a searing run
through of Kings of Leons Use Somebody. Also, our own
Drama society put together an amusing yet relevant
politically correct Christmas poem, taking care to ironically
tip-toe over all of the offences that the time of year seems
to bring. To close the performances, pupils from Ladeside
primary school led an evening prayer.
There was more to come in the form of the stunning art
exhibition and stalls outside the hall. Beautiful paintings and
drawings were displayed on the wall. There were lots of
pupils outside running stalls, selling things that they had
Amy Simmons

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LARBERTlink - Apr 2015

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Carol Concert and Art exhibition

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